Vince Vaughn Welcomes Daughter Locklyn Kyla

12/20/2010 at 12:00 PM ET
Tasos Katopodis/Getty

Christmas came early for Vince Vaughn with his wife Kyla Weber giving birth to a healthy baby girl on Saturday morning, Dec. 18, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, who weighed 7 lbs. and was 20 inches long, was born at a hospital in Chicago, Vaughn’s hometown. The actor’s rep confirms the good news.

“Both of them couldn’t be happier to welcome their sweet little girl into their family!” says a friend of the couple.

It’s a first child for both Vaughn, 40, and Weber, a Canadian real estate agent, who married in January 2010.

When Weber’s pregnancy was announced in July, a source close to the Couples Retreat star told PEOPLE the pair were thrilled about the baby, saying, “They’re having so much fun together and they’re so excited to be first-time parents!”

Vaughn stars with Kevin James in the upcoming The Dilemma, to be released by Universal on Jan. 14, 2011.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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KylieMarie on

Awwww I bet he’s gonna be such a great dad! Don’t really like the spelling they chose but cute name nonetheless. Congratulations!

Julie on

Congratulations to the new parents!

The name however… I really hate the cutified spelling of the Masculine name Lachlan. Changing -lan to lyn doesn’t make it feminine, it makes it misspelled

Bree on

awwww!! I was just thinking about this family the other day and wondering if they had their baby yet.
Not a fan of the name but I am sure she is a cutie!! Congrats to the new family!!

Demetria on


Natasha on

Congrats. I’ve never heard that name before but for some reason, I love it.

krewcat on

It never occured to me that it was a “misspelled” name. It might be spelled DIFFERENT than what YOU are use to seeing, but its not spelled WRONG..:) Pet peeve of mine…there are plenty of different spelling sfor lots of names.

I bet he will make a great dad, I really enjoy his movies!

brannon on

Agree … would have preferred Lachlan but love the sound of the name together … Lachlan Vaughn. Very cool.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

Lauren C. on

Aww yay! He’s going to be an awesome father. I like the first and middle name, just not sure about them paired together. Lots of “ly”. But cute first name! I’ve never heard of it before. Congratualtions!

Sandra on

AND I am apparently the only one who just LOVE LOVE LOVE the name πŸ™‚

Nicole on

I love the name. My oldest girl is named Lauchlyn. Its a great name. Congrats. Love the originality

K. on

Beyond LOVE this little girl’s name!

Vince is sure to be a great dad.

Amanda on

I really love the name! Congrats to them, daughters are a great gift (as well as boys too).

Toya L. on

Aww Congratulations to them. I really like Vince as an actor, plus he’s funny.

Brooke on

I really dislike this name…too harsh

TM on

Wow, I’m really surprised by how much I like this name! I even love the shortened form of just plain “Lock”.

Lisa on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to the new parents…what a wonderful precious Christmas gift πŸ™‚

melissa on

Congrats! I love the name πŸ™‚

Dee on

Next comes Hynree and Kevynn.

Rose on

@Brooke: I agree. I was just about to write that the name sounds really harsh when I saw your comment.

rafael on

Could he look any less happy?

Tess on

Didn’t know he was married, didn’t know she was pregnant, and not a fan of the name.

Erika on

Congratulations to them! I kind of like the name but not the spelling. Lachlan is nice and I have never heard it for a boy. Kyla is soo pretty and I like that it’s after her mom.

I can’t wait to see pictures of him with his little girl. I think every man should have a daughter, it is such a sweet relationship. My heart melts when I see big men with their little daughters!

Anonymous on

agh! they totally stole my name!

Karen W. on

I love the name so much!

Kiki on

Congrats to the new parents! Vince Vaughn is so hilarious. I am sure he’ll be a fun and caring Dad.

selene on

I have never heard that name before, in any carnation. I actually really like it.

I wish them and their daughter all the health and happiness in the world.

kathy parker on

The name is ridiculous- She’ll have to spell it EVERY time for the rest of her life.

Eve on

A butchered spelling of a male name for a little girl. Tasteful.

LiZs on

Are we so out of good names we have to create bad ones?

Brett on

Congrats! And to those of you bashing her name – how dare you! What business is it of yours. This is why we never divulged the names of our children until after they were born.

Susan on

Who cares what they named her? I’ll bet she will be beautiful, and he will be a great dad!

Ted on

Great name and hope that she has a great sense of humor like her dad.
He will for sure make her laugh. Congrats to them both.

bex on

Here in Australia every second BOY is called Lachlan. *sigh* there goes another good name to the girls. However if someone used a legitimately male name on a boy, like Paris, everyone would think that was more abnormal that this.

WTF? on

You broads need to get a life.

Cici on

Brett, how dare YOU for so being so angry over something so minor! Here let me go and overreact too! YOU probably named your kids something stupid that THEY will spend the rest of THEIR lives suffering for, but yeah, I can see how it’s really all about how YOU suffered by not being able to share those awful names until it was too late for people to talk you out of it. Poor, poor Brett. When is your charity event, big guy?

I think the name is awful, but she’s the child of a celebrity so it should be fine. A normal kid with this name might have a tough time but celebrity kids live by different rules.

What I love is that no matter how bad a name, there are always a few posters who will LOVE LOVE LOVE it even if it means putting the word love in the wrong tense. I know boys named Bam Bam and Future and somewhere there are posters who would just LOVE LOVE LOVE those too. The rest of us can just laugh and roll our eyes.

JezebelJean on

Vince Vaughn is a riot and I’m sure his baby is wonderful, adorable, and a little treasure. But in about 16 years, the writers will be looking for a chance to write about “Did lock lips with Locklyn?”

Terri on

Interesting name.

joe08 on

They’re about to have a whole bunch of sleeply nights now.

Nina on

Congratulations to Vince and his wife.I don’t think they really give a rats A$$ what any of you think of the name.

Bancie1031 on

YAY! Congratulations to Vince and Kyla! Locklyn Kyla Vaughn is different but not necessarily a bad name …… I can’t wait to see a picture of her ….. I love how Vince and Kyla went to Chicago to have their baby. I’m sure that Vince is going to make an excellent father πŸ˜€

Corrie on

Love the name, and congratulations to them both!

I seriously don’t think that Vince and Kyla are sitting somewhere huddled around a computer looking at all the comments crying that random strangers on the internet really don’t their baby’s name. Just saying. Also, it’s funny to me that more people are complaining about how much they hate it than congratulating them. Yeesh.

BAD on

It’s their baby. They named it what they wanted.

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I can’t decide if I like the name or not. I think it might grow on me. I’ve always followed these two because she’s Canadian and they often went to the Blackhawks playoffs games last year, so, I’m happy for them.

steph on

i have never heard of the name is it pronounced lock lynn?


Electra on

Dee and Julie have a point. When does a name become mispelled? Yes, there are variations Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn for example but you can’t just makeup a spelling and consider it a variation.

Anne McNeff on

she will be asked all her life, how do you spell that??? all these crazy names, will get the same question, Haly, Hailey, Halley etc., you get my drift?

Anne McNeff on

she will be asked all her life, how do you spell that??? how sad, the parents want to be so different and they make it difficult for the child when they grow up.

Momof3girls on

Locklyn Vaughn sounds fantastic!!!! I love it!!!!

Trish on

Half this board needs to take a chill pill. Yes the name is HORRIBLE, but it’s hell of a lot better than Neveah or Harlot (oops, Harlow). I do really hate masculine names on girls, but that is todays latest trend and I’ll have to get over it somehow……

Sonya on

Wow I LOVE THE NAME…so many people like boring ordinary names…blah…blah….blah….I gag on ordinary! I can’t believe so many people makes issues about the spelling…WHO CARES AND WHO ASKED YOU!

Barbra on

Loves the name!!!!! I do, however, have have issues with people naming their children after themselves. How selfish, egotistical and gross. So many beautiful names out there, why name after the father or mother???

Denise on

Call me old fashioned (and I’m not that old) but what is it with these parents picking names, when spoken, which make it hard to determine the gender of the child?

I can just see a teacher in the future saying some of these names and looking around trying to figure out who that child is…boy? girl? I guess there are just more in this generation than in mine. I knew some Kellys who were boys and those who were girls, Shannon boys and Shannon girls, and Leslie boys and Leslie girls.

Vince’s choice isn’t really that bad…he could have named his daughter Charlie…

jessicad on

I LOVE the name, so unique and pretty. Congrats to them!

tink1217 on

Congrats to Vince and wife! I am not that fond of the name but it’s not terrible either. Just not my style!! I bet she will be a cutie!

Lyoness on

I’m surprised how much I’m LOVING the name. May have to steal one day. I don’t know about the “y” in the name but Locklyn Vaughn is a beautiful name.

KJC on

I love the name! I know an 8 year old little girl with that name, and it fits her perfectly!
Congrats to Vince and his lovely ladies!

Mira on

I don’t like the name at all. It combines my least favorite naming trends– 1) masculine names for girls; 2) “uniquely” spelled versions of pre-existing names; and 3) made-up names.

I’m saying that because I like shooting the breeze on this site, not because I think they read it or care. You think I give a rat’s a$$ whether they read this site and what they think about the comments??

ELO on

Everything on this website always turns into such negative arguing. Why can’t we all just say…

Congrats Vince & Kyla!

JM on

not my kind of name at all. i know the parents aren’t sitting around somewhere reading about what strangers think about their kid’s name. it really makes me laugh when people use that as a reason for why you shouldn’t post your opinion on a name, “no one CARES what YOU think”. well it’s a blog for posting opinions, that’s all people are doing, nothing wrong with that… as long as people are polite, where’s the problem?

fuzibuni on

Congrats on your new daughter Vince and Kyla!! πŸ™‚

I think the name “Locklyn Vaughn” is powerful and evokes images of a beautiful, intelligent, self possessed woman. It has a nice flow to it too. When she grows up I bet she is going to be a real stunner… tall like her daddy, funny, intelligent and gorgeous. This name will suit her well throughout her life.

hannah on

I didnt read it as a “misspelled” name. It looks very different and looks as though it sounds different to Laughlin. I actually like it πŸ™‚

Taylor on

Congratulations to Vince and Kyla. I’m sure Locklyn is beautiful. Can’t wait til she’s old enough to cheer on the Blackhawks at the United Center with her parents.

Rosy on

Congrats to the new parents…not too sure about the name…my son’s name is Lachlan, and I don’t quite see it as a feminine name but it’s their choice πŸ™‚

Meghan on


Amanda on

Couldn’t agree more with Mira.

How long until someone makes Willyam a female name too? People need to start thinking when they name their children. If you are so afraid to announce the name until after a child is born because people might not like it think about whether your child will like it? It’s your decision yes but it’s the name that child will have to live with everyday, the name they’ll have to put on top of resumes. It’s already been proven that the out there names are less likely to get the job.

sockpuppet on

I love Vince but come on–that name is a mouthful —Locklyn Kyla sounds like they’re speaking Klingon

Tee on

What a wonderful Christmas gift! Congratulations to the new parents!

As for the name, I think it’s beautiful. I prefer names that are spelled in a “common fashion” because my name is spelled one way but pronounced another way, so I got tired of constantly correcting the pronounciation or spelling. That’s just me, though, and it doesn’t bother everyone. Baby Locklyn might love her name!

Barbra, your comment caught me by surprise. I’ve never heard anybody say that it’s selfish to name a child after themselves. Each of my nieces is named after one (or more) family members in some way or another and I think of it as an honor! Out of curiousity, have you always felt that way or is there something specific that made you think that?

Marlie on

Wow, I find it really odd literly no american has heard of the name Lachlan before.

I think it makes her sound like a hill billy. The sterotypical american name “something plus lyn” No accounting for taste I suppose.

Jane on

I don’t care how you misspell it, Lochlan/Lachlan is MALE! It’s not cute on a girl! How about Sairah for a boy? Why not Ellynn for a boy?

Pam on

Actually I like the name – and I know how it is pronounced. If they had spelled it Lachlan – the I would have thought it was pronounced Latchlyn or lacklyn – I would have never thought to pronounce it locklyn. I am 49 and I really like the name for a girl.

Romy on

for some reason I thought he’d surprise us and have a completely traditional name such as Elizabeth or something. Congrats to them though

Jen on

What a beautiful name! I love it! Congrats Vince and Kyla

Dee on


Can you not use generalizations. I don’t see any flags denoting country of origin next to people’s names. You just make yourself sound ignorant.

alice jane on

Congratulations to Vince and Kyla! Even though it’s not really my style of name I think Locklyn Kyla is really pretty. And I’ll never understand why some people put up such a fuss over “madeup” names (though Locklyn is not made up, it’s just spelled differently than it usually is, but these days, that’s nothing strange. As for having to always spell it, that’s also nothing new these days. Tons of people have to spell their names everyday. I have always had to spell my last name (and believe me, it is EXACTLY how it sounds, but I still constantly get asked) and I sometimes have to spell my first name. You just roll with the punches. It’s not exactly a curse.

Marlie on

@ Dee, which part is a generalisation? The fact that this is an american site or the fact that the father is an american?

Sage on

Marlie-I think she means when you said “The sterotypical american name β€œsomething plus lyn” No accounting for taste I suppose”.

Wow how rude it makes you sound a bit classless.

Dee on


You said that you were suprised that that “literly” no Americans had heard of the name Lachlan before. That is a generalization. Unless you have met and surveyed all 300+ million of us. Secondly, the national origins of a site have no bearing on who is allowed to view and or use the comment section (if you are not an American I would assume it would be easy for you to figure out seeing as how you are using this site. And lastly, yes Vince is an American but guess what, Kyla is a Canadian and I’m sure she had some say into what her child’s name would be.

JMO on

Kyla Locklyn sounds better! But it’s cute nonetheless.

JMO on

I’ll take Locklyn (for a girl) any day over Bronx, Apple, Zuma, Pilot, Banjo, Peanut etc. Atleast it sounds unique without being freakishly wierd! To me though it sounds like a few friends who have the last name Laughlin or McClauglin! So I would never choose it as a first name. But it sounds very feminine. Although I agree nobody would ever find themselves naming their sons with girl names but it seems that girls can get away with it!

Amy on

Ugh I really dislike the name!!!! But not my baby to name, so..Congrats to Vince and Kyla!

Sarah M. on

Barbra – If I recall correctly, it’s tradition in some religions. It’s also tradition in some families. That doesn’t make it selfish, I don’t think. My sister just had a baby on December 10th. His name is Brent Gene. Brent is our dads’ middle name and Gene is the other grandpa’s middle name. And both grandpa’s feel honored that that was the name they chose to use.

Erin on

Mira – Lachlan is not a made up name (except inasmuch as all names are “made up”). It’s very popular in Australia and even England and Scotland. I think it’s Irish/Galic in origin but not positive.

crg on

“A butchered spelling of a male name for a little girl. Tasteful.”

Exactly my thought. I’m not going to tell anybody else what to name their kid, but I can have an opinion. My son’s name is Lochlan (I’m an American). Many will say that Lachlan is the correct spelling, but there are many spellings of this name: Lochlann, Lochlainn, Lachlan, Lochlan. Their spelling, however, is some weird cutesy/girly derivative. We chose the “o” over the “a” because we wanted people here not to pronounce it as Lach rhyming with Mack and wanted him to be able to use Loch as a nickname and not have it look weird. I really dislike when people use names used traditionally for boys as girl names, because they’re literally taking them away from the boys forever: Taylor, Riley, Morgan, etc.

Mia on

The names sound great together!-

I’m surprised they didn’t choose a V name. Vince Vaughn + all of his siblings have V names.

Jill on

Mia, me too! His dad does too. I like the name. By making it lyn… gives it a feminine name.

Susa n on

I am an Australian who now resides in the USA. My Husband and I named our sweet boy Lachlan. My husband, who is American insisted on the tradtional spelling of Lachlan. He said “most people knew of the composer Bach (hence Lach) if not, he was hoping the knew of sarah McLachlan. I really wanted to change the “a” to an “o” but he said people would get it ….. two years later … I’d say about 80% of people get his name right …and if they don’t know most just call him by his last name. I love the name, I do think it is a male name. I just think calling a girl “Lachy” or “lach” sounds off.

Sage on

About girls having male names, I don’t see lines of men having to be in therapy because of it. It’s not taking from anyone’s personaity, spirit or creativity. It may not be for some parents but I’m sure your boys aren’t going to have “issues” because a girl shares the same name…even if it’s a masculine name.

Also Josh Turner is calling his son Marion.. which I think is a girls name. But I don’t think any girls name Marion will be scared for life because of it.

Catca on

Hey, just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings. Let’s hope they don’t read this site.

And Cici, bad manners is NOT minor. How do you think you’d feel if you just had a baby and a whole bunch of people decided to bash you for one of your first parenting decisions? How do you think the grandparents might feel about what people are saying about their granddaughter who just came into this world? Just because you’re on the Internet and aren’t seeing the expression in their face when you tell them you HATE their daughters name doesn’t make it okay. There is a term for it – it’s called cyber bullying. And no, the fact that they are celebrities and in the public eye doesn’t make it okay to bash their children. What makes you worse than anyone else on here is not only do you bully the Vaughn’s, but you bully someone who came to their defense as well.

crg on

It’s not that men would be in therapy for it, it’s just that at a certain time, some names cross over to the other gender and people will just think of it as a girl name instead of a boy name, assume they are a certain gender by reading/seeing the name, etc. It’s not a huge deal, you can name your kid what you want, but I would not name my son Taylor or Mackenzie, or names like that which are totally girl names of the younger generation. I know men named Aubrey, Dana, Jody, names like that that used to be masculine, and my generation (30 and under) would generally think it’s weird that there’s a man named Aubrey. I just feel bad for those guys, but I do like their names on them as male names. Vivian, Alexis, Ashley, Beverly- these were all names that were once used by men, but would rarely be used like that today, in the US. I know Alexis is still used as a man’s name abroad.

shannyn on

HATE the name, I know a gorgeous little BOY named Lachlan and it is not a girls name is really badly mispelt. Congrats though, but it is a shame about her name

Paige on

I like the name. It’s cute and a little different but not off the wall like some celebrity baby names.

Congratulations to Vince and Kyla on their baby girl! I’m sure she’s beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Catca- Exactly! And some celebs have said that they DO read this site (Melissa Joan Hart, Soleil Moon Frye, and some of the weekly celeb bloggers are some examples). But that being said, I will agree that it’s unlikely Vince and Kyla are.

Dee- Exactly! A lot of the commentors on here have shared that they are from countries other than the U.S. Also, I am American, and I have heard of the name Lachlan. A cousin of mine (a boy) has that name. So it’s certainly not true that no American knew of the name Lachlan before Vince used it (albeit with a different spelling!) for his daughter.

alice jane- I couldn’t have said it better myself! I have been asked to spell my name so many times that I long ago lost count, and I have a “normal” name spelled a “normal” way. My brother and grandmother have to spell their “normal” names a lot too, and my mother has had her name misspelled a few times (and her name is not only “normal” and “normally” spelled, but very short, too. So really, it shouldn’t be that hard to spell!).

It can be a pain, yes, but mostly I don’t mind. I also don’t think Locklyn will have that much trouble with teachers and students getting her name wrong at school. When I was in Elementary school, two of my classmates had the same name, but they spelled it differently. None of us, our teachers included, had any problem spelling their names and keeping it straight which girl had which spelling! πŸ™‚

All of that being said, the timing of this post is almost freaky for me. I was literally just thinking, “I wonder if Vince Vaughn and his wife had their baby yet,”. So I decided to check….and here I find that Moms & Babies just posted the birth announcement! Whoa is all I can say! Oh, and congrats to Vince and Kyla!

Jill on

CBL….I was wondering when you would post. You always say things so well and so nice. And I usually agree with you πŸ™‚ And I do here.

steph on

I must say that for me, this name is simply a poorly spelled boys name. Here in Australia Lachlan is extremely common, and is only ever used for boys. To me this spelling looks awkward and a bit mashed up.
Congratulations to Vince and Kyla πŸ™‚

cc on

This is not your child and I am very sure the parents could give two SH*Ts what any of you negative people have to say about the naming of their child.

Chelsea on

Congrats to them on their healthy baby girl! I know it is none of my business what they name their baby and normally I don’t care but, I hate when parents take a boys name and misspell it and pass it of as a girls name. Lachlan has been one of my favorite boys names for many years now so I hope parents don’t follow them and ruin this boy name like so many others before it. 😦

Macy on

Atrocious name choice. And no, -lyn ending names aren’t female.

Anna on

The name sounds to me like a boy’s name misspelled to become a girl’s name. Maybe they’ll just call her Lyn?

soontobe on

I like the name Locklyn for a girl. Hell I might even use it

Sophia on

Congratulations to Vince and Kyla! And welcome to the world little Locklyn πŸ™‚ Can’t say I’m a fan of her name, but, surprisingly, I actually like it more than I like it for a boy. Anyway, the main thing is that everyone’s happy and healthy and that they’ve got a beautiful new daughter just in time for Christmas πŸ™‚

Mira on

I didn’t say Lachlan is a made-up name. Locklyn, however, is.

Jill on

Adding a lyn to the end does make it a female name. Lyn, lyne, or lynee are not commonly found on the end of male names, which is what makes it a female name.

Stella Bella on

I love Vince but come on–that name is a mouthful β€”Locklyn Kyla sounds like they’re speaking Klingon

– sockpuppet on December 20th, 2010

Totally agree with sockpuppet on this one. And for all those saying she’ll constantly have to spell her name- no, she won’t; look at how many people are saying how much they love it! It’ll be in the SSA’s Top 10 in no time. 😦

Erin on

Mira I was only trying to convey that it’s likely they like the name Lachlan and “feminized” the spelling. Like I said – all names are made up. Mira and Erin, too. You sound a little irritated. May I suggest a long hike and/or a glass of wine. It works for me.

Mira on

Irritated? Not in the least. This site is fun.

I do disagree, though, that all names are made up. If we go back to the beginning of mankind, sure. But, some names are a few centuries older than others and I think that makes them “real”, whereas names that some eager parents came up with last week are “made-up”. So, ok, I dislike new names. Is that better?

Erin on

What would be better, Mira, would be to move on. You’re on the record already. Happy holidays!

B.J. on

I don’t care for the first name at all, but I like that she’s named after her Momma! More ladies should do this if they feel inclined — Why are there so often sons named after dads, but seldom daughters named for their moms?

Erika on

I agree with those who wondered what makes a name ‘misspelled’. I know a name like Jessycha (Jessica) is but some names are culturally spelled differently. My name for example, is Erika. It is traditonally spelled with a C instead of a K. However this is because my grandparents are from Scandinavian countries and it is/was more commonly spelled with a K there. Would you consider my name to be misspelled? Some people do and it really doesn’t upset me at all because it’s a difference in opinion. I just wonder what constitutes a misspelling.

Karen on

I think Vince Vaughn is a superb actor. I wish he and his family all the best. Congratulations to the Vaughn’s.

Hols on

Congrats to them!

I like the first name, but I’ve always been a fan of it for male or female.

And with the whole having to spell her name to everyone, it happens with even “common” names. I’m Holly and cannot tell you how many times I’ve had people change it to a different spelling or ask me if it’s with a -Y, -IE, -EY. As long as it isn’t a legal document I don’t care if people spell it wrong and I bet this little girl won’t either as she grows up with such a unique name — compared to all the Ava’s and Isabella’s that’ll be in her classes that is.

Birgitta Lauren on

That is wonderful news.

soontobe on

Congrats to the parents! I love the name I happen to think Locklyn sounds more like a girl name than boys name.

Erica on

I’m still waiting for a celeb to go all in and name their daughter Jaysyn!

Nona on

He’s all Growns Up!!!! Vince is The Money. So happy for his family.

BTW – all the haters -maybe seriously rethink the many other ways to make use of time?

CelebBabyLover on

Mira- I think what Erin is trying to say is that every name out there was “made-up” at some point!

TJ on

Wow, hi Lock, how are ya? Interesting . . .

Butterfly on

I’m sure there’s a reason THEY chose this name for THEIR baby. Maybe they liked the name and decided to use it for a boy or girl. Regardless I’m sure she’s beautiful judging by her mama. Congrats to the happy family!

Also I have seen this spelling before, although it was for a male. Locklyn Munro is an actor that had a reoccurring part on “Charmed”.

Stacey on

interesting name….I don’t hate it, I’m not quite sure how I feel but what is important is that they like it! Cutie! Hey they could have called her Pilot!

B.R on

I agree with Mira that this site is fun. So many people so many opinions I like reading it all.

Congratulations to the happy family on a health and happy baby.

As for the name 1.) since English (language we are all speaking here) has no rules on spelling when it comes to names, it is impossible to misspell a name. So people please get over that one. Different yes, wrong it can’t be. 2) Boy vs Girl names since everyone has their say on this and what sounds like a boys/girls name to them (to me Shannon and Leslie have always been boys names), also add anyone from a different country and it’s a mess. So how about we all go back to the lovely tradition to just numbering the kids instead of naming them. Could be fun. Just saying. 3)She will be asked to spell her name all the time: Really if that is the worst thing that happens to you in your life count your blessing and move on. Also I live in Canada everyone is asked how to spell their name all the time regardless of how simple it is. It’s just polite to have someones name spelled correctly.If you don’t like it, we can go back to my point number two, again could be fun.4)My most important point off all, in my mind: Who on this site is losing sleep over what these two named their child? If you are my polite suggestion to you is to seek medical therapy…right away…now, but again maybe not, world takes all kinds to make it fun.

Just my two cents (hmmm really never understood why two cents should be more like a dollar these days if you ask me)

leanne on

that name is way too masculine for a girl in my opinion
its a strong celtic mans name…like I wouldnt name a girl this the same as I wouldnt name them John, Arthur, Matthew etc

Mom2boyz on

My husband is 42 and his name is Dana. He always says he hated it growing up and really wishes he parents hadn’t done that to him. He is used to the name but it still stings. People always call the house assuming I’m Dana!

There was a movie years ago in the 40’s where Bette Davis’s name was Stanley.

I’ve met a little girl named Cagney…thought that was extreme. Know both boys and girls named Peyton. Some of these names you get used to but some will have a negative impact on kids…like my husband.

Kaz on

I agree with Mira as I’m really not a fan of new or made up names at all. I think the name sounds ok but just looks really wrong and awkward. It is interesting to read all the different opinions and I respect everyone elses even if I don’t agree. What I do find a little irritating when reading this site is when posters such as CBL try to explain what other posters were ‘trying to say’ – very patronising! And also how some regular posters always say nice things no matter what how bad the name is! Interesting how some peeps just HAVE to be so positive all the time! Get real folks! It’s okay to state an opinion, that’s what this site is for. And as much as CBL would love to believe she can talk DIRECTLY to the celebs through this site, it just doesn’t happen!!!!!

Eve on

People goes out of their way to name their kids some weird names and they don’t realize that their kids will be tease in the future, the baby name is okay, I myself like the middle name. What did she see in him? she is beautiful, him? I wouldn’t give him a second look even if he is an actor and he is supposed to be funny. He’s co-stars are the one that make the movies come out good , he is just along for the ride.

soph on

Ugliest name I’ve heard in a while. When will this trend of giving girls boy names end? It does not make you look cool. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard.

J on

Cici, I know I’m laughing and rolling my eyes at your ridiculous tangent…

Gram on

I truly hope Vince has cleaned up his act and grown up enough to be a good husband and father. He’s still looking terribly bloated so I hope he’s laying off the sauce. Reese Witherspoon filmed Four Christmases with him and could not stand him and had a hard time getting through that movie with him, so I don’t think much has changed. I hope his days of getting into mass riot bar fights are over (he’s banned in every bar in Wilmington, NC for getting into a fight while filming Domestic Disturbance and he got Steve Buscemi STABBED!) I, like other posters, wish they had not butchered the name Lachlan with a cutesy attempt to “feminize” it by misspelling it Locklyn.

Laura on

Congratulations!! I’m so excited for them- a new baby just in time for the holidays!

In addition, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is nothing for anybody to get upset/angry over. They obviously love the name and it’s their baby so they can name her whatever they want.

Some of these celebrities do come up with some ludicrous names and they do it because they can and it does get them a lot of attention. For example, Ali Larter gives her new baby a more common name and she’s got about 40 comments and we’re over it; then we have Vince here, with a more unconventional name, and we’ve got over 120 comments! It’s safe to say these celebs know what they’re doing when it comes to naming their little ones.

Laura on

@Eve what does she see in him? Maybe he has an excellent personality and maybe he treats her like a queen. Your comment really offended me. It is so unfair to judge him based on what he looks like.

My boyfriend is also an actor/comedian and there have been articles bashing his appearance and he does read them, as well as his friends and family, and it does hurt. He is an amazing person so it is extremely hard to read that someone is judging him because in their eyes, he isn’t attractive. Maybe to you Vince is unattractive, but to his wife and the people that love him he is a beautiful person. Personally, I would rather be with someone that is going to make me laugh because looks do fade.

JT on

We named our daughter Lachlyn. Yes, we get some funny pronunciations, but everyone we’ve ever met LOVES her unique name. Most importantly, we love it and she does too!!

Jill on

Gram, do you know Vince? You sound like you do. I have had the chance to meet him a few times and have been out a few times with him in Chicago. He is a very nice normal guy and HILARIOUS! People shouldn’t believe everything they read in the gossip magazines…..and I am not referring to the bars. Because I read several articles that said the opposite, that Reese and Vince got along during that movie.

At the end of the day, she loves him….and that is ALL that matters.

KRS on

Gotta say, the more I think about it, the more I really like the name Locklyn. Actually, I much prefer it for a girl than for a boy! Any name that ends with the sound “lin” (no matter how it’s spelled) has a feminine ring to it for me. For example Evelyn, Madelyn, Marilyn, and so on and so on. I’m pretty open to most people’s choices for names, but glad to hear these two didn’t go the route of Last Names For First Names!! Getting a bit tired of Carter, Cooper, Carson, Taylor, Jackson, Mackenzie, Reilly etc.etc.etc. Congrats to the happy couple – enjoy your little sweetheart!

Kate on

I think by what you call “feminizing” the name, they pretty much managed to make a girl name out of Lachlan. I don’t really care if they “butchered” the traditional version. Locklyn sounds nice to me.

Amy on

I agree with what Laura said: looks fade, personality is what matters most. That said, I think Vince is good-looking and I love me a fellow Chicagoan! Locklyn Kyla is nice but I would have loved Lachlan Kyla. Very pretty. Congrats to them!

Emmy on

One of my son’s name is Lachlan and yes i am from Australia and it is not a strange name here!

I really wish that people would stop giving their daughters names that are known as “boys names”!!!!!!!! Its one of my pet peeves, with all the names to choice for girls, cmon!!!!!!!!

I would hate for the name Lachlan to be known as both a girl and boys name in the future. Their are mothers who have daughters who just love to do this and i hate it, i gave my son’s strong sounding boys names for a reason, did not want them to sound like a girl’s name, but looks like one of them might end up being one!

crg on

KRS- Lachlan is widely used as a first name (mostly in Australia, as cited here) but it’s also the same pronunciation as Loughlin, a widely used last name in the US, in my area at least, so one can say that it is a last name used as a first name.

crg on

And it’s like the last name McLachlan.

EmilyeLayne on

I have a misspelled name, “Emilye”. Ilike it though! most of my siblings have differently spelled names…Rebekah, Adelyne, Caroline (Which is normal) and all of my brothers have regualr names but I love love LOVE the name they chose…very cute and very girly! I’m sure little Locklyn will love it! Congrats guys!