Family Photo: The Kidman-Urbans Take Flight

12/24/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Three for the road!

After a few days of fun and relaxation Down Under, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and daughter Sunday Rose, 2, depart Australia from Sydney Airport Thursday.

“It took me so long to get pregnant and have a baby, so I have enormous gratitude. I have two grown children with that enormous gratitude that they are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people,” the Rabbit Hole star, 43, recently told the Associated Press.

“I’m not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have.”

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Erica on

Since when is 15 years old grown? And “sane?” She talks about Connor and Isabelle as if they are strangers.

Taylor on

Isabella is 17 or 18 I believe and I consider that almost grown, but I agree with you Erica, she talks about them like strangers!
Sunday is so adorable! She is the perfect mix of Keith and Nicole!

Jen on

Well said, Nicole! She doesn’t need the world to remind her that she has 3 children. Maybe now people will get off her back… although highly unlikely with this crowd.

Taylor on

Erica I agree, she always talks about them like they’re cousins or distant relatives and not her children. On the other hand, Sunday is the perfect mix of Nicole and Keith! Adorable little girl!

Sarah K. on

She’s obviously referring to other hollywood children that have all sorts of issues. She’s grateful that her children have good heads on their shoulders.

Erica, you are obviously trying to read way too much into her comment. If she doesn’t say anything, she abandoned them. If she does say something, it’s not good enough for you. I don’t understand why people are so eager to assume that a mother doesn’t love her children.

TM on

You’re right, Erica! It certainly seems like a strange situation…

KatR on

This poor woman. She doesn’t talk about her older two kids, she gets crap. She talks about her older two kids, she gets crap. She’s probably not as close to them, but they are in a cult that she’s not a member of. That’s going to cause problems.

Sarah on

Nicole has admitted that she doesn’t really have a relationship with Isabella and Connor. Seems like once she and Tom divorced and she met Keith, she forgot all about them.

That being said, Sunday is beautiful and seems like a very happy child!

Nella on

I don’t think she said anything weird. She is very well aware of her other two children, it doesn’t mean she has to talk about them all the time to prove it to people. Maybe Isabella and Connor prefer that their parents don’t talk about them in public, they are teenagers who obviously can read magazines and websites so maybe they’re not comfortable with it.

Overall, Nicole is a private person who we don’t see photographed all that much so even if she spends time with Isabella and Connor it is in private and who knows how much that is.

I agree they’re not quite grown yet, but their personalities are developed for most part and they’re at that age where they’re learning to make some decisions for themselves and gain independence.

Anyways, Sunday is a little cutie and her name fits her perfectly.

Tee on

I’ve started to cringe whenever I see an article on the Kidman-Urban family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing pictures of this family and reading interviews done with them. They obviously adore little Sunday Rose and she is as cute as a button!

On the other hand, I cringe because poor Nicole gets torn apart for the relationship she has with Connor and Bella. I honestly don’t understand why people get so upset with her over this, given the explanation she has given over and over again. I have no reason to doubt what she says and neither does anybody else! Nicole is a woman who spent years upset over the fact that she couldn’t carry a pregnancy to term. Then she finally did, so it’s perfectly normal for her to be so happy over it! That doesn’t mean she loves Sunday more than Connor or Bella. It simply means that she’s happy she finally has a biological child! What’s wrong with that?

TV on

The reason why her comments about Isabella and Connor seem weird or strange is because she hasn’t really seen much of them since she divorced Tom. In fact you hardly ever see pictures of Nicole with her older children after she met Keith and married him. Maybe I’m incorrect on this but I believe that Isabella and Connor were not even present when the two got married which is strange considering she’s their mother.

steph on

TV you are indeed incorrect, her children were at her wedding. What I find odd is that you and others state as if it is fact that she does not see her children, based on the fact that YOU haven’t seen many pictures of them…strange logic if you ask me, especially as paps tend not to be in other people’s houses…

JM on

i have to say i also get the feeling that they don’t see much of nicole. i mean, i know she says that she just respects their privacy, but nicole, keith and sunday are still photographed all the time by the paps, so it’s not like they completely stay out of the spotlight. so how come we often see connor and isabella with katie and tom and suri but i have yet to see one picture of them with their other little half sister?

i’m not saying anything bad about nicole. maybe they have a private arrangement that works for their family. i’m just talking about the reality of what it looks like.

Sarah K. on

“Nicole has admitted that she doesnโ€™t really have a relationship with Isabella and Connor. ”

When did she admit that? She has never said anything like that and neither has Tom/Katie. The whole “they don’t call me mom” thing was a joke! She laughed and said they call her Nicole sometimes to annoy her, but they usually call her Mum. It is so odd that so many of you are so quick to assume that a mother doesn’t want or love her kids based on pictures and tabloid rumors. The kids were at her wedding and Nicole has spoken about them spending time with Sunday. For the five millionth time, Tom and Katie are photographed more often and live in LA. Therefore, logic dictates that the kids get photographed more when they are with them.

It seems like many of you want to ignore the actual facts so that you can buy into the drama of Nicole abandoning her kids. So odd…

B.R on

I personally don’t she abandoning her older kids, simply fact is they live full time with Tom so of course they get photographed more with him. I hate how people try to make something out of nothing. The idea that a mother would love her adoptive children less after she had a bio-child is upsetting, and just simply cruel to those of us who come from mixed families of both adopted and bio-children. I personally think this is just more of the kids live with one parent and see less of the other due to divorce more then it is anything else.

On a happy note Sunday is beautiful and looks so much like her dad. I wish The Kidman-Urban-Cruse family all the best.

adorable on

I would be bitter if my two older children chose my husband over me to live with! I have to hand it to Nicole that she is able to respect their wishes. In the end, I think they will come back to her simply because she did not force the issue. We all wise up as we get older. I am so happy for her that she was able to have Sunday and she has said that having Sunday has healed alot in her. Sunday looks alot like beautiful mom in these pictures! The last pictures she looked alot like Keith!

CKC on

What a beautiful family….

I just read an interview (last week on yahoo) where Nicole talked about how much she loves all of her kids. She also said she wishes she could spend more time with her older children, and she wishes they would move in with her. But it was their choice to stay living in CA… She also said that Tom was a wonderful father, and that he and Katie are wonderful with the kids…

Lola on

What a cute family!!! I think the reason she doesn’t have much of a relationship with her adopted children with Tom Cruise is because of the whole scientology thing — Tom clearly raises them as scientologists, and given the oddness of the “religion,” it’s caused a rift between them.

Julie on

Well obviously most people are really thick and forget that once you leave Scientology you are not permitted to have contact with family members including children both adopted or biological

Carla on

I get that Connor and Bella are teens now and might not want any more media attention than they already get, so it makes sense she doesn’t want to go against their wishes by talking too much about them in interviews. However, regardless of Nicole’s relationship with them now – it is true that she NEVER used to gush on and on about them like she does with Sunday when they were Sunday’s age.

I truly believe that Angelina does not view her adopted kids any differently than her biological kids but it is so obvious that Sunday is Nicole’s little darling and apple of her eye and that kind of love has NEVER come through Nicole for her older kids – even before Keith and Sunday came into her life. Scientology may be partially the reason for keeping her separate from the Bella and Connor – but no cult in the world can stop a mother from loving her children like she should, whatever the distances between them.

martina on

Julie, thank you for pointing that out. People just don’t get it – whatever NIcole says… it wasn’t her choice to leave the children behind. It must have been a truly devastating experience for her, but it was her decision to marry Tom in the first place.

Amy on

I think Nicole probably never had a strong bond with those children, due to the weirdness of Tom and his controlling ways with Scientology. She always looked so subdued with him, much like Katie Holmes now looks. When they broke up I think the kids had always been closer to Tom and he had brainwashed them with the Scientology stuff so they stayed with him. It’s very sad for those kids to not have a fully present mother.
But I am happy that Nicole found normalcy with Keith and was able to have a baby. That part of the story is heartwarming but again, the whole thing is very sad for Connor and Bella.

court on

It’s true no one but Nicole knows the real story but she CHOSE to move thousands of miles across an ocean away from her children. I’m not saying she abandoned them but she certainly made a conscious decision to be less a part of their lives than she could have been. Even if Connor and Isabella decided they wanted their primary home to be Tom’s, any court would give Nicole plenty of visitation to have a normal mother-child relationship with them. Sure, maybe Tom is weird and maybe Scientology isn’t her thing but it’s still not explained to me why she decided to move back to Australia knowing the kids would stay behind. If Nicole and Keith ever divorced, I have a hard time believing she would ever leave Sunday.

Luna on

I don’t know what the situation is with this family but I, like many, feel that there’s something very strange about the different ways that Nicole talks about Sunday and Connor/Bella. I won’t pass judgement, but there’s something there. That’s all I’m saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

Me on

I wonder if what some people see as strange sounding is actually defensiveness? After all, she’s got to have read many comments and speculations over the years about her relationship with Conner and Bella. Maybe her need for privacy and her need not to be seen as a bad mother cause some of her comments to sound forced?

marina on

Carla – I remember a lot of articles of Nicole gushing over her older kids actually.

steph on

Court she didn’t move back to Australia, she stayed in the US, I’d like to know which ocean lies inbetween Nashville and LA…

Meghan on

@court, They don’t live in Australia. They live in Nashville, TN.

jessicad on

I don’t understand where you guys get any of this, she talks pleasantly about Tom, Katie, and all of her kids. So I’m confused:)

Terri on

How do some people know how much Nicole sees of her older children? Come to think of it, I never see the Isabella or Connor with either Nicole or Tom. I only see Katie and Tom with Suri.

Taylor on

It’s a good thing you’re not their mother, then, adorable.

I’m not sure why you’d be bitter about your children deciding to stay where they’ve grown up. They’ve established relationships and friendships in Los Angeles. Why would they want to move across country? They didn’t choose their father over their mother; they chose to live in an area where they were familiar with over a random city in the United States (which is what Nashville was to them at the time).

I say good for Nicole and Tom for putting their children before themselves.

Meghan on

Tom rarely talks about Isabella and Connor in the press either. The reporters always ask about Suri Suri Suri.

I wonder, if we were discussing a famous father who lived in a different state than his kids, would he be getting raked over the coals like Nicole is? I somehow doubt it.

Kim on

There were so many photos of Nicole with her 2 older kids when she and Tom were still together. I seriously remember seeing those photos of them as a family walking outside etc. But they were a bit more guarded as well about talking to the press about their family.

Since the divorce both Tom and Nicole speak more publicly about their children. Not sure why that has changed but believe me, when Connor and Isabella were younger I have seen lots of photos of them with Nicole together as a loving mother.

It is sad that the older kids had to choose who they wanted to live with and they decided to stay with Tom. Perhaps Nicole needed to leave LA after the divorce to deal with things and also because she choose to leave Scientology. And her kids might not wanted to leave LA because of their friends etc. Who knows?

I agree that she could have decided to live closer to her two older kids but we just don’t know what is really the reason for her not being with them so much.

Also, she is raising Sunday fulltime and it took a while before she got pregnant with her daughter. So I understand why she loves to talk so much about her little girl.

Lily on

Nicole Kidman had primary custody after the divorce. Cruise had generous visitation. Nicole moved to New York for a time and started dating Lenny Kravitz. The kids were with her then. When she started dating Keith Urban you began to see Kidman with the kids less and less. She started spending more time in Nashville and less in New York and Los Angeles.

Lucy on

I remember reading an article about Bella and Connor and how they didn’t like to be photographed and mentioned/talked about in media and newspapers. So it could be that Nicole is just respecting their wishes.

KylieMarie on

Sarah, that’s BULL! She has never said she didn’t have a relationship with them. Ever. She has said they don’t have the TYPICAL relationship, but never NO relationship.

KylieMarie on

and ITA with the people saying other commenters have no idea what they’re talking about. She doesn’t see her kids because we don’t see them with her out and about? REALLY? When was the last time you saw them out with Tom? Because if we’re basing it off of that… wow they must be abandoned somewhere.

KylieMarie on

Sorry to triple post, but I also forgot to mention that Tom’s sister and mother “raised” the kids whenever he would travel for movies and whatnot. It’s not like he was with them 24/7 either.

Ivey on

Well I think the oddness is that she lives in Nashville, and they live in LA. So, of course people are confused by that. If I was a mom and the father won primary custody, I would still live in the same city as them. She says in that linked article, she would prefer them to live with her in Nashville, but they would prefer to live in LA, so what can she do? And I say, well you could move to LA! So yes, I still don’t get it either……

Lyssa on

We forget that Connor and Bella are TEENAGERS. They rebel and don’t want to be around parental figures. My mom is going through that with my 18 year old brother. Honestly all they want to do right now is hang around with their friends… not their parents. Be glad they have a stable life. Imagine commuting, whether your rich or poor, between your divorced parents house.

Georgia on

The children are older, they probably don’t want their parents talking about them. They go to school no? It would be embarassing if what they said over dinner to their mother was plastered all over the news. Nicole is the best type of mother going, she doesnt need to validate her love or joy for her children to the masses. She is taking the comments and criticisms so her children don’t have too.

CelebBabyLover on

Lyssa- I agree! Do we REALLY expect to see Bella and Connor hanging around with their parents a lot at their ages?

Ivey- We have no idea why Nicole and Keith don’t live in LA. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that Keith is based in Nashville due to his music. Also, I think Nicole once said that LA just isn’t her type of place, or something along those lines.. Personally, if I were Bella and Connor, I’d rather have a happy mother who lives far from me than a miserable mother who lives near me.

steph- You are correct. Keith and Nicole VISIT Australia still (I read elsewhere that they spent the holidays there with their families), but they don’t LIVE there.

Sarah K.- Exactly! Nicole has indeed spoken about Bella and Connor spending time with her, Keith, and Sunday. A few months after Sunday’s birth, for example, she mentioned that one of her favorite photographs is of Bella and Sunday together. Around that same time, she also mentioned how she wanted to be in the “bubble” of her, Keith, Sunday, Connor, and Bella in the days and weeks immeditely after Sunday’s birth. Another thing she said is that Bella took care of Sunday (along with Keith) while she (Nicole) was at an event (I think it was Women in Hollywood or something like that).

And just last year, she mentioned in article in PEOPLE magazine that Bella and Connor were going to spend Thanksgiving with her, Keith, and Sunday that year. So I don’t get where people get the impression she never spends time with them. She has made it clear time and time again that she does.

I also don’t see anything strange about her calling Bella and Connor “grown”. Bella is 18, which, IMO, is grown. After all, legally, Bella is now an adult. And while Connor, at almost 16, is not yet legally adult, he’s almost grown. ๐Ÿ™‚

And as for Nicole gushing about Sunday….as other posters have said, she struggled for years to carry a pregnancy to term. So I can understand why she gushes about Sunday so much.

KylieMarie on

CelebBabyLover — your post is fantastic!