Céline Dion Introduces Twins Eddy and Nelson

12/08/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Gérard Schachmes

Here they are — the miracle babies.

Céline Dion takes PEOPLE all over her Jupiter Island, Fla., mansion for a collection of intimate photos with 6-week-old fraternal twins Eddy and Nelson in our new issue, on newsstands Friday.

Lounging on the porch, in the pool, in the family bed – the twins, born Oct. 23, are getting more than comfy their new home, as Dion and husband René Angélil celebrate their expanded family after six difficult rounds of IVF.

The couple’s older son, René-Charles, 9½, also seems thrilled with his new siblings, cradling them in a mound of red pillows in one photo.

In the story, Dion talks about the pregnancy, birth, life with the newborns and her plans for easing into rehearsals for her new Las Vegas show, which kicks off March 15.

“The love and what I feel inside, what we have accomplished – I don’t know how to put it into words,” Dion says. “It’s bigger than life itself.”

— Tim Nudd

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Garfield on

They look cute! I’m so happy for Celine. Can’t wait for my People magazine to arrive.

Regarding the names, I understand her reason behind naming them Nelson and Eddy but all I can think of is Nelson Eddy, the actor/singer! 🙂

Mira on

I don’t understand why with all her professional success, she chose to take only 6 months of maternity leave, if that. It’s not like her career has recently gained momentum and she has to worry about losing it. Seems to me she can easily take a whole year off and her fans will be right there waiting for her a year from now. I have a career myself, not just a job, and I still don’t get this choice of hers. I’m not judging (this is for the “don’t judge” hysterics that are going to join in shortly). I just don’t understand why she’s doing it.

Bancie1031 on

AWE! They are just so adorable!!! They look a lot alike in this photo, can’t wait for Friday so I can see the rest of the pictures!

klutzy_girl on

They are so cute!

Elena on


Rose on

@Mira: If I’m not mistaken, when she originaly signed the contract to come back in Vegas, she was pregnant the first time. At that point I believe she would have had closer to a year of maternity leave.

But yeah, if I had as much money as she does, I would take several years off with each kid.

Sarah S. on

I agree with both Mira and Rose. Five months is too short. She has the money for all the nannies, nurses, and whatnot, BUT there’s no comparison to a mother being with her own children 24/7 in the first year of life. By the way, in Canada where she’s from is a 12 month maternity leave. Just saying…

torgster on

Regarding the length of her maternity leave. it’s not like she’ll be working a 12 hour day and never see the kids. She has an apartment at Caesars and in the past said she’d only leave her house a couple hours before the show, got prepped, do the gig and head straight home. Nice work if you can get it lol.

ELO on

Those babies are so cute. I wasn’t fond of the names at first but seeing the twins, they fit.

Jordan on

They’re so cute and little. 🙂
Celine looks fabulous.

Susan Albert on

The twins are adorable. Love both boys name.

acorr on

I feel bad that one of the boys is not being held, no big deal I know…I just feel bad for him

Alyssa on

Celine, you have enough money to live off of… stay home and raise your children.

Meredith on

@Garfield: I thought I was the only one who thought of Nelson Eddy, the 30’s star who was Jeanette MacDonald’s constant singing partner, when I heard the names. Especially spelling “Eddy” that way too! I know they announced that they named them after two men who were special to them, but still. It’s weird that it comes out just like Nelson Eddy.

Joannie on

For everyone wondering about her short maternity leave she answered that question in a recent interview she did for Julie Snyder in french and said that it was not a contract as big as the last one. She’ll be on about 70 nights a year (if i remember well), compare to 200 something the last time. She’ll have a lot of nights to be with her babies, don’t worry. She’s a smart women, she knows what she’s doing. I wish you could understand the interview she did it was really interesting. She talked about the long process to get pregnant and about the third baby she lost. It was an amazing and emotional interview!

Rhonda on

I love the picture, but I agree I have now seen 2 pictures of her with the babies and she is only holding one at a time. All I could think was I hope it was the opposite child. Don’t know why I care. Love Celine either way.
Would like her to take more time off with the babies as a mother but as a fan I want her back in the studio.

Dee on

If she signed a contract then I don’t get what the big deal is if she is going back to work. Did she not know what kind of time frame she had before she started trying to concieve? Either way, her kids will be fine and I doubt they’ll feel any pain b/c mom wasn’t in their field of vision 24/7. And what does Canada’s maternity leave laws have to do with her performing at in Las Vegas?

Anyway, the boys are beautiful and I’m happy for Celine and her family.

tink1217 on

beautiful babies!!! So happy for her family! I think I will be buying this issue!

Alice on

I’m a twin and most of the photos of me as an infant (and in our home movies) my mother has me cradled in one arm and my sister cradled in her other arm. Two babies can be held at one time!

Vashti on

I am so happy for her, she is one of my favorite singers besides Mariah Carey, she is one of the sweetest people out there. I hope that I will get to meet her someday. I am so looking forward to it.

Julie on

@Alyssa: Some people work because they get personal fulfillment from their careers, not just for money. It sounds like she is able to be with her babies for a good amount of time each day, even the days she is working. I don’t think we should judge a mother who (gasp!) wants to do something for herself a few hours a day. Everyone makes a choice that works for them.

Yea for Celine! She is a class act and her babes are adorable!

Beautee on

I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos either, I can’t really see them here. I’m so happy for her and her family.

Sheryl Black, Victoria, BC on

Who are any of you to judge??? Just leave her alone, it’s her choice!!! For me, I’m just happy that after 6 PAINFUL IVF procedures, she was finally able to have these two beautiful baby boys. I know many women who suffer from infertility issues who would give their eye teeth to have a child. To all of you “well-wishers”, it’s none of your business what she does with her life & family. As long as they are a happy, healthy family, that’s all that matters in the end.

Kellie on

Some of you act as if Celine is neglecting her children or something? Her job allows her to be with her children than most mothers. Plus she gets to continue to do what she loves, while her children are just a few minutes away or they may even be back stage as they get older. As a woman if that isn’t a great deal… I don’t know what is.

Sarah S.- Not every mother has to be with her child 24/7 during the first year. I know some mothers that would be going crazy if they couldn’t atleast have an hour or so to themselves. Also they have a father, who can be present when their mother is out performing for a few ours.

missy on

More than likely her shows would be at night, and more than likely her babies would be sleeping while she’s performing, so she’d really be missing very little time with them. Plus it’s not like she’s working everyday of the year.

Love Celine, she was the first concert I ever went to (almost 20 years ago, and even at that show she talked about wanting to have kids), and it’s so nice to see her with the family she always wanted.

Sus on

Congrats Celine! I hope your son is enjoying being a big brother!

sunny on

Celine has always been so thin, even after just having twins…so not fair, LOL!

donnah fuller on

OH my! true to their word there are the babies for all of us to enjoy.

Denise on

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Celine and her family. Enjoy your sons. They are beautiful.

Katie on

Very cute baby boys!! And Celine looks fantastic!! Love her hair color!! Keep it Celine!! So happy for her, she finally was able to expand her family. She is a wonderful person and will be a wonderful mother to all 3 children!! Congratulations!! You so deserve this!

Erika on

Well, her husband is older and may be retired. He may be home with them for all we know. To those who said that nobody can replace the mother, the father isn’t ‘replacing’ her but is just as good. I don’t know her situation and I would probably want more time off too, but she may have already signed a contract, and Rene Charles may be able to stay home with them in which case, there is no need for 2 parents to be home 24/7. I’m sure whatever they do, the kids are well cared for and thats what matters most!

D on

She has taken time off, at least twice from her career, to concentrate on her family.

Rose on

@Erika: Her husband is not retired. He’s her manager.

And some of you are acting like we caller her a bad mother. All we said was that we would do things differently if we were her. That’s not judging. I can’t believe the way some of you people get your panties in a wad every time someone dares to have a different opinion from a celebrity.

jessicad on

Some women actually like to work and get satisfaction out of it. The great thing about the times we live in is that women have a choice, and we should support each other instead of judging. Part of who I am is what I do in my career. I’d be lost without it and just because I have a child that doesn’t mean my own personal goals have to disappear.

I’m so happy for Celine and her family, she wanted this for a long time and she looks peaceful:)

Erika on

By Rene Charles, I meant the husband, I thought that was his name. I am in no way implying that the 9 year old should stay home with the twins.

And Rose- I didnt know he was her manager. But maybe he is home more than she is? Oh well, I don’t really care, it’s their family, not mine.

Clarice on

I have twins and I only hold one at a time….and it’s the same one every time. They don’t seem to notice.

ABC 123 on

i have been waiting for these pictures to come out! she has stuggled so much to have another child and i am so glad that she now has two beautiful boys. congrats celine, rene angelil, and rene charles!

Tee on

I’m so glad Celine decided to open her home to People Magazine and show off her new babies. They are beautiful!

simi on

congratulation, i cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. as for the time off, canadian law states that a parent (either one) get a year of with 90% of their pay, they can legal take that time but do not have to, adoptive parents only get 6 month which i don’t agree with. but her contract is with a usa company so the canadian law don’t apply. as for her only taking 5 months who care, not every mother has to spend every day with her new born babies.

i know of many couple where the mother only took three weeks off and then went back to work and the father stayed with the kids for the rest of the year. at the end of the day as long as they are all happy and the kids are taken care of that is all that matters. and something tells me that the kids are well taken care of and loved

Catherine on

A real heart warming treat. Tks Celine you are all beautiful x♥♥

JM on

see i think any parent who has that much money can afford to take more than 6 months off when their kids are born (dare i say they should?) but what gets me is that this wouldn’t even be an issue if celine were a man. can i just ask those complaining about her going back to work, would you feel the same if she was a man? because i would. i think a male equivalent at that stage in his career, with that much money, has no need to return to work so quickly. i realise that is just my opinion and celine can do whatever she wants. i just think it’s interesting that we never seem to think of this issue when we hear that some famous actor’s wife has had a baby and 6 months later he’s back at work…. puzzles me…

simi on

i am using a hospital computer and the name is showing up as simi, which is not who i am, how do i change it? or am i forever stuck being someone else?


Y’all sure worry about some silly things on this site. The spelling of a name, one twin’s getting held, she’s going back to work too soon, the name is not cute, Blah blah whatever! The babies live with her and she loves them. Because she’s not holding one for a picture she’s getting flack. Are y’all serious? She’s not taking a year off. SO WHAT! It’s not your baby!

Those are two very cute babies! Very cute! Congrats Celine and Rene`.

Enola T on

Congratulations Rene’ and Celine and to their son too. Those little ones are beautiful. Take your time-get well and then do what you do best girl. Enjoy motherhood….I love it and you look fabulous. Ready when you are 🙂

Canadian Koukla on

Simi – yes Canadian do get up o 12 months maternity leave, however, it is not 90% of your pay, there is a cap. I am on MAT leave and not getting even close to what I get at work. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not complaining, we in Canada are very fortunate for our maternity leave.

Congratulation Celine!!

mom of 2 on

FOR ALL YOU NON CANADIANS: Canadian parents get parental leave and maternity leave for a maximum of 50 weeks – so long as the parent accumulated 600 hours of work the previous year. Just wanted to set it straight for those who are speaking about a topic they don’t know about (Canadian Employment Insurance).

As for Celine, you go girl. Being a mom is the best and toughest job out there, and if she can juggle her career, being a mom, a wife, a philanthropist, etc… you go girl. You are making the world a much happier place than most of us!

Shannon on

It looks so weird and awkward that she’s only holding one baby. Oh well maybe her arm was tired. lol

Kristin on

It’s okay Simi, we know you just changed your name because you said your last post yesterday would be your final one. But the name you commented under first is what usually shows up here.

gdfg on

No offense, Simi, but even if you changed your name I would still know it’s you because of your unusual use of English grammar.

ukrishna on


simi on

I did not know that I speak/write like someone else. If you wish/choose not to believe me to who I am, fine, do as you wish/choose. I was just asking for help since this is the first time I am not using my home computer, or friends, what can I say I do not get out of the house much.

I guess I will just ask a nurse or one of the other patient that I share this computer with. We just got it back for this floor cause it was in use by someone in quarantine, for the longest time ever. I just don’t get it, the hospital is trying to be pro active and help long term patients avoid depression by providing computers, good recent books, better tv service, board games, we have a common room with big windows and nice sofas to sit on, they will even drive people who cannot move to another room for a while this way they have a different person to talk to, and they take away the computer for a single person for over a month. That is not helping the majority.

Wonder who it was and how she/he got the hospital to give up the common computer for that long. All the nurses would tell us “it’s special patient” Special my donkey. But I do thank the rest of you on this site for nothing. Also I did not know that using grammatically correct sentences is a problem problem. Since everyone that has more that grade 8 education should doing it as well.

I know for sure Canadians get a year off, but I guess it is only the company I work for that does the 90% of pay. I never had a child myself so I am only going by what I have been told by people I work with.

Regardless I am sure that the boys will be well taken care of and loved. Everything about her point to being a lovely caring mother and wife. She visited some terminal children here at the hospital a long time ago, and the joy that was coming from just a floor above mine at that time what amazing. The kids would not stop talking about her for weeks after ward. To some she was better then Santa. They even brought them down to adult terminal floor just for them to tell us all about it. So regardless of the time off she takes I am sure all three of her boys will do great in life.

Alianna not Simi but in the same dame hospital using the same computer

Kristin on

With the same tendency to write overwrought, misspelled personal novels in the comments section? Mmmkay.

Red Skye on

Beautiful photo!Glad they have nice normal names too.Congrats!!

Norizam on

Celine, congratulations!!! the twins look great!!!! happy for you!!!

simi on

Kristin I am terminal at 23 stuck in a hospital with no family very few friends and most people around me are old.so i comment on other different web sites for human interaction. and misspelled personal novels never knew i did that, english is not my first language, i am from bosnia originally. but i will work on it. nothing better to do for next three to six week before cancer finally wins. wish canada like the states had assisted suicide for people like. i don’t plan on commenting much other then celine dion she is the only famous person i like. so no need for you and other to get worked up over who i am/or who this simi was cause anyone from the hospital that uses this computer will come up as simi if they comment on this site. it memories the ip address that the comment is coming from rather then the email address so i was just told


Crystal on

@BLACK-THANK YOU!!!!! At least someone on this site has any sense. Are you people serious??? The other baby isn’t being held so he must be neglected/sad/lonely/etc?????? She’s going back to work too soon??? Okay this has gone too far. This site is for a bunch of self-righteous, narcissistic, sanctimonious, nimwitts who have nothing better to do then tear other people (celebrities) down. It just isn’t right. So she’s going back to work after 6 months. Who the heck cares? She doesn’t have to have a reason for going back to work. Maybe she uhhh enjoys her work and wants to continue doing what she loves. Her boys are well taken care of. I know some of you think the first year is so precious and you shouldn’t miss it because babies do the darnedest things during that first year and blah blah blah but guess what…………..SOME PEOPLE WANT TO WORK AND HAVE A FAMILY AND CELINE HAPPENS TO BE ONE OF THEM! It doesn’t matter if it’s contractual or personal because but I for one support her in all her future endeavors. I wish her the absolute best of luck raising the twins, Rene Charles, being a WORKING MOMMY, and being a wonderful wife. ♥ you Celine! You are WONDERFUL! The rest of you can shove it!

Mira on

Sure, whether a mother goes back to work sooner or later is a totally silly, trivial concern. Hmmm. Ok.

Very few babies sleep well through the night during their first year. So they will wake up and cry and someone else will put them back to sleep. Not their mother. I’m all for free choice. This is just not a choice I’d make. That’s all. And, as I mentioned, I have a career that I love (I teach at the university level), but I thoroughly enjoyed my full year of maternity leave.

CelebBabyLover on

“simi”- I’m sorry you got stuck with someone else’s name. To change it: First check to see if “simi” is entered in the box marked “name”. If there is no box, then look at the top of the screen. There should be a gray bar marked “My account”. Hover the mouse over those words and a menu will drop down. Then click “log out”. After that, simply enter your name in the name box at the bottom with the comment box. 🙂

Kristin- People can have similar styles of writing. I also have often ended up writing novels here. And I’ve seen plenty of people misspell stuff on here! Anyway, whether that person is simi or not, I think we need to cut her some slack. She’s explained that she’s in a very tough situation right now!

CelebBabyLover on

As for the picture of the boys…They are adorable!

Emily on

Mira, It’s silly for strangers to be concerned about other mothers going back to work. It only makes sense to be concerned with your own life.

Amanda on

For those saying, why isn’t she holding the other baby. You realize that a photographer posed her right, and maybe she is holding the other baby in one of the pics but this is what PEOPLE decided to post.

luvmylife on

I am Canadian. Maternity leave is up to 17 weeks with 55% of pay. Only the mother can take this while still pregnant. Parental leave after baby is born is up to 35 weeks and either parent can take it or both can split it and still at 55% of pay. That’s how it is in Ontario last time I checked. Some employers can choose to top up their pay but many do not.

And just because we’re entitled to a year off, doesn’t mean that we have to take it. I took about 7 months off with my first and he is a happy healthy outgoing almost two year old. Everyone is impressed that he has such an extensive vocabulary at such a young age. Compared with another child less than a month older than him that I know that doesn’t speak or interact with anyone and that child’s mother is a stay at home mom.

Celine Fan on

I love her voice! I think she is a very loving, family-oriented person with a great talent. Her husband is her manager and she loves him, so, if she’s happy with him and he wants her to work, and she likes working, so be it! Their extravagant lifestyle is very expensive, I imagine, and I think he is known to enjoy gambling, which is fine, if he doesn’t abuse the hobby!

Tina on

Wow, I feel really blessed now. Where I come from (Norway), we get 80 % payed leave for 12 months, or 10 months with 100% pay (or close to this). 6 weeks is reserved for mom, 12 weeks reserved for dad, splitting the rest is up to the parents. It’s not perfect (the pay is calculated from moms income, and it’s a known fact that women still don’t make as much money as men, in general), but makes it posible to find a solution that fits both parents.

Simo: Sorry to hear about your situation, but I’m not sure if this is the place to share that information. You don’t have to defend your comments (unless thay are offensive), or defend a namechange.

Kristin on

CBL – I realize all of that, but I’m inclined not to believe her posts and apparently I am not the only one. Yes people have similar writing styles but I think as regular readers certain people with particular styles stick out and she was one of them (as are you). If you were to start posting under a different name I think people who read/comment here regularly could tell. It’s not a bad thing, just something I have noticed after participating the last few years. In this case, I just think it’s funny because it’s glaringly obvious.

Lorraine on

I just love Céline, she is so amazing and such a wonderful person. I saw her in Vegas in 2007 and I will go back to see her new show. I admire her and I think her twins are so beautiful and she also look gorgeous. Congradulation to both families Angelil and Dion

Estoria on

luvmylife: that is no reflection on the general population of children. There are plenty of people to argue the opposite with you. I think it is a personal choice and should be left at that. Staying at home or not does not result in a smarter, more intelligent child necessarily. Everyone is different. So let’s try not to step on anyone’s toes and cause upset. I personally don’t care what a parent decides as it isn’t my child or my family.

Jeanine on

They are adorable!! Everyone on here needs to remember she does have a husband and she won’t be working a typical 9-5, I am sure if she needs to be there for the babies she will and can be. She loves her job and if she doesn’t think she needs more then 5 months off who are we to judge. Congrats Celine on the new additions to your family!

Sandra on

Congrats on the twins. I am a mother of three wonderful boys whom I adore.I remember all the sleepless nights. Have a wonderful time with them. I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas Again…… You go Girl.Power to all the working moms….

simi on

On behalf of our hospital I would like to thank you CelebBabyLover for telling our patients how to change their name on this website. We will follow your advice. Many patients enjoy this website, as it brings them joy in their final days. Many of our staff know how much Simi enjoyed sharing her life stories on this site, and Alliana loved reading stories from others. It is for that reason, and that reason alone, with family permission, that I am sharing the following. Both Simi and Alliana passed away today. Simi due to a blood clot from her heart transplant, she left behind are her husband of almost 15 years and a 9 year old daughter. Alliana lost her 20 year long fight with ovarian cancer, she, I am sad to say, had no family. Both were in the hospital at the time of their passing, and were organ donors. Even in death they were able to help others.
Nurse Heather

On a personal note out of respect for these women

PS Kristin, yes they both spoke and wrote with the same mistakes as myself. We all came from the Balkan region of Europa. If you ever have a chance to meet someone from that area you will notice that we all talk too much and make the same grammatical mistakes, at the end of the day English for most of us is our fourth language, or in Simi’s case her ninth. Mistakes happen. We think in one language, speak and write in a another. It is not as easy as some think. These were two women, two beautiful women, who achieved many great things in their short lives. They were selfless, even in their deaths, they gave everything they could to save a life of another by organ donation. They should be remembered as beautiful souls that they were. Not as liars. Not as one person. Kristin please respect them for who they were.

Montreal on

Why isn’t she holding both? I don’t like this picture…

Mira on

It’s really not cool to use terminal illness in silly arguments over celebrities. Really.

Kristin on

You have GOT to be kidding. Keep digging that hole deeper, but please stop bringing serious health issues people actually suffer from into this.

simi on

such beautiful beautiful family
samantha laak

CelebBabyLover the adult terminal floor at LHSC thanks you for your instructions, you truly are kind

simi on

CelebBabyLover we have followed your instructions to no avail. Is there anything else you can think of that will help us?
Thank you
Samantha Laak

CelebBabyLover on

Montreal- I don’t know, but in the full article there are two pictures of the babies both being held. In one, Rene-Charles is holding both of them, and in the other Celine is holding one and Rene (her husband, I mean, not her son) is holding the other. Perhaps Celine just hasn’t gotten the hang of holding both of them at once yet. I’ve heard it’s a bit harder than it looks when it comes to actually getting both into your arms at once!

MG on

First off, the boys are adorable & it’s awesome to hear that she had 2 healthy babies after all the struggles she’s gone through.

Second, who cares if she has enough money to stay home forever. If anyone has ever seen Celine do an interview, she’s very passionate about what she does. If she feels she’s ready to go back to work at 6 mos, then more power to her. I had to return to work when my daughter was 8 weeks old. In a 5 day period I had to work day shifts, swing shifts & graves. Now, I’m on a permanent graves schedule & my husband is there to take care of our now 2 year old daughter during the nights that I’m at work. The whole point of parenting with a partner is to be a team.
So long as the kids are being taken care of then who are we to judge?

Third, let the freaking “Simi” argument drop already

Niko on

“Celine, you have enough money to live off of… stay home and raise your children.”

What nonsense, Alyssa. She makes a living as a singer!. Do you really expect her to not work again for life? Don’t be ridiculous. Do you have any idea how boring that lifestyle would be? Even billionaires like Oprah and Donald Trump NEED to work. She can work and be a mother at the same time. What’s wrong with that?

luvmylife on

Estoria- I never mentioned there being any type of correlation between staying at home vs daycare and childrens intelligence.

I was mentioning my personal situation and someone else I know. Since majority of people on here believe that a child cannot develop normally if their mother doesn’t stay home with them for the first five years of their life, I’m saying that’s not always the case.

Steffie on

From what I see she loves her work, and it enhances the balance and joy in her life. She is very devoted, and grateful to her fans and she loves singing. She is hardly abandoning the twins, and has clearly demonstrated her strong connection to Rene’ Charles. I think she is more than capable of making good choices.

Graziellas on

I don’t get the names at all. She is Canadian from Quebec and these are not french names at all …

MiB on

In defence of all the Simi’s on this blog, I got a bit curious and tested to change my screen name, and it still came up as MiB. In fact I haven’t even bothered to write name or E-mail this time, and the comment still gets posted under MiB even though I have deleted cookies and history. This actually does bother me, not because I use different user names, but because there must be some setting or cookie on the home page that makes it impossible to change username. This gives bad vibes of being infected by a virus or trojan or something…

Emery on

I am so surprised by everyone’s reaction to the length of Celine’s maternity leave. Why does it matter how long she takes off? Celine was working full time while raising Rene Charles, and she was an exceptional mother then and will continue to be. It’s no body’s business how long she takes off. Let Celine have her cake and eat it too!

NoAdditives on

They could have enjoyed a family much earlier if they’d just adopted kids instead of going through round after round of IVF.

Hi on

Although this is probably redundant, I think it’s fine that Celine is taking a five month leave. It’s much longer than a lot of working women get.

I just want to add that on another board (I can’t remember what article it was) the real Simi posted several times and I can’t imagine her pretending to be someone else named Alianna. I was saddened by Heather’s post that she died. Just the way she talked about her daughter A.J. and the family giving her the heart transplant… but I’m rambling.


Hi on

P.S. Kristin, you are a jerk. I know that you’ll probably scream at me or something, but it is an undeniable truth. You should think things through before you post cruel things about people that you know nothing about.

Kristin on

Hey now, no need for names. I call it like I see it. And why would I scream at you? I don’t think a word of it is true and I stand by that opinion.

Eva Aloo on

The kid look wow,Am happy for her.This is just an encouragement for me.I feel like having mine too.Congrats Celline!

Janelle on

I’m with Kristin.

“Alliana” said she is 23 years old, yet “Nurse Heather” says “Alliana” had a “20 year long fight with ovarian cancer”.

Amongst a lot of other inconsistancies.

Not buying it at all Simi.

Janelle on

…and if my name has come up as “Janelle” rather than my usual “Nelle” I have proven that you can change your usename without being any kind of computer genius.

Hi on

Kristin-Sorry. I overreacted.

As for the screaming thing, I have been on message boards before where posts get abruptly filled with exclamation points and sometimes even bad words. Not that I thought you would swear at me, but I was trying to anticapate your reaction.

And Nelle, I think that Alliana meanat she was at some sort of Hospital 23 or something.

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Lover her, love the twins, love the article!
More pics of Eddy & Nelson please~

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I’m pretty sure Celine herself explained this issue in several interviews: the plans for the Vegas show were already there for a long time, and they kept pushing it back with every failed IVF cycle. To a point where investors/sponsors/creative team were beginning to wonder whether the show would be possible at all. That’s when Céline and Rene decided not to let their baby plans rule the rest of their lives anymore, and just set the date for the show regardless of what the next IVF attempt might bring (as there was also a fair chance it would fail them). Typical twist of fate: the next IVF was successful.

And five months is not bad at all! With maternity leave of 16 weeks total here in Holland, most moms take 4 weeks prior, and 12 weeks after birth. If Celine would stay out longer some would probably call her lazy or privileged (as us ‘normal’ moms don’t get that), now she gets back to work like everyone else and it’s still not ok?

Just let her do what she feels is best, she’s only gone from 5 PM anyways (at which time I’m certain the little ones will be soundly asleep). She did the same with Rene-Charles and he turned out a really healthy, happy boy!

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What do you mean “Bigger than life itself”. I hope that not all Canadians are judged by this comment.

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How Beautiful Celine looks with her little ones. Working moms … work so to think someone as talented and driven as Celine to stop…
is just silly…

Is it just me or does she look even more beautiful with alittle tiny bit of baby weight! Congratulations to the whole family!

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They seem like great parents who manage to make family a priority. Nice to see a real lasting love story with Celine and Rene. Although she seems to love to work, I’ve never got the sense she does it at the expense of her family.

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So cute!

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Congratulations to Celine and family I am sure she is over the moon about the twins after everything she has been through. Can you imagine the happiness this Christmas at their house:) As for the names, different yes but lovely at the same time due to the meaning behind them. I think as long as the boy know who they were named after they will see value in their names.

Like I said before I like reading all the posts on this site, even if I didn’t comment for the first time until about a month ago, I am not comfortable with information exchange and the internet in general, but I have to move along with the times.

Kristine The whole Simi thing I don’t think they are all the same person. There is still a lot of difference in the way they speak and there are other posts on the site by other women (under simi’s name) that are so different from the ones here that it in my mind proves that they are different people posting under a different name. But that is just me. Either way one person or not I think the respect should be given for their passing. As for Aliana you can be 23years old and lose a 20 year fight with cancer. If she was diagnosed at 3 years old and has continued to fight against cancer. My friends son at the age of two had both of his testicles removed due to cancer. He is now 9 and is still fighting, the cancer started in his testicles and spread from there. But if you ask the doctors they will tell you he is still fighting testicular cancer even if he hasn’t had them since he was two. So I think that is all that Nurse Heather meant by losing a 20 year fight.

Kristin before you think I am Simi and defending her/myself allow me to explain why I felt the need to post about this. I find you rude most of the time but to speak ill of the dead is crossing a line no one should be near. I am with Hi sometimes some people just make you want to yell at them and you are it for me as well. Also I am young not even 30 yet and am fighting my own battle with a brain tumor. I have a husband and a 16 year old son. The way Simi talked about her family the last angry post that shows her frustration with not being able to be with her family to me all makes her more genuine, kind, smart loving person. I hope if I go and someone post on this site that I have died people will have more respect for me then you Kristin do for this women you have never met.

To everyone sorry for changing the topic on this thread, but in my mind there something you have to stand up for, speaking ill of the dead whom you have not even met to me is one of them. Again sorry and congratulations to the happy family. I truly to with Celine all the best in the world and many wonderful years to come with her lovely children and husband.

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Yeah, okay. Glad you finally figured out how to change your name, Simi.