Look for Less: Mason Disick’s Polished Pinstripes

12/21/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Ahmad Elatab-SaleemElatab/ Splash News Online

Mason Disick is giving new meaning to the phrase like father, like son.

While attending aunt Kim Kardashian‘s birthday dinner in New York with mom Kourtney Kardashian on Oct. 26, the then 11½-month-old channeled dad Scott Disick‘s dapper style.

He wore a custom made Astor & Black suit ($399) — complete with a Pucci pocket square! — and adorable velvet slippers.

Love Mason’s natty attire? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar outfit — with items all under $40!


Courtesy Macy’s


Take your little guy’s style up a notch with Nautica‘s Four Piece Pin Stripe Suit Set ($40).

Not only does it include a classic white button down and a striped clip-on tie, but the elastic waist makes for easy dressing.


Courtesy Ralph Lauren


It’s too soon for big boy dress shoes, so we suggest Ralph Lauren‘s luxe Velvet Skull and Bone Slippers ($28). They add instant polish, plus they’re lined in silk.

— Anya Leon


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Mommy of 2 on

wow could never imagine spending that much on an outfit for a baby! But she can obviously afford it. do not like that style on a baby though…or for that matter a grown man…we do not need another scott!

melissa on

Mason looks soo handsome and cute! I want one for my son. I see nothing wrong in showing my young son how a man should dress!

tamara on

he’s the worst dressed celebrity baby IMO. he’s cute, but sorry parents don’t have any style whatsoever… i work in the fashion, and while i know that fashion is subjective there are good looking outfits, and bad looking. and yes, we don’t need another scott!

Alyssa on

Children in this country won’t even have a place to call home this Christmas and you have these so-called celebs throwing down $400 on a suit for a 1 year old. He will grow out of that suit by next month…what a wonderful world we live in. Merry Christmas.

Shannon on

I have a feeling this was Scott’s idea. 🙂 It’s their money so who cares. Hopefully the kid also has a college fund.

dholmas on

I think he looks adorable. I also like the Lord Fauntleroy look on little toddler boys. For an occasion those prices are very reasonable

Toya L. on

He is too cute. This was for the Kardashian-Jenner’s Christmas card.

jessicad on

I think he looks adorable! If I worked as hard as she does for my money I’d spend a little on clothes like that, and of course donate a ton which I’m sure they do.

Vicki on

Jessicad- she works hard at doing what, being famous for having a scheister lawyer dad???? She makes her money off of people like you who will buy her crappy clothes from her over-priced boutique and buying magazines that she gets paid for being on the cover for. So basically you bought Mason’s suit!!!

Allie-Rose on

Depending on the occasion, I don’t see anything wrong with this outfit. If anything, it’ll teach Mason when to dress more formally.

As for suits on men, I personally disagree with Mommy of 2. I find men in suits to be very attractive — maybe the James Bond fan in me.

Jacqui on

I love the Kardashians, but I’ve never been a fan of the adult look on a baby or toddler.

Amy on

Scott is a disgusting person and his strange style will rub off on his son. Poor Mason, hopefully he will treat people with more respect than his father does but it’s pretty unlikely. Kardashians=most shallow people ever.

Annie on

Mason is the spitting image of his mother but in this picture that facial expression he is making is pure dad!

Anonymous on

WOW…..it’s a lot of HATERS on this blog. It’s NOT YOUR MONEY….So, what! JEALOUS…..

Jennifer on

Mason looks a lot like his daddy in this picture 🙂 So adorable.

jessicad on

I live in Alabama so I can’t buy any of their clothes and buy gossip magazines maybe twice a year, why the hell did I deserve a reaction like that? Good lord. From what I’ve seen on the show she works hard at her building her brand, has a great work ethic, and I think she even went to college. I like her even more since she became a Mom and personally like Mason’s style, that’s all.

Lushgee on

He is a handsome little guy, and that price is not bad considering the fact that they are celebrities. I make an average income, and I would think nothing of dressing my children up for special occasions. Some of what the Kardashians wear is donated from certain designers, and I’m sure that some of Masons are as well.

JM on

🙂 The Kardashians, work HARD?? i’m sorry but that’s one of the funniest things i’ve heard in a while. they work hard at their “brand”? basically their brand is living off their family name. i don’t know but i just can’t imagine that if my dad had a famous name that i would be content with essentially never having had to really work for anything in my life and just living off my surname. same with paris hilton, she basically figured out that she could stick her surname on something and it would sell because of who her family was. i’d be ashamed if that was all i had done.

and i’m sorry but the kardashians are no better. totally spoiled and superficial bunch.

i’m sure this in no way means that she isn’t a great mother who adores her son. her little boy is cute and i wish him all the happiness, i just hope he decides to work for something in his life and not just rely on the family name.

Holiday on

I dont like that outfit on a baby. I dress my babies like babies, not grown ups.

Mama on

He looks like a mini gangster!! lol.

Jordyn on

Alyssa, there are many people in this country who DO have a home for Christmas and who CAN afford to spend money on items that you may deem unessecary. It does not make someone a bad person, celebrity or not, if they are able to have access to such items.

alice jane on

Jessicad, I’m with you. I didn’t really pay much attention to Kourtney or any of the Kardashians until Kourtney started appearing on this site, and that was around the time I started watching her shows… And particularly when Kourtney started her blog she had for awhile here, I began to really like her. I really believe her heart is in the right place and she seems like a good mom to Mason.

IMO, it doesn’t matter that Kourtney initially became famous for their father’s name, or for being Kim’s sister – she works for her money and is a business woman. Her work may be a lot more glam than most people’s, and she makes a ton of money for just showing up at events, true, but there is a lot of other stuff that she does and you can’t deny that she works for what she has. If she wants to spend $400.00 on a suit for Mason that is her right and her money.

Jenn on

I have no problem with celebrities spending money like crazed animals, as long as they realize they are fortunate and give some of that money back to help those who are not as fortunate, especially during the holidays. I have no idea if the Kardashians do that..but I kinda doubt it.

I think Mason is (and always looks) adorable! I wish Scott wasn’t his Dad though…ugh. He’s a cad!

Lisa on

What a waste

A on

Haha, I love the look on his face combined with the outfit! Quite the little gentleman/businessman meaning serious business! And I agree, yes it’s a lot of money, but ALL celebs buy expensive things, don’t forget that they have a different budget and to them, 400 dollars is probably pocket change, while for some of us it may be a new computer you have to save up for.

gdfg on

Alyssa, rich people spending their money frivolously is a good way to jump start the economy.

J.E. on

I think its very funny that so many people have all these negative comments towards Kourt & the Kardashian family. You can say all that you want, but at the end of the day until your in someones shoes your opinions only reflect on the way you feel about yourself. If you had the money that she does I’m sure that you would splurge, and buy the best for your child and yourself. Also, although Kourtney doesn’t have a typical 9-5 like the rest of us do, what she does IS work. Whether that agrees with the haters here or not is irrelevant, and yes I do agree she has strong work ethic as well as DRIVE & AMBITION. Lots of the haters here only wish they had the connections & the possibility to be able to live a lavish life. And if anyone here truly watches the shoes, take a pause from that haterade! You will see that this is one family that truly & unconditionally love one another. Regardless of the being rich & famous, “for doing nothing”. People can obv. relate to them and see the genuine behind the glitz & glamour.

Tee on

Jessicad, I am NOT a Kardashian fan but you said nothing wrong and did not deserve to get jumped on.

Elby on

I have no idea who this woman is or what she does to earn her money but I do think that spending $400 on a suit for a baby is a bit much. It doesn’t matter whether or not she’s rich and doesn’t think twice about spending the money to me it’s the silliness of spending so much money on a piece of clothing that he’s only going to fit into a few times and will dribble, wipe food and throw-up on (bib or no bib, kids have magical abilities when it comes to getting dirty). I bet he only wore it that one time – after all it’s not really suitable for crawling around in and playing with your toys.

I also wonder what she’s going to do with it when he grows out of it? It’s not the sort of thing you’d find in a charity shop is it?

And, if you’re going to go to all the bother of having a suit custom made for your baby why then wear it with a pair of bedroom slippers?

loren on

When did it become necessary to say how much everything cost? And why does everyone get so annoyed about how much other people spend? If its silly to you then don’t do it. I think he looks cute and his mother should buy him whatever she wants. Maybe they should stop posting how much things cost. Only those who are buying need to know and they can find out when they buy it.

Jill on

Loren, I agree. Especially since so much of what they wear is donated.

jessicad on

Thanks Tee:) I have to laugh, I don’t understand the negative attitudes here. From what I’ve seen on the show Kourtney gets the others motivated to work for their clothing store and works hard, just my opinion though! I saw this outfit on the other gossip site I read and it looks like the outfit he wore in their Christmas card, so I really don’t think she spends 400 bucks on every outfit. Even I splurge a little for my daughter’s Christmas outfits, and I’m not rich by any means!

Gram on

Gosh, he is a handsome little guy and ALL Kardashian! For a baby, he’s just so masculine-looking like he’s really going to be a man’s man. I know you can’t tell that type of thing yet, but he is just so “all boy” looking! He looks so much like Robert Kardashian Sr. and Jr. that there’s no denying he’s a Kardashian! Adorable.

Blair Bass on

LOL! I LOVE Kourtney’s son Mason’s look! Little pin-striped suit AND little skull slippers? Adorable!

(Actually it looks like a mini version of something my husband would wear too! lol!)

Patricia on

The price of the clothes is right next to it . it only cost $68 !! ARE YOU BLIND ?!