Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Are Having Twins!

12/16/2010 at 09:45 AM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

Ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon confirmed their pregnancy news, the world has been wondering: Is it a boy or a girl? Maybe even multiples?

On Thursday, Cannon himself put rumors to rest on his radio show, telling listeners, “We are having twins.”

The two have been cautious about revealing too many details since they’ve had a “long journey” to parenthood, which included a miscarriage in 2008. But when President Barack Obama happened to ask about their babies-to-be, Carey, 41, just couldn’t keep a secret.

While performing at TNT’s Christmas in Washington 2010 on Sunday, Carey ran into President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama backstage. “They, ironically enough, questioned my wife about, you know, ‘So, what are you having, are you having twins?’ ” Cannon, 30, said Thursday morning on his 92.3 Rollin’ With Nick Cannon radio show.

“And at this point she hadn’t told anybody anything because doctors advised us to keep it to ourselves until we get further along,” he said. “And because of the excitement, because of the emotion, she was overwhelmed [and] she shared with the President and First Lady that we are having twins.”

Carey and Cannon have not revealed her due date.

— Kate Hogan

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Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Mariah and Nick! I hope she has 2 healthy babies with an easy delivery. I’m so happy for Mariah I know that she has been wanting a family for a while 🙂

Bancie1031 on

Oh and I just love the way that Mariah has just GLOWED in the pictures of her recently!! She is just breathtakingly beautiful!

Terri on

Congratulations to them!

dlock on

I think this is amazing news. They are truly blessed, a double blessing…after a miscarriage, this just has to be so exciting for them. May God bless them on their journey…:-)

Cynthia on

I’m so very happy for the both. I use to sit and just watch my now (10 year old) boy/girl twins sleep as babies. I kept them together is the same crib until they needed their own space, and to watch them snuggle under each other brought me such joy.

klutzy_girl on

Yay, congratulations to them! I figured they were.

And I love that they told the Obamas. That’s pretty awesome!

Sarah S. on

How wonderful!! All my best wishes to them!

Corrie on

Wonderful! I don’t particularly think anyone is surprised, but this is great news to hear. 🙂

Anonymous on

You go gurl dats what I’ talikng bout

Lacey on

Awesome news! Congratulations!

Mom Of Twins on

Sit back and enjoy this moment, it goes quickly.

Rose on

I’m finding their claims that they were trying to keep things quiet because of the miscarriage a little disingenuous in light of all the hints they’ve been dropping. People who truly want to keep things quiet do not behave the way these two have. They’re just trying to get as much attention from the media out of this as they possible can.

blessedwithboys on

Mariah pregnant, with twins no less?! Bring on the c-tuck!

Lady on

Oh hush Rose…they get enough attention as it is…they didn’t want to say anything until she was further along, who cares!

Anyways, soooooo very happy for them…best wished on a continued healthy pregnancy, cant wait to see what they have & name the babies!! Congrats Mariah & Nick!!

ariana on

now i’m nervous too, she shouldn’t have said anything! i’ll be praying to my superstitous self!

Shannon on

I had a feeling she may be having twins. She looks like she’s about 7 months even though she’s probably 5? Did they do IVF? I don’t know if they’ve said or not.

ll65 on

Congratulations to the couple.

brannon on

… or they could just be excited new parents Rose! My goodness, one thing to keep a secret .. another to keep quiet when journalists, reporters and paps are tracking your every move! I’m sure they decided to just get it over with and tell everyone so they can stop walking on eggshells! Congrats for them. Pregnancy suits her beautifully!

Pamela on

I LOOOOVE these two together! So happy for them-their children will be beautiful! Out of all celebrity mama’s, Mariah’s the only one I really hope gets a little girl!!!! I could just imagine Mariah dressing her up-too cute! Either way, the children will be blessed!

Mira on

OMG, of course, only the president is important enough to hear about Mariah’s precious bundles of joy. The rest of the world has to wait and wonder. Maybe Mariah and Nick will be extra generous and will release some truly unbelievably amazing information, like the names they chose for the kids, or maybe their sex, as a Christmas present to the entire world of undying Mariah fans. OMG, some day people will be saying: “where were you when you heard Mariah gave birth?”

Tess on

Rose – I agree. And Mariah already mentioned twins when she referred to her babies as “they.”

mdmor on

What a blessing! I’m so happy for them. That is so exciting after such a long journey. Big hugs to them both.

JMO on

No surprise. It’s like nobody can have just one baby anymore it has to be twins!! I’m waiting for the first set of triplets born to celebrities LOL – they all have to one up each other 😉

Amanda on

Oh quit the sarcasm. I’m sorry but if I were keeping the gender of my baby a secret or the number of babies and someone like the president were to come up to me and ask I have to say I’d probably let the info slip too. And they are allowed to keep whatever they want to themselves.

I am happy for them, not surprised by the news but I think it’s great. I am sure those babies will be very loved!

I wonder if they’ll have boy/girl twins. Seems like most of the Hollywood twins are same gender twins (I can only think of two sets of boy/girl off the top of my head) Given her age and previous pregnancy history I am assuming they are fraternal, so anything is possible!

Cynthia on

@ Rose, you thought they were just trying to get attention? WOW, you fell for it. Your read the article and posted your comment.

elizabeth on

I knew it!!! Now wondering when the due date is?

B.J. on

My day has been made!! SO happy for Mimi!!

Toya L. on

Congratulations to them, I can’t wait to see their babies. I’m glad they CHOSE to release details about THEIR pregnancy; had it been me, I would have kept saying no comment to the question was I pregnant, even at the size she is now.

Rose on

@Cynthia: I can see that you believe that you’ve just left a very clever remark. But no. The reason I believe that Mariah and Nick are using this to get attention is to further their careers, and since I don’t buy Mariah’s music or listen to Nick’s radio show, I’m not “falling for it” as you call it. I’m not egotistical enough to believe that Nick or Mariah read or care what I have to say on this site. I think all they care about is how the attention translates into money and career advancement.

Sydney on

I’m with Rose. Their PR has told them what hints to drop along the way to maximise publicity as interest wanes.

Jennifer on

yay for them! I am so excited for them! What wonderful news!

Meredith on

Yeah sorry. They are dropping the info bit by bit to keep themselves in the news. Once the twins excitement calms down then they’ll announce the sex of the babies. Media hounds.

And I am sure they will never admit she had invitro either. I am tired of all these celebrities “miraculously” having twins when it is obvious they have had invitro. Stand up and at least admit it, and be an inspiration to others struggling with fertility.

momof boys on

I always thought her new album ‘Merry Christmas II you’ was an imply of ‘two’. Congrats to them both.

Danielle on

I love how everyone assums IVF or fertility treatment with twins. I had spontaneous twins (idenitcal girls) at 38 and to this day people still ask if I did fertility treatments.

I was wondering given how big she was looking even now. With my twins I measured a full 40 weeks at 25 weeks gestation. She was looking 2-3 months bigger.

I can understand why they keep somethings a secret…..I would hate my life to be under a microscope.

Congrats you two!!! It is a double blessing….,y advice get some help at night so you can sleep. Feeding two babies ever y2-3 hours all I can say is WOW!!!

fuzibuni on

congrats and good luck!

but just cuz you told the president doesn’t mean you need to tell all of us.

Tracy on

Yay! I’m excited for them.

Lauren on

yay!! how exciting! congrats to them both! they will be awesome parents to their twins 🙂

crg on

Most of the twins I knew are IVF, but what’s interesting is that the older a woman gets, the more chance she has of getting pregnant with fraternal twins- releasing two eggs- and it is also older women that rely more on IVF, so older women tend to have more twins than the younger set, however it happens.

AE on

B/G twins named Niriah & Mick?

Lola on

This is not all that surprising – she’s been looking quite large.

Paige on

Wonderful news. Congratulations and best wishes to them. I love Nick and Mariah. Hope they have two healthy babies

Lily on

Obviously IVF or fertility drugs, so many celebrities have twins these days – I highly doubt it’s random or a coincidence. I had identical twins at 26, people always ask if they were IVF, but come on, they are identical! If it were IVF I would have said so in the beginning – it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Kate on

The reason why people assume she used ART (which there is nothing wrong with BTW, I got pg w/IVF) is that she’s older, and has a history of pg loss, and twins occur spontaneously in ~1% of pregnancies. But will she admit to it and help the IF cause, I wouldn’t count on it…

Toya L. on

Maybe celebs need to tell if they had ivf and the position(s) they used, (that may make a difference). They should also tell how long it took to conceive, how many pregnancies they’ve lost, how often they had sex in order to conceive, where they had sex at, were they virgins and while they’re at it; disclose some of their medical history like: how many sex partners they’ve had, ever gotten someone/been pregnant before, any abortions, low sperm count, fibroids, cysts, problems ovulating, endometriosis, injuries to the testicles, old STD’s etc…. just like regular 9 to 5er’s do to inspire people.

B.J. on

B/G twins named Niriah & Mick? – AE

LOL! I’m hoping for Mario and Mimi 😉

Abbe on

What is it anyone’s dang business how these babies were conceived? Even if it WAS IVF oe fertility treatments, why is there such a negative association? I wish Marian and Nick all the best. Mariah is gorgeous and she will make a wonderful mother. How dare anyone judge how they got pregnant.

Becky on

Congrats to them..As for not wanting to blab about the pregnancy after having a miscarriage, I don’t blame them..My neice miscarried twice within 8 months, then didn’t tell anyone in our family (except her Mom) when she was pregnant with her first baby..Said she didn’t want to jinx it..As for everyone saying people have twins mostly thru IVF, we have 4 sets of twins in my family..None from IVF treatments..

J on

I’m with Rose, Mira and a few others.

Maddie on

I mean no disrespect to Mariah, but I knew she looked too big to be carrying a singleton… either that or she was further along than we thought – my suspicions were confirmed in that last photo of her in the red dress…
Yay, twins!!! and i thought i was excited when I heard she was pregnant – but news of twins has just made my morning! Sooo thrilled for Nick & Mariah!

tink1217 on

Congrats to them!!!! Enough with all the sarcasm!! These are REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS!!! Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean we are all ENTITLED to know everything about them. I highly doubt they would “use” their unborn children to gain publicity. After having 15 miscarriages myself I totally understand their thinking..if I were to ever get pregnant again I would probably hesitate telling ANYONE…even my own family…for at least 4 months.

Lots of luck and many blessings to Nick and Mariah!!

Annie on

I’m very happy for them. Wish I were having twins. I wish them lots of health and I think the story about the President asking is funny. It’s a secret but I’d have to tell the President right?! LOL.

aurora mia on

You know somewhere, JLo is lookin’ to up her game 🙂

Demetria on


ELO on

Congrats to them! They are going to be little cuties!

My friend and I keep talking about baby names and whether they’ll take the “normal” route or go outside the box. I think they’re going to be traditional lines, anybody else have an opinion?

Dana on

I don’t know why but I knew it! Wish them all the best!

Allison J on

Awesome news! I was one of the people who totally DIDN’T believe they were having twins…looks like I was wrong!

So happy for them – a double blessing!

Carrie Jo on

I imagine that even when you think you should keep things quiet, it’s really hard when you’re excited. I don’t think the hints were to get attention. I think they were just bursting with excitement over their good news.

Jill on

Wasn’t there a time, like in the 50’s/60’s, when celebrities/actors used to keep pregnancies more undercover? Perhaps it was because women actors felt that a pregnancy would hinder their careers. Seems like a LOT has changed since then. At any rate, I wonder why there now seems to be such an obsession with celebrity pregnancies? Just curious…

Deb on

This is BIZARRE and I am going to sound like SUCH a freak but back when Mariah and Nick got married I had a dream that I nannied for them and that they had twins! It was actually more like a nightmare because the twins were really bad and the dream was just chaotic but I think it’s sooooooooooooo weird that I had a dream about being a nanny to their twins before she was even preggo! Sooooooooooo weird! I swear, when she announced her pregnancy I was like, “If it’s boy/girl twins I am psychic!” haha!

Meghan on

OK, all of the negative comments are really unnecessary. This is very exciting for them! They can finally have the family they have been wanting. And who cares if they did IVF or not? It’s none of our business. Twins are more likely as you get older. And to whoever said that celebrities are trying to one up each other and everybody has to have twins, that’s ridiculous. People do not plan to have a certain amount of babies at a time and trying to be better than another celebrity is not in their minds at all.

Let’s just be happy for this couple on their double blessings! Good luck! 🙂

Hi on

Um, I think that Mariah has already said she used fertility treatments. I seem to remember reading somewhere that she was using treatments and it wasn’t working, so then she talked to Celine Dion. Then Celine recommened accupuncture (which supposedly helped her concieve her twins) and Mariah tried it and got pregnant right away.

Rose- So what if they are publicity hounds? I know that Nick Cannon is, if we’re judging by the way he hosts America’s Got Talent (and you can bet that these babies will be featured on that show). I think that since they’re both sweet, likeable people they deserve the publicity.

JMO- Ed from Extreme Makeover Home Edition has triplets, and Celine Dion was pregnant with triplets but she miscarried one. Not to sound rude, I’m just saying.

fuzibuni- Knowing the president, he probably would have told all of us anyway, and Mariah and Nick just wanted to do it personally. [:

Bancie1031 on

crg – you have that backwards …. the younger you are the more likely you are for having twins because you’re more fertile. The older you get the more trouble you have of getting pregnant …. if you ever watch the Television show “I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT” on TLC they do trivia like this all the time 🙂

Amanda on

She doesn’t have it backwards Bancie- yes it is harder to get pregnant as you get older but you are more likely to have twins if you do get pregnant when you are older. Advanced maternal age is often sited as an increase in the ‘risk’ of having twins along with family history and race (african americans are also more likely to have twins, and we shouldn’t forget that Mariah also falls into that category despite looking caucasion)

Jules on

Congratulation and Welcome to the Twins club!!

My twins babies are 1 years old, and they are fraternal twin (one boy & one girl) also via IVF ICSI… and they are full term babies…

Rest Well and Take Care….

Shannon on

I knew it! 🙂

gagirl on

Amanda, she does not look white. I think we can all see that. In case you all missed it (which you obviously did) they already addressed the IVF question in their Extra interview. They clearly said they didn’t do it but that she had been taking a fertility drug that began with a “p”. Anyway, I could not be any happier for them. I am the biggest Mariah fan. Those babies are going to be gorgeous! I really hope they get a boy & girl.

JMO on

B/G twins named Niriah & Mick? – AE

I think if one’s a boy she should name it after Eminem (Marshall)!! They could all write a song about it later 😀

Laura on

All these celebrities seem to be having twins. Must be something in the water… or the fertitilty drugs.

Drew Vitale on

I’d just like to say that Mariah and Nick said they conceived naturally, no IVF.

Tee on

Bancie, CRG is correct. It is far more common for an older woman to conceive twins naturally because they tend to release more than one egg at a time. I don’t doubt that the TLC show said otherwise but it’s incorrect.

I don’t know anything about this woman but I’m curious about something. Does anybody know why some people call her Mimi? Is it just a nickname or what?

CelebBabyLover on

Carrie Jo- Exactly! And really, they didn’t drop THAT many hints about having twins. The only one I can think of is when Mariah said “they” to refer to her bump, and that could very easily have been a slip that she may not have realized until afterwards. Not confirming or denying the twin rumor until now isn’t dropping hints IMO, either. It’s just not wanting to confirm, plain and simple.

Danielle and crg- I agree! I don’t get why people seem to think that EVERY celeb that has twins used IVF. Obviously several of them did, but there ARE probably some celebs out there that concieved twins naturally.

Amanda- Interesting you should say that. I was just think that it’s the exact oposite: most of the twins in Hollywood seem to be boy/girl. I hope they have twin girls, since that seems to be the rarest twin combo in Hollywood!

Hi- There are a few sports stars that have triplets, too (the announcements were featured on this site, some as main posts, as well as one or two in the Around the Web section). I can’t remember their names off the top of my head (I don’t really follow sports, and I wouldn’t have even known about the ones that had triplets had they not been mentioned here.), but I know there’s been two or three that have had triplets. I don’t get why people say that no celeb has had twins yet.

Maybe they’re referring to more “mainstream” celebs though.

Anyway, congrats to Mariah and Nick!

Nella on

I’m very happy for the two of them, I wish her a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. Now reading some of these comments made me laugh hahah, it was amusing. The nanny dream, the eminem name etc…Thanks for making me laugh 🙂

Sydney on

Bancie older women have an increased chance of conceiving twins as the eggs make a last bid for freedom as it were and the closer you are to menopause the more likely you are to release multiple eggs every month. The reason it’s harder to fall pregnant is that the quality of the eggs is much lower so while there is an increased chance of twins there is also increased chance of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities.

MiB on

Jill – in the 40’s and 50’s everybody hid their pregnancies, I think Lucy from I love Lucy was the first woman ever to be shown pregnant on television, besides, if you find it awkward to see pregnant women, you’re on the wrong site honey 😉

I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Tess on

Tee – She had an album called The Emancipation of Mimi. I assume it’s her nickname.

Tee on

Thanks, Tess! I figured it was just a nickname but I wasn’t sure if it was one she used or one that the public came up with.

cc on

My daughter had twin girls 2 years ago, the doctor said older women had a better chance of having twins. She was shocked when they told her it was 2 babies she laughed so hard they though she was going crazy but it was like “no way” this is happening to me. Those 2 little girls are so blessed and loved by everyone. Iam so happy for Nick and Mariah, they will make good parents.

ellie on

Congrats to Nick & Mariah on your babies it’s a true blessing a double blessing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo on

Not all twins are from ART but even if they are, who cares?!? Do you want people discussing your fertility. BTW, all babies are natural. If someone gets pregnant w/o fertility treatments, it is considered spontaneous, dont say “oh she got pregnant naturally” `
My twin girls are 2.5 years old and when I was pregnant I didnt measure ahead, which is why we had the shock of our lives at our first ultrasound at 20 weeks 😉

Sarah M. on

CelebBabyLover – Mark Maguire had triplet daughters in June of this year. Luis Jimenez, Chilean soccer player, had triplet daughters in June of this year. Ed Sanders, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, had triplet daughters in May 2007. Cowboy Troy had triplet boys in 2007. Rob Cohen had triplets in March 2008. Following is a link to others who have had triplets: While triplets are certainly not something you see every day, there are some. The ones in the link are older sets.

Anonymous on

im so happy for them bcuz i know that they have been wanting babies for a LONG time… what is the shocking thing is that they ar11 YEARS APART!!!!!;)

Truthful on

Mariah and Nick used IVF. Anyone who believes otherwise is just as foolish as that grin on Nick’s face. First of all the rash of Twins in Hollywood is ridiculous i.e. Jennifer Lopez, Marsha Cross, Angela Bassett, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Angela Bassett, Patrick Dempsey’s wife, Melissa Etherigde ex-pal, P-Diddy concubine Kim, Monique the comedienne, should I go on???? The one thing they all have in common is low self-esteem. Why lie and stress the point that your child was concieved naturally when they know they bought those eggs from a much younger women. At least Sarah Jessica Parker and Ceilene Dion had the courage to be honest and explain thier twins. And yes, they owe me an explanation. If I buy your crap and have supported your career, I deserve to know if you’re a liar or not.

Anonymous on

I am very happy for Mariah and Nick, but I find it very annoying that they are denying using fertility treatments. As someone who has been there and has twins myself, its pretty obvious considering she is over 40, talks about her struggle to get pregnant and is having twins. Why cant these celebs just ever admit when they arent perfect. Doing fertility is completely normal and fine, just annoying that they cant for 5 minutes act like they are real people! Anyway, besides that, I think its wonderful.

Samantha on

Yay! Congrats!

CeCe on

OMG who cares. Im happy for the parents to be. But since mariah is all about drama for the last decade, and asking desperately for attention, just let it be.I hope by her becoming a mom, she will act a little more mature and will let the drama slide…..Im hoping for the old mariah to return (pre-honey)

Mira on

Tell it like it is, Truthful.

Mia on

Congrats to them! I thought it could be 1 baby if she was due in the very late winter/early spring-like March, but I guess since it is Twins she is due in the mid/late spring like May.

Me on

IVF. I don’t know why she’s lying about it. Her babies were concieved in a petri dish, so what?

Kim on

I figured she was heavily pregnant; she has gained so much weight. She looks like she’s carrying more than twins; maybe multiple adults.

Ms. Johnson on

I wish them Health & Happiness… always

nichole on

truthful- I understand some of what u r saying because no famous person would be anything without there fans but they have to keep some of there life seperate, they have the right to privacy and i am sure they wan’t 2 keep there future children safe. Right there is the begining of a good mother. mimi is her nickname it has been 4 some time. I am happy for you mariah and nick and god bless you and your children. People/celebs don’t act the same in public as they do behind closed doors. They have the right to not have to explain how these babies were concieved, and it is none of our buisness. Now on the topic of the sudden intrest in celeb babies yes it is weird it kinda first started when tom and katie cruse had suri and did the pictorial as with Brad Pitt and Angelina. Before that they never took interest in there babies. If the couple are both famous it gives even more attinshion. congragulations mariah and nick hope your pregnetcy is nothing but smooth sailing take it easy and stay out of those high heels. nichole

nichole on

my last message was long i wan’t 2 say congratulations and hope and pray for a smooth sailing pregnetcy. Stay out of those high heels. just some advise from a mother of 2 stay home with your babies as long as posible they grow fast and when you do it on your own you tend to have a better bond with your children. No one needs to know anything unless u want to share it.

Sojourner Marable Grimmett on

Congratulations to the new parents!

KlassicGurl on


I understand your point but you are COMPLETELY incorrect in regards to Angela Bassett. Sarah Jessica Parker did the same thing that Angela did by finding a surrogate after multiple attempts to get pregnant had failed. Her story has been told publicly in every celeb magazine; not to mention, multiple interviews she has done, even appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” She has ALWAYS been truthful with her fans!!! Her TRUE fans know this.

Jill on

Truthful, You got it! All twins must be IVF. There is no way twins can be conceived any other way. I went to high school with 4 sets of twins. They must all be IVF, too…..

sheri on

Who cares how they got pregnant! It isn’t anyones business how it happened the point is they are pregnant. How tasteless would it be for any person to actually ask them during an interview…well did you have them the old fashion way or did you grow them in a petri dish?. No class and how tacky for anyone to suggest they should have disclosed that! It is not the publics right to know what is going on it the womans womb!

Anyway I am happy for them and they seem to be very in love. I wish them love, success and healthy babies in the new year!!!

Milosh on

She is going to get pretty big before this is over.

Nina on

I am so happy for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon i wish them the best of luck…..they will be wonderful parents!!! I’m wishing Mariah to have a easy delivery and labor and hoping that its less then 18 1/2 hours like mine was…..Mariah is such a powerful women with the miscarriage in 2008…..if it had been me I would probally still be depressed about it…..And as long as there babies are healthy thats all that matters i wouldn’t care if Mariah looked like a small hipo i would still listen to her music cause its relaxing to listen to……
So Mariah and Nick I was yall luck and a happy stressfree pregnancy…..Love ya’ll both my all my heart…..take care….
Love always

Jae on

I don’t know why certain people in this world just can’t be happy for other people(Cynthia). It is obvious that Nick and Mariah don not need to further their careers by “letting the world know about their babies.” Their careers are already established, and now, they will have the pleasure of welcoming two beautiful babies into the world.

Don’t hate, Congratulate instead.

Congratulations!! Nick and Mariah, much love to you both.

Jae on

@Cynthia, so sorry Cynthia, i directed my earlier comment at you but, i made a human error, it should have been directed towards ‘Rose” and those other hater’s.

Forgive me?

tommie on

Good luck and enjoy god’s gift, because they grow up so fast, deep down in my soul, I know you are having two girls.

Jan on

I am trilled to read the good news. Congratuations to both parents. I know Mariah will make a great mum. Blessings

ledor on

awwwww i wish them the best of luck in thier parent ‘hood’

stacy on

mariah i love you you and nick take care of yourselfs!!!

Taylor on

i hope mariah and nick have 2 healthy cuties and an easy delivery congrattts i’m excited for you and nick