Rachel Dratch ‘Taking a Pass’ This Holiday Season

12/09/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Moises De Pena/Retna

Actress Rachel Dratch will be spending her first holiday season with son Eli Benjamin a little differently than most. In fact, the new mom joked that may not be celebrating at all!

“He’s not conscious of the holiday yet so I’m taking a pass. I don’t have to go all out yet,” Dratch, 44, told PEOPLE at the LAByrinth Theater Company’s 8th Annual Gala Benefit.

“I should have lit some Hanukkah candles but I haven’t even done that. I don’t know what Christmas is going to bring, probably the same thing. [My son’s] dad is not Jewish. We haven’t even discussed any of this.”

Although the first time mom may be skipping the festivities, she admits that she has been contemplating the idea of starting at least one tradition for 3-month-old Eli.

“Maybe I’ll do one of those holiday cards [like] I get every year from people with kids. Now I’m going to be one of those annoying parents,” the Saturday Night Live alum said. “Maybe that will be my thing. I’ll finally be one of those people with the cards.”

This holiday Eli will be giving Dratch and boyfriend John Wahl, a consultant to natural foods businesses, a very special gift that only a parent will understand.

“[Eli] likes having his diaper changed. That is my holiday activity,” Dratch joked. “That’s a daily gift.”

— Isley Kasica

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Pamela on

I’m so happy for her!

Annie on

They might want to get around to discussing that sometime…what with a child to raise and all…:) Mazel.

Allison J on

Rachel is hilarious! Best wishes to her and her new baby boy!

Shannon on

A clean diaper is a great gift! lol

Suzi on

You guys look like a great couple!Good luck to you both.

If it helps, most couples I’ve known chose one religon for the children; while exposing them to the other one.

Suzi on

Rachel, it could have been much worse than a different religon, you could’ve gotten invloved with a Republican!:)

Mickie on

I love everything about this.

Suzi on

Why do they need to have the religion talk? Remember girls, Rachel and John are not married nor are they living together. Their only connection to each other is the lovely little miracle they created.

First let them define their own relationship, then they can work on the religion issues.

Jessica on

Suzi…no need for the Republican bashing!!! This post has NOTHING to do with politics!!

If you think that just because someone is a Republican then it’s horrible to get involved with them you are a very ignorent person!!!

mom of two on

It’s ignorant, Jessica. Not ignorent. Funny word to misspell.

Susanne on

Thank you, Jessica. I agree — that was a very ignorant remark by Suzi even if it was said/intended in a joking way. No need for that kind of smart-aleck rudeness on here.

And now back to the subject of the story. I’m sure Rachel thinks of her baby boy as the best gift around. No Christmas or Hanukkah gift could compete. 🙂

Tiffany on

You people are so ANAL.. I am a republican and I thought Suzi’s comment was funny, lighten up!!

Amanda on

I disagree, religion needs to be discussed. It’s a big issue especially if either feel strongly about their religion and traditions. They need to understand each other on this issue and many others when it comes to parenting and hopefully they can come to an agreement on how they wish to raise him.

And BTW- my dad is liberal and my mom conservative 😉 they were also different religions and they were married 25 years, I must say I am glad I married someone of the same religion and political standing as myself LOL

Suzi on

Hey guys!

Sorry Jessica and Susanne. It was just a joke. I used Republican because Rachel voted for Obama in ’08. Please forgive me 🙂

P.S. Thank you Tiffany.

megan on

Religon is not as improtant as it used to be. I for one am not rasing my child in any religon but if she choses to believe in god down the line I would of course be supportive of her. Rachel doesn’t seem to be practicing Judaism….so I don’t think its on her priority list to pick a religon for her child at this point.

JM on

OR they could just raise him without a religion and let him make his own mind up when he is an adult and properly understand what it means to belong to a religion (or not).

you know it’s interesting that someone brought up politics. to me saying “should this child be christian, jewish, muslim etc”, would be the same as saying “should this child be republican, democrat, fascist, communist etc.”. surely it’s something that everyone best decides for themselves when they are adults and understand the full impact of it. labelling kids in this way won’t help….

Kayla on

Suzi –
It was very sweet of you to apologize to the 2 ladies who were offended by your remarks. We need more people who are less proud and more understanding. I have to say that your latest post really made my day just a bit brighter.

As for the story, I think when 2 people are in a committed relationship, religion is an important issue. I also think it’s important not to judge others. 🙂

Emily on

I had a baby on December 20th (three years ago) and so many people asked me what we were getting her for Christmas. Uh…nothing. She was five days old!

Oh you guys…Religion and politics!

Sam on

hehehehehehehe Ahh, some posters!
Don’t really know who these people are, but I bet the baby is a cutie! Not married, not living together, haven’t decided or even talked about certain issues while raising a child together. However, that child is already here!! Call me old fashioned, but, ummmmm first things first peeps!

(let me hear it!!)

Susanne on

Apology accepted, Suzi. Some of us don’t appreciate political jokes and would not dream of taking jabs at anyone of a different viewpoint because it just isn’t cool. Has nothing to do with being uptight or humorless, it just isn’t very nice or funny.

As for the religion issue, I’m sure Rachel’s kid will turn out fine no matter what faith he is raised in. As long as he is happy, healthy and loved, he’ll do great. I grew up with a guy who was half-Jewish (mom’s side) and half-Presbyterian (dad’s side). He benefited from being raised in both faiths and I think is a very well-rounded person because of that.

Sam on

@Kayla – Republican are you? Well, your post was rude too. Just saying…………

Terri on

At least do enough to get some good pics for the baby book! 🙂

B.J. on

Religion isn’t all that important to everyone. Perhaps they both lean towards the secular and will raise their son as such. Nothing wrong with that! If I ever have kids, they will not be raised in a particular religious faith, but will be taught the important lessons of all of them. There’s something of value in most religions, not just the one in which we are raised!

As for the Republican comment, it was obviously a joke, and as someone who is quite liberal who has tried to date Repubs (with messy results!), I found it comical! 🙂 Lighten up, ladies, there are bigger fish to fry than catty anonymous online comments!

Jessica on

Thank you Suzi. I admit I’m probably to sensitive. I am an a heated debate board and have to defend my political choices alot so I admit I jump the gun alot!!

gdfg on

They are raising the same child, so regardless of whether or not they are married, living together, dating, or even friends anymore, they need to talk about their child’s religious upbringing.

gdfg on

Regardless of whom Rachel voted for, why would you assume her baby’s dad ISN’T a Republican? As far as I know, his political stance is unknown, but I may be wrong.

JustJill on

I didn’t find the Republican joke offensive or anything and I’m a Republican. No party on either side of the fence is perfect, and, in my opinion, both sides have lost their sense of humor. That aside, it’s nice to see people being grown-ups and apologizing and accepting apologies.

As far as Rachel/John & Baby Eli are concerned…..Their choices aren’t the choices I would make, but it is THEIR choice. I wish their family much happiness!

Suzi on

Amanda and gdfg,

You both made good points. You’re both right, regardless of their own relationship, they will always have their little joint venture.

I think we can all agree, religion is a VERY personal issue, even within the same family. In my own large family, there are Catholics, Jews, Quakers and one nothing.

Religion is like sports and politics, everyone has their own opinion. Rachel and John will come give each other their opinions and come up with a solution that works for them.

Kate on

If I am not mistaken, they are living together. At least, when they are in the same city.

Suzi on

Hey guys! I’m back!

To those of you who enjoyed my little joke, thank you 😉 🙂 To those of you who were offended, you taught me that everyone has different ideas of funny.

Suzzane, about your half-Jewish (mom’s side) and half-Presbyterian (dad’s side) friend, if you agree that the two faiths are beliefs and not races, how can your friend be half of two opposite beliefs? Christians believe in Jesus, the Jews do not. What does your friend do? Believe that Jesus is his savior only half the week?

Sam on

@ Suzi – you better watch out now girl! hehehe I think your opinion is just fine, it’s what we do here, give OUR opinions and let OTHERS give theirs. I love it when a poster feels offended, then posts back with their own post as rude or more so! People get too caught up in posts when they should just live and let live. Carry on, girl! 🙂

Suzi on

No, Rachel and John are not living together. According to the previous People article, he moved to his own apartment nearby.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- I must respectfully disagree. I have never understood the issue some people have with picking a religion to raise a child in. I also don’t think that doing so harms kids. I was raised Lutheran (and still am Lutheran, for that matter), and I’m glad I was. I enjoyed going to church, and I LOVED Sunday School! I have also always enjoyed partaking in other church events, such as Lenten soup suppers and services.

I also think that being raised to believe in God has made me a better person (not saying that people who aren’t believers aren’t good people. I’m just stating my own personal experience with religion!). Also, I know a lot of other people (including most of the other members of my church) who were raised with their particular religion (rather than choosing it when they were older), and not one of them has said they regret it.

I think what’s most important is that, if you DO choose a religion for your child, you’re supportive and understanding if, as an adult, they choose to practice another religion (or even no religion at all).

MiB on

I don’t see being raised with several different beliefs as problematic as long as everyone respect each other. Trust me, I grew up surrounded by devout christians and ateists, catholics and protesatants of different denominations, jews and buddhists, and that’s just the closest family! Add to that living a couple of years in muslim countries and having good friends who are muslim. As long as mommy and daddy are open with that they don’t really agree on Jesus and make sure that the children know that they are going to respect whatever religious choice they make the children will grow up fine. I too have a friend who grew up with a jewish mother and a presbyterian father, they were exposed to both parents religious customs, but free to believe in whatever they wanted to. Turned out about 1/3 of the siblings consider themselves jewish, 1/3 presbyterian and 1/3 believe in God but say the jury is still out on wether Jesus was his son or just a great prophet. And they all still celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, Easter and Pesach together as a family. If it really is important that your child would be raised in a certain faith, then you’d probably make sure to marry someone of the same faith anyways, otherways you just have to be open about it.

Mia on

I was raised with both-it’s possible, but I personally choose neither. I’m not a fan of organized religion, but you’re definitely going to develop your own beliefs based on what you grew up around or maybe gravitate more towards one than the other.

JM on

CelebBabyLover i do understand where you’re coming from. and i can see that you have had a positive experience and that is great.

the argument, however, is illogical, parallel it with the point i made of labelling a child with a political opinion and you might see where i’m coming from. the fact of the matter is that you are Lutheran because you were raised Lutheran. not because you chose it. you never knew any different. if you had been born in saudi arabia, you would be a muslim, if you had been born in poland you would be catholic etc. so this isn’t really a free choice as you were never given the option.

it just seems absurd to me to say “yes that child is lutheran” (or insert any other religion) when there is no way a child can understand what that means… and it’s not as if there is anything you can point to in a child and say that that distinguishes him or her as a lutheran. it’s purely something their parents have imposed on them. again, make the comparison to pointing to a five year old and saying “he’s a marxist”. well it’s ridiculous isn’t it? as he has no idea what marxism is.

all i mean is that it makes no sense. and in the worst cases can be incredibly devicive if children are made to indentify with one religion for totally illogical reasons (ie, their parents are that religion). do i need to bring up the history in Ireland or the Middle East to show just how fatal it is to bring up children in a way that makes them never question for themselves what is right to believe in and makes them adhere to something for no reason other than that is what their parents believe in.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- I get where you’re coming from as well. I just want to say that I actually DID understand as a child (not as a very young child no, but when I was a bit older) what it means to be Lutheran/Christian. Not only that, but I was also able to explain some of the differences between Lutherans and Catholics, as well as a few other religions.

But all of that being said, I was in a somewhat unique situation growing up when it came to religion: My father happens to be a minister. So, from a very early age, I was having various things about religion explained to me (not that my parents rammed it down my throat so to speak! I just mean that, when one of your parents is a minister, you’re naturally going to spend a lot of time talking about stuff having to do with religion!).

Basically, like some other posters have said, I guess we all have different opinions on/experiences with this topic. 🙂

Diane on

Great article and I’m so happy for her! Would love to see some new pic’s of adorable Eli.

Everyones comments cracked me up and gave me a good laugh.

He’s 3 months old so they (parents) have time to talk about all those important things. For now changing his diaper sounds nice and simple and I bet it will be one of her favorite holidays being relaxed and taking it easy cheesy~

P.S. Rachel I thinks it’s safe to say we all would love to see the classic holiday card pic of you and your lil guy.

Happy Holidays Everyone and a Happy & Healthy New Year 🙂

Jenn on

I love Rachel, I’m glad she doesn’t feel pressured to make a big production this year and just is content to focus on being a new mom.