Giuliana & Bill Rancic: ‘We’re Open’ to Any Method of Having Children

12/16/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Jeff Sciortino

It’s been a heartbreaking year for E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her Apprentice-winning husband Bill.

Despite a happy marriage, the couple was all but smiles when Giuliana suffered a miscarriage earlier this year — an experience viewers of the duo’s Style Network series, Giuliana & Bill, got to witness.

The TV personalities, however, maintain a positive outlook, insisting they will stop at nothing to have a child, regardless of how it happens.

“Whether we can have kids or not have kids, I think we’re open to everything,” Giuliana, 36, tells PEOPLE at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, on the set of her and Bill’s NIVEA video shoot.

“And whether we adopt or use a surrogate, or have our own natural child, I think at the end of the day, the most important thing is you have a baby, and it’s a baby you’re going to shower with love.”

Bill, 39, who also says “we have a lot of love to give,” commends his wife for going through a hard process with such strength.

“She was so stoic and brave, and she never complained about any of the shots or anything we had to go through,” Bill says. “This experience has given me a new perspective on my wife.”

The couple, who will spend a romantic New Years Eve in Times Square, are hosting a Nivea-sponsored contest to bring two long-distance couples together when the ball drops.

“We are constantly spending time apart for our careers,” Bill says. “So we know how much it means to make the time we have together special, and we want to help other long-distance couples do the same.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Jennifer on

I really like them. I sooo hope they are able to have a child. I feel positive for them….hopefully 2011 will bring a little one into their lives. I think they would make very loving and wonderful parents. I wish them the best!!!!

Maura on

I love these two. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to go through the heartbreak they are experiencing. I hope that the new year brings them a child and great joy.

Rachel on

I agree with Jennifer. This couple has really grown on me and I really like them alot. You see a lot of love between them and I wish them all the best. I relate to Guiliana because I struggled to have a child. Altough I did not do IVF, I am in a forum with women who have done IVF and all say that it takes a toll on your body. This last episode I cried along with her because I can see and feel her pain. I pray for the child they so want and deserve. It will happen for them, they need to stay strong for each other, stay positive and have faith.

Erin on

To begin – I fully understand it’s none of my business.

However, watching their show this season I just want them to have their baby – no matter how or by whom he/she is conceived. Everyone has their own path and their own level of tolerance for going through medical procedures, legal procedures, whatever. It has opened a window for me to actually watch them go through all of it. Usually you just hear about it and seeing it makes it all the more difficult.

So I wish for Bill and Giuliana a 2011 when their baby arrives and makes all that they’ve gone through merely a memory.

Kristina on

Being an IVF’er myself and having suffered a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy as well as a heterotopic pregnancy (all different pregnancy attempts), I know too well what they have been through. The medications take a toll on your body and the elation followed by disappointment really do a number on your psyche.

As a physician & most importantly, as a mom of 2 beautiful little girls (one is 3, the other 8 months), I want to encourage Giuliana & Bill to never give up on their dream of being parents. IVF often does not result in pregnancy the first time, so give yourself some time and then try again!!!

Like Giuliana, I too was a patient at FCI when my 2nd round of IVF resulted in a successful pregnancy. Due to my work schedule, I transferred my care to Northwestern’s REI group and got pregnant with my 2nd little girl. Miracles do happen…it may just take some time 🙂

Meghan on

I agree with everyone. They seem like really great people and I hope that they can have a little baby soon no matter what way it comes to them. They really deserve it. Everyone deserves to be a parent if they really want to and it can happen.

Stella Rios on

I love Guiliana and Bill–I think they are a really HOT couple. I’m sorry they are unable to have babies at this time–have they ever considered adopting a baby? I mean, they look like a GREAT loving couple that have a lot of love to offer a baby or a toddler. I think they should share their love and Adopt!! Spread the Love whether it’s
your baby or giving your heart to someone else’s baby that needs LOVE!!

Wishing you the BEST!! Cheers!

Maya on

I also agree. Keep it positive Giuliana and I truly believe you will have your baby. Truly.

elle on

Awww…Giuliana and Bill best wishes to you both on your journey.

Rose on

I’m not crazy about the term “natural child,” I makes it sound like children who were adopted are unnatural. I prefer the term biological child.

But other than that, I enjoyed this article!

Elaine on

I do love these two such a lovely, loving couple who would make GREAT parents, i suffered a misscarriage before i had my youngest/last daughter i think i was lucky to concieve nearly straight after but i do feel for people who want kids & cant have them & you have a lot of people who have kids & dont show them love or care about them, i really hope & wish that 2011 will be their year to have their long awaited, wanted baby, i will have everything crossed for them that it happens.xx

Michelle on

You two hang in there guys! my husband and I tried for 10 years and COULD NOT get pregnant for the life of us! I found a dr who help us do IUI and on the 4th time it worked. I was about to give up and he told me not to. I never thought I would ever in my life get pregnant. I am now 7 months pregnant with my first boy and couldn’t be happier! While I did IUI my husband and I would watch your show and love it by the way and we so know what you are dealing with then and now. Hang in there and never give up! It will happen when you least expect it. God Bless and good luck guys. Take care and remember NO STRESS!!!
Sincerly Michelle Ursua.
hug n kisses!

Connie on

To the Rancic’s – you will be loving parents no matter how it happens! Just remember to the make decisions that feel right to you and don’t let any judgements get in the way. My husband and I are parents of 2 beautiful children through adoption (our daughter was 3 days old and we got to be there when our son was born). The journey was long, emotionally hard, and the most rewarding thing to happen to us and we are so grateful to have these 2 wonderful people call us Mom and Dad. Our favorite song is “Thank God for Unaswered Prayers” because you have to have faith and the children who are meant to be yours will come your way no matter what path you take. Some children grow in their mommy’s tummy and others grow in their hearts!

Best of luck to you and best wishes to having your dreams come true in 2011.

erika on

hang in there guiliana and bill! i have lost three babies late in pregnancy, and it is heartbreaking and so hard to experience infertility first-hand. just want to send you hugs for a warm holiday and here’s to a beautiful baby for you both in 2011!

Cynthia on

I like their show. i hope they have a baby soon! they will make a good parents!

Jill on

Rose by natural, she means natural…..not through a surrogate or as you mention adoption. Both are mentioned by her above. You couldn’t say biologically bc she is referring to carrying her own naturally versus someone else carrying her child.

Donna on

Just love these two and their natural way of sharing their lives with us on their show. Rooting for you guys. Stay strong. You will make amazing, loving parents.

Angie on

As someone who has gone through IVF, I can tell you that it is hard and it takes a toll on your body. My husband and I’s first attempt at IVF didn’t result in a pregnancy and the day after I found out my sister was pregnant. I was devastated. The second IVF treatment resulted in a pregnancy but the dr said the HCG levels weren’t what they should be for a successful pregnancy. I put myself on bed rest and every couple of days had to go in for a blood test to see what my levels were. It was brutal! Finally I was told my levels were good for pregnancy. We went in at 4 weeks for an ultrasound and as I walked into the office I had an issue that made me believe I had lost the baby. I was put back on bed rest for a week. Nine months later we had a healthy 9 lb 7 oz baby boy. It was soooo worth it. Then we got a surprise just 7 months after the birth of our baby boy I found out I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. We now have 2 children: 18 month old boy and 5 month old baby girl. It took 5 long years. We are exhausted but happy! It can happen just don’t give up. Keep the faith and pray. We did alot of praying. The doctors told me that I probably would never get pregnant. Well…guess what…doctors don’t know everything.

laura on

I agree with Kristina, IVF normally doesn’t work the first time. I had to do 5 IUI’s and 2 IVF’s and a miscarriage to get my princess, and will be starting up again this coming year. Its hard and not fun at all but totally worth it in the end! Miracles happen!!! I hope this year is their lucky year and get a happy healthy baby (or two)!

gdfg on

Stella, did you read the article? It said they are willing to try everything, including adoption.

ERin on

So does this mean that she didnt get pregnant with the 2nd round of IV? My heart breaks for them. Being the mother of almost 4 i cant imagine what she is going through.

Tiff on

Best of luck to them…I think they are genuine and wonderful people…They will make terrific parents.

Grace on

I love this couple…they have a great relationship and are each other’s best friend…they are real in everything that they experience. I believe that they will be terriffic parents one day…whether to an adopted or natural child. I am rooting for these two!! I am wishing them and all of you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday season!!

Eileen on

I have watched their show and read their book. They are wonderful role models for making a marriage work. They would make superb patents! Keep trying and exploring options! Much luck!

yvonne michelle on

I too am going through this infertility issue. However i am 42, divorced and going through it alone. These two are so blessed to have one another. But honestly, with busy lives, it would be hard for anyone to concieve. I truly believe that they should use a surrogate and at least have one child that way, and take the stress of off the situation. More times than not, stress out of the way, they will eventually concieve on their own but at least the baby will be here. I truly pray for them and ALL of those trying to become parents.

lisa on

love both of them, they are good people. I wish them happiness and plenty children! ❤

aki on

i hope they have children because they well be perfict parents
jugjing from there realty show
all the luck guys

Amber on

13 ART cycles (9 IVF’s, 4 FET’s) and one beautiful healthy perfect baby boy. Every single shot and every single heartbreak was worth it. Being called “Mama” healed the hurt of 8 LONG years in a split second.
Don’t give up Bill & Giul’s!

Vashti Vaughn on

I love them and I love their show, I really hope that they have a child one day as planned. Guiliana have been through so much, that miscarriage have crushed her.

Allison on

I love this couple. They have so much love in their relationship it is a breath of fresh air to reality TV. I can only imagine the pain they must have felt with their miscarriage. Hang in there guys and don’t give up hope.
Happy Holidays

mdmor on

Absolutely! However your baby is meant to come to you they will. Stay strong and love each other.

Heather on

I have had IVF and went through 2 years of fertility treatments before hand, I can say I understand your pain and heartache. I did 2 years of treatments before IVF, then had 11 eggs retrieved. Only 1 egg fertilized and my husband and I only had once chance for a success as we only had enough money for one round of IVF. I can happily say after 2 years of treatments and a grueling IVF, I am now the Mother of a beautiful 8 year old daughter. Keep trying and keep your chin up! I thought after only having one possibility, that I would never be a parent. Lean on others who have had treatments and have Faith that it will all work out. You and Bill deserve the best! Good Luck!

Mira on

Wow, one thread without negativity. Amazing. These people must be really lovable (no sarcasm!). Good luck to them. They have some time still, so hopefully they’ll get their wish. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.

Adrienne on

I like this couple. I watch their show and hope they get a child. I wish they would just hurry up and get a surrogate or adopt. I feel like they have been wanting a child forever. When I want things, I get them.

Heather on

For those who face infertily, it is truly a relationship changing challenge and I commend this couple for their positive and loving outlook. My husband and I went through all the ups and downs of infertility procedures, but I think you have to go into it knowing your limits (financially, medically and emotionally). My husband and I didn’t have the money to endlessly pursue IVF. We had enough money (if we spent our entire life savings) to do three attempts. We went through it the first time without success and at the end, I was done (the drugs were really not good to me), but my husband wanted to try again. So, we did without success. I remember going on my nightly walk and really reflecting on what I wanted out of the process. We could only do it one more time and after all we had been through, my heart wasn’t quite ready to jump in again. Then, it hit me that I needed to decide what was important to me – to be pregnant or to be a parent. While I won’t pretend that I don’t feel I missed out on something because I didn’t carry a baby in my body, I have been more at peace with our decision to pursue domestic infant open adoption. So, no matter what these two decide to do to grow their family, I am sure the child will be loved and blessed. I wish them only the best.

Lisa L on

I love these 2 people, there show is terrific and they are both so down to earth! I wish them the nothing but success in there quest to have a baby! That would be a great start for the new year!!

Sloane on

My husband and I went through the whole infertility process and it is draining financially, mentally and physically. I am now the mother of a handsome, smart, enthusiatic son, whom we adopted in Russia. If you want to be parents that much, open your heart and home to an unwanted child. I couldn’t love my son more if I gave birth to him. He is my world and I truly believe we were meant to be together. Please strongly consider adoption. It is such an amazing experience. Good luck to you both.

Kathy on

IVF’er here. Successful low responder, high FSH on IVF #1 & #3 at ages 37 & 39. Then at age 43, successful on my own to my surprise to a healthy boy. I didn’t find the drugs or the shots to be toll takers on my body at all compared to perimenopause hormonal swings of today at age 46.

Anonymous on

I really don’t like it when people use the phrase “natural child” to describe a biological child. As an adoptive parent, I can say there is nothing unnatural about the relationship I have with my child.

Clara on

What’s wrong with being child-free. These two idiots “are constantly spending time apart for” their careers, like they’re really going to change for a baby.

jlschultz on

I love Bill and Giuliana. They will make wonderful parents. We chose adoption and could not have been happier! I was present at our second daughter’s birth. Both our children are amazing and we thank God every day that their birth parents made a difficult but well thought out choice. So many little ones who need a loving home. All you have to do is open your heart.

Tara on

I love how all these comments are positive and encouraging! They really seem like such a fun and loving couple. Their show is super fun to watch. I wish them the best of luck!

Michelle on

After several unsuccesful IVF treatments we turned to adoption. We have a beautiful 2 year old girl! There are many beautiful children in the United States that need a loveing family. I hope you will consider adoption!

God Bless!

nuttysquirrel72 on

My heart goes out to Giuliana and Bill. I’ve been a fan of both of them for a long time. Watching their struggles has left me with tears and a broken heart. They’ll be such amazing parents when they finally get to hold a new baby. I hope and pray right along with them. I wish them both the very best!

c. on

I agree..I really like them too and my heart broke for them and their loss, God will sure bless them very soon with a child I’m so confident.

Marina on

I am carrying my first child after 2 miscarriages and my heart goes out to them and I do wish them all the best. Whatever path they choose to take, I think that they will make wonderful parents. I am also in awe of the many women here who have been through the IUI and IVF Journey’s…thanks for sharing.

Shannon on

“And whether we adopt or use a surrogate, or have our own natural child, I think at the end of the day, the most important thing is you have a baby, and it’s a baby you’re going to shower with love.”

Great perspective. 🙂

Debbie on

I love Bill and Giuliana! They both seem so real and down-to-earth, and I wish them every happiness and pray that they become the parents that they so desire to be, and richly deserve to be!

Christine Cocorochio on

Bill and Giulianna are such amazing people. I watch there show and it just amazes me how much they compliment each other. Bill is the most positive person and so attentive to Giulianna. I love how he comforts her and never shows really how nervous he really is. Like when she went into the procedure and the camera panned on him,you could just see the worry all over his face. Also, she is such an amazing friend to throw her best friend a baby shower with a bright smile on her face. I just love the both of you and you are going to make any child you have so very happy. Good luck to you both and God bless! ❤ xoxo ❤

Amy on

My husband and I also have infertility struggles. After 4 years, we decided to do our first round of IVF/ICSI and were lucky to get pregnant with our daughter, who is now 18 months old. This was my first pregnancy ever and she was a healthy, beautiful, 5 lbs 2 oz little girl. We then got the shock of our lives this past spring when we discovered I was pregnant on our own and we now have a little boy who is 7 weeks old. I hope that they can be parents someday too!

Susan on

I just love these two and wish them the best. They are an inspiration to all couples and those of us struggling to have children. Would love to see more of them. Best of luck to G and B.

Liz on

I don’t understand why people go through such lengths to have their own child. There are literally millions of children in orphanages, desperate to have a healthy and stable home.Many will die for lack of basic needs. Many children in our own country are stuck in the foster care system and also need a stable home. Until they all have loving homes, this seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Rosemary on

I’m sorry Bill and Giuliana are having so much trouble conceiving. But instead of going the IVF method, in which embroys that don’t implant die, why don’t they adopt? What is with this attitude of “I want a child of my OWN”? An adopted child is NOT a second-class citizen. Gerald Ford was adopted. So was Dave Thomas. And Angelina Jolie adopted three children. Madonna adopted 2 (in her case, I think those children were stolen). Sandra Bullock’s boy is adopted. The son and daughter-in-law of one of my closest friends is adopted. If you love a child then who cares from whose womb it came? Bill & Giuliana — ADOPT.

Jill on

I too watch Giuliana & Bill and really enjoy the show. Even though they are in the world of show business, there is a REALNESS between them, and they are relatable, likeable people. Nobody can truly relate to the experience of having a miscarriage unless you’ve been there, I have, and it’s the most devastating heartbreak ever. Prayers and wishes to Giuliana and Bill that all their dreams come true with a bundle of joy in 2011…and to all the other couples who are trying to conceive!

anita on

My husband and i tried and kept failing, but i went to my doctor and she reccommended Folic Acid, she told me to take flintstone vitamins..and within a month i was pregnito…I wish them all the best

Kristin on

To the people commenting about adoption, are you not reading the article? It says they ARE open to adoption.

Natalie on

I love Giuliana and Bill! I watch their show every week and pray that they will have their baby soon! They’re such a great couple and deserve a baby so much. It will eventually happen for them one way or another. Good luck!

Danielle on

I am adopted and I adopted. It is one of the best experiences you can have in your life. An added bonus: It is cheap compared to IVF and, if you use a reputable adoption agency, you are guaranteed a child at the end. I’m with Rosemary. Bill & Giuliana- ADOPT

Beth Day on

Lots of love and prayers to you!
It is a journey for couples that have to go through this process…of not having a child ‘naturally’.
And NO ONE can understand unless they have been through it. It makes you have to spend a lot of time in your own brain and heart-felt feelings.
It will separate you and bring you closer.
It is ups and downs and highs and lows.
We are parents of an adopted child and we couldn’t be MORE BLESSED!!
Even though I was so mad at God for not allowing us to have a child…because I looked at every pregnant lady and family with anger!
God knew this child was perfect for us and His plan is always perfect and right!

You are not alone…

Jeannette on

I love them together. I think they are so cute. I not only have many friends who have gone through this, but have taken some of the meds myself, so I know its a very very hard and sad road. But I know that they will be successful and I wish them all the best in the new year.

gecko653 on

ADOPTION! So many unwanted little ones out there.

ann on

It is so nice to see a class act like Guiliana and Bill star on a reality show. Just seeing people who are successful, loving and stable is a breathe of fresh air. I wish them the best however their parenting journey plays out.

Summer819 on

I don’t watch their show, but I commend them for talking about their fertility issues. You don’t realize how common this is until you go through it yourself. It’s heartbreaking and although it doesn’t hurt any less to know others are going through it, it can be a great outlet for the emotions.

It’s wonderful that they are open to the many options in order to have a child.

bet on

I just read about a natural procedure called NaProTechnology practiced widely in North America..worth a try?

Pamela on

I went through seven years of infertility treatments in Boston, Mass. I went to the best hopitals there. While I was waiting I also signed up to be a Foster Parent. In June of 1999 I could no longer have the treatments. Suddenly in August on my tenth wedding anniversary a baby boy was born in NH. The state Foster care called me and said “We have a baby boy that has to leave the hospital and needs a home DO YOU WANT HIM?” They didn’t have to ask me twice. I NEEDED to go through those seven years of hell to be able to accept adopting a baby. They actually delivered him to my doorstep. The moment I saw him and held him it didn’t matter if he was biological or not. He was a baby in need of love and a family. Now he is an incredible 11 year old. I couldn’t have asked for any other child and he is MINE, maybe not by blood but in every other way. When you adopt you realize that blood doesn’t matter, what matters is who loves you. Anyone that loves my son immediately becomes family. Love is what it is all about.

Foster care offers entire families of children up for adoption. The adoption is free and they offer all kinds of help. There is a website called adoptuskids. It shows and tells you the children in need of a forever family. Just list what you would like and see who shows up. It might just be your child.

Mom2TwoBoyz on

I really feel for them. I have started watching their show and it is so heartbreaking the lengths they are having to go to try and have a child. I really respect both of of them and think they are good role models in the entertainment industry. I pray that they can find the answer they need and that God will bless them with a baby in whatever way necessary!

observation on

My heart goes out to them – I know firsthand the heartbreak of wanting a child & being unable to conceive. My own path led me to adoption, and I am blessed with a wonderful daughter, the greatest blessing of my life. I wish them well on their road to parenthood and believe they will be blessed with the child they are meant to have.

JJ on

I’ve always had a couple of issues with these two, based on their show:

1. she has said in interviews that her issue (i.e. the reason for IUI, then IVF) is “egg-factor.” So, technically, surrogacy wouldn’t help with that issue or change the results/outcome, but getting an egg-donor (and implanting the embryos in G) would. Something she has never mentioned as an option. If they’re going to be so public about all of this, they should be both considering an egg-donor, and also being public about that.

2. as someone who is ALSO going through IVF, infertility, and has had several miscarriages, I have a little trouble having sympathy for a couple who has tried IVF twice, and is talking about throwing in the towel. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and every fertility doctor out there will tell you it can take 3-4 times (AT LEAST) before you finally get your baby/babies.

3. her husband Bill, though very handsome, is not the most supportive spouse I’ve seen. Women going through IVF – and I’m one of them – need a good listener, and a deep thinker. Bill’s sports metaphors (“A quitter never wins,” etc) may work well in his business/speaking seminars, but they’re a little tacky when dealing with your wife’s deep, deep grief after a horrible loss like a miscarriage. MAN UP!

4. Finally, if she REALLY wants a baby, she’d gain more weight. 5 pounds was not enough, and if she isn’t nourished herself she CANNOT EXPECT TO NOURISH A BABY. She has been fairly open about how her job “requires” (??) her to wear sample sizes (i.e. 0 or 2) and I’m just not buying it. Trying to conceive is NO TIME for vanity (and a good preparation for the journey of parenthood, too). Check your vanity at the door. Thus, I wasn’t surprised to hear she was considering surrogacy….

Nikka on

She needs to gain some weight and she will get pregnant. Let’s see how much of a sacrifice she will make to adding some lb’s. She’s too vain,I say. Any bets?

Becky on

I don’t know if G&B or any of their reps read the comments, but if they do, please tell them to go see DR. RANDY MORRIS in Naperville, IL. He’s a GENIUS! He’s been featured on national morning talkshows for his breakthroughs in fertility medicine. He will give it to you straight–no BS–and his fertility methods do work. I’m proof of that–he managed to get my 41 year old shriveled up eggs to do something, and today I’m the very proud mother of a beautiful 1 year old son. He’s worth the trip!! Good luck!

Tracie on

After several tries of about every form of fertility help there is (drugs, shots, IUI, IVF), it looks like my husband and I are unable to conceive naturally, so I can totally relate to the heartbreak they’re going through. We are starting the process of looking into adoption b/c we feel that’s our path. Whatever path they choose, I wish them the best and hope they get the baby they’re dreaming for.

Shanna on

I commend them both on taking their infertility battle public. Having gone through 3 long years of infertility, multiple IVF cycles and eventually having a perfect baby boy, I know how hard it is for them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It’s so important for other women to understand that they are not alone and that getting pregnant isn’t always easy.

Thank you to G&B for sharing their story with us. I wish them all the best in their journey to become parents. It is all worth it and then some when you are blessed with your own child, however it happens…

Anna on

Best of luck to them and God Bless and 2011 will be there year. Love you two and you will be amazing parents!

Bear on

For all of you who simply say “adopt”, unless you have been through the painful struggle of infertility you have no idea how it feels. To have a dr tell you will never be able to carry a child of your own and is a very painful process that can’t simply be solved by adopting. While I think adoption is an amazing thing and will probably end up going that route myself it is not a simple fix to the feelings you have for not being able to carry a child of your own. If you are so concerned that there are so many children out there that need good homes then you to should “simply adopt” a child. I agree there are many children that need a loving home and how wonderful would it be to be able to that. But it’s just not that simple.

Terry Foose on

hello, again , I repeat myself to Giuliana & Bill —– It will happen for you — Dont give up — Keep Trying to conceive your own baby(ies) ——- I too, mis-carried and then the next time we conceived -we had twins —– TWO Beautiful daughters, Joanna & Aarikka —– and they are now 19 !!! We are so Blessed –and Giuliana & Bill —- You Two will also be blessed.
Take care, Terry

Cyn on

IT’s so wonderful to see that almost ALL of these comments are POSITIVE! 🙂 My prayers go out to you two, no matter what you decide to do, I wish you nothing but happiness!

ellen on

The older you get the harder it is but they seem like decent folks and I hope they adopt a child or get a surrogate sounds easier then all that IVF treatments. best of luck. There’s lot’s of babies out there that need parents just wish our gov’t didn’t make it so damn hard. Then you wouldn’t have to leave the country to get and love a baby that needs what many people can offer but all the red tape is even more stressing.

toni on


Have you read some anti adoption websites. Adoption is even controversey in the US. Many adult adoptees didn’t have a happy homelife. I believe in adoption, but don’t sugar coat it.

JJ on

I agree with the poster who said that them considering surrogacy seems a little off. I too have heard her talk about how it’s an egg issue with them…which wouldn’t be helped by surrogacy. Also, her obsession with her weight and “fab fit fun” site make me think that, ultimately, she wants the baby (or babies – she’s also been very public about wanting twins. I know they’re trendy, and all the rage right now, but why not wish for ONE healthy child and start there?) without the bodily price/toll it takes. We’re onto you, Giuliana!

Susan Wyatt on

I tried for 13 years to get pregnant. At some point my husband and I had to close that door and move on. God chose adoption for us. We were blessed with 2 beautiful children Hannah 27 and Grant 25 and as a result, Family Adoption Services was born. I thank God every day that I could not bear a child. Hundreds of children now have “forever families” because of our infertility. I wish Guiliana and Bill the best of luck in their heart’s desire. Being a parent does not mean you have to give birth to a child. In fact, I am holding a beautiful baby right now who soon will someone’s BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.

Susan Wyatt

Allie on

Clara there are parents that have careers and are able to manage having a family quite fine. So much for no negative comments

Cassie on

I understand the heartbreak they are going through. After getting pregnant at 24, I had a miscarriage. That was almost 7 years ago, and my husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 5 years, with no luck.
We are going to begin the In Vitro process in January. We are praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby in the coming year.

Debra on

Your struggle hits home for a lot of us. My ex and I tried to have our own child for 15 years, going through IVF, surgery to remove uterine fibroids and even accepting the generous offer of my sister to serve as a surrogate. We finally had the good sense to adopt a child who is the light of my life. My prayers are with you in your continued efforts.

Pennie on

Sorry…I have to go with the few negative comments on here. I am not saying they are bad people as I do not know them personally. I have watched the show a few times and when she was told to gain weight that she was to thin she had a fit over 5 or 10 pounds. What would she do if she really did get pregnant? And I also agree with the person who stated that he did not seem like the most supportive husband out there. Again, we do not see everything that goes on behind close doors, it could be an editing issue. I hope they do get their baby…just the weight thing irked me about her. I would think if they want a child so bad she would do EVERYTHING her doctor told her to do.

Lilly on

Hang in there, keep trying old style, my italian grams use to say… Wait for a full moon , Bill’s ass needs to face the moon
( the moon needs to shine on his ass) and you will have a wonderfull boy….LOL You know those Italians. Just hang in there never give up… Happy Holidays !

Pamela on

To Bear, I did go through 7 years of the hell of IVF and it didn’t work and I did “simply adopt” and from the United States.

Lucida on

Do Guilana and Bill want to be parents or do they want a BABY? If you want to be a mother, you become a mother anyway you can. If you want to have a baby, you will subject yourself to all kinds of drugs the legal drug dealers (pharmas) are pushing until you are physically ill or broke. I wish them the best with becoming parents; if truly becoming parents of a child is the end goal, not just having a baby.

Nan on

Why are they so obsessed with having a child???? Just adopt already, get over all the drama.

Wendy on

I have watched these two from day one…..not only is it heart wrenching to follow, the love between them is awesome! Keep the faith, it will happen one day.

Good luck

Catca on


First they are open to adoption.

Second, you do realize that more than half of embryos by natural conception never implant and die as well so frankly, that comment is a little hypocritical. Yes, many religions believe life begins at fertilization and that’s a moral issue/decision, but it’s also very different than your argument that these embryos aren’t implanting and therefore dying. It’s not easy to get pregnant.

Third, there is a shortage of babies to adopt in this world and that’s not exactly an easy route either. While a couple years ago you wouldn’t have to wait long to adopt, many couples are now waiting 5 or more years to adopt a baby.

This couple is going through a tough time and working their struggle. Support, not judgment, would be in order.

Jeanine on

If there was one thing that I could recommend to Giuliana….chill out from that job of yours. Stress has everything to do with not getting pregnant if you’re in any stressful job! You’re building a house…alot of stuff is going on in your life right now. A former co-worker of mine had two miscarriages and she was under alot of stress. She left and went to another job. She and her husband went on an island vacation and then she found out that she was pregnant. She now has two beautiful daughters.

CZY on

I 100% believe that a surrogate would be the way to go for them. We did it and it’s the most amazing thing I have ever done. It will still be your smile and Bill’s smile because they are coming from you. You’re just having someone else carrying them for you. You might not be able to carry a baby it happens. Plus you two can afford to do it. You should talk to someone that has done it and they will say the same thing. Time is ticking and if you end up having one on your own after going thru the surrogate way and having a healthly baby great you will just have a big italian family and I am sure your mama will be happy.

Nerdista on

All this money spent on IVF and there are kids all over the world who deserve homes. Sigh.

Laura on

I have to say I have been watching the show from the begining and I love the way Bill and Giuliana interact with each other. But I do feel that they need to realize it’s not being pregnant that makes you a parent. There are so many wonderful little ones out there that need homes and people to love them. Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have and giving birth doesn’t automaticaly make you one. Adoption is a wonderful thing and very rewarding as well.

JJ on

I’m a fertility doctor here in Los Angeles, and I’ve been following their journey through their TV show and interviews she’s given. I agree with some of the people who have a few questions about their situation…

If her eggs aren’t stellar, which she has been open about, then I’d recommend she get an egg donor or adopt. If her eggs aren’t great, that would explain (and could cause more) miscarriages.

I wouldn’t be recommending surrogacy for this couple. I think that’s a buzz word that a lot of couples get into their heads, but we typically only recommend it for a woman whose BODY cannot foster a pregnancy, for various reasons. In this case, it sounds like their embryos/eggs are the issue.

I also think she needs to gain at least another 10-15 pounds to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

But then, I’m not HER doctor.

Eileen on

I love the show, and have cried many a tear for you both. But you must go on with trying to have a baby no matter how that happens. I love how you are together, you put the meaning of romance back in view for everyone to see.

I think you both are the cutest couple I’ve seen in a very long time, and to treat your parents the way that you do is amazing, you should give lesson’s in that…

I wish for you both many happy memories and love and the blessings of little feet running acrossed your floor.

Thanks for making my day brighter and keep smiling!

Great Show!!!!!!!!!

natalia on

I like these people especially Bill…He’s half Croatian…Greetings from another Croatian..Good guy really!

jack on

just gain some weight!!!! do a little less traveling! and you will be good to go 🙂

mmp on

I’ve immensely enjoyed their reality show. Mr. and Mrs. Rancic are two wonderful people. I would like to tell them to keep the faith, be patient and don’t try too hard. Love each other more than ever and take life as it comes. They still have each other. IN BOCCA AL LUPO!!!

Gina on

My husband and I suffered from infertility, and after 6 months of treatment, we stopped and put it in God’s hands…Jan. 1994, I became pregnant with our 1st child. He was born healthy and is now 16 years old. I was greatful for God sending me our son, when his soul was ready to come into this world. He has been a blessing, and we also have an 11 year old who is a blessing as well. My heart goes out to Juliana and Bill, as I know 1st hand the struggle and heartache they are dealing with! But when YOUR child is ready to be born, weather it is through adoption, surrogate, or naturally, he or she will come into their lives!

April on

I did everything possible to have a baby, every procedure, drugs etc, finally at 40 and coming to terms it was not going to happen for me, I got pregnant, now I have a wonderful baby girl. I cried alot everytime I looked at the over 200 negative pregnancy test but, you know now I look at my baby and can say it was worth the wait cause she is exactly what I wanted, if one of the pregnancy test in the last 15 years came back positive she would not be the baby that I have now, so just take it in strive and now it will happen. God bless and so glad that this is coming out more in main stream America, it has been taboo in the past and it is important for us to know we are not alone!

rachel on







mom of 2 on

LOVE this couple!!! I wish them the best and hope they finally either have a baby, or adopt one!

steph on

I hope this article means maybe they are already pregnant. It seems like when a couple talk about trying to have a baby then in the next weeks we get confirmation that they were already pregnant. I know they have gone thru a lot.


Jessica on

Some of you are acting like it’s wrong of them to want their biological child, saying they should just skip it all and adopt. It’s not wrong to try everything possible to concieve and then look at adoption options. It seems that Giuliana really wants to carry their baby and there’s nothing wrong with that. They seem like such a loving couple I pray they get the outcome they long for.

rachel on




Diane on

I adore this couple and am hoping that they are able to experience all the joys of raising children, no matter how it happens! They will be wonderful parents as they have already started with a very loving and respectful relationship as their foundation! I send my good thoughts your way B&G!!

Di on

Maybe you aren’t getting pregnant and staying pregnant because your life is not conducive to having a child. Giuliana are you going to stop working so that you can raise this child, or are you going to had the baby over to a Nanny everyday? Bill, are you going to be around to raise this child, or are you going to be traveling all over the country? When you make a real commitment to be parents, then you’ll get pregnant. And Giuliana, it might mean you gaining a few pounds because you may be too thin to get preganant.

Terri on

There are so many wonderful ways to become a parents. So many options. But there choice of how to become a parent is very personal. I don’t think anyone should tell a couple how they should choose to become a parent.

Nathalie on

I feel so sorry for her and pray that she will one day soon have a bundle of joy to call her own. If she’s willing to come to Lafayette,LA I know a wonderful doctor that has the magic touch. His name is Dr. John Stoment and he’s with the Fertility & Women’s Health Center. He is the best in Lousiana and I’m pretty sure she would be low key in Louisiana. So pass it on to whom ever may be looking for a wonderful fertility physician. He’s had a success rate of over 1500 babies in the past 10 years.

Fertility & Women’s Health Center of Lousiana
Dr. John Storment
206 East Farrel Rd.
Lafayette, LA 70508

Sherly on

Its important that they love each other without the offspring.

– I would suggest, quitting their jobs,
moving to a very peaceful natural environment,
eating natural wholesome foods with an emphasis on fruit, vegetables
and fish. No alcohol, or nicotine.

egg donation is something that I believe is not moral
it would be better for them to adopt an orphan
if someone else has the baby for them through in vitro
they should make them part of the babies life
so that the baby knows who is their genetic mother.

Change their religion, become more spiritual

the truth is that peoples that are the most fertile

are the least materialistic and most spiritual
and usually not the wealthiest.

If you believe that conception has everything to do with God
thats the key.

Deborah on

Try gaining some weight and stop being so selfish if you want to be a mother

Stephanie on

My husband and I are also going through fertility struggles. We tried IUI and it failed the first time, which was devastating. Watching G and B really helped me through it. I have learned a lot from their show and hopefully we, along with Giuliana and Bill will be celebrating our first pregnancy soon! Good luck to you both!

Nina on

These two have really grown on me as well, and I know how heartbreaking it is to want a child and not be able to have one of your own. I don’t think I could have gone through what Giuliana did, and still come out with a positive attitude for the future. I wish them a child in 2011, and I know they will make spectacular parents. I am happy that they are open to adoption, because there are so many unwanted children in the world just waiting for a loving couple to make them part of their family. Giving love to a child doesn’t necessarily mean giving it only to a biological child. Love is love is love no matter what.

Tiffany on

3 IUIs, 3 IVFs, 2 miscarriages and 1 healthy boy for me (and after three years of that I’m so thankful for the one and cannot put myself through it again). It’s nice that they are discussing this openly. So many people are ashamed of infertility and it’s not something anyone can control. My issue was also “bad eggs”, which slowed me down but didn’t stop me. It is their option to go through all the treatments – her body, their money – so if they want a biological child all the best to them!

claire on

I watched E! last night and thought she looked pregnant.

Hope on

I understand what they are going through. My husband and I have been married for 5 plus years and have tried having our own child. The doctors told us it would be a miracle if it was to happen. We have turned to foster parenting. It is a challenging role but kids of every race and gender need good homes and role models. This has been fun and challenging but we have enjoyed it. A parent can love a child, regardless if it is their own biological one or not. Best wishes to the Rancic’s on their journey towards parenthood. 🙂

crystal on

I am now entering my 3rd surrogacy journey with an amazing couple. There is nothing more fulfilling then helping others becoming parents. I am the proud surro mamma to a 5 1/2 year old and 2 year old boys. I hope anyone who struggles with infertility will consider what I, as well as so many other women do to help that dream become a reality! My family and friends 100% support me and here’s hoping my embryonic transfer works on 1/22 for my lovely couple in London!! Good luck Bill and Guilana!! My heart goes out to you!!!!

Gina on

Having been through IVF myself, I cannot imagine the pain of miscarrying once successfully pregnant. Kudos to these two for their strength and best of luck in building their family!

Marcy on

I know some of you mentioned you did adopt, but to all those recommending adoption, I’d like to wonder how many of you are also going to adopt rather than having your own biological children? Fertility issues or not.

Best of luck to G & B w ith whatever option you decide!

Halley on

I really hope they have a baby, especially for her. The words “natural child” give me the heebie jeebies though. Are adopted kids and kids borth through surrogacy unnatural? I think “biological child” is a better way to say what she’s trying to say.

Suze on

I too had a heartbreaking miscarriage.(by the way, what an AWFUL word! It makes the mother feel like she did something wrong to mis-carry the baby!!!) I now have a beautiful daughter. Please don’t give up. As hurtful at the heartache was I look at it as a positive, because I wouldn’t now have THIS little girl who is PERFECT for us. I mourn the loss of the other baby but would have never known my daughter. Babies come to us in all ways and times. Any child would be lucky to have you as parent’s and I hope you find that “perfect love” soon!

tf5623 on

I love these two – they really seem very genuine and caring people – the show doesn’t feel scripted at all, hopefully it’s not. I only wish them the best and know in my heart they will eventually have their child, no matter the means. Our prayers are with you G&B!

Trai on

I think they should keep trying as long as it does not jeopardize Gilliana’s health overall. It seems that the IVF is really bad on her right now. My questions is, what’s the rush? Bill can have a baby until he’s 80 years old. And Gilliana has time. It may not seem so, but she has time. I wouldn’t rush this process. Relax it’ll happen naturally—believe me!

anonymous on

To all the people on here screaming “just adopt”- Bear said it perfectly- adoption does not resolve the pain and emotional baggage of infertility. Yes, it is a way for one to have a family, and it’s a great thing. I am actually considering it myself. But, it is also complicated and it’s not always cheaper than IVF or IUI. I have been through the hell of infertility, and would wish it on no one. And everyone should be able to make their own choice which avenue to go down and should not be faced with someone pushing adoption. It’s a very personal choice. I’d like to see all of the people out there who are able to conceive easily adopt a child or two. They obviously wanted to have biological children, but no one has anything to say about that. It’s the same desire if you’re faced with infertility.

Shelly on

i agree with the weight gain, she is a skeleton AND tv puts on 10 pounds plus the running and flying back and forth etc its all a toll on her body which is not a healthy environment to try and carry a baby esp going the IVF route, plus why didnt she show the real pain she was in going through the hyperstimulation, alot of people need to see that this is a huge commitment that you do to your body taking all those drugs and stuff like this should be shown in true form not edited out-good luck, personally i dont see them lasting, its his way or the highway and eventually she will get sick of that too-

steph on

I watched E news yesterday also and thought she looked pregnant. Maybe it was what she wearing??

Kendall on

I find it interesting Bill says Guiliana never complained. She screamed in his ear every time he gave her the shots and bemoaned going in for the IVF procedure. Very reminiscent of the complaining Kate Gosselin that everybody dogs.

Elizabeth on

I am cheering these two wonderful people on. I hope hope hope 2011 brings them the baby they so want and deserve! So much love for them. 🙂

kacey on

Let me start by saying I feel for them and I watch the show EVERY week! I love them as a couple! My husband and I have also been suffering from this very issue. We have been trying for 2 years and its just the hardest thing we have ever been through. It feels like there is a lot more let downs then happy moments when dealing with infertility. HOWEVER I must say as hard as it is for everyone facing this it sure makes it a hell of a lot easier when you have the money they have. We are not rich, we do fine but by no means are we “well off.” This would be a lot less stressful if we had endless amounts of money and knew we could afford IUI, IVF, surrogacy etc…as many times as need be or at least a few times. Its a lot harder to stay possitive when you know your bank account can only get you so far and that decides when and if you can have the family you so badly want.

Holly on

In response to the Rosemary who says the unimplanted embryos die, that is not necessarily true. Couple who choose to do IVF can also choose to donate their leftover embryos to other couples who can adopt the embryos. Or, these couples may also opt to freeze the embryos to be used in a future cycle. So, IVF can be a morally good decision for a lot of couples.

katie on

I watched Guiliana on ENEWS! yesterday and I thought she looked lovely as always and…had lost her waistline..maybe expecting? 🙂
I’m an RN.

Holly on

Adoption is not always the answer for everyone as people seem to think. Most adoption agencies in the US and in other countries have a cut off age and will not adopt to couples over a certain age. So, the option for those in their 40s is IVF with donor eggs, or fostering. I don’t know what other alternatives there are.

R S on

I simply love this thread..its really inspiring for someone like myself who’s struggling with infertility..feels like hope is there. I am going to start my first IVF treatment soon and am scared. But I do realize that so much of it is not in my hands. So I choose to be hopeful and pray. And I will pray for u too, G and B. I dont watch the show but know exactly what you are going through. The pain is so personal. Hopefully you both and me and my husband too will be parents sometime soon 🙂 Thanks to everyone who posted their stories dont know how much you have helped 🙂


I love this show as well! The closeness they have is so nice to see. I want to comend Bill for being so understanding, compassionate, and loving to his wife Juliana not just during the tragedy but you see his attention and love towards her in every aspect of their life. Hard to find these days. I’m a widow and hope some day God blesses me with a man like Bill and relationship like theirs. Good job Juliana! Best wishes and my prayers for your child to come!

HayLaura on

I love Giulianna and Bill. They are a great couple
and they deserve to be parents….. They have so
much love to give a child or two or three…
I hope that they will get the child the want so
bad in 2011….

Sending Prayers and Positive Thoughts
their way….

Hugs, Laura

lori on

best of luck to both of you! Keeping positve and, love your show and you make me laugh!

gdfg on

“I’d like to see all of the people out there who are able to conceive easily adopt a child or two. They obviously wanted to have biological children, but no one has anything to say about that.”

Actually, Anonymous, NOT everyone who has biological children had them because they favored biological children over non-biological children. I could care less whether my kids have the same blood as me, and I hate being pregnant, but I do get pregnant very easily. So I have built my family the old-fashioned way so far, simply because it’s been the easiest and cheapest way for me. If adoption were less complicated, and was easier and cheaper for me than getting pregnant, you’d better bet I’d be out adopting the next one.

My motivation for getting pregnant was that it was the easiest way for me to have a family; my motivation was NOT based on the desire for biological children. I’m sure there are many others who feel he same way.

I love my kids for who they are. They happen to have my DNA, but I would love and value them just the same if they didn’t.

Cassandra on

I love them SO much- so proud that they’re part Chicagoans, I cannot wait for them to have children, I know they will. Such great role models in an industry that has so few!

MMDavis on

I think they truely deserve to be happy and have children. However, I think she is very mean to Bill and puts him down alot. She acts like she is royalty and has to have the best of everything. He is really trying to do the best he can and give her what she wants. I think he could do better. She is very pouty, whinny and not very greatful. Just my opinion though.

Clara on

@ Allie I’m all for having a career, my point is why try to have babies if someone else is going to raise them. Unless you have a job that you can bring them. I realize sometimes both parents have to work, but most of the time one of them (father or mother) can stay home with the baby.

infertile mertle on

for anyone who says, “just adopt already!”, “she needs to gain weight” “they need to relax” “they need to change jobs” “they need to re-prioritize their life” you should read this article:–friends/infertility-etiquette.html

infertility is a real medical issue that cannot be eliminated by wishing or relaxing. no one should ever judge another who chooses to try to have a biological child by any means. you have no idea what is motivating that person. some women – myself included – feel they would be missing out on an amazing experience by not carrying a child. we should be commending giuliana & bill for their bravery in being so upfront about the situation. stop judging, read the article in the link & learn a little bit about what infertility feels like.

cheryl on

I enjoy seeing Bill and Juliana Rancik’s show. It has been very difficult for her to get pregnant but the last show said they harvested 15 eggs so she has extra to use to try and conceive. Maybe they will have to use a surrogate but I am crossing my fingers they can do it own their own. They seem like they are truly in love and a baby would certainly make them even happier. Good luck!

Sara on

People need to stop commenting on their life style. Busy couples have children and raise them wonderfuly. Each family is different and it is not our job to judge how someone raises their kids.
I wish them all the best on their journey, where ever it takes them.

Kyle on

Eat more…and quit being anorexic and worried about your weight and you might be able to have a child. That all bones body doesn’t provide the right nutrients to support a child.

Anonymous on

Do they have a book out?

Gracie on

I love to watch the show and see the love between them. Through faith and prayers I predict twins! 🙂 wouldnt that be something to have double for your trouble…God bless.

Mara on

What a sweet couple. Best of luck to them! 🙂

Mary on

Hang in there Giuliana & Bill your time will come to be parents no matter how it happens. Financial they can afford to adopt so I think that might be a good option for them to consider, what ever works for them.
Over coming difficult obstacles in life make you a strongly person and their relationship much strongly. You can tell by watching the show they have so much love and respect and enjoy love together, they will be great parents when that time comes and I know it will happen for them. Keep the strong love that you have for each other and remember what’s important in life. Enjoy the simple things in life they are the most enjoyable to appreciate. Keep the faith.

To Giuliana & Bill –
Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuevo – Merry Christmas !
God Bless !
Mary from Madison, WI

mary on

giuliana looks completely stressed out. it is taking a toll on her body. she should take a break from all work. enjoy being with her husband, pursue personal interests that relax her and for God’s sake…put on some weight!! her body may be “protecting” her from pregnancy because she is so grossly underweight (and under stress.)

if they were really serious they would stop throwing money at this and do everything naturally they could including cutting back their hectic schedules. also, has anything good EVER come out of a reality show?? just saying.

Angie on

I have a couple comments for 2 women, who truly need to get a life!!
The first is @ Clara, there is nothing wrong with being childless, if that is something you choose, you might want to read the comments and articles again, nowhere do they mention that they want to be childless. Secondly who gave you the right to call these 2 people idiots, you are RUDE, and definately have NO CLASS.

The second person making comments, that should truly think before they talk, is Sherly, who are you to tell people to move, change their religion, stop traveling, etc…..I really don’t feel that their spiritual or religious beliefs is the issue here….

Anonymous on

I grew to love the couple too, more so by watching Gulianna&Bill. I can’t help to think maybe she is not taking care of herself in order to conceive. Meaning she is too thin and stress. I know stress may have a huge factor in it. It took us two years to conceive our daughter and all along it was stress. I quite my job in sales and next month I was pregnant. I know everyone story is different. Also, they seem to living apart more then together. In a personal decision you have to decide family or career? I hope and wish these two the best and to have a baby of their own.

tarell on

They should adopt a baby. She won’t have to worry about the effects of pregnancy, such as weight gain, morning sickness, or possibly suffering another miscarriage. So many babies need a loving home. If I had her money, I would adopt.

Gigohead on

I wish them much success. My only advice to her is keep marching on. I had a bad miscarriage the first time I got pregnant and suffered from PID as a result of a D&C. It took a YEAR to get preggo again. I was only 24 at the time. Being young doesn’t mean its guarantee either.! It took a good doctor to listen to my fertility issues and he addressed them.

Angie on

Giuliana & Bill –

You two are adorable together. I love watching your show. And while it’s on, I always see my husband looking away from his farm on Facebook and watching too. 🙂 I’m not kidding when I say… every time we watch an esisode, at some both we both say “I hope they get their baby”.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Sending baby vibes your way!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Sending baby vibes your way!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Sending baby vibes your way!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Sending baby vibes your way!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Sending baby vibes your way!!♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

EB on

I seriously love the people trying to force adoption down everyone’s throats- do you know the average adoption costs $30,000 and the wait is on average 2 years? Did you know that IVF is “only” on average $10,000? So for financial reasons, of course it makes more sense to do IVF. Plus, some insurances cover IVF (ours does) and no insurance covers adoption. If you want to give me $30 grand I’ll do adoption.

I really love their show and actually made my husband watch it with me this week. It really has made me feel like I’m not alone out there in the infertility struggle so honestly thanks so much to them for sharing with the world.

P.S. I watch her belly every day that I watch Enews too!

mc on

I often wonder why mother nature doesn’t allow some women to bear children….is it the mother or nature? is it a higher being saying this woman is unfit?

mc on

i often wonder why mother nature doesn’t allow some women the gift of children….is it nature or the mother? has a higher being deemed them unfit? not every woman can or should be a mother. it is a selfless woman that deserves to be a mother……

Tammy on

I totally understand the heartbreak that B & G are going through. My husband and I tried to have a child for 10 years. We suffered 4 miscarriages, a round of failed IVF, and many types of fertility drugs. I finally went to my sister’s OB/GYN and he did a simple laparoscopic procedure and discovered scar tissue from an appendectomy that I had done when I was 7 years old. He removed 90% of the scar tissue. We got pregnant 15 days later and now how a beautiful 4 1/2 year old son. Please B & G do not give up, whether it’s having a child from your own womb or someone elses. The baby is always be in heart regardless of how it came into this world. It’s how it’s loved once it’s here that matters and you both will be great parents.

J. K. on

At first, I wasn’t crazy about this couple, but now I like them so much and am praying that they will very soon be parents, in one way or another. I am adopted and was also an infertility patient back in the 70s~~~was lucky and blessed to have had (after drugs, surgeries, charts, shots, miscarriage, etc.) four healthy children. One of my daughters and her husband tried five years to have a child–and after surgery, shots, and two IUIs, they have a 5-month-old baby daughter. Praise God! It’ll happen, Guiliana and Bill~~~I am sure of it! (I’m very disappointed, as they obviously must have been, to hear that ten ova did not produce a pregnancy. Keep at it, Mr. & Mrs. Rancic!)

zmp on

When I became pregnant by old-fashioned sex at the age of 42 my LA friends assumed it was IVF. Except for Chinese herbs, yoga and acupuncture, I didn’t mess with the process. I wanted to be pregnant 2 – 3 years earlier for my older son, but I let nature take its course. She’s only 36! A baby in my book. It will happen for her when its meant to happen. People get wigged out about pregnancy. Just give herself time to breathe and relax and have time to be pampered, get the ovulation computer that is readily available, and it will happen! But also, adoption is adorable and many of my friends have the families they have because they learned about adoption early. Also – my aunt was ready to adopt after 7 years of trying, then had three kids on her own, her adopted child came four years after they filed the papers. Life is mysterious, don’t take it too serious!

evelyn on

WHAT exactly, is his “career?” And why does he make her go to god-awfully cold (not to mention boring) Chicago?

Kate on

@mc, lots of people should be deemed unfit to speak or write but here they are scribbling their mean or stupid comments. Life is unfair unfortunately….

Jean on

My wish for them both is to have a baby. What happened to her, why was she in so much pain the last episode?

Clara on

@ Angie the term is CHILD-FREE not CHILDLESS and YOU are a bigger idiot then they are.

Anjela on

Watching your show brings back all the painful memories of infertility my husband and I suffered over 23 years ago.I admire you Giuliana for doing Pam’s beautiful baby shower. I could never have done it. My pain was way too deep to even be around pregnant women. 23 years ago we could have only done 1 IVF treatment because that was all my insurance would cover. One of my friends did 10 IVF treatments before getting pregnant. Nowadays, things have improved so much..The pain of not getting pregnant “naturally” was so great that I knew I wouldn’t be ableto handle the disappointment if IVF failed.We also knew we couldn’t afford to keep trying. Ultimately, my husband suggested adoption and I came around. I felt like a failure and that’s hard for someone driven and who is able to accomplish and achieve anything they set out to. My husband told me he didn’t marry “a baby maker”. He married me and he knew I would be a great mother. Ultimately, what we decided was that we wanted a family and adoption was just the way for us to make a family. Our daughter is now 21 and she is “our” daughter through and through. In fact, she says Dad looks like the one who is adopted since she and I look and act so much alike. I pray that you have your family in 2011. There are 3 ways to make a family…you are born into one, you marry into one or you are adopted into one. By the way, all adoptees are “our” children and they have mothers and birth mothers. Adoption is another way to build a family and we don’t consider it un-natural…just another way. All the best to you. Life works out the way it is supposed to and you will have the children that are meant for you and Bill!

suzy diamond on

FALSE….Giuliana, by her OWN WORDS on the view, said her doctor told her she would be more successful with pregnancy if she would gain at least 10 lbs and she has refused. So, how bad does she want kids if she refuses to do what the doctor told her she NEEDS to do?

Lynne on

I enjoy watching their show; likeable people. I had infertility problems and never wound up with a baby. My concern, and I’m trying not to be judgmental, is how much she’s willing to sacrifice for a pregnancy. When the doctor says to take it easy, slow down and guard the pregnancy, he/she means it. I didn’t; I miscarried. When they advise to gain weight, you have to take the advice. How much is she willing to give up for a pregnancy? Understandably, she’s worked hard for her career but I think her life’s pace is too hectic. You hear about women in the later years having a kid like it’s a breeze but you have no idea what they’ve perhaps gone through to get it. It’s harder when your eggs are old. You can’t reverse the age of the eggs; they’re weak. It’s complicated. I wish the Rancics success and I understand what they’re going thru; not easy.

Nikka on

The very first thought that comes to heart….Bill isn’t interested in starting a family, atleast not with her. So sad, she doesn’t even have a clue.



Aini on

I really love Giuliana and Bill Rancic. i like their show very much and really inspired everyone to love each other and appreciate each other. They are totally 24hrs in love couple. I really affected when they had miscarriage with their first child but i think it opens Guliana mind on having a baby because it is not late for her to try now rather than she tries it when she’s late 30. Giuliana should learn and be stronger just like Celine Dion. Celine had try several IVF, i think 4 to 5 times and look now that Celine is having twins. I’m so happy to hear that and i hope Giuliana did not give up on trying. I really want to see her gorgeous baby and what are they going to look like. her baby should be luckky enough to have parents like Giuliana and BIll!=)

jenny on

I love them. My prayers are with you guys. I hope the best.

Emily on

I love watching the show but I agree with the comments about her weight. She’s too thin and this is probably a big factor in her infertility. I’m not a doctor but I saw from personal experience a friend who was obessessed with being thin and then wanted to have a told her to gain 10lbs(similar to guiliana) however, I told her 5lbs wouldn’t hurt just to increase the chances..wouldn’t you know she got pregnant asap as soon as she put the weight on. I think women don’t realize that when we’re super thin and super overweight it changes our bodies inside..if you really want a baby your body has to be ready to go through that process and if your frail its not going to hopefully they have a child but she needs to eat if she really wants one..

JoLena on

I wish them the best, and I know 2011 will be their year. God knows best and his will be done.

Cheryl on

After years of fertility treatments, miscarriages and a stillbirth, my husband and I was a miracle, adopting a beautiful baby girl, who has all the love and attention (yes she’s spoiled!) we can give her. I love this child as much if I would have given birth to her. She’s not my “adopted” daughter, she’s MY daughter. I do not regret the treatments, but, if you are not able to conceive or give birth naturally, adopt. There are so many beautiful children who need a mother and father to love them.

Jill on

Suzy diamond, howdy you knowhow much weight she has gained?

Monica on

The most genuine real people on a “reality” show. Love them and their show. Everything will work out and they will be amazing parents. So down to earth, loving, and funny. Yes, they should replace Oprah!

tara on

Good luck, any child would be lucky to have these 2 as parents.

Mary on

I am 65 years old. In 1970 my husband and I adopted a baby boy. He
is now 40. He is the light of my life. When he was four, we finally
gave up trying to adopt again. No babies available. I put all our
baby things out on the street and within two weeks I was pregnant.
I now have four children and seven grandchildren. Do consider adoption
There is nothing like it.

Tracy on

I wish them the best and also wish I could of had 2 parents as awesome as
Bill and Giuliana. You both are in my Prayers. Really.

Red Sky on

They are a wonderful couple and love their show.The moment they quit stressing and take a nice long vacation.It will happen!Wish them well.

alyson on

jill… i agree w/ suze…i watched that episode… she herself told everyone on The View that she didn’t want to gain any more than five lbs, even though the Dr. said she needed to gain AT LEAST 10lbs. If you’re not willing to gain a few lbs in order to have a child, I guess you don’t want one that bad. I think she’s selfish.

Erika on

Listen to your doctor, Guiliana. I had problems getting pregnant when I was 24% body fat. I just didn’t ovulate. After I had my twins (after several rounds of clomid), I gained some weight, and now I’m 28-30% body fat on average. All of a sudden I’m ovulating and got pregnant by accident. This was after years of infertility. Yes, I feel fat according to “modern” standards, but I have nice big boobs and a little belly. More to love. It’s worth it.

Catca on


Have you been to Chicago? It’s the third largest city in the United States, has a lake that is impossible to distinguish from an ocean from looking at it so the water sports are great- is known for having some of the best shopping and restaurants in the world, top notch cultural institutions, fab nightclubs open all night, theater that rivals New York City and London, and in fact, overall is noted for having more variety of things to do than L.A.

EMC on

I agree that G has to gain weight. I too was NY skinny and went through fertility treatments and suffered a miscarriage. When I gained 36 pounds due to being depressed about my infertility I got pregnant. I am 5 months along and thrilled to bits. My Southern MIL had told me after the miscarriage that I needed to gain weight and I scoffed at the idea, after all she has no medical training but she has old fashined common sense. that

Lisa on

I would adopt one or two children now. Then, let nature take it’s course. If it happens, it happens. In the meantime, there is a lot of joy in adopting and loving children.

Debbie Dye on

Words of encouragement to this loving couple.
Stay strong, lean on each other, and stay open. After numerous IVF procedures failed, I adopted the daughter of my dreams (fifteen years ago).

Anonymous on

I think if the Rancics adopt, they will adopt a baby from Italy. A baby with her beautiful eyes and his terrific smile. God Bless them.

Siti Jeffrey on

Hang in there, have lots of faith in each other, take things one day at time and pray a lot.

B on

I sooooo love both of them and I am using their marriage to identify the type of relationship I want to have with my mate. I admire their strength and their mutual respect for each other. I want to thank Giuliana for showing me how to be me while having fun with a man…all while allowing him to be the man.

Jill on

Catcalls, Chicago is great, but you can’t compare the Lake to the Ocean. The Lake is disgusting……I will spare the readers details but say I come from a long line of family of police, fire and lifeguards. The theaters are nowhere near as good as New York or London….PLEASE! I have never heard of an all night night club, but would love to go. What’s the name of one?

The restaurants and shopping are good. The MAIN reasons why they are hear is bc he works in Chicago for Trump AND his family lives here.

I was asking about the weight gain bc how do we know she hasn’t done it since then? Either way, she can have more probes than just with weight.

Meg on

She looks pregnant in the above picture!!

carolyn on

to Bill and Guiliana I hope that the ivf treament goes well, but there is one thing there is alot of children out there that need parent’s like you. Ya’ll are both sweet and very nice and love each other but there is one thing that is important that you have loving family that is behind you 100%. My mother couldn’t get pregnant and my mother and her first husband decided to adopt and when my birth mother went into labor. She went to the hospital and the nurse came out and told them that they have a little girl and then 17 minutes later another nurse came out and told my parent’s that there was another little girl and so my father told my mother that this was it and their family set but 9 day’s later my father pass away. but , she met another great guy and she was marry to him for 33 year’s before he died and he was a great Dad so. So Guiliana and Bill don’t forget about adopting because there are babies and children waiting for you

Paul on

Shut the f_ _ k up and adopt. Stop being a media whore and be real. There are thousands of children who need your love. Be real and adopt.

Alex on

I love Both of these guys so much, they really deserve a baby

However what they DONT deserve is you idiots telling your stories on here grow up because the reality is nobody cares

This is about them not you so stop trying to take the shine away from the


Beth on

I love Guliana and Bill. They seem like such wonderful, kind people. I truly believe that they will become parents very soon.

tellinda truth on

Seriously, if I had a guy as cute as Bill, I’d screw his balls off every minute of the day, but you know what? maybe God has other plans. Parenthood is a gift, not a right! Maybe Guilianas eggs are cracked for a reason….

ruthann McCreery on

Don’t give up Guianna and Bill! It will happen. Been there. After 5 miscarriages we decided to adopt the most beautiful baby girl. We felt so lucky. Two weeks after we broght her home I found out I was pregnant for the 6th time, That pregancy produced a perfect healthy baby boy. They were only 9 months and 2 weeks apart. It was busy but we were thrilled. They are now success adults,35amd 36 amd we are very close. It was worth the stuggle, Keep trying you will be parents! I am praying for you!!Becoming parents has been the single most thrilling thing in our lives. We are so blessed and so will you be. We wish you the best of luck. Love your show and watching you go though this brings back a lot of memories,YOu guys are a real couple and you will have your baby!! Bless you both!

Anthony on

These two are people are kidding. My GOD, these two are the most Narcissistic self-absorbed people I have ever seen or had the misfortune to see on television.

There are so many aspects, which I find disgusting, but the most pertinent would be surrounding the miscarriage and how they have used something of this nature to increase the ratings. It’s ALL about the ratings for them and in turn making money… Many women live through this traumatic time but most don’t try and make money from this. Oh yes, these two always talk about how they are doing it for women across the world and showing their own pain will help ALL women throughout the world. Sorry but please…give me a break. If it was so traumatic and difficult to relive then don’t air it on a TV show, it’s as simple as that. I think that the carry on throughout the show is disrespectful to women including my wife, who have lived through a miss carriage, instead on airing it on a television show, have got on with life and not wanted people to feel sorry for themselves…It disgraceful…totally disgraceful….

kazumi on

why don’t you guys just relax and not stress too much on having a baby? babies are blessings and they will come at the right time, stress is a big factor on couples who can’t have kids, a cousin of mine had the very same problem, she and her husband were married for four years before they had a baby, the constant pressure they put on themselves and from other people did not help and she had miscarriages as well, so there came a time when she’s just had enough and just let it go, that’s the time she found out she was on the family way, they now have two beautiful little girls whom they adore and love with all their hearts, just enjoy your marriage and when the time comes for a baby, then it will come, eventually.

heather on

so many negative comments! Do you honestly think that she would go through ivf and consider the possiblilty of a surrogate or adoption but not consider gaining ten freaking pounds!? How do you know she didnt already gain 10 lbs? I wish this couple all the best and I hope with all my heart that they can one day have the family they want so badly!

JB on

Having gone through years of infertility and IVF procedures myself, I will say I also have an issue with her “issue” gaining weight. If the Dr says “jump,” you answer “how high?” You don’t reason your way out of gaining the weight your Dr has recommended. If you truly want to have a child, let your actions show it. That being said, I wish them both the best of luck and hope they find what they are looking for.

Dorothy Parks on

Thanks, for allowing me to post my comment. I really like this couple and enjoy watching their show. They are realist and very out going and the love they have will last a lifetime. I was so hurt when they lost their the first baby and my prayers are with them. I pray to GOD they have not one or two children but, at least 3 Bill, needs that quarterback, and Julianna needs they model child, and one just to be a Ransic. Seriously, may GOD continue to bless you guys with many blessing of Children, Good Health, and continue to produce a good show.


Janet on

Yes, all the “positive” comments are wonderful. But the person who is trolling for the happy couple should try to vary up the structure of the comments so they don’t all look the same. I hope you aren’t paid for this… I counted like 20 “I love this couple, “I love XXX). Really?

Sarah Michele on

I love their show and think they are such a loving couple – I wish them the best in their efforts. Never give up. You can also love an adopted child with all your heart — and you two have big hearts and a lot of love to share. Our positive energy and thoughts are with you.


Be patient and allow God to bless you with a child. He is going to bless y’all with a child when the time is right. He does not make mistake and it’s not your time yet. Keep God first and everything will fall into place. God bless you and I love you both.

Jennifer on

There’s no reason to feel sorry for them–there are hundreds of kids out there who need a good home and could bring the same joy to their lives as a natural child. They could bring home a child within the next six months. ADOPT!!!!

nunima bidnes on

I’m not big into reality TV, but I can’t help but like these two on some level… but, I don’t know them, so I don’t know what they are really like. If they want a baby, I do hope they get what they want. If I was that intent on getting pregnant, I would not only research all options, but I would change my lifestyle to make it more conducive to getting pregnant and taking care of my body to carry a child. I might consider foregoing a few million other priorities and millions, getting the appropriate caloric intake and being a “family” with my spouse before adding a baby to the mix. I have heard people complain about not getting the things they “really” want, but they won’t budge one bit on changes to accommodate that desire. There are so many people out there who do everything they possibly can to have a child and they are the ones who are truly getting their priorities in line with what they say they want. I’m just having a bit of a problem seeing this couple as one of “them” because they have so many, many priorities that revolve around making money, the next show, the next book, the next house, the next fashion statement…and not being together much of the time because of all these priorities. Their reality just does not seem in line with the many wonderful couples who are working together as a couple toward the goal of a healthy baby. It just appears they want one manufactured that won’t get in the way of their oh, so many priorities.

Lynne on

Actually, I think the Rancics could make a difference for others “out there” who are struggling with infertility and keeping quiet about it. I didn’t want anyone to know. We suffered in silence. I miscarried without ever talking to anyone who’d been thru it, which would have helped. When I finally opened up about my infertility issues, years later, I couldn’t believe how many women just in my small circle of acquaintances had also been troubled with these issues, and I’d think, “oh, wow, I wish I would have talked about this at the time; I needed these stories.” I actually had a neighbor who said she would have offered to be a surrogate had she known. Women came out of the woodwork like special angels to comfort and share. There are people who don’t have a lot of other people in their lives who actually get info from TV, books, etc. Information from all sources can be good. To stay in the dark, confused, angry, sad and hopeless is not the way to go. If the Rancics are brave enough to tell their story, and it helps one viewer, I commend them. I don’t care about the ratings issue; I care about the message.

Katy on

Although I respect what you are trying to do, I feel that you, Guliana, are not willing to do what it takes to become pregnant. You have a huge hectic schedule with flying back and forth–you will not gain weight, which is crucial and then you cry about not having IVF making you pregnant. I am from the mid-west and people should be so lucky to afford IVF. In the real world, people cannot afford IVF. I just watched an episode of you putting on a baby shower–really??? in heels??? I mean…come on..take the heels off. When you cry about the shots…??? I think you need to decide if you really want a baby.

I wish you and Bill all the luck in the world and I think you would be great parents…but, why you would be ready to give up a dream of a child after two tries, is beyond comprehension. Trust me, I have been there. I do not have the resources that you do, but you have to keep trying.

Cathy on

Enjoy your show.!Hope your dream of having a baby will happen soon.

Antonietta on

I am a big fan of Guliana and Bill and my heart goes out to them as they try to start a family. It took my husband and I a while to get pregnant and almost started IUI but it then happened naturally. I was younger than Guliana but you really have to hang in there. Watching them makes me appreciate my beautiful healthy boys. I too believe she may want to try and put on some more weight it may help. I always watch her closely on E news to see any signs she may be preganant cos I hope it happens for them soon. Good Luck!

G13 on

She was not complaining about shots?????? I went thru many more IVF cycles and auto administered shots…that are almost painless…so she is not doing a favor to anybody thinking about going IVF. So much drama!!!!!!

lissette on

your determination melts my heart. i will pray that all your dreams come true and you are able to be blessed with the love of a child. ya’ll are an inspiration.

Patti on

I just want to wish Bill & Guiliana all the best. I’m 30 and know exactly what she is going through. It’s heartbreaking and I’m waiting for my first round of IVF using donor eggs in January 2011. All the Best Rancics!

Eve on

I saw her on The View and she said the doctor told her to gain 5-10lbs to try and help have the baby, and she wouldn’t because of Hollywood standards. Come on.

Ashley on

Good luck to them! I really hope that 2011 blesses them with a little one of their own. I sometimes don’t understand why some couples that don’t even want children get pregnant so easily and others who are so loving and really want that child cannot. I guess I never will, however, I do have faith and I pray that they’re able to have one of their own! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Karen Wiltshire on

I hope that Guilanna and Bill have their dream of having a baby come true. They are truly open enough to all possibilities and I commend them for that. There are a lot of children who need to be adopted and I believe the Rancics have all the love to give a child, however they get one. Guilanna, I applaud you for your upbeat attitude and Bill, same for you and your support for your wife. My daughter and niece both suffered miscarriages and I am pleased to say, they both conceived and ended up with beautiful babies. Don’t give up hope. The good Lord will certainly see you two wonderful people will have a child. God Bless you both and Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy 2011.

Alyssa on

I’m glad they are now open to other methods. On the show several times they, Bill especially, equated Giuliana not getting pregnant to never having a family. I understand it’s very personal and just because you adopt or have a baby some other way it doesn’t heal the pain of being it infertile. I just didn’t agree with that mindset. Anyways, god bless this beautiful couple. I wish them all the best.

Mo on

I hope Giuliana and Bill are successful. They really seem like nice people and would be wonderful parents. I am watching their show now and I can really feel for them.

Erin on

Could not agree with you more Lynne. Anthony…why is it “disgraceful” that they talked about their miscarriage (as well as fertility struggles in general) on THEIR show. Should they just hide the fact that they had a miscarriage?? Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t their show been airing since they got married…WAY before all of this?? So, to say that they are doing it for ratings is just ridiculous. I think that it is enlightening that you finally have a couple that are bringing these kinds of issues out into the “public”.

Renee on

I just finished watching the show and literally cried my eyes out. It brought back memories of when my husband and I were trying to have a baby. It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life and I have had a few. All I can say it that it will bring them closer and hopefully they will be blessed with a baby (or two) in the near future.
My husband and I are now very proud parents of 19 month old boy/girl twins. And even though our lives have changed dramatically we treasure each and evey moment of our crazy crazy life. Wish them the best of luck.

Anonymous on

I hope and pray that you will have a child. I watch your show all the time. I look forward to it. Both of you would make awesome parents. I know in my heart that something will happen for you. Please stay strong and very positive. Anything is possible. Thank you for sharing your life with me.


Mimi on

I hope they try acupuncture. It does help women conceive. Sometimes fear gets in the way. Acupuncture helps heal this. Five Element acupuncture is especially effective. Look for a Five Element practitioner. My acupuncturist has helped many couples conceive. Good luck.

Kimberly on

I really like Giulianna and Bill and I watched the show tonight and was truly heartbroken for them. I cried with Giulianna. I hate to see people in pain. I really hope that Giulianna gives herself some time and let her body mind and spirit time to heal. God will bless them with a child. I am praying for them.

Laura on

Praying for the Rancic’s…..laugh, love and live!

Marcy on

Watching the show now. Guiliana and Bill, you both are truly a wonderful and loving couple. Praying for you both that this works on the second try.

Guiliana, Thank you for sharing your IVF experiences on tv and being so real. It really gave me strength to work through my IVF cycle. We have used a donor. My husband and I are now expecting twins.:) We have truly are blessed!

I love your show and look forward to reading your book.

Sending baby wishes your way! Can’t wait to hear the great news for you both!

Yours Truly,


georgie on

love love you guys, have you thought of getting rip roaring ‘tipsy’, and making mad passionate when you first got together, speaking about a lot of couples on the planet..losing all inhibitions, no stress etc,it might work hey,please dont take this the wrong way,i wish so much for you to have a bub.god bless


Watching your show and see the love you both have for each other. I hope this is not your script, doesn’t seem to be. I am a retired neonatal nurse and with all the babies I have taken care of, I know the feeling, tears, etc. of waiting so long to only have your hopes and dreams crushed. I do know with the love you both seem to have nothing more can happen whether you have a baby, adopt of some other means, you will love this child and this is something that I know a little bundle will come your way. Best of luck, I know it will happen.


I am a retired neonatal nurse and I have seen joy, fear, doubt and all the feelings that someone can have when they have a sick baby. This is the some feelings that you both have. I have all the faith in the world and know that GOD will bless you with a child and it doesn’t matter which way it happens you both hav enough love to give. You both are truly blessed and I know things will work out for you both.

Nicky on

I have been praying for both Guiliana and Bill and will continue too. I pray that you will be blessed with children and I am so sorry for your loss. Know that so many people love you both and are praying for you. God bless you both and Merry Christmas!

Jill on

Adoption is not for everyone. Yes, there are children who need homes, but not everyone can or wants to.

And for those of you saying you watched The View and she said she did NOT gain weight… again. Because that is NOT what she said. I saw it…..and I just watched it again. Additionally, we have no idea how much more weight she has gained since then.

Yolanda on

I feel for them! He is so perfect. He seems to be there for her! Both would be great parents. It made me sad to know after all she went through, it did not take! How frustrating. I am glad they are not giving up. And they need to have lots of them, so they can fill up that house!

Yolanda on

I watched the show and I was so sad that after all they went through it did not take! I am glad to hear that they will try other options. I hope they have lots so they can fill that beautiful house.
(They should talk to the “16 and pregnant” show and adopt some of those precious babies…. 🙂 )

May they be blessed with many babies….

Maria on

Giuliana and Bill, you guys are a wonderful couple and deserve every happiness in the world. Good luck to you, stay strong and positive, your next IVF cycle will be the news and outcome you wanted!

Maria on

Don’t stop trying, never give up time will come. Pray everynight have faith you will have your baby soon. GOD is precious and he does listen to our prayers. Wish you the best in life…..! I know that soon we r going to hear the big news. Just have faith in GOD. G & B

Rene' on

My husband and I are having infertility issues and it really helps so much to know we are not alone, so thank you B&G for sharing your story.

Right now we are doing IUI (we’re on number 3). For those who say adoption is cheaper than IVF, have you actually looked into it? Because it is not. For a domestic newborn, it is around $30K (and international can be more). For IVF, it is around $10K. For IUI + shots, it is around $1500. We are not opposed to adoption, we just don’t have $30K to throw around!

Jessica on

Dear Guiliana and Bill,

Our lifestyles may be completely different but I have never felt more like another couple until this season of your show. Every episode I’ve watched I’ve cried and felt your pain. My heart truly goes out to the two of you. My husband and I tried getting pregnant for 3 years before turning to our fabulous fertility specialist. We went through surgery for endometriosis, 4 IUI’s, and one IVF. We are in round 2 now of IVF and praying for that blessing each day. Words cannot even begin to express the emotional stress and pain you go through. No one around me had been through any complications in getting pregnant. Watching you go through the same trials and tribulations we’ve gone though has gotten me through some tough times. Thank you for putting your story out there to millions of people. Many don’t know what it’s like to want that precious baby so bad that you’d put your body through anything. Just know that you have truly touched my heart and I wish you both the very best.

Rose Ann on

My heart goes out to the two of you. Please consider praying to St. Gerard as he is the patron saint of motherhood. The National Shrine for him is in St. Lucy’s Church in Newark, NJ. Believe me, it really works.

Glenda on

When its time, you will be blessed.

Jodi on

Bill and Guiliana, You guys are incredible, honest and I want to thank you for sharing your life and experiences with all of us. I feel sad for you but I see children for you in your future. I see 2 a boy and a girl. Be open to surrogacy and even adoption should you have to. I was not raised by my birth mother and it is true you can be a mother. It takes alot, but you both are incredibly good family oriented people and only good will come to you. I just suggest you slow down your lives a bit, you both travel too much and you Guiliana work hard. It will take a life change. Your new home is so beautiful, what a great job Bill. It’s the envy of all to ever have anything that comes close to what you built. God bless you both, may 2011 bring you everything you ever wanted. My husband and I might have to go down the IVF route next year and after watching what you have gone through I have learned so much…Thank you for sharing your personal journey on this…We have alot to think about. Happy holidays to you both!!!

cherylem5 on

I have grown very fond of watching your story and my heart goes out to you, Guiliana and Bill. But, it seems like the doctors are just not stating the obvious! You need to gain weight and your body will “allow” you to get pregnant…the old fashioned way!
The female body is genetically designed so that you cannot physically conceive if you are too underweight, and Guiliana, face it, you really are extremely thin.(Good for fashion, NOT for pregnancy)
It is so much easier and less stressful to eat a big healthy diet and gain weight than to go through all the drugs, IVF procedures, shots, etc…right??? Especially when those procedures won’t even work if you are too thin to carry the baby to term….
Make believe you are an actor, and eat for the “part” of being “mom”…Don’t worry, you will lose the weight afterward!
Listen to your Momma “G” and “Mange`” and be happy 🙂

mama bel on

Rancics please don’t give up the Lord is the giver of life, He will bless you with children just have faith on the Lord, I know its easier said then done but I serve a Mighty God and He will give you the strength to continue. I can’t tell you how much I cried to hear that you weren’t pregnant, I still cry but greater is He who is in you then He who is in the world. GOD bless you I truly love you guys.

julia on

Dear Guiliana – This message is to remind you to take at least 1 hour per day as vacation from infertility. Take and entire hour and imagine all of your infertility struggles behind you. Imagine trying to find and match tiny socks as they come out of the dryer. Imagine the weight of lifting diapers from a full diaper pail. Imagine trying to suck the snot out of your baby’s nose with that miniature turkey baster thing. Imagine the smell of your baby’s head. Imagine writing 1,000 thank you notes for all the lovely gifts you receive. Imagine wishing your baby a happy 5th birthday on air. You fans love you, guiliana. Bill loves you. God loves you. And your baby loves his momma.

Nita on

Please Bill and G…READ THIS PLEASE
13 years 5 Invitro’s… = 1 child on our 5th try.
This is how it worked for us…
After the transfer STAY AT THE HOSPITAL or OFFICE for at least 4 HOURS. Bill go shopping and Giuliana STAY PUT don’t leave the bed TAKE A NAP put a pillow under your butt to keep the uterus tilted and stay right there try and sleep.RELAX In the real world for the most part anyway when a baby is conceived the couple have sex then go to sleep for the night. They do not jump up from a transfer bed under all the stress and emotion and drive or move around much. DONT GIVE UP please please try this before you give up. We lived this same nighmare YOU CAN DO IT! It gets emotionally easier each time you try. One way or another you will have a child but don’t give up the dream of having your own before you try the STAY PUT method Please……

tina on

Hello, I went this past weekend to visit friends of mine that I carried twins for. While I was visiting them they informed me that you guys just bought a house less than 3 mins. from their house. They understand your situation and stated that they would love to sit down with you guys and talk about there experience of IVF. There twins are turning 3yrs old in January. They would have contacted you, but they weren’t exactly sure how. They went through quite a bit before the arrival of their twins, but they would do it all over again givin the end result. If you would like to talk to them please contact me. We wish you the best of luck and know all of what you are going through.

Angela on

I truely love these to people. They are really down to earth especially having told their story about IVF. I totally can understand what they are going through. My daughter and son-in-law have been through IVF many times and had always failed.

I wish Giuliana & Bill the very best they would truely make wonderful parents.


Millineumlaura on

I agree with JJ’s comments. I’m not trying to be negative but early on Giuliana was really being very vain about her body size and not gaining weight. I often saw her drinking wine plenty of times when she was previously trying to get pregnant. It is very sad that she lost her baby, but I do think that since she has made her life very public and she does have avenues and money that many other people may not have that are trying to conceive, I think that she will be able to adopt or find another means to raise a sweet child into this world.

Tracy on

No one discusses the possibility that her unhealthily low body weight, which can have an impact on pregnancy. Only in LA. I do feel badly for them, but really, shouldn’t one of these “experts” address this?

Dana on

I am sorry for their loss and want to suggest they try acupuncture- I did after seeing a fertility specialist and I got pregnant very quickly. I continued throughout my pregnancy and they say it is more successful than IVF and a lot of doctors that do IVF suggest to use it with the IVF treatment to avoid miscarriage. I wish them a lot of luck and prayers. Mother of an 7 month baby (1st baby) and I am 43yrs old.

I know she tried acupuncture for fear of flying but, I would suggest trying someone that is a specialist of fertility and acupuncture. Less stressful than IVF treatments. I found it to be very relaxing!

ann on

When the time is right it will happen. I know people that have tried and tried over several years, had miscarriages, and then some years later got pregnant when not even trying. I speak from experience because these things also happened to me. When it is meant to be it will happen. You just have to be patient and tread on with your life as best as you can or you will drive yourself crazy. I know, it is hard to do, but you can’t control fate. Believe me I know.

Yer Xiong on

I’ve been watching their tv show for a long time and felt really bad for them. I really hope that they will have a baby of their own soon! And they said here that they are open to any method to having a child, so that made me wonder what if it’s something that involves spiritually. I am Hmong so believing in spirits is my part of my culture but I know a way for these two lovely couple how to get pregnant. But I want to know what they both think about it which I hope they read this message and reply back or something because I would really love to help them.

Julie on

My heart goes out to Guilliana & Bill for going through such a stressful year. I think they should try a surrogate – in that way, they get to fulfill their urge to be parents. At the same time, Guiliana will be so occupied in showering all her attention on the new baby that she takes her mind off trying to get pregnant. I have heard many friends who gave up on IUI & IVF and instead opted to adopt their first child and they eventually conceived by natural means. Meanwhile Guiliana should try putting on a bit of weight – she looks slightly anorexic and a tad unhealthy. anyway best wishes for 2011, mate.

barbara brown on

Why doesn’t Giullianna go to the BEST doctor in Reproductive medicine? Dr. Schoolcraft in Denver, Colorado is the best. He does testing for chromosome abnormalities. He also test daily watching for hyperstimulation. Her doctor is a hack.

Shauna on

One in four suffer from infertility. I have had 6 IUI’s and 2 IVF’s and still no baby. I will now try donor eggs. IVF is a very stressful process. Good luck to you both!

Cheryl on

There are so many people in the world having babies and no way to take care of them. Bill and Giulana are the ideal couple to have kids. They can offer them so much love and I believe they would make awesome parents. I met them at a book signing in Chicago and their vibe is totally honest and warm. They appear to be down to earth people and I hope some way some how that their dream to become parents are realized. I truly love them both.

Suze on

Giuliana has said that her problem is “mature eggs” – in that case surrogacy isn’t an answer. They’re either looking at adoption, using donor eggs, or just getting 1-in-a-million lucky. Infertility treatments can be emotional hell-on-Earth for those of us who have been there.

BUT, after 6 years, including 13 (!) IUIs, we finally grudgingly went with donor egg IVF earlier this year in an attempt to have a second child. The result: We just celebrated Christmas with our older son and his 3-month old brother and sister. That’s right – we have beautiful donor-egg twins and though they weren’t my eggs, I “grew” them and gave them life. Donor eggs are an incredible gift; I can’t believe I was so resistant to the idea.

Good luck to the Rancics in whatever option they pursue!

Chitown Chick on

Uhm, Evelyn – you’re obviously clueless if you think Chicago is boring. Cold, yes. Boring, never.

I love Bill and Giuliana, but tend to appreciate Bill’s personality more. I find that Giuliana is way too focused on her appearance and material things, and the fact that she would even think ONCE about gaining five lbs to try and have a child is just beyond ridiculous to me. I agree that she should probably gain 10 or more…she’s entirely too thin.

I have many friends that have battled infertility and I myself am beginning to wonder after a year or so of simply not preventing pregnancy (yet still no babies). I think Bill’s comment in this article about Giuliana never complaining is a bit of spin – we all saw her whimpering and whining on the show every time she had to get the shots.

Maddie on

I really think that if they do one more IVF and it doesn’t work, they should get a surrogate – it will work and its theres – unlike adoption – they should – really!! If I was them, with all the money, I’d be finding a surrogate faster then you could say the word surrogate! LOL!

Momof2 on

Bed rest means BED REST…Lay down with pillows under your knees relax the stomach,only get up to go to the bathroom for as many days as the doctor says plus 1! It does not mean sitting up with your belly scrunched while you work on your laptop,walking down or up stairs or moving furniture.I went through it an understand.I agree with what people are saying about stress.Went through IVF for first child at 36 after 5 IUI attempts..had a girl.Then 2 1/2 years later, left my job to be stay at home mom and got pregnant naturally on the very next cycle after leaving my job. Coincidence? Think not…Take a break from work for your dream…YOU both deserve it…Best of luck to you

Momof2 on

Many designers make maternity clothes and I bet they would fight to provide you with a great wardrobe for credits on E! Just go into a high end maternity store and get the names…you will be surprised what great clothes you will find

Caroline on

Dear Giuliana and Bill!! Watching your story reminded me of my own IVF journey. A miscarriage and hospital time with Overstimulation. We adopted two little girls from the Philippines who are now 10 and 7. Except my, now ex, husband coped with it by gambling. He is now remarried and I share the girls on a weekly basis. I would not be without them and love them so much. Your story showed the world how this can really affect the body, mind, relationships, development of self in good ways and the rollercoaster ride that effects the couple. Thank you for sharing your story!! God bless xx

Mlg on

Hi guliana and bill ,I watch yr program
Religiously, I love it.I love u n bill,and feel so sad u 2 aren’t able to have a child.please preserver.I myself is 46’without without child cos my fiancee died 6years 6 mtgs ago….we were planing on kids immediately,I am sad, but when I watch u n bill so loving etc….I feel so sad and just pray everything will work for u 2. I am such a big fan of u 2.u 2 seem so satisfied and happy. Just like me and my “husband” was… It’s unfortunate for us.he left too early.we were so in love and in synch as u n bill remind me of. So therefore I wish my best wishes .yr book haven’t reached Singapore.I will grab a copy when I see it in the shops.u n bill are the best.other USA reality shows are the Pitts…and not REAL..therefore I always look forward to yr show which airs on Thursday nites here.I also watch u on fashion police… And always hope go see a baby bump! I am Chinese, and we believe that u can only tell/announce u are preggies when u after yr 1st trimester!!! So whenever I see u on E! I hold my breath! Love u and bill.u r beautiful!

Holly on

I really like Bill and Giuliana but I don’t understand the NEED for a child. They have a wonderful and fulfilling life as it is. He’s always complaining about not having enough money too. Children cost MONEY. Will his wife be happy as a mom/housewife after such an exciting career/life?I personally think not. Everyone is having kids so they want kids. If they think their life his hectic now and they don’t have enough time together, just wait until they bring a child into it. Be careful what you wish for.

anon on

i just read that they are going to have a baby in 2011, wouldnt that be lovely for them
future celebrity

Barbara on

B & G, we went through hell to have a baby. I had endometrosis and was going through treatments for it (Lupron injections and on the pill stop the ovarian cysts-I’ve had four removed). I missed one treatment and low and behold I got pregnant, which my doctor said was impossible. I took 3 home pregnancy tests (which all came out positive, we went to the doctor and he did a basic home pregnancy test (which was positive), then a blood test. He still didn’t believe I was so we did an ultrasound and it came back that I was 5 weeks pregnant. I’d had 3 miscarriages prior to that so it was basically a miracle that I was pregnant. Everything was fine up until 30 weeks when I went into preterm labor, I was put on medicine to stop the contractions and put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. At 37 weeks I was convinced my water had broken so my wonderful husband took me to the hospital (this was on a Monday morning. They said my water hadn’t broken but my amniotic fluid was leaking (they should have taken the baby out within 24 hours), but they left me in labor and on Tuesday since I wasn’t dialating (sp?) they gave me petosin (sp?) to help me along. Tuesday night around 8pm my water finally broke, but did they take the baby out? No, they left me in labor until Wednesday night around 8pm when my brother in law came to visit and I started shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed my husband and told him to get the doctor to get the baby out because I knew there was something wrong. I was rushed into an emergency c-section (my husband was there frozen between me and our baby girl), they kept telling him to take the baby but he kept saying put my wife back together. My whole insides were on the table and he was scared out of his mind, my tempurature (sp?) was 104 and the babies was 105. She was rushed to the NICU with IV’s and tubes and everything you can imagine (heart monitors, etc). They blew out the veins in her arms and legs and had to shave her pretty curls on part of her head to put an IV in it. Four days later they were going to discharge me (my baby had to stay in the NICU for 10 days). My husband had gone home for the first time since we’d been in the hospital to get some clean clothes for him and I and in the middle of the night, I stopped breathing (there was a gurgle in my chest) and my night nurse checked and said everything was fine. I knew it wasn’t so I called my husband at home at 3am to tell him to come back (they had a bed set up in my room for him). The next morning I told the new nurse about it and the next thing I knew I had three doctors running tests on me. I was then transfered from the post partum ward to the cardiac ward and told I couldn’t breast feed anymore because the cardiac medicine would hurt or kill the baby and the stress on my heart could kill me. Then came the heartbreaking news that I couldn’t have anymore children (we had a four bedroom house that we intended to fill with kids. I ended up spending 1 day less than my daughter in the hospital and it killed me to leave her there, but I knew it was for the best. I had my mom and dad and my husbands mom and step dad staying with us helping out. We live in Texas in a small German town outside of San Antonio called New Braunfels but I’m originally born and raised in Chicago, IL suburbs (Downers Grove), quite close to Hinsdale. I’ve been there with my mom shopping and it is a great place, never lived there but I’ve heard it is a great place to live and raise children. B & G, don’t give up, you have had several heartbreaks and I feel your pain, but there are so many ways to have children and I’m confident that you will. I pray for you guys!!! I will keep following your story, I’ve had my tubes tied and now I have recurring ovarian cysts (and cancer in my family) so the next step is probably a hysterectomy. You WILL make GREAT parents when you’re ready, I’m confident of that. Check out my Facebook page, the picture you see is my dad holding my baby girl LilyAnn when she was about a week old. G you’re lucky to have your mom and dad still, I’m only 34 (35 on April 29th) and my daddy died 12/20/2008. He had Congestive Heart Failure like me but was still very active, he worked, did karate, swam in his pool, worked out and was very strong. He had gone to the doctor 2 days before he died and they gave him a clean bill of health. Two days later my mom found him in bed and he was gone, I still haven’t gotten over it, the holidays (especially Christmas is VERY hard for all of us) and my mom is about to lose her house. Be thankful for what you have, Bill is a WONDERFUL husband and it is easy to see how much he loves you, not matter what happens, you have each other. However, don’t rule out adoption and other options. God Bless you both! Don’t give up!

sally on

Please go easy on yourselves and do not give up. Read books by Stephan Semcychyn M.D. I had had 8 miscarriges and found Dr.S. I gave birth to a baby girl (now 27) and 3 years later to another girl. I was persistent if nothing else. My husband is the best. My family supportive. God is great.Do what you two think is right. Don’t listen to people who are not supportive. Dreams do come true. Keep on keepen on. Love, Sally

susan on

i love these guys they have so much to give a child,just because you do not give birth yourself does not mean a thing you guys, so many children need a loving mum and dad and you 2 are it

Leigh webb on

I see all the adds on the network for their show and feel sad that they are having a trying time conceiving . I have a friend that had gone through the same problems and also 1 try at IVF with no success. Then someone told her of a lady that has helped lots of women fall, my friend went once and the next appt 6 weeks later she was told she was pregnant . My friend is now 16 weeks. We have also seen this lady for other reasons and have had great success. People fly from the US to see her and I hear someone very famous was blessed to now be a mother with her help. This lady is amazing . Maybe Guiliana should fly to Australia to see her too.

Leigh webb on

I know someone who can help

pinkplease on

So glad to see how brave Guiliana and Bill are for chronicling their infertility story on National Television. It just goes to show that infertility cuts across every population and to see how they are coping is really inspiring to us girls who are trying just like they are. Good Luck Guiliana and Bill – Lots of Baby Dust to you both.

Alexandra on

Giuliana & Bill, I just finished watching your last show for 2010. I want to thank you for sharing your most private life with the public – me. I too have experienced the heartache of misscarriages and IVF, but continued to have faith in God that I would be a mum some day. My husband and I adopted from Taiwan and now have a wonderful son. I pray that it’s His will for you both to be parents soon. All the very best.

Barbara on

G & B first let me say that I love watching your show and going through everything with you. I have tried to post this several times but it never seems to go through. I grew up in Chicago, IL suburbs (Downers Grove), not far from Hinsdale (about 2 or 3 towns over) and have been shopping there with my mom. When my husband and I got married I had endometreosis and cysts on my ovaries, (I also had 3 miscarriages before that), they put me on Lupron injections for the endometrososis and birth control to stop the cysts (which I had surgically removed before all this started. The Lupron puts you into early menompaus and it is supposed to be impossible to get pregnant while on the treatment especially with birth control pills. However, miracle of miracles I did and I took 2 home pregnancy tests, my doctor did one in his office, a blood test and finally an ultrasound. The outcome, I was five weeks pregnant, needless to say we stopped all treatments, I did everything right took all the prenatal vitamins, ate properly and too it easy. We made it past the hard part of possible miscarriage 12 weeks and everything was going great until I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks, they put me on brethine (a medication to stop the contractions and was put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy). Needless to say I was going nuts not being able to get up and do what I normally did, but I read a lot (I started reading to my baby when I found out I was pregnant) and my husband set up the computer in our bed so I could go online and talk to my family who was either in Chicago, IL (my siblings were there) or Sarasota, FL (my parents were there. I also had a bunch of friends in Chicago that I missed a lot and I shared my story with them and they prayed for us to have a healthy baby. At 37 weeks, I thought my water had broken, so Monday morning we went to the hospital in Houston, TX and they did a test and said it hadn’t but then they did an ultrasound and said my amniotic fluid was leaking. The doctor should have taken the baby out then or within 24 hours to avoid infection (Group B strep which can be quite common if proper precautions aren’t taken i.e. giving me antibiotics). Tuesday morning I still wasn’t dialating so they gave me petosin to help it along, but it wasn’t working. Tuesday night around 8pm my water finally did break, but still they left me in labor, I was in agony. By Wednesday night around 8pm again one (I had four-one of them died 2 years ago last August way too young), my brother in law came to visit and he wasn’t there five minutes when I started shaking uncontrollably. I grabbed my husband and told him to get the doctor to get the baby out because I knew something was wrong. My doctor promised he wouldn’t leave me and the minute he left my room he told my nurse he had dinner reservations with his wife and left me with one of the partners in his practice. I guess it was good because he was like 70 and his hands would shake when he would exam me in his office, (not the guy you want holding the scapel when you’re having an emergency c-section). Turned out I had a fever, (I had never run a fever in my life) of 104 and my baby of 105, she did have Group B strep. My husband just stood there frozen as they kept telling him to take the baby and all he could say was put my wife back together, (I don’t remember but I guess they have to pull out all kinds of insides to do a c-section). My baby went to the NICU for 10 days on IV antibiotics, they blew out all the veins in her arms and legs and had to shave part of her beautiful curls to put an IV in her head. Three days later after the infection cleared they were going to send me home, my husband hadn’t left the hospital since we got there so he went home to get clothes. In the middle of the night I couldn’t lay flat, (I couldn’t breathe and I felt this gurgling in my chest). My nurse kept telling me everything was fine but I called my husband at 3am and told him to come back. The next morning I had a new nurse who listened to my chest and the next thing I knew I had 3 doctors running tests on me. I ended up going from the post partum ward to the cardiac ward in 20 minutes. I had Post Partum Cardio Myopathy (Congestive Heart Failure), at 25. If they had sent me home I would have died, I ended up in the hospital for another 10 days and went home one day before my baby which about made me want to kill someone. I couldn’t breast feed anymore because the cardiac medicine could hurt or kill my baby and the stress on my heart would definitely kill me. I was also told I couldn’t have anymore children and I had to have my tubes tied, I wanted so bad to give my husband a son but we felt blessed that we were even able to have one healthy baby. Please don’t give up your fight to have kids, if it’s natural, IVF, embroyo implantation, surragacy, adoption foster care or whatever; I know it WILL happen for you guys. You two deserve to have a baby and even if it’s only one, feel blessed…the Lord works in mysterious ways and you never know what and when it will happen. As Bill says, if you build it, they will come…you’ve got a beautiful house and any child or children would be blessed to live there. I wish we could have your house (well maybe not so big because we only have one). We had a four bedroom house with an office and game room, the baby had her room, we had ours, we had a play room for her and a guest room. We gave it up for a job offer of my husbands which turned out to be bogus, they promised to buy our house; then they put us up in a wonderful furnished company paid for condo and were supposed to use to proceeds of the house to buy a new one in TN (closer to my parents). I got sick with contagious menengitis and spent my birthday and mothers day in the hospital in agony after having multiple spinal taps. My husband and daughter could only wave to me through 2 doors of glass; I’d been to his office before, but by then they had probably gotten the hospital bill and were scared I was still contagious. They replaced him and basically asked us to be out of the condo in a day; we stayed in a hotel for a couple days while we figured out what we were going to do. By then our house was forclosed on because the company never bought it and we had no place to live so we started over in a 2 bedroom apartment in Dallas, TX. Please please don’t give up it is going to happen for you, I pray that it will all work out and I’ve put you on a prayer chain with friends and at our church. Much love to you both and Bill take care of your wife, she needs it after all the trauma she’s been through; I’m not saying you haven’t as well but you know it is harder on the woman. Go Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and Cubs!

Gina on

Can I just tell you both that I pray to god for you both and if god were to bless me with a child I would so willing give you both that wish and that blessing. I am so proud of you two and just know it will happen – you both are go getters and nothing will stop you – just a few speed bumps I call them – but don’t you worry – all of us are praying for you and I espeically have asked to give you my blessing if god was to give me one.

All the very best and LOVE
Gina Seneca
Your favorite viewer!

Kristina L. on

I know the struggle, I’ve so far had two miscarriages and Im still empty handed. The one thing I refuse to loose is hope, and I hope that you guys keep doing whatever you have to do to get that special bundle of joy to hold in your arms and sing to at night. I know its heartbreaking, I still dont understand why this happens, the emptiness at times is unbearable. hope everything works out for you guys; you are in my prayers!! ❤

Lettie Moss on

Good things always come to those that wait…and I’m certain that God will bless them with a little bambino soon. In the meantime, we should all pray for them and send them good baby thoughts!

Cindy on

I love these two, I myself suffer 3 miscarriages and finally gave up on ever having children. Four years after the 3rd miscarriage I found out I was pregnant. It was not an easy pregnancy but God blessed me with a wonderful daughter that is now 16 year.

joanne dural on

Guiliana I watch your show every week. I really feel that you did not try for very long on your own. a year is nothing. try not to worry and just have fun with bill, rent some pornos, (nice ones) and have a few drinks, I bet you two will conceive naturally. I have 3 daughters, there is a 12 year gap between my first and my second daughter, then came my third one, that was a surprise. only 2 years between them. I too had a problem, the obgyns did not know, I was put thru tests and tests, nothing was wrong, finally I saw an endocrinologist, and he discovere3d I had a pituatary disease, and they fixed it. thats when I had my other two. I feel foryou, being italian too. My father used to say my husband was shooting blanks. typical italian family and lots of get togethers with my aunts and uncles. don’t lose hope. love your show. bill is really hot!!!

irene on

Hey you have heard of stats right ? okay so so many nos theres going to finally be a yes. Well thats how I went about my thought process when I went though IVF. I went through 5 to 6 times so each times I got a no was sad but also exciting because I knew a yes was just around the bend. I was advised, now you all dont you go do this, to take my shots and meds on time every day and do every procedure on time everyday. Well I got to thinking after 5 times life is not on time and that being the case I am going take my meds when I do so as close to the time as possible and forgot about the straight and narrow schedule. Well went through the sixth IVF and got a phone call on dec23rd 1989 the nurse is sing We wish you a merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas and I say ” so does this mean yes and positive and all that stuff?” and the nurse says back to me ” yes mamn” well I am so excited and well I still have to take shots of progesstorone everyday on time but that to I didnt do as on time I just did as clise to I did and my daughter was born on 9/9 90 and she is now 20 years old and going to college. what a beautiful many nos a yes will sure to follow its in the stats.

Peggy Edgar on

Dear Guiliana & Bill, I’m praying for you two. I truly hope that you have the baby you both want so badly. I’m 57 yrs. old and I’ve never been able to have children. I couldn’t afford adoption, IVF, or anything like that. But ya’ll can. So go for it and stay close, safe, and happy. Love to both of you. Love, Peggy. P.S. I watch you show every week.

Debbie on

Adding my story to the many already added.

I too know the trials and tribulations of IVF and pregnancy loss. Our first baby was stillborn at 30 weeks, our second pregnancy a miscarriage. Our story has a happy ending though as we are now the very proud parents of 9 year old boy/girl twins (IVF/ICSI). I have no words to describe how much they healed my heart.

I enjoyed watching Guiliana and Bill on TV, and admire them for sharing such a personal and trying journey with the world. I have watched and cried remembering the heartbreak and the insane yearning for a baby. It was such a difficult time in our lives. I was unhealthyly obsessed, and I didn’t like what the hurt and hunger for a baby was doing to me. I hated that when a new pregnancy was announced that I would be filled with pangs of jealousy. I didn’t want to be a horrible person, I didn’t want to feel anger and hurt and hunger – I wanted to be carefree and joyous for others.

The irony of our story, we were previously told that we’d have more chance of winning lotto than conceiving naturally, so we haven’t been on birth control for over 8 years. I am now 36 same age as Guiliana and my hubby is 40. Fertility is meant to decline as you age. Well insanely I am now 15 weeks pregnant. The co-ordinates for the miracle should have gone to Guiliana and Bill but strangely came my way.

I so wish for Guiliana and Bill the joy of a baby (or two) and wish for them peace and love during this challenging time.

Ann on

Elan Simckes, Womans Fertility Center in St. Louis. Got me pregnant the first try. Collegue of Sherman Silver internationally known fertility doc. Come to St. Louis, only an hour flight from Chicago. I want you to have babies. Tell him I sent you. Ann Schnell, Evans mom.

Ann on

Oh yeah, drunk and careless has worked for a lot of folks too. Relax, forget about it. You still have time to have sex for fun and ooppsies, your pregnant. Guiles, stop worrying about your career and your weight, it will be there always. Bill, a little less pressure but know you have her best interests at heart. Would love to come visit in Chicago. My son needs a man around. You can practice. He is 13 now. I am the colon lady.

Mary on

My daughter loves your show.

I haven’t a clue why you have to go through this. I know I asked the same questions about my journey to motherhood. Keep at it. After our 1st IVF/ZIFT attempt we found we had an ectopic pregnancy… It wasn’t until the 5th attempt that the pregnancy was in the right place, and ended with two healthy children.

After this is over and you are a Mom.. the pain will fade.

Joe Bloe on

Maybe Giuliana should gain 10 pounds….

Yan on

I hope Guiliana and Bill will get a baby soon. They are so nice, funny and kind-hearted people. God bless two of you. Don’t give up!

Samantha on

Greetings from Sydney, Australia. I have been watching Giuliana & Bill go through exactly what my husband and i have been through. We have a beautiful daughter thanks to the miracle of IVF. It’s tough to go through but all forgotten when you finally have your child in your arms. I wish them all the best, it will happen… Giuliana just has to have a break from work! Good luck.

Michelle on

I watched the finale when Bill and Guiliana found out they were not pregnant and had to write. I went through IVF almost 8 years ago and on the first try found out I was pregnant with twins.
I had to comment that bed rest means REST! My doctor said to lie in bed for 3 days, only getting up to use the bathroom. Instead I did that for 5 days. No showering, no makeup application, no work, no getting up for romantic dinners at the table!

Brenda on

I watched the Finale last night along with my husband and really cried for them both. My Husband and I have gone through IVF unsucessfully 3 times and IUI and all faiures. It is really heartbreaking and nobody can understand unless you have gone through this process and are childness. I am nearly 43 now and did my last cycle last year. I married at 35 and so knew it would not be easy to get pregnant I feel for them both as it is a very empty lonley place to be and it seems that everybody all around you are getting pregnant so easily and it feels so unfair when it just want happen for. I read a great book a couple of years ago and quote it said ” don’t beat yourself up for something that your body is letting you down on” it is nobody’s fault. I feel for G & B and agree with Giuliana whe she said he needs to feel normal herself again and can totally understand that I felt I totally lost myself over the years and my own identity. I am still recovering myself and looking at other options no adoption or fostering as I feel Michael and I have a lot of love to give a child. But please when you are reading this don’t judge people as you never really understand how anyone else feels. good luck to everybody xB

Diane on

I have enjoyed being part of your lovely family last year. My family has experienced some very tragic happenings in 2010 too. I pray that you two will be blessed with children in what ever package God chooses to deliver them in. Yall expect a miracle.

Harmit Kaur on

I love watching Giuliana and Bill cos’ I think they are just so wonderful together. Yes it broke my heart when Giuliana lost her baby and I said I must write something esp for Giuliana – I married late and miscarried after 12 weeks!! It was heartbreaking and I conceived only 2 years after that and that too after taking some old advice(asian) style. I had a hectic job and I was always dieting…….one day my boss, a malay gentleman said to me, ‘Harmit you will never conceive this way…rushing about, eating at odd time, skipping meals etc…to have a baby you must prepare your body by not skipping meals, eating right, resting and easing your mind’. That’s exactly what I did and of course being intimate at the right time ie when I was ovulating and Voila…..I became pregnant 3 months later albeit sacrificing my waistline. and the other advice…once you know you are pregnant abstain from having intercourse in your 1st trimester as I lost my 1st baby thru’ intercourse in the 1st three months, it damaged the foetus.

So Giuliana when I saw you moving that furniture around for your hosting seminar I exclaimed she is going to lose the baby as you being too physical with your body and the stress of moving etc made you miscarry.

So Giuliana and Bill please try again and this time Giuliana eat well, rest, destress and be mentally happy!! Good Luck for the future!!

Agmiller on

HEY Giuliana and Bill,i have never been thru what you went thru but i want to believe its so trying and difficult.

However i have only one solution fo you..Pray pple..believe God and he will come thru for you.
I van guarantee you this..Just go beside yo bed and say a prayer as simple as Dear God,i ask you today come into my life….then ask for forgiveness for intentional and unintentional sins then thereafter you ask him to make your womb fertile…….the results will be immediate and painless.i know thousands might squas this mail but its the best medicine for infertility….love you both..

Meredith on

G&B, So sorry you are going through this. My husband and I went through the same thing. We had 3 miscarriages before we went to a specialist. We did PGD IVF a specialized type of IVF where they test the embryos. We didn’t have any embryos to transfer and we were told it was a chromosomal issue and that we would not have biological children. We asked for a second opinion and traveled to Baltimore and met with Dr. Garcia, one of the founders of IVF at Johns Hopkins, they are at the forefront of infertility treatment. After some testing, they diagnosed me with luteal phase defect, a diagnosis I had never heard of and I went on Clomid to treat it an then went through IVF. We found out I was pregnant! And now we have a beautiful baby girl!

Tammie on

I have been through the infertility issues and am resigned to life without children of my own. unlike Giuliana, having a child was important enough to me that i “had” to put on 15 lbs (the Dr i saw wouldn’t even SCHEDULE a second appointment until i maintained the higher weight for 3 months). I too, suffered through the heart-ache of a miscarriage, and am sorry that you’ve had to experience this. maybe it’s time you searched your heart (REALLY) and think about what you truly want, a scrawny little body (hun, you DO look like a lolly-pop)or to create a healthy baby.

VS on

Giuliana & Bill…I have followed you on your show, for some reason the Lord put you on my heart this past week. Are you and Bill believers? I know that this is part of Gods plan and family is very important to Him. My Pastors wife (My aunt) has prayed over so many couples with this same situation and Praise God there is always a Praise report! If you would like to meet her I would love to help what can it hurt? You’ve tried everything else right? It’s really something when you are a believer and have experienced Gods blessings. I would love to be in agreement with you all for this child and you will see Gods miracle.
God Bless you both!

charlene on

Guiliana and Bill my heart really goes out to you. My prayer is that God will give you a baby. I think that you are a loving couple and a role model of an American Love Affair and Family. I wish you all the best, keep the faith you will have a natural child.

anod on

we love so much and we hope one day u will have a healthy baby xoxo

Dr. Stephanie Weinsten on

This story is so surprising because I work with patients every day in Giuliana’s situation but I would never prescribe IVF without first insisting that the patient gain weight. While I do not know her weight, I can tell that she is at least 20-30 pounds underweight for her size. A woman’s weight has a big impact on many aspects of her reproductive system including getting pregnant. I hope that she finds a good doctor that advises her of this. It seems that the couple really wants this yet maybe the glaring reason is obvious to others but not to Bill and Giuliana.

Leonie on

my sister realy wanted n baby but had problems having one 4 years later
wala twins on the way one boy one girl. i know guiliana and bill is going to have a babay 2011 is n very good year!!!! best of luck G&B.

Dolores Monzo on

Guillanna and Bill,

I wish you both the best in your quest to having a family. February 18, 1999 was the best day of my life. That’s the day I became a single mom of 39 to my wonderful 4 1/2 year old son. I still remember the first day I got him and he called me “Mom”. My heart smiled at the sound of the word. He couldn’t be more my son than if I gave birth to him myself. Although I am American-Italian and he is Chinese he is my son is every way.

I have been following your story and your desire to have a family. You will both be wonderful parents and any child would be lucky to call you Mom and Dad. Never give up hoping and faith.

Margarita Steinkellner on

I totally agree. . . I like Eric alot more on the show. Bill just isn’t how I pictured him to be.

NBA on

Terrific website you have right here