Spotted: Angelina Jolie and Her Creative Crew

12/07/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Following her night out with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie makes some time for her children on Tuesday, joining Maddox Chivan, 9, Pax Thien (not pictured), 7, Zahara Marley, 5½, and Shiloh Nouvel, 4½, at Lee’s Art Shop in New York City.

This was her second trip this week — we also spotted Jolie, Pitt and twins Knox and Vivienne there on Saturday as well.

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Mina on

What is Shiloh holding? Zahara is sooo beautiful, especially when she smiles!

barbara dugan on

Shiloh is soo fantastic, sweet and bearutiful and soo funny. She is a born entertainer.

MariaP on

Shiloh has a sword in one hand, her hat in other. I love her jacket. Shiloh’s hair got longer these days and she is so beautiful now. Also Zee and Pax and Maddox. There are so funny photos on other site from this trip

Lady on


It appears to be some sort of hat in one hand and a sword in the other. She (Shiloh) is too cute for words. Zahara is absolutely beautiful (I love it when she smiles too).

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Beautee on

OMG they are so darn cute. This just brought a smile to my face.

Brooke on

Shiloh cracks me up. She is ALL about the swords, pirate gear etc….She seems like a fun little girl.

me on

So nice to see all children laughing!

Manal on

Beautiful children!! but I really wonder if there is going to be sister rivalry between Shiloh and Zahara espically that they are the nearly the same Shiloh guna be jealous from Z for having this beautiful skin? or is Zahara guna be jealous from Shiloh because she has blond hair and blue eyes? the attention given to her for being the 1st biological child of the Jolie- Pitts!?..i really hope not! because each one of them is special in her own way!

fuzibuni on

great photograph 🙂
the look on Z’s face + her outfit + red backpack = Perfection

Jennifer on

Is Emme jealous of the Affleck girls because they are blond and blue eyed.

Sus on

angelina and zahara seem to be in matching outfits 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Adorable! 🙂

B.J. on

Shiloh is one cool kid. I’d be thrilled if she were mine. Love that jacket!

cris on


Shiloh (John) seems like such a character and Zahara is just a stunningly beautiful little girl!

CB on

Shiloh is the next Chastity/Chas in the making!

Mrs. R. on

It’s almost bizarre to see the pictures of the children… they usually fly under the radar.
Not criticizing, but it does seem like interesting timing – Angelina’s movie comes out in 2 days, and all of a sudden we see pics of all 6 children in several days?

momof3 on

I love how they let their children be who they want to be yet still be the parent. Hope that makes sense. The kids aren’t barefoot in the snow or picking out this and that. They just ‘look’ like one huge happy family.

Anonymous on

The girls look very nice, love their smiles.

If you were wondering their coats are by Ralph Lauren. Shiloh is wearing the Wool Military Coat $425 and Zahara is wearing the Giorgiane Wool-Cashmere Coat $229.99.

marina on

aww, all of them look so happy and wonderful! (there are pictures of Pax with a teddy bear in just jared!)

Mia on

All the kids are adorable + parents love them very much for their individual personalities.

I think it’s funny how the kids react differently to the camera.

The older boys-Maddox and Pax seem shy.
Zahara-has that attitude or amusement
Shiloh-LOVES the cameras-she’s definitely her parents daughter! -future entertainer.
Knox + Viv-we don’t see them out much, but it will be interesting to see if they are indifferent or don’t like the paps like their oldest siblings or if they love it like Shiloh does.

The whole family looks great-very happy! I think it will be interesting to see all the kids in 10-20 years reflecting upon their family + their parents. I think they will all be a very positive contribute to society as they get older.

Gigi on

I think a normal amount of sibling rivalry should be expected, but they are loved and appreciated for who they each are as individuals, and also as they are as a family.

Jessie on

Can’t believe how tall Shiloh is. She’s taller than Zahara and almost Pax. I love that she’s a tomboy too 🙂

Bancie1031 on

I love these kids! They are soooo cute! Shiloh and Zahara are gorgeous, Maddox and Pax are so handsome …. even though I can’t see Pax ….. can someone post a link to another site of this day please?

lily on

Yeah cause people are totally going to see her movie because they’ve seen her kids out twice in a week! *rolls eyes* Have you thought about the fact that they’re in new york pap central? And maybe you need to visit other sites besides this one because there are always a lot of pictures of them, just last week there were pictures of them celebrating pax’s birthday in paris. Google that.

lily on

@ bancie1031

Showbizmom on

The paparazzi are always taking pictures, but the nature of “show business” is to only buy and post the pictures taken when the celebrity needs press. So basically we see more of Angelina and the kids because media outlets are buying them up because they have movies out. Also sometimes it’s the PR folks that encourage the media outlets to buy, for damage control or a host of other reasons.

I think they look cute.

JM on

angelina is having to do promotion for her film. this promotion happens in areas that have more paparrazzi, she can’t help this. obviously rather than leaving the kids are home they take them with them. i think she and brad are famous enough to not have to use their kids to gain publicity.
always with the conspiracy theories…

every single one of the kids is adorable. they look so happy!

Chloe on

Shiloh is too freakin cute for words.

I don’t want children of my own but I believe if I had one with my boyf and the right genetics were taken from each of us (mostly his) my kid would look like Shiloh.
not a bad thing at all =)

Nice to see all the kiddies looking so happy.

I love that shiloh is a little tom-boy, it’s so cute. She might get girlier a little later.

I was really boyish til only a few months before I turned 18.

momof boys on

WOW CB, criticize much? don’t judge a book by it’s cover! if you ever watched Sonny and Cher, Chastity was the girliest of girls all cute and dolled up. I don’t think a parent has to make excuses for their children, but Angelina has no problem letting her children make their own choices. Big deal, the girl is wearing pants, playing with a sword and wants to be a boy. I wanted to be a boy when I was little too – I hated dresses. But am I the next ‘Chaz’? no, happily marrid with 3 kids.

Dana on

Awwwww Shiloh! She’s just adorable 🙂

loren on

@lily, so true I am not going to the movie 🙂 I love to see these children, I wish she had more movies coming out so I could them more often 🙂 I don’t go see Ben Affleck or Jen Garner’s projects either I do enjoy seeing their girls (and I see their girls almost everyday) Seeing the pictures of celebrity children is not going to get people to support their projects, if they weren’t going to in the first place.

CB on

@momofboys ….I’m not judging based off this one picture, every picture she is dressing like a boy and even Angelina herself has commented about Shiloh’s boyish ways. I’m entitled to my opinion.

mochababe73 on

Shiloh has an aviator hat on her head. There was a picture of them on another site, and she actually had the hat on.

Zahara has to be my favorite Jolie-Pitt kid. She’s so beautiful.

daniela on

Z has a stunningly gorgeous smile!! And she’s so tiny, I think Shiloh is going to tower over her eventually!

Shiloh is a doll! I was a tomboy too, but I think I was more of a girly tomboy. I preferred to wear my dresses and patent leather shoes while jumping fences and playing in the sandbox! 🙂

Beautee on

Wow you learn something new every day. You can tell a 4 year old’s sexual preference solely based on appearances and stories about their mannerisms from interviews now? *rolls eyes*

Lady on

Of course were going to see pictures of them @ (MrsR) she has to go from city to city to promote her film instead of being a homebody so of course she’s going to bring her children with her…and shes going to go out & do things…common sense….

Anywas, beautiful kids, they always seem so happy!!!

Lady on

& CB you should be ashamed of yourself saying that, who are you to make such comments?!

Mira on

CB, maybe Shiloh will have a sex change some day, maybe she won’t; maybe she’ll be gay, maybe she won’t. Millions of tomboys are happy with their female identity and are heterosexual when they grow up. Some are gay and some would like to be men if they could afford the change. But what’s your point really? I suspect what it is, but I’ll let you say it yourself if you’d like.

gdfg on

Beautee, I think CB was talking about Shiloh’s gender identity, which has nothing to do with sexual preference. But yeah, I agree with the rest of what you have to say . . . it’s pretty common for a little girl to be a tomboy. I wouldn’t compare her to Chaz/Chastity Bono.

marina on

I don’t think that Shiloh still want to be call John, Angelina refer to that on past term in a recent interview. Anyway here is another picture of Pax:

LaKesha on

What would be the problem if Shiloh was the next Chaz Bono–at least she would be happy.

Bancie1031 on

Lily – Thanks for the link, lots of great pics 🙂

daniela – my daughter also is more of a girlie tomboy …. She’ll put on dresses and high heels and fix her hair then go out and climb trees and catch all kinds of bugs and insects.

These kids are just so adorable and cute!

marion on

I’m always amazed by how biased the jolie-pitt vs. cruises post comments are. Suri is a brat because Katie calls her strong willed, but Shiloh can’t be seen as gay-even though she dresses like a boy and will only respond to a boy’s name? Regardless of how her clothes impact her sexuality, why doesn’t the fact that she gets her way about the clothes, THE SAME WAY SURI DOES, make her a brat also?

tam on

It’s SO boring to hear people say ‘I was a tomboy and now I am straight’ like that’s an achivement lol Speaking as a heterosexual, who cares what she grows up to be?! Whether it be gay ,straight or trans. As long as she is healthy and happy. Shiloh certainly looks like a happy kid- Far happier than Suri Cruise who is dressed like a Barbie 24/7

Sandra on

Zahara is such a beautiful little girl…
And I know that she is adopted, but she looks like Angelina.

brannon on

Love this family. Love that they respect their children.

The difference is simple: My son wants to go outside in December wearing shorts and a t shirt – no. My son wants to be superman in december, no problem as long as he has on his boots and hat. My son wants to paint his nails – no problem. My son demands only cupcakes for dinner – not so much. Clearly there is a difference between letting children explore and be themselves and letting children be spoiled. As for jealousy … pretty sure that happens most when parents have the same expectations for their children. By allowing each child to be themselves and develop their own interests – wow. Lucky kids. Not even going to touch sexuality as these are 4 year olds and that would be ridiculous. However, still can’t figure out why it matters?

Beautee on

Oh okay thanks for the explanation. I still don’t see the comparison to Chaz though but CB is right, she has a right to state her opinion.

Thanks for the link Marina, all the children are beautiful and look healthy and happy.

Kim on

Marion- Really? will only respond to a boy’s name . I assume you are referring to a comment Brad made when she was 2 on The Oprah Show.What does responding to a boy’s name have to do with being gay. I have several lesbians in my family none of them ever wanted to be boys.I assume you are implying she’s Transgendered not Gay. Also I just saw a video recently when Angie called her Shiloh and she responded.BTW my nephew will only respond to Spidey because he loves Spiderman. As for the kids being seen. They were seen throughout the Feb- April in Venice yet their parents didn’t have a movie coming out. FYI Chastity Bono/ Chaz and Kathrerine Beatty/Steven only dressed in frilly dresses so maybe we should stopping dressing our girls in dresses.I ‘m glad these kids know there are loved just as they are .

loren on

Discussing the “future” sexuality of Shiloh feels very uncomfortable and inappropriate to me. 😦 Kind of wish people would leave the gay/trans-gender comments for when this little girl is older (much older)

Terri on

Jennifer, the Affleck girls have brown eyes. 🙂

Angelina is so freaking gorgeous, Zahara is such a little lady, and I love that smile on Shilon’s face. Her hair is longer. Is that a Canadian mountie uniform? She sure looks snazzy in it!

collete on

sandra, i think you’re right. i’ve always thought zahara looked a lot like angelina. in particular her features, facially, resemble her moms.
i was particularly struck by this when she was a tiny baby, especially in photos like this one:
she certainly is very beautiful. as are all the children in this family.

lucy on

what does wearing pants [or dolls or swords etc, etc] have to do with gender or sexual identity? and i mean in reality, not according to society.

Georgina on

Tam, I think those posts were refering to the fact that just because you are a certain way, or liked a certain thing when you were a child, this doesnt mean its going define what you are for the rest of your life. Like you say, there isn’t anything wrong with being hetrosexual nor homosexual, its just a ridiculous notion that because Shiloh, or any child for that matter likes pirates, Peter Pan, or not wearing dresses that they will automatically be gay/transgender/ in line for a sex change. There is no logic there.

They really seem to like that shop! I bet Zahara has the goodies in her backpack and thats why shes giving that adorable smile! “Ive got first dibs hahah!”

Annie on

Here’s my theory on precious Shiloh. I’m thinking this little girl overheard someone say she looks like her grandpa Jon Voight and decided she wanted to be called John like grandpa. She’s precious. And as for the tomboy stuff – I wanted to pee standing up so much when I was her age that I used to try all the time and I despised dresses and tights and patent leather pinched my feet! HA!

JM on

brannon i pretty much completely agree with everything you say. seriously parents could save themselves so much trouble if they were able to figure out what really matters. (obviously some parents here can’t). dressing up like a boy, a boy painting his finger nails, a girl with short hair, a boy with long hair WHO CARES?? it’s not hurting anyone, least of all themselves. i mean JESUS, if people fight this much over stuff like that how do react over stuff that actually matters. eating healthy, being polite and kind, dressing warmly enough….

so sad that some people here look at shiloh and all they see are things that scare them for totally irrational reasons. instead of seeing a happy little girl and parents who are mature enough to accept her wonderful personality the way it is and not force her to change….

h on

you are sick…

starlight on

@ brannon…completely agree with your post. Well said!

Shannon on

Shiloh look so happy and Zahara is adorable. She seems the most like Angelina. Is that why she’s Brad’s favorite? 🙂

Joslin on

Ahhh Shiloh is freakin’ adorable! Such a silly girl.

gdfg on

Shannon, are you referring to Shiloh or Zahara? And did Brad actually say she was his favorite?

Jessie on

Brad doesn’t have a favorite child/daughter. Seems to me like both of them are Daddy’s girls anyways.

MiB on

We all go through stages in our lifes where we have particular interests and passions. They are just more condensed the younger you are.

I myself wore out our Sound of Music video tape when I was 12, I’d watch the movie, and then rewind it just to watch it again, and again, and again. I haven’t watched it for years now and I don’t remember every single line anymore. After that I became obsessed with everything celtic and particularly Irish, I even learned a bit of Irish, wrote my diary in the ogham alphabet and wore broches, patches and hair ornaments with celtic symbols and irish crosses, and when I was 9 or so everything had to be turquoise and preferably adorned with sea turtles. What my brother didn’t know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when he was a kid wasn’t worth knowing, and he insisted on being called Donatello for months. A friends daughter who is 19 knows the dialogue in the Twilight movies by heart and would do almost anything to get near Jacob. But I doubt that is going to define her at 30, 40 or 50. A friend had her first child 2 years ago, and her life currently evolves around that, but will it still in 10, 15 or 20 years time when her daughter is less dependent or her? I doubt it, while her daughter will hopefully always be one of the most important parts of her life, she will also have rekindled with her old friends and interests again, and found new friends and interests.

Point is, that just because a 2 year old is obsessed with Peter Pan to a point shere she wants to be called by the name of one of the characters, it doesn’t mean that the same child will still be obsessed with Peter Pan 6, 12 or 18 months later. And if the things we were obsessed with as toddlers and pre-schoolers would define us, there would be an awful lot of men who would not talk about anything but dinosaurs and an awful lot of girls who would not talk about anything but princesses. But yeah, society today is lacking a bit on adult spidermen.

Mina on

While everything we do does not define us, correct, I want to share a story of mine. My cousin who is gay, gave off signs since toddlerhood. He preferred talking on the phone to boys toys. He would often make comments on his nails and how pretty they look. Of course, we were just like awwww how cute. But he grew up gay. Another one of my cousins knew she was gay at age 12. She grew up preferring studies to dolls, which didnt concern us, but she chopped her hair and got a girlfriend at 12. We all thought it was a “stage”. Not so much. Now I am not saying this is every case. I was a tomboy. But the person who said Shiloh might grow up like Chaz Bono MAY be right…or MAY be wrong. For those defending Shiloh so vigourously that she WONT be gay, sound like closed minded homophobes…there is nothing wrong with being gay anyway!

Alyssa on

It’s such a shame…Shiloh.

MiB on

Mina I agree. Maybe I was unclear (English is not my mother tongue,, and words sometimes fail me), but what I wanted to say was that we should never assume to know what lies in a childs future based on a couple of pictures or stories. It might be a phase, it might be a personal trait, it might hint to the future, it might not, we will only know when she is grown up. I don’t see anything wrong in being gay or transsexual or bisexual or asexual or whatever sexual preferences you might have that involves consenting adults, in fact some of my best friends are! What I take issue with is the notion that you can tell a persons future from the behaviour of a toddler. She might be transgendered, she might be gay, or she might just be a tomboy, but it is impossible for us to know. Besides, it really is none of our business…

kate on

When did preferring studies to dolls become an indicator that a child will grow up to be a homosexual?

Mina on

Because she was a little girl. We would ask her to play with us and she would say no. It was odd. I knew she would grow up different, I just didnt know it would be gay. At the time, you wonder and speculate what adulthood holds in store for her. Maybe she just preferred her studies to get out of playing with dolls? I dont know, and I dont ask because we arent that close anymore. I come from a HUGE family. There are only 2 gay people in it. When you look back, there were small indications. At the time you dont realzie it until you are grown and they come out as gay and you think “I should of known”. It doesnt work with EVERYONE. I was a tomboy and I am straight. But there are people on here who swear Shiloh WONT be gay and she very well may turn out to be, just as there is as much possibility that she wont.

sharon on

these kids r like the cutest kids on the planet,they each have their own personality, Shiloh looks like such a fun kid