Family Photo: Heidi Klum and Seal’s Santa Seekers

12/15/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

He’s making a list, checking it twice…

Heidi Klum and Seal‘s four kids hoped that they landed on the nice list during a Saturday visit to The Grove in Los Angeles, where they sat on Santa’s lap and shared their Christmas wishes.

Afterwards, Leni, 6½, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 14 months, enjoyed ice cream cones before heading home.

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Erika on

Could the baby be any cuter? She is just adorable! All of the kids are! And Henry looks so tall for his age- he’ll definitely have some height on him when he’s older. He’s very handsome!

Alice on

I love how Leni has been wearing that same dress for ages!

h on

i’m pretty sure Henry is taller than leni and that johan as tall as leni.
Even lou looks big for a 14 months old.

Johan is honestly the most beautiful little boy i have ever seen, he’s just stunning

Beo on

Little Lou is strarting to look more & more like big sis Leni every time I see them. They’re all ssoooo adorable! And Heidi & Seal look so happy as a couple. I hope it lasts forever.

Lis on

Looooove Heidi’s bag!!! Perfect for the christmas season…I’m carrying my red “holiday purse” right now 😉

Such a cute family…I would love 2 boys and 2 girls someday…seems perfect!

Now, if she would just cut Johan’s hair!!!!

Crimpe on

That Lou is so delicious. Can’t even stand to look at her, she is just ridiculously cute. What a lovely family. I like hairy kids – Johan looks so happy, leave him be.

Bethan on

*sign* I can’t bear to even look at this family! Those children are so cute, they make me so broody. And yes, Henry is so tall, I actually can’t believe that he’s only 5… looking at him, you’d think 8 or 9 at least. And Johan’s hair is gorgeous, it frames his little face perfectly.

I love so many things abut this family… how they all go out as a family, how Seal is so involved with his kids, how Leni is getting some wear out of that dress, how they just go out for ice cream, how casually and comfortably their kids dress. My favourite celeb family ❤

B.J. on

Lou is precious!! Oh my goodness!

Kellie on

Lou is just to sweet for words and all the kids are beautiful. Also Henry looks so stunningly handsome, he has gotten so big!

Manal on

Beautiful Family! God Bless!

Sam on

@ Alice – I think we’ve only seen Leni in that dress all in one day. These pictures were taken a couple of days ago and the day started out with Leni and her brothers in Karate outfits. All three children changed to other clothes, which we see them in, in these pictures above. If you look at Seal, Heidi and the baby, they are all wearing the same clothes, but the three children have changed.

Hope that makes sense!! 🙂

Lauren C. on

Beautiful children! What brand of stroller is Lou in? It’s adorable! I love the pink!

Jill on

What Alice means is that she has been wearing this dress for years! CBB even had an article about how she wears that dress all the time.

Here is the link from CBB of her wearing the dress in 2008:

CelebBabyLover on

Beo- I was just thinking the same thing! 🙂

Dazzle on

They look great together.they have 2 boys and 2girls are equal 🙂

MiB on

Henry is growing into such a handsome young man, but I agree, it is hard to believe he is only 5 considering how tall he is. I also love how they caught Johan mid jump and Leni’s beloved ruffle dress (I think she has been photographed in it from time to time for the last three years). Lou has really grown up lately, in the pictures from the pumpkin patch she still had a baby face, now she’s become a little girl, love how that just happens over the course of a couple of days!

Dana on

Quite possibly 4 of the most unattractive names I’ve ever heard….how sad–you have a baby, then give it a name such as these?? Ugh. Leni is a cute little girl though

Marlee on

Such a gorgeous family. I think Lou looks a lot like Johan.

MiB on

Well Dana, people have different tastes, and that’s one of the beautiful things in this world, I mean, how boring wouldn’t it be if everyone was the same. And for your information, Johan, Leni and Lou are traditional German names (although Johan is traditionally spelled Johann), Leni and Lou could even be considered slightly old fashioned but have always been some of my favorite German names.

Sam on

@Jill and Alice – ok, I understand now! I’ll take a look back. Thanks!! 🙂

Toya L. on

She has beautiful children, especially Johan. She does hair like my sister-in-law.

JM on

erm Dana, you understand that people from different countries may give their children different names. Heidi is from Germany, and Johan and Leni are certainly not at all unusual names in the German speaking world. seems a bit arrogant to call a name ugly just because you’re not used to hearing it…

utterly beautiful family 🙂 little Lou looks a lot like her brothers in my opinion.

CeCe on

Lou is huge! I have a baby two weeks younger who is big for his age and he would look small next to her. All of he children are beautiful, but Lou is stunning. Look like somebody has a good chance of walking in their mother’s foot steps someday!

Jill on

Dana, Many people may think the same of your rather boring name, I know I do!

And before you can go and bash my “name,” please note, jill, stands for something and is not my actual name, which I have said before.

I am a huge fan of their unique names!

ReedFla on

I think Dana is a quite unattractive name.

gdfg on

Jill, if your name isn’t really Jill, what makes you think Dana’s real name is Dana?

Jana on

Lauren C., I guess Lou’s stroller is Teutonia, German brand.

Georgina on

As well as Heidi’s origin/family being German, Seal is English, with Nigerian (I think) heritage, so they needed names everyone could pronouce.

And Henry is Seal’s actual name, whilst Leni is named after her grandmother, Helena, so there is far much more meaning behind the childrens names than simply sounding “nice.” Not that they don’t, but a little thought before such an idiotic comment perhaps Dana?

Sam on

Dana’s comment was not that bad peeps, it was her opinion. Saying it was ‘idiotic’ @ Georgina is rude, (too). You could have said ‘silly’ or many other choices, but nope.

Jill on

Gdfg, Let’s see what she says!! If she responds…..

Vanessa on

Uhm … Lou is definitely NOT a German name