Mini Must-Have: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Military Jacket

12/08/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Just when we thought she couldn’t get any cuter, Shiloh steps out in an adorable Nutcracker-inspired ensemble.

While out and about with her mom Angelina Jolie and her equally stylish siblings on Dec. 7, the 4½-year-old rocked Ralph Lauren‘s Wool Military Jacket ($425) paired with black jeans, worn-in work boots and a furry ear flap hat.

From the bright red color and authentic military detailing (check out those contrasting epaulets!) to the crested brass buttons, her coat is beyond amazing.

Want one with less sticker shock?

Check out the Lee Jacket ($145) by Stella McCartney for Kids or J.Crew‘s Girl’s wool military jacket ($98).

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Tess on

I thought it was Beatles’ inspired. Is it not?

Sandra on

Is she in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club?

shannon on

$425? seriously?

momof3girls on

A mini must have for who?? I wouldn’t put this on any of my daughters…

Hea on

Maybe she likes the Beatles and Michael Jackson? She looks great in it. AMAZING price on that jacket though… whoa.

Diva on

I like the Stella McCartney one better, but I think they’re both great! I love kids with style!

Betsy on

Give me a break, how can you even suggest that a $425 jacket for a toddler is a mini-must have? Are you serious? Plus, the jacket looks like a costume. In this economy are you seriously suggesting that it makes any sort of sense to spend that much money on a children’s jacket? Totally irresponsible!!

Erika on

I think it’s kind of cute (though over the top) however I wouldn’t spend that much money on it. I don’t think I would specifically buy it for a child if it were cheaper anyway. It looks a little like a costume. But if they can afford it and Shiloh likes it, then I don’t see any reason to complain! If it’s not my child and not my money then why not?

blahblahblah on

I think angelina jolie has an awful sense of style and apparently she likes her kids to follow in her footsteps. She claims that her kids pick out what they want and she lets them choose anything. So she thinks that’s good parenting? How about the parents pick out 3 things and the kids get to choose from the 3? Otherwise, when your kid says they want to play with knives when they are 10 – you just let them??? She (angelina) hasn’t changed much from her earlier days – she’s still scary.

Anna on

I think it looks cute. I would never buy a coat with that pricetag for me or my children but that is their choice.

The J Crew coat is probably more suitable for the average child that needs to go to school etc.

JM on

i think it’s really cute. i don’t have that kind of money but it looks nice.

and those of you complaining are a bunch of hypocrites, you’d be squealing with delight if this was a little girl dressed in a tutu. why are some people so threatened by people who don’t conform 100%. kids like to dress up, what’s the difference between this and a tutu or a princess dress?

Mrs. R. on

Two things are going on from what I can see:

It’s a super expensive coat. For mere mortals. Angelina Jolie is not a mere mortal – she’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars and dresses herself and her children accordingly. We’ve seen her kids in Circo, we’ve seen them in Gucci. It’s all the same to her.

It’s yet another example of Shiloh’s eccentric fashion sense – she had a pirate hat and a sword in a few of these pics – she was clearly dressing like a pirate. So she is a tomboy. Her mother AND father are letting her be a tomboy with a gigantic expense account attached.

I think if the brand had been from Target, and it had been on a boy, then people would be applauding the parent (whoever it is) for letting their kid be dressed as a pirate in public – the way that many of us let our kids wear their dress up clothes outside the house.

We just don’t have Ralph Lauren brand dress up clothes.

georgette on

I think Shiloh looks very stylish in that jacket, love it. If I had Angelina’s and Brad’s money, I will dress my granddaughter in expensive clothing too.

Jessica on

Zahara’s coat with the Peter pan collar and smocked with buttons all the way down was also Ralph Lauren. It was less expensive (229.99) and not costumey.

Love Shiloh’s coat though, totally fits her.

momof3girls on

I’ll bet $425 could go pretty far in those less fortunate countries that Ms. Jolie goes to….what’s the word I’m looking for?? oh yeah, now I remember, hypocrite!!

Jen DC on

Momof3girls: She spends millions around the world, both charitably as well as through filming, and she’s a hypocrite because she buys her kids’ clothes with the money she has left over from her earnings? So… when you tithe at church, but then go to the grocery store and get the cereal that’s *not* on sale, you’re a hypocrite too, then, right?

(a) This website is for entertainment purposes, not actual purchasing suggestions. If you have enough money to take purchasing suggestions from, then great. But I think they (corporate giant who owns the site) understands that most of us probably wouldn’t put our kid in very many of the clothes we see ADVERTISED here. Because that’s what all this is: A way to drive advertising dollars into the pockets of large corporations who make this expensive claptrap.

(b) @ Blahblahblah: How is letting a three year old pick out her clothes comparable to letting them endanger themselves with knives at the age of 10? Clothes: Not usually deadly. And there was that story a few weeks ago in which Angelina Jolie did actually say no to the dead pet Shiloh wanted to bring home, so I think they’ve got a lock on what good little girls should or shouldn’t be doing with dangerous implements.

fuzibuni on

It’s funny how morally indignant people can get about the cost of clothes and handbags. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it!

The clothes some of you deem “affordable” would be outrageously expensive to many people in developing countries. In fact, if you shop at Target or Walmart, much of your clothing was probably made by poor people on other continents who would need to spend at least a month’s salary to afford what you consider “cheap.”

Julia A on

Angelina claims she is encouraging individuality, but I think buying your daughter a $425 coat that looks like a $15 costume is just encouraging lack of common sense. IMO.

Amanda on

What part if this is hypocritical, momof3girls? Yeah, the jacket cost a lot of money but Angelina Jolie plows millions upon millions into charities at home and abroard. So before you call her a hypocrite, why don’t you take a second to consider the African girls who have a school to attend, thanks to Angelina. Or the Cambodian farmers and rangers who have a wage to take home to their families, thanks to Angelina. Or the American children with parents serving in Iraq and Afghanistan who receive support from a charity that Angelina recently donated $1 million to. If she’s a hypocrite, I might as well be the Queen of England.

alice jane on

Seriously, momof3girls?? Angelina and Brad donate MILLIONS of dollars to those less fortunate. They have worked for their money, they’ve earned it, and $425 isn’t that much to them – they’re entitled to put their money where they want to (within the law) and they have been extremely generous with it.

Sasha on

Weathly people have to have something to spend their money on too; $425 is nothing to AJ. I’m sure she gives money to charities and less fortunate countries.

ana on

momof3girls, so because Angelina goes to less fortunate countries and donates millions of dollars of her own money(she does not collect and ask for donations from others like other celebrities)annualy for different causes here and abroad, she has to live like a poor person? I thought people on this site were actually complaining that she does not dress her kids nice enough, so this is the first for me. I think you’ll be the happiest if she gives away all her money and move to one of these countries and you don’t have to see the pictures of her kids anymore, isn’t it?

Lisa on

Wow! That coat alone costs more than my house payment! Their kid and their money, so I cant knock her for it… but wow. Shiloh seems quite creative with a great imagination. $425 to them must be equivalent to my $2 because that’s how much I spend on my kids coats at the thrift shop. Not as flashy, but serves the purpose in keeping them warm.

Georgina on

Why is she a hypocrite? She’s never said anyone shouldn’t spend their money on themselves nor their children. When she goes to Afganistan or where ever it is to campaign for womens and/or childrens rights. Yes she has been to disaster areas such as Pakistan even New Orleans but why is it her sole responsibility to help these places? She went there to highlight the plight of the people and get the GOVERNMENT of the counteries to assist its people. Where is the hypocracy?

It’s her money, Shiloh obviously likes her jacket, so wheres the problem?

Sri on

momof3girls…. Oh please! Do you expect them to dress like paupers then? You forgot the millions she and Brad Pitt donated to these charities. For all you know, that jacket could be a gift from Ralph Lauren himself.

Anyways, if I can afford it, I would buy it for my 7 year old girl. $425 is a car payment for me..but hey…like one of the posters above said, the Jolie-Pitts could afford it. Why not?

hannah on

the jacket i noticed is in the GIRLS section of the RL website, so that whole Shiloh is being forced into boys clothing theory doesn’ quite hold water anymore but then again it never did.

there are three jackets at different price points included in this post clearly the sentiment is that if you like the style but not the price tag there are cheaper options.

no need for theatrics. buy one of the three or none at all.

Trish on

I thought this site was monitored to prevent catty snide remarks, and bullying of small children!! Someone is not doing their job, if you want to slam Angelina go to the trashy sites, as for her beautiful children, leave your nasty comments in your hateful hearts!!!

Lola on

In the world of fashion, it’s not called “wearing boys’ clothes” – it’s called looking and dressing “androgynous”, and it’s extremely trendy. Not that trends really effect little kids, but still…people shouldn’t be so up in arms about Angelina Jolie’s children are wearing. If you don’t have anything positive to contribute, then why are you wasting your time?

Lorus on

blahblahblah – Are you seriously comparing letting a child be creative with their clothing the same as letting a child play with knives?!

If it doesn’t hurt them then why not let a child wear what they want? Angie & Brad’s kids are always dressed for the weather so they do make sure that the clothing the kids pick are weather appropriate.

Considering how much A&B make, a $425 jacket is like $5 to me! I’d spend $5 on that jacket. 🙂

ReedFla on

She looks like a mini FAO Schwarz soldier 🙂

cris on

I love how she is given the opportunity to express herself. Do any of you really think $425 is that much money at all to AJ and BP?? Why does everybody have to live by YOUR means or within YOUR bank account?

Rose on

@blahblahblah: That’s a terrible comparison. I let my kids pick what they want to wear – the only rules are that they’re not allowed to wear dress-up clothes to play in the dirt and they have to wear clothes that are appropriate to the season. Beyond that, I let them wear whatever they want. And I always have. And I can assure you, that did not turn into a gateway to playing with knives.

Jessica on

I’m pretty sure the clothes were free. Shiloh’s coat and Zahara’s coat and rain boots are Ralph Lauren. They probably gave it to her for free publicity.

Shiloh on

Wow, are some of you communists, or something? Are rich people not allowed to spend money on what they want?

What is wrong with buying a 425 dollar coat? How does that make her a hypocrite?

Its her money and she can buy whatever she wants with it. It seems to me like some of you are jealous because Angelina can afford a 425 dollar coat for her 4 year old daughter, and many of you could only dream to.

There is nothing wrong with being rich and wasting money on seemingly worthless things. Its the rich people who “waste” money that help our economy. Did it ever occur to you that rich people making expensive purchases keep businesses running, and keep people employed? With so many business shutting down and going bankrupt, and millions of people losing their jobs, you should be happy that Angelina is nice enough to buy a 425 dollar coat, which probably saved at least one person from being downsized.

If rich people were frugal, imagine how much worse our economy would be right now!!!

But no… It would be better if we would be living under communism, and we all would be making the same salary regardless of our education or skill level, and we would be prohibited from buying extravagant things which we worked hard for. *rolls eyes*

Bancie1031 on

I think Shiloh is just so darn CUTE! Zahara, Pax and Maddox also looked cute on this day 🙂 I personally love this family 🙂

Allie-Rose on

I remember an article, I think it was just after Shiloh was born. Apparently some expensive brand had sent Angelina & Brad some kids clothes for free and they sent them back saying they didn’t want their kids to be walking billboards. And now Shiloh gets a $425 Ralph Lauren jacket? And wasn’t Zahara seen with a $1000 Vuitton or whatever brand leather bag, that was a mini version of Angelina’s? Sounds a bit inconsistent to me. Why send items back … just to go buy them afterwards?

Hea on

I think what blahblahblah is really comparing is when Angelina herself played with knives and wore her husbands blood in a vial around her neck.

MiB on

I still mourn the princess dress coat my mother wouldn’t buy me when I was 16, and I still don’t wear the sensible dress coat she bought me instead if I can help it. Since then I have bought other coats that I love, some cheap, some more expensive, most of them good quality (and many of them second hand). When you buy clothes, wether it is for yourself or for your children, you should not only take into account if you can afford the item and if it befits the season, but also if it will be worn with joy or resentment. After all, wouldn’t you rather wear something that you like than something that is just OK (or even worse,something you hate)? While I couldn’t afford the coats (I’d rather pay my rent), both Zaharah and Shiloh look happy in their coats, they are of good quality and warm enough and Angie and Brad can afford them, so I don’t really see the problem.

Kewky on

I agree with Jessica (just above) and @ ReedFla LOL! I want to see if I understand: Angie and Brad are wasting money on their kids and charity? Because it seems that’s what people are saying. People’s people are just kewky! Anyway….How cute is Shiloh?

loren on

Not just rich people buy expensive things. As long as they handle their responsibilities (read pay monthly bills) working class people buy things they like for themselves, their family and homes; they buy cars, jewelry and expensive clothing, too. This is America and all classes of people spend their money as they wish. It was not just rich people at the stores at 6AM Black Friday 🙂 If only the wealthy (as the JPs are)
were shopping, the stores in NY would be much less crowded.

Jacqui on

Mrs. R:

Obviously I enjoy celebrities as much as anyone else, or I wouldn’t read this site. But let’s not draw this huge difference between celebrities and non-celebrities. The whole Us and Them, Have and Have-Not thinking is not positive.

Angelina Jolie IS a mere mortal and all the money in the world will not change that. I know you know that, and that was just a figure of speech I’m sure, but where you were going with that seems kind of unhealthy.

give me a break NB on

I can’t believe how caddy some people can be really! Angelina does not ask to be photographed every time she leaves her home, she does not purchase clothes for her kids just to get a reaction from the people, this is her life, she can afford to spend money like this on her kids so what’s the big deal. If I could afford to have a 10 ct. diamond ring on my finger I would have it and not give a darn what people thought but that is not my life style. I think the coat is sweet and looks great on her and if she’s happy that’s what it’s all about…Angelina is not spending our money, she is spending her own…

brannon on

My niece has this coat and it is adorable on her. Why are some of you so upset over a jacket? There are about a million better things to be worried about.

Alyssa on

I’m shocked. Angelina walks around poor children in 3rd world countries who don’t have 2 cents to rub between their fingers and she’s going out and spending $425 on a jacket that looks like a Nut Cracker should be wearing??? I see she has her priorities in check. What is that telling a child who is given a $425 jacket? …she’s not going to know the value of a dollar when she gets older. LOVELY!!!! Future of America right here folks!

erin on

how could they spend that much on a jacket for their daughter? aren’t they supposed to be big on charity and etc.? how then can they justify buying a jacket that she will only probably wear a few times and costs as much as a middle class family spends on groceries for a month? if they were really concerned with people not having enough to eat in other countries you would think they would tone it down a little bit and start buying clothes from goodwill. just sayin.

lilly on

hey if she wants to fork out $10000 for a jacket for her child, why not if she has the money and can afford expensive things for her kids, like people here are always criticizing celebs, and calling them down when we all know that if we had money like she does, we would buy expensive gifts for our children, its normal and i know i would. What appeals to my eye can by different to you, but we all have the tendency to go overboard with our kids

marina on

Allie-Rose – I would have send the clothe back as well, and then buy what ever I like from the collection. I would accept gifts beacue someone want me to promote their lines, I would buy them because I like them or my children like them, and I choose to do it.

MiB on

@Allie-Rose, I think their policy is not to get freebies since they can afford them, because accepting one and being seen using it would be to advertise the company and they don’t want to walk around like living billboards. But they have to wear clothes, and are at liberty to buy any clothes they want, wether it is inexpensive brands like circo or more expensive brands like Ralph Lauren. I don’t see it as inconsistent, they have made a decision not to accept freebies, and they stand by it. Besides, one of the most frequent complaints on this site regards the amount of freebies celebrities get, most notably in form of sponsored birthday parties and baby showers, but also when it comes to gift bags and gifitng suits.

ana on

All of you were criticizing Angelina for not dressing her kids nice enough many times. Why her kids look like they were dressed in a thrift store? Why are they wearing hand me downs? Now, she is spending too much money! The only problem I see is that she is Angelina Jolie. Whatever she does its not good for some people. Period.

Kat on

All those jackets are waaaay too much $ for me!! They are cute though and Shiloh is adorable!!! 🙂

Mary Anne on

In life, everything is relative. So if a person is a millionaire, and advocates for poor people around the world and gives millions of dollars of their own money away, they should shop at KMart. Since Tom and Katie or Gwen and Gavin or…name your celebrity– don’t publicy (they may do so privately of course) advocate for the poor, it is OK for them to spend who knows how much on their children? Also, the last time I checked, these children have two parents. Who is to say that Brad did not buy this jacket for his daughter as he as daddy is known to give in to his girls wishes. All of Brad and Angelina’s children seem happy, healthy and well adjusted. As an aside, they also make their own Christmas gifts according to Brad and Angelina, so I think they very well know the value of giving something that means something special to someone else.

PS: it is not anyone’s money but their’s so why get so bent out of shape about how they spend it. I am sure many more people on this blog and in the US live well outside their means more than these two do.

gdfg on

Personally, I believe in capitalism. Angelina and Brad can spend their money on whatever they want.

Beautee on

This is almost laughable. So let me get this right, she gives multi millions of dollars away to third world countries EVERY SINGLE YEAR and because of that she should not spend lavishly on her daughter? LMAO On the 19th I am going to help out again for this Christmas thing at a homeless shelter, so should I tone it down and move out of my house, into an apartment because I am helping homeless people that don’t have a house? GTFOH There will always be people who have less and more than you and I just don’t think you should feel guilty for enjoying things that you worked hard to earn the money to buy.

What is this teaching her children? It’s teaching them that if you work hard and earn enough income to afford expensive things, while giving away way more than 50 X’s that to complete strangers in need, that you shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so.

It’s very nice of her to give back so big but newsflash, IT’S HER CHOICE *MEANING SHE DOES NOT HAVE TO*. Nobody tells you how to spend your hard earned money so why would someone even have the nerve to suggest how much she should spend and where she should shop for her kids.

MiB on

erin, if everyone started buying from goodwill instead of buying new clothes we’d soon run out of clothes since they would wear out. I see nothing wrong in buying new or even expensive clothes if you can afford it. They donate a lot of money to charity, but do you expect them to give away everything they earn? I’d say it’d be more charitable to buy new clothes and donate them to goodwill after they are finished with them (provided they are still in good condition), then they’d put more clothes into ciculation, that can be bought by those who couldn’t afford a new coat. Besides, that coat has helped several people keep their jobs just by being made and sold. It has given income towards the people who grew the cotton/bred the sheep, spun the yarn, produced they dye, dyed the yarn, wove the cloth, cut the cloth, sew the pieces of cloth together, transported the fiber to the spinner, the yarn to the dyer and the weaver, the cloth to the cutter and the seamstress, the finished garment to the store. If no more new clothes were made or sold, all these people would have to look for a new job, and there wouldn’t be enough jobs at the goodwill shops for them.

Mary on

My nephew watched Babes in Toyland the other day. The 1986 one with Keanu Reeves. He’s developed an obsession with wooden soldiers He would love this! Can’t afford it though. I went to WalMart and purchased a sewing pattern and some red and black fleece. I spend about $35 on everything and I’m sure when it’s done he’ll be just as excited!

Taylor on

I love that some of you are complaining about the purchase like the money came from your own wallet. If you don’t want to buy the jacket, don’t. That doesn’t mean you get to dictate how others spend their money.

If you’re so up in arms about it, I’d suggest you take that energy and put it into a worthy cause since apparently Angelina Jolie isn’t doing the same.

kellie on

Shew is absolutely stunning. Her features are all so beautiful, she really will be drop dead gorgeous when she is can tell that already!

Lou x on

Ana: i totally agree, you summed up my thoughts exactly! Certain people on this site will have a go at this family simple because they are who they are!
Ridiculous, and so, so childish!

I think it looks cute, and Shiloh looks really happy and healthy. The JP’s can afford to dress them how they please, so why would they buy cheap clothes?! the cost is all relative to earnings, and if even after tax and giving HUGE sums of money away to charity, as well as feeding and keeping a roof over the heads of their children, surely how much they choose to spend on dressing them is their decision???

sgv on

A mini must have for Halloween maybe?…

Elisabeth on

In 2007 alone Angelina and Brad donated at least $8.4 million dollars to charity, $5 million of which went to the Make It Right project in New Orleans and $1 million of which went to Afghani refugees in Pakistan.

In 2008 Angelina and Brad donated at least $13.5 million dollars to charity, $1 million of which went to The Global Health Committee for an Ethiopian clinic project, half a million to Armed Services YMCA USA, and more than $1 million to WildAid MJP Project in Cambodia.

More info on celebrities who support charity here:

So yes, I think Angelina is entitled to purchase an expensive coat for her daughter if she wishes.

KatR on

Can’t stand Jolie, but unless she is on a mission to make the mothers of America buy this jacket for their own kids, what she does with her damn money is her damn business.

Trish on

Some people act like it came out of their checking account, stop all the hating & jealousy!! I think all the kids are adorable & look happy, healthy, and fun-loving!!! Angelina & Brad seem to dote on their kids just like other parents (even though they have a higher income)good for them!!!

torgster on

Fo Angie! Go Shi! Love you both.

Janey on

Don’t celebs get sent and given a lot of free clothing? The publicity from this shot would be invaluable

Lucie on

Oh, PLEASE! Shiloh looks adorable. I think it’s great that Angelina and Brad are letting their girl dress how she wants, which just increases her individuality. I’d actually rather see a HUNDRED Shilohs than 1 Suri Cruise, who dresses like she’s way older than 4 and it seems like always not weather appropriate clothing. Angie and Brad have donated MILLIONS of dollars each year to help others, and buying a $425 coat is not that big of a deal to them. They also cloth their children in Target brand clothing, which shows they don’t have to have brand names. It’s not like they are a poor family struggling to make house payments and feed their kids and then they buy a $425 coat for the kids. I’m thrilled to see Shiloh dress how she wants to, as well as the rest of those kids. I love that she is comfortable in who she is, and Angie doesn’t try to change that by shoving her in “normal” girly clothing.

Toya L. on

She looks so much like Brad with Angie’s lips.

lorena on

Shiloh is a very cute little girl, but this jacket looks pretty ridiculous! i wouldn’t let my children wear something like this! And the price? seriously?

Trish on

Seriously, everytime this family steps out with Shiloh~it’s as though Angelina is TRYING to put her best effort into a sloppy orphan look with this one child. Come on, the hair is never combed. The boots are almost never laced up. She looks as though no time at all was spent on forethought. Not saying this is the case, but is Mom a bit jealous of the attention this baby girl could take away from her?

Alyssa on

“Mini Must- Have”??? Ummmm…why would I want my child to look like a nutcracker?

Lau on

People think this girl looks cute, in an expensive jacket, but she only looks like a boy in military costume , which is not normal for a a girl, hey Angelina please pay attention to the kids u are raising, they way this girl looks is not normal, when she gets 16 , she will ask you for some guns to play around the house wearing a rambo costume ….

Jen on

This kid is absolutely bizarre! Who in the world would think that thrift store find was worth $425 much less saying that it’s a “must have”? Please!

Trish on

Why is this site not being monitored to ward off all this bashing of a child!!!! People, get on the ball and erase all these losers with their nasty comments!

cc on

I think the coat looks cute on her and you people seem to forget who her parents are and they can afford the cost. I think $425 for a coat is better than paying $825 for a pocketbook for a child like tom cruise and kate holmes.

Tammy on

Is it just me,or does Shiloh look just like Rick Shroeder when he played Jon Voight’s ( her grandpa) son in “The Champ?” I think she’s adorable.

emi465 on

too cute… however shes four shell grow out of it in two months 425 is too much (of course they have planty of money and probably get it for free anyway) for a kid who is 1. gonna ruin it playing as all kids would 2. by christmas itll be too small 3. whats wrong with simple comfy clothes for kids

angie and brad are doing a good jon but why do they dress their kids so pefectly sweats legging jeans and t-shirts are clothes for kids at play not army boots and military jackets

they are just babies they can be fashion icons later

Becky on

Cute jacket, just a tad bit out of my price range though..I think it’s great that they let their kids pick out their own clothes..My two have benn picking theirs since they were like 3 and are 8 now..If they can afford it (duh) more power to them..As has been pointed out, they donates millions each year, so some people just need to grow up..

me on

some of these people are so f-ing pathetic. when i saw the picture, i just thought it some little girl wearing what she wanted to wear. and yea wearing expensive clothes because her parents can afford them.

it’s like you people want brad and angelina to live under a bridge so you could feel better about yourself. if you feel so inferior to them, go become a hollywood actor.

Lil on

I think she looks ridiculous. Just because something costs a lot of money doesn’t mean it’s a must-have. I bet I could convince people to buy $500 flour sacks if I called it high fashion. (Or do they already sell that? Celebs will buy anything.) What waste of cash and a would-be pretty little girl.

Christina on

Seriously who in their right mind would put a 4 year old in a $400 jacket?? Free or not. She probably got milk and peanut butter and jelly all over the front of it at lunch! Makes me crazy.

Sandy on

I wish for just one day, I could have no money worries and spend this amount on something for my kids OR even myself.

taegan on

Things never change, any excuse to encourage cheap harping on Angelina Jolie.
How often does this website quote how much Suri’s or Kingston’s clothes cost!

I think Shiloh looks cute in her jacket, and so what if her Mum spent that amount of money on it. She earned that money. Same as Will &
Jada, Tom & Katie.

She gives millions to charity and gives her time too. Some adults only donate old clothes/handbags and rarely dip into their pockets but they are applauded as genuine and generous.

And there is a difference between receiving a freebie and buying. There is no pressure/obligation to wear the items…thereby advertising.

When will this woman be given a break.

Justin Chaitoff on

well, ppl maybe u didnt get the memo…but she’s filthy rich. and ppl already pay for stuff at that price, its normal. besides, what economy r u talking about. me and my dad hav not been affected by the economy, he makes decent money…$45,000 to $50,000 a year lol

theNoticer on

It’s not the jacket that has me interested, but the way Shiloh is holding her mom’s hand but mom isn’t holding Shiloh’s. I just get the feeling something is missing. She has refered to Shiloh as goofy and a blob while commenting beautifully on the others.

theNoticer on

I think she is lacking in affection for her daughter. Look at the way Shiloh is holding her hand but mom(?) isn’t holding hers. Jolie has referred to Shiloh as goofy and a blob, while saying beautiful things about the other kids. Makes me wonder and notice the body language with Shiloh.

girl on

wow her jacket costs more than any brand name sweater i have. lol but its cute on her and if you have the money why not?

taegan on

The Noticer,

are also aware that Gwen Stefani and Matthew McC also referred to their children as blobs.

Matthew did on live tv???? And Gwen way before Angelina ever did??

Do you get on websites and cast assertions on their relationships with their children? Or do not notice their lack of caring?

taegan on

Moms &

Johnny Depp took his son to Ralph Lauren Paris, to shop, where is your itemisation for him?

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Angelina has said plenty of beautiful things about Shiloh. She’s clearly a comedienne and has her mom laughing plenty of times each day. And Shiloh’s holding her mother’s hand in that way because she’s pulling her forward, wanting to quickly get into the shop because she’s excited.

“Shiloh’s hysterically funny, one of the goofiest, most playful people you’ll ever meet.”

Jolie says that when she was growing up she was most like her daughter Shiloh: “[She’s] goofy and verbal, the early signs of a performer… I used to get dressed up in costumes and jump around.”

“Shi’s so full of light and love, she’s just a little honey, and very, very funny.”