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12/13/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

Kids who get sick at day care may one day be healthier at school — New York Times

REALLY? Just a few weeks ago a study said children who go to day care are less sick.

I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE STUDIES!!!!!!! I certainly hope MY tax dollars did not go to any of these latest studies. And if they did WE ALL NEED TO BAND TOGETHER AND MAKE THEM STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY ON NEEDLESS STUDIES. AKA: smoking is bad for your health and so is second hand smoke and so on and so on!!!!!!

miche on

Wow. The Washington Post story made me bawl. My heart goes out to that family.

Kate on

@miche: me too… gives freaking perspective

Lisa on

Mary, are you kidding me?? It’s basecally the same exact sentence just written in different words.

Kids who get sick at day care may one day be healthier at school.
Meaning- They get sick at day care which in turn builds up their immunity so when they get a little older and go to school they become less sick.

Children who go to day care are less sick. Maybe they should have added that they get less sick “in the future, while at school”.

Duh! I mean if this does not help you out than I don’t know what will. You need some comphrenshion skills. And why get so Angry over this?

Dickie on

My heart goes out to the Swers family. I hope Isaac always knows how wonderful his mother was and how much she always loved and wanted him.

J on

Well it got your attention didn’t it Lisa. 😉

mary on

Lisa, Back off witch. I did misread the headline. I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and I am breastfeeding every hour and a half 24/7! Lack of sleep is depriving me of common sense and seeing correctly. Although I still feel that these surveys or studies are useless especially if they were used by our tax money.

I am NOT angry, Just tired 🙂

Tracy on

Aw, Mary. I remember those days. I think there were times when I was so tired I didn’t even know my own name. Hang in there 🙂

Luna on

Wow, that story about the mother on Facebook… Nothing else really seems to be all that big a problem anymore. Gonna go hug my loved ones.

Meghan on

The Facebook story was so sad, I didn’t even realize what was coming until close to the end. Wow, it just shows to appreciate every day. At least she got to meet her wonderful son before she left. 😦

Erika on

The facebook story was awful! I really honestly thought that she was going to be okay in the end. Maybe I’m just gullible but it was so upsetting. I hope that her husband and son are getting by okay! I wonder if she had any underlying heart problems, because what happened to her is SCARY!

Rachel on

Yes, kids who go to daycare end up healthier when they reach school age… but they are also sicker as babies/toddlers. So basically as a parent this study is just a way to make parents feel better about putting kids in daycare. Not knocking those parents, but essentially it’s just a decision — do you want your child to catch everything at the age of 6 weeks-3 years, or when they’re a little older?

Most kids build up their immunities after a few years in school regardless of daycare.

… and the story about the Facebook mom… 😦

Allegra on

Even though I had a feeling what the outcome of the Facebook story was (they said her and her mom HAD a great relationship), I was still expecting it to end differently. Definitely a tear-jerker. My heart goes out to her husband, son, family, and friends.

jessicad on

The facebook story hit me like a ton of bricks, I wasn’t expecting the ending either. How awful, definitely puts things in perspective.

Mary your post was actually cute!! 🙂 I remember those days too:)

Leia on

Rachel putting your kids in daycare is not always a decision. My son will have to go to daycare and it is definitely not by choice.

Why would you even say “not knocking those parents” ? Do you know what it is like to have to go to work?

I doubt that for most people it is “essentially just a decision.”

shanna on

I don’t see how Mary’s comment was cute…tired she may well be but name calling really serves no purpose.

Lisa on

Getting sick does NOT build up your immune system. If that were true, 80-90 year old people would never get sick. That concept is a huge myth! My daughter is immunocompromised and we learned this from her immunologist.

Angela on

Lisa, getting sick does not build up your immune system if you are immunocompromised (getting sick could mean death to an immunocompromised person), but it does build up your immune system if it is working properly. Your body produces something called memory cells after it fights off a particular antigen/infection, and these memory cells immediately recognize the antigen if it tries to reinvade.

Lisa on

Mary, u should spend less time surfing the web and more time resting/sleeping/spending time with your newborn. You might get your common sense back if u had any in the 1st place.

Calling me a witch shows your maturity.

Rachel on

Leia — actually, I said I’m not knocking those parents because I’m not. Just as you said, it’s not always an option as to whether or not a family has to use daycare. However, it is still a decision for MANY parents. Regardless, I still think it’s a way to make parents feel better about their kids getting sick more in daycare, or to make parents feel worse about keeping their kids home until they go to Kindergarten. Either way, eventually they’ll be okay.

And trust me, I am a lead teacher for our local Community Action Council’s Head Start (preschool) and have worked in various daycares before so I have absolutely no reason at all to bash any parent who wants or has to put their child in daycare. I know many that have no other option. That HAVE to make that decision.

When I have a child I will probably eventually have to use daycare.

Not everyone who ever says anything about daycare is bashing it.

Mary on

Mary, so weird since we have the same name, I think in 42yrs I have only come across maybe 3.

I can understand your frustration when it comes to studies. The question is when a study is being conducted will it actually benefit the public. I come from a family of doctors and science was very important in our house so I believe most studies are important. Micro organisms change over years. Strains get weaker or stronger. So, ongoing studies do benefit all of us. I do believe more studies and financial funding should be put towards breast cancer research, heart research, Alzheimer’s childhood cancers, I hope you r getting the point. I also hope you are not offended. I just want you to understand why most research is important.

Good luck with your new baby. I have four kids myself. Breastfeeding for me (on avg I breastfed for 2yrs each) one of the hardest a huge commitment but yet rewarding things I did.