Celebs Love gDiapers Cute (and Eco-Friendly!) Diapers

12/19/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy gDiapers

We’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of cloth diapers lately, but there’s another option out there that’s not quite cloth or disposable.

It’s gDiapers — an amazing hybrid of the two.

The company’s diapering system offers the ease of a disposable and the reusability of cloth, all rolled into one.

Whether you’re using the adorable tiny gPants ($140 for newborn bundle) or the little gPants ($18 each), you can choose between the biodegradable gRefill or a reusable gCloth insert. Either way, it’s good for baby and the planet.

It’s no wonder celeb moms including Julia Roberts, Alyson Hannigan, Kellie Martin and Georgina Chapman are fans of the brand.

We’re also loving the new disposable gWipes ($3.75 per pack of 70). They’re soft, biodegradable, all-natural and — this is the best part — flushable. And because the wipes are fragrance-free and alcohol-free, they’re extra safe for little faces and hands.

— Stephanie Phoenix

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Jen on

I’ve been exclusively using gDiapers on my 11-month-old since she was 4 months old. Love them!!! Only wish I’d known about them sooner, since she’s my second child. If we ever had a third, he/she will be in g’s at birth!

lily on

haha so cute! I bet Leo is gonna use it for his baby who is about to arrive in six month! (:

Jennifer on

gDiapers rock! Love my gDiapers, I mainly use cloth but the flushable refills are awesome too. Plus being able to get them at Babies R Us if you are stuck while out is a big bonus.

Teresa on

Yay for cloth diapers! I don’t use gDiapers but I use several other brands (GroVia, Fuzzibunz, BumGenius) and I am SO happy to see that cloth diapers are starting to appear in the mainstream! They are so great for babies and the environment so it is a win/win situation! Thank you for publishing this, I hope it makes more people interested in cloth diapering 🙂

Alexi on

We use gDiapers as well and love them so much, but this article is wrong on one thing….. you can NOT flush the gWipes! Well, you can, but set aside some extra cash for the plumber!

Tami on

We’ve used gdiapers with our 11 month old since we brought him home from the hospital. We LOVE gcloth, but the pants allow you to switch easily to the flushables when you’re out running errands.
They’re amazing!!

Lisa on

I don’t think the gWipes are flushable… they are biodegradable and great for your baby, but they don’t recommend flushing them. We do love our G’s though, and our baby’s bum is UBER-cute!

Jess on

I love my gDiapers. I have been using gcloth on my little one since he was 2 months old. They work very well and come in all sorts of different fun colours.

JBH on

gDiapers are AMAZING. My son has been rocking htem since he was a newborn, that was 14 months ago! The best part, with them you don’t need creams the baby doesn’t get diaper rash.

Rachel on

I’ve been using them for a month now and they are soooo awesome it doesn’t even feel like more work!

Mom of 11 on

Who would pay this flippin’ price? If going green wasn’t so expensive, many more people would do it!

Vanessa on

Love g’s for both of my boys…. however the wipes are NOT flushable!

Vanessa on

To the mom of 11… they really aren’t ‘flippin’ expensive’ You can buy a 2 back at Babies R Us with a 20% off coupon and if you can get a $2 off coupon that makes them $9.99 a cover. You only need 1-2 cover a day. The resale of a used g is $10… yes you will get more then likely get all your money back when you sell them! I have used the same ones with 2 now, and will use them with 3 and 4. gHQ will even send you replacement velcro if needed for FREE. I will be happy to send you a $2 coupon (as many as you would like) if you sent me a SASE. gDiapers ROCK.

Jen on

@Mom of 11; the price of the little gPants is in line with other pocket/hybrid/all-in-one diapers. The pants are fitted and washable and rarely get soiled (the refills or cloth insert and snap-in liner catches the mess), so you only need about eight pairs or less (we currently have six pairs) to use gDiapers full time. There are four different sizes, and me with my enormous babies (last one was 10 lbs 15.7 oz at birth) would not have even worn the tiny g’s. The cost of the gRefills is more than regular disposables, but there are some great internet deals to be had, especially on Amazon.com. I am a member of Amazon Moms, so I get a discount on baby items plus free two day shipping. I pay $36.40 every month for four packages of 32 size M/L gRefills. I just purchased six pairs of size L little gPants for my 11 month old about six weeks ago and she will wear them until she is potty trained. We do use gRefills full time, but for those that use them only part time and especially for those that cloth diaper full time, it’s actually cheaper than using disposables in the long run.

Anonymous on

mom of 11, maybe if you weren’t a mom of 11, you’d have more $$$ lmao

A Nanny on

I’ll be honest…as a nanny to two girls who used gDiapers…they are a bit of a pain. The girls are a year and a half now and every poop seemed to miss the cloth and gets all over the plastic liner…and sometimes leaked through to the cloth part and then onto their pants. One girl had a phase where she had 2 and sometimes 3 messy poops a day and it was not an easy process after getting a new diaper on her: changing her outfit(s), having to gather up the cloth part to put in a bag (without getting it on myself), and then washing (by hand) the liner (all while still keeping a close eye on both girls) was rough. Apparently the parents agreed as one day without a peep from me, all the gDiapers were gone and replaced by disposables.

Jill on

The own company said they are not flushable on their facebook page! Conflicting info!

brannon on

Have to admit … tried these and was not impressed. Really wanted to make the switch but this was a lot of work with a lot of leaks. So wanted to like them …

Jennifer on

Actually Mom of 11 if you used gCloth you’d be saving a serious amount of dough over disposables. The refills aren’t the only way you can use them, and as someone else said the resale value on these is very high.

Teresa on

Using cloth is MUCH cheaper than disposables! gDiaper aren’t the only brand, there is a whole world of cloth diapers out there. You can buy a brand called econobum and for $200 you can diaper your baby from birth to potty trained (not to metion that you can use those dipers for any future children you have, which would mean that children # 2,3 4, etc. would be diapered for FREE). Also, if you buy one brand/style of diapers and they don’t work for you and your baby you can always try out another brand/style until you find out what works best for you. I’ve useed cloth diapers for 5 months on my daughter and have only had a handful of leaks (most of which I caaused by leaving the diaper on too long or putting the diaper on sloppy). If you want to try cloth you should really look into it and talk to other families that use cloth too, they can help you so much! I love my baby’s cloth diapers 🙂