Family Photo: The Holmes-Cruise’s Broadway Baby

12/20/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Mmm, gummy bears! Suri Cruise, 4½, eats her treats while backstage with mom Katie Holmes and dad Tom Cruise at the New York City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker on Friday at Lincoln Center.

Paul Kolnik

Paul Kolnik

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fuzibuni on

Suri’s life is like a fairy tale! I’d never want to grow up if I were her… just keep letting Tom Cruise carry me around and have Katie keep buying me couture clothes while the world fawns over my every move.

I think Katie has been looking really pretty lately… and Tom looks good as well. They seem happy and relaxed. Wonder if they have any thoughts on having another baby?

Tee on

Suri seems more interested in the gummy bears than the ballet! Sweet pictures!

Bancie1031 on

Awe great picture of Katie, Tom and Suri. Katie is just glowing, they look great and are a beautiful family. I love the second picture where Suri is snuggling into Tom, she looks kind of scared (like her barbie dolls turned into living barbies all of a sudden LOL) and she’s leaning into daddy for protection. Priceless picture!

Mommy of 2 on

really sweet…

Romy on

Katie looks about 8 years old in the first pic. Tom looks good for Tom

Shannon on

Cute. I wonder if he did all this for his other children when they were younger.

Meghan on

Oh, The Nutcracker! That brings back some fond Christmas memories!!

Maria on

Katie looks so stunning, Suri is cute as always and Tom looks like he has had something done, maybe botox, or maybe a little OTT on the hair dye, but, something is a little “off”about him.

Kristy on

Lol @ fuzibuni , me too ! On top of that, he’s such a good daddy, I dont think I could ever manage to make my husband go to a ballet lol

Jen on

Oh how I would love to be there too! I love the Nutcracker. I wonder if Tom is standing on something. Doesn’t Katie normally tower over him?

sky on

why does suri always look the same in all the pictures – somewhat detached with her fists clenched?

Rose on

I can’t believe that Katie couldn’t even bother to run a comb through her hair before showing up.

@fuzibuni: I don’t think it sounds like a fairytale to have the world watching her every move and have cameras shoved in her face constantly. I think it sounds like a very difficult way to grow up.

@Kristi: I hardly think that showing up at the ballet makes him a wonderful dad. He is simply doing what dads should do. It’s kind of sad that dads who refuse to do that kind of stuff are let off the hook so easily while dads who do that stuff are given huge praise. My Dad too me to stuff like that all the time, as well he should, it’s not just a mom’s responsibility to do that kind of stuff.

steph on

OMG, is that a blankie in Tom’s arms?!?!?! Call the police, a four year old has a security blanket!

Sky: To me I always get the feeling that she is scared, particularly when she knows the cameras are on her. Perhaps the huge pap crowds, the noise and intrusive nature of them has given her a fear of cameras in general??

fuzibuni on

Rose, I never said fairytales were perfect… they always have a dark side too.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- I don’t know if you meant Katie should have run a comb through her own hair or Suri’s, but either way, you don’t know that she didn’t. I can comb my hair and have it looking all nice….but then I step out the door and within minutes, especially if it’s windy, it’s looking similar to Suri’s. Unfourtnately, some hair types just do not like staying neat!

That being said, great picture!

ducky on

Tomm loks odd. Looks like everyone is around a wax figure.

gdfg on

I’m sure he did, Shannon, but the papparazzi weren’t so rampant back then so we didn’t get so many pictures.

Hea on

why does suri always look the same in all the pictures – somewhat detached with her fists clenched?

– sky

I’d like to see you try to hold onto something without forming your hand into a fist?

tink1217 on

Honestly…to me Suri always looks scared or detached also. There is something about her that makes me wonder sometimes… Can’t seem to put my finger on it though!

Tom looks amazing. The man just doesn’t age.

Rose on

@fuzibuni: You listed having the world fawn over her as a good thing. I don’t see how that could possibly be a good thing. Children don’t need attention and adoration from the world – they need love and attention from their parents.

Meesh on

I think this dress is way too short on her.

Plezee on

Sweet family time for a family! They all look relax, healthy and happy! I can just imagine that Suri got dressed and was told that dress is dressup for a ballet…….and they just got up and walked out and went! LOL. New Yorkers do that….all the time…..loving life living the dream. This couple is photo so often they don’t care anymore. they really don’t. I love this about them!

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: I was referring to Katie’s hair, which looks terrible. But then Katie walks around looking like an unmade bed most of the time. And while I’m on the subject of hair, Tom’s hair looks dirty.

sky on

@hea, i was referring to the hand that is not holding anything, and not just this picture.

Sage on

Rose-I think Katie’s hair looks cute actually and think’s it makes her look younger, so it really is all matter of opinion I guess.

Terri on

What is that on Katie’s wrist?

Terri on

@Rose – I agree with you. It’s never just a mom’s repsonsibility to do things with and for their children.

Kelly on

Suri’s dress is a bit short for my taste but probably a result of being carried. Reminds me of the youngest daughter in “The Brady Bunch.”

Kristy on

So Rose, what in your eyes is a good father then if spending time with his child is not considered one?

Hea on

sky – Which hand is that? One is holding a box of candy and the other one is obviously holding *A* candy to snack on.

Rose on

@Kristy: You are twisting my words. I said showing up at the ballet does not make him a wonderful dad. And I stand by that, for several reasons: 1. there is a lot more that goes into being a good dad than simply showing up at the ballet once. for instance, being patient, teaching the child things, spending time with them on a regular basis and not just occasional times (and to clarify, I’m not saying Tom doesn’t do those things – I have no idea if he does or he doesn’t – but merely that showing up at the ballet once does not make a person a good dad in my eyes.) 2. I don’t see you praising Katie for showing up at the ballet. Why is a dad praised more for doing the same thing that a mom does?

My overall point was that your comment was sexist. Dad’s shouldn’t be praised for doing the bare minimum, and I consider showing up at the ballet the bare minimum.

Alice on

Katie’s looking great!! Suri’s looking bored, always does.

torgster on

How can anyone look at that childs’ demeanor and think she is living the “good life”. Does she look like she’s enjoying herself? Not to me. What 4 year old gives a crap about being backstage at something like this with nothing but adults? What a sad lonely way to grow up.

Kristy on

LOL Rose you’re so weird for calling my comment about Suri’s father sexist, because that’s who I was commenting on, not comparing them. But OK, here is one to please you: Katie is such a good dad as well, for taking her daughter to the ballet !

Jill on

I think Katie and Tom look great. Sage, totally agree!

My dad used to come with my mom and I to Disney on Ice every year and I got to meet them, similar to the picture…..many times princesses. Knowing my dad, it surprises everyone that he would take me and be so smiley!

Kristy, I understand your initial statement. Rose, I also understand yours, but what I do not agree with is acusing Kristy of being sexist.

torgster……my niece would LOVE to be backstage at The Nutcracker or something similar.

MiB on

actually torgster, I would have loved it, my brother would have loved it, in fact, most kids I know would love it (even though some would be to shy to even look at the actors if they even got there, but they would still love it). There is nothing like the feeling backstage!

Rose on

@Kristy: Okay, go ahead and continue to pretend like you don’t see the point I was trying to make. Or maybe you truly don’t see it, and if that’s the case then I guess there’s no point in me trying to explain this to someone who doesn’t appear to have the ability to think critically.

I realize you weren’t comparing them. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are people like you who think that dads deserve to be heaped with praise for doing the simplest thing with their child, while the mother is just expected to do it because she’s the mother.

Terri on

A lot of you sound so bitter! It’s a great picture of a lovely family. That is what’s wrong with the world today, people just can’t be happy for those that are happy!

Annie on

I have to respectfully disagree. I think there is something disconnected about the three of them in that first pic. Tom looks perfect but Suri looks scared and unhappy and Katie, oh well.

Tee on

Hea, Sky was clearly referring to numerous photos of Suri and she’s right. More often than not, Suri looks detatched and/or scared and she frequently has her hands clinched even if she isn’t holding something. I’ve always chalked it up to Suri being scared of the cameras but I don’t know for sure what’s going on.

Rose, I’m inclined to agree that it takes more than going to one activity to make somebody a good parent but good grief… was there really a need to be so incredibly rude to Kristy? “Someone who doesn’t appear to have the ability to think critically?” Was that really necessary? And for the record, I don’t agree with you on that. Kristy was simply trying to drive her point home since you nitpicked it and you decided to insult her for that. Really sad.

Jennifer on

Suri loves her sweets! 🙂

Hea on

Tee – I haven’t reflected on that at all. I work at a pre-school here in Sweden with 35 kids ages 1-5 years and they often keep their hands like Suri do when they’re minding their own business. I’ve always thought it was normal. I do the same when I’m out walking or whatever. My fingers are rarely kept straight out.



Kristy on

I don’t know, Rose, why you pick on me specificically, but perhaps, your father should teach you a respect towards other people too during your frequent outings. You went a little bit too far with your comments about “sexist” and “lack of critical thinking”, based on a simple comment about Tom Cruise going out with his family. I bet you are a bitter person that has lots of problems with friends and family members around, so this site is a vent for your frustration, no?

denis on

omg his daughter is soooooooooo cute. her birthday is the same day as mine