Survivor‘s Rob & Amber Mariano Welcome Daughter Carina Rose

12/20/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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At the live reunion show for Survivor: Nicaragua on Sunday, three-time alumnus ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano had his own reveal for the audience — the birth of the latest addition to his and wife Amber‘s tribe.

Carina Rose Mariano was born Friday, Dec. 10 and joins big sister Lucia Rose, 17 months, in a girl-power alliance with mom Amber, 32.

“I’m definitely outnumbered now!” says Rob, 34, with a laugh. “But at the end of the day, it’s exciting and fun. I always thought I would have boys, but as a father, when your kids are born and they’re healthy and happy, that’s the most important thing.”

Amber’s delivery, which was two weeks late, sounded as daring as any Survivor challenge.

“I was on the computer Friday night at 12 o’clock, and she says, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna make it ’til Monday,’ because Monday was the day they were going to induce her had she not had [her] by then,” Rob explains.

“So I said, ‘Okay, let’s gather our stuff and go to the hospital.’ And as I’m standing there, I see her having contractions. They went from five minutes apart to three minutes apart. By the time we got to the car, they were a minute apart, and we live 40 minutes from the hospital. We got there at 2:15 a.m. and she had the baby at 2:25 a.m. There was no time for an I.V., no time for an epidural. It was amazing what she did.”

Rob adds, “It was exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. The baby’s head came out and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. So they had to stop in the middle of it and cut the cord and at that point the baby’s not getting any oxygen. Amber needs to get the rest of the baby out.  I don’t know how she did it but in six pushes, she had the baby out.”

After Rob attended the Survivor: Nicaragua finale in L.A., he was on the red-eye back to Florida. “Amber is home, healthy and with the two kids,” he says, “and I am eager to get back.”

As for the origin of the name Carina, Rob says, “Amber and I had a bunch of names and we went back and forth but we ended up on Carina. Literally we were deciding in the hospital — we changed it three times. She and I both like the name.”

And now, new sister Lucia seems to have warmed up to the latest tribe mate as well.

“The first couple days, she didn’t want to have anything to do with her,” Rob laughs. “The first day, she screamed every time she saw her. But in just a short amount of time, she’s really warmed up to her a lot and she’s playing with her, comes up to her and kisses her. It’s great.”

— Cynthia Wang

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Mallory on

Love the name Carina! Congrats to Rob, Amber, and Lucia.

Lisa on


But I must say, Rob is likely a little mixed up on the details of the cord around the neck. If her head was out, then she would be able to breathe, cord or no cord. Secondly, they need to clamp & then cut it…if it was room for all that (& those scissors are HUGE), they would’ve been able to flip it over the baby’s head -which would be quicker, safer & easier! A cord around the neck, even multiple times, happens in 25% of births.

Tess on

I’m not a fan of these two at all, but they chose really nice names for their girls.

Cici on

Thanks, Lisa. What would be do without you?

Brooke on

I was absolutely shocked when I heard this on the Survivor Finale last night. I had no idea that Amber was even pregnant again. Congrats on your two little girls……and everyone better get used to seeing Boston Rob again if you like Survivor….Just sayin’

Natalie on

Awww…so happy for them!

michellemgd on

So the baby was born Friday early, early morning and he hopped on a plane 48 hours later to go film a tv show across the country? Leaving a recovering wife to care for her newborn and their 1.5 year old kid? C’mon Rob. You can tell Survivor no.

Kristin on

No Michelle. The baby was born over a week ago, not this past Friday. I’m sure Amber’s settled in at home with help from family while he was gone for probably 24 hours.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

And no, michellemgd, he didn’t hop on a plane 48 hours later. The baby was born December 10th. Last night was the 19th. A few weeks passed!

Mommy of 2 on

love the names of their daughters!!

alice jane on

Congratulations to them! I had no idea Amber was pregnant again. The way he talks about Amber’s delivery is really sweet… he sounds so proud! I’m glad Carina came out safely!

RN on

Lisa: Perhaps you should stick to what you know, and it most definitely isn’t L&D. I am an L&D nurse, and often the cord has to be cut at the perineum as it is too tight to slip over the baby’s head. As well, just because the head is out, doesn’t mean the infant can/will breathe spontaneously at that point, especially if the cord is tightly wrapped. However, you are correct that nuchal cord is a common occurrence.

Regardless, congratulations to the Mariano family!

ama on

did CBB post a pregnancy announcement? i don’t remember ever hearing she was pregnant. congrats!

shannon on

A cord can be around the neck if the baby comes out head first. The umbilical cord is long enough.
Cici – LOL love it.

Sherron on

My son was born with the cord around his neck and his face was blue. Of course he was fine as soon as the doctor cut the cord off..

Amanda on

Congrats to Rob and Amber. I love the name Carina!

They most certainly could have cut the cord during delivery. My second child had a double nuchal cord and they had to cut it before delivering the rest of her and she was born blue, luckily she pinked up but it did take her a bit longer than the drs liked so she earned a NICU stay. It must be common because I have had 3 children and the last two definitely had nuchal cords, I don’t really remember if my first did or not.

Sherri on

Congrats to Rob&Amber.I was shocked cause I had no idea Amber was pregnant.I must say when I watched All-Stars on TV I didn’t think they would last cause it seems reality show couples never do.But they proved me wrong and I’m a huge Boston Rob fan! 🙂

Susane M Johnson on

WOW …I just love this couplethey are so cute & in love(:they are extremely private…not 2 people that live for always have to be in the news(: The keep their children out of the lime light and the fact that no media got a hold of the fact that amber was pregnet with their secon child!

Melanie on

Sounds completely ignorant of me, but I have 4 kids so here is my two cents. First if she was overdue why was her baggage not ready or even in the car. Second it takes 2 hours from the time she said we need to go to the hospital till they left?? Now granted there was no mention of when a sitter or family member came to watch their other child so that is one detail not factored into this equation. I am glad for a super delivery and that everyone is healthy.

Cheryl on

Rob & Amber – Congrats on the new baby – you are both awesome!

Lisa – Rob was not providing a medical synopsis of his baby’s birth, merely sharing an experience. The scissors used to cut the ambilical cord are hardly as big as a baby’s head. Even with the baby’s head out the fluid has to be removed before the lungs can funtion, and they usually rub the baby to stimulate the breathing – hard to do with the baby’s body still inside. I imagine the hospital staff had things under control. I think Lisa just wanted to be critical – go log on to Camille’s web site – she can use another friend.

Brooklyn on

Congratulations to them both! I really like the name!

Anonymous on

Lisa…you have no idea what you are talking about. My daughter’s cord was too tight to simply slip over her head and also had to be cut from around her neck in order to take her 1st breath. If you were not there then please keep your comments to yourself.

Danielle on

Congrats !!! I totally feel in love with you guys on the show…just think your great people. So happy your babies are healthy. Hopefully we will see more of you…

melanie on

Cici-HI-larious! lol I love it

California Surfer on

Whao I totally love the names!

Corrie on

Beautiful names for both their girls. Congratulations to Rob & Amber!

Anonymous on

A baby can’t breathe with just it’s head out, there’s still too much compression on the baby’s chest, making it unable to expand the chest cavity. Therefore, it still needs the cord to receive oxygen.

Doc on

If the body is not out, chest expansion is difficult. Breathing will become a problem without oxygen from mom via the placenta. A clamp is smaller than you think. Rarely, the cord is too tight around the neck to slip over the head, especially if baby has a large head, and this baby was overdue.

Anonymous on

Ok, why do the girls have the same middle name? That’s what I’m wondering

Sam on

@cici – no call for such sarcasm!

Ashley on

One of my favorite celeb couples and I secretly hate how they keep these pregnancies secret 🙂 Beautiful name choices, beautiful family. So happy for them!

B.R on

Lovely to read about an excited proud husband and father. The seem like a very loving family, and I my personal opinion they have chosen very lovely names for both of their girls. Congratulations to the new family.

PS I don’t see anything wrong with him taking off a week after the birth of his daughter. As a military wife, we are luck to have our husbands there for the birth, let alone sick around even 24h afterward. But I guess every women is willing to deal with different things, such as time away, when it comes to their partners/husbands.

Lika on

Anonymous regarding why they have the same middle name…we all have the same middle name. It was my mother’s maiden name. My children all have my maiden name for their middle names. It’s traditional in some cultures.

Kristy on

Brooke, that’s a rumour. It hasn’t been confirmed so perhaps don’t spread it further until there is official word.

Crystal on

I too don’t understand why the girls have the same middle name? It may be tradition but it is definitely unoriginal. Congrats to them! 🙂

08girl on

Gosh, I love these two! I didn’t watch this season of Survivor but decided to watch the reunion show for the heck of it. I spotted Rob in the crowd and about died of excitement, but then saw Amber wasn’t there and said “hm, I hope he and Amber aren’t fighting!” (It was a joke; I didn’t really think that. lol) Then next thing you know Jeff goes down to talk to Rob and he says that Amber just had another baby girl! MADE. MY. NIGHT. lol *sigh* It’s the little things. 😀

Sarah on

Lisa- as others have clarified, nucal cords can sometimes be too tightly wrapped around the baby’s neck to slip around the head and deliver. The provider then must clamp/cut the cord on the perineum. Then the mother can push the baby’s body out safely. I am an experienced labor and delivery nurse and have seen this many times. Most nucal cords are easily reduced over the baby’s head. Since Rob is the father and was there, maybe we should believe his word over yours…or were you there too?
Love the name they chose!

mary on

I had one son with the cord wrapped around twice and with our other son a knot in the cord. With both kids the cord was xtra long. And both kids had to receive 02 for about a day for one and the other a little longer. Our son who had the cord wrapped around the neck scored very low on the apgar and for a few months following his birth had blood shot eyes and popped blood vessels in his face, which was a result of the cord and being born posterior. Very scary. Glad they had a happy ending.

Jenny on

Congrats, very sweet! And to those of you who want to dissect this story for every word need to chill out. He’s a dad and went through one of the happiest times of his life, let him have his glory even if the details are mixed up a bit. And who’s to say they are, we weren’t there were we?

Kristy on

08girl, when Jeff started talking and mentioned Father, I knew right away where is he heading even before I saw Rob lol …. Although I also thought Amber will be there with both girls, silly silly me !

Janice on

Are you people really this stupid about middle names? I have three girls and they all have the same middle names. It so happens that my husband and I have grandmothers with the same first names, so we decided to keep it in the family. Why is that so weird? So, if they gave them bizarre middle names that would be better. How about apple and orange? Sorry it’s unoriginal. Sometimes tradition and culture are more important.

Elizabeth on

Doesn’t Amber look absolutely stunning in that photo? Congrats to them both!

Christian on

FYI Lisa I think Rob got it right! My daughter was born with the cord around her neck and couldn’t breathe because it was too tight. She was taken away and worked on for a bit. I know babies are born every day with the cord around their neck and some are fine and others are not, but it still scary when its your child.

Amy on

Lisa- you are incorrect. A baby does not take it’s first breath until after the cord is cut. That is why as soon as it is cut the baby cries. When in the womb the cord is how it gets oxygen, so of course it’s not until it’s cut that a baby breathes.

jessicad on

I don’t watch survivor but this is a cute story, he sounds proud of his girls! I laughed when I read about Lucia screaming when she saw the baby the first few days:) Love the name Carina!

heather on

lisa…if the cord is tight enough it can strangle the baby. My sons cord was wrapped around his neck twice and he was blue when he came out, thankfully he was okay after they got him out and helped him along a little.

Jes on

Congratulations. Love the names of your kids. to those wondering maybe Rose is a family name, I have uncles w/the same middle name and nephews w/all the same middle name because it’s a famly name

Chels on

Congrats on the new addition. So I think we all get the picture regarding the empilical cord and baby being able to breathe (or not breathe in this case). I just don’t understand why so many people have to write the same response when it has already been pointed out.

What I really don’t understand is why Lisa made the comment in the first place. None of us were there so we do not know the acurate facts.

I am a regular reader of people and I must say I am appauled about all the negative comments when it comes to babies and child rearing on this website. Too many people complain about what is writen and miss the whole point of why these articles and blogs are posted for us to read.

Being a parent does not make you an expert. It does give you some first hand knowledge, but it does not mean that if someone does not share you opinion that they are wrong and you are right. Lets accept everyone’s right to be individuals. We are not talking about uneducated or unfit parents here. Celebrities may have different lives then we do, but it does not mean we need to attack them for not saying the “right” thing.

JC on

I always love reading comments from people who think they are medical professionals. You were not there so you have no idea what did or did not happen.

Terri on

It doesn’t seem strange at all that they have the same middle names to me. Beautiful names, btw.

Cam on

Congrats to Rob & Amber!!! I was sooooo excited for them when Rob made the announcement at the finale! Had no idea that Amber was pregnant again! I then realized that the last time we saw Amber was at the Heroes vs Villians finale in May -7 months ago. She was already pregnant again when they introduced Lucia as the first Survivor baby and showed them in the audience. Back to back Survivor finales with Rob & Amber baby announcements. 🙂

For those wondering about the middle name~ Rose is a tribute to Amber’s grandmother that passed away. They have chosen lovely names for their daughters! Best wishes to Rob & Amber!

October on

Congrats to Rob and Amber! Love them.

Just a comment to Amy, the baby can absolutely take a breath before the cord is cut. We delayed cord cutting in my babies, so they were still attached to their cords for about 30 minutes. They were definitely breathing during that time. 🙂

KikiOttawa on

Wow! For a couple who lived the first few years of their relationship in the spotlight, they have really flown under the radar when it came to having and expanding their family! Congratulations to them!

poppykai on

Thank you Chels!!!! I don’t know who these people are because I don’t watch TV but they seem cute together. I am pretty sure we get the point after 2 nurses and several moms have ALL said the same thing! Got it.

Anonymous on

i love them very much im happy for them best wishes to thst family

B.R on

Chels lovely point well made, thank you, I could not agree with you more.

Congratulations to the happy couple again. I told my husband the names they have chosen for their girls and he love it, and I must agree. Both first names are lovely and I like the idea that they share a middle name.

DR on

I love Rob and Amber and am so excited for the birth of their second daughter! I have been a fan of survivor since the first season and am always impressed and amazed by the inner resources and strength that the women display on the show! So often I have thought that it would be great if women came to childbirth with the same strength and determination. I was really excited to hear Rob announce that Amber birthed her baby without medical IV or epidurals. I hope she serves as an inspiration to other women that desire a natural birth.

Denise on

Congratulations to the newest little girl in your family. Best Wishes. Always nice to see Rob on Survivor.

Crystal on

Janice-While I understand the need for your family to give your daughters the names of you and your husband’s grandmothers it’s still unoriginal. There are a million names in the world. Why not give one the first name and the second the middle name of your grandmothers? I’m not trying to tell you how to name your daughters but it’s still incredibly unoriginal. Elisabeth is my grandmother’s name. My aunt, cousin and my daughter will have that middle name. However, it’s not the same middle name for each child in the family. It seems very simple to me.

Heidi on

Lisa, a baby can’t breathe until they are completely out of the mother’s body, because the chest can’t move to allow for lung expansion. I am a NICU RN.

Anna on

Congrats to Rob and Amber. I luv u guys. Beautiful names for both daughters. Can’t wait to see Rob on next survivor. Hope he wins.

anne2ken on

congratz rob and amber for your new bundle of joy!!

though i think Rob exaggerate the story a bit, still he really is so sweet. showed how much he cared for his family. not every man is like that nowadays. i hope they’ll stay like that.

Raina on

Congrats!! They are a wonderful family! I have absolutely ADORED them from the beginning. They didn’t share pregnancy news with Lucia either.

cynthia on

I just love Boston Rob and Amber too.. So happy for them and their sweet daughters…

madeline on

i love these two to death! they are my favorite couple ! i hope they last forever and go on survivor together again! so cute! i love the names!

A Nurse on

CONGRATS to the couple!!! As far as Rob’s version of the birth…. Let it go. It is NOT your story to analyze. It was his personal experience… Just take it as it is!

Marcia on

Am so happy for Rob an Amber. I really want Rob to win this time!!!!

Mary on

Belated congrats to Amber and Rob

samantha on

i LOVE rob and amber ❤ congratulations to the both of them !
beautiful names from beautiful girls.
enough about the birth already, let's be less petty and more mature ! who cares anyways, the baby is here !
once again CONGRATS !!!

Millet on

Congratulations Rob and Amber, I didn’t know you guys have already kids..anyway I’m one of your biggest fan.. Love watching you in Survivor and amazing race. I hope to see more of you in any reality show with your children.

Samatha on

i’m a fan of the couple, they’re wonderful people and i had the pleasure of meeting them at CBS (my husband works with the electrical equipment etc). I spoke to them and they were very humble and gracious to me, they didn’t mind spending what time they had for me. At the time they were newlyweds, I can’t believe they have two beautiful girls now. Congratulations Rob and Amber and God bless you and your family for the future together and with your children xx.

Savannah on

Uggh Lisa, stick to what you know – Negative Nancy.
Congrats Rob & Amber!

Fran on

Congrats on your new little girl, they are so much fun…enjoy them while u can. Still a big big big fan of u Rob on Survivor. Hope u win…Good luck

Bonnie on

Congratulations to Rob and Amber on the birth of their second daughter. We are so proud that Rob won Survivor Redemption Island.
I have a second home in Perdido Key. I will be watching for them in hopes of getting a glimpse of the beautiful Mariano family!

Anita on

Beautiful family and couple. Love these people. They’re not just “pretty people” who read lines written by screenwriters. They actually do something for a living. Playing Survivor looks like the most grueling thing anybody can do and to have it taped and played before millions is even more pressure. Congratulations to Rob and Amber for their lovely daughters and their well-deserved successes and I hope there will be many more.

P.S. Rob don’t do anything too crazy trying to fly around in weird contraptions – your family needs you to survive.

Me on