Spotted: Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps and Girls Hop to It

12/13/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Whee!Β Birdie Leigh Silverstein, 2, and Matilda Rose Ledger, 5, get into the swing of things while out with moms Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams on Saturday in Los Angeles, Calif. The former Dawson’s Creek costars took their little girls along for some java at Lamill Coffee.



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shirabee on

those girls are sooooo pretty! matilda is the spitting image of her father IMO and birdie is adorable!!! so glad they remained friends!!

Anonymous on

what beautiful mothers and beautiful daughters. matilda looks exactly like heath. it’s amazing πŸ™‚

KylieMarie on

This is so cute!

Brooke on

This is so sweet. Matilda is a mini-Heath and Birdie is GORGEOUS…what a pretty little girl

Mina on

Its a pity that Heath chose drugs over his own daughter. Now she will suffer the consequences of his actions. Hopefully when she grows up she will be an anti-drug advocate. She is so beautiful. Its a shame he wont get to see her grow or get to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. All the soldiers who die for this country who would LOVE to have a chance to be a succesful actor and watch their child grow, but instead get blown to bits!

The other little girl is cute too! I love their outfits too!

Kristin on

That’s a bit unfair – he died of an accidental overdose of prescription medication. It’s not like he was a user of street drugs. Obviously it’s still terrible and he should have been more aware of what he was prescribed and should and shouldn’t have mixed, but I think a line needs to be drawn. Matilda will read this all one day and it’s important that the information is correct.

They are both beautiful little girls and I’m so pleased to see that Busy and Michelle are still so close. Love Busy on Cougar Town and can’t wait to see Michelle in Blue Valentine.

Lau on

Birdie’s so big already! Adorable. Agree that Matilda looks just like Heath.

kmb on

Ah the little girls are so cute! Birdie has a beautifulll little face.

I remember Michelle and Busy from their Dawson’s Creek days. Makes me wanna pull out my DVD seasons and watch them.

Mina on

Granted he wasnt on the streets shooting up, he was ABUSING his meds. He was taking too much and combining them even tho there are WARNINGS by PROFESSIONALS…for a REASON. I dont even abuse TUMS when my heartburn is out of control and all that is, is calcium! He was taking heavy shyt! It was 6 big drugs combined. There are labels, warnings, studies, and examples that an OD or combination of heavy meds can do a number of things to your body, inlcuding death…so why do it if you have a baby girl? Is it ever worth it? He paid the ultimate price for his mistake…but Matilda will too. I think if you have a child you should ALWAYS think of them first. There are some people who have cancer and would love a chance to see their kids grow…but Heath chose to be selfish and now this beautiful little girl has no father.

Laura on

Matilda is beautiful. Her socks remind of what her father used to wear.

She has that something special about her.

To the poster who criticized Heath: everyone has their demons. It doesn’t matter if he did street drugs or not because they did NOT play a role in his death. He died from prescription medications. By all accounts he was a wonderful father and he deserved to be there with his daughter as much as any other respectable man. Thankfully Matilda has a wonderful mother who loves her to pieces and when Michelle and Heath’s family look at Matilda they have a gorgeous reminder of him.

Heath’s death made me so sad…it still does but I’m just happy for Michelle and his family that they have Matilda. What a sweet angel.

Birdie is precious! She’s gotten big! I saw Busy on a show talking about Birdie’s name and it made sense to me why she did it…she didn’t want her kid to have a nickname like she had so she said it’s going to be Birdie.

Sarah on

Mina – enough of that, seriously. Here is a photo of two actresses enjoying their day with their beautiful daughters and here you are raining on the parade by criticizing Matilda’s father’s actions. The man passed away, for cryin’ out loud. Let him rest in peace and enjoy the photo!

Mary on

Laura, beautifully said… It was a tragic death and he loved his daughter and had he not been battling a demon he would still be here.

CelebBabyLover on

Kristin- I agree! I also want to add that, with addicts, it’s not as simple as the addict just choosing the drugs over their family. Addiction is a terrible, powerful disease, and it’s not as easy as “oh, I have a baby girl, so I’m not going to do this!”. And most addicts aren’t actually enjoying what they’re doing. If you were to talk to recovering addicts, most of them will tell you that addiction is h*ll on Earth.

And most addicts have not had easy or happy lives (which is usually why someone becomes an addict in the first place). For example, sadly it is not uncommon for people with severe depression to turn to drugs to dull the pain (and, from what I’ve read, Heath was in that category). Not that that excuses an addict’s behavior, of course! I just mean that addiction is very complex, and it’s not at all as simple as choosing one thing over the other or being selfish or not.

That being said, I WILL say that yes, it is very hard for a non-addict to understand how someone could make the choices an addict does. Really, addiction is something you cannot truly understand unless you’ve experienced it yourself.

Anyway, the girls are adorable!

Rosy on

Oh, get off it Mina…stop stinking up this post with your negativity.

I can’t believe that Matilda is 5 already! That has gone very quickly…beautiful girls

Anna on

Overdosing on prescription medications is not any better than overdosing on street drugs. Truth is that a non junkie would never overdose on prescription drugs. He was thinking of his addiction and not his daughter when he (accidentally) killed himself. It’s dag, especially for this little girl.

She look like she is doing ok though, happy and well taken care of by her mother. Birdie is cute too.

Hea on

Mina – Oh, be quiet. Addiction is not something you really choose for yourself once you’re stuck in it. It’s a very powerful thing and it IS a disease. And are you saying that most of the soldiers in this world do not have a single choice in picking their profession? Surely the US troops have had a chance to pick for themselves. In other countries I know that that’s not always possible. Some are forced.

h on

i just watched an interview of Michelle Williams, and she seemed like a smart woman. However, even tough i found her very cute, i liked her better with long hair, from her dawson creek’days.

matilda is precious, i adore everything about this little girl, from this beautiful name her parents gave her, to her ‘style’, and i love her haircut.

Lauren on

Matilda is very much Heath’s mini-me. I have always loved the way Michelle has handled everything that has happened with Heath’s passing, and the way she’s tried to protect her daughter.

We all know that Heath passed away of an ACCIDENTAL overdose. Whatever Heath’s demons and problems were in his personal life, one thing that was very clear was his love for his daughter. To call him selfish and say that he chose drugs over his daughter is unfair and not relevant. Hopefully what Matilda will grow up knowing is that her father DID love and adore her, and he very much loved her. That’s the only important thing that matters at the end of the day.

Gianna on

For Heaven’s sake, let the man rest in PEACE. Jeez! Unbelievable.

Red Flava on

A very sweet and happy family. ^^

Elise on

Beautiful girls πŸ™‚

And I need to stand up for Heath here- he was SICK. Substance abuse of any kind, street drugs or prescription, is an illness. You might make the argument that at one point they chose to start but let me ask you this- what healthy, happy, completely sane and well adjusted person makes that choice? It is a symptom of a serious underlying problem and more people need stop being so judgmental about it. Hopefully Matilda will grow up and help people with mental illness and drug problems instead of simply becoming a self-righteous ‘anti-drug advocate.’

-Elise, whose mother died of a heroin overdose when she was 6

Hea on

Elise – Well said! And I am so sorry that happened to you and to your mother. Life sure is hard and tough sometimes. Peace and Happy Holidays to you and yours! πŸ™‚

Toya L. on


I can see how being filled with negativity to the point that almost EVERY single one of your posts that are guised as opinions on here seem to be judgmental, rude, crude and negative (can only imagine what people who have to be around people like this on a daily are going through, then again they probably think that being that way is normal) is being a great mother to your child. It’s not like always being negative isn’t being a disservice to your child or toxic in general, like taking prescription drugs is. You do have a right to state your opinion though.

Birdie and Matilda are both pretty little girls, she looks just like Heath.

Mina on

So me being negative about a negative thing (drugs) is bad now?

I said nothing but praise for Matilda.

Unless Heath was retarded (excuse my choice of a word), he has no excuse. He KNOWINGLY took too many drugs. He KNOWINGLY put himself in danger. Making an excuse for an addict (like, underlying problems) is like making an excuse for a child abuser or murderer who was abused themselves as children or had a bad childhood. I feel for nobody except the victim…in this case, Matilda.

loren on

The sins/mistakes of the father/parent do not have to be inflicted on their children. Since all the circumstances concerning Mr Ledgers death can not ever be known completely; it is better for the rest of us not say to Matilda “oh your father did not care for you he chose drugs instead.” He is for better or worse gone, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

People make mistakes. Better to focus on how this little girl will thrive anyway despite her dads early death. And how in the end all things work out for good.

kai on

wow, mina. WOW.

zappo on

It’s such a beautiful pic!

Mina, I am happy for you that you live a life of perfection . May you always stand high on your pedestal, and I bow before you for it is obvious you know all and are better than everyone else. Cheers!

Taylor on

Mina, CBB could post a story about puppies being rescued and you’d still find a way to put a negative twist on it. You’re a real gem.

No one knows the full story behind Heath’s death. Yes we know it was an accidental overdose but no one knows the extent of his use, if this had been an on-going problem, etc. It’s best not to make assumptions and act as if you actually knew the man, Michelle, his family, or friends.

As for Matilda, it is a shame that Heath won’t be around to see her grow up but rest assured, her mother seems to be doing a fine job of raising her. Despite what you think, she will know how much her father loved her.

Toya L. on

Mina – Heath unintentionally died of a drug overdose. When people unintentionally die from a drug overdose they may indirectly hurt other people but when someone commits child abuse or murders someone else (other than self defense) they are directly hurting someone else. There is a huge difference.

Nobody is saying that drugs aren’t bad and that the children of parents who unintentionally die from an overdose are not affected by their parents choices but there are different ways of saying so. Example: You can choose to tell a child “your dad died of an overdose because he was selfish and chose to do drugs over the choice of seeing you grow up” or “your dad was going through depression and insomnia and he combined drugs that shouldn’t have been combined and took more than what was prescribed to take, as a result he died but he did love you and would have loved to see you grow up”.

You are still getting the point of how misusing drugs can result in death but not making a child feel like their life wasn’t important to their overdosed deceased parent.

Crystal on

Mina-You need to take your negativity elsewhere. It isn’t needed or wanted on this post. I have had enough of you! DO NOT JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED! Like one of the earlier posters said we ALL have our demons. This is a beautiful picture of great friends getting together with their daughters and that’s all it should be about. She is Heath’s daughter but she is also Michelle’s so show some respect. Lovely photo! I wish them both all the best in raising their daughters! πŸ™‚

Bree on

I am in shock at the posting here. Here is a picture of four beautiful girls/woman and it becomes a debate as to whether or not Matilda was abandoned by her father.

I am the daughter of a drug addict and from everything I have seen he did not abandon her, he did nor want to leave her and the day he died she was his pride and joy.

He had an illness yes, there is a reason he was perscribed those meds in the first place but he at no point planned on leaving his daughter. My father choose drugs over me, he walked away from me, told me his addiction was more important than me. Today he is basically dead, the drugs have fried his brain to a point that he does not recognize anyone, my father is gone but I cannot bury him, mourn him and move on because his body is still alive.

Heath Ledger did not walk away from his daughter, he loved her and wanted to be there for her, wanted to see her grow up.

Mina on

He walked away from his daughter when he chose to take toxic amounts of drugs knowing full well that death was a side effect of mixing large amounts of drugs prescription or not!

Lilianne on

The man in question needed help and understanding..not bashing. To bring it into this thread now is what people are objecting to. This isn’t a post about Heath and what happened in his life. I am sure that Michelle Williams has and will continue to deal with helping her little girl through the loss of her father.

Maybe you should volunteer some time to help people who might be suffering from depression/addiction/stress…and the like, Mina? Help is what they need..not judging.

lizzielui on

Heath Ledger died almost three years ago in January 2008. At this point, we ALL know about his tragic demise and the circumstances surrounding his death. So, why not celebrate this beautiful child that is his who seems to be thriving instead of constantly harping on the obvious?

Laura on

Mina, I said it before in my earlier post what I felt about Heath. I don’t believe Heath was choosing drugs over his daughter. If he was exhausted (many reports saying he was) and in pain, he probably forgot what he had already taken. He didn’t take too much of one medication, it was the mixture that took him. I think he was just looking for relief and wanted some rest. He was tired and in pain and who knows what his mental state really was…obviously he was sad he couldn’t see his baby girl. Acting was his JOB. It is no less of a job than other ones. He wasn’t one of those fame seekers and took his JOB seriously. He had been traveling because of his job. If the right circumstances arise, this could happen to any one of us, not just a famous actor.

I have forgotten if I’ve taken medicine before. Of course I know now not to even risk taking it again because of Heath’s death.

No one is perfect. Heath certainly wasn’t. I do believe with my whole heart though that Heath loved that little girl with every fiber of his being and his spirit shows itself through her. Look at how happy she is in every picture. He didn’t choose an addiction over his child. He made a mistake of mixing medication. It’s been almost three years…can we let him rest in peace?

Cheryl on

Mina, maybe instead of posting so often, you could spend some time researching words less offensive than the “r” word.

Julia A on

Sweet picture of two beautiful mother-daughter pairs. It’s so nice to see Michelle and Busy remain friends. I wonder if Katie Holmes has stayed in touch too. It’ll be so fun to see Mathilda, Suri, and Birdie have a play date.

Kellie on

Wow Mina, how do you live with such negativity in your life, doesn’t that eat you up inside or something?

First it was an accidental overdose of meds. I don’t think Heath woke up that day saying…….. yeah I am going to kill myself today and leave my daughter fatherless, here we go and down some meds. The man was suffering from insomnia I think and was trying to get some relief so he could sleep and did mix some other meds, not saying that was the wisest choice. But to bash and call him selfish is totally uncalled for, disgusting and vile. I know that you get a high off getting a rise out of people and love confrontations but this is just too much, even for you Mina.

Mina on

O please…he knew the risks. I know I wont be dying of no accidental overdose because I have common sense. To each his own I guess. Heath had plenty of options. He could have taken a break or vacation or quit altogether if it was so hard that he had to turn to meds. He could have gone to therapy. Or, he could have thought of his little girl every time he picked up a bottle.

P.S. I never said I was perfect. In fact, its the total opposite. I have been thru some shyt in my life that would drive someone weak to find relief thru drugs and/or drinking. My drug of choice is raising my son well. Once again, to each his own.

Yes, thank gawd for Michelle raising her well. Lucky for Heath, he had a good baby momma on his hands.

Funny you are all so quick to defend him, but so quick to judge me when you spew things like DONT JUDGE! LoL

MiB on

Mina, I have no idea of his medical history or of his history of drugs, but what I remember is that he was suffering from pneumonia, depression and insomnia at the time he died, and that is enough to befuddle your mind into not remembering what you have taken and what shouldn’t be taken together.

I pride myself with quite a good portion of common sense, and I am usually quite restrictive with drugs, but I have had some bad inflammations in my hands and my back that have quite literally been so painful that they made it difficult to breathe, blurred my eyesight and definitely blurred my mind. I remember lying alone on my bed hyperventilating from pain, just existing and wishing for the pain to abate, and I can tell you that I would not have been able to remember when I last took my medication, or what I had taken and could easily have overdosed if the meds had been somewhere within reach. Yes, I wrote it down, I set my alarm, but I am quite sure I got it wrong at times, because great physical pain blurs your mind, and makes it easy to make mistakes or forget what you have already taken even if you normally don’t even take an aspirin.

Anyways, this is a lovely picture!

Hea on

Mina – Is your world completely black and white? Do you have no grayscale whatsoever? By the way you are presenting yourself and your views on addiction and people’s choices… I’d say you’re pretty limited and narrow minded. You should look into the disease that is addiction and I hope one day you’ll realize that things are not as simple and easy as you seem to think they are.

Brittany on

Mina, it’s the fact that you chose to bring up Heath and his untimely death when this adorable picture has nothing to do with it! Unnecessary.

Toya L. on

Oh my apologies Mina, your comment explains the reason you are the way you are. Different outlets? It seems as if you have seemingly internalized your past demons and instead of abusing alcohol and/or drugs it’s turned you into a very negative person. I get it now and sorry for you having to go through what you have went through but maybe you should take your own advice and seek therapy to help release/let go in other ways then negativity. Keeping all that bottled up and being so negative is just as unhealthy as alcohol or drug abuse, just a slower process for some.

Kate on

You’re all too funny trying to teach Mina to be ‘nice’:) She just stated the truth.

Crimpe on

Yeah, I’m thinking Mina isn’t “speaking the truth” when she says Heath was “retarded (excuse my use of word)” Kate. Hey, there is no excuse for writing that, Mina. Takes longer to type your caveat than to come up with a different term. Your drug of choice is your kid? Teach him to call people “retarded”? Great job – you’ve certainly impressed me. Won’t Matilda be in for a treat if she ever reads your posts.

ninalue on

And we have allowed Mina to hijack this thread…why exactly? Why has this page become all about Mina? Unless she’s a celebrity baby I don’t think she and her issues deserve all this attention.

Kate on

@Crimpe: she said ‘unless he was retarded’. go on…

Crimpe on

Kate. It makes no difference. The. word. is. bad. I’m thinking, no, I’m hoping, that Mina doesn’t get out much.

Angela on

I don’t even know why certain posts are acknowledged. It’s obvious that some people try to incite reactions, so why bother adding fuel to the fire? I bet if comments like these were ignored, posters wouldn’t get such a thrill out of making such disparaging remarks.

Toya L. on


Lucie on

Dear Mina,
Hush your face. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ANY MORE ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. Keep your opinions to yourself. And if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. I think you might have missed that valuable lesson.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Birdie and Matilda look a little like each other in this picture? Maybe it’s just the fact that they’re both looking down and hair color…

Kate on

lol @Lucie, how you gonna make her? what a circus….

Toya L. on

Lol Mina are you posting as two different people?

Mina on

Thanx Anna and Kate for seeing the ugly truth behind the situation and not making his prescription abuse all butterflies and lollipops. Some people dont want to hear the truth if it hurts, so they sugar coat it.

I happen to be honest, open, and opinionated. That is what I am teaching my son. My “negativity” was toward a precription drug abuser who didnt think of his own child before mixing toxic substances. I happen to think Matilda and Michelle are wonderful, which is positive. So now I need to be positive about a bad thing? SORRY, BUT NO! I will never say its ok. You people have your priorities backwards!

ecl on

The part about the soldiers was especially dumb. They also choose a risky situation where they know they could die. I guess they consider dying and killing for the interests of rich politicians and the military industrial complex more important than their own children.

Kate on

nope, Mina is not me:)

Toya L. on

Mina go wash your pissy sheets and hush.

Tee on

Wow, not sure what to think or say at this point! Mina, I can’t speak for Heath because I have no idea what kind of health problems he had.

I can tell you that I have more very serious health problems than most people could imagine and take a scary combination of medications on a daily basis. Yes, I’m very careful and so is my doctor. Both of us have put precautions into place so I don’t accidentally take a deadly mix of drugs. But I am very educated about the meds I take and what you can and can’t combine. Perhaps Heath hadn’t had somebody teach him these things. Perhaps it was a true accident… you really can overdose accidentally and we don’t have any way to know if that’s what happened.

I’m trying to read your comments for what they are but quite frankly, you lost me when you used the word retarded. It’s incredibly disrespectful, incredibly ignorant and only makes you look bad.

Beautiful picture of two sweet girls and their Momma’s!

steph on

Mina I am offended by your original post and those subsequent because frankly you have missed the point in Heath’s case. No, its not ok to abuse drugs of any kind and yes, most people should have enough common sense to know that mixing drugs is dangerous.

What bothers me is that you are repeatedly saying that the man took this medication willfully and fully understanding the consequences thus not thinking of his child. It is abhorrent that you make these assertions even after you have been informed of the circumstances of Heath’s death- he was sick, in pain and suffering from depression and had taken a dose of medication, did not feel relief so took more. There was no conscious decision, no “I don’t give a rats about Matilda so I’m going to risk this”, he was desperate.

No one was sugar coating anything, we all accept that he was irresponsible in his drug use, but to accuse him of choosing drugs over his daughter is a lie. He chose pain relief, and I doubt that was even a choice for him when he was in the midst of depression etc.

Heath was a good man, a good friend and it is awful that someone like you thinks they can dishonour him after death.

ReedFla on

Mina’s outlet is poor grammar. Maybe one day she’ll overdose on a dictionary.

Meghan on

“I happen to be honest, open, and opinionated. That is what I am teaching my son.” Mina

When do you have time to teach your son anything? You seem spend a lot of time on the computer waiting to attack anyone who dares question the world according to Mina.

Jill on

I am so happy that I do not know Mina. I actually feel sorry for anyone in her life. God forbid anyone in her life happens to suffer from drug addiction…..can you imagine how she will treat them? I am actually not sure though…..part of me believes what she writes and the other believes she writes it to get a rise out of people.

Either way….it is really sad when people don’t truly understand addiction. It isn’t like Heath was in and out of rehab and was refusing to get treatment. I think it is wonderful that Michelle and her group of friends and family have a wonderful attitude and understanding to addiction. I hope they read this and take the opportunity to education close minded people. I also hope something like this never happens to someone because you never know what to do. You can sit here and say you would never abuse, but since he didn’t do it on purpose……you never really know, since it is a disease. I am glad that Michelle and her daughter have the support.

Cate on

Mina, I suffered from depression six years ago and suffered an accidental overdose on sleep medication. Nothing compares to the pain and darkness that depression and anxiety can bring over you and you can truly lose track of what is going on around you. It didn’t mean I loved my husband any less or wanted to leave him, in the moment I ODed, all that mattered in that moment was taking away the intolerable pain that I was in and I truly believed in that moment that I had not taken too many drugs, my mind tricked me.

When my nieces and nephews (in their early teens) ask about what depression and anxiety is, I compare it to the Dementors in the Harry Potter books, except it is like they are always with you all day. A dark cloud that smothers you, all the happiness is drained from you and you feel like you can’t move or breathe.

I am now back on track and am completely off medication. I am cheerful, friendly, upbeat and a great mother and wife. But when people find out about my past, they judge harshly.

Mina, you have no idea about mental illness. No idea. It is a disease and something which requires extensive treatment. Try learning about it before you judge others. I pity you and I pity that your son will be receiving such an ignorant view on the world from you.

etsy on

I spent some time with Heath many years ago while on holiday in the Greek Islands. He and his friends were really gracious to the people who were constantly trying to get some time with Heath, and all of his friends said that no matter how famous he had become, they were all still important to him.

Mina is just looking for any kind of attention she can get, so she comes to a site about celebs and their babies (go figure???)! I come to this site to forget about the serious things going on in the world!

Feminist mom on

Heath was such an incredibly brilliant actor. His films have touched so many lives. I personally will never forget his performance in Brokeback Mountain. Matilda is a beautiful reminder of the young man that this world lost too soon.

Tee on

Cate, your comment really touched me. I am so glad to hear that you are doing well!

MiB on

Cate, your analogy with dementors is spot on, actually, JK Rowling took the inspiration for them from a depression she suffered from at one point. As for accidental overdoses, I agree with you, when you are in a great pain or in a state of exhaustion (and exhaustion often follows in pains footsteps), whether physical or mental, there is only one thing you focus on, making the pain go away.

I have no idea if he abused any kinds of drugs, nor do I know his mental state (though all accounts seem to point to that he was exhausted and suffering from pneumonia and insomnia when he died), but I do know that people who would normally not even take an over the counter pain killer if they can avoid it can take accidental overdoses when they are in severe pain, exhausted, feverish.

I also do know that drug abusers don’t accidentally overdose drugs as often as “normal” people do, since they are often more aware of what they are taking and have built up a higher resistance (that’s why they constantly need to up their doses). I for example once accidentally took 800 mg of ibuprofen (took two 400 mg tablets instead of the two 200 mg tablets I thought they were) and felt befuddled within 20 minutes, someone who was abusing ibuprofen would have needed a higher dosage than that before they got noticeably befuddled.

As for Mathilda, I hope she does grow up to be a strong woman who follows her own path wherever it might lead her.

Hea on

Kate – How can she state the truth when nobody on here knows the truth about Heath for sure? She stated her opinion, like the rest of us. And she’s wrong about a ton of things she says about addiction and choice.

Mina on

The TRUTH is that mixing large amounts of meds is toxic, and even fatal, for anyone, including a brilliant actor.

If he was in sooo much “pain” he could have sought therapy. Personally, I dont see how depression can cause THAT much pain. I have never had it, but I did have a close family member who had stage 4 cancer all over his body and was in intense pain…can the comparison be the same? I would bet money, no. Having your bodily organs eaten alive by cancer is NOT the same pain as mental anguish! I dare someone to say it is!

I am so sick of these weak, pathetic people making excuses for drug abusers. Its not like there are not other options! Heath made a stupid, selfish move and now his daughter will pay for it. End of story really.

Jill on

Mina you said:
“If he was in sooo much β€œpain” he could have sought therapy……”
Not everyone in “pain” seeks out therapy. That is all a part of the disease.

“Personally, I dont see how depression can cause THAT much pain. I have never had it….”
When you do have it, come back here and then talk to us about it because it DOES cause that much pain.

“But I did have a close family member who had stage 4 cancer all over his body and was in intense pain…can the comparison be the same? I would bet money, no. Having your bodily organs eaten alive by cancer is NOT the same pain as mental anguish! I dare someone to say it is!….”
Not sure what your point is but many people in severe physical pain suffer mental pain, which is why many are required to see a psychologist.

“I am so sick of these weak, pathetic people making excuses for drug abusers. Its not like there are not other options! Heath made a stupid, selfish move and now his daughter will pay for it…..”
You continually prove you know nothing. I feel sorry for your family and for your children and for the environment you raise them in. I hope that they grow up and branch out to see the real world and the truth and not the one you teach them.

“End of story really……”
Please continue to post and make uneducated and idiotic postings. It makes me feel more educated and a better human being everytime I read your posts, so please don’t end the story!

Mina on

Jill, mental pain is all in the mind. Its NOT the same as physical pain. I can guarantee if you were givin a choice you would choose mental pain over physical pain. I’ve had mental pain before. I watched the one person I loved the most in this world wither and die in front of me when I was a young girl. I was grief stricken for years…still am. I in no way shape or form desire drugs to ease my anguish at my lowest points…because I have common sense.

Feminist mom on

Unfortunately, Mina’s lack of knowledge about mental health issues is a reflection of many in society. Clinical depression is a disease which manifests with symptoms such as constant blackness, complete psychological torture, a total lack of hope, and for many, the complete inability to get out of bed, function, and get the needed help that is required.

As Mina’s comments reflect, there is a total lack of understanding and empathy for the psychological duress that those that suffer this illness experience. In fact, many erroneously believe that this is easily treatable if the patient simply seeks medical help.

I have no knowledge about this actor’s personal life and will abstain from speculation. I have greatly enjoyed many of his films and am deeply saddened that this world lost such a gifted young man.

With respect to Mina’s comments about depression, her remarks really do illustrate the extreme ignorance some of the general public have about clinical depression.

Meghan on

Mina, STFU. This is a topic you have made clear you know nothing about.

Jill on


Mental pain is not all in the mind. I have had mental pain and I currently suffer from chronic pain which will never go away. This year I have had 15 surgeries. I know all about physical pain and having had both I would choose physical pain. I wouldn’t wish mental pain on my worst enemy. I am fortunate that I am able to have medication to help with the physical pain. The medication I have had to take for mental pain, I do not like the way it makes one feel.

I have seen someone suffering from bipolar and depression (mental pain) and kill themself and I have seen someone suffer from depression (mental pain) and kill themself. I have also seen people suffer from physical pain and die. I myself have battled BOTH and I chose physical pain ANYDAY over mental pain.

Tina on

WOW Mina, your ignorance astounds me!!

MiB on

Mina, like Jill, I would chose physical pain over mental pain anyday, so does everyone I know who has suffered from or seen others suffer from mental pain.

Mina on

Ok come back and tell me u choose physical pain when your organs are eaten alive and you cannot move or speak and you are somewhere between life and death with every nerve on fire. You would choose that over “loss of hope”.

You can say that just to argue with me…but I know its not true. You guys are funny. On another note, I am done with this forum cuz this is just boring.

Jill on

Mina, Come back when you experience both and can actually speak from something you know!

Hea on

Mina – Shut up. I am both a cancer survivor AND a depression survivor. Pain is pain, do you understand me? There are about a million different kinds of pain a person can feel and about a million different ways to handle and tolerate pain. I had my face split open for 16 hours to remove a skull-base tumor I still have pieces left from and that HURT. It hurt more than I hope you’ll ever know but the depression and the anguish hurt like a thousand fires too. In hindsight, the depression was the worst part for me because I am still dealing. I will deal for the rest of my life and it still pains me sometimes, 10 years down the road. That Grey’s Anatomy season 7 premiere brought everything back to me, I’ll tell you that. If you saw it, you can get a good idea of what happened to me.

You cannot compare pain. You cannot compare hurt. I have not hurt worse than others. I’ve hurt the way I hurt. It is simply not possible to compare because we are all different from one another. Now gather your brain and power on for crying out loud. Stop spewing your ignorance around, please. You’re pissing me off.

loren on

“I am done with this forum cuz this is just boring.”

promises πŸ™‚

Feminist mom on

To Hea, Jill and all the others on this thread– I am truly sorry for all the pain that you have endured and for Mina’s ignorant attempts to debate issues surrounding mental illness and addiction. This thread was supposed to be comments about the beautiful picture of Matilda – a smiling child enjoying a walk with her mother and friends- pure innocence. Mina has attempted to turn this into debates about what type of pain one would rather endure and speculation about this actor’s death.

With all the tragedy in the world, it is really sad to have people like Mina release this venom in a baby celebrity blog of all places. Mina, describing these women as “too funny” because of their reactions to your cavalier statements about pain is a testament to your inability for compassion, understanding, and your astounding ignorance.

Mina on

Dont apologize for me. I am entitled to say what I want…thats the joy of living in America. I have let you all say what you want, haven’t I? I am clearly the bigger person here.

I too have experienced both severe physical pain and mental pain as well and I can tell you I would choose mental pain. So you would not. That doesnt make me ignorant.

Also, of course Matilda is happy. Shes a young child. She doesnt understand death yet. She probably barely remembers her father because she was only 2 or 3 when he passed. The pain of her fathers death will hit her down the road. Michelle is doing her best and that is admirable. The point is, some people dont have a say in their death and they would LOVE to be around for their kids. The whole situation could have been avoided, and Matilda WILL learn that one day. PEACE!

rOyalTee on

both girls are beautiful. thats a true fact, but who cares what one person has to say. this is suppose to be a picture about friends and family enjoying a day out, not about heath.
let him rest in peace ppl.
just focus on the picture in front of you.

steph on

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies (and men!) here who took the time to make it known they understand the devastation depression can cause. As hurtful, ignorant and selfish as Mina’s comments have been, I have been bolstered by your supportive and personal stories and can see now that not all Americans are as stupid as that woman, and do not take their right to free speech as a right to degrade and insult others. I was beginning to think that all people in your country think they can say whatever they want without consequence, and I’m very glad to have been proven wrong!

Best wishes to all those who have and may be suffering, all the best for a Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

Jill on

Mina thought you were done……. You are the bigger person???? Oh yes you are…..the bigger ignorant and close minded person living in a bubble. You are ignorant. That is my opinion.

Here is what you said, “Personally, I dont see how depression can cause THAT much pain. I have never had it.” When you have had it and know it, then you can speak about it with firsthand knowledge…K?

And she does understand death, as much as a child of that age can, and she DOES remember her father because Michelle is an amazing mother who keeps his spirit alive!! Don’t speak of something you don’t know……again. You have no peace in your life.

Crystal on

Mina-You are ignorant and a jerk!


Tee on

Mina, you want an opinion from somebody that has suffered both physical and mental pain? Well, here you go… I have more physical pain than most people can imagine. I am terminal and it sucks. I have also battled depression or “mental pain” and guess what? I’d take the physical pain any day of the week. So now I’ve answered your question, although I’m sure you’ll find a way to deny my answer even though you don’t know me.

As for Feminist Mom apologizing for you, good for her! She has shown far more caring and empathy than you have. Oh, one more thing. To say you’re done commenting and then come back and attacking somebody… that tells quite a bit about your maturity level.

Hea on

Mina – You’re making this about freedom of speech? Wow, you truly don’t get it.

Mina on

Ignorant, ignorant, ignorant…well you are all a bunch of pathetic, weak, women who make excuses for even the worst case scenario. A guy OD’s by his own hand leaving behind a daughter who needed him, and you all think its ok and that tra-la-la-la its rainbows and cookies because she is smiling in a pic?! LoL

Bring back the old days when women were strong I say! That is my opinion. =) Later haters!

Feminist mom on

Like many of you, I visit this site to look at the beautiful pictures of celebrity children. Once in a while, the threads veer entirely off course into a rabbit hole of negativity. What is most concerning in this instance is when misinformation about something as serious as addiction and/or mental illness is posted and discussed under the guise of the First Amendment.

When posters like Mina engage in this rhetoric, again it is a sad reminder of the extreme judgment and complete ignorance that is unfortunately present in our world. I do believe in time with more education and advanced research (more empirical studies which examine the mechanisms that lead to addiction and the social/genetic factors that predispose individuals to mental health disorders), these perceptions will change.

On a much happier note, I wish everyone a wonderful peaceful holiday.

Hea on

Mina – When you say you’re done, you know, had enough and that you’re gonna leave… Like you did earlier? Just do it and at least stay away for a few hours. It’s way too early for a working comeback. Silly girl.

Jill on

Later… in see you later in a little bit Mina. Because you leave and always come back. I am glad you can repeat your name, IGNORANT, and that you know how to spell it so well!

Meghan on

How did a post of a lovely picture of two friends with their little girls devolve into such hateful rhetoric against a little girl’s father? Three days and 90+ posts? Seriously?? Want to debate the war on drugs, Mina? There’s a such thing as time and place and anyone with any sense of decency would not only know this and hold their tongue with regards to a FIVE YEAR OLD and her FATHER, but they would not keep coming back to fire more shots!

kate on

Y’all must be seriously bored. Who gives a rat’s ass? Just enjoy the picture and move on! Mina probably hasn’t gotten this much attention in years.

Tina on

So if I understand Mina correctly she wants to bring back strong women but wants this beautiful little girl to be weak and unhappy b/c her father died. WOW like I said her ignorance astounds me!!! She should be surrounded by loving memories of her father not the tragic way he died!!