Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Eager Errand Runners

12/14/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

A hop, skip and a jump!

Jennifer Garner and daughters Violet Anne, 5, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 23 months, make a run for it Saturday in Santa Monica, where they made stops at Pottery Barn and Michaels.

“My sisters both are working mothers. I understand that my being an actress as well as being at home isn’t some heroic thing,” Garner, 38, notes.

“That doesn’t mean it isn’t confusing or difficult — especially that question of how you find a balance.”

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Lilianne on

Love the happy faces on all three of these pretty girls! I also love how she dresses them similarly but not the same. Very cute!

mommyof2 on

so precious!! love these little girls!!

Tess on

Another day, another JG pic.

lily on

I come to this site a few days a week. Seriously, is Jennifer Garner and her children photographed on a daily basis? There are photos of her almost every single day on this website with her kids. It’s a bit ridiculous. What’s even stranger is that Ben is nowhere to be found or if he is shown it’s very infrequently. Garner’s publicist either tips off the media or she is just constantly followed. How often is it necessary to keep seeing this particular family over and over? It’s way over done. I think her children are even ahead of the Pitt-Jolie family in terms of photographs and that’s saying something.

Lauren on

i agree lily. once in a while, fine. but everyday is ridiculous.

Gigi on

If you are tired of seeing pictures of them, image how tired they are of BEING photographed!

Tess on

I noticed the Jessica Alba photos stopped once people complained she was on here almost everyday. Let’s hope the JG photos stop too. It’s tiresome.

kj on

I have to say, I love how JG tactfully answers all questions about being a working mom…realizing that regular moms who make 30 grand working as a medical assistant probably have a bit harder than she. She is really down to earth.

Tabitha on

If you’re with your children every day and you’re not a hermit you’re going to be seen with them out and about. She clearly enjoys doing the same things with her kids that many mum’s do and why shouldn’t she. If someone followed and photographed me every time I left the house with my kids there would be more than one photo up everyday.

amandamay on

i think it also has to do with that poll people did on here awhile ago where jennifer garner was voted the celeb mom people most related to or wanted to see photos of or something… can’t remember what it was exactly.

ben isn’t an absent dad – he and jennifer have said many times in interviews that they take turns being the “at home” parent while the other one works and is away on location. i just read an interview where she said that in the next month they will be reversing roles and she will be headed off to a film location while ben is the at home dad for a few months.

Toya L. on

Look at all 3 pretty girls.

lily on

My comment has nothing to nothing to do with Jennifer Garner’s routine with her children. Her routine doesn’t matter. What’s relevant is how frequently they are photographed. It’s too much. Focus on someone else for a change! From this site you would think these are the only two parents in Hollywood. It’s silly.

Lauren on

look at sarah michelle gellar. she hardly ever gets photographed. they are ways to get around it if jennifer didnt want to be photographed.

Dana on

Awwwww Seraphina is so cute 🙂

ecl on

Sarah Michelle Geller has a younger child who does not need to do as many activities and fewer people care about her. Simple as that.

Proud Mom on

Wow Tess, you must be in a bad mood lately and want to take it out on celebrities. To leave negative comments on all these stories recently: This one, Pete Wentz, Jesse Csincsak, Rebecca Romijn and Gwyneth Paltrow. Maybe you should stop coming to this site, clicking on stories about people you dislike and commenting.

Amy on

But people (outside CBB) don’t care this much about Jennifer Garner. She is nowhere near Brad/Angie popularity. It’s weird she’s photographed SO much.

Jane F. on

I think this is a lovely picture of three obviously happy ladies and it made me smile so I thank CBB for posting it.

I think you negative people need to just log off CBB for awhile if you don’t like it and find your own happiness.

Tess on

Proud Mom – I’m not the only one who has posted what you perceive to be negative comments on those threads either, so obviously there are other people who agree regarding the issues pertaining to the people mentioned.

This is not a happy, happy, joy, joy comments only forum. It’s a place where people can post their thoughts – positive, negative, realistic, and otherwise.

Thanks for the advice about not coming here, but I keep hoping to see different celebs (and actual celebs, not reality stars). Hope springs eternal.

sophie on

Amy- I think the reason that they are photographed so much (more than the pitt jolies etc) is that not only do people feel that they relate to the Ben-Afflek family more, but also because alot people enjoy seeing how happy and smiley their kids are (/seem). Also they seem to have a stable family home in one city. There is quite the market for Garner-Afflek pictures (more so than Sarah Michelle Gellar).

The Jolie-Pitts on the other hand are not so relatable, are constantly travelling (and well because of the way they got together are actually not as popular as they seem).

Manal on

I am never tired of seeing pics of this family because they always put a smile on my face!

nan on

Wow – they even make running errands look fun! lol

Maybe they are frequently photographed and shown on this site b/c they are truly happy as a family and it’s something that’s really nice to see!

jessicad on

I like seeing this family, didn’t they ask People to NOT post pics of them for a bit, maybe last year? It’s unfortunate people have such negative comments on this family now, they create no drama and seem to have a happy little life with 2 precious girls, don’t find things to complain about, come on!

polly on

I love to see the smiling faces of Jennifer Garner and her girls. If you don’t want to see them, skip over it and get over it.

I love to see celeb parents out and about with their children, that is why I come here. If you don’t, then move on.

polly on

If you don’t like seeing these beautiful girls then move on!!!

Georgina on

Amy I do see what you mean about Jennifer and her daughters, but if you actually think about it, what would be the point to tipping off photographers? I mean usually celebs do because they’re promoting something, like their film , but, and I dont mean this in a derogatory way at all, Jennifer hasn’t been working recently and has nothing to promote. And like someone else said Jennifer asked for pictures of her children not to be posted, on here was it? I remember something being said, due to the utter madness outside Violet’s school.

And due to, more often than not, Ben’s reaction to the paparazzi, it seems to me they’re not a fan of the photogs following them around. But at the same time, I can understand why Jennifer doesn’t want to go mad at them everytime she steps out with her children, nor does she want to stop the girls or herself even, from going about their daily business. So what I was trying to say is, I think they’re always photographed because, really they don’t like the other options (move or hide)!

Tee on

Violet and Sera are absolutely precious and I love how happy Jennifer looks when she’s out and about with them. I agree that we have been seeing them a lot lately and I feel sorry for them. It must be really hard to be constantly photographed when all you’re trying to do is walk across the street. I know it would drive me crazy!

nan on

oh, and I think they had requested that the photogs stop taking pictures at school. We haven’t seen too many of them recently, right?

Jennifer on

I think she is featured so much because she is kind of ‘normal’ in a respect. Maybe that she goes to the library with her girls, farmers market, park, Target…….I just really like her…and her girls are adorable.

Rose on

I think Jennifer tips off the paparazzi. I didn’t think that for the longest time – but it’s getting harder and harder to ignore that she is the most photographed celebrity mom despite not being as famous as a lot of the celebrities whose children we see a lot less of. It’s starting to seem very suspicious.

Jill on

What would her purpose be in tipping them off?

B.J. on

Beautiful ladies, the lot of them!

Ana on

Wow, they are on this site every single day………..

Rose on

@Proud Mom: I can’t decide which is more disturbing, that you’re internet stalking the comments of a complete stranger or that you think you get to dictate to other people whether they’re allowed to post on this site based on whether they post the way you want them to. I think it’s a draw – they’re equally disturbing and ridiculous.

Meghan on

I don’t think Jennifer tips anyone off. I think she just goes about her business and doesn’t go out of her way to dodge or lay low from the photogs. She just seems to roll with it and go on with her day.

Lisa on

Gosh… Lots of hate on here for Jennifer. How can you all say that she is trying to be photographed. They know where Violet goes to school and that is when they take pictures. I think Jennifer just deals with it. If she shows anger, then people will comment about that. Anyway, I think the smile on Seraphina is way cute!

Jenny on

Violet’s preschool is two blocks from where this Pottery Barn and Michaels is located. If the paps are not supposed to take photos by the school, they can just hang out not too far away. This particular area of Santa Monica is a celebrity hotbed.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- I think it’s a bit unfair to assume that Proud Mom is stalking Tess’s comments. Some commentors here are just very noticeable to the other regulars here! I have been told in other comment threads on here that I am one myself, due to my commenting style. So I think Proud Mom is just noticing, not stalking.

meghan- I agree! Jennifer spoke early this year or late last year (I forget which) about how the paps were getting out of control at Violet’s school and even knocking down her classmates at times trying to get pictures. She sounded very upset about it (rightfully so!).

Also, as other posters have pointed out, the Garner-Afflecks asked PEOPLE NOT to post pictures of them for awhile last year (mostly due to the fact that the situation at Violet’s school was getting out of hand). PEOPLE complied with that, and when the situation at Violet’s school finally got better, the Garner-Afflecks agreed to let PEOPLE start posting pictures again, with the exception of those taken at Violet’s school.

Given those facts, I highly doubt that Jen is tipping off the paps. Anyway, the girls (all three of them!) are adorable!

MiB on

I have said it before and I will keep saying it, one of the reasons she is photographed so often is because she is predictable when she is in LA, it’s a routine of school, farmers market, library, soccer practice, playground, that pottery painting place, things that basically every parent who can makes part of their daily and weekly routine (and let’s face it, most kids that age love routine).

I know that when I worked as a nanny, you could easily find me without having to stalk me, a tiny bit of research would have shown you a routine of monday at the library, tuesday and thursday playgroup, mornings running errands, afternoons in the park and so on. In fact it happened that people would say, I don’t have her phone number, but you’ll find her in this park on wednesday afternoons, she usually comes around three… So the question is, should she change a routine she and the girls apparently enjoy because of the paparazzi, or should she keep going and ignore them? And how far should you go to change them? Change school (bet Violet wouldn’t like that!)? Drive to another farmers market further away from where they live when they can walk to their local (I’m not sure I’d like to do that unless the other was much nicer)? Use another, unfamiliar library? Go to a new playground when all their friends is in the old one?

Many celebrities manage to avoid paps by having an unpredictable routine, but why should you force someone to have an unpredictable routine if the kids like the one they already have?

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: Well I find it disturbing that someone would be keeping track of – and making a big deal out of – the way you comment as well.

Bancie1031 on

I didn’t read all of these comments, just for the record ……
But ….
I personally enjoy seeing Jennifer and her girls …. they’re a beautiful family. I think this is a gorgeous photo of the 3 of them. I love how big a smile both Violet and Seraphina both have a huge smile on their faces …. they both look just like Jenn here. I also think it’s cute how Jenn dressed Violet and Sera alike 🙂

I personally wished we did see more photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze on here ….. don’t see enough of her.

Proud Mom on

Rose – Reading recent stories and the comments makes me a stalker? I thought everyone did that. When the same people leave negative comments 99% of the time it stands out to me, I don’t see the point of it. Sorry for having a good memory.

Not long ago someone stated that “Simi always has a story about how she personally knows every single celebrity on every post”. No one called her a stalker for noticing that.

I don’t understand why the same people complain about the same celebrities. For example: When I see a story involving Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes who I dislike I don’t click on it, I don’t read it and I definitely don’t comment on it.

I am a big fan of the majority of celebrities so I admit that I get defensive when people say rude and untrue things about them especially Jennifer Garner. I’ve never met Jennifer but she’s from my hometown and I know a lot of people who do know her. Everyone has nothing but great things to say about her. By the way I love your facts about how I’m a stalker and Jennifer tips off the paparazzi.

Tess and everyone else who complains about reality stars – A celebrity is someone who is famous and being on a TV show makes you famous. You may dislike that but it’s the truth.

Tess on

I’m reminded of an early episode of CSI where Grissom is told that some guy is a movie star. Grissom looks at said guy and says, “Clark Gable was a movie star.” That is all.

Kate on

@Tess: lol I remember that one, so right on!

Toya L. on

What I think sucks about CBB is that it seems like when visitors come to this site, something automatically makes it where their scroll arrows do not seem to work and automatically makes them click on posts of people who really aren’t considered a “celeb”, who are photoed on here to much, who don’t pose right through their pregnancies, who should watch what they say during interviews, have boring blog posts etc…. and not only do the scroll arrows not work but something seems to take over and make people post comments about how tired of those things they are. UHHHHHH People now owns CBB and should look into fixing this ASAP.

Rose on

@Proud Mom: Well I never saw the remark about Simi. Had I seen it, I would have said the same thing to that person. And people like you always fascinate me, you lecture others about how they should just ignore the things that bother them, when you clearly don’t take your own advice or you would be ignoring the people who leave comments that bother you.

rOyalTee on

i read these comments and laugh because instead of most of you commenting on how great the pic is- how beautiful they all are, you guys worry about JG being photographed all the time. honestly who really cares.
i think some of you are jealous, wishing you were her.
if you dont like it click to the next celebrity pic.

gdfg on

Proud Mom, some people enjoy reading articles about celebrities they don’t like! Not everyone is like you.

Jill on

Royal tee, thanks for coming and solving the puzzle……jealousy that’s it!

erilynne on

I do wonder what Ben is doing though that make him not included in the pictures that this site FREQUENTLY posts all the time. He is that busy that he can’t just walk somewhere with his girls?