Mike Dirnt Welcomes Daughter Ryan Ruby Mae

12/07/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

It’s a Green Day girl!

Mike Dirnt and wife Brittney welcomed daughter Ryan Ruby Mae Pritchard on Monday, Nov. 29, the band announced on their Web site.

The couple’s new baby girl weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz and joins big brother Brixton Michael, 2, as well as sister Estelle Desiree, 13,  the bassist’s daughter from a previous marriage.

“Mike and Brittney wanted all of you in the Green Day family to see her and know her name first,” the post reads. “Rage and love…”

— Sarah Michaud

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JM on

Ryan??? pretty soon we’re going to have girls called Daniel, Paul, John and Mark. 🙂 hey not my kid, what do i care? just not a name i would have chosen. i’m sure they are incredibly happy with their new bundle of joy. all the best.

Corrie on

I love the name. Congratulations to them!

Lisa on

I know some girls named Ryan, I kinda like it. I also know some girls named Dylan and Hunter. Look at it this way, at least it’s not Apple or Pilot Inspektor 🙂

Jess from Ohio on

Ryan is one of the only unisex names I actually like for a little girl. Congrats to the family!

Hea on

Congrats to them!

Beka on

I like that they used his middle name as her first name.

t on

I love Ryan for a little girl, but then I have a Charleigh (pronounced Charlie)!

Hea on

She’s a cutie. 🙂

Jill on

I love the name Ryan for a girl!! So cute!!

Meghan on

Ryan has been used as a unisex name for decades. I’m thirty and went to school with a girl named Ryan and I doubt her parents were the first to use Ryan as a girls name.

As for Mike, I like his little girls full name. I also really like the name Estelle. You don’t hear that one a lot these days. It’s really pretty!

Amanda on

I know one other girl Ryan, she’s 6 now, I don’t care for it as a girls name but at least they gave her more feminine 2nd and 3rd names so she can drop Ryan if she wants to when she’s older, Jagger for a girl is worse 😉

She’s a beautiful baby!

Beautee on

Congrats to them, I have always liked the name Ryan for a girl.

Georgina on

Just way to try hard for me. Both Ryan when you have a girl, and Brixton.

gdfg on

I do not like male names on girls. There are so many girl names to pick from. I do like Estelle, though. It’s normal, but not overused.

Lacey on

I love the name Ryan for a girl! So cute!

Minami86 on

Is the baby’s name pronounced Rie-an or Ree-ann? I’ve heard the latter when it’s Ryan for a girl. Either way, I love the name!

Jane on

Ryan isn’t unisex. It’s male. It means little KING. Last time I checked, Kings were male.

Macy on

I hate Ryan for a girl.

I wonder if we heard of a boy Jessica or Isabella, would we be reading comments that “oh I love that for a boy”. Obviously not

ReedFla on

I don’t like the name Macy. It’s a nice name for a department store, though.

Jill on

I don’t like the name Macy….. Everyone has their own opinion. But some people have so much HATE!! Such sadness.

Chloe on

MASSIVE Green Day fan.
was a little surprised with the choice of Ryan as a first name…makes me think they were hoping for a boy. I keep accidentally referring to her as Ruby.

I personally, not that it matters, think that Ruby Ryan Mae Pritchard would have been nicer.

but she is SO darn cute.

Mike makes good looking kids. Estelle is freaking stunning and Brixton is one of the cutest little kids EVER!

Macy on

At least Macy is a girls name. Can’t say the same thing about yours, Reed. Talk about a butch name for a girl.
And Jill, don’t like yours either but that’s besides the point. I just hate parents stealing boys names and giving it to girls when there are so many options – and yes I think if it was a girl name on a boy there would be an outrage in the blog. Gender bias indeed.

Nicole on

I’m nearly 30, and I’ve known 4 female Ryan(ne)s. They all seemed to love their names and I don’t remember people giving them any crap over it. Cute name, and I wish this family all the best!

Jill on

Macy….you missed the point. Must be all that “hate.”

Jill on

Oh and my name isn’t Jill…..but that’s besides the point! Jill stands for something

Melissa on

Chloe – I’m a huge GD fan too…where have you seen pics of his other kids??

ReedFla on

Reed’s my last name, moron. Isn’t Macy a surname, too? So yours is pretty butch too then, huh?

Hollie on

I LOVE the name Ryan for a girl! If I had a girl I was going to name her Ryan. Geez people chill out. Times have changed since we named our daughters Sally and sons Jim Bob. I think it is cool to be different these days.

Hi on

Lisa, you hit the nail on the head. We have seen a girl named Jagger Joseph and people are complaining about Ryan? I have a friend named Mya who says she wishes her parents had named her Rian.
And Macy, while you do have a point, you’re not entirely correct. Josh Turner’s wife had a son recently, and they named him Crawford Marion. The boards blew up with criticism, but also countercriticism. And when Alanis Morisette named her son Ever, several people said that they loved it for a boy. So it varies from person to person and name to name.
PS I love the name Macy. (And Hi isn’t my real name, don’t worry :])

Ashley on

Macy and Jane,

A lot of names were originally for one sex and have over time been transformed into common names for the other sex as well. Two good examples? Ashley, originally only a male name, and Sasha, also originally only a boys name. Bottom line, people have the right to name their kids whatever they want, whether random people on a website think its pretty or not. If the kid doesn’t like it, they can change it when their older.