Spotted: Pete Wentz’s Mini Music Man – Bronx!

12/11/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Day with dad!

All ready to make some music, Bronx Mowgli catches a ride with dad Pete Wentz as the father-son pair made their way into the recording studios in Burbank, Calif. on Thursday.

Having celebrated his second birthday on Nov 20th, mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz admits her son “got a lot of gifts” on his big day — but will “still have a great Christmas.”

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ReedFla on

Little man needs a haircut but Bronx is so cute!

Shawna on

He is cute, but in every picture I’ve seen of him lately his hair looks dirty and unbrushed. It’s not that hard to keep your toddler at least looking clean!

JM on

ReedFla i wasn’t aware that there was a general consensus on what is deemed an appropriate length for a boy’s hair. i must have missed the announcement which says that we are now allowed to claim when other people’s children’s hair is too long. most interesting, seems and odd thing to define.

anyway, bronx is a little cutie.

biscuit on

I’m with ya ReedFla, the boy does need a haircut and a good bath, his hair looks dirty.

kmb on

JM, pull the large pole out of your rear parts. ReedFla was just making an observation, her opinion, which she is entitled to. And of which I happen to agree. He looks unkempt. But to each his/her own.

Bree on

I agree with ReedFla and kmb, it is nothing to do with the length of his hair it is the fact that it looks messy and at the very least needs a brush pulled through it. Get of your high horse JM, I love longer hair on boys, especially if they have the curls that Bronx does, my brother and cousin have the same hair and both wear it longer (okay cousin has no choice he is only two, but my brother at 23 does and refuses to cut it to short to no show off his curls) and it suits them (makes me a little jelous, my hairs is wavy but nothing like those curls!!)

Either way Bronx is a total doll!!

Allison on

dad and son look a bit creepy to me. but he has ashlee’s face. totally.

Mary on

Jm, must have missed the announcement on where people cant voice their opinion without being criticized. Most interesting.

Olivia on

The kid is not that good looking. Meh.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary- JM’s allowed to voice her opinion, too. When you share an opinion, you have to expect that people might disagree with you! Now, I agree that doesn’t mean people should be nasty about disagreeing with other people’s opinions….but I don’t think JM was.

Anyway, Bronx’s hair looks fine to me. For all we know, they wash it often and comb it every morning….but by later in the day his hair gets to looking like this. Kids are going to play and get dirty after all! 🙂 And personally, I’m glad that they don’t have him looking picture-perfect all the time!

hayley w on

well if your going to mean enough to say some one else child looks dirty and needs a wash them i’m going to be just a mean and say well how do we no you don’t………i am sure no one where ever looks like they need a brush though their hair lol

get a grip ladies sometime curly hair looks messy , not the end of the world, no body died , there are more important things i am sure you could be worrying about. 🙂

lovely lovely beautiful child xxxxxxxxx always makes me smile when i see him xxx

Hayley on

talking from experience with a 18month old boy with curly hair… you brush it when you leave the house, and 5 minutes later i think, why do i even bother

Mina on

Maybe it was windy and his hair was blowing.

How come everytime I come to this website and see Bronx he is always with his father? Does his mother not like to take him out? Does she have anxiety or something? Cuz I’d to see this kid in his mothers arms…or better yet, walking.

Kate on

Aww Bronx is lovley whether his hair looks dishevelled or in place!!! I agree everyone is entitled to thier own opinion but to say a 2year old is ‘not that good looking’ is just mean!!!

gdfg on

CelebBabyLover, JMs opinion was extremely sarcastic and condescending. I don’t see how that’s not nasty. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s all right to disagree or even to debate a little bit on here, but it should be done respectfully.

Amy on

There is no doubt that his hair needs washing and trimming. My son’s hair is long and curly but I dont go out looking like that. It would be the same for a girl. If they dont take care of it then maybe they should consider a different, shorter style. Also, I am so tired of the dark clothes, all the time look. He is a little boy, and the dad is almost or in his 30’s. It looks silly to go around not wearing other types of clothing. This is my opinion about these people (who put themselves in the public spotlight) and I don’t expect people to agree but don’t think I am not entitled to it either.

Mary on

Cbl…..did you read Reed’s comment? Then Jm’s, which was criticizing Reed for stating an opinion? Did you read all of the comments asking Jm the same thing as me? Not sure ya did…..since yaonly seem to be talking to me! I have pure sarcasm above! Took her words and threw them back at her. Anywhos! Never said she was nasty! Just find it funny when people cut others up for their opinions.

Toya L. on

JM – Like others have said, “low-lifes have the right to state their opinions, just like we do”. Im sure the people that have ugly opinions are ugly with ugly kids or kids to be. Well thats just my rude opinion that we are ALL obviously allowed to voice.

Erika on

I agree with JM. The comments saying that they ‘need to cut his hair’ are kind of ridiculous. It’s a matter of personal opinion and taste.

Honestly, his hair doesn’t even look that long to me. I personally wouldn’t want my sons to have long hair as I prefer shorter hair, but it’s not really my decision what others do. My opinion and personal dislikes have nothing to do with other people and don’t dictate what they should do with their children. I don’t personally think his hair looks ‘dirty’, it looks windblown. It happens with my hair too. Plus, some kids don’t like to have their hair brushed and give their parents a hard time about doing it. This child looks well taken care of and he seems healthy, so thats what matters.

And for what it’s worth, Heidi Klum’s sons have much longer hair that is also curly, and I rarely see comments telling them to cut it. Nothing against Heidi Klum or her sons’ hair at all (I personally like the family and her sons are adorable) but there is such a double standard on this website.

Mina on

He is a toddler…every hair isnt going to be in place! Plus they are outside…there can be elements that mess with hair like wind, humidity, etc…or maybe he just woke up from a nap and they had to go out in a hurry? I never brushed my hair growing up and I was a GIRL. All my pics of me as a little girl my hair is all over cuz I was always playing and my hair was long. Sure going to parties or whatever I looked nice…but not out running errands!

Luna on

It’s not necessarily that his hair is that long, it’s just kind of messy looking. Not like it’s been blown around or hasn’t been brushed in ten minutes, just like it hasn’t seen a brush in quite some time. He’s still a cutie, not saying he isn’t. I’m just saying that hair must get brushed at some point, and it makes it easier if it’s not completely a mess. I tell my kids, “Brush it now and it’ll hurt less than if we wait til later.”

Tess on

I hope Santa brings him a hairbrush for Christmas. The length is irrelevant.

MG on

It may just be the length of the hair which is making it look messy. My daughter’s hair is similar in length with curls. I can brush it all day long & she still ends up with an awesome Gene Wilder do by the end of the day. For all we know, he could have just woken up from a nap. I do agree with another poster that the poor kid does wear an awful lot of black tho.

Taylor on

Olivia, you’re personality seems to be downright ugly. I’m sure there are more productive things you can do with your time than criticize a two-year-old’s looks. If not, I feel sorry for you.

Imogen on

This is just a bad photo, if you look at other photos of the kid from the same day his hair looks fine.

And he’s two, does it really matter if his hair is unbrushed???

Be Nice on

Bronx is a cutie! And having seen many photos of this precious little boy, he always looks well taken care of! He does not look nasty, dirty or really unkempt like neglect. His hair is soft and wispy, you are entitle to your opinions but you are being unkind for the sake of being unkind. Bronx is a chubby well loved little boy.

Dana on

Right there with you Olivia…I’ve always thought so, mwahahahahaha

Lisa on

Ok, I’ll give my opinion as well…Pete is ugly and so is his kid. There I said it. And while I’m on the topic, Ashlee isn’t that great looking either.

Amanda C on

Um…did any of you read ReedFla’s post? I’m pretty sure that she was talking about Pete needing a haircut. That’s how I read it, anyway. She said “Little man needs a haircut but BRONX is cute.” I took that as her making lighthearted fun of Pete, who is not that tall. That’s how I interpreted the comment, anyway. If this is the case and that’s what she meant, then this whole thread is irrelevant. I would have thought that if she meant that Bronx needed a haircut, the post would have read, “Little man needs a haircut but he is cute” as opposed to switching to Bronx’s name. Does that make sense?

kmb on

Amanda C, that makes sense, and I see how you could read it that way. You are grammatically correct in your reading. But I think she meant it the way everyone else read it. Sadly, there are some posters to this site who don’t seem to know/care how to use correct spelling, grammar, or even punctuation. I suffer sometimes trying to read someone’s unbelievably long run-on sentence, or when someone writes “you’re” instead of “your” (see: Taylor). I know these are simple comment threads on a website, but the world’s knowledge of basic grammar rules is really going down the crapper.

A on

Haha @Lisa, you’re so evil! I love it…

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- You should never call an innocent child ugly, EVER! I’m sorry, but that was a very mean thing to say!

Mina- Actually, a lot of the pictures we see of Bronx on here are of him with both of his parents. There are also pictures out there of him walking. And even if there weren’t, the kid is barely two years old, for goodness sake! Nothing wrong with a kid that age being carried, especially in public and with paparazzi chasing him!

CelebBabyLover on

kmb- Well, some people don’t know how to use correct grammar because English isn’t their first language. Not everyone who comments on here is from an English-speaking country. That being said, I see your point.

MG- My thoughts exactly! I have very long, thick hair, which I wash every other day and brush every day. But on a windy day, if I step outside without a stocking cap on, it’s looking similar to Bronx’s within a matter of minutes!

JM on

thanks to those defending my comment, celebabylover, erika, hayley and others, i appreciate the sanity. you guys understood that i was reacting to someone criticising a CHILD’S appearance. i mean how low have we sunk? of course everyone can state their opinion, but then they have to expect people reacting to it.

i just don’t like it when people proclaim what other people’s kids SHOULD be wearing or how they SHOULD wear their hair, and i am not afraid to say it.

Bethan on

To all those people insulting that precious baby boy need to grow up. He is 2, how on Earth can you feel comfortable calling that little kid ugly?

As for his hair, it’s clean. He has white-blond hair, for goodness sake, if it was dirty, you’d know about it. And, sorry to burst your bubble, but curly hair goes like that. No matter how much you brush it, it always curls straight back up.

God, sometimes people in these comments really rile me. I understand and respect politely worded comments but coming out with “The kid is ugly, there I said it” is so immature and rude, frankly. And this is coming from a 16 year old.

Luna on

I don’t think everyone who makes a negative comment on his hair is calling him ugly. You can tell someone one aspect of their appearance is not fantastic looking without calling them ugly per se. That being said, there are some posters just calling him ugly; however, I’m not one of those. 🙂

ReedFla on

For the record, by Little Man, I was referring to Pete Wentz. It was a joke. Lighten up people.

Mary on

Luna, agree!
Reed, totally got what you said…..sad, you need to explain! The but, should have been a giveaway!