Amy Adams: Losing Pregnancy Pounds Not a Priority

12/18/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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The end result of pregnancy gifted Amy Adams with much more than a baby; The new mom to 7-month-old daughter Aviana Olea also learned a few life lessons.

“Being pregnant finally helped me understand what my true relationship was with my body — meaning that it wasn’t put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit,” The Fighter star, 36, tells PARADE‘s Sunday issue.

“I was like, ‘Look, I can carry a baby! I’m gaining weight right, everything is going well.’ And I’ve had that relationship ever since.”

That said, Adams is well-aware that her career choice requires her to regain her body after baby, but even so, she notes, she plans to do so at her own pace.

“I’ve been working out when I can … but losing weight is not my number one priority,” she says. “It’s part of my job to return to some semblance of what I was before. But I don’t feel I’ve ever made my career on my rockin’ bod.”

However, Adams feelings during her pregnancy weren’t always so positive. After discovering she was pregnant, the actress couldn’t help but recall her final scenes in Junebug, in which her character delivers a stillborn baby.

“Because of how that film ended, a lot of women have talked to me about their own similar experiences and how much that character touched them,” she shares. “Having played someone who went through that, I was terrified.”

Concentrating her efforts on researching for baby girl’s arrival and taking birthing classes with fiancΓ© Darren Le Gallo, Adams eventually had a natural, drug-free delivery. “[Darren] was really calm,” she reveals, adding that the couple have learned to work together.

“Now we understand the importance of teamwork. And if we have a disagreement, we work toward a solution.”

— Anya Leon

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blessedwithboys on

yay, a celebrity that had a normal birth! so awesome. take your time losing the weight and just concentrate on your little girl! congrats, amy! πŸ™‚

Nella on

I like her way of thinking. She’s right, she became famous because of her talent, not her body. I think she looks great. I like the last sentence about her relationship with her fiance.

Demetria on

WOW! Aviana is already 7 months old!
Gosh I love Amy Adams.

Angela on

Blessedwithboys, what’s a “normal” birth?

Vanessa on

I think she means vaginal vs caesarean.

rockin on

I had my daughter via C-secion and I don’t feel any less of a mother because of it or feel I was robbed of anything.

gdfg on

Caesarean births are pretty normal . . .

steph on

I took the ‘normal’ comment to mean that Amy didn’t have some dramatic/ scary/divine birth story that so many celebrities share. She just had a birth that was as common as anybody else’s…

mommytoane on

Dont get your panties in a twist Rockin. I think what was meant is that sooo many actress mothers choose to schedule a C-section around their work schedules to accommodate them. To see someone who actually just went into labor and delt with things as they came, isn’t as normal in the hollywood stream. I don’t think anyone was stabbing at you. I was delivered via c-section myself and always tell my mom that she has a beautiful battle scar to show where I came from. ~.^

Mira on

Good for you, rockin, but a vaginal, drug-free delivery is the way people and all other mammals are meant to deliver their children. any other way isn’t the “normal” way. and i’m not saying this with a negative connotation in mind.

Erin on

People get too hung up on little things like how a baby comes into this world…and too hung up on what they think others may think. If you’re comfortable with who you are, your experiences and choices, etc., then let the little things go. Who cares?

I adore Amy Adams and her thinking is so healthy that I love her that much more!

Lola Marie on

What makes a caserean birth abnormal?

Meghan on

I like what she said about teamwork. My mother always told me that after she and my Dad divorced, the thing she missed most was having a partner to share in the problem solving, discipline and whatnot.

Jacqui on

Agreed and well said rockin and Erin!

Shannon on

I think she meant “normal” as in, like the rest of us non-celebs. I think a lot of women go into pregnancy not really realizing that their body will never be the same. I’m not saying you can’t lose the weight, but your body will never look the way it did before kids. But when it comes down to it, who really cares? I know my babies are worth every stretch mark and extra pound. I wouldn’t trade my body back for anything.

Angela on

It’s the word that threw me off since normalcy is so subjective. My children were not born the way I would have desired, but they were normal births by C-section. I guess the word natural wouldn’t have been as off-putting to me.

Momofmyson on

I went through a er-c-section …. it was the most horrible thing in the world, because I couldn care for my baby as I liked. Congrats on the “normal” birth and healthy baby! – she is a very lucky one!

Tallie on

I really don’t think that anyone meant anything that by having a ”natural” birth you are more or less of a mother.

I think it’s more of a ”yay” because it’s going against the trend. Many celebrities have a C-section . It’s what people can relate to. It’s not meant to say one person is better than the other or not. It’s all about sharing similar experiences & being able to relate to each other , or coming across someone who can understand your viewpoint

No one can judge others for the choices that they make regarding deliveries. Everyone is different. Some women really wanted natural deliveries & have been forced to have C-sections & vice versa

What’s important is that a healthy, bouncing baby was brought into the world by a mother whose main focus is her child’s well-being

molly on

I get so sick of people on these baby boards turning the interview/comments into a judging match on who delivered or conquered labor better (ala Danica from Wonder Years story!). I had a natural delivery-drug free and didn’t do so to make others be offeneded or feel less strong of a woman if they did not, it was my choice and I understand others need to make their own. I don’t think Amy’s choice to choose “natural” is put out there to judge or make others feel badly and I don’t think the comment on “normal” by blessedwithboys was meant to judge others, either. I think she meant, Amy did it her way, drama free and with support of her partner and isn’t trying to get into a bikini photoshoot 3 weeks after delivering!

Congrats to Amy and her 7mo. into motherhood! And yes, she is in the biz because of her talent!

molly on

I just read Erin’s comments, what I should of said was…Ditto to Erin- agree completely!

Katie on

I find her swimsuit comment refreshing!! Not put on this earth to look good in a bathingsuit!! But rather give birth… LOVE THAT!!! Makes me feel good about myself!! LOL My body after two babies, nope, not put on this earth to look good in a bathingsuit!!

marina on

There is no such thing as “normal” way actually. Biology facts is one thing, but the “normal” way to deliver it’s just a cultural thing. Once it was “normal” and expected to deliver via C-section (90’s? I’m not exactly sure…) Our own concept of family is a construction, as well as gender and I could go on and on…

poppykai on

All I know is that I am very happy that there are so many options for delivering a baby with modern medicine. If I had my first child at home I would not be here today. There was nothing to indicate that I would have hemmorhaged so I was just lucky that I happened to choose a hospital birth. I hate when other people judge alternative means of birthing! Even if you had a drug free home birth, good for you, and I hope there were no unforseen complications. Women (mothers, for God’s sake!) are too judgemental of each other!

I like Amy Adams healthy approach to losing the baby weight. I know the pressures of her business and the are she lives and it is pretty brutal to the extents people go around here to lose those few extra pounds. I am glad there is at least one healthy-minded celebrity.

W on

Amy did’t say normal,she said natural.

Sherly on

I lost weight really quickly with our third child.
Within five days I had lost 15 pounds and had only gained
around 25 pounds from my ideal weight.

The key is to try and have a normal delivery
if you can, it makes losing weight and getting
back to normal much much easier. I felt pretty
normal after a couple of days.

If you nurse and are very active….. within
a month you can lose 20 pounds and almost be back to
your ideal weight.

Just dont gain too much weight
you can have a normal sized baby between 7-8 lbs
by gaining 25lbs in some cases 20lbs
just eat very healthy and remain fit.

It worked for me

Anna on

A “normal” birth is one without drugs? If animals had the intelligence to create pain meds, they would use them too.

Becky on

Mira…just because someone delivers a child via c-section does not mean that it was not their “normal” way of becoming a parent. In my case, it was the safest way for baby and myself after such a long labor and issues that arose after I went into labor. If the only way for my child and I to survive is to have a c-section then to me that was my normal delivery and birth experience. There are reasons things happen and neither me or my daughter would be here today if I had refused the c-section and opted for a “normal” delivery.

Mia on

It says “Adams eventually had a natural, drug-free delivery. β€œ after saying her character had a stillborn birth. I dont think it was meant to criticize anyone’s way of giving birth. Relax people. Our miracles are just that miracles, no matter how they get here!

Karen on

25% of all births are Caesarean, including my 2 kids. Not something I would’ve chosen, but it’s no big deal. With my first, I had the epidural as soon as I could. I’m not into unnecessary pain, and I didn’t feel that I had something to prove.

Lisa on

I take the definition of a “natural” delivery to mean vaginally and drug-free. Mother Nature does not provide scalpels and drugs–those are inventions of humans. That said, there is nothing wrong with utilizing drugs or having a Cesarean section–the ultimate goal is for the mother and baby to be safe, which should be achieved by whatever way is necessary. No route is ‘more than’ or ‘less than’–they are all beautiful miracles.

Rachel on

I have no issue with a woman having a c-section. If she chooses it, she won’t get to hold her baby right after birth, and she’ll have a much more painful recovery. Maybe she won’t nurse b/c of pain meds she takes afterwards. Who cares? Her choice. I would like to say however that doctors are doing way too much inducing of labor these days (causing a lot more c-sections), and jumping the gun on c-sections (for whatever reason). And for those women who want “natural” birth, and b/c of stupid doctor decisions, are forced to have c-sections, that stinks…if that happens. I don’t know anyone, but I’m sure they exist. And as for losing weight…I lost mine right away. But who cares about that either? 3 years later, I need to lose 20 lbs. I actually think it’s ridiculous that they even do stories on these celebrities and ask them all about their pregnancies so they can give us all the personal details. I don’t need to know, nor do I care. The fact is, women have been having babies for centuries, so when a celebrity does it, I’m not terribly impressed, even if they are celebrities.

Janet on

What a great lady–with a solid head on her shoulder!! Knew there was a reason we liked her so much!!

sarah K on

Sherly, i totally agree with you!!

Yes, your body CAN look just as good after you’ve had a baby as it did before. I have had two kids and have no stretch marks and lost all pregnancy weight. All you have to do is eat right and exercise during and after pregnancy. Be healthy =)

sarah K on

Shannon—yes your body CAN look like it did before kids.
All it takes is hard work.

Alirasmom on

Holy effing God.

You silly ass women miss the point on nearly every article.

The point is, she’s not dysfunctioning her body to fit into Hollywood.

God, you’re all so petty, threatened and insecure.

Grow up.

TTT on

“Marina” it was common in the 90’s because that is when doctors and insurance only started to care about themselves and their risk of lawsuits, not because they were concerned with the well being of mothers and babies. It was all about the bottom line, making more $$$. While C-section is a good back-up if medical intervention is needed, it should no means be what we consider the “Norm.”

Lilo on

I would have preferred a c-section any day. Now thanks to my ‘natural’ delivery, i have no feeling during intercourse, Very little control of my bladder or bowel, and I’ve only had one! It’s nice to have 80 yr old woman health problems at age 20.

Dawn on

She is so pretty, but she is right, her career isn’t built on her having the perfect body – a lovely shape, but it’s not ALL about her shape. That gives a girl a little room for imperfections – it makes her more real and more relatable – I think there will always be roles for a actress like her. So happy for her. Can’t wait to see the Fighter – love me some Marky Mark too!

@momofmyson on

Would you have rather had a ‘normal’ birth and no child??? I’m pretty sure the docs had their reasons for the er-c-section that has forever scarred you. I’ve had all 3 of mine with c-sections and the first was n emergency. you get over it and enjoy the baby, not rehash the missed out delivery plans.

expectant mom on

Wow, finally a celeb who has a grounded perspective on her body!!! Nice job, Amy.

Most celebs seem to be sooo caught up in teh body image race, and then complain about the pressure. I salute Amy for prioritizing the beauty of life and family over the self-satisfaction of being another sex symbol…


marina on

TTT – You miss my point… I don’t care if it was a good thing or not, it was just an example. Every society makes it’s own rules about what is normal and what is not, and it change with the time. What is normal now, maybe not be later, or maybe not be normal in other country. That been said don’t really know why this is a topic of discussion here… She didn’t said anything about this, and I doubt blessedwithboys mean any of this.

maritan on

Good for her – she has the right attitude about not busting her butt to fit the unhealthy celebrity standard.

Much like Lilo, I have some “old lady” problems after having mine – both drug free. Let’s see how all of you “natural birth” moms are doing in another 30-40 years when your bladder/uterus is falling down between your legs. My mom and several relatives are having this problem and it ain’t fun. A friend of mine, who is an OB/GYN told me that any woman who is not doing Kegels religiously from about 19yrs of age and who has babies vaginally will have to deal with prolapses.

Bihd on

You are all aware that “natural” was used by the author and not Amy Adams, right? Can we get over that part already?? I don’t think it was meant to insult mothers with C-sections or anything of the sort. Chill out.

Kristin on

Bihd, I think most people are responding to blessedwithboys use of “normal” birth. Natural birth is a common term.

F2Murph on

I love her perspective on body image and her priorities. To those in Hollywood…she’s a great actress and I would watch her movies with or without weight loss! It’s about talent, not waist size.

Alexandra on

It sounds like Amy delivered vaginally without an epidural or other narcotic pain relief which is how I would define “natural” childbirth. Obviously, that’s not the way things go for many women and no one should feel bad about having had a c-section or using pain relief to give birth. That said, I am saddened by the backlash against natural childbirth that is propagated by the maintstream media. There are many advantages to both mother and baby from avoiding certain medical interventions during birth unless they are absolutely necessary.

Natasha on

Good for her! After I had my daughter 2 years ago, I couldn’t find the time to work out and I breastfed her everyday until she was a year old to lose weight, but now I weigh 50 more than my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m glad she’s not letting Hollywood telling what she should look good to impress us, she impressing us by being so down to earth and having her daughter as her #1 priority.

MsSuniDaze on

It’s amazing how a great article about Amy has been turned around to what a “normal” birth means. I’m assuming it has to do with the first comment? I thought she meant normal = non celebrities. She’s not in the gym the day after giving birth. She is putting her baby first, over her body or Hollywood. Other celebrities are so focused on their careers that the kids sadly come second.

Seriously… there are no ‘normal’ deliveries. Vaginal deliveries vs. C-sections, and no drugs vs. epidurals/pain control arguments are pointless. The only thing that matters is the health of mom and the baby. I have no regrets about wanting a epidural, and I had nothing to prove to anyone. It’s the woman’s version of a p issing contest.

Dee on

I had a drug free birth and holy hell….no offense to women who choose to do it I wanted drugs. Got the drugs and they failed spectacularly!!!!

Good for her, but hey, bringing a child in the world no matter how its done is beautiful and Amy is beautiful.

This whole thing w/ celebrity moms choosing to have their babies early and with a c-section….well….to each their own!!!

Lori on

What makes a caserean birth abnormal?
– Lola Marie on December 18th, 2010

Lola – what makes it abnormal is that both mother and baby usually live. Were it not for our “abnormal” medical system, then three out of the four pregnant women in my office would be dead, me included.

In my case, my daughter was in full-frank breech position, so we both would have died. My son had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice, so at best he would have been severly brain damaged… although actually he wouldn’t be here either since I would have died three years earlier.

But, hey, it would have been “normal!”

Megan on

She’s absolutely right. I’ve never had a huge problem with my body but when pregnant I have learned to respect it more and realize what beauty, we as women, hold.

Butters on

Well, you just talked me outta seeing Junebug.

Kresta on

It’s not only women who have had vaginal delivery that can experience prolpase or bladder problems. It can happen to women who have had caesareans as well. We all experience the weight of a growing baby stretching our uterus and this can put pressure on our bladder and vagina. We all need to do our Kegel exercises regardless of how we delivered our babies.

B.A. on

“Normal” is a setting on a dryer!!!

sullyjo on

I love Amy Adams–she is clearly one of the most talented actresses out there and seems to be level-headed in her “real” life….

I don’t understand how we as women turn so quickly on each other. A pregnancy’s end result is a baby, no matter which way it came into the world. I think most women want (not all, most) a baby–isn’t that “normal”? Regardless of how the baby came into the world: au natural; with an epidural; c-section or even when you adopt–the end result is the same! why do we bash each other?

My daughter was also full-frank breech, tried a version in the hospital three wks before she was born to no avail–she had been head up pretty much the entire time (when she got bigger)–i had to have a c-section, they won’t let you go “naturally” due to liability AND concern for mother and child….the meds wore off slightly while they were putting my insides back in and i was in shock and couldn’t say anything….but regardless, I would do it all again in a heartbeat bc i have my 2 1/2 yr old daughter…someone posted something about not holding your baby first (yes, my husband did but i held her for 9 months) and not breastfeeding right after? i did that as soon as they brought her to me and did successfully for a full year!

We shouldn’t judge each other’s birthstories. The above was mine and to me, it was “normal”.

Whitney on

It’s really nice to see a woman (celebrity or otherwise) cut herself some slack when it comes to losing the baby weight. I’m a 24 year-old new mom who has struggled with image issues since my son was born. It’s been a hard road getting my healthy and toned body back. Many times I tried to cut corners and damage my health by not eating enough or at all. Reading about a beautiful woman admitting that she’s not afraid to embrace a woman’s body really speaks to me. Thank you for posting this article! Congratulations to Amy and her new little family:)

Jen on

You can tell what posts are from mothers. They get so defensive when they shouldnt. Just be happy for people who have a healthy baby. Isnt that all that matters?

Ziggy on

Stop picking the woman’s words apart….and read the article for the overall story. Stop assuming there is an underlying reason for her saying “normal” Good lord…

Sunny on

A c-section is not a normal birth.

Anonymous on

I love Amy’s comment about not being here to look good in a bathing suit! And just to join in a little on the vaginal vs. c-section delivery method. I think that if you can deliver vaginally good for you, but you shouldn’t be anti-c-section because of that. I was delivered via c-section. If they hadn’t done it, I would’ve died in my mom’s birth canal because she never dilated (and I mean, never. I was 15 days late). I think that women should do whatever is best for them – as long as both she and baby make it out in good health, all is well.

Chyna on

I think Amy Adams has a good attitude. I don’t understand why women who had vaginal births think they are so much better than C-section moms. Granted, I gave birth to my daughter vaginally and it was a wonderful experience. My mom, though, had me via C-section because both of us would have died if she didn’t. My sister, too, couldn’t give birth vaginally. All that matters is a baby enters the world.

Deb13 on

I worked as a labor and delivery room nurse for many years. When C-sections are necessary, they are great. But many people forget that a C-section is major surgery and does present a higher risk to both mom and baby. These risks have to be weighed against whatever the presenting problem is with continuing on with a vaginal birth. As noted before all mammals were biologically made to deliver vaginally. One example is that the action of the baby coming through the birth canal squeezes out the fluid in their lungs so they can breathe right after birth. The “urge to push” helps mom accomplish this. Again, at times C-sections are necessary. My personal feeling is people now days take this way too lightly and often use it for convenience sake. FYI, my grandchildren were born via C-section a they both were much too large to safely deliver vaginally.

Puffin on

I thought it was a very insightful article about an actress whose career and attitude I admire.

To those who are picking her words apart – this is a celebrity website. Her comments were not meant to start a debate about what terminology to use, etc. Perhaps you should save your energy for articles and debates which are made on a serious platform. Attacking a new mother’s comments (which were probably made off the top of her head in response to a question) makes you look spiteful and lacking in good sense.

HT on

I just want to send a big F-U to Mira for her insenstive and ignorant comments. There’s no such thing as a normal birth – every single birth is unique and as long as a healthy baby is the result, they are all EQUALLY special. Shame on you Mira. I didn’t choose to have my child via c-section. I grieved at the thought of it. But it ended up being the most beautiful experience of my life and EVERYTHING but “normal”.

sally on

Good for her. I felt similarly about pregnancy; it really put everything in perspective. I am healthy, and my body was able to create and nourish a child. How can I feel hateful toward something that gave me to of the greatest gifts in my life? How I look in a swimsuit is pretty unimportant compared to what my body is really meant for.

Sindy on

Does anyone else notice that no matter what the topic, some moron has to make a mountain out of a mole hill, start fighting over something stupid and then it sets off the rest of the morons to fight over nothing? People are just hateful, awful creatures.

The point is and was, congrats Amy for having a beautiful child however she came out and kudos to you for staying grounded, this article was about HER and nobody cares or is connected to any other one of you people writing in here standing on your soap box about how you had your children ok, so don’t bother writing about your birth experience and quit fighting about normal or c-section it is very grade school and stupid, grow up!

bluedolly25 on

one of the fancinate moments of my life is when I had my baby. I have three kids. Each time is wonderful. Take my advice the blissful period during and after giving birth and new mom expereince fades. The theere just noise and grief. Don’t wait getting your figure back .The beauty of being a woman is that You can enjoy it all!!

T on

Amy Adams didn’t say NORMAL she said NATURAL. Before everyone gets all huffy about something actually take the time to read the article. Natural means vaginally without drugs. Blessedwithboys used the word normal. I think people bitch just to bitch.

HT on

The “normal” arguments are stemming from the very first comment left by blessedwithboys – and not in reference to anything Amy said herself. And to Sindy – I don’t see any difference between your comment and what you’re critizing the rest of us on. There’s nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion. Calling everyone morons because of it is rather “grade school” in itself.

Kristi on

Good for you, Amy! Thanks for being such a positive role model, both in birthing choices and postpartum attitudes towards body!

Kristi on

OK, and I can’t help it, but, no c-sections are not “normal”. They are also not bad when medically necessary. “Normal” is the way God (or nature, if that’s how you feel) intended it. C-sections are not the way babies are meant to be born, but they can be an excellent medical tool that saves lives. (Yes, I believe they are too common in the US, but that’s not the point here.)

rhiyaya on

poppykai – I just wanted to address something you mentioned. While hemorrhaging is a VERY scary thing, you wouldn’t have died just because you’d been at home. Midwives carry injectible drugs for just such occasions. It’s pretty common, and can be dealt with. I’m all for people delivering however they feel is best, but the “I would have died” stories are so frequently not true. It doesn’t make them less scary for you, but making it seem like being at the hospital is all that prevented death isn’t very fair.

Nina on

I love Amy and kudos to her and her refreshing attitude.But DEAR GOD,some of you moms on this site are certified nut jobs.Everyone has a different idea of what normal looks like.Having my baby vaginally and breast feeding her was for me the normal thing to do.My sister had a C-section and couldn’t breastfeed.It wasn’t what she had hoped for .However She simply embraced her situation.She didn’t need validation from you clowns.

Sarah on

Reason #274 to like Amy Adams! πŸ˜€

Barbara W on

A Cesarean birth is not a natural delivery it’s a surgical procedure…That said it does not mean delivering that way diminishes the woman as a mother, in most cases it’s indicated to save the life of either the child and/or mother.

Natural is non complicated vaginal delivery.

fuzibuni on

Sorry if this is off topic… but most of the time breech babies CAN be delivered without c-section. Midwives have practiced techniques for birthing breech babies that most doctors are never taught.

In the United States most hospitals require breech c-sections. However in Canada, the National Society of OBGYNs just reversed it’s stance on breech births and now says that c-sections should NOT be the routine way of delivery.

The maternal death rate in the US has doubled in the last two decades. As of 2010, 33% of births are c-section which is up from 4.5% in 1996. The World Health Organization recommends rates of 4-15% maximum. Anything more than this and the death rates outnumber the amount prevented by c-section.

Also, keep in mind that hemorrhaging after birth is most often set off by a hospital attendant who is trying to dislodge your placenta too aggressively or too soon.

In case of a true, life-threatening postpartum hemorrhage, midwives use pretty much the same techniques as in the hospital – compressing the uterus and administering Pitocin.

In the very rare event of a bleeding disorder which will not respond to normal management, a midwife can manually compress the uterus between two hands while they transport the mother to the hospital for surgery or administration of blood products.

In California, licensed midwives are IV certified so that they can administer IV fluids to prevent or treat shock while waiting for the ambulance.

Just some things to think about…

Jess on


well if i had delivered my son at home i would have died because he was a week late, they had to induce and when my water broke, i couldn’t pee no matter what i did…so the fluid backed up into my lungs and i crashed after my son was born… yup i would have died…my dad is a doctor and has delivered babies and even he said i could have died if i wasn’t in a hospital. so for the second baby i had a c-section because i didn’t want to go through that again.
it’s all about what a woman is comfortable with, be it at home, in a hospital, having a c-section, using the epidural, or going all natural….all of which i consider normal. but each person is entitled to their own opinions!!! this is a free country is it not

every situation is different and i applaud amy adams for doing it the way she did…congrats amy and good luck with your daughter

EricaG on

Ah, nice. Thanks, Amy Adams, for an example of healthy body image.

In the lingo of the midwife/natural birth world, the word “normal” is used to mean that the mom’s body is allowed to do what it was designed to do without unneccessary medical intervention. The term is not meant to belittle the other ways that women deliver babies.

K on

We need more role models like Amy adams. I think it would make a lot of us moms a lot less crazy. πŸ˜‰