Spotted: Seraphina Affleck Gets on Track

12/06/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Vroom vroom!

Jennifer Garner cheers on her littlest speed racer, 23-month-old daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, on Sunday while big sister — and recent birthday girl! — Violet Anne, 5, takes in the action at a farmers’ market in Brentwood, Calif.

Garner, 38, and Ben Affleck‘s youngest also cuddled with some cats and dogs at the petting zoo before heading home.

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dee on

She’s so cute. I didn’t realize she got the dimples too.

Brooklyn on

Beyond adorable!!!

MariaP on

So cute. Sera starts to look more like Violet every day especially on that first photo

Kellianne on

They are the most adorable family ever!

Sandra on

So cute…

And cannot believe that Violet has turned 5 already… Time flies!

mommyof2 on

OMG she is soooo cute!!! And I haave to agree that she is looking alot like her big sister in the first pic!! I simply cant get over how cute she is!!!

JustMe on

Look at that smile!! How adorable!

And big sis Vi looking on like big sisters do πŸ™‚

IMO these are two of the most gorgeous celebrity kids… and they dress like ‘non-hollywoodites’ hehehe. I think they will have the best chance of turning out well and not messed up as so many celeb offspring.

Heidi on

Oh my goodness — is that level of cuteness even legal… the dimples! The pigtails!! The gleeful grin (especially in the car)!!! Out of this world adorable…

Lauren on

chill. its a kid.

Allison J on

Total cuteness overload!! I didn’t realize Sera had the dimples, too,just like Violet.

I agree that these two kids seem very well-adjusted and seem to have awesome parents who keep them grounded.

The Garner-Afflecks seem like a normal, relatable family.

anonymous on

They both look like little Jennifer Garners.

mommyof2 on

why the rudeness lauren.

edeilon on

You do realize you are in the “Moms & Babies” section of People magazine, Lauren…There are a LOT of kids. Actually, every post is kid related.

Moving along: Sera is adorable! Growing in to quite a little lady. She looks so much like Jen in the first pic!

Mia on

I always though Violet looks like Ben + Sera is ALL mommy.

Anonymous on

OMG cutest baby ever!

Shannon on

Happiest kids ever!

Billie on

Funny – I was thinking that the two girls look so different!!

Sadie on

Is there any word on whether Violet has a mental disability or has any special needs?

Rose on

I agree with Lauren.

Jenn on

Why would you assume that she has a “mental disability or special needs”? There hasn’t been any indication of that.

Lauren and Rose, I would suggest that if you don’t like kids, you find a different website to browse. Just sayin.

Jae on

Violet is mini-Jen, but I think Serafina (love the name) is a combo of both. The first pic she looks a lot like Jen, but all the others I think she looks more like Ben.

Either way.. totally adorable girls.

Lauren on

i like kids. i never said i didnt. but people were acting like they never saw a child before and i just wanted to say chill out already.

Rose on

@Jenn: It’s not about disliking kids. I enjoy kids a great deal. I just don’t understand the over-the-top gushing about this family as if they’re the most perfect people who ever walked the face of the earth. And I don’t believe for a second that people would be gushing about that child as much as they do if she was just some random kid they saw at the mall. It’s kind of sad to see that celebrity worshiping has gotten so bad that it’s carried over into worshiping the children of celebrities.

Olivia on

@Sadie How come you think she has a mental disability? She looks normal, nad we haven’t heard from Jennifer or anyone that she does?

Angel on

My guess is that Sadie is saying such a stupid thing because she is jealous. Maybe she’s not as smart as Violet?

Brooke on

I adore this pic….Sera is absolutely adorable!

Sadie on

Based on observations from pictures something just seems a little off with Violet.( Walking on her tip toes, they way she holds her hands and her expressions)

Others have mentioned it as well, I’m just wondering….

If she does or doesn’t it shouldn’t be a bad thing or taken as a insult.

simi on

@Rose regardless of who their parents are most of us here would have smiled, and commented if able, if we saw these two/or kids that are just as cute anywhere else. The only thing is you have to be more careful in person if you don’t want to go to jail. Most parents do not take the idea of a stranger say anything to or about their kids. Seen it happen.

@Sadie from someone that know people that work for the family and have interactions with the girls I can tell you they are in perfect health. Not just that but they are one of the sweetest, down to earth families you could ever know. I never met them but they know of me through my friend. When I went in for my heart transplant the girls and Jen send me drawing and home made cards wishing me well. Nothing over the top that cost an arm and a leg and is impersonal, but what most of us would have done a home made card with the kids. So no Violet does not have mental problems and is happy health grown girl just like her sister

Tee on

These are two really sweet pictures! Little Sera looks all grown up all of a sudden!

lizzielui on

Sadie, Violet does not have any mental disabilities or special needs. She is a normal, growing five year old who is adjusting to changes that come along with growing up. So there you have it.

Rose on

@Simi: Well that’s the thing, I think they’re just average looking, and I think most people would consider them just average looking if they weren’t the children of celebrities.

I also don’t think people would be gushing about what a wonderful mother/family someone was if they saw the average family acting the way this family does. Playing with your kids or taking them to the farmers’ market really shouldn’t warrant the over-the-top gushing that goes on here. And before someone tries to use that “they’re celebrities and most celebrities don’t act this normal so they deserve extra praise for acting normal” excuse, I just don’t believe a person/family should be held to different standards than the average person just because they’re rich and/or famous. I don’t see anything that Jennifer does that millions of moms all over the country aren’t doing every day and I don’t think she deserves extra praise for doing those things just because she happens to be a celebrity. But clearly there are a lot of people who think celebrities deserve praise for doing the bare minimun (i.e. not being the crappiest parents on earth.)

soph on

That first photo of Serafina makes me smile!

Lola Marie on

LMAO @ Simi….riiiight!!

They such cute girls, but wow, their on this site daily.

Hea on

Sadie – Go to school. Not all kids who walk on their tip toes are autistic, you know. The number of autistic kids would skyrocket if that was the case. “The way she holds her hands”?

CelebBabyLover on

Sadie- I don’t think any of those things mean anything. Violet’s expressions seem normal to me, as does the way she holds her hands. And as for walking on her toes….A lot of kids do that. It doesn’t neccesarily mean there’s anything wrong. And even if there WAS a specific cause for the toe-walking (other than Violet just wanting to) it could be as simple as shortened achilles tendons. I have a cousin who was a toe-walker as a kid, and he’s just fine. πŸ™‚

In any case, Jen and Ben seem like the type of people who would be open about it if Violet had a disability. That said, the girls are adorable!

Dana on

Awwww Serafina is so cute in that car, ha ha πŸ™‚ I have to agree though: if the two of them were any random kids at the mall, most people wouldn’t look twice; it’s just because of who they are. They just look like normal girls to me.

Tina on

First of all, she is adorable.

Second, Am I the only person who has noticed that simi seems to have a personal story that goes along with EVERYTHING that is posted on this site? I mean give me a break already honey. I for one am not buying your BS.

TM on

If anything, I would say that Violet is probably gifted. She has been photographed so many times carrying books and leaving the library.

They are both beautiful girls with seemingly great parents!

V on

Hea on

Tina – I haven’t noticed Simi before. Can you give some examples?

simi on

it is your choice to believe me or not, but see here is the thing until the past two month (since being stuck in a bed) unlike most people i live my life to the fullest. i travel spending years in different countries helping how ever i can. meeting people of all walks of like, from celebrities, and people who travel and work for them, to people that have been left with nothing, or had nothing to begin with. since my birth i have never spend more that six months in one place even being a young mother, Aki was three months old when she came with me to Ethiopia. I am luck enough to have lived four or five life times in a very short time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way, and i have no attention of slowing down. You will be amazed at the amount of people you will meet by simply being on a 30hour train ride together, how quickly you bond to people when someone is booming the hospital you are in, when you are stuck in a small space and know that you have limited amount of food and water how quickly you learn who needs it the most and what you are willing to give up to see your child live.

Go out of your house, your country, and have a better look around the world, you will quickly see I am not the only one who has had a full life. If you disagree that women should have a right to choose birth options go to Ethiopia, go to the middle east, and see the hell that is life for most women? I am alive today cause a mother had to lost her son, and as I am grateful to be alive I still believe that a mother should never have to out live her child. I only have one, and my life would be over would something happen to her. The other issue I will always stand up for is autism. When in Canada I live with my husband and my best friend from childhood whom I always called sister. Her son my daughter brother is autistic. We made a duplex into one house this way we still have privacy and can still be together. People who talk about autism without being educated on it drive me off the wall. It is due to this lack of education in public, health and educational system that so many autistic children fall through the cracks and are not being taken care of how they should be.

When we found out he was autistic not only did we do our research on it but we packed up our kids and left the country and started traveling from USA to Germany, Austria, England, and many others to see where the best place for him to live in would be, and where he would get the best care. Sounds crazy to some but I would do anything for that boy. Our other best friend that joined us has an a son as well and his birth parents are in Ethiopia hence the connection with that country. So our kids have three moms, two dads, and there are three of them two boy and a girl. Odd to some normal for us. And as for the two beautiful girls above the girl that worked for them was a student I met in Africa, who is originally from the states, their families are somehow connected and she worked for the for a few months making money in order to travel again. She is India, learning, meeting new people, and loving it.

Believe what you will but some of us love our lives and believe in living them every second of every day, by keeping our hearts open to love, our minds to learning and accepting others and their ways of life. But at the end of the day your opinion doesn’t matter I am out of this bed in three days and off the computer and spending stupid amount of time on websites rather then being out there, living my life. Next stop home for a bit then Republic of Haiti and seeing where can I lend a helping hand. And if you think I have stories to tell you should meet some of my friends that I travel with:)

Shiloh on

I have to agree with Rose. They’re cute, but not above average looking. If they were random kids on the street, nobody would notice them. People need to stop with the celebrity worshipping. This is why useless people like Kim Kardashian and her whole family are famous now, because of pathetic, starstruck, worshippers.

Jill on

Simi, as I was about to come on here and say something in defense to you…..I sit here and wonder if I should as you pretty much insult everyone posting who is not stuck in bed like you, by saying, “But at the end of the day your opinion doesn’t matter I am out of this bed in three days and off the computer and spending stupid amount of time on websites rather then being out there, living my life.”

You don’t know everyone’s situation. I will say I was raised that everyone’s opinion does matter, even if I don’t like it…even if I disagree with it more than anyone elses. I was always told to respect others opinions. I don’t think that anyone spends “stupid amount of time on websites.” You have no idea the lives anyone lives, so you should really stop insulting people. I actually had something nice to say, but have decided I will not use my nice words on you, as you are not worthy of them, as my time is “stupid.”

JM on

simi as great as it is that you help others, i have to say your attitude stinks. you don’t seem to practice what you preach and you come across as rather holier than thou.

there are people who are good people, help others, raise their kids well and treat others well but don’t feel that the only way to do that is to travel all over the world. you seem to be asking others not to judge your lifestyle, but at the same time saying that they way you have lived is the only way to truly “live” life.

that is a shame. i think traveling is great and have travelled a lot myself. my children are bilingual and know a lot about different cultures. but i also tihnk there is a lot to be said for living in a community and staying close to people you love. obviously this is up to every individual to make this choice, i just don’t feel that it is right to assume that your way is the only way or the best way.

your argument may have some valid points but you shoot yourself in the foot by not being able to articulate them well.

Hea on

Simi – Congrats to a rich life and a new heart(?) but stop the self pitying and the hero-attitude. I have a brain tumor. It’ll never ever go away and eventually it’s likely to kill me. Tomorrow or in 30 years? Who knows? Life has not always been kind to me but who am I to complain? I could be dead. Some say I should be. I do what I can with what I have and I love life. You seem a bit bitter. I can understand that though but nobody ever said you didn’t have a rich life. Someone questioned you regarding you claiming to know things about celebrities through friends and such. That was it.

simi on

Jill and JM you are both absolutly correct, and I owe you and other an apology. See I am not a person how can sit still for any period of time, and I live my life without internet or TV, so to me this just feels so odd, for it to be the only way I can communicate with anyone, I am not even allowed books, or pen and paper, I am going nuts. And the stupid website comment was more about me spending time reading about shopping channels, video games, spending hours on texts from last night, and looking at stupid photos that people have taken then the put them up and get others to write on the photo and put down the person in it.

This truly is a waist of my time, but I am finding myself addicted to some of them, and I know it’s wrong. So I am sorry I didn’t mean to put anyone down on this web site or any one else for that matter. Words sometimes don’t come out right, and by trying to say something positive I put people down in a disrespectful manner. And for that I am truly sorry. But since this is to be my last posting, I am being moved out of the clean room into normal population for next few days, and final get to hug my baby girl and husband, the next part is my wish for ever women in this world.

I truly wish each and everyone of you on this side well. A life that you have always wanted, filled with joy and laughter. I truly hope that instead of disagreements you will see the rights of other to choose, and always be grateful to live in a place that gives you those choices. Too many women out there do not have any choices, some are treated like some ones property rather than a person, others live in countries that do not have clean drinking water let alone health care or any choices for their children. If we would all find a way to stand by each other and support each other maybe, just maybe this world will become a better place not just for us but for our children and most of all our daughters, so they don’t have to fight for their rights and freedoms like so many in this world do every single day.

CTBmom on

I am not saying that Violet and Sera are the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen….but I do have to say that they are pretty darn cute, and if I passed them in the mall or park, I would probably give them a second glance and think to myself with a smile “those are a couple of adorable little girls!”

kmb on

It seems like every post these days garners controversial remarks/statements/questions. It’s sad when I look at a cute post of celebrity babies (which is what this site was originally for, especially before People messed with it), and see “47 comments” or “196 comments” on something that in the past would have only garnered 20 or so comments about how cute the kids are, what they’re wearing, and how they’ve seemed to have grown. Now it’s people’s personal histories, which are irrelevant, judgments on a 2-YEAR-OLD, bashing other posters for innocent “aww look how adorable!” comments, etc. I just KNOW the more comments an article has (before I even click on the extended post), that it’s filled with nasty and judgmental remarks. When did we become so mean behind our computer screens?

CelebBabyLover on

CTBmom- Me, too!

Sadie on

No one here really knows if there is or isn’t anything wrong with Violet. So please keep from making any comments regarding the issue. I don’t understand why Jen G. and some many other celebrities are praised so highly regarding parenting. A pat on the back to all the celebrities parents that claim or look as if they take care of their children. We will all see the results in the next ten or so years, the truth will come out, it always does..

Sus on

Where is Seraphina’s dress from? I want it for my daughter!

Jill on

Sadie, there may be someone who is here who knows. There are posters who may know the families. I Dont but do know others who were discussed here.

CelebBabyLover on

Sadie- Are you saying you don’t think celeb parents actually take good care of their kids?

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: I know you weren’t asking me, but no I don’t think all celebrities take good care of their children. There are two interesting books I have read, one called “Uncommon Knowledge” and the other called “Stanwyck” – they both involved celebrity mothers of the past who put on a really good show of being loving, involved mothers for the sake of public approval, but behind the scenes their children were being raised entirely by nannies and the only time their parents spent time with them was when they trotted them out for photo-ops. It’s disturbing. I have never been able to look at the celebrity parents in the same way again.

And just to clarify, I don’t believe all celebrity parents are doing this. But I think some, maybe even a lot, of them are. I don’t think a celebrity parent appearing in public frequently with their child means anything. It might possibly mean they are great parents who are spending quality time with their children and it might mean they are trying to fool the public to improve their image (and judging by the amount of praise Jennifer Garner receives, it appears that all it takes to be labeled an amazing mother is to appear in public with your kid a lot!)

guest on

OMG- Jen+Ben = best looking children Ive seen-so pretty!!! and the girls look so loved and adored