Jay DeMarcus Welcomes Daughter Madeline Leigh

12/18/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Rick Diamond/WireImage

Rascal Flatts member Jay DeMarcus had to cancel his session in a Nashville recording studio with iCarly‘s Jennette McCurdy on Friday, but he had a very good excuse.

His first child, Madeline Leigh DeMarcus, came into the world at 4:49 p.m., three weeks before her due date.

Mom Allison DeMarcus, a former Miss 
Tennessee and CMT personality, is doing great, Jay tells PEOPLE in an interview.

And the 6 lb., 9 oz. baby, 
who has a full head of dark curls, “is tiny, but perfect in every way! I’m just kissing her little face off.”

Madeline Leigh puts DeMarcus in the Rascal Flatts’ ‘Dads Club’ with bandmates Joe Don Rooney and Gary LeVox, both experienced fathers of two.

“Gary told me to strap in and hold on for the wildest ride of my life,” says the tired but
 happy dad. “I didn’t get much sleep last night. I kept waking up and thinking ‘Oh my gosh, I’m a father!'”

The couple, who met when Allison appeared in a Rascal Flatts video, married in 2004, and started thinking of baby names as soon as they found out they were having a girl.

“Picking a name for a girl was hard,” DeMarcus says. “There are so many beautiful names, and so many pretty combinations. Leigh is Ali’s middle name, and we just loved Madeline, though I’m already calling her Maddie.”

While mom and Maddie rested in the hospital, dad went back to the studio to contribute vocals to McCurdy’s upcoming debut country album.

– Kay West

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Tee on

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this news! Congratulations, Jay and Allison!

Mallory on

Congrats to them! Love the name. With a mom that beautiful, baby Maddy is sure to be gorgeous. 🙂

sky on

that’s not tiny, my daughter was full term at 6.65lbs. congrats to them. that was a pretty decent size baby for three weeks early.

CelebBabyLover on

I guess Baby Maddy wanted to get here in time for Christmas. 🙂

Alexis on

Yay for Jay and Allison! I expected this announcement sooner than later. Jay was in the studio with Gerry House on Tuesday and said Allison’s due date was January 8th, but that she was very uncomfortable and hadn’t been sleeping well the previous few nights. I’m thinking she won’t be getting much sleep anytime soon. 😉

Sarah M. on

That’s a good size for being a bit early. I’m glad Maddy and Ali seem to be okay. My sister had her 1st on December 10th, but was due January 14th. He was 6 1/2 lbs and 18 1/4 inches and went home 2 days later with my sister.

I LOVE the name, too! One of my cousins middle name is Leigh. I know a little girl named Madeline. Hers is pronounced (Mad-a-lynn), not (Mad-a-line). I wonder how Maddy’s is pronounced.

soph on

Surprise, surprise, another Maddy. SO BORING. What do you expect though, the wife looks so robotic/Stepford wife/pageant queen.

Sage on

Wow soph, I wonder how you look, lazy, ugly, judgmental?

Also what is wrong with the name Maddie, I didn’t know parents couldn’t name their kid that.

Demetria on

Sage, I was thinking the same thing. Soph’s comment was so rude and ignorant. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE NAME MADDY?!?!

Soph- you might have freedom of speech but YOUR comment was just not necessary! What a negative thing to say about someone’s child.

soph on

If you don’t know what’s wrong with the name, then you’ve just proved my point. Chill, guys. It’s just the internet.

Meghan on

There’s nothing wrong with the name. It’s popular and I suppose some people hate using trendy names. But if I loved a name, that wouldn’t stop me from using it. Besides, people who avoid trendy names get reamed for using ‘weird’ or ‘out there’ names. Can’t win.

Demetria on

Soph- so you think that comment of yours was very positive not negative????

maritan on

Well, I’ve heard lots of people naming their daughter’s Madeleine/every variation, but if you don’t have something nice to say, just don’t say it!

Jill on

Soph is negative a lot on these posts. Oh well. Hello pot….meet kettle!

soph on

Haha! Jill, your use of that phrase doesn’t make sense here, but points for trying.

Jill on

It does Soph, oh so very much! But since you hide behind so much hate and negativity you can’t even begin to understand what I am trying to say. I don’t need points from a negative nelly!

D on

Did somebody pinch her?

Demetria on

Jill- very well said!

Jill on

Perfectly put

Terri on

I love the name Madeleine, no matter often it’s used.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Jay and Allison, I love the name Madeline! I can’t wait to see a picture of her ….. though I do wish that they would STOP using this photo of Allison, She’s beautiful but I seriously hate this picture …. she looks so fake and waxy …..

Debbie P on

His wife looks like a barbie doll!!

Jill on

Thanks Demetria and other Jill! Glad someone understands what I was saying!

Bancie, I too wish they would use another picture. The have used this one WAY too much!!

soph on

Lol. You guys never learn…

Demetria on

Soph- you negative human YOU never learn! 🙂 have a great day

soph on

Can’t tear yourself away from slinging NEGATIVE comments back, eh, Demetria? Can you define “hypocrite”?

Demetria on

Soph- that’s it. Wow….nice try…..3 points to you 🙂
Have a great day you negative person!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

soph on

Thanks for wishing me a great day TWICE, Demetria, but it’s not needed. Your pathetic little comebacks (if you can call them that) are not needed. Are you obsessed with me or something?

Demetria on

Soph- Hyprocite I searched it! This is what I found!
“a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings”
no you negative nelly I’m not obsessed with you! YUCK! Why would I be with a negative person like YOU?????
You call me a hyprocite but I’m NOT! 🙂
I just thought your “WOW! Maddy what a boring name” was just not needed and was so rude of you. BUT YOU SEEM TO NEVER LEARN AND ALL YOU WANT IS TO BE NEGATIVE!!!!
Get my point …….bye Soph
Reply back and spread more negativity here!!!

soph on

Wow…a little nutty, are we, D?

If you’re not obsessed than why do you reply to me EVERY time I “spread my negativity” in these blog posts? Hmm? Why do you always direct a little remark at me? You can’t keep your hands off the keyboard when you see I’ve left a comment, can you? Seems to me if you didn’t like me and my “negative nelly” ways, you’d just ignore me. Instead, you tell me I’m annoying, I have issues, I’m rude, etc., etc. Methinks you’re the one with issues, darling, if you’re incapable of dismissing me.

And that’s another thing…I can be rude IF I WANT TO. There’s nothing you can do about it. I don’t give a flip if you think my comment “was not needed.” I’m going to post it anyway! Sorry that gets you so worked up! 🙂 And lol, you actually looked up the meaning of the hypocrite! How old are you?? Hilarious…

Staci on

Congrats to Jay and Allison!!!

Mandy on

Seems you all have completely lost sight of the happy news here! Goodness.

Congratulations to the new parents! What a joyous occasion!

Demetria on

Very true….Congrats again to Jay and Allison on the birth of your precious little girl, Madeline Leigh Demarcus! 😀

CelebBabyLover on

Demetria- The best thing to do is to ignore people like Soph. If we don’t, they’ll just keep posting more negative comments!

soph on

Can you read, CBL? No one’s holier than thou attitude is going to keep me from expressing my opinion. If you all want to keep crying about all the “negativity” you see, why don’t you get off the internet then?

Nikki on

23 years ago I was born on December 17th at 4:49 PM 🙂 I love having my birthday so close to Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year, and everyone remembers it! Looove Rascal Flatts & Congrats to Jay and Ali!

Demetria on

Thanks for the advice CelebBabyLover! It’s just so sad to see so much negativity but oh well I will just ignore it.

Melanie on

Soph, I feel bad for your family. They must think you’re such an embarrassment! 😦 Congrats Jay and Allison!

soph on

Boo hoooo Demetria.

And Melanie, no, actually, they don’t. But thanks for your input. Do you always make such rude assessments about people you’ve never met?

Demetria on

hahahaha very funny Melanie!

soph on

Lol, hilarious that Demetria keeps checking back but deliberately not responding to me. Totally obsessed!

Demetria on

Soph you make rude assessments about me! You called me a hypocrite!!!
Who is the hypocrite now??? uh…

Demetria on

and you too keep checking in!!!! Wow! I guess were both obsessed! LOL

soph on

Excuse me, Demetria? Who exactly started this? I simply expressed my opinion about the name and then YOU took it upon yourself to tell me I was rude, ignorant, and my comment wasn’t necessary. I never wished to communicate with you, but you sure did with me. And I simply defended myself from then on.

I am not being hypocritical because I OWN my negative comments. You and everyone else think you’re better than me with your “let’s just ignore the negativity!” but when you reply to me (or support others who are replying) saying “your family must be embarrassed,” “wow, you’re so ignorant,” and the like, you are NO better.

Do you FINALLY get it now?

Melanie on

Please get a life, Soph.

Melanie on

how old are you, soph?

Demetria on

Melanie- She will never learn! That’s the sad truth.

soph on

Ha, nice. That was the best you two could come up with in response to me. I really am communicating with brain-dead SAHMs…

soph on

Nice. That was the best you two could come up with in response? I really am communicating with the brain dead…

Melanie on

Soph, sweetie, it really is pathetic how desperate you are for attention. I almost feel bad for you. 😦

DemetriÀ on

Another of your rude assessments. Now you are calling me a brain dead SAHM. You were the one that said “Do you always make such rude assessments about people you’ve never met?”

You are making a rude assessment about me. Someone you don’t know. WOW

soph on

It’s useless, Demetria. If you actually read and comprehend my posts, maybe you’ll finally see that YOU were the one who made rude assessments about ME first. Just go back and read. It’s right there.

soph on

Not desperate for attention here, Melanie. You can take your “I feel sorry for the poor rude ignorant posters” stock response that you think makes you look good and use it on somebody else, mmk?

Demetria on

LOL….someone is a bit of an attention seeker….not saying names!!!

soph on

Do you have ANY original thoughts, D? Seriously. All you’ve got is anything of the “No, I don’t,YOU do!” variety, and you piggyback on others’ comments. Sheesh.

Let’s be real – I can obviously construct a more intelligent response than you, so please run along already.

Demetria on

Why do I need “orginal” thoughts??? Why do I need variety in my comments????
You are not an intelligent person btw.
But if you wish to say that to make yourself feel better than do so. Spread all the negativity you want in the end no can stop you. If you making rude assessments makes you happy than do so. I know I wouldn’t be friends in life with person like you.
Bye Soph I’m done talking to you.

soph on

And once again, you said nothing of substance.

Oh, I doubt you’re done, Demetria. Evidence has shown otherwise…

soph on

Happy holidays. Over and out.

Melanie on

Why are you such a hateful person, Soph?

soph on

Um, this coming from the person who said “please get a life”? Are you that dumb, Melanie?

Melanie on

You can say whatever you want about me, Soph. I don’t care. You’re just making yourself look like a complete douche.

soph on

Couldn’t deny it, right? Ooh, what a HATEFUL last word you used there, Melanie! Your family must be so embarrassed that you use words like that.

Melanie on

XOXO,Soph. 🙂

soph on

Yup. As expected.

Melanie on

Soph, how old are you?

soph on

You’re funny, Melanie. Telling others to get a life and that they’re desperate for attention and yet…you’re still here. Interesting.

Is my age any of your business? Didn’t think so. Oh wait, are you trying to get some sort of immaturity confirmation? Ironic, considering your little Xs and Os and smiley faces…

Melanie on

You need professional help, Soph.

Katie on

You need to deal with Soph like you do with any bully. Don’t acknowledge. Don’t respond to her at all – good or bad. When you see the name, just skip the entry. She’s not worth your energy. By responding, you’re just feeding into her bullying behavior, giving her what she wants, she wants to upset you. She’s a bully.

soph on

I do, Melanie? You’re in a position to say so? Okay. You can dish it out, dear, but you certainly can’t take it. I own what I say. You, however, think all you need to write is “gosh, I feel bad for you” and that somehow puts you “above” it. It doesn’t. You’re being just as insulting. And yet you still can’t see that. A shame, really.

That was sweet, Katie, but see, you just acknowledged me. Nice waste of your time there. Ah, you silly CBB posters…

Melanie on

Soph, why do you even bother posting? Nobody is on your side.

soph on

Not a surprise that you feel having people on your side is important, Melanie. I don’t mind standing alone — quite unlike you.

Why don’t you ask yourself why YOU bother replying to me?

Melanie on

LOL, Soph, you wouldn’t be “standing alone” if you hadn’t made the first bitchy comment in the first place. I’m not wasting anymore of my time on an attention whore like you. Kisses!

soph on

Lol, okay.

Newsflash, idiot. If you’re posting here, you obviously want my attention, don’t you? Because you simply can’t ignore me, can you?

soph on

One last thing: you have all backed down because you can’t match wits. Simple as that. (Come on, now insert your stunningly original “wit” comments here.) And every time it’s the same excuse. “I’m done with you. I’m not wasting my time on you anymore.” Well, you sure wasted a hell of a lot of it getting into it with me in the first place, now didn’t you?

Of course, the less intelligent will hear one phrase and hang on to it — like the “standing alone” one, for example — and run with it, when it wasn’t about that. It’s about all of you being hypocrites, you see. But I don’t expect any of you who post your vacuous comments on this blog to understand that.

So go on and keep getting your panties in bunches over what you deem “rude” and “unnecessary.” And I’ll keep posting it. And it doesn’t make me a bully. It means I have a different viewpoint. Do you crazy women know what that means?

But really, I expect such words like “bully” to be thrown about by women who are obsessed with babies and motherhood, women who take it so seriously that they forget that this is the internet. The internet, where negative comments shouldn’t be all THAT important in the grand scheme of things. Right?

Go look after your kids now, okay?


collie on

My 4 year old name is Leigh and My 9 year old name is Madeleine. Congrats!