Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Bootless Babe

12/21/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

Jennifer Garner totes her tot, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, after leaving Disney On Ice’s Let’s Celebrate on Wednesday at L.A. Live in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 23-month-old continuously lost her little pink rainboots, but the actress kept her dry! Also attending? Garner’s mother-in-law, Christine Affleck, and daughter Violet Anne, 5.

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Jacqui on

Jennifer Garner looks so different in this picture.

Cute little raincoat on the little one!

Megan on

Sera is so stinkin’ cute! There are moments when I think she looks more like dad and then in this picture, from the side she is the spitting image of her sister and mom…so cute these girlies are…and Violet gets cuter every single day =)) Looks like maybe grandma Affleck is in town to spend the holidays with the family =) Adore this family!

Hea on

I don’t get the way some people dress. Blouse with a wool scarf? Is it cold or not?

Lucie on

Maybe it’s just me, but I really wish they named her Seraphina Elizabeth Rose Affleck, so her initials would be SERA. Oh well. Not my child. She and Violet are so cute though!

jessicad on

My daughter was watching sesame street earlier today and she saw Jennifer Garner and told me I was on TV, such a compliment! 🙂

JM on

Hea 🙂 oh yes, Jennifer really is being very silly isn’t she? 🙂 scarves can also just be fashion accessories you know. maybe that’s why she was wearing one.

on a different note, i think it’s interesting that seraphina used to look a lot like ben but i i tihnk now she looks much more like her mother and sister.

torgster on

I’ve always thought Jen is so attractive but I just wish she’d change up her hair a bit. It’s been the same forever and lately she looks so old in all her pics. She’d be gorgeous with a bob like Scarlett Johansson or a cropped shag like Jane Lynch. Just my humble opinion lol.

Rita on

It was actually a weekend nanny that was attending, instead of Chris Affleck.

Wendy on

Chris Affleck was there.. she’s seen in many pictures on other websites. =)

Sarah M. on

Hea – They were also at Disney on Ice. While it might be warm outside, it was probably cold inside after a while. She might’ve needed something to keep her warm while inside and just hadn’t taken it off yet?

CelebBabyLover on

“The 23-month-old continuously lost her little pink rainboots”. And that, folks, is probably why we see so many shoeless celebrity babies! 🙂

Anyway, Sera is a cutie!

MiB on

Actually, I sometimes wear the cotton T-shirt and wool scarf combo as I don’t like cold air against my throat, besides, I have always found that if your neck is warm, so is your torso. As I also have notoriously cold hands I can sometimes be seen sporting a short sleeved T-shirt, wool scarf and wool pulse warmers, very chic! 😀

Rita on

No, the lady is a nanny not Chris Affleck. Chris is seen with them on a different set of pictures/day.

blogscelebrity on

Disney on Ice. While it might be warm outside, it was probably cold inside after a while.

Jill on

Rita….have you googled this at all? The nanny must look exactly like Chris than!

Annie on

Jen looks odd to me. Hope she’s okay. They’re all adorable.

MiB on

Off course you should hire a nanny that looks exactly like grandma, then no one would suspect that you are actually using a nanny all the time because they’d think you were just having an outing with grandma, and everyone thinks it’s sweet when children are close to their grandparents! 😉

Olivia on

Hea, maybe just her neck is cold. Or maybe she’s covering a hickey? Just kidding…

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who has trouble keeping shoes on a toddler.

Terri on

I can’t see Jennifer with short hair. I like it as is myself.

Hea on

I guess I’m not used to people dressing like that. We have 4.2 feet of snow here.

Rita on

Jill, I’ve actually seen pictures and her face. That’s not Chris but a nanny. This same nanny went with them to a fair that Sera was seen driving a go cart, she’s their weekend nanny. I’m sorry but you’re wrong.

Jill on

Rita, you want me to believe that this is not Ben’s mom? Is this a joke?

Rita on

Jill, are you blind, that is not Ben’s mom! Get over it, it’s the nanny! The nanny is shorter and fatter then Chris. This is just getting ridiculous but hiliarious now.

Sarah M. on

Who really cares who the other adult is? The girls seem quite comfortable with her, as does Jen. Both girls seem to have had a good time, implying that they know the people they are with care a great deal for them. That matters more than WHO the person actually is!

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I agree. I just did a little searching and found another picture of Chris Affleck, from just a few months ago with Sera and Jen at one of Violet’s soccer games. I guess the nanny must be Chris’s identical twin sister:

CelebBabyLover on

And here’s a picture of Chris with them the day after these photos were taken:

I rest my case. I think the reason Chris looks a bit different in this particular set of photos is because her hair was blown/pushed back away from her face.

Hea on

Rita – I think it’s hilarious that you actually know what Ben’s mother and the nanny look like. Who keeps track of those things?

Jill on

Rita, I agree that it is ridiculous……you and your antics! How are you the only one that knows this is the nanyy? Every gossip and mag site is wrong? Hilarious!

Rita on

It’s quit hard to miss that when they are seen and photographed every single day!
This is the same nanny that has been seen with Jen in the past couple of months, along with a younger nanny on the weekdays.

^^This is the same lady/ nanny NOT Chris..Come on!!

If any other mag is reporting it’s Chris, then their obviously wrong, including you, Rita. Let your pride go, suck it up and just admit your wrong.

Jill on

Jen has had 2 nannies during the week, although barely photographed with her. You are the only person to say that Chris is NOT the one with them. There are 8 gossip sites and magazines saying it is Chris including People magazine. I would admit I am wrong if I believe it, but I do not believe I am wrong.

CelebBabyLover on

Well, I sincerely HOPE that’s not the nanny. Jen, you only have two kids. You can take them out with the nanny!

Hea on

“This is the same nanny that has been seen with Jen in the past couple of months, along with a younger nanny on the weekdays.”

Are you their nannies’ schedule planner or something? It’s seldom I say this but get a life.

Sasha on

Who the heck cares if it is a nanny or grandma (well obviously a few ladies on here do). The point is that either grandma came or a nanny. Jennifer was still there interacting with her daughter and being there for her while getting some help. If I could afford to have five people with me all day long to help with my kids, clean my house, cook dinner, dive my car… whatever, while still allowing me to give my kids time and be a part of their life, I would do it in a heart beat.