Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Talk Twins

12/09/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Although nearly every twin is able to identify themselves as either older or younger than their former womb-mate, Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell‘s daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, 2 this month, can’t — and they have their famous parents to thank.

“They’re exactly the same age,” O’Connell notes in the December/January issue of Scholastic Parent & Child. “My wife and I had met some twins before ours were born and one would always say, ‘I’m the older one.’ And that twin would have a kind of seniority over the other.”

The couple “didn’t like that,” says the Defenders star, 36, and because Dolly and Charlie were delivered via c-section, O’Connell and Romijn, 38, took matters into their own hands.

“We asked the doctor, ‘Can we say they were born at the same time?'” O’Connell recalls. “And he said, ‘Well, they were.'”

Courtesy Scholastic Parent & Child


While the girls may share a birth date and time, it’s one of few things they have in common. “One is outgoing and one is shy,” according to O’Connell, with Romijn adding, “one is a little wilder and more of a daredevil, and the other is more careful.”

Like their delivery room request, however, the couple have left little to chance.

“We had this rule that we were going to treat them differently and dress them differently,” O’Connell explains.

Some rules are of course destined to be broken, however, and O’Connell admits he will often dress the girls in identical outfits. “I just can’t help myself,” he says.

As for their physical differences, O’Connell singles out size — but is quick to clarify his response.

“Charlie is bigger, but I have to be careful saying that,” he says. “I don’t want that to be an issue for either of my girls.”

Having grown up in a household where “no one stressed anything about size,” O’Connell credits his own dad with instilling in him the mindset that “height is measured from the neck up.”

“But a lot of parents see Charlie and ask what percentile she’s in,” he reveals. “That’s always the big question.”

Romijn and O’Connell shared the below super cute personal snapshots with Parent & Child:

Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family
Courtesy Romijn-O’Connell Family

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Danielle on

As a mother of 21 month old identical twin girls….totally get the fact that even though they are twins, my two are opposite personalities as well. One is much more daring and the other really thinks about something before doing it. We do dress them alike on special times, but it is not the norm. Their brother calls them, “his girls” and the relationship they have is amazing.

Oh…and twin speak does exist!

dani on

Wish they had a picture of the twins.

Didn’t they already discuss their twins being the exact same age? I don’t think it would become an issue if they, as parents, didn’t make a big deal about it. If they were born in California, it says which twin is older on their birth certificate, even if they are born within the same minute.

J on

Beautiful little girls. =)

kim on

One day they will want to know who came out first. Only natural!

Pamela on

Such beautiful and happy little girls!!!

Tee on

Such sweet pictures! I had never given much thought to reasons that twins shouldn’t know which child was older though. That’s an interesting perspective that they have and I love how they go out of their way to make sure that Dolly and Charlie are seen as individuals! Being a twin is special but so is just having a sister. Dolly and Charlie seem to have the best of both worlds.

Allison J on

What great pictures! Dolly and Charlie seem like very happy little girls.

I can understand the twin thing about which one is older.

My son is 10 and has two identical twin girls in his class. When you ask them how old they are, the older one will say “We are both 10, but I am 8 minutes older!” The “younger” twin just rolls her eyes and seems annoyed. LOL

Luna on

I’m not a twin, but I have twin daughters. They don’t know who is older, because we decided not to tell them until they asked. Our original decision was that we wouldn’t tell them until they were older and wouldn’t brag, but after a while we realized they never even asked. So we’ve decided when they care enough to ask, we’ll tell them. But I wouldn’t go so far as to not write on their birth certificate who is older. But hey, Charlie and Dolly are TOO CUTE!!!

Jen on

As a proud mother of fraternal 9 month old twin daughters, I am always sensitive when one twins size is compared to the others. My girls are usually 2 to 2.5 pds different and people always tell me once they hit 1, or 1 1/2 the smaller baby will catch up. Regardless it truly is hilarious to see their different personalities. Twins or not, they are two very separate ladies.

Tess on

I thought the “twins are exactly the same age” story was ridiculous the first time they mentioned it. One is older, period. And if they’re fraternal twins, they may not even have been conceived at the same time, so one is already older. I think the parents are making it a big deal when it isn’t one.

Lady on

Gorgeous girls!!!

Jennifer Redgrave on

They are stunning! I love Rebecca, Jerry and the sweet twins (:

Ellea on

Am i missing something? I know plenty of twins where one is older and brags– I’ve never known it to be so serious that one would HIDE their birth times from them. That seems more silly than a childs bragging to me.

Meghan on

Um, Dani they do have pictures of the twins. Quite a few actually!

They are adorable and getting so big! Dolly is a mini Rebecca. I absolutely love the beach picture.

As for the whole born at the same time thing, maybe they are kind of making a big deal but it is ridiculous when twins brag about being older by 2 whole minutes so I see where they’re coming from.

Lacey on

Old story. If memory serves, they had the time of birth altered. I think it’s stupid, because whe nthey get older, they will ask, “I know the time is the same, but who came first?” It’s like they think they’ll be stupid enough to believe the doctor pulled them out together.

D on

I just had identical twin boys 4 months ago and I must say, I like the idea of not telling them who’s older until they ask. It just so happens baby A was born older, not by choice or nature, but by position. Had my BABY B been in place of BABY A, he would’ve techincally been the older one. I think we’ll wait until they ask. 🙂 Charlie and Dolly are TOO CUTE!

Rachel on

@Danielle- OH YEAH does Twin speak exist! My twin brothers are 15 now, and the whole family refuses to play Apples to Apples with both the twins because they always seem to know EXACTLY which card is their twins, and they always pick it!

I totally understand the concept of not telling the twins who’s older because a lot of times kids make a big deal out of it, and it really doesn’t matter.

M on

I’m a twin–the younger, for that matter!–and I think Rebecca and Jerry are being ridiculous. It is natural to wonder when you were born. Deliberately withholding information about a child’s birth is withholding information about that child’s own life and personal history. It’s just not fair to the child. And what does it protect them from? While my sister did get to say she was “older” everyone understood the context; it didn’t give her seniority. It’s more of a cutesy question people ask twins. To this day, in our twenties, we still get it.

And being “older” isn’t all about bragging rights anyway! Guess who had to get her shot first at the doctor and who was last to go at board games!

But again, it’s what you make of it. Celebrate each child’s individuality, including her birth.

Mia on

Both babies look like their daddy-cute girls.

Shannon on

So they can’t even have their own birth time? Kind of defeats the purpose of seeing them as individuals. Dumb idea.

kj on

Their obsession with this “twins are the exact same age” thing is so strange. So strange.

Marla on

They are beautiful girls. I am a fraternal twin who is four minutes older than my brother and who weighed nearly twice that of him (I was 8 lbs 6 oz he was 4 lbs 15 oz). It was the seventies and they didn’t really do ultrasounds so my mother was completely surprised she had twins. The four minute lead over my brother was a big deal, oh I don’t know, until junior high??? It is so strange to me to hide the age difference. Really? One did come out first. But whatever. They are not my kids.

As for the size difference, I appreciate their sensitivity. My brother is just a smaller man, at about 5’7″ or 5’8″ and I am a relatively tall woman, also at 5’7″ish. We didn’t meet heights until puberty. I was always taller, by a few inches. My parents didn’t make a big deal of it and honestly, I liked it.

And we are night and day in terms of personality, which with a few exceptions of identical twins, all the frateral ones I’ve known are completely different.

Gemma on

I agree with Tess, not sure why this is such a big deal to them but to each their own. My daughters are only 4 months old so “which was born 1st” isnt an issue yet. Being a twin myself, I couldnt have cared less that my sister was a whole 4 minutes older. When my children are old enough to ask the question, they will know the answer. Big deal. Thats my 2 cents, besides that, the girls are gorgeous!

Daniella on

My older male cousins are identical twins, even my aunt cannot tell them apart unless one of them speaks or she observes their behavior. But even then it’s difficult to know sometimes who is who since they can & love to perfectly mimic one another just to confuse people. They are both 28 years old now, but still do not know who is the older or younger twin. The only people who truly know are those who were in the delivery room: my aunt, uncle & the doctor who was responsible for delivering them. They have their own unique personalities, but are still very similar & are as close as siblings can possibly be, we actually like to call them Fred & George sometimes (like from Harry Potter) because of their red hair & silly personalities. But neither has ever seriously inquired about the age issue. They both say that they don’t care, they are one & the same, identical twins & they wouldn’t have it any other way & prefer not to know who came out first (natural-labor) from mom.

So Rebecca & Jerry’s girls could likely never care. The concept seems to destroy that little bit of age-superiority that at times exists between twins, or at least it did for my now-grown twin cousins. Either way, I hope that those girls remain as close to one another as my twin cousins, because twins are truly a great gift to one another.

Ellea on

They seem like they’re very doting parents which is good but, I find the same-age thing a little extreme. Twins brag but, I’ve never seen it go beyond cutesy-ness. I think they’re taking it pretty seriously for no real reason.

Mrs. R. on

Tess, I categorically disagree with you.

They are twins. One is NOT older. They were born on the same day, at the same time, from the same mother. There is ZERO reason to establish ANY sort of birth order falsely.

It’s like a tie game in football. One team scored points faster than the other, but at the end of the game, the result is still that they had equal points. Who cares about which team getting to the score first? It’s still the same in the end.

Kim on

How gorgeous are these two munchkins, what cheeky little faces!!!! They look like such a happy, grounded family good luck to them! 😀

Tee on

Tess, I see your point. That was my first passing thought when I read about it. Then I tried to look at it from a twins’ point of view and while I still don’t understand why a parent would be that emphatic about it, I understand their reasoning a little better.

Sherri P on

I’ve got identical twin boys, but there is still a few oz difference because at the very end they developed a little TTTS. There was a lb difference at birth, but my little guy has nearly caught up. Our bigger one was always supposed to be the older one, but when the doctor reached in (I had a c-section) they had switched places and the smaller one came out first. It’s been our running joke that the littler brother is actually the “big” brother. I guess we’ll see how they doing growing up, but I can’t see it being a huge issue. I have older and younger siblings and you have the same arguments, I’m older that you, I don’t know that it really matters if it’s 1 min or 3 yrs.

Anonymous on

how can one twin be “older”? i thought age was based on date of birth, not time of birth. you don’t start existing the second you’re pulled out of the womb. you start existing at conception.


torgster on

Good God let the age thing go already people – why do you CARE? As for the family – love them and love Jerrys’ new show!

Sat on

This is a beautiful family! Congrats again on your adorable happy girls!

dani on

@meghan, when i originally posted my comment, there weren’t any pictures up.

Tess on

Mrs. R – then we disagree. If one is born at 11:30 and 1 second, and one is born at 11:30 and 2 seconds, one is older and one is younger. I don’t see how it can possibly be any other way. There is an age difference.

I find it strange that Rebecca and Jerry talk about how one is shy and one is outgoing, one is a daredevil and one is careful, and even that one is a bit heavier than the other, emphasizing the differences between them, but for some reason want them to be exactly the same regarding age. I think it’s very, very strange.

Lily on

I used to have twins in my class, a boy and girl. When asked who was older, the boy would proudly say “I’m 5 minutes older!” to which the girl would always reply “But it doesn’t show.”

CelebBabyLover on

Tess- What’s to wonder about with the age thing? They’ve explained why they did it! And actually, I kind of like that they did it. And Daniella has a good point. It’s very possible that Charlie and Dolly won’t even care or ask who was born first. 🙂

gdfg on

I have known plenty of twins, and not a single one of them has cared who is older. They all know who is older, they just don’t care. I don’t see what the big deal is . . .

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

There isn’t any reason why the hour and minute of birth matters.

Perhaps these parents made the decision to make the birth time the same, so Dolly and Charlie wouldn’t ever make it as big an issue as some posters have.

Michelle on

My husband has a twin brother, and we have twin boys, and all 4 of them annoy me with the “I’m older than you” business. It drives me crazy. Even my husband’s other siblings have to bring it up at least once during every family get together. Strangers ask about it (it’s usually the second question after “are they identical”). I WISH I’d had the foresight to insist to my kids that they were born at the same time.

sunny on

Dolly looks just like her Mom, Charlie looks just like her Dad.

Amanda on

Two gorgeous little girls! Of course I wouldn’t have expected any different from those two parents!

The time thing still seems silly to me, but if they feel that strongly about it to each their own. I’m sure they’ll find out some day. You can’t tell me they don’t have ultrasound pictures that say ‘Baby A’ and ‘Baby B’ and someday they are going to want to know who was who in those pictures and then they’ll know, pluus I think it’s just basic curiosity that they’ll want to know who came out first. Do they not have a video or pictures of the delivery? Because I’m sure they’ll be able to tell if they see those too.

Jessie on

the twins are so cute!

Ryo on

They had some weird hang-ups. If the age thing wasn’t a big deal, they wouldn’t have gone through the effort to make sure the girls would never be able to find out. And the thing is, maybe if they ACTUALLY treated it like it wasn’t a big deal, it wouldn’t have been. But now, when they ask – because you know they will – “which one of us is older?” Instead of answering it simply, they’ll have to explain why they decided the girls shouldn’t know. To me, that’s the kind of thing the girls should decide, not their parents. Weird.

Alice on

My twin sister and I just turned 53 and when we are together out in public or meet people together we are still always asked who is older! Now that we are older, my sister likes being the “younger” twin by 5 minutes!

MiB on

My mom and her twin sister are quite proud not to know who is the older one, the birth was so chaotic (no one knew my grandmother was having twins) that the midwife basically just wrapped the firstborn in a blanket and went on delivering the next (they were born about 1 minute after another so the midwife didn’t have much time to do anything than to check that the firstborn was alive). And as Alice said, they are in their 60’s now, and still get asked who’s the older, as if it matters!

And Amanda, there is no guarantee that baby A will be born before baby B.

ariana on

i’m so happy for her…she has her girls that are almost identical to her! they make a great couple!

megan on

Its funny…my cousin has twins, but they were actually born on seperate days!! One before midnight and one after. They have two birthday parties every year too! I think its pretty cool:)

Tess on

CelebBabyLover – I never said I was wondering about anything. I said it was strange.

Ryo – great post.

Janice Pielert on

Oh my goodness, those girls are PRECIOUS! I wouldn’t have expected anything less given their parents. Rebecca and Jerry sound like fantastic parents and I think their decisions with regard to the girls are very wise.

fuzibuni on

i love all the photos! thanks to to jerry and rebecca for sharing their beautiful daughters with us 🙂

as to the age thing… you all could argue about which way is up if given a chance.

kay on

My boy/girl twins were born 9 minutes apart. They are now 21 and neither one had a problem with “who was first” or “I’m older than you”.

My daughter used to say, “Well, he is older because he wouldn’t get ou of the way, so I pushed him out to make room for me” Ha!

Beautiful family! I just want to squish their little cheeks!

KJC on

My husband and his sister are twins, and while they don’t look alike in appearance, they are certainly alike in personality. She is about 5’2, 100lbs and he is 6’3, 215lbs – she is older, but it has never been anything more than something to joke about.

Bancie1031 on

These girls are so adorable! I love the pictures!!!! I can’t believe how big they have gotten.

Terri on

Those girls are gorgeous, but they are blessed genetically after all!

Barbra on

Adorable girls! I love the name Dolly, but the name Charlie weirds me out since his brother is named Charlie. Maybe as a middle name would have been better. Who am I to judge?

Kewky on

They are my fave celeb family!!!! And LOVE the names! Oh dang, now I’m one of the people who USE CAPS WAY TOO MUCH! Random! Ciao!

_Chiara Alessia Margherita Fertelli-Quilici

MammaDucky on

My, what would they have done if the girls were born on different days (which DOES happen!)? My twins know which one was born first. She likes to say, “I’m older” only when someone tells them that her sister is “taller.” They are identical, but still have differences about them. One is a superb artist and the other is average, but that twin is a fabulous singer, while her sister is average at that!

Kay on

They could not possibly be any cuter! They sound like such wonderful parents, too. I do find it a bit ironic that they stress wanting them to be individuals, yet make their birth times identical. If one being ‘older’ really is a big deal, it will only be an advantage until they reach their 30’s or 40’s. Then the ‘younger’ one gets bragging rights. haha

Amanda on

MiB- it is very rare, especially with a csection delivery, for Baby B to come first. Drs give the titles to keep track of the babies and they name them in the order of who is closest to the ‘exit’. With csections they purposely try to deliver them in order.

Kristy on

My baby was born 6 weeks early then my best friend’s one (same due date though) and anytime people ask us how old they are in connection of them doing anything (like walking, talking etc), she alwyas makes sure that she says that her child is 6 weeks younger and does the same thing as mine ! But gestationally they are the same age and so are these twins, and i dont think it really matters one came out earlier or later, and i dont know why their parents are making such a big deal and even hiding it ! They are creating a problem where there is none and they are on their way to create a trauma. And haven’t they already discussed that before? Do we need to be reminded every other month that they are hiding their children’s time of birth? We already know.

CelebBabyLover on

Kristy- What do you mean, they’re on their way to creating trauma? And they’ve explained why they’re hiding it. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, to be fair, the last interview in which they stated they don’t know which twin was born first was back in May, which is over half a year ago. So they hardly dicuss that all the time!

Gina007 on

The whole family is gorgeous!

Lisa on

adorable….and I don’t know which is which but the twin in the purple dress and the twin on the beach in white (might be the same girl) really shows Rebecca in their looks. Just gorgeous little girls!

Lala on

what cuties!! adorable isn’t even the word. 🙂

Marla on

Such a cute family! They’re an ideal picture to me as long as the kids are happy and well-adjusted and Rebecca & Jerry happily stay together with none of this infidelity or growing-apart stuff that seems to be plaguing Hollywood lately.

Jill on

Kristy, I agree. Enough already! They are discussing it all the time…..when they discuss it in all of their magazine interviews! Which, seems to be happening. Making mountains out of molehills is what I see them doing.