Family Photo: The Beckham Bunch

12/21/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Tony Woolliscroft/Getty

Is there an award for best-looking family?

Victoria Beckham and sons Brooklyn Joseph, 11½, Romeo James, 8, and Cruz David, 5½, proudly flank David Beckham at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year event Monday at the LG Arena in Birmingham, England.

Beckham, 35, was honored for his excellence in soccer.

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Sabrina S. on

ONE of the best a-list family photo I ever love

Shannon on

I get that Victoria is this fashion maven and whatnot, but can she just take a normal picture with her family? Why does she have to pose like she’s on the runway? I do like her I just find it funny. She doesn’t appear as happy to be with her family as David is. I’m sure she was, but it doesn’t look that way with that pose!

Brookie on

I’m kinda with Shannon- I get that she is “Posh”, whatever. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful family, but seriously- enough with the blue steel/smokey eye/seductive look that she has to give in every photo. I mean, is this what their Christmas card looks like? 🙂

Denise Smith on

Does this woman ever smile? I mean, for crying out loud, this is a family picture and she looks like someone shoved a lemon in her mouth and a stick up her bum.

Corrie on

Posh looks…well, yeah.

Beautiful family, but seriously, what is the deal with David’s hair? It just looks greasy and gross.

Hea on

Beautiful family. Victoria is, from the interviews I’ve seen and read with her, a happy person.

D on

Same pose, same smile on this woman. I don’t think she knows how to do anything else.

D on

Learn how to smile Victoria. The photo is NOT about you!

Clair on

I get what you are all saying about Victoria in photographs but in real life she smiles a lot.

When David made his speech after receiving the award he thanked Victoria and she was close to tears with emotion, her boys were full of smiles 🙂

Kitty on

@Shannon I was thinking the same thing! Cute picture but do all of her pictures have to look like a photo shoot?

Electra on

She’s actually said in a few interviews that she doesn’t like the way she looks when she smiles. So its not coming from a “posh too good to smile” thing it just seems like an insecurity she has. Thats fair enough isn’t it?

Electra on

Little Cruz is adorable btw, I hope they have another child!

Lacey on

I love this family! They have such a bond that it’s really refreshing to see. I read the article and saw pictures on the Daily Mail; Victoria was in tears and you could just see the love they all have.

Mama on

She’s at a formal function! She’s being formal! I’m sure she’s not doing this in her family photos at home people! This is not a relaxing around the fire family shot!

Give the lady a break!

Angela Lake on

I was reading something online, and there was a picture included, and was shocked that it was Victoria, she had an ear to ear wide grin on her face, didn’t look anything like her!!

B.J. on

Victoria has stated she doesn’t like her smile, so all of you giving her a hard time, ease up!! Even Posh has her insecurities! Their boys are so handsome, I’m still hoping they’ll have a little daughter too!

Shawna on

Why can’t she just smile and be a mom for once instead of worry about looking fashionable all the time. It is ridiculous.

torgster on

I’ve seen the odd pic now and then of her smiling and she looked just beautiful, much nicer than with the perpetual scowl. I can’t understand why she feels insecure about her smile.

Electra on

fuzibuni on

Victoria is totally fabulous, you guys just don’t get it. Her jacket is amazing, and she looks gorgeous. Of course she’s not going to smile… that’s her deal in paparazzi photos. But in real life she’s down to earth, intelligent and funny.

Shannon on

The guys looks great!

Jill on

She was in the audience when he was on Ellen. And was awesome. Smiling, laughing and having a ball!

Ryan on

Yeah, I am going to be one of the few who think Victoria has the right to pose as she wants. Who cares if she isn’t smiling? We ALL have our little odd issues and know how we like to be shot in photos. I know people who won’t smile in pictures because they are uncomfortable with how their teeth look or because the bags under their eyes become more pronounced. She is in an industry and under the spotlight where she KNOWS how she looks best. I’m sure if she hired a photographer for her family portrait she would have some smiling shots in the bunch but she was posing for paparazi at an event so she was posing how she knew best!

Regardless…I think she is fabulous. I have seen her on various interviews and shows and she has always come across as VERY normal and sweet. She surprised me with how down to earth she actually seems.

I do hope they have another child! I am still one of the few crossing my fingers for a Beckham girl! 🙂

Beki on

Cant she just smile???

Gianna on

Shawna, how is Victoria not ‘being a mom’? Because she’s not smiling? Is that all it takes? And I don’t get why people are talking about how she’s dressed and posing in this picture when the boys are all dressed and posing formally too. Does being a mother mean you have to forgo looking good? REALLY? How sad. Maybe that’s the excuse some people use to justify looking like hot sack of crap and not taking care of themselves (and turning up their noses at those who do), but there’s no rule that says you can’t be a mom and look nice too. I think they all look gorgeous. And if she doesn’t like to smile in photos I don’t get why she should, just to satisfy some anonymous people on the internet. Or do people really think she NEVER EVER smiles just because THEY’VE never seen it in photos? LMAO!

Kristen on

Great family pic, but Victoria please eat a cheeseburger.

miche on

Electra – She looks beautiful and glowing in that picture! Wish she saw how beautiful she is when she smiles.

Electra on

Yeah, I think she looks beautiful when she smiles too but, we all see something different. There are things about me that i hate (like being tall) that i get complimented on. Just because she’s a celeb doesn’t make her different.

Allie-Rose on

I won’t even comment on Victoria. She’s just being Victoria, nothing new here.
The only thing that strikes me odd is how she let David out of the house with that shirt and tie when hers and her boys’ outfits are so much more classic.

KylieMarie on

She actually was smirking… and so was Romeo. It seems as if this picture has been a little distorted (I’m not saying it was intentional).

kathy on

shawna are you stupid? you mean to say because victoria didn’t smile in 1 photo she’s not being a mom? you should watch the video when david was given the lifetime achievement award Victoria was crying and she was telling her boys to clap for their dad!

S on

Romeo looks like he takes after his mother – he has her non smile, the same facial structure and he’s even more well dressed than his brothers are! Its always interesting to see what parent kids will take after.

erilynne on

I’ve heard she doesn’t smile cause she is self conscious of her teeth.

and hate David’s hair.

Kim on

Good to see them together, there had been no pics of Victoria and David since mid Sep at the park with the boys.

Lyoness on

I have read in interviews where she hates how she looks when she smiles. It’s her thing…

Anywho… love how dapper the boys (all 4 of them) look, all suited up. Too cute 😉

KylieMarie on

S, I heard that Romeo has a very similar personality to David. He’s very meticulous, shy-er, a little OCD, etc. Victoria is actually very funny and outgoing, she says Brooklyn takes after her more.

h on

i might be wrong but i thought Romeo was sick. I read years ago that as a little boy something was wrong with him.

Sky on

H, he used to have epilepsy. Last I heard he had grown out of it but he had bad seizures in the first few years of his life.

Carrie Jo on

Aw, that’s too bad she’s so self-conscious of her smile. I couldn’t help but think the same thing as Shannon when I saw this pic.

Blair Bass on

Quite the family photo! The Beckhams are such a beautiful family. 😀