Josh Turner Welcomes Son Crawford Marion

12/16/2010 at 06:45 PM ET
Peter Kramer/AP

My three sons!

Josh Turner and wife Jennifer are celebrating an early Christmas present — the birth of their third child, son Crawford Marion, on Monday evening, Dec. 13 in Nashville, the country star tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Weighing in at 6 lbs., 15 oz. and measuring 19 inches long, Marion — as the couple will be calling him — arrived at 8:52 p.m.

Although Jennifer wasn’t due until the holiday, the couple was prepared for an early arrival as their older sons Colby Lynch, 18 months, and Hampton Otis, 4, also came prior to their due dates.

“Jennifer and I are overjoyed at Marion’s arrival,” the “I Wouldn’t Be a Man” singer, 33, tells PEOPLE. “He’s a strong, handsome little boy with a resilient spirit. Thanks to all of our family, friends and fans for their thoughts and prayers.”

The family expansion caps a big year for multi-platinum artist Turner, who celebrated two No. 1 singles with “All Over Me” and “Why Don’t We Just Dance”, which also won Single of the Year at the recent American Country Awards in Las Vegas.

— Kay West

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Rose on

All I can think of when I hear the name Marion is the mom on Happy Days.

Alice on

I’m French so for me it’s a 100% girl name, but I can see how it sounds masculine enough… especially if it’s not a common name in the US he can afford to give it to a boy. Congrats!

Catherine on

Marion is a female name, I think, so it’s odd on a little boy. Poor guy is going to be teased mercilessly! They are going to call him “Maryanne!”

court on


Names4Real on

John Wayne’s birth name was Marion so it has some background as a male name. I’m not a fan of it for a boy or a girl though, but it is their choice.

tink1217 on

I would hope they would call him Crawford instead…I do believe the poor child will be teased being called Marion…it’s their decision, of course! I just know how cruel children can be. Congrats to them!! I bet he is a cutie.

Demetria on

I have a female friend named Marian. Everyone teased for having a name that sounded masculine. I too think Marion/Marian is a name for girls.

Crawford? Hmmm…I don’t really like it but its fine…..better than Pilot Inspecktor!

Erika on

I really don’t like the name. Marion is a girls name to me. But it’s their son and they can do what they want. I was hoping they would have a girl after 2 boys. But congratulations to them anyway! He was born on my birthday 🙂

Sonya on

Wonder why they’re calling him by his middle name? Does anyone know if the other boys go by their first or middle names?

I mean if they planed to call him Marion, Marion Crawford would make a good combo (I for one like Marion on a boy).

momof boys on

congrats, but the Marion part must be family tradition. I can’t imagine calling my son Marion.

Cici on

If girls can be Ryans, Michaels, Daniels, and Logans, then it’s time to start naming boys girl names. Marion is unisex but soon maybe we can have boy Jennifers, Heathers, Olivas, and Kaitlyns! I’m all for fairness.

Mina on

Do they call the other boys Lynch and Otis??

Demetria on

Cici- I feel sad for the boy that gets the name Heather. He is going to be teased a lot in school.

Sara on

Wow, I really do not like those names. I can’t imagine saying them everyday of my life.

Sam and Freya's mum on

For me it also conjured up an image of Richie’s mum from ‘Happy Days’! Not a fan of new son’s name at all, esp on a boy, but hey, if they like it, and it’s not the weirdest celebrity bub name out there by far, IMO…I prefer Hampton Otis out of their three sons’ names. Congrats to the new parents on son’s safe arrival.

Know what it’s like to have early arrivals. I’d heard before being preg 1st time about first babies often arriving late – not always the case of course! and my son (born 6 yrs ago) arrived nearly 7 weeks early & daughter (nearly 3 years ago now, new years day 2011) almost 2 wks early – ironic and a little joke in my family as I’m usually late for everything else!, but couldn’t control this so of course they would arrive early when mum didn’t have a say, LOL.

D on

I don’t understand why celebrities feel this incessant need, to give their children these odd names. This child has to live with this for the rest of his life. Crawford is okay, but to call him Marion, is just downright cruel!

Tricia on

Love the name Crawford. I had a baby boy in April of this year and Crawford is his middle name, we used it because it is my maiden name and always wanted to use it for a baby boy’s middle name. Can’t say I’m crazy about Marion however.

KylieMarie on

Being a hockey fan, I’m used to Marian Hossa, but I can’t see myself ever naming my kid that. Oh well. LOL.

Rose on

@Mina: As far as I know, no they don’t call the other boys by their middle names. In interviews they are always referred to by their first names.

Silly Mama on

It reminds me of Maid Marian from Robin Hood.

Tess on

Not a fan of any of those kids’ names, but at least they didn’t name them Pop Tart or something.

etsy on

My grandmother was a Marion. It think it was originally a man’s name…just like Tracy, Stacy, Leslie, Kim, Lindsay etc. all were men’s names. I do worry that he’ll be teased as I keep thinking of a little kind old lady when I hear ‘Marion’.

bex on

Uh, Marion was actually originally a boys name as well. I find it quite hilarious that everyone jumps on a name for a boy that “sounds feminine” but there are girl Hunter’s, Ryan, James, Hayden etc. thats ok, but if I were to call my son Paris (which was originally a boys name) I would be the horrible one, even though im educated enough to know its origins.

Here is a chart that actually shows Marion used as a male name in the US with some frequency.

Anonymous on

All three names are awful, not overly weird names, but still awful names.

Holiday on

Not liking Marion one bit. Too bad they didnt have a girl this time :*( I also know about early babies. My son was 3 weeks early and born on Thanksgiving day and my baby girl was a month early due to me having pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

ecl on

Marion is a traditionally male name and Marian is a traditionally female name

Julia A on

I wonder where they came up with the names. Could they have just read Cutting for Stone? The main (male) character of that book is called Marion. To me it’s still a girl name.

Holiday on

awwww how sad, I was hoping that they would have had a girl after 2 boys…. poor mama

jimmy on

I am happy for them think that they will be blessed. Sleep now

Tee on

Aw, another baby boy! Congratulations, Turner family!

fuzibuni on

I had to look twice because I thought it must be “Marlon” but no, apparently they really named their son Marion… and to be honest, I’m kind of impressed by it. It’s a nice sounding name, albeit rare for a boy. I think it’s a brave choice, in a “tossing gender bias to the wind” type of way, just hope the little guy doesn’t get any flack for it.

CelebBabyLover on

D- Maybe the name has special meaning to them? That being said, I actually don’t mind the name. Marion is techincally a unisex name. 🙂

Sarah on

Pink says she wants a son so she can name him Jameson and everyone says she should give that name to her daughter even if it is masculine. Yet when this man decides to call his son with a more feminine name, everyone attacks him saying how it’s a terrible name? That is SUPER fair guys, you all rock.

I actually love the name and sure he is a very handsome boy

Anna on

Maybe they named him after John Wayne, whose real name was Marion. It does sound a bit feminine to me but it’s a 100000x times better than the “unique” names that people are making up.

MiB on

Marion is actually a unisex name, but is usually used for women (at least nowadays). The english male form originates from Marian, which is derived from the latin name Marianus (meaning from the God Mars), which is quite a male connection. I wouldn’t name a son of mine that, but I wouldn’t tease a man or boy about it, or chastise their parents over it. But what do I know, I have known men named Sharon and Ashley, both originally male names that have been hijacked by women.

I wish them and their new bundle of joy all the best!

Red Flava on

Indeed, not the best name… 😛

Amy on

I work with a man in his 50s whose name is Marion. It isn’t common, but I could see it as more of a masculine name.

laraso on

I´m from Germany and Marion is a typical girls name here as well 🙂

I´m sure he is a beautiful healthy little boy, so the name is not that important, right? To them it means something or they just like the name.

Georgina on

Marion is a male name!!

I don’t get the calling the third baby by his second name though? Is that some sort of american thing?

On this side of the pond, its is a thing that the Scots and/or Irish do, to call the second son by his middle name, or to but his actual name as his second name, on his birth certificate.

And who said aw another boy? Boys are great, three boys is amazing. He won’t get beaten up at school, he has two big brothers, he’ll be able to hold his own before he can even walk!

Proud Mom on

They probably picked the name after the school he went to, Francis Marion University.

Kristen on

Sarah I don’t think that the name Marion is more female than male. I think that it is definitey unisex. But it just seems so old! Not old and cute the way Francis or Henry is old. Have you ever seen or heard of another baby named Marion at the park or in preschool? It is like the name Shirley- when was the last time you met a Shirley who was under 50 years old?

Mira on

I have to say all of his kids’ names sound strained to me. Like the parents are trying too hard to come up with hip names. I don’t like any of them. I associate Marion either with an old lady or with DC’s long-serving, drug-addicted mayor.

Funniest part is that all of his kids names are names of small liberal arts colleges– Colby and Hampton.

Congrats on the healthy baby, though, of course!

Judith on

What a cruel thing, to name a boy Marion. He will be getting in lots of fights. What about normal names for a boy?? Marion was John Wayne’s real name.. HE changed his name….

Kristin on

I don’t think it’s all that bad. At least it is spelled correctly and is easily pronounceable.

aurora mia on

Maybe it’s a family name. I work with a dear gentleman named, Beverly. No lie. Maybe it’s tradional family name. I agree with Mira. The names do sound a bit contrived. But certainly no Bronx Mowgli.

Sophie on

Wow, I don’t like that name at all. In my view it’s a typical girls’ name. But well, if people start giving boys’ names to girls (e.g. Riley, Dylan, James,…) it’s only normal to do it the other way around too I guess. I’m curious as to when a celebrity is going to name his or her son Mary or Elizabeth :p.

And I also don’t understand why people would give their son a certain first name and then call him by his second name. If you’re going to call your child Marion, then name him “Marion Crawford” and not the other way around. Maybe they just wanted to make it more difficult for their son later on.

Dee on

I grew up with guys named Jody, Brook, Shannon, Courtney, and Robin, (we were all born in the early 80’s) and as such I don’t see the problem with his name, or the fact that they will primarily use his middle name. They are not the first family to do it nor will they be the last and the world has not ended b/c people do it.

If people have such a problem and think it’s so emasculating then stop giving male names to girls and then calling them uni-sex.

Tavia on

Well I think that if they love those names great! And I don’t think they will care one way or another what anyone else thinks. I am not sure what the big deal is with Marion. Crawford is really cute for a boy.

brannon on

Again…ever so amused when adults use the excuse of how cruel children will be … they obviously learn it somewhere. Marion is a great name … it’s the one his parents chose for him.

Anna on

You know, John Wayne’s real name was Marion. Leslie used to be a man’s name too.

Terri on

Never heard of him before, but wow, what a gorgeous couple!

Kathleen on

I actually think Crawford is kind of cute. I don’t care for Marion for a boy, but I think it has special meaning for them. Francis Marion, aka Swamp Fox is a well known Revolutionary War hero from South Carolina. There is a college named after him in Florence, SC as someone mentioned as well as a nearby Marion, SC. Josh is a native of SC and grew up near Florence. He seems to be proud of his roots. He even mentioned Wade Hampton and the Swamp Fox in one of his songs. So those could be possible inspiratiosn for some of the names. But this is just my speculation.

Julie on

Marion Barber III, the Dallas Cowboy’s running back seemed to survive his childhood. So did Marián Gáborík who plays for the New York Rangers.

They can call their son whatever they want. At least it’s a legitimate name and not a random word from the dictionary.

Taylor on

Marion is originally a male name. As others have mentioned, it’s John Wayne’s given name and a hall of fame footballer player’s. Also Marian Hossa and Marian Gaborik are two hockey players playing for the Blackhawks and Rangers, respectively.

Either way, it’s their choice. Congratulations to the couple on three, beautiful little boys!

Tee on

Georgina, in the states it’s really just a personal preference. Some people call a child by their middle name, just like some people elect to use a nickname.

Macy on

Funny how people were defending Ryan as a girls name just a few days ago, now that parents decide to give Marion (originally a boys name bt nowadays given to girls for some stupid reason) suddenly its wrong. Gender biased much? And no, kids dont get into fights because of names, there are kids named David, John, Jacob, Chris, Richard, etc, that get bullied and teased everyday. Get a grip.

CelebBabyLover on

Dee- Actually those “boys” names used for girls ARE unisex, just like Marion is. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah- Pink didn’t say she wants a son so she can name him Jameson. Just that IF she has a son she’ll name him Jameson.

Jill on

Holiday…..”a www how sad….poor mama” bc they had three boys?!?!? How about lucky mama for being able to have 3 healthy babies. Many woman struggle with fertility and many have unhealthy babies. If anything, she is lucky or fortunate.

Jane on

Marion is male. It’s not female or even unisex. Calling a kid by their middle name is a southern thing. The first name is usually a family name so they go by their middle. They both sound like family names to me. There is an NHL player named Marian. His name hasn’t hurt him one bit. Marion isn’t popular for boys or girls in the U.S. so why would he be teased? I bet that most children have never heard the name. There are so many wretched names out there today. So many trendy, ridiculous “ayden” names. I love seeing older names like Marion being used. btw.. the French would add letters to fuller names as pet names/diminutives like Alice was spelled Alis they added the on and it became Alison. Allison is a male surname. Marion as a girl’s name was Mari(old spelling or Mary or Marie) with the on diminutive. A nickname. Marion as given name is 100% male.

Sam and Freya's mum on

Jill, ITA. Family friends lost their youngest/2nd boy a few mths ago, aged 13mths, after suffering for a long time. So tragic for all their family. I know they’d (obviously) give anything to have their little boy back growing up healthy and happy. I feel fortunate having one of each I admit (but certainly would’ve also been happy with another son), and get comments along those lines but the death of friends little boy puts things into perspective for us; just grateful to have two HEALTHY children. Who cares what the gender is, a healthy baby is what matters at the end of the day….

JM on

Jill, i agree, it’s so sad when people see having 3 boys as a bad thing. boys get such a bad rap. i’m sure mum is happy for having three little boys.

Holiday on

A healthy baby is the most important thing in the world, but every women I know who has had 2 or 3 boys and no girls has been pretty disapppinted about it. I just feel sort of bad for her that out of 3 kids not one was a girl. Oh well there are definitely worse things then 3 boys. I know kids are a blessing! I have a 5 year old son and 7 month old daughter and they are my world.

Angela on

Holiday, every woman you know who has two or three boys is likely an extremely small population compared to the world. It’s not fair to generalize the desires of all women based on your experience.

Jill on

Sam and freya’s mom, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friends child. Losing a child is the hardest thing and when you lose one or one close to you, it for sure puts things in perspective.

Holiday, my aunt has 3 boys and loves it. Says she doesn’t know what she would do if she had a girl. That is one example. I could name 5 other examples of where they only have boys and are not sad…..why? Because they are happy to have given life to healthy children and to have them at all. People should be grateful for what they have because you never know when it can be gone. Speak to a parent who has lost a child.

Meghan on

Way to buy into gender biases, people. Marion is a male name. As are Shirley, Vivian, Kim, Shannon and Leslie to name a few. Sometimes they fall out of favor with the passage of time, but that doesn’t change their origin. The only way they become female is when a bunch of alleged adults go,”Oooh that’s a pansy name. He’ll get his ass kicked on the playground!” Grow up, he’s not your kid.

FYI, John Wayne didn’t change his name, the studio sysytem of the era changed his name for him. Most actors had no say in the use or the selection of their stage names.

Becky on

I love all three of their boys’ names..As for her having three boys, what’s wrong with that? I have 5 sisters and two have three boys, one has three girls and the others are boy/girls..Don’t know that any of my sisters feels deprived of anything..Congrats to both parents and the brothers..

Kelly-Jean on

Calling a boy by its middle name is a Southern tradition. Usually, the child is a junior or a third or even sharing a first name with a living relative and the middle name is used to differentiation.

Lori on

Please rethink the Marion thing! Haven’t you ever heard “A Boy Named Sue”?

Emily on

He’s their baby. They can name him whatever they’d like. Besides, with a voice as deep as Josh’s, I’m sure this kid’s going to inherit some pretty masculine qualities.

cricket on

Josh & Jennifer have lovely names and they are a lovely couple but the suck at naming kids!

cricket on

“Calling a boy by its middle name is a Southern tradition” I’m from way down south and I know very few boys called by their middle names.

Marion on

I think they will regret calling their son Marion. Its my name and I get MaryAnn, Marijane,Marie, Mary, all of which I don’t mind, but a boy wouldn’t like it. Why do parents stick their kids with names they will be teased about. Life is hard enough. Even John Wayne changed his name to John. Crawford isn’t a great first name but better than Marion.

Elle on

Calling your child by their middle name is a Southern thing. My dad is from a family of 6 kids who all are called by their middle name.

I have heard Marion as a boy’s name several times, but once again, it is more common in the south. I too agree that Marian/Marianne is the female version.

With that said, I wouldn’t name my child any of the 3 names that he is chosen, but then again, he didn’t ask for my approval. 🙂

donna henry on

well my step dads name is last name is crawford and alot of people call him by his last name.. marion was john wayne’s birth name and i dont see any thing wrong with these name’s… it wasnt up to us to name this child.congrats josh and jen

Halee Rosser on

I am so happy for Josh and his wife. Congratulations to them both.

Bob on

Josh is from the Pee Dee section of South Carolina. This is the stomping ground of Revolutionary War hero, General Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox. He may have been paying honor to his son by naming him after the Swamp Fox. Just a thought.

Kristen on

For you non-Southerners or non-history buffs, his son is probably named after a very important historical Southern figure, Francis Marion. And there was nothing girly about him!

Kristen on

For all you non-Southerners or non-history buffs, Josh’s son is probably named after Francis Marion, an important Southern historical figure. Josh is from South Carolina, where Francis Marion was also from. I think it’s a gracious way to honor his roots.

Maddison on

I am the mother of four gorgeous sons and as much as it would have been nice to have had a girl, I would not swap my boys for all the girls in china ( a saying from where I come from so no offence meant )…boys are hard work to begin with with their endless bouts of energy but believe you me they soon change and calm down when they become teenagers as two of mine are now, and they love their mama so much and are fiercly protective of me especially since their father left after living a double life with a ‘ friend’…my close friend has four girls and she is feeling it now and has actually apologised to me as she use to say ‘ poor you, I am glad I have girls’ well now her girls are giving her a run for her money and mine are the opposite which wasn’t the case when they were all smaller, hers were good and mine were naughty, luckily we can laugh a little and she would still like one of my boys to marry one of her girls,so you see boys are not that bad !!

lisa on

Poor kid. I had a dr named Courtney once who had a hella of a time in school.Was teased badly. I never did understand why people named their kids something but ended up calling them something else.William-billy or liam. Nathan-nate.Alexander-alex,etc.Just name them the shortened name if thats what your going to call them. Only time i think its cool is when theres someone else sharing that name is the family. But hey, whatever. Always their choice. Better than some of the stuff people are naming their kids now. Atleast you can pronounce&spell it. Didnt Sara jessica parker name one of her twins marion?

marion on

marion is the french version of maria, it is NOT a boys name….what were they thinking…????