BumpWatch: Craig Ferguson and Megan Suit Up

12/13/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

She’s getting close!

Craig Ferguson and wife Megan attend the Ambassadors for Humanity Gala on Thursday in Los Angeles, Calif.

The event, held at the Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom, benefited the USC Shoah Foundation Institute.

The Late Late Show host, 48, and his art dealer wife expect their first child together this winter; he is already dad to son Milo, 9.

“Holy crackers! Mrs F is pregnant. How did that happen?” Ferguson announced in July. “Oh yeah I know how. Another Ferguson arrives in 2011. The world trembles.”

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Sam & Freya's mum on

Not familiar with who this person is at all being downunder (although I know it says above he’s some late show host), but to be honest, at first glance, I thought he looked about 60 not 48!, maybe not the best pic of him?, as haven’t seen him before. They look more a like a father-daugther duo but each to their own, if they’re happy – and age-wise at least he isn’t actually 60 for their unborn babe’s sake…JMO!

Luna on

Sam and Freya’s mum: No he just looks older and wrinkly because of the face he’s making. He’s actually quite good looking.

That being said, when Is Megyn due? They’re a rather attractive couple and I’m sure their child will be gorgeous.

Emily on

Good grief! Megyn looks great!

Ali on

People who comment about age, really lack in the intelligence department. Of course, they pretend they are always thinking about the welfare of the baby, and how the mother/father is not going to play soccer with him, or go to his high school graduation without embarassing him in front of his friends. How about teach your own kids how not to judge like you, so that the kid doesn’t feel ashamed or afraid that his friends will laugh about his parents.

Congrats to them. A baby is a baby no matter how old the parents are. Don’t you worry about their soccer lessons.

gdfg on

The only person on here who mentioned soccer lessons is Ali! And that first sentence Ali wrote is extremely judgemental (not to mention unkind).

sky on

i agree with the first comment. looks like a father with his daughter. sorry, this guy does not look like 48, more like 58!

Annie on

People who commment about age lack in the intelligence department!LOL. Ali, you’re a hoot. Somebody’s got a bee in their bonnet.

Being one of those dim-wits myself, the first thing I thought was here we go again with the old dude having a kid. I thought he was 60. I know it must be a bad pic. He was very funny and attractive on The Drew Carey Show. For the record, I really am pretty bored with these old geezers having kids – Rod Stewart, Larry King, Paul McCartney. There, I said it!

Taylor on

Well, Annie, those “old geezers” have nothing to do with you so if you’re bored with them, scroll past their posts when they’re mentioned on CBB.

Miche on

She is glowing and beautiful. But the dress kind of looks like a torture device to me 🙂

Holly on

I absolutely love Craig Ferguson. He is hilarious! I wish him and his wife the best!!

Julie on

Considering she’s 37… they’re 11 years apart in age, not exactly a May/December romance.

meg on

She’s actually 27. He mentions it a bit on his show (which you can see on YouTube, if you’re curious), how his wife is much younger than he. He also talks of how he drank and used drugs a lot, which probably is what makes him look so much older. But I agree, Luna, he’s actually quite good-looking.

She reminds me of Kristen Bell, who, by no surprise, is one of Craig’s favorite guests. Excited to see what they’ll have!

Kristin on

She’s 37.

Jeanne on

It’s a bad picture, and he looks older than his age. Alcohol abuse ages a person and he’s an admitted alcoholic and has been sober for almost 20 years. I’ve seen him in person a couple times and he’s much better looking than this picture.

Mary on

11 yes apart……not much of a daddy daughter couple

daniela on

What…He’s only 48?!!!! He looks at least 60!!!

Proud Mom on

If you click where it says “announced in July” it will take you to a page then click on “tied the knot”. That article says when they got married in December of 2008 she was 25.

Proud Mom on


MiB on

I have to agree with those who say he looks a good 15 years older than he is in this picture, I actually thought I misread his age the first time I read it. Not that his age (or her) bothers me, I have seen many happy couples with a big age differnce (and not always with the man being older), and many good older parents as well, and wish them good luck! She is absolutely radiant!

SweetyPy on

Meghan looks radiant while pregnant! Craig is one of the best looking Scottish guys I’ve met. Picture doesn’t do him justice-you know-when picking pictures-they ALWAYS pick the one where the woman looks the best! She’s due in 2011. They know the sex, but he won’t tell. Can’t wait for them. Hope they have more than one together. Craig has the best late night show. Too bad he’s on so late!

Julie on

It’s a boy. His MIL even said so!

Dayelle on

Megan looks stunning! (So does craig, but to me that’s a given.) Congratulations to the both of them. They will make wonderful parents together.

Dayelle on

And, what’s an MIL?

Julie on

MIL= mother in law