Kris Jenner Says Mason Loves Sweet Potatoes

12/12/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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Kourtney Kardashian‘s son Mason Dash is turning one on Dec. 14, and he’s just reached a new milestone — eating table food!

“Mason is just getting introduced to regular food, because [Kourtney]’s been nursing forever,” proud grandma Kris Jenner told PEOPLE. “He loves sweet potatoes! It works for the holidays.”

Mason is also walking and “starting to talk,” and his first words were about his mom … or so Jenner claims.

“I’ve decided it was ‘mama,'” says Jenner, who recently teamed up with Curél Skincare and Searle to design the Barrier Coat for the charity One Warm Coat. “I’m going with that!”

Though Jenner tried to think of “a really cool grandma name,” she’s now going the traditional route and wants Mason to call her Grandma after all.

“What am I trying to think up some crazy name for when I just wanna be a grandma?” Jenner, 55, says. “I have so much admiration and love and respect for my grandmother, who I called ‘grandma.’ I want to be like my grandmother, I want someone to call me grandma. I earned this.”

Jenner says the fact that Mason looks “exactly” like her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, has brought “so much joy” to the family.

“He’s a true Kardashian! He’s this little darling Armenian baby,” Jenner says. “To have this Armenian gene just keep flowing through this family in such a crazy strong way has been a delight for my entire family.”

Jenner also praised Kourtney’s mothering skills and called her the “best mom in the world.”

“She’s embraced motherhood, I’ve never seen such a great mom,” Jenner says. “This has changed her life… I’m so proud of her.”

— Nadine Shabeeb

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Holiday on

One and just starting solids? That is awfully late. My 7 month old daughter has been eating solids for 1.5 months now in addition to nursing all the time. Her poor boy was probably so hungry!

Kristin on

She probably just means table food. Mason has been eating baby food since about 6 months, she wrote a blog on it for this site actually. I gave my kids pureed foods since 6 months, but didn’t start giving them pieces of chicken or vegetables that we were eating until 9 or 10 months.

micheley on

I love, Kourtney, Mason, and all the other Kardashian/Jenners
Mason is definitely my favorite celeb baby.

Holiday, if you have seen Mason you would know that he is definitely not going with out food. 😉

Mira on

There’s nothing wrong with starting solids at 12 months.

Shannon on

Kourtney is so pretty in that photo. Mason looks just like his uncle Rob, who looks just like Robert Sr.

Jessica on

Good for her for still nursing! My baby boy is 15 months and we are going strong. He didn’t eat really anything other than breast milk until he was almost one. And he was big and healthy, he just nursed alot!

Charleen on

To all those those think a breastfed will starve if it does not start solid foods at 6 months or so, the reality is that this just the case. It’s possible for a breastfed baby to do just fine on breastmilk alone for the first year (or longer in some cases) as has been proven by a number of cases of mothers who have held back on solids to due to severe allergies till after a year without incident. Between 6-12 months, the solids are mostly for the babies to get used to new textures and tastes and for practice and not absolutely needed nutritionally so long as the baby is still breastfeeding frequently enough. I believe the need for solids prior to year may different for formula-fed babies though.

Catca on


You are right that the need for solids starting at 6 mo of age is just to get babies used to the texture. Breastfed babies already get the flavor of mother’s food through the breastmilk and formula fed babies do need the solids to get used to flavors as formula is pretty bland. Other than that one difference, there is NO difference between the breastfed and formula fed babies as far as the timing of when to start solids. And yes, babies will generally do fine if solids aren’t started until close to 1 year old, although some babies have difficulty switching to solids if you start them later than 6 mos of age because of problems with dealing with the textures. Most babies do just fine.

angie on

I love the Kardashian/Jenner Clan! lol

Kourt seems like such a great mom! She’s my favorite Kardashian sister! And little Mason is just adorable!

Oh! And happy early birthday, Mason!!!

mommytoane on

Formula is just as nutritionally solid (and sometimes more depending on the mother) as breast milk. However breast milk will provide immunities that formula won’t be able to provide. I think thats the biggest difference. Otherwise, its pretty much the same.

I agree about textures tho. Its good for a baby to get used to the different textures of food, hence the reason baby food companies have “Stages” to foods.

Mason is a cutie tho, and Sweet Potato….what a yummy treat. 🙂

Allison J on

I think it’s neat that Mason looks like Kourtney’s late father. I’m sure that does bring them much joy. Mason is a cutie!

Anonymous on

Good for her for BFing for so long! Good mommy! (especially since she’s so busy!!!) I found it hard and I was a SAHM for my son’s first 10 months.
Those of you who think she’s doing her baby a disservice are WRONG. He’ll be fine!!!

Kat on

Babies are introduced to foods whether baby or table when they are ready. Having teeth does help in breaking down the food for proper digestion. As parents we learn that a child is ready to turn over, crawl, walk and eat solids when they are ready and not because its the next stage. I’m happy for Mason that he is being introduced to solids. Sweet Potato is a great start. He is such a healthy baby, being fed breast milk, that is the “Finest”! Enjoy Mason.

Jacqui on

Did Kris and Robert Kardashian get divorced? I know he passed away, but were they divorced when he died?

Lisa on

As long as Mason wants to be nursed, she should keep it up in my opinion. Even if it’s once a day. He’ll let her know when he doesn’t want it anymore as he gets more independent.

I would have loved to hear other “Grandma” names that were in the runny if they decide on something else. It seems that Khloe calls her “Kris” more than she calls her ” Mom” on the show.

CelebBabyLover on

Jacqui- They did divorce.

Anyway, it makes me smile that Mason loves sweet potatoes. From what I’ve been told, I did as well at his age (I loved squash even more, though!). For that matter, I still love sweet potatoes. 🙂

annie on

Yes they were divorced,I recall reading on wiki once they divorced in 1990 if not mistaken,and Kris soon married Bruce Jenner later that same year

Kristin on

@ Jacqui…yes, Kris and Robert Kardashian were divorced back in 1990 and she married Bruce Jenner. So they had been divorced for many years when he tragically died of cancer.

Mia on

Yes-they divorced in like 1989 or 1991 or so… They both remarried when had had passed away in 2003.

Lady on

Kourtney seems like a really great mom & Mason is 1 of the cutest babies!

Barbra on

I am not fans of the Kardashians at all. I think their claim to fame is horrible. Kim’s sex tape and now they are all famous for nothing. America should be ashamed of themselves. We put these people up on a peddlestool instead of really admiring the cops, teachers, firefighters, animal rights fighters, etc. There is definitely something seriously wrong with out country.

amanda on

my son is turing one on dec 14 2010 hew been eating table food for 4 months now its exicting how they grow up so wishing u guys the best

Alison on


I see nothing wrong with delaying solids. We started our girls a little later (9 months).

JMO on

Mason is so cute!! I know when my brothers first baby was born my mom was early 40’s and she did not want to be grandmom. So she decided she wanted to be Me-Ma but when my nephew started talking it came out as mom-mom (which is what we called both my grandmom’s). So it stuck and she’s now a proud mom-mom!!

And I don’t know how women can exclusively breastfeed for a year. I mean the kids have to be eating every 2 hours at least! UGH I don’t think I could manage to give up that much of my time during the day just to nurse my child!! I nanny and never had a kid who didn’t have table food before a year old. In fact the child I have now has been eating table food since 7 months old. It is so much easier and she’s been self feeding herself now for months which is nice for us we just serve and watch 😉

Alison on

^ It’s usually only every 2-3 hours for young babies or if they’re in the middle of a growth spurt. By the time my kids were 8-10 months they were only nursing when they got up, before each nap (2), after dinner and right before bed. It was only every 4-5 hours for 10-15 minutes and they easily took sippy cups with milk when I was at work so it wasn’t really any time out of my day. By the time they were a year they were only nursing when they woke up and when they went to bed, then by 14 months, just before bed. All three kids weaned themselves between 14 and 16 months.

Holiday on

I nurse every few hours in addition to pureed baby food that I make. My daughter is 7 months old.

Amber on



Taylor on

A peddlestool sounds like it would make for a great gift this holiday season!

Mira on

Take these Kardashians off that peddlestool right away and put them in the naughty chair where they belong.

Barbra, you’re right, of course.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- I didn’t know Robert Sr. had remarried. I wonder how close Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Jr. were/are to their stepmother? I’m assuming not very, since they never talk about her.

helen on

she has only nursed for a year. It would be good to continue a bit longer as well as solid foods of course