Spotted: Kate Winslet’s Schoolboy – Joe!

12/04/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Freddie Baez/Startraks

School’s out for the day!

All bundled up to fight the chilly NYC temps, Kate Winslet picked her son Joe Alfie up from school on Thursday.

The two walked hand-in-hand before Joe, who turns 7 this month, stopped to enjoy a drink while the actress tried catching a cab.

Joe is Winslet’s only child with estranged husband Sam Mendes; She and Jim Threapleton are also parents to daughter Mia Honey, 10.

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Tiffany on

Wow he is one big 6 1/2 year old!

Anonymous on

he’s obviously older than 6 1/2 if his birthday is this month.

Frea on

“estranged” husband?

is People trying to stir up drama? I thought the divorce was on good terms? They have been spotted with both kids recently.

Bree on

Frea they are not trying to stir up trouble, what they said is accurate, legally they are still married but they are no longer married, you can be on good terms but as far as the marriage is concerned they are “estranged”

Love Kate Winslet and love seeing pictures of her kids!!

Mia on

He looks exactly like her!

Olivia on

Looks just like his father, which is not a good thing!

Rosy on

What a handsome little guy 🙂

Hannah on

Wow he is a perfect blend of both parents, then again, the likeness bewtween Kate and Sam is spooky, does anyone else think their facial features are spookily similar?


Olivia – insult a child, how mature….

gdfg on

So his name is Joe Alfie, not Joseph Alfred? Seriously?

emily on

Olivia- Ouch. How unbecoming of an “adult” woman to make such a comment.

gdfg- Whats wrong with that? It’s ok to open up your mind and accept that not everyone has the same ideas as you. How frightening!

Feel free to post pictures and names of your children so strangers can rip them apart as well.

Clem on

Joe is such a cutie! Love seeing them together.

Mama on

What a handsome boy! Such beautiful skin.

LisaS on

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of Kate’s son. He’s a cute kid. I can’t decide if he looks more like her or Sam. I guess he really is just a good blend of both his parents.

Lou x on

I think he looks a lot like Liz Hurley’s son, Damien…in fact, until i saw KW walking with him i thought that’s who it was!

Maddie on

I agree with what Hannah said, Kate and Sam’s feature are creepily similar. Which explains why Joe looks so much like both of them.

We don’t see him much. He’s a cute kid.

Lilianne on

Wow…why do people have to be so MEAN? He is a little boy!! To insult his looks and his name is pretty low class, in my opinion.

Manal on

Olivia – I really hope that none of ur kids will turn out to be like u .. you are a mean human being..
I love Kate Winslet! and her little boy is GORGEOUS!!

gdfg on

Emily, you’re right! That’s why I posted MY opinion. This is a comments section, isn’t it?

gdfg on

Lilianne, calling someone low class is much worse than stating you don’t care for someone’s name, in my book. Uncalled for!

He’s a cute kid, even if I think his name’s a little ridiculous.

lizzielui on

gdfg, I think Lillian was mostly referring to Olivia’s snide comment about Joe looking like his father. Such a petty remark to make. But yes, this is a comments section which means that people are not only going to comment on the articles and pics posted, but also on the comments and opinions made by the readers as well. Doesn’t mean you can’t post your opinion here, but it’s silly to think someone isn’t going to comment on it whether it be good or bad.

soph on

gdfg–Alfie is a popular stand alone name in England. And Joe is perfectly fine on its own. There are far more “ridiculous” names out there..

CelebBabyLover on

lizzielui- I agree! And what’s wrong with Joe’s father?

simi on

He is such a cute kid, and I LOVE the fact that he is holding her hand. As for his name, it may not have made my list of top ten, but as long as he and his parents are happy with the it, that is all that matters. Plus looking at the picture, he kind of looks like a Joe to me. Sounds silly I know but to me the name suites him. I just wish both of her kids, and her, a smooth transition through the divorce, and all the best for all of them in the future.

For all of you that comment on not liking his name, you are correct you are allowed to your opinion and you are allowed to express set opinion, but to me there are more respectful ways to do it, than what had been done, also would it be so bad for all of us to show more respect to one another?

Lauren on

I’m pretty sure Olivia’s insinuation was that it’s not good for Joe to look like his father because Sam is not handsome. Regardless of whether one thinks this is the case, writing it in this context is just thoughtless, and I agree with those who say that I’d love to see what Olivia would do if her childrens’ photos were published for the rest of us to pick their looks apart. Something tells me she wouldn’t take well to it.

As to Joe’s “ridiculous” name-seriously? Joe is one of the most common names out there (pretty much tied with Bob) and can easily stand on its own as a name, while Alfie is a quite popular name in England. Considering his English mother/heritage, there is nothing wrong or even weird about his name. Talk about cultural ignorance (and before you try to say it’s not, it’s more than obvious that you didn’t know Alfie is a popular UK name as opposed to a nickname and were thus speaking on a subject you don’t know about). This comments section gets worse by the second.

Lilianne on

Thanks, lizzie. Yes, I was mostly referring to the comment about this little boys looks. Children of celebrities don’t ask to be photographed and scrutinized. I feel like the celeb parents kind of signed up for it for themselves but their kids should be off limits for people to make mean comments about. I don’t really understand people’s need to question/find fault with the names that celebs give their kids, though. It isn’t like they need anyone’s approval. There is a lot of that here on this blog..”I hate that name”, “ridiculous name”. Lol. Sorry, gdfg, but I think it IS low class to insult they way a little boy looks and that is the clear intention of Olivia’s comment. Even if she only meant it as a slam against the boy’s father; she still connected it to the BOY and that, to me, is uncalled for. I don’t require you to agree with me about that but I won’t stop expressing MY opinion just because you don’t like it.

Anonymous on

I hardly ever see her children, he’s a cutie. @Olivia I’m pretty sure some people think the same of you.

Jamie on

@ Olivia, that’s pretty harsh.

@ LisaS, same here. He’s a cute kid and Kate is gorgeous as always.

Holiday on

I think he looks just like Kate!

Georgina on

Both Kate and Sam are English, so its pretty obvious he’d have an English name. And it seems from both “Joe” and “Mia” that Kate likes short names.

The last time we saw Joe he was about 4 and so tiny. Now he looks like a proper little boy! And what exactly is wrong with Sam Mendes? I thought he was quite good looking for a moody director! Anyway Joe is adorable. Mummy’s mini-me.

Meghan on

If I were to name a child after my grandfather he would be named Joe as opposed to Joseph, because though his given name was Joseph, no one on earth ever called him Joseph. He always went by Joe. Perhaps Joe Mendes is named in honor of someone in particular who never went by Joseph. Or maybe Kate just likes names that are short and to the point.

simi on

Lilianne well said i couldn’t agree with you more. by the way i really like your name. i have never seen it before and quite like it. my friend is expecting a girl and when i told her your name she love it so in a few week (hopeful we really want to meet her)there will be a little lilianne here in cold snowing canada:)

itstartedwithafish on

Whoa, he looks a lot like his mom, doesn’t he? He has a very Victorian look, – just imagine him with curly hair and in a velvet suit, – gorgous, classical features, – just like his mom

Lilianne on

Thanks, simi! I think a new baby is a fabulous thing and I hope her labor and delivery go well! Hope you are feeling better too! 🙂