Baby No. 3 on the Way for Joey McIntyre

12/23/2010 at 11:15 PM ET
Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

The block is filling up fast — Joey McIntyre and wife Barrett are expecting their third child.

The family will welcome baby no. 3 in May, his rep confirms to PEOPLE. The new addition joins big brothers Rhys Edward, 1, and Griffin Thomas, 3.

“Barrett and I are so blessed and grateful for the little one on the way,” says McIntyre, 37. “We’ll have our hands full. Three’s the new nine!”

The New Kids on the Block singer, one of nine children himself, wed Barrett in Aug. 2003 at New York City’s Plaza Hotel.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Michelle Tan

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Mallory on

Cool! Congrats to the family!

Rosy on

Congrats to the happy family, their little guys are so cute!…just waiting now for the rush of comments about how people “hope this one is a girl”.

Lola on

Cute family!! His wife is gorgeous!!

Bancie1031 on

OMG!!! Congratulations to Joey and Barrett! I’m so happy for them …. I can’t wait to find out what they are having …. I hope they have a little girl but I’m sure that they will be just as happy if they have another boy 🙂
I don’t think we see enough of this family …… unfortunately!

Erika on

Ooh congrats to them! I sure hope it’s a little girl- gotta throw a little pink into the mix!

Jill on

Congrats to the family….Here is to wishing them a healthy baby! I hope their third baby is healthy. They have had many struggles with Rhys.

Rosy, That is exactly what I thought! Pet peeve number 345 on this site. Healthy trumps everything. I don’t understand people.

Etsy on

Cute family – and I love the Welsh names!

Laura on

Congratulations to the McIntyre family!

@Rosy why do you care if people hope it’s a girl? You got to throw in your two cents and everyone else has the right to do so as well.

CelebBabyLover on

Rosy- What’s wrong with hoping they have a girl after having two boys? Of course nothing’s wrong with having all boys, and I’m sure they’d love another boy just as much. I think most of us that make the “I hope this one’s a girl!” comments on posts like this just think it would be nice for them to have a little girl in addition to their boys. 🙂 Maybe someone else can explain it better.

Jaedyn on

Congrats! What a cute family! And : Griffin is just gorgeous! Very cute little boy!

jessicad on

I still love him from the NKOTB days, can’t help it! Congrats to them:) Didn’t he say she would make him keep going until they had a girl? Or was that a different couple? Nothing wrong with wanting a girl!

Marlee on

Jill – of course “healthy trumps everything.” But that sentiment doesn’t preclude hoping they have a girl this time around.

I have four kids and we had a “wished for” gender with each child (and amazingly got our wish each time!).

B.R on

Congratulations to family, I wish them a happy healthy baby. Like Jill I don’t understand why people keep wishing for other couples to have a boy and a girl in their families. I would like someone to explain it to me if you don’t mind, it truly cannot be the whole you must have a boy and a girl and a dog, two story house and two cars to have a complete family thing, didn’t we move past that, there has got to be more to it than that. I see no benefits to having one of each, yes I am sure there is a different experience bringing up a boy vs. a girl but is truly that important of a life experience to have one of each? Wouldn’t simply just wishing for a healthy happy baby be enough? And for people to count their blessing if the did get a healthy baby/babies that the rest truly should not matter. But that is just me.

Cici on

I grew up in a family with both boys and girls and I loved getting to know how each gender worked up close. Now I have kids of both genders and it’s just as fun as a parent to see how different they can be, no matter how hard you try to make them gender-neutral (my little boys play with Barbies but they always make the dolls play war – in heels no less!). With that said, I hope all parents get to have both genders, but I have friends who hope for just one gender. Oh, well.

jessicad on

Because most people want each gender, at least everyone I know. Of course they would be happy no matter what and health comes first, but there’s nothing wrong with having a preference, boys and girls are completely different! I’ve said this before, but I know a woman who was devastated by not getting the gender she wanted, of course she loved her child, but it’s still life changing if you had this vision of a daughter or son and don’t get it. She was afraid to talk about it because people would think she wasn’t grateful for the child she had, we shouldn’t make women feel bad for having a preference!

Jill on

There are many people who don’t care what they have as long as the baby is healthy. Was that way in my family and is with my friends. Maybe bc we have suffered the loss of several young children or infertility? For me, I’d be happy being pregnant…….who cares about the gender,not me.

I think it confuses me when I see, it would be “better” for them to have a girl? Well, why? Why better? How do you know what they want? Or “gotta throw a little pink.” why? All comments do not bother me…….it is ones like these that infer without a girl it is bad.

kirsty on

Who cares if people hope they have a girl, I do hope they have a girl, because having a girl is wonderful and they already have two boys, which is also wonderful!

Wendy on

Congratulations to the ENTIRE family! The older brothers are going to have just as much of a hand in raising this little one as mom and dad!

I have 3 boys with my husband, and would never want a little girl in this house!! I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl!! LOL

As long as the baby’s healthy, who cares if it’s boy or a girl.

B.R on

Cici-lol my friend has girl followed by two boys and they do the same thing – dolls in heels playing war. It is hilarious. I see your point it would be interesting to see parts of my husband in a girl, and parts of me in a boy. And how different genders grow and develop differently.

Jessicad- I never said that there is shame in wanting to have one or the other. Your friend should not feel shame, or have any negative feelings about wanting one over the other. You can be happy and in love with a boy and still want to have a girl. Or be wishing that what I am assuming is your friends first child was a different gender then what they are. As long as the child is not being mistreated for their gender, or being emotionally neglected your friend should have no bad feeling about her desire. If anyone tells her differently they need to have their head checked not your friend.

Thank you both for explain your point of you it is nice to see how and why others think the way they do and why they want things that they do. I am not trying to pry or be rude I am just trying to understand people better when it comes to having children.

Jill I hope that some day you get the child you have always wanted. The struggle to become a mother is never easy and I do truly wish you the best of luck.

At the end of the day I have to agree with Jill. First a health child is all that should matter, which is why I think women put too much thoughts, wishes, dreams, and desires over having a boy or a girl. When I think about my future children I don’t see a boy or a girl, I see love that my husband and I share, and what we were able to make together. I simply see love not a gender specific person just a healthy and happy one.

The main thing that I really confuses me is that the family didn’t say if they want a boy or a girl, for all we know they are praying for another boy at the moment. So isn’t it kind of rude to be wishing something on someone that they possible don’t want? And if all of you are saying there is no wrong with wanting a boy or a girl and health is all that matter, then why wish for a gender of someone else’ child at all? Shouldn’t we just be wishing then a healthy baby? Again if someone would like to help me out by answering these questions that would be great.

erilynne on

I agree people shouldn’t judge on what they should have cause I think any gender is a blessing but what’s more important is the health of the child. From their last baby having hearing problems I think I would definitely wish for a healthy baby for them! It doesn’t do any harm though.

NKOTB are going on tour with BSB in the summer and so that is 9 guys in all, 3 of the guys in BSB have sons so I think maybe boybands have boys to keep the next generation alive 😉 lol

Erika on

For those who wanted to know why people hoped for it to be a girl, for me it is my own personal feelings. Of course it doesn’t matter for me what they have but I just like to see families with one of each. Of course there is nothing wrong with having 3 of one gender but I personally would prefer to have a girl if I had already gotten 2 boys. They may have different preferences and that is fine. Of course, it doesn’t matter what I think or what I hope for, and as long as the baby is healthy it doesn’t matter. To be honest I don’t know why I wish for others to have a certain gender when it isn’t my family, I guess I would just like to see Joey as a father to a girl and they have such beautiful kids so I would like to see what their daughter would look like. A healthy baby comes first though.

I agree with Jessicad that there is nothing wrong with having a preference and wanting a girl. On another thread I said something about wanting a girl in the future and someone asked me why. When I explained my reasons they told me I should be sterilized so I would never have children because apparently it would be so horrible to have a preference with my own children.

Jill on

B.R., Thanks.
And I agree with you and wonder the same thing in the questions you write. If someone wished or prayed for me to have a girl or wished for me to have a boy…..I would find them insulting and wasted wishes and prayers that could be instead used towards healthiness.

B.R on

Erika – thank you for sharing you story me, it’s is helping with my own struggles about wanting to be a mother and if it’s even possible for me to get there. People never cease to amaze with their cruelty. To wish someone, who is not a horrible human being (people who kill, rape, torture, harm children, you know general scum of the earth) the pain and hardship of sterility is just beyond wrong to me. I may not be the one that wished it upon you but I am truly sorry someone did, and I wish you nothing but the best and as many happy, healthy, little people of which ever gender you prefer running around you, when you are ready to have them.

Jill – I couldn’t agree with you more over finding wishes/prayers about things like gender and who may your child look like a complete wast of a wish and a prayer. I understand people do it trying to be nice but how about instead of wasting a prayer on the gender of a child we pray that another child in this world is born healthy. That babies don’t die around the world from lack of food. Why not just wish/pray for a child to come to someone (you may or may not know) who is struggling to have a baby, so they too may share the joys of parenthood. So today on this holy day I will say an extra prayer for you Jill and your family. I hope that you do not find in insulting but a wish for you from a strange. May your journey to motherhood be a healthy one, and the blessing of healthy child come your way soon. May your family and friends who have lost so much in the struggle to become parents make peace with their loses, may they not lose no more, for their journey much like yours to be a healthy one from here on out and may they see the same blessing as you of a healthy child coming their ways soon.

Electra on

I don’t think anyones saying “i don’t care if their baby is crippled/blind, with no legs and toes where her fingers should be as long as it has a uterus”. I know people who have a bunch of kids because they were trying for a certain gender.

jessicad on

Thanks for your sweet reply B.R! I didn’t mean to imply you said she should feel shame, sorry if it came off that way:) and my friend fell in love with her child and wouldn’t have it any other way now:)

Erika I can’t believe someone would say that, how awful! I hope you didn’t let that bother you too much. I REALLY wanted a girl and I got my wish, some people can’t understand my reasons why and that’s ok, but my mother wasn’t around much and I grew up with my Dad. I longed for that mother-daughter relationship I never had, and now I’m creating it with my daughter and she makes me happier than I’ve ever been. Of course I would’ve loved a son just as much, but it’s nice to have my girl. I don’t think my reasons are selfish in a negative way, but I’m sure some will disagree with that and that’s fine!

Didn’t mean to hijack the thread, I’m sure the McIntyre’s will be happy no matter what gender they have:)

Nella on

Congrats to Joey and Barrett! I personally wish them a healthy baby. As far as gender goes, I personally think it’s nice to be able to raise both genders, but it’s also nice to have just one gender as well. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference. People made comments about this before like when Matt Damon’s wife was pregnant, most people were saying they hope they have a boy this time. There have been many cases like that. No one means anything bad by it. Of course, no matter what the gender of the new baby is it will still be loved and part of the family and that’s all that matters.

Having a preference doesn’t bother me, but when people say they would be disappointed or heartbroken if they had a certain gender, that upsets me. After all, it’s a human being and you should love it regardless whether it’s a boy or a girl. One of my co-workers (who by the way doesn’t have children yet) told me she wanted two boys and would be very sad and disappointed if she had a girl. I told her that the baby’s health is most important and she would love it no matter what the gender. To which she responded “I don’t know about that, I just want boys” That kind of attitude irritates me.

Janet on

Yay another NEW KID on the block!! Now all the NKOTB fans (like me) are hoping the new baby’s arrival doesn’t coincide w/ the cruise in May! heheh (I’m not going on the cruise by the way! Wish I could!) Excited for them!

Rye on

I think it’s funny that all of the NKOTB that DO have kids have all boys. Donny has sons and no daughters, Jordan has all boys and Danny has a son and no daughters. Joey has 2 boys so far. Not one girl in the bunch! Funny 🙂

First and foremost, I HOPE the baby is HEALTHY. But, my sentiments exactly in regards to wishing them a baby girl. A baby girl would be a nice blessing in a family with two little boys already running around! 🙂 That’s just me though. If they want all boys…good for them. If not, I’m crossing my fingers for them that they get a little girl!

Janet on

Rye– Danny has 2 daughters!

Rye on

Woops! Thanks for the correction Janet! How funny! My one friend is obsessed with the NKOTB and she told me he only had 2 sons! Thanks for the clarification! haha! :))) Happy Holidays!

Lola on

To anyone using the term “gender”: I believe what you mean (at least I hope) is the “sex” of the baby, as “sex” refers to a person’s biological makeup (aka: male or female). Whereas “gender” is basically the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine. I don’t mean to be mean about it, but I think it’s only proper to share the difference – after all, it would be far better to be corrected on an “anonymous” forum, than in person…which could prove embarrassing.

Heather on

-A lot of discussion on wanting a particular sex for your baby. There was a show on the Discovery Channel called “8 Boys and Wanting a Girl”. It was a documentary that followed 3 women in England and one here in the states. These women had GD- explained as gender desire , for a girl. No, it is not a psychiatric term, you won’t find it in the DSM. They still loved their boys, but had a need for a daughter. Very interesting show. And as a mother with 2 boys and a baby girl, we do feel very blessed to have both!

Paula on

To those who wish they have a girl – what’s wrong with three boys? it doesn’t make them any less of a family because they don’t have a girl!

I just hope that they have a HEALTHY baby. Boy or girl doesn’t matter at this point, after what they’ve been through with their youngest.

Butterfly on

@ Rosy

Wow, catty much? If you are a mother, you must have all boys, i am sensing some major resentment from you. How sad, truly.

I have just one more thing to say: HOPE THIS ONES A GIRL! 😀

Taylor on

Butterfly, because Rosy voiced her opinion, she’s resentful? How juvenile of you! You have no idea about her or her family. Just because you’d obviously be a bitter mess if you had all sons doesn’t mean everyone else would be.

Jill on

Taylor well said, “juvenille of you.”

CelebBabyLover on

Erika- ” I guess I would just like to see Joey as a father to a girl and they have such beautiful kids so I would like to see what their daughter would look like. A healthy baby comes first though.” That’s exactly how it is with me, too. In most cases (including this one) when a celeb already has a child (or two or more of the same gender) and they get pregnant again, I’m simply curious as to what a child the opposite gender to their first one/ones would look like.

For example, we’ve seen what a boy combination of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale looks like- twice. Now I’m curious as to what a little girl combo of them would look like. And when Angelina was pregnant with the twins, I was curious (this was before it was known for sure that it was twins, and a lot of people thought it was just one baby) what a boy version of Shiloh would look like.

So I think a lot of it is just simple curiosty. 🙂

Catarina on

I hope it’s a girl! Love The Block, Joe Mac & family! 🙂

Kate on

Honestly, if I already had 2 boys, I would prefer another boy! It would, logistically, just be easier what with hand-me-downs and all of the products I’d already have in place for a boy.

Here’s hoping for a healthy, happy baby for this family.

Cricket on

Bring on another boy! A McIntyre filled boy band Joe—shoot for that!

EmmaLea on

I hope your baby NO.3 is a girl because i think you a little girl in the house

Lulu on

Ha! I know what you are saying. I have this feeling to have a girl. I have two boys and for the first time it had no matter what sex will appear in our family. For the second time, I had a little wish for a baby girl and we got our second boy. Now I hope my husband will change his mind and we will add a third child. If it would be a girl I would be totally crazy, but if it would be the third boy- that’s ok. Sometimes you just don’t get all you want.

Well, as for wishes – all the best and lots of health.

Stacey on

Congrats to the McIntyres! Many wishs for a beautiful healthy baby!! I am under the impression that they would like a girl but girl or boy, a healthy baby is ALL that truly matters!!! I pray they get what they are wishing for, in both a healthy baby and gender. Congrats again!