Willow Smith Steps Out with New Hairstyle

12/15/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
JEvan Agostini/PictureGroup

She’s gone from hair-raising to hair-whipping.

Now, Willow Smith‘s rocking a new bowl-cut ‘do. And we think we like it.

Not only does it frame her cute face, but it’s not too over-the-top.

Plus, it leaves room for the 10-year-old to experiment. We’ve heard she’s already added teal extensions to the back.

Now that she’s joining Justin Bieber‘s European tour this Spring, who do you think will be making the biggest hair statement?

Our bet’s on Willow.

TELL US: What do you think of her new hairstyle?

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Kitty on

I think she is growing up way before her time. Shame she just can’t be a 10 year old kid.

Granny B on

Kitty, I agree 100%.

Dee on

Oh for the love of bean leave the kid alone…..she is not growing up before her time and if she is so are the rest of the kids in our society. This one has her mother and father guiding her and by her side at all times. How many parents can say that????????????

ANYWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….I LOVE the new do, it really does frame her face beautifully. She is a pretty little girl and its high time we stop bashing her on this damn page.

Barbra on

She’s a cutie pie! I think it’s great that Will & Jada let her be her own little person. Keep it up Willow. She’s going to be the new trend setter “it” girl soon for the kids.

Tamara on

I agree with Dee….yes I’m not a huge fan of her music, but it’s not exactly geared towards me anyway…and i don’t think she is growing up too fast…i may not agree with all the choices she and her parents have made, but she’s experimenting and having fun….

she looks happy and is obviously having fun with her life…so good for her…people on here are entirely to harsh when it comes to most celebrity kids and it just annoys me to no end. How dare anyone here be so negative towards kids…how would you feel if adults were negative towards your kids on a daily basis? I’m guessing few of you were tolerate it, so why turn around and do the same thing on here?

and since it’s inevitable that someone will make the point that celebrities open themselves up to criticism because they chose to be in the spotlight, well i think that’s just stupid. Just because they chose to be in the spotlight, does not mean that they are not still people and ALL people deserve their privacy and they don’t always deserve to be judged so harshly by people of the general public.

rant over

Jae on

Poor child. She’ll be a fashion victim for the rest of her life at this rate.

Allie-Rose on

I know this a celebrity kids page, but I don’t feel comfortable with even being asked to publicly judge a 10-year-old. Regardless what I think of her haircut/style, I think it’s inappropriate to ask grown adults to judge a 10-year-old

D on

I think the bangs do make her eyes pop – but it didn’t need to be a bowl cut, which doesn’t look good on anybody.

Toya L. on

I have never liked the bowl cut but Willow is a pretty little girl with a lot of talent. Her parents don’t seem to be pressuring her into doing something she didn’t WANT or enjoys doing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with allowing her to pursue her dreams as long as she keeps her grades up, her parents continue to make sure she stays grounded, don’t give into all of her wants (become yes people) and continue to be parents not business partners or friends, I think she will be just fine.

Alyssa on

I’m not judging the child…I’m judging the hair. I’m not a fan, looks like Moe from the Three Stooges

Talea on

I totally agree with Dee! Everytime there is a picture of Willow or her brother, the haters come out in full force! Willow is an adorable and talented little girl. She has her very own style and that is great! She doesn’t seem to care what people think of her and I think its great! LEAVE HER ALONE PEOPLE, GEEZ!

brittany on

she makes a song about not listening to haters and stuff nothing about sex and drugs and she is growing up too fast??? Holy Jizz y’all know nothing.

Meghan on

“This one has her mother and father guiding her and by her side at all times.”

Yeah and that’s the problem. They are stage parents in the extreme. Jaden wants to act Poof–a big budget star vehicle gets produced for him. Willow wants to sing Poof–her demo SOMEHOW lands in the hands of JayZ. Maybe instead of creating careers for them they should hold back, wait until they are eighteen and let them pursue entertainment careers on their own. Of course if they did that, Jaden and Willow might have to learn the painful lesson of rejection and god forbid Will and Jada’s brilliant children suffer such pain.

Jennifer on

This little girl gets more ridiculous with each passing month. Her parents are allowing her to grow up way to fast

JM on

sure but stick a “promise ring” on her finger and all of a sudden people would be saying what a great role model she is.

i find it funny that people complain about a little girl who is clearly living her dream, just because she doesn’t conform to the mainstream way of dressing. but people like the jonas brothers who were also famous as kids are somehow good role models for children and parents seem to adore them. i don’t get it. to me, willow is a child who clearly knows how to think for herself and carve out her own personality. nothing wrong with that.

Tara on

she looks beyond ridiculous in everthing she wears, including this absolutely awful haircut. Im sorry but if I saw her walking down the street I would not be able to keep from laughing.

Kreamie on

I love the Smith clan and Willow is adorable! But, makeup? At 10?????

Niche on

Oh how the “haters” and bullies will pounce on this article with fangs exposed, lol.

As I’ve stated before, I think its great that Willow is allowed express herself and her individuality. She’s living the dream that many young girls would love to and she’s having fun! She’s experimenting and trying different things and she’s just having fun people.

I enjoy checking out this site and reading everyone’s opinion but it does get downright dirty when there’s an article about Willow. I think its sad that so many people have such negative words for and about this 10 yr old. I can only imagine how you treat kids on the playground that are different from your kids.
Why is it so bad for Willow to be artistic and not conform to “Disney” kid standard?

Anyway, Go Willow! You look cute!

KC on

I honestly don’t even see room for debate here. There is no way that those kids are getting raised in a healthy environment. Other kids whose parents shove them in to show business (whether the kids are willing or not, it’s the parents that are putting them in those situations) will end up just as messed up but at least some of them don’t realize what they’re getting their kid into and/or how messed the business is. Will and Jada obviously do. Having a 10-year-old kid feel like everyone adores them, wants to be them, and screams for them is not healthy for any kid and there is NO way to keep a kid grounded in a situation like that. Point me towards the myriad child stars that grew up with healthy attitudes, no problems, and went on to have successful lives and maybe I’ll change my mind, but ones like that are few and far between.

momof boys on

Willow Smith and Justin Bieber on tour! what a joke!

cris on

Oh, dear lord…her haircut reminds me of “Stuart” on MAD TV!!

Ella on

I agree with you Allie Rose. I don’t think this site should be asking adults to comment on a child – especially with some of the negative comments that get posted on this site.

I felt the same way when they had also asked, by looking at photos of Pink in a bikini, if she looked pregnant. This was before they had officially announced it.

That being said, Willow is a very cute girl and I hope she does well in life.

Demetria on

Kreamie- I know plenty of 7 year olds that wear makeup. I started wearing makeup at 9 years old!

Me on

While I prize individuality and creativity in children, balance and limits are key. With that stated, just look at Britney (and now Miley), and all the other “cute, sweet and unique” little girls who grew up before their time and the problems they’ve had and are now having. Hmmmm.

KO on

I think it’s great Willow expresses herself freely through clothing choices, however I believe that her wearing what appears to be a hair weave at 10 years old is crossing the line. I am concerned about the message a child celebrity wearing a weave sends to other black/biracial children struggling to accept that they may look different than their peers (I do not know for sure but I’ve seen enough weaves to be quite confident that it is indeed a weave or at the very least a very expensive wig). I would be absolutely shocked if it is her actual hair.

My 7 year old daughter is biracial and is going through a bit of a hair identity crisis (wanting to look like the other girls in her class who have long straight hair). She has extremely curly jet black hair that is challenging to control. She wore a faux-hawk (pony-tails of her own hair) on crazy hair day at school and was so confident and thought she looked like a rock star, only to come home in tears that other kids told her she looked like a boy and her hair was “weird”. Seeing the teaching moment at such an emotional moment for my daughter, I used Willow as a positive example for my daughter to see someone else who kinda looks like her rocking some funky styles, in particular a mohawk. That was 2 weeks ago, and she still insists we call her Willow. Willow is a confident young girl and is proving to be a tween powerhouse. I will continue to use Willow as an example for my daughter for as long as I deem appropriate.

Anonymous on

ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read that will and jada don’t give her rules. how ridiculous is that???

i think lindsay lohan should scoot over and make room for willow smith at the betty ford clinic LOL


Meghan on

KO, I suggest showing your little one the Sesame Street video “I Love My Hair”. You can find it on youtube. It’s wonderful!

Barbra on

I’m surprised by all the “adults” on here picking on a 10 year old child. Shame on you! Haven’t your parents taught you better than that?! Anyway. Her hair looks cute. It goes with her face. When Chyna Phillips had that same hairstyle in the 90’s it became one of the most popular, so why are you all on the hating edge? Because she isn’t a blonde, tall, white or an adult yet? Or because you are all jealous of her famous parents and the fact that she has what none of you can have. Money, fame, confidence… I just can’t believe all the hate on such a young child.

KC on

@Barbra: Most (if not all, I haven’t read all of them carefully) of the comments seem to be directed at her parents, not at her. So I really don’t understand what you’re saying.

Anonymous on

Anon – I saw that and it left me confused the contract = rules to me. For 1. Her telling Willow she could not get on a social networking site, with the expectations of her doing what she is told, seems like a rule. 2. When she asked Willow what should she do for going on the site anyway? Willow replied “take her computer away for a month”. Sounds to me like she knew there was a consequence for breaking a rule/contract and that Jada had been checking on the sites she visits on her pc.

Angel on

I think the cut is cute and Willow is a very pretty CHILD. At 10, she absolutely should not be going on tour. She has some growing up to do before she needs to start realizing her dreams. I really think the Smith kids are living their PARENTS’ dreams, not necessarily theirs.

Cynthia on

Not my child, not for me to judge. Her parents are Will & Jada Smith.

Anonymous on

wow, she looks stupid.

Alexander159 on

i dont likeee her new haircut 🙂


wow she looks like a boy with makeup :/ so sad i dont like her anyways shes annoying

Moonflower on

I think it is a cute hair cut, But my question is why does it matter what we think,? if she is happy with it that is all that matters.

wow on

She is an adorably precocious child and seems to know what she wants to do. She definitely has swagger. The haircut reminds me of one my brother had when he was a kid, but it’s actually cute on her.

Lala on

it’s a freaking haircut! who cares if we like it out not! she isn’t my kid or yours!!

iza on

i think its ugly.. totally ugly!

Krissy on

I m just glad she covers up and doesn’t dress like a child prostitute! And she’s very talented!

Kristy on

She should not be living her dream. She should be living her childhood !!!!

SVan on

If I ever saw someone in public with the haircut I could only laugh..I can’t believe anyone would think this is cute.

Warmcozy on

KC said to point to the myriad of child stars with no problems and successful lives. Hmm . . . Mayim Bialik, Danica McKellar, Jaleel White, Keisha Knight-Pulliam, Tempestt Bledsoe, Malcolm Jamal-Warner, Tina Yothers, Brooke Shields, Natalie Portman, Alyssa Milano, Raven Symone, Kristen Stewart, Mandy Moore, Sean Astin, and more. Seek and ye shall find.


I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 14. Just sayin.

Marcy on

Ah… it’s not her hair. It likely belonged to a young East Indian girl who had it cut and sold it. She’s a young Black girl of privilege who can pay to have “good hair” – (reference Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair”)


P.S. I’m also disgusted that People is teaching this young girl that it matters what people think about her.

Susie on

You talk about Miley and Brittany? Those two have definitely over stepped the boundaries, and why? because their parents were only concerned about how much money their kids could make for them.

Willow on the other hand has two well respected parents who have lived the famous life and know the boundaries that their children should abide by. If the Smith kids want to try music careers……let them, and don’t be so mean to judge. She’s a 10 year old girl who is trying to find herself, leave her alone!!!

Oh ya, and the haircut is adorable!!

mrcat149 on

looks gross, kind of like her first so called song! When are the so called stars gonna quit pushing their kids to become something they are not. Let her be a kid and when she turns 18 and has graduated High School, then she can decide what she wants to do with her life. A singer she is not.

Sandra on

I think she looks adorable…she’s in a positive environment and being supervised by two great parents….such negative comments from adults…..she’s into entertainmant…makeup world,fantasy of dressing up…………………we all did that at 10…we just didn’t get paid for it …………relax, chill out, stop being so critical……

hang in there Willow..full speed ahead:)

Heather on

The haircut is ridiculous. It would look horrible on anyone. That being said, how many of you out there can actually say with 100% certainty that “This one has her mother and father guiding her and by her side at all times”?? Really? I’d love to know how you know this. You sound like a fool.

missy on

Wow, the world of letting anyone with a computer comment and look at what u have.. EVIL. This world is so full of evil negativity and right here is proof of it all..

Willow is a kid, doing what any other kid would dream about doing. If I could of I would have and so wouldnt ALL of you if you were smart enough because in 2 years all this may be gone and then she would of been .. damn I should of rode it while I had it. That is the difference between winners and losers.. winners go for it, loser are afraid to and dont and are stuck wondering why they can never win. If ya wanna get mad at anyone get mad at yourself for buying her cd’s for your kids who idolize her and beg YOU to buy it. If you werent buying it she wouldnt be famous and even be on here… so u only have urselves to blame. Rock on Willow.. keep winning!! You clearly know how to!!

Bruno on

she looks like a boy to begin with and this makes it so much worse!

gmason1 on

The hair is fine however, I don’t like highlights in kids hair, or makeup unless their little sweetie is working!! But the new young talent that is coming up in the ranks under 30 down. The replacements are stronger that ever!!!! Go Mason Pryor included!!

lisa on

I think her hair is ok, but i really think she should be a kid.. i think the the smith kids are getting notice through there parents and that not fair to other kids who work hard for stuff like that…her song i did not like… i wonder if any other kid came up with that would the out come be the same NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i really thinks kid with famous parents should get in working hard like anybody else.

maci on

people people please i think the kid is awesome and this is the age you should get started in something like singing jeese have a little respect for the small diva just because shes making more money than you it doesnt mean you have to be a total a**wipe!!!

lane on

can’t you people tell it’s a wig? she’s so cute… she’d be a beauty if she was bald!!!

Kat on

Yes we all know the ‘cookie cutter’ Disney image and HOW IT WORKED WONDERS FOR MILEY CYRUS!!!

As soon as Miley Cyrus got old enough she could NOT WAIT to shed her faux Disney image.

I think Willow Smith is just being who she is and like others have said just expressing herself and being able to freely express that individuality in a positive way. More power to her!!!

Diana on

She can do anything to be successful, but she needs to be a kid, too.

Her hairdo is really awful. She doesn’t need to wear makeups. Just a simple lipstick. It would be good enough because she is not a teenager yet.

nacho on

just ridiculous!!!!

Suzy on

looks awful…bright babypink blush and the hairdo is a dont on anyone! Shes a precious little girl & looks like her dad so much

Kelcie on

“people on here are entirely to harsh when it comes to most celebrity kids” People are entirely too negative toward people period! If it were a grown woman with a bowl haircut, they’d say the same harsh remarks and few would say anything about it.

I’m not a fan of the bowl cut, but I like that her parents allow her to experiment with her looks, as a young girl should. Seeing as her folks are entertainers, I would expect them to allow her to do that, versus the opposite.

Anonymous on

she is a beautiful young lady but the haircut awful

Anonymous on

moe from the 3 stooges haha

Jules on

That song of hers is so annoying. Must be nice to have daddy get you a record deal and not have to work for anything. Great thing to teach your kid.

candace on

I am sorry but if my kid would have hair like that, kids at school would be pointing and laughing! It is aweful. It is an ugly wig or weave (whatever they call it).

mary c on

Seriously? “A ten year old with make-up”….cmon, like they don’t put make up on actors and actresses in movies. Its not like she wears make up leaving the house daily. It’s for promotion. I think Will and Jayda have done an amazing job as parents. Dont you all act like you wouldnt do the same. Even I, as a mother, would be doing the same as Jayda if I had that power to make sure my kids had every opportunity to make their dreams and goals come true. The talents there, face it. It’s not like they suck at what they do. You guys are what gives this gorgeous ten year old the reason to make songs about haters LOL

Kaysee on

She is such a cute and pretty girly i think her new hair do is very cute on her i also thin she is a ten year old just trying to find her style and you can only get away with that kind of stuff when you are a kid so i say you girl 😀

shanandgeo on

Plain and simple her hair looks stupid. Not judging her personally, she is just a kid and kids often get stupid haircuts…just sayin my girls won’t be following this “trend”

O on


Cynthia on

It’s a weave.

Karma on

I’d actually like to respond to KC’d comment: I’d like you to find me a kid who is “regular” aand has a perfect attitude and NO problems that is what you said right? ALL kids have some kind of problem. I would say that Will and Jedea arent forcing their kids to be in the limelight or spotlight. I think Willow is just like every other ten year old kid who wants to be a rockstar, and fortunatly enough for her she has an amazizng way of speaking to kids and parents who can help her on her journey. I know of kids who need to see councelers because they have troubles. I also think she wants to be a rockstar SHES 10! When shes 13 maybe she’ll still want to be one. But I honestly believe when she turns 13 1/2 and IF she decides she wants to stop persuing music her parents WONT push her to be. And if they did I would be TOTALLY shocked. I think Willow represents every kid out there who dares to express themselves in a different way than everyone else and gets made fun of or whatever for it. I mean if youre an adult ACT LIKE ONE!!!

bryanik on

i love your brother

Anika on

It’s awful.

Geoff on

She went from looking like she had a comma for a haircut to looking like she was Mo from the 3 Stooges for Halloween and had forgotten to take off her get up. I wonder if she thinks her parents just dont understand

Julie on

Haircut is cute and I’m not going to judge much other than 10 years old is tooo young for mascara, lipstick and blush. Period.

dee on

Considering how Willow herself has stated that she is “falling behind in her schoolwork”, her rocking a bowl cut is not that important..way to go for priorities!!!

And who cares about folks being classified as a “hater”, People asked for an opinion and everyone is entitled to give it…

wow on

10 years old… She is definitely going to have a normal childhood. Who are they trying to get her to impress? Other 10 year olds or hungry men looking for a hot 18 yr old – it seems that is how they are trying to portray her – too bad…

cee cee on

OMG!!!Poor kid looks like a cross between Sanjaya Malakar and a vulcan!

Terri on

Her style reminds me so much of Rihanna. A rated G version of Rihanna, but very Rihanna none the less.

Melania on

Ok, it’s not the most attractive hair cut in my opinion, but she likes it. My 9 year old wanted bright red highlights in her hair and my sister-in-law did them for her. Not attractive either, but my philosophy in my house is that kids can experiment. It’s fun. What is being a kid if you can’t have some fun?

Kat on

I think it looks terrible, but its her won life and her own hair… so its just an opinion

PLC on

Didn’t one of the Three Stooges have this hairstyle about 40 years ago?

Melania on

Also, I meant to add- the haircut is not attractive, but Willow is as cute as can be.

Lisa on

Being young is not the time to get high, or to dress like prostitute, or to wear exagerated makeup and get laid with every single moving thing on earth.

Being young is about to travel, to have fun, to study and learn, to make exercise, go camping, to make strong and longtime friendship relation, etc.

It is true that food like chicken and meat, have more hormones than 20 years ago, but it is not excuse to let people go from childhood to adulthood at 10 years old.

And a girl wearing makeup at 8 is gross, and kinda sick.

Let children being children, the best years of our life.

Macy on

She looks like Frankenstein. Her parents are buying a career for her, so I’m sure they bought this hair for her as well. She is an over indulgent brat and anyone who dates her will be sorry because she will be used to getting her way

Karen on

She looks male. Is that her real hair? Is that real hair?

Sharon on

I love the hair, she is just adorable.

Macy on

She looks like a black Moe. She thinks she’s being stylish, but if she were at a regular elementary school, she’d be getting cheetos thrown at her during lunch.

Elle on

Ugh, obviously trying way too hard to be a TRENDSETTER. If she’s as FAKE as her parents (and as bad of a dresser), then she’s doomed to fail. I think mommy & daddy Smith are pushing her on us was too hard & soon. I haven’t seen much REAL talent there…

Anonymous on

I agree with other posters who think she’s growing up way too fast. Why can’t she just be a 10 year old kid? I know she lives in the celebrity world due to her parents but I personally find it sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if she heads the way of other celebrity kids when she’s older, going off the rails. I hope not, but she wouldn’t be the first and parents seem to be pushing them into limelight, maybe it’s what her and her brother want, but her parents are the adults and are still responsible for their kids decisions! H

Just glad that my kids grow up away from la-la land in little old NZ, with a relatively normal childhood!

Angel on

I don’t like it. Looks even worse than Bieber’s hair. She would look better with her hair longer. And she is only 10 I’m almost 30 and she wears more make-up than me….I think she is growing up too fast


i love willow she is awesome …..

yasmin on

it looks more like a boys haircut.but i still love her!:D

Gigi on

I’m already sick of this kid.

Shirin on

she is the only person I know that can rock the bowl haircut 🙂

Macy on

Melania, can’t wait till your kids “experiment” with drugs and sex partners. I’m sure you’ll handle it well since you are such a cool parent.

Lizzy on

I think Will & Jada need to allow Willow to be a 10yo. Make up & weave are just way across the line.

Trejsian on

Willow is a beautiful 10 year old. She is blessed to have her mom and dad by her side every step of the way as she comes into her own.

chasity on

omg what is wrong with that kid?

Karen on

I’m really grateful that I had a loving and protective mom who let me be 10 when I was 10. When their son was on Oprah, I found him hard to stomach, too. He was too cool for the room. Yuck.

sgv on

she looks cute, I like this new haircut, much better than before!

memsy on

i love willow smith for her courage…i love the new hair do…its a cute signature…keep it up baby!

cece on


Amanda on

I love Willow, shes fun and energetic and very talented, but at a 13 yearold point of view, she is missing out on her childhood. I am only 13 and I miss being able to play barbies and sleep at nanas house and play outside with bro and sis all day long and have nothing to worry about, and willow, you’re 10 years old, and you going on a european tour soon! C’mon girly, live your life, but slower!

Maria J on

It’s amazing that a child her age can not experiment. I am quite sure that Will & Jada are making sure that she is not doing anything that is going to get her into any trouble. It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH and EXPERIMENTING and trying to do things to make herself happy. If she vears off in the wrong direction (which I doubt) I am almost certain Will & Jada will do the best to make sure that doesnt happen….cut the girl some slack she is freakin finding herself what is so wrong about that????????????????????????????????????????????? Stop worring about her and worry about your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LooneyMoon on

Does anyone else think she looks like Sanjaya?

gutsygirl on

I think the entire family is a bit full of themselves. Seriously…a ten year old fashion icon? What next…Suri Cruise designer clothes!?

ELC on

It is a very unattractive haircut on a child. It does nothing for her-
in fact it takes away from her. May be Jada likes it because she wants to be the only STAR in the family. She was a cute kid with long hair and at that age she should have long hair. It is very unbecoming on Willow and whoever agreed with this look-needs to loose their haircutting licence.

Boo on

Looks like Moe from the 3 Stooges…

john on

I think the hair and her singing and music are the same NO GOOD, the only reason shes is in the spot light is because of her parents. There is alot of talented people out there who are trying to get there foot in the door with music or acting or fashion, but all of us keep getting feed celeb kids who alot of them cant sing cant act or have no fashion sense what so ever. If the celebs want to do something good try helping someone who does have what it takes to make it in the bizz.

catherine on

I give this girl credit for having enough self esteem to rock different hair styles!! How many young girls can do that? Go Willow!!

ELC on

I’m sorry, but this is a sad excuse for a hair-cut. It is very unbecoming. Willow looked so much better with longer hair.

Mrs JP on

O M G that is the ugliest hair cut on a little girl ever. Apparently her parents were not thinking at all and are letting their little girl grow up way too fast. Plus her music sucks.

mike on

I like her hair and she is a very talented child hope she does well for years to come.

Chrisey on

I agree 100% with Mehgan. I think it would have best if Will & Jada let their kids go through what they they went through to get careers. If its just handed to them, as children none the less, they are going to eventually abuse it and then they wont be as cute and role model-ish as all of you are saying.

Willow is a gorgeous little girl. I just don’t understand (nor like) the fact that her parents are giving her SO MUCH freedom at such a young age. She’s only 10 years old and she should be acting like a 10 year old girl. Not an 18 year old, wearing makeup, and being a fashion icon. She may be a famous couples daughter but who is she really?

Again, I love her she adorable and fortunately she has a wonderful voice but, she shouldn’t be made a statement or an icon. She’s waaaaay to young. And as we’ve all seen, young artist always seem to have so much mores stress when their in the camera. They can’t be themselves….& thats what I’m seeing. She’s becoming what the media wants to see her as…a cute little girl with wild hair.

Clara on

It would be nice to see her with curly natural hair. Instead of the straight relaxed “damage” hair.

mrcat149 on

no one would even care if she was not the kid of Will Smith, pathetic that this even became a story, and people, if someone gives their opinion about something, it does not mean they are haters, it means they gave their opinion, get over yourselves.

Michele on

I think her hair does not do anything for her, just like with justin does nothing for me a young wanna be.

jane on

Obnoxious just like her father. ugh.

Anonymous on

She is an adorable child, but I have to agree with some that this cut looks like Moe’s haircut from the three stooges. LMAO. I am sure Jada will rectify this very shortly.

Anonymous on

The ears…makes them look much much bigger

ann_p on

please. these two smith kids are more packaged than an anal retentive’s christmas presents.
these arent children. they are business tools of two crazy thetans.

Prajedes on

not my kind of style for a 10 year old.

rolliby on

I wonder why her hair is STRAIGHT? Is there a problem with hair that is not straight?

raidernation on

Shame on her parents, look at that makeup and all. She is loosing her childhood and that’s a shame. And the hair looks horrible. Another celebrity child that will end up where Lindsay Lohan is at. And the hair whipping video is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, don’t know how she didn’t break her neck doing it.


Shame they don’t let kids be kids…and then they ask ‘what went wrong?’ Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith I thought you would be better parents, what a disappointment

T/ on

Why aren’t her parents encouraging her to love her hair the way it was meant to be, without being chemically treated? And what’s with the make up? Are they telling her she’s not beautiful enough as she is? Why don’t they focus on getting her to an orthodontist for that underbite, which can cause so many problems later?

Get with it Will and Jada. It’s time she spent her days with kids, reading good books and learning to play music rather than strutting her stuff.

Laura on

Willow certainly is a precious looking little girl, but I am sorry to say I am not a fan of the new do. Also, I must comment on those attacking the issue that Willow is wearing some make up. First of all, i’m sure it was ONLY for the picture….don’t any of you women remember when you were little and playing with make-up…come on….I’m sure this was done for the special occasion. Oh brother!

hannah on

poor little girl. she’s going to look back on all these photos and just shake her head wondering what she (and her parents!) were thinking! She’s 10.. she should be playing with dolls and having tea parties and definately not wearing makeup. Kind of sad 😦

Sharon North on

A 12 year old girl with all that crap on her face and going out “on tour”. She should be in school and allowed to have a childhood first so we won’t be seeing HER in rehab one of these days. One stupid song out (which I can’t stand to listen to), and now the media is going to cram HER down our throats too–another person the media is going to keep telling us is talented and that we should love. Give me a break. I don’t buy records made by 12 year olds. When I was TWELVE I would buy a record by a 12 year old. Enough already!

Sharon North on

For the woman who said she knows lots of 9 yr. olds who wear makeup and that SHE started wearing it at 7–wow. That’s disturbing. And for everyone talking about “hating” on this little girl–I’m not hating. I’m expressing my opinion, which is what this space is supposed to be about; and I’m allowed to express mine, even if it doesn’t jibe with yours. I’m saying I find it disturbing that such a little girl is being thrust out into the spotlight and going out on a tour. I thank God my mom and dad wouldn’t have let me do such a thing when I was that age. They were careful to allow us to be kids. And saying that this kid is “living her dream” and “finding her own way”… she’s a little kid! Plenty of time for that when she’s grown enough to make grown-up decisions about her life. How many well-adjusted, obviously mentally healthy former child stars can YOU name? Huh? There’s Britney… whoo hoo, nice story there. There the bong-smoking Miley, great job there. Lindsay Lohan, ’nuff said. And countless others. Let this kid be a little girl first. Plenty of time for adult stuff when she’s an adult!

Cath on

Kitty…I agree as well…when I read about a 10 year old going on tour, I want to give her parents a smack up the back of the head! She is just a kid! There is time for all the other stuff later!!!!

Laverne Smith on

I to believe she is growing up way too fast there are actors of old who say they wish they were allowed to be children , we as adults see their potenial and start capitalizing on it instead of taking things slow and letting things run its course the bible says our gift will make room for us so why not let things develope on their own she has talent there’s no doubting that but I feel adults are pushing her way too soon too fast.

Springwater on

What happened to making mud pies and climbing trees and popping wheelies on your bike? Ew, Hollywood makes your children into men and women long before their time.

Cher on

It’s so typical for untalented, broke, not to mention jealous, adults to spend time insulting a child who is working twice as hard as the whole sorry bunch. She sings because she enjoys it and it’s obvious that none of the “critics” acknowledge all of the practice, dedication, and discipline that is required of Willow in this industry.

In my opinion, seeing those attributes in a 10 year old is amazing. It’s refreshing to see that Willow has the very same work ethic that contributed to her parents mega success.

Jealousy is a very foul emotion and instead of putting this child down, realize that her change purse contains more than your entire net worth. Please don’t steal this childs joy because you were not inspired to do anything extraordinary in life .

It’s a sad day when grown people can compare this young child to a “boy”. I guess they didn’t go through any awkward phases when they were growing up. Before you judge, it might be a good idea to look through some of your old photo albums and yearbooks. I bet you can hardly stand to look can yourself, can you?

Dee on

The fact that some of you people come on here and bash her is really pathetic, calling her “Black Moe” or Frankenstein or whatever!! How sad are you guys?

Are we this critical over those tv shows called “toddlers and tiaras” etc. where the little 3 and 4 year old girls are wearing fake teeth, nails, hair extension and lordy Lord dont get me started on the caked on makeup and fake tan….you people want to see stage parents, go critisize those people.

I am pretty sure that Willow can if she pleases step away from music and movies if she chooses to follow another dream. I just find it funny that some of the comments on here are so direct like you guys live in their house, listen to their conversations to know what is happening and therefore qualified to judge Will and Jada’s parenting skills!!!

You dont exist in their universe so people please, if you like the haircut say so and if you dont say so but no need to BASH the child or her parents.

I sincerely hope People take the celebrity’s children off this site because some of the responses on here are vapid and downright MEAN!!!! Shame on you!!!!

Mary on

The hair looks nice. Waaaay better. Now let her be a child.

adalyn on

the whole Smith family makes me sick >_<

Mama on

Yawn. She’s 10 years old, who cares about her hair?!

Ashlee on

All she needs is a chipped front tooth and she could be a body double for Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”.


Always have always will hate bowl cuts. They do not look good on anyone I don’t care how cute you are. Poor girl!

me on

jesus what is she? 8? and she’s going on a european tour? hmmmm me thinks that mama and papa smith don’t get the message like the other hollywood parents. KEEP YOUR KIDS FAR FAR AWAY FROM HOLLYWOOD

Chelsea on

I find it amazing that people can be so hypocritical. Any parent would allow their child to try new things that they think they may enjoy. A child wants to play sports and their parents put them in little league or a child wants to play instruments so their parents pay for music lessons. The Smith children want to sing and act which is not surprising because it is the world they have grown up in. What is wrong with their parents giving them that opportunity? I for one wish I had those kinds of resources for my kids. These kids are pretty talented and have a better support system than most child stars. And while I don’t think I would ever chose a bowl cut for anyone, Willow would probably look adorable no matter what her hair looked like so more power to her for trying something different.

And just a quick side note, there was a comment on here about a mother letting her child try new things with her hair, to which someone replied “wait till they begin experimenting with drugs and sex partners.” I would just like to say that I was always allowed to do whatever I wanted with my hair and I didn’t end up as some addict with a million notches on her bed post. As someone you makes a living from working with adolescents, I can say with a great amount of certainty that it is the children who are stifled from a young age that will eventually do the “experimenting.”

jazzej on

I love her new do and her adventurous style!!(like her mom)*

don't care about her hairstyle on

she so young to be in the music business and she can’t be a kid when your always surrounded by adults twice or even more, telling her what to do. She’s just a kid and she should wait a little bit longer when she’s older like 18, if she really still want to be in this type of life in the future. Who would take her seriously, as a singer??? maybe she should try acting like her parents but on a serious note, it is a shame that some parents don’t let kids be kids.

Abby on

But can she still whip her hair???

If not, this is a TRAVESTY.

I hope my sarcasm is obvious, because everyone else is just freaking mean.

Laurie on

I agree this cut looks like Moe from the Three Stooges. This child should not be on tour with Justin Bieber-this is too much too soon!!

Just Me on

The thing is when you give a child too much expression too young it can come back to bite you right on you behind. I just hope at 18 she doesn’t come home and tell Will and Jada she wants to star in a XXX porn movie like what poor Lawrence Fishburne had to deal with.

SL on

I think its hideous like her music. She should be 10 not 30. Next Lindsey Lohan she is

Tiff on

Kids are growing up too fast these days…
I think the haircut is ugly…like a boy haircut…Her mom is trying to play dress up or something…pretty twisted…

Niche on



shaz on

why does people always feature this kid’s hair/fashion sense? anyway, she looks ridiculous. and yeah, she’s annoying too.

Manal on

Some of u people are really mean! i just want u to remember that Willow might be reading this, shes old enough to do that!…and u know how this kind of talk can effect a child especially girls her age! so please if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!

Manal on

and oh Willow u are a beautiful little lady!

Robin on

She looks adorable!!! So cute!!

shaz on

missy – you’re overreacting. EVIL? that’s such a strong word. this is a comments page and people are just expressing their opinions. don’t tell me you don’t think “EVIL” thoughts on people you don’t like.

Rose on

@Missy: So according to you, people are evil for disagreeing with Will and Jada’s decision to put their kids in the spotlight. Seriously? You’re being really melodramatic and you seem kind of unhinged.

Robin on

It’s just hair people. She looks cute!!


Suggestion: Pull the wig down a little, a little more, a little more…more…perfect! That should have covered here entire face and we don’t have to look at her any more.

Kate on

she can’t whip her hair back and forth anymore….

JustMyThoughts on

I think that her hair is adorable and so is she. People groom their kids for sports, music, fashion careers everyday. If any of you had the opportunity to offer your child the opportunities that Will and Jada can offer theirs I am betting you would be doing it also. They seem to be a well grounded, loving family and I bet their kids are going to turn out just fine.



Frimmy on

Don’t know what’s been said so far and I’m all for a child having the confidence to dress their own way and a parent that supports her but a nine (ten?) year old girl is way too young for make up.

icky on

She’s just having fun. A little earlier than most, but her parents can afford to indulge her. Who is it hurting?

Dawn on

You negative Nellies really need some new material! She is playing dress up and make believe, what is more child like than that? When she starts dressing like Taylor Momsen and other minors who think they are 25, then we can worry. I might not like every style she sports, but she does it with fun and flair. She isn’t a clone and look forward to seeing her many looks over the years. I just love the entire Smith family and it looks to me like Jada and Will are involved parents who love each other and their kids.

Beth on

She is a beautiful little girl but I think heparents are the two most annoyng, over aggressive people in Hollywood. Their attitude just bugs me to no end. So pompous, arrogant, and kind of obnoxious.

Unfortunately, this little cutey might grow into the same personality type-I hope not. Having said all that, it seems innapropriate to comment on the looks of a 10 year old.

Victoria on

It doesn’t really fit her style. She’s too young to have that type of hair cut. It’s an exageration…my opinion

maggie on

now try whipping your hair

Ori on

I love Willows spirit and her vibrant personality….but I have to be hoonest she looks like one the ewoks from star wars.. Idk.. Bowl hair wigs are not the move for anyone…. I do love her though.

Sunny on

Too bad people aren’t whining about Jada and Will pimping out their kids.

S Miller on

In my opinion, much like the majority of other posters on here, she looks ridiculous and has no business wearing makeup that young or trying to make a career in a nasty industry such as music. She needs to go to elementary school and be a damn kid and quit worrying about how to make a living…she has her parents money to fund all the counseling and Betty Ford clinics she will most definitely be needing once she hits her early 20’s.

Are Will and Jada hard up for money?? Obviously their lack of talent hasn’t done much for them so why ram their brats down our throats. The little girl can’t sing for $h!t and her songs are so technically altered I imagine if we heard her real voice it would make our ears bleed.

as far as the “haters” comments go…the people that are so worried about negative comments should learn to accept the criticism that goes with these types of articles. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and once a ‘celebrity’ puts themselves in people faces…well honey if they can’t take the heat…get the f**k out of the fire!

Oh and don’t worry that lil rugrat won’t be making a dime off of me or my family, we pay for real talent and skills not some lil wanna be. I see a future beat down for her because she is trying to grow up way to fast and there won’t be enough clinics or doctors to fix her when she has her burnout in a couple of years.

Kidd on

It’s not even her hair. Sadly she is ten going on 30 already. Her song was so over processed to sound like an adult she has to lip sync. I felt really bad for her watching her performance on the Ellen show. Willow was trying so hard but just couldn’t stay in sync. It was so unfair, why not just let her be age appropriate so her natural talent can come through. In a radio interview Willow talks about not really understanding the times tables after some probing by Ryan, Willow admits she has been too busy working everyday for school or tutors.

Please let her be ten.

mochababe73 on

Willow is such a pretty girl.

Jada wearing Barbie doll hair is one thing, but I don’t think that having your 10 year old daughter wear this obvious fake hair is another. However, I love this hair more than the mohawk thing.

I don’t blame Willow. She’s a kid, and children need guidance. There should be limits, and I don’t think that Willow has any. But each parenting style is different. So, to each his own. That’s what makes the world go ’round. I wouldn’t do it. When you are an adult, have your own space, and the means by which to pay for what you want, then you can have whatever your little heart desires.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with your comment, doesn’t mean that a person is a hater. I don’t think anyone here hates Willow or is jealous. It’s a weak argument, and I get tired of reading it. Find an intelligent one.

S Miller on

no one would give two cents for her if they didn’t know who her parents were….she needs to get over herself before she has her first of several breakdowns coming her way.

she needs to go find herself some real talent before opening herself up to criticism…besides once a person puts themselves in the faces of the public, they’re asking for trouble especially if they want their money!

Deana on

I dont like it and i agree isnt she only 10yr?? Act like It!!!

Tee on

I feel sorry for Willow and her brother. Jada and Will seem to want their children to grow up in an awfully big hurry.

RG on

Is this a wig…it really doesn’t look like real hair …way to shiny and straight

Mimi on

I saw Will Smith on a British talk show and they asked about the kids working so much. Will said he has the fear of going broke again. I don’t care what folks do with thier kids but damn. He said the kids only get 7 days off a year. (LOL) I just thought that was hella funny, he may dress nice but he is still ghetto. Will Smith has started his own child labor serive to ease his fears about going bankrupt again. Don’t hate just being real, if I had that money I’d give my kids a childhood first. And peoople wonder why kids are so f’d up today.

rdc on

This child is annoying with her song and with the way she dresses. Now she really gone and done it with the hair cut. For real child be a normal 10 yr old child and lose the makeup cause its sooo not working for you. I love will and jada and the little boy though. They are adorable!!!

Yolanda on

Let. Her be. A ten year old . She is being allowed to grown up. Toooooo fast, Which is such. A shame.

Amber on

Nothing wrong with her working if she really wants too. It’s not like her parents are forcing her to do it for money, they don’t need it. So many parents treat their talented kids like meal tickets, driving them into sexual promiscuity, drug use, or worse. See Britney Spears, Lindsay lohan. Miley cyrus… I think that will and jada are letting willow do something she loves. If she tires of it I would be willing to bet she will stop fairly quickly!

J on

I love these Willow Smith style monstrocity articles, keep it up People. They are good for a laugh. 😀 She looks like Toad from Mario Brothers.

I also love the very angry rants from people who are mad at others for not caring for these ridiculous styles this kid chooses.

Anonymous on

whip my hair back and forth. not.

Noni on

Beautiful girl, but that looks like a short weave with too many tracks. Too heavy.

Anonymous on

excuse me i whip my hair back and forth.

Emily on

I am sure Willow and Jaden had the door opened for them because of their parents success, but they wouldn’t have gotten very far based on that alone. Jaden has received a lot of praise for his acting abilities in The Pursuit of Happyness and Karate Kid. Lots of people love Willow’s song. I don’t think it is fair to say because they have famous parents they must have zero talent. There are a lot of incredibly talented parent/children combos in entertainment….if the kids prove they can stand on their own talent once given the opportunity, like Willow and Jaden have been, then give them that credit. Also, I agree with commenters who have pointed out how detrimental forcing child actors into “typical children” images has been for many disney stars. These kids finally reach an a certain age where they rebel because they werent allowed to be individuals or experiment with different styles as they grew up. It’s not letting kids experiment with drugs to let them experiment with their clothes and hair. She isn’t even dressing provactively. Its just a different style. I loved wearing every layer of tie die growing up and did my own hair (in probably worse styles than this)…it didn’t mean I became a troubled child in my teens. As long as she has good guiding parents and adult figures around her, let her be an individual and explore different styles up to an appropriate limit. Kids are supposed to have fun!

Becky on

Y’all do know that’s fake hair, right? Sorry but it’s true. She doesn’t have that hair type. She will never have straight flowing hair, no matter how much she sings about whipping it or takes picture with a wig on.

JT on

I don’t like this haircut at all even though she is really cute and will be very pretty when she’s older. This haircut is too odd and if I saw some non-celeb girl sporting a haircut like that, I’m pretty sure people would tease her about it at the playground. It just wouldn’t be stylish in the real world.

Babygirl on

I like the haircut but it is too heavy on her face.

2 Cute... on

She’s just a kid and it’s ONLY hair let her express herself and have fun. She’s a good kid and that’s all that really matters.

2 Cute… on

Get a Life….it’s her hair if it’s on her head. Just like your clothing, jewelry, make-up, or push-up bra!!! Whip that!!!

don_mae on

People!! It’s a wig. Do you see her scalp anywhere? No..

She didn’t cut her hair. You’ll see. Next week it will be back to the Rihanna style she has been rocking.

Chill out. Calm down. This too shall pass.

DJ on

This kid is too young to be wearing a wig. I just think the style is not age appropriate.

Kitty on

Why on earth would you put hair extensions on a 10-year-old? That is so stupid. Another Hollywood kid growing up way too fast!

Jules on

Niche – why are you turing this into a black/white thing? “get off your lily white high horse?” sounds to me like you are the one who is racist. Face it, the kid looks ridiculous. That hair would look stupid on a Caucasian child, Hispanic child, Asian child, etc…

ecl on

Had to go watch her music video after all this drama. Just another forgettable repetitive pop song. You can’t even tell if she has talent because they warped her voice. I hope she survives this, but I have to agree that 10 is too young. I don’t care what opportunities came my child’s way – no to Hollywood at such a young age.

Babygirl on

I think everyone is taking this too far. It’s a little girl. So what..

Angela on

People, please! For all of you who say she is not being raised in a healthy environment…you know this how, exactly? Are you in the home? Do you know the Smiths personally? And for those of you who doubt a “child star” can grow up and be normal (or your version of normal, anyway), look no further than Kim Fields, or Miyam Bialik, or Melissa Joan Hart, or Joey Lawrence, or Fred Savage, or Danica McKellar, or any number of young people with good parents in their lives. Not all child stars are troubled or on drugs; for every one you read about in the tabloids, there are two or more who are being ignored for being “normal” because normal isn’t news! And one more thing, why shouldn’t their parents help them out? What is wrong with that? I do what I can for my children, as do most parents. Just my opinion!

Ca-Tay on


michelle on

willow song is very cute and video.this hair is a hot weave mess its perfect for a hood rat. she still can be stinkin cute and look like a ten year old child.will and jada have 2 very old souls as children some people hate that and some thinks its cute.she needs to bring it down a few notches and let her mother be the stunner shot caller. i saw a photo with the both of them wearing these hideous red boots. i was speechless they just look stupid. her wardrode is very circus like and they have all that money. im wunder what she would dress like if there ass was broke. lets just hope she’s a wonderful loving, likeable and respectful child.they become great adults.

BoKona on

All I can say, parents should be the role model for their kids. Jada Pinkett- Smith has been in the “red carpet” with outrageous outfit; minis skirt, big hat, unexplainable hair do and outfit? I don’t know what is she trying to prove. Wannabe the Beckham? Again, kid sees these acceptable , the unacceptable outfit for her age.

Tee on

Niche, can I ask you a question? Why do you think people are making this out to be a racial thing? I’m honestly curious because I looked through the comments and don’t see anybody implying that.

LJ on


Niece on

People People People please, as it’s stated, this is a 10yr old CHILD!!!! For the love of ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Her parents are down to earth, making a way for their children to be afforded things in life that most children will never have and that’s stability!!!! She also has a 17yr old brother on her dad’s side (they all are very close) and he’s not in to acting so for anyone to say that the parents are pushing them is so wrong. If you have ever listen to any of their interviews they give back to the community. People magazine should be ashamed of themselves for asking adults to comment on a CHILD!!!!! Let’s praise that our CHILDREN have someone their age that they can listen to without talking about finding love. GET OFF OF IT AND LEAVE HER ALONE. It’s just like when you see men at a gymnastics meet, half of them don’t have family members on the team yet they are at the meets, yet no one speaks on that??????? Let her be a child and stop making nasty comments

Jennifer on

I won’t judge her looks, but I’ll certainly judge the parents who think red carpets and fame are appropriate for a child. Haven’t we seen seen enough screwed up adults who lament having been pushed/allowed to grow up too fast as children?

I don’t think that Will and Jada Smith have some special insight that will prevent their children befalling the same fate as others. Money/fame=sense of entitlement=emptiness in way too many.

Camilla on

Unbelievable. It is CLEAR that her parents have a plan to each of their kids, and with their influence, insert these kids in the industry at ANY COST regardless their talent. This girl is NOT a very talented performer. If she was not a “Smith”, she’d NEVER make it. There are much better/cuter girls out there struggling to make it. Opening show to Justin Bieber? PUH-LEAZE the parents TOTALLY bought their way into that one! I wonder what kind of money/favors they owe now…

Kathryn on

She is a beautiful little girl, but the hair is hideous!!! Live and let live!! As long as she is happy, whatever!

Emily on

She looks like DJ from Roseanne.

Cecily on

I’m amazed at how brutal can be towards this child and her parents. This little girl is being allowed to live out loud and I don’t see any problem with it. Actually, she is behaving like a typical 10yr old child. If allowed they dress eclectically and they have big imaginations. The only difference is this child is in the public eye. I think its great that her creativity is being encouraged and as far as we know this music thing may just be a passing fancy. How many of the naysayers would love to go back in time and live out their dreams. Her parents have worked hard to get where they are so why do people not understand that they will help their children? People do it everyday. Its called a hook up. Their children are hooked up. I pray that this family continue to be close knit and supportive of each other. The problem with Lindsey Lohan is she didn’t have true support. Her parent were self-serving and they still are as you see every time she gets into trouble. I wish for once to see people looking for the positive. When Drew Barrymore was her age she was already well on her way to being an alcoholic. People lets me a little more supportive and remember that this child most-likely reads they nasty things that are said about her and Will and Jada have a tough fight on their hands to keep her self-esteem up and keeping her focused.

kelsey on

how can you NOT like it? she’s a little kid- that’s who the bowl cut is meant for. cutie!

Ryan on

I agree with those who are saying let her be a kid. Just because she can sing and wants to sing professionally doesn’t mean her parents should let her. Do they ever tell either of those obnoxious kids “no”?

Anonymous on

This is absolutely ridiculous and I’m not talking about Willow…who gives a rat’s butt about what her fashion sense is like or how crazy she wants her hair to be. Have you guys ever met a 9-year old?? They all love to dress crazy and do interesting things to their hair, trust me I have three younger sisters and I work with adolescents. And thinking back to my own childhood, I would’ve loved if I could express myself through my clothing or hair without being restricted to wearing so-called socially acceptable attire. So really, stop “hating” on a little girl – that’s all that’s being done here. And to add race to the issue is relevant, I’m sensing that a lot of the criticism on here stems from the assumption that Black people don’t know how to raise their children…which is absurd and um, racist…Plus, her parents are famous and successful actors, so are you saying that they would be better role models if they quit acting? Something they love that is also their JOB? Like I said, ridiculous…I think we should be more concerned about the neglected and abused children out there, those in the corrupt Foster Care System we have in this country, and those with irresponsible, unfit parents…and the parent-less…psshh, leave Jada and Will alone, and their children for goodness sake.

Sue Martin on

It’s a wig !
Geesh her hair is coarse and dark black. Her hair is frizzy,it doesn’t look that good. it’s a wig.

Plus I am so sick of hearing it’s what she’s always wanted to be in show biz..do her parents know how stupid that sounds.

Children of some mighty big stars of the past kept their kids
private. This is crazy dragging these kids into the bizz just cuz you can afford to pay for all their stuff they need.

Anonymous on

Everyone just needs to calm down…I’m almost certain that none of you are related to her and/or really know what her life at home is like…Shut up and mind your own business

Chris on


Jane on

Too old too young !

Shelly on

Who cares? Kid growing up waaay too fast, Next!

Meg on

I don’t care if the hair is real or not; it’s an ugly hairdo and no one should wear it. The Smiths are pimping their kids out for money because their own stars have faded, and weren’t that important to begin with. Jaden already acts like a pompous jerk, and this girl may someday be another Miley Cyrus. Will and Jada should be ashamed of themselves.

Chris on

Asking grown adults to judge a 10 year old is questionable in my opinion. But honestly, even though she might be having fun and enjoying her life as a child star for now, kids like this grow up so fast… look at Lindaay Lohan and now Miley Cyrus. Why can’t Will and Jada just tell their kids NO, put their foots down, let them be kids and let them enter into a life of fame when they are older (and if they still want that kind of life) and more mature. They are asking for disaster by thursting them into being child stars now. IMO they are no better than other Hollywood stage moms looking to live of their kids.

Dee on

That is not a haircut People, that is a wig/weave attached to the childs head. A hair cut does not give a black child straight, shiny, hair.

Barbra on

@KC, what are you reading? The adults on this board are bashing this young 10 year old for no reason. I mean. Seriously? She’s 10. If you don’t like the hairstyle fine. If you don’t like her parents fine. But we are discussing Willow and her new hairstyle. Not her parents.

Lilley on

uh poor kids,, that haircut look stupid!!!!

Lilley on


moni86 on

Ridiculous. She’s 10 years old wearing fake lashes, full makeup and fake nails. Will Smith seems like such a grounded guy, I’m surprised.

Ali on

After reading some of the post I have to say>
A 10 yr. old shouldn’t be judged by adults. I think that its cute she is living a dream most adults want. since she’s 10 I dont think touring will be the same as a 18yr celeb. Because of child labor laws. I dont think her parents are making her doing this because they want her to live out their dreams. Her parents are already worth millions and still is very successfull. I can understand if we were talking about Miley Cyrus then yes her parents(Billy) pimped her out for{his} fame. it worked and I am a fan of hers but i think she grew up too fast 15 almost topless photo shoot, stripper pole dancing , and dating a 20yr old underwear model. thats growing up too fast.

shame/guilt on

Reading these comments makes me feel so sick and frustrated I want to leave the Internet. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, sure, and people.com DID ask for them…but really, does everyone have to be so negative?? The truth is that we have no idea what Will and Jada’s parenting style is like, so we can’t say it’s perfect but we also can’t assumes it’s awful. So just let the poor girl be! Would you ever want people talking like this about your 10 year old? Also, to those who point to Milry Cyrux and Lindsey Lohan as examples of why children shouldn’t be allowed to be stars, they are not the only examples out there. What about Natalife Portman or Brooke Shields? And anyways, a lot of things in the world shouldn’t happen. My adopted sister shouldn’t have had to grow up at age 6 because her mom abandoned her on the streets. Life is tough, and if you hate it so much, find a cause and DO something about it. (Even if that cause is brining normalcy to lives of child starts.). Complaining on the internet accomplishes exactly zero.

Mrs. D. on

I’m not a fan of kids being entertainers at this age; but it’s their kid, not mine. Frankly, I’m surprised. I thought Will and Jada would have been more conservative with their children’s upbringing. Willow and her brother, obviously, are talented.

Terri on


I find your comments reprehensible. And about a child no less. Does CB no longer screen comments? Somebody needs to step up and moderate here.

Yvonne on

Are those fake eyelashes? Ugh…. Cute haircut though.

Carrie on

So sad for this little girl. Will and Jada, wake up.

DC on

I enjoy most of the young singers as performers. Since I have 2 kids myself, one 10 and one 14, Radio Disney is on ALOT! HOWEVER, when I first heard Willow sing, all I could think was that she would not have gotten any studio time, much less air time for her songs and voice if her parents were not who they are. I guess the saying is true, it is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

djtexas on

Um…uh….gee….All I can say is “why?”

Lauren on

I think Will and Jada Smith raise their kids right! It is perfectly ok for Willow to change her hair 100 times a year or add teal extensions to it…it makes her an individual. There is no way Jada Pinkett Smith is gonna let her child act crazy or grow up too fast. They need to write a book on parenting! After I saw them on Oprah with all their children and I saw how respectful each of them are, I really felt a deeper respect for Will and Jada.

Gloria on

Honestly I think all of you negative people need to get a LIFE. The problem is you are too old to be judging a 10 yr old and it shouldn’t be left up to you to judge anyone. Some of your comments are harsh, racist and just plain ignorant. Cyber bullying is exactly what’s going on right now. Will and Jada are making their kids grow up and have a life. Teaching them independence and how to make their own money and not live off of they’re parents money. So what if they got the extra hook up because they have famous parents. You fail to see they have talent that they parents can’t give them. Get off of here and grow up. Yes her fashion is bold and creative. But back in the 80’s we dressed bold and creative. So whatever. Bravo to Will and Jada, Congrats to Willow and Jaden for their success. The funny thing is most of you who have nothing nice to say is that if you had the same opportunity you would do the same for your kids. Don’t say you wouldn’t because we know if we could give our kids a better life than what we had we would do it in a heartbeat.

Jena on

@Ella and Barbra, what are you talking about? This is a free country! Who cares who comments? We are aloud to talk about whoever whenever! This little girl needs to calm it down and be young. She idols Rihanna? Why?! She’s not a good role model. All she does is date people and talk about sex and crap. Willow needs to grow her hair back and leave it alone. I can’t stand these wigs and bowl shaped hair! She keeps talking about being yourself, why can’t she just accept the fact that she’s bald, and live with it? Why wear wigs and cover your self up, and NOT be you? Hmmmm I’m really starting to wonder. Whip your hair? Like she has any to begin with! Or does she? Maybe she wears wigs to be like Rihanna? Has anyone ever thought about that? Willow is not original, she’s dressing and acting just LIKE Rihanna. Her song Whip my hair is full of it and she needs to go to school and learn how to talk to people because I’m getting a little sick of, “Ugh and Um and Ugh and Um.” It’s getting REALLY REALLY old! Stay 10, go to school, and be young! She’s too fast for her age. Take the makeup off, take the exotic clothing off, the wigs too, and just be 10! When I was 10, I was in schooling having fun being young! Why can’t she do the same? Will and Jada’s parenting skills are whack! Stop worrying about your career and worry about your children. I heard the other day, Jada and Will FINALLY found out that their so called *Sweet innocent daughter* had a MySpace when they told her She COULDN”T have one. But what did she do? She got one anyway when her parents told her not to. Sounds to be like they have a child that doesn’t listen. So, Jada asks WILLOW a 10 year old girl what she wants her punishment to be. Willow comes up with the idea, “Take my laptop away for 1 month.” What in the name of fish is she talking about?! Take the computer away? Oh hell no! If that was my child, I would be like, “Your not singing no more, nor going on the computer, and your not going on tour with Justin Bieber. You are staying home and going to school.” But no, Jada doesn’t do that. If there was an award for worst parents, they would win it for sure!!!!!!!!!!

Toya L. on

LMAO @ the old catty b****es on this site.

Jena on

@Lauren, no disrespect, but, are you nuts? The day I let my kid wear makeup, exotic clothes, and wigs, someone shoot me! This is bad parenting skills and they need to GIT, GET IT TOGETHER! Before she winds up pregant at 16. Then when that happens, they won’t know what they did wrong. Cause they didn’t do anything at all! All they did was let her do what she wants and be grown. Jada and Will really need to watch their kids. The only reason why Jaden and Willow are in the buessiness is becuase Will and Jada aren’t getting roles anymore, so that means no money, no home. Their putting their kids to work for them. WOW! Shocker!

Jena on

@Angela, Angela, Please!! Your not getting the point. She’s 10! Makeup, wigs, crazy clothing, music!! Why can’t you see that this is too young! what the hell is wrong with you people. She has all of you fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has no taste or talent. The ONLY reason why she’s famous is becuase of her parents and their moeny. She didn’t get this far becuase of her self, her parents got her this far! Let’s be honest here! Her music sucks and has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO meaning. All of you people on here are talking bout how Will and Jada are the best and how she’s so cute and blah blah blah! I don’t care if she looked like a shinning crsytal, SHE”S TOOOOOOOOO YOUNG!!!! Get it through you people’s heads!

Amanda on

She has flowers and rhinestones on her face…if that isn’t a kid acting like a kid, I’m not sure what is. She’s having fun guys, calm down.

Jena on

@Krissy and Lala, you two really aren’t getting the point. SHE”S FREAKING 10 YEARS OLD!!! I don’t care is she’s mine, yours, the people on the comment board, Obama’s, I DON”T CARE! She’s 10 years old! who in the hell let’s their 10 years old do what she’s doing?!!! Either the parents are on crack, or they are retarted. Yes I think she looks like a prostitue. I do! I mean come on! look at the freaking facts. There in front of you!! why can’t you see that!!! what is wrong with you people?!!! I don’t get it! America is really dieing for sure. I know it is. You people are drunk. She is 10! Come on! think about it! I think some of you are smart, maybe you aren’t, but you know that if that was YOUR child or somebody elese child that you know, you wouldn’t want that life for them. Let them be happy and be 10. Becuase your younger days are easier then your older days. When your that age, all you gotta do is go to school, and be happy! when your famous or older, you got bills to pay, people to please, demands. It’s all too much. And that’s what she’s going through. She gotta make songs, she gotta worry about money ect. It’s too much for a baby. She’s 10! Honey is still a baby. Come on people! Think about it! Look what America is doing to this world!

l.a.s. on

Not only does she have her parents by her side, but she’s apparently very intelligent, witty and polite. She’s able to experiment with style and have fun as a KID… how does that translate to her growing up before her time? I’ll tell you what you need to look out for when a kid is too grown up: having sexual relations before they are ready. That is what kids should NOT be doing now-a-days. Being a kid means being crazy and having good, clean fun. Remember that? Those were the days. I love Willow, and her parents (although Jada, that green jumpsuit outfit you wore that was showcased on ‘Fashion Police’ was a bad, bad decision…), and I think this haircut looks bomb on her!!!

bj on

She look WAY to old for her age if i didnt know i wold have thought she was like 15,16 yea she expressing her self but is that the image she wants…

Bella on


What are they doing to this kid? Will Smith has a wonderful family but this “nonsense” with Willow is too much. She is adorable but this looks ridiculous.

Nikki on

Look, I think she is rocking it out with this style and no she is not growing up too fast…People please this child seem to be heading in the right direction and if you ever listen to her and her siblings you would realize all of the Smith children are highly intelligent and can speak for themselves and their parents are raising them the way a child should be raised…And further more there are kids that look older than Willow but are younger and they have no true guidance by their parents.

Toya L. on

Congratulations to Willow, while some people are debating/commenting on how she got your record deal, how her voice sounds, how her hair and clothes look, how she should wait to get into the entertainment biz, how her parents parent their children etc… In the end all that doesn’t matter because she is out living her dream, performing and preparing to go on tour with one of the deemed hottest teen heartthrob. Congrats to her again.

jaintn on

I wonder if it’s a good idea to color, straighten, highlight, flat iron, etc. on a little girl’s hair. Not a fan of makeup on a 10 year old either, but I understand that parents these days find it easier to let a kid do what they want than set limits and enforce them. It seems parents would rather be pals with their kids than parents. It’s a shame.

Marianne on

Really? This is NEWS?

Brandi on

I don’t favor this doo, I don’t like it but thats just me 🙂 I recently read an article from an interview she did where she said “she barely has time for school.” I Surely hope this isn’t true, and hope she as well as her parents are putting her education priority over this career. I think her song is cute, but not sure if I see it as a long term career. Not hatin’, just sayin’!

S Miller on

Oh ‘Niche” can kiss my lily white ass…how dare YOu turn this into a race issue??? always gotta pull the race card…I don’t care if the brat is purple with green polka dots, she is 10 years old and needs to take the makeup off and grow her hair naturally and be a freaking KID! They say she wants to be herself and experiment…wow what an oxymoron, experimenting with fashion and etc means playing dress up and NOT being yourself at all, god knows her momma USED to be a natural black woman and be proud of her ethnicity but now she is a freak, clown show whenever she is seen in public, now they can all be dumb lil clowns on the red carpet together. They want our money, they gonna have to learn to take our criticism right along with it…and I’ll be surprised the girl can even read at all for those so worried that she might log onto this site and read the comments…she is so full of herself already it won’t even phase her one bit.

Jules on

Sorry but she looks utterly ridiculous. But, no one will ever tell her different because of who she is. Poor kid….

Teresa on

She is as annoying as her mother!!!!!!!!

britney on

i cant believe they put it in the news about her getting a hair cut! who cares!! i think its a weird hairstyle just like the last one…her song was very stupid too

Myckelle on

I think it looks almost like Halle Berry’s hair when she first came out in 1989. Everyone who tries something new is usually exposed to such criticism, and later the beauty shops are filled with folks trying to get the new ‘Willow cut” so I cant judge too early. And many of the people with the nasty comments about Willow and her parents are probably jealous. These people are successful and sincerely nice people, and support eachother and thier children. We act like Hollywood is the reason for screwed up kids. There are plenty of kids who grew up screwed up and drug addicts who have never been on Television a day in their lives. There are plenty of white suburban girls who wear this hairstyle. There are plenty of parents who train their kids to carry on in the family business in the real world. At least the Smith kids are loved and accepted. There are ‘normal’ folks out there who beat, molest and kill their kids.

Jeez, give her a break. Shes a happy kid who is expressing individuality without shame. I wish more people had the nerve to do that, instead of bashing and judging those who do.

Brandi on

@Jena I’m not sure about all this talk of exotic clothing is lol She could be dressing 10x worse? I dunno, I think she is young but this talk about how you would ground your kids and tell them they cant go on tour etc. I don’t know about the music biz, but I do know you have contracts, and if you break those contracts you can be sued etc….so thats not possible dear.

I don’t really care for her music that much at this point in time. Myt opinion could change in the future. I think as long as the reports I read weren’t correct or misquoted, as long as she gets her education and keeps a level head (like she has now atleast for a 10 yr old) she will be fine.

TJ on

no one really knows what goes on behind close doors for so many people saying how Will & Jada are bad parents that pushed their kids into the spotlight. when a child says he wants to do this or that (where it will be sports, music, or acting) the parents will do anything to make sure the child have lessons so they can learn.

as far as the makeup its blush and lipstick…i have seen plenty of young girls wear just blush and lipstick that their parents allow them to wear…

iNMAAKOigirl on

It’s funny how so many people on here have such negative opinions on how Willow and Jaden are being raised and that they should be allowed to “be kids.” Naturally everyone has a right to their opinion, whether or not it makes sense, is accurate, or should be said BUT bashing the parents of two kids that obviously want to do what their doing is pathetic. Look at Michael Jackson’s career … he started when he was 4-5 years old and has become a legend. Look at Stevie Wonder who started when he was ten-eleven who is also a legend. Are you going to start bashing their parents noe because they didn’t allow their kids to “be kids?”

And for those that are bashing Will and Jada for guiding their children through their careers instead of letting them do it the hard way – That’s just NONSENSE. Look at all the child stars who’s parents thrusted them into the spotlight with no knowledge of the business only to have thier kids become drug addicts, get mixed up in the wrong crowd, etc. At least Willow and Jaden have parents that know the business and are hopefully guiding them to make the right choices.

I for one think that if this is what they want to do, meaning Willow and Jaden, more power to them!

Terri on

Gloria, BRAVO!! I couldn’t have said it better. Every one this these so-called parents would drop a bomb to get their kids in the spotlight to not only make the child’s life better,but have the benefit of improving their own stale, pathetic life as well. Their the same ones who just a few years ago were raving over Brittany and Miley, those oh so perfect Disney models of ‘decency’ and goodness. How do they compare today? Get off your high horses – you who ridicule, criticize and dislike this child only do so because you’re racist, jealous, envious hags. Just go back to the rocks you crawled out from under and leave this child alone.

Terri on

S Miller, your racist ignorance is showing. Typical red-neck comments. What makes you, an obvious poor excuse of a human being, think this child needs your pennies. Save you money and buy some class.

Jennifer on

Meghan….I agree with you 100%….

“”They are stage parents in the extreme. Jaden wants to act Poof–a big budget star vehicle gets produced for him. Willow wants to sing Poof–her demo SOMEHOW lands in the hands of JayZ. Maybe instead of creating careers for them they should hold back, wait until they are eighteen and let them pursue entertainment careers on their own. Of course if they did that, Jaden and Willow might have to learn the painful lesson of rejection and god forbid Will and Jada’s brilliant children suffer such pain””

I have thought that way for a while….I am not saying these children arent talented but they are A LOT of talented children out there and their sucess is due to the fact of who their parents are

Hollister on

This new Do is so much cuter than the way Willow had her hair before. This makes her look cute whereas the other style made her downright ugly…IMHO. It’s amazing that a new hair style can do that.

I adore the whole Smith family and respect them as people, parents and actors.

Cinders on

ok, so Will and Jada are wrong for letting their kids do what THEY do, but hm…. any Nancy Sinatra fans out there? HULLO??!?!??!!?!

#1- I wouldn’t want to make Mommy mad (Jada is clearly the disciplinarian, if any of you watched them on Oprah.)
#2- Good gods, these are kids from two REALLY talented, smart, and gifted parents. Like they AREN’T going to follow in their footsteps? I’m just glad there’s another positive role model out there now, instead of Miley Cyrus and her bong, or so many of the other musicians out now. OY VEY!

Love the face paint on the side!! Apparently this is really hot in Japan, from what I understand. Goes with the hair. It’s a Tokyo street/high fashion kind of look. Think anime makeup… Willow’s just having fun with it. My 14 year old was asked to wipe hers off at high school a few months ago. Then again, she’s goth, 5’11”, and she scares people, until they get to know her. lol

Amanda on

She has such a beautiful face, but that hair doesn’t really suit her, maybe a cute pixie or something!

Stephanie on

For all you naysayers – the negative, jealous, and racist-laden rants need to stop. Willow’s cut (wig, or whatever it is) is cute, and she is talented. Just because her music may not be your brand of music, doesn’t mean it doesn’t strike a chord with anyone else. Her debut song is for haters just like you. It’s about being an individual, being able to be proud of that, and “brush your shoulders off,” when haters come around talkin’ ish. Not to mention she co-wrote it. If you want to hear if she can really sing, youtube Willow Smith & Nobel Peace Prize Concert – she was there with her whole family singing on stage.

Furthermore, for all you (white) people that think people of African descent can’t have silky flowing hair if they want to, you must not “have any Black friends,” as so many of you like to say. Hello? Ever heard of a pressing comb invented by Walter Sammons, and popularized by Madame C.J. Walker & Co. (both African American). Or, what about the Dominican (Brazilian, Caribbean, etc) blowouts. Or, the more recent Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments (that will get hair this shiny and straight). Not to mention relaxers. In addition to straight styles, we have the option to wear our hair in it’s natural wavy, curly, or kinky state. Not all of our hair is the same, and that is part of what her song “Whip My Hair,” is all about. I, myself, wear my waist length hair many different ways (straight, curly, wavy, braided, whatever I feel like). Our hair is versatile, and we can rock it how we want, so get over it.

And in conclusion, I’ve seen a lot of criticism about nepotism, like it’s never existed before. It only seems to be a problem with the majority of you negative nellies because her parents are Will and Jada, who happen to be African American (I’m sure you’ve noticed that). What about all the celebs that are legacies – Gwennie Paltrow, Drew Barrymore (Godfather is Steven Spielberg; and she was an alcoholic and drug abuser by the time she was 10 – I don’t see anyone bringing that up any chance they get), Angelica Huston, and the list goes on. Seriously, you people need to face your demons and get some therapy.

Janet on

looks like a wig…way too much hair for 10 year old and does not look like a African American type of hair even straightened
sorry……think she looked better before

Linney on

Maybe part of the problem with this whole thing is that while adults shouldn’t be judging a little girl, perhaps the little girl’s parents shouldn’t be encouraging her to be so consistently in the spotlight at such a young age where she’ll be unfairly judged all the time. She might be happy now but I bet Lindsay Lohan was happy being parent-handled into movies at age 10 too.

mel on

i think its ugly and makes her look like a boy;(

Dee on

Willow is adorable, talented, and confident beyond her 10 years. She’s a prodigy,so backoff and let the child pursue her dream. Why are people so negative all the time? Not every child star is doomed to a life of sex, drug, and alcohol abuse! Obviously, Willow’s parents know the perils of show business. I have every confidence that they are and wil do everything they can to protect this little girl, while giving her the latitude to express herself creatively. Tatum O’Neal has battled drug abuse most of her life, not because she won an Oscar at the age of 10, but because her parents were f****d up and didn’t give her the love and care every child needs. Fortunately, Willow seems to have strong, loving parents to guide her.



Jess on

First and foremost that isn’t makeup…if you look at it closely, it’s face paint which i’ve seen three years old get when they go to the fair…and i think she looks adorable…nothing wrong with the cut…and did any of you think that maybe just maybe that she wanted to be a singer and jaden wanted to be an actor…and i can name one child actor that didn’t turn out to be a druggie….how about the kid from Jerry Maguire.


TC on

Her makeup, hair and attitude are not that of a normal child. Her parents are making bad choices for a young girl and will pay for it in the long run. How sad.

Sara on

Ewww her hair looks horrible! She looks like a boy….bad decision.

BRod on

It’s AWFUL! Poor kid. But we all had at least one awful haircut as a kid. Tip to moms and dads: bowl cuts are NEVER a good idea – I don’t care how cute your kid is.

janet on

Is it even her hair? the last time I saw a photo of her, her hair was shaved on the sides with a puff of fuzz on the top?

Jessica on

wow for grown adults to be judging a 10yr old? maybe you guys NEED to grow up. Leave her alone, imagine if that was your child, would you like for grown adults to be bad mouthing them the way you do?….NO!…. JADA AND WILL ARE GREAT PARENTS, GET OFF THIER JOCK AND DONT JUDGE THEM AS PARENTS BECAUSE YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THEM PERSONALLY. #JUSTSAYIN

willow is beautiful like her mother. god bless her

Jen on

What a horrible, hideous haircut.

Lily's Mom on

Her hair is cute and I hope she likes it. Grow up people!

Ruth on

Hells Bells was all this said about Miley Cyrus? If the parents have the power and influence, and the kids have the talent, then let them shine and be the stars that they are destined to be. Beyonce’s father did’t have the power or the influence, but he had persistence and it paid off. Beyonce was performing as a young girl with the group. What is the difference. I think she and her brother are beautiful and no one can deny they are talented. WTH, let them be.

Niche on

S Miller… no thanks, I’d rather not.

And to the poster who asked why I’m making it a black/white thing… Because it is. Look at all the negative comments, read the content… “hood rat”, never have long shiny hair… Yes, it’s ridiculous and shameful. If this were a white child there would be more positive than negative comments.

And for all the comparisons to Miley and Britney, hmm… I take it you couldn’t think of any black kid actors gone bad. You may want to google that… the ratio would surely shock you.

Hi Toya L! Lol, I’m laughing as well. Some people… smh!

Weezy on


Silvermist on

At everyone that said she looks like a boy with this haircut, come on, she’s always looked like a boy…she looks just like her dad, but with waaaaay bigger ears. ewe ewe ewe.

Niche on

And might I add, the name calling and berating of a 10 yr old and her family really does reflect on yourself and how poorly you must feel about your life. Neither one of you are believable when you say, you wouldn’t allow your child to have fun and experiment in the industry if it were available to you. I didn’t know People gave out awards for perfect parents based on your comments to their articles.
You get a car! You get a car! You get a car! Lol. Some of you need to get a grip. Calling this lovely child a brat and encouraging bullying is exactly why there are so many problem with children today. Mommy and Daddy bullies breed kid bullies.
Get over yourselves, Will and Jada aren’t worried about the publics opinion or perception, I’m sure they have more important things to do with their time and money.


Patti on

Who cares? Parents need to keep their young children out of the lime light. Seen her on Oprah and she got on my nerves.. again WHO CARES WHAT HER HAIR LOOKS LIKE..is that the only talent she has

Joanne L on

Honestly …. Celebrity parents putting kids into celebrity young could be a ticket to disaster…

Let them just be kids …. keep them out of lime light – let them shine their talents , but also let them be children.

At least Jada and Will Smith seem to be stable and consistent parents … so this will be beneficial for the kids …

Hoping that their focus in the entertainment buisness doesnt scar them too much ,,, its a tough buisness for adults … let alone children

Rose on

@inMAAKOigirl: Seriously, you’re using Michael Jackson as an example? You do remember how that story ended, don’t you? Who cares if he became a legend, look at all the personal problems he had. And yes, I do think his parents were wrong for pushing him into the spotlight so early. Your example is really falling apart.

Darsha Doran on

Many of you are being way too critical or worse!! You might want to direct your criticism towards those who allow their infants and young children to be preened, made-up, costumed, taught to dance and strut and most of all “look sexy” at very young ages in beauty contests etc. Of late, younger and younger children are going to concerts. Beiber and Smith’s music is wholesome and appropriate for this younger audience.
I think much of the negativity may be due to jealousy.

MoBo on

I agree with Kreamie. I, for one, love the haircut but you definitely need to have a specific look and head shape to wear it well. Willow fits that. My concern, like Kreamie, is that she is wearing MAKEUP AT 10 YRS OLD. Ridiculous!!! I do agree with most that she should be allowed to be her own person, if that’s not going too extreme. I had a niece who changed clothes 3-4 times a day… now that was ridiculous (and her mother let her do it…super ridiculous!!!). Willow is given a lot of special attention and privileges from the people around her. We’ll see in the next 10-15 years if it was helpful or hurtful. Good luck, Willow.

Kim on

Kitty, I agree with you 100%. Kids her age should be KIDS, not making records and thrust into the public eye. Of course her parents seem to be obsessed with pushing their kids into the business, so what can we expect. As for the hair, it certainly looks better than the last pic I saw of her where she appeared to have a cone on top of her head.

really? on

Very pretty girl.

Maggie M on

Why do we care what a 10 yr old does with her hair? Get a life “People” and people!!!!

Crystal Waters on

Her family is doing simply what they do best…be entertainers! Willow was born into the entertainment world and she has stated many times that she enjoys it a great deal. Much of her style is from her innate creative mind. Being a natural born star is way different from being a typical kid and the two can not be compared. They can only be contrasted. I think it starts and stops with Willow…is Willow enjoying herself? Yes, she is!

biggs on

All u people need a life. Nothing better to do but gossip about a child???????????? SHIT

Jules on

Niche – people like you use the race card when it is convenient. I bet you were thrilled when Halle Berry won her Oscar. I am sure you were so happy that a “black” actress won….it’s funny how fast people forget that she is half white…just like Barack Obama. You use that card to your advantage when you need it. You are just plain stupid, ignorant and narrow-minded…as I said before, this haircut is ugly and would look ugly on anybody…black, white, brown, old, young, etc…

Jeff on

So… who’s Willow Smith and why should we care what her haircut is?

lstep on

Many, many years ago ‘Shirley Temple’ was dancing all over the screen. Although we didn’t have the Internet then I don’t think there was a lot of criticism about her being in front of the camera all the time. But for some reason everyone wants to criticize this little girl and her very supportive parents. Hmmm…..I’m just sayin’.

cee on

Willow is a cute little gil I quite agree , but i think the clownish makeup is way over the top and the outfits make her look like a crazy woman. Therefore she is always gonna be judged harsly for her comical outfits… I think she is emulating Rhianna a bit too much. Willow you dont need all this crazy makeup and outfits to make good music …

Kim on


Debra on

Willow’s new do is absolutely perfect for her! Oh, the beautiful young lady absolutely “glows.” I don’t know WHAT is wrong with most of you — hurling insults at an innocent child. Some of you speak, and not necessarily on “this forum” — but from other posts I’ve read, that Willow and Jaden are too confident and have an air of arrogance. I don’t see that at all. I see two children who are loved, genuinely and unabashedly, loved by their parents. That’s where this “confidence” comes from. When a child has the support, and unconditional love of their parents and “time” with their family, they shine. Jada and Will are doing something “right.”

Tee on

Niche, thank you for answering my question. I don’t agree with you but I’m glad to know where you’re coming from.

DeeDee on

I am sorry but Willow and Jaden are going to be very confused when they wake up some day, fully grown and realize that they are no longer in the spotlight and no one is knocking on their doors to hire their services. Neither is that talented and both appear to be quite spoiled. I am all for instilling a good attitude and sense of their worth in children, but parents do children no favors by conditioning them to expect everyone to bow to their wishes. There would be no starring roles in movies or singing tours if they had average, unknown people for parents who only had a modest income. The girl is cute, but the hair looks like it belongs on a cartoon character.

connaught on

if will smith were to get a bowl cut, this is EXACTLY what he would look like

L.M.S.F. on

WHY does a child this young need false lashes? Sheesh. Parents who allow their kids in the industry too young are setting them up to be another Britney Spears,Lindsay Lohan,Demi Lovato,Miley Cyrus, the list goes on and on and on….

She’s way too young to be allowed those things. What ever happened to a woman having her own hair/nails/eyelashes and being proud to have some curves and not starving herself and esp not thrusting silicone and botox in her body?

Too much fake, too many drugs to take, too many negative things allowed with celebs in general esp children celebs.

Amy on

Who cares?

Annette on

I didn’t like her song(…i whip my hair, over and over again) and I don’t like her haircut. It just makes her head look huge…not judgin…just sayin’…I’m sure that she is a lovely little girl…definitely dig her dad…

tlc on

The wig is okay..not a style I’d choose for her. The make up and fake lashes are over the top especially for her age.

But, my biggest concern is that she is not in school. If she were in a “regular” family, wouldn’t that be a HUGE issue with CPS or the school board? If Will and Jada want her to be the next OPRAH or BEYONCE..that’s their business (and they get to clean up the mess when it hits too), but their main PRIORITY should be their kids EDUCATION! It really surprises me because Will’s son TREY is a football star at his high school and he was NEVER thrust into the spotlight. I guess that’s because of his mom’s influence. Will’s ex-wife is very close to this family but she seems to have more sense than Jada or Will combined. She kept Trey out of the spotlight for YEARS! It’s only been since Trey moved in full time with Will and Jada that he’s been photographed more and in the news more.

I would think that Will, coming from such a poor background with little education would want BETTER for his own kids. Not better as in MONEY, but better as in EDUCATED!

I feel sorry for these two kids….sorry that they can’t be children….it’s sad.

Marie on

Cute kid.. awful haircut..

DH on

She is absolutely adorable! Will and Jada are very well adjusted adults who obviously have some very talented children that they have done a very fantastic job of raising. They will all be just fine :o) Rock on Willow!

A on

I would not let my child leave my house looking like that. And I would fire the hairstylist who allowed such a thing to happen.

Brian on

That is one of the worst hairdo’s/wigs I’ve ever seen. She is a hot mess…emphasis on mess. I thought this was a Halloween picture at first! hahaha Keep pushing your no talent kids into the media. I’m sure they need the money. Class act.

Sarah on

It looks really weird in the front.. maybe it’s just this picture, but i dont like it! We Wanna See the Back!!!!!!!!

Kristee Cohan on

This child belongs to Will and Jada Smith. She is not your child and it is not for any of us to deem what is appropriate and not appropriate. And for whomever wrote the comment about it not being fair that other kids had to struggle to become famous, WELCOME TO THE WORLD. The world is not a fair place and for that comment to even have been written is ridiculous. Life is not fair, if it was it would be called communism, and even thats not all that fair.

Anyways,Kudos to parents who are helping their children become positive and productive members of society like Will and Jada.

kesie on

okay i dont get while people argue over a 10 yr old everybody know if yall kids was famous you wouldnt have a problem with it but know that the little girl has everything yo wished you had or your kids has okay yeah maybe she could of work hard for it just like anybody else wanting to get into the music indrustry but hey her parents are famous they can afford to give them what they want and dnt need

erilynne on

ummm. It looks like the mushroom haircut Nick Carter had back in the late 90’s…

Sat on

Go on with your bad self Willow! She looks just like her Mom 🙂 congrats on your success and may you be blessed with the love and parental supervision needed by any child your age.

Survanna on

I’ve never blogged tweeted or posted comments on any site, however I was drawn to this one because I’m someone who supports the arts in general; I’m also a mom and professional. I came to this site following the trail of Willow’s picture…I think it’s cute and perfectly appropriate for a child to display various looks. I found something else too, an amazing amount of judgement and spite for a 10 year old, her family, her values and what you assume is her lifestyle. If any of you really understood the Smith family and what they’ve instilled in their children you’d be embarrassed to compare this child to the likes of Britney or Miley. Why cant you keep it about the hair?

aicha on

hi willow u dont look nice in this hair try to copy rihanna hair


Leave the Child alone. She has guidance from her parents. They are both grounded and will only do what is best for their child. It is amazing that there are so many negative comments on a child’s hair. I think her greatest problem will be if she is allow to read all the negative remarks some of you have made. I wonder what you would do as parents if you were in the same position. If a door open for your child would you allow them to enter.


kesie on

okay yeah we should of left it on the hair then point out other stuff .it doesnt matter if its a 10 yr old or a 30 yr old everybody got a comment for evrybody becaue they wish they was in there shoes but if it was them and they getting attack at giving there kids things that they didnt have…is that too much!!!!!!! willow i think you should focus on your school because you will need your education more than anything i love your song «dont let haters keep off my grind» just like they doing now «HATING» whip yor hair to dem haters

Jennifer Redgrave on

Awful . She is looking like Rihanna . Everytime is changing her look !

sky88 on

Times Change….get with the plan…we are evolving….a new generation of passionate believers….let them explore and see what begets of it…the old way is boring anyways…. : )

LilOne68 on

my, my, my! look like a lot of adults acting like children… I haven’t seen so much jealousy and childish behaviour since I was in in elementary school! Shame on all of you so called grownups! Don’t for one second deny that you wouldn’t be doing the same thing for your kids if you had the same means as Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Both these parents have worked their butts off to accomplish all that they have done for themselves and their children. And if they have the opportunity now to give their young ones these kinds of opportunities, congradulations to them! I know if I would’ve have made it just half way there, my kids would be the first to have these opportunities! Whatever they wanted to try to do for themselves, I would do everything I could to support and help them to succeed. THAT’S what parents are SUPPOSED to do. Better them try to make a life for themselves than living off of me and society when they grow up and become selfish, greedy, immature, jealous grownups like you!

Manny101 on

I don’t think it’s a Willow Smith style. She’s better with the do she had on her appearance on Ellen.

Ashley on

do you know how to keep mean comments to yourself if you dont fuck off this page. im 11 years old this is like so rude of ya’ll but shes a little girl. she can do what she wants!!! if you aint her momma or dad then dont say what she should or shouldnt do god damnit!

Marisha on

I can’t believe people believe what they see in movies. The movies that show kids being pressured to do things they don’t want to do at a young age or at a certain age.

The movies or books that show kids just wanting to be normal kids. Yes I agree there are some Hollywood kids being pressured to get into the acting, sing, and so on business but Willow obviously isn’t LIKE that.
Willow is having FUN and ENJOYING the experience. She has people who love her and care for her well being and those who will stand up for an innocent 10 YR OLD GIRL because there are ADULTS who can’t do something better with their lives like HELP PEOPLE and try to enjoy their lives that they start trying to humiliating an innocent 10YR OLD GIRL.

Nakyva on

she’s changing to too many hairstyles

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