Michelle Stafford: Adoption ‘Harder’ for Single Mothers

12/15/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

When Michelle Stafford stopped to consider her accomplishments in life, she suddenly realized one thing was missing: children. However, her single status limited her options in starting a family.

“It’s harder for a single mom to adopt than even same-sex couples,” The Young and the Restless actress, 42, tells the holiday issue of CBS Watch.

“The attorney says to the woman who wants to put her baby up for adoption, ‘I have this couple … and I have this single woman.’ And that woman thinks, ‘Well, I am single. So she is out.'”


Turning to artificial insemination and later in vitro fertilization, Stafford’s dreams of becoming a mother were put to the test when rounds of both medical procedures failed. “Some old broad would walk by us really pregnant and I would be like, ‘Look at that b—-, she’s older than me,'” she jokes.

That said, despite her sense of humor, the roller coaster ride of emotions eventually took their toll. “There were some very dark moments for me,” she recalls. “They were drug-induced by the hormones, and the rage and depression I felt would be out of my control.”

Finally, after discovering she would never be able to carry a child, Stafford focused her efforts on surrogacy — only to, once more, face an entirely new set of struggles. “One day my lawyer calls me and goes, ‘We have a glitch. The judge does not see a single parent as legitimate … You basically have to adopt your [biological] daughter,'” she says.

Officially named her child’s mother in the sixth month of pregnancy, Stafford faced one last hurdle before welcoming Natalia Scout Lee in Dec. 2009: the surrogate denied her request to give birth in the Los Angeles area.

With no official agreement within their contract, Stafford had no choice but to accept the refusal.

“She had every right to refuse,” she admits. “And, eventually, I missed my daughter’s birth. Even now I am very melancholy when women or men talk about the birth of their baby being the best day of their life.”

As for a father for Natalia, the proud mama is confident everything will eventually fall into place.

“I am glad that I don’t have a situation where her biological father is a schmuck. He is a fantastic guy,” Stafford explains. “One day there will be a father, and we can go along the lines of adoption.”

For now, Stafford is relishing her role as a mother — and looks forward to the day her daughter gives thanks!

“[One day, I hope Natalia says,] ‘My mom is such a cool chick. I am so lucky that she went through all of that to have me. I am going to buy her a house in St. Barts,'” she laughs.

— Anya Leon

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Terri on

I love the name Natalia. I bet Michelle is a great mom.

isabelle on

ok, now im confused. so did she adopt, or have her daughter via surrogate?

Nadira on

@isabelle: Technically, both. She had a surrogate deliver, but for some reason, couldn’t be considered the parent of her daughter legally until she adopted her. Surrogacy laws can be weird.

Gigi on

she adopted her own biological child that was carried by the surrogate. Even though it was hers, she had to adopt it from the surrogate bcs she was a single mother.

Ama on

The legal aspects surrounding surrogacy are very complex.

There is a default legal assumption in most countries that the woman giving “birth” to a child is that child’s legal mother. I believe after the birth the parent/parents have to file papers to actually adopt the child and the birth mother surrenders all any any parental rights to this child.

Angelina on

I believe she had her daughter via surrogate, but becuase she’s single she legally had to adopt her as well. I don’t get it, but that’s how I interpreted it 🙂

Alice on

Weird that she had to adopt a child that is biologically hers… You’d think when surrogacy is put into place by the parent(s) and surrogate the child is automatically the parents’ from then on.

I don’t really get the quote about Natalia’s father though. Does she know who it is? Or is she talking about a future partner of hers one day adopting her daughter?

Luna on

What a cute little baby! She looks so much like Michelle!

Angela on

Alice, I think she meant that she knows who is the biological father of her child, but that a future partner/husband (non-biological father) will also have to adopt her.

Casandra on

Adoption is definitely NOT for same-sex couples, especially considering not everyone is “comfortable” with the idea of a same-sex couple adopting children, some states even make it illegal. Anyway, congratulations that she finally got the daughter she wanted.

imobiliarias alegrete on


Michele on

Congrats to you!!! Natalia is beautiful. I was 38 yrs old and had my second daughter (my eldest was 20). Best thing that has happened to me. Natalia will definitely say her mommy is one cool chick. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

Lola on

Casandra: What’s so “uncomfortable” about two human beings adopting a child? Do you actually believe that homosexuality can rub off on a kid? If so, you truly have a lot to learn. Everyone has a natural right to love and care for another person, regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation. Next time, try not to word things so foolishly, lest you should look like an ignorant and intolerable seed.

Momof3girls on

That baby is absolutely adorable!!!

LaKesha on

“It’s harder for a single mom to adopt than even same-sex couples.”

Um…shouldn’t it be? Wouldn’t two great parents provide a child with more than one great parent?

Cassandra are you serious?…You do realize that same sex couples make up a large part of adopting parents. Only one State, Florida, does not allow same-sex couples to adopt and recently the State has changed this.

Rose on

@Casandra: Did you mean to say that adoption is definitely not easy for same-sex couples? I assume that’s what you meant – did you forget to add the word easy into that sentence. The reason I ask is that your comment could mean two totally different things depending on whether you meant for the word easy to be there. I just wanted to ask before jumping to conclusions.

Catca on

She may not know the biological father – he could be anonymous, but the fact that he was willing to help someone who wanted a child speaks volumes about who he is as a person. She can honestly tell her daughter that her biological father is a generous and compassionate man. And her daughter will know that she did go through a lot to have her. Her daughter will know that she was very much loved and wanted and not “a mistake”. They’re not starting off as a nuclear family, but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful.

Laura on

@Casandra – “Adoption is definitely NOT for same-sex couples”

I’m assuming you meant to say not EASY for same-sex couples? I hope you didn’t mean that same-sex couples shouldn’t adopt children who need loving caring parents.

Congrats to Michelle! Natalia is adorable!

Jenn on

Actually Casandra, in states where it is legal, there are many birth mothers who CHOOSE same-sex couples for their children. I happen to know several of them. Not to mention that many children in foster care find their permanent homes with same-sex couples.

And yes, congrats to Michelle, though I can’t say I have watched any soap operas in the last 15 years.

Angela on

Casandra, I don’t know if your comment was in response to mine, but by partner I meant a male partner or boyfriend.

momof boys on

wow! what a struggling story. I’m so glad it turned out for the best. I can’t imagine having to adopt your own daughter! But I can totally relate to wanting a baby and not being able to get pregnant. I was there at one point in my life and it was the worst part of my life.

Nella on

Natalia is a beauty I’m glad her dream of having a child came true. It’s sad that she missed her birth and that she had to go through all that trouble to have a baby. I’m sure her daughter will think that she’s a very cool chick 🙂

jessicad on

That’s too bad she didn’t get to see the birth, if I was going to be a surrogate I’d want the mother there through everything, but I guess all ended well! Beautiful name and beautiful daughter:)

Shannon on

I had the opportunity to meet Michelle last month in Myrtle Beach, SC. We actually compared pictures of her daughter and my now 9-month-old niece. I can tell that she is definitely one proud mommy and loved showing off pictures of her adorable little girl any chance she got! And Natalia definitely has WAY more hair than my niece (and of my older niece when she was Natalia’s age!)

Tee on

Natalia is beautiful!

Kate on

Ahhh, Natalia is so cute, she kind of looks like my baby girl who turns 1 tomorrow:) Congrats!

Showbizmom on

@ cassandra I’m assuming you meant it’s hard for same sex couples to adopt? Not that they shouldn’t? I’m aware you are entitled to your opinion, but please if you feel like same sex couples shouldn’t be able to adopt go talk to a social worker do some research and see the millions of kids that grow up with NO ONE. Or the millions that grow up with abusive foster or biological parents. Love is love. I know this because I’m a adopted daughter of a same sex couple and had they not said “f**k what society said” I might be dead or really messed up. My dad’s are wonderful.

On another note, I’m happy for her and her little one is super cute.

Jill on

Really cute baby!

I know there are so many people who feel that same sex couples shouldn’t adopt, but to be so vocal about it in this forum just seems wrong…..which is why I am thinking and hoping you didn’t mean what you wrote. And missed a word or two, Cassandra. If people want to throw out comments about that, there are plenty of places I think they can take place, this post doesn’t seem an appropriate place.

melanie on

I think Michelle seems like such a fantastic mother and I think Natalia will be very proud to be her daughter 🙂

Sara on

Maybe someone can answer this because it really puzzles me- what is in it for the surrogate??!!

CelebBabyLover on

I wonder why Michelle couldn’t go to wherever the surrogate was to witness the birth? Not critcizing, just wondering. Anyway, Natalia is adorable!

isabelle on

Thanks for clearing up my confusion guys! I find it very strange that she had to adopt her biological child, something needs too be done about this. Because I’m guessing that single parents that choose this route have to pay for the surrogate, procedure, and I’m guessing the adoption itself! Not to mention the lawyer fees!

lac on

Two things. First it sounds like she wanted a white baby. Which indeed does limit her chances of adoption. Second if it was so important to her to be there for the birth why didn’t she hire a surrogate who lives in the greater LA area.
The baby is cute.

Anna on

Where was the surrogate that she couldn’t go there to be there for the birth? If she was in the US I don’t understand why she wasn’t there.

MiB on

What a qutie! She really has her mothers eyes! And what hair she has!

two4one on

Don’t you just love how all these celebrities ‘forget’ to have a baby and that it just accours to them one day, “hey, i didn’t have kids!” *eyeroll* Obviously it could not have been that important.

Anyway, she is beautiful and i’m glad that everything worked out for Michelle.

simi on

That is one beautiful baby girl. I am very happy for Michelle and that she finally had her dream of being a mom come true. She is a lovely person and a great actress. I have always enjoyed watching her in my stories. Such a beautiful person and her little girl too. It makes me wish my grand babies were still that little. Those big blue eyes and such lovely full cheeks. She truly is a beautiful baby. She is going to be heart breaker that one, I just know she is.

Showbizmom thank you so much for sharing your story. It was very nice to read. It made me smile. I am 82 years old. It is nice to read about children such as yourself that grew up happy, healthy and in same-sex home. My brother who just turn 75 and his partner of 57 years always wanted children but with the laws being what they were in our time it was just not possible. It makes me sad to see them yearn for a child that will never come. However I am glad that we have both lived long enough to see the society change. More then anything I am thankful that I was able to see him marry the man that has stood by his side since they were 18 years old. Also to see the changes of laws and governments to accept all people: women, people of color, people of all sexual orientations as equal, by giving them the right and freedoms that should have always been theirs. So thank you for sharing the story about your dad’s.

cassandra I truly hope from the very bottom of my soul that you just forgot to write a word, that you truly do not believe in same-sex couples not having the rights to have children. We are all created equal, men, women, child. You can not believe that foster homes, abusive homes, or no home at all is better then having two loving mothers or two loving father. I pray that you do believe that we are all equal, and it was just a missing word. But if you truly believe that we are not all equal I pray that someone walks into your life and make you see the truth and teach you the acceptance of all people on this green earth of ours.

Elenore Gray
I am so sorry if seeing Simi’s name hurts someones feeling. I truly do not mean to. Our hospital floor loves this web site. We are trying to change her name, since she did pass away but we just simply cannot. A lot of us in our old age are just learning how to use this internet so we can come here and read about all the lovely babies that are coming into this world, and all the silly things that mother now a day think they need. Let me tell you we did not have any of those silly new technology things and we made it just fine without it. But it is lovely to have the internet. It give us all something happy to talk about. Who ever came up with the internet thank you, it is a very strange but a nice idea nonetheless.

Casandra on

Sorry everyone, I didn’t get a chance to edit the comment, but yes, I meant that adoption was NOT easy for same sex-couples because of the perceptions many people have about same-sex marriage/relationships. Florida doesn’t even allow same-sex couples to adopt, so I’m not sure where she’s getting this idea that it’s “easier” for same-sex couples to adopt.

Anyway, just want to clarify: I believe that adoption is NOT EASIER for same-sex couples.

LucyMarie on

I thought this was the lady from CSI from her photo! How strange a journey she had to take to get her beloved child. But she did it and now can offer hope to others.

Jill on

I am surprised she didn’t have the birth plan written into the agreement. I know of other couples who have done this so that they were able to attend the birth themselves.

I don’t know why she wasn’t there for the birth, but my guess would be because it was an unscheduled delivery and too hard to determine when to be there. That is why the couples I know who have adopted or done surrogacy have had the birth mother near them during birth.

jen on

despite all the open endedness in her comments, her story gives me hope.

Mena on

I agree with Casandra, I don’t think same sex couple should be allowed to adopt children. It’s obvious that two men or two women weren’t created to have children. Science backs me up with this fact.

But I love Michelle and her daughter is adorable!

tonya on

I read the story about you and your adorable daughter in Soap Opera Digest. I was moved to tears by that. I pray that you and your daughter have a rich and blessed life. And “Phyllis”, behave there in Genoa City :)!

Terri on


I’ve never read of anyone forgetting to have a baby, so I don’t know exactly what you’re referring to.

tonya on

Please, if you can, try and find the article Michelle Stafford gave in a Soap Opera Digest issue. It has several pictures of the little cutie pie. I enjoy Ms. Stafford on Young and Restless. All the best to Ms. Stafford and the little cutie…

brannon on

Adorable baby! Love people who use “science” as a reason same sex couples should not have children yet praise “science” for making surrogacy and IVF possible. Ah the hypocrisy. So glad she was able to make her dreams a reality.

Taylor on

Mena, since you attempt to use science to back up your claim, I’m sure you also know that homosexuality is a natural occurence throughout the animal kingdom.

Homosexual parents are no different than heterosexual parents. They both love, shelter, feed, clothe, care, and support their children. In regards to adoption, homosexual couples are more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to adopt older children and children with special needs.

tisha on

“I agree with Casandra, I don’t think same sex couple should be allowed to adopt children. It’s obvious that two men or two women weren’t created to have children. Science backs me up with this fact.

But I love Michelle and her daughter is adorable!

– Mena on December 16th, 2010 ”

Shame on u mena! So, you would rather a child grow up without a loving home because the couple was of the same sex? That is the worst thing anyone could ever say. I have plenty of gay friends both men and women who would make excellent parents. Would give a child a loving home and nurture them through out life and take care of them wonderfully. U need to open ur eyes honey. The world is changing and people are no longer afraid to hide themselves. So what about science who cares. U need a a reality check back into the real world sweetheart. If someone ever said that to my face, you better believe after i got done with them, they would have a better understanding.

As for michelle congrtas! She is so beautiful and precious!

JM on

oh Mena, oh dear oh dear. sometimes i forget there are still such narrowminded people as yourself. sad really.

science 🙂 sounds funny when used by people like you. you do realise that recent studies suggest that out of a large sample group tested, children who were brought up by two mothers (a lesbian couple), we generally more settled, did better in school, had more confidence and fewer behavioural issues. i wonder what your vast understanding of science says about that?

Anonymous on

I thought surrogates are paid to have the baby, if so, shouldn’t she be able to kind of be the boss to the surrogate and say, I want to be there for the birth of my baby?

The adopting your own baby has come up before, so I wasn’t surprised by that, even if it wastes valuable court time and fees to lawyers and whatnot, that bogs down the court systems.

gdfg on

Simi, the more “stories” you write on here, the more I wonder if you were ever really in the hospital, or ever really had that heart operation.

I’m sorry if I’m wrong, and I hope you recover quickly if you are in fact ill.

Ellen Smith on

I think the baby is adorable. However, Michelle is a member of the Church of Scientology. This makes me sad for Natalia. Growing up in a cult-like religion doesn’t seem to do anyone any good. Look at the examples that are out there already in Hollywood.

Lizzy on

As an adoption social worker, I can say that her notion that its easier to adopt if you are gay versus single is completely inaccurate. First of all, many agencies won’t even work with gay couples. On top of that, in Virginia, unmarried couples(Gay or straight) can not even adopt–you have to do it as a single parent (so the other partner has no legal rights). I can’t tell you how many times I would say to a birthmother that I had a wonderful gay couple’s profile to show her and she would not be interested. For sure it is easier to adopt as a heterosexual couple, but single women always do better than gay couples. Unfortunately, that is homophobic America.

Jamie on

I love reading these comments and seeing that people get crapped on for stating their own personal opinions!! Everyone is entitled to “their” opinion…that is why it is theirs. If Mena doesn’t think gay couples should adopt, then fine. I’m positive she isn’t the only one that thinks this way. Anyway, Michelle’s baby is adorable!!

Kate on

@Ellen Smith: really, I didn’t know that… how sad.

Lucy on

To Mena who stated that “It’s obvious that two men or two women weren’t created to have children. Science backs me up with this fact.” I’m unsure how you can be supportive of Michelle and her road to motherhood and not the path of gay and lesbian couples as they seem so similar. Surrogacy and donors are used by so many different types of people wanting children now days including heterosexual couples (Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick), homosexual couples (Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka), single men (Ricky Martin) and single women (Michelle Stafford). A man or women alone were not created to have children yet you support that, however you fail to support a child having two loving parents?

Dee on

Mena, if science does not support same-sex parenting (ie men weren’t designed to have kids with men, and women weren’t designed to have kids with women) then by the same token, infertile couples should also never be given the option to have children through alternate means either. But science allows for many wonderful things, and the creation of children outside of the human body is one of them. So unless you are willing to actually stand by your words and say anyone not naturally able to conceive should not be parents, then you need to find another way to defend your narrow viewpoint.

Nancy on

As a parent of an adopted child, I can say that CELEBRITIES have adoption easier than the average person. They can pay for a woman to have a baby to be adopted (surrogate or no surrogate). The rest of us have to go through long waiting periods and in the case of inter country adoption, many more regulations and paperwork to adopt our child.

Anna on

I think single people can adopt easier than gay couples in the US. Because several (famous) Dutch gay men have adopted a child from the US as a single person, than when the child is in the Netherlands their partner also adopts the child.

Rose on

@Nancy: No celebrity couples cannot pay a woman to allow them to adopt their child. That’s called baby trafficking and it’s against the law. There are strict laws about what adoptive parents can and cannot pay for in regards to the birth mother and the unborn child – even for celebrities.

Nancy on

Rose, I know what the law is but have you ever seen a celebrity waiting years?? Do they get put into a prospective parent’s book that the birthmother looks at and they have to compete with Average Joes in the US? Do you think that is how it happens? Do the celebrities babies get taken away from them before the waiting period is over like many of us regular people do?

Rose on

@Nancy: I was simply responding to your claim that celebrities can pay birth parents to adopt their child – which they cannot. I said nothing about any of the other things you’ve just mentioned.

But since we’re on the subject, I will respond to some of those remarks: 1. we don’t know how long celebrities have to wait. Most of the time that is not public knowledge and people just make assumptions. It often appears as if a celebrity adopts suddenly because they frequently don’t talk about being in the process of adopting beforehand. But just because they don’t tell the public about every step of the process does not mean it doesn’t occur. 2. Every celebrity who has adopted that I’ve ever read an interview of, has said they went with closed adoption. So those celebrities aren’t even dealing with the book you refer to. 3. I don’t know of any celebrity whose baby was taken away after they were in their home – but you’re statement that this happens to many regular people is incorrect. The numbers are actually quite low when it comes to that happening. The numbers are much higher, however, on birth parents changing their minds prior to or shortly after birth. And there have been several celebrities that has happened to (Sheryl Crow, Sharon Stone, and I think possibly Meg Ryan to name a few.)

As for celebrities getting to adopt faster, one of the reasons for this is that they can afford to appoint laywers in various states, so they are casting a wider net. It’s unfortunate that most ordinary people don’t have the money to do that, but I don’t see anything unethical about that. This notion that there’s one long waiting list that all regular Joes are on and that the celebrities get to jump in front of them is a fallacy. There is no line, and they are not jumping in front of you, they just have the money to pursue more avenues at once than most of us do.

There are several cases where I think the rules were bent for celebrities (Angelina Jolie adopting from Vietnam for instance) and as a person who is pursuing adoption myself, I find that unfair and upsetting. This is what I respect about the China adoption program – they are not impressed by money or celebrity and they make celebrities wait just as long (Meg Ryan, for instance, waited 3 years.) But that’s not the same thing as what you were addressing in your comment.

Nancy on

Rose–Note that I never said that celebrities use their money to “Buy” a child. Insensitive people have said that to me and I resent them for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, people who have never explored adoption, do not understand how much money you do need in savings before you can even proceed. More money than most people my age have in savings.

You are right–celebrities have money to hire people to find a birthmother and of course they can offer that woman whatever she asks for in spades (counseling, the best pre-natal and delivery room care). They have that advantage so when Ms. Stafford said that single people had it rougher than married people, I took offense to that. I am married and it took us years to come up with enough money to adopt either internationally or domestically.

Since I did adopt internationally, I can only go by what I was told by several agencies who do domestic adoption. They told me that because I was almost 40, I would have virtually NO chance of adopting a caucasian child and NO chance of adopting through a closed adoption. They said that was their experience of many years and MANY clients. This was because we were older. Several places told me that we could be in the birthmother book for years. That is why we went to another country. I too am glad that most countries do not care about bending the rules for celebrities.

Rose on

@Nancy: You said in your comment that celebrities can pay someone to have a baby to be adopted. I took that to mean that you meant that celebrities were paying birth mothers. If that’s not what you meant then I’m sorry for misinterpreting your remarks.

Leia on

Another poor child forced into life in the cult of Scientology. I have a friend who was raised in the church and left when she turned 18, she is still to this day being harassed by senior staff members and has to regularly change her phone number and move. She told me once that it was all too hard to talk about but asked me to look up what goes on so I would have an understanding.
She has her story on this website

It is really sad what these people who don’t choose this life for themselves have to go through.
I really hope she feeds this baby real formula and not Hubbards barley milk and corn syrup formula. Since apparently Scientologists are not suppose to breastfeed or use commercial formula.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- I agree with everything you said (except the part about Angelina, but I think that’s one of those situations where everybody’s going to have a different opinion about what happened. So I respect yours. :))! I don’t get why so many people forget that there are celebs out there who have made it clear that they did not get special treatment.

You are also spot-on about how long celebs have to wait. We honestly don’t know how long they spend waiting in most cases!

two4one- I have never heard of anyone “forgetting” to have a child. There are lots of reasons why people don’t have kids until later in life. For example, some people want kids but don’t meet the right man/woman to have them with until later in life (not everyone wants to be a single parent!). Other people struggle with infertilty and don’t succesfully concieve until later in life. A third reason people have kids later in life is because, when they were younger, they realized they weren’t ready to be a parent at the point in their life!

Shannon on

What an adorable baby!

Georgina on

I find it sad that the baby doesnt have a dad. It’s quite selfish of the woman to have a child simply because she wants one. I think its different if you adoptiong as a single parent, if for example the child was in a home, because they go from no parents to one. But creating a life knowing that at least one party doesn’t want to be involved and will leave a hole in this little girls life is in my opinion unfair and highly selfish. Why did she pick someone who obviously didn’t want to be a father? So it could be on her terms. Not really the way to bring a child into the world, nor to bring one up.

Same sex adoption is different because the child gets two parents, just like everyone else. I don’t understand why people do not have a problem with a child being deprived a parent, yet is against a loving two parent home.

Jess on

i’m sorry georgina but there is nothing selfish about being a single parent….when i got pregnant with my son i was single and the dad wanted nothing to do with my son…doesn’t make me selfish…my son has turned out just fine…

Jess on

and also maybe the biological father, who could be a friend of michelle’s, wanted to help michelle have a child and freely gave up his rights….and my mom was a single mother for the first 4 years of my life and my brother and i turned out just fine. so get the facts before you make a stupid assumption like that.

Kristin on

I don’t see a problem with her having a baby as a single mom. She wanted to be a mother so badly that she went through this long process just to be able to achieve her dream. You can tell that is one loved child.

I had the same experience as her before I got pregnant with my first child. We had been trying for close to two years when my sister and one of my close friends both got pregnant accidentally. I was so angry and frustrated that they both fell into “oops” situations and my husband and I weren’t having any luck after so long. I eventually did get pregnant but it is very difficult when that is ALL you want and it seems like it’s happening for everyone but you.

two4one on

@Terri, did you not read the very first sentence?? Sure, she did not actually say she “forgot” to have a baby, but essentially that’s how it comes across. And not just specifically with her either, but with all the older celebrity mom’s. They all make that same general statement, that they “suddenly realized” they they did not have kids. Please! Say you wanted a career first, but don’t make it seem like you were so busy you never realized that you didn’t have kids.

Also, i said “these celebrities”, so i was not speaking specifically about just Michelle.

Georgina on

Its not a stuiped assumption, it’s a known and proven fact that children do better in two parent homes. Im not saying any child who only has one parent is evil or that the parent who stuck around is terrible. I understand people walk out on their families, and its left (usually) to the mother to pick up the pieces. Im not slagging off single mothers. What I said was I find it selfish when a single woman intentionally chooses to be a single parent. Children need two parents. She created a life knowing the other party didnt want to be involved, and I dont understand why anyone would think that other person (here the dad) is a good person at all. They are shirking on their responsibilities, and if they didnt want those responsibilities then they should have assisted someone in getting pregnant.

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: Just to clarify, I don’t think she got special treatment while adopting Zahara and Maddox (atleast not that I’m aware of) – only with Pax because the rules state that a person has to be married to adopt from there.

mommashane on

Don’t bash single mothers by choice. Believe me if I could have done it the “traditional” way I would have and I’m sure Michelle would have too. I don’t think I have to forgo my desire to have a child just because I’m not married.

Taylor on

Georgina, things are never as simple as black or white. The most important thing for a child is that he or she is raised in a loving and nurturing evironment. While two parents can offer that, so can a single mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, etc. I don’t see anything selfish about providing a child with necessities, care, love, and support. Having two parents is not a recipe for success.

Megan on

I love Michelle and I love her even more for sharing her story to Natalia with us all. Natalia is so lucky to have such a great mom. Such a sweet face she has too. All my best to both of them now and forever!!!!