Alana de la Garza Is Ready to ‘Combat the Chub’

12/04/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
George Napolitano/Getty

For Alana de la Garza, there’s nothing like a little motivation when it comes to shedding the pregnancy pounds.

Following her six-week recovery after “unfortunately” undergoing a c-section to deliver son Kieran Thomas on Oct. 6, the former Law & Order actress has hit the pavement running — literally!

“My method? I chase my husband [Michael Roberts] around the neighborhood as he sits in the back of a pickup truck, holding a fishing pole with an ice-cream sandwich dangling seductively from it,” the new mom tells Latina.

“I’m joking … it’s actually a cheeseburger!”

Despite her lighthearted approach to losing the weight, de la Garza, 34, is well aware of the underlying pressure to regain her body after baby. “At first you lose a ton of water weight and that feels great. Then you look in the mirror and say, ‘What is that little layer around my waist? Ugh!'” she says.

“The only issue I have with it is that it needs to leave my body. I think women are too hard on themselves. I have 12 more pounds to lose and I’ll have to work for it.”

Focusing on a well-balanced mix of cardio and Pilates, de la Garza — who adds that breastfeeding has also done wonders for her body — even incorporates her son into her routines.

“I also enjoy taking brisk walks with Kieran before the sun goes down,” she shares. “It’s the only way I have found that works to combat the chub, especially because I’d like to drop the weight faster.”

That said, adds de la Garza, despite her “full-fledged battle” to lose the weight, “Kieran is so worth it!”

— Anya Leon

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Charity on

No idea who she is but the comment about chasing her husband around the neighborhood while he dangles an ice cream sandwich in front of her was hilarious.

Kewky on

@ Charity Actually it was a cheeseburger! LOL! πŸ˜€

Anonymous on

Law & Order actor

Angela on

Charity and Kewky, you’re both right. πŸ™‚

ForeverMoore on

I had my son in June and I can relate to that extra layer around the waist – ugh is right…I too have found that walking is the best and my little guy loves being outside when the sun in low in the sky

Meghan on

She’s funny. I really like her!

simi on

She is fun and I really like that about her. And am glad her and the baby are doing well. But way to people always put down c-section? “unfortunately” she had to have a c-section. I get that she didn’t get the birth plan she wanted and that can make some people sad, but at the end of the day if it give you a chance for your child to be born without many complications, take the c-section and be thankful you live in a country where where you can get one. Women really got to stop putting themselves and others down for not having the perfect natural birth plan they wanted and had to have a c-section. There is no shame in it, it doesn’t make you any less of a women, just forget about the birth plan if this is what gets the child into your arms, healthy and happy. c-sections were invented for a reason, and are done for a reason, like it or not.

I wish her all the best and a speedy recover from the c-section. It is hard at first and the weight is harder to lose after a c-section due to the fact that your stomach muscles were cut. But all the weight does go away, the muscles regrow back and soon you’ll be back to your old self.

gdfg on

Simi, I agree! C-sections have saved many lives in my family. I’ve never had a problem with them, but it seems like many people on this site do.

simi on

gdfg I am glad to hear that this amazing life saving procedure was able to help out your family, without judgment or shame, and thank you for coming on here and saying that. It’s nice to heart that I am not alone in this opinion that c-section like any other birth plan should be respected, and women who have it done should be fill with pride, that they were strong enough to do what was best for the child, regardless of the pain that comes after the surgery. I am glad that the surgery was able to give you many children to run around, drive you crazy, and fill your heart with pure, unconditional love that can only come from a child.

I wish you and yours all the best in the upcoming holiday season, may you be safe, warm, with bellies full of food, hearts filled with love, and minds full of dreams for the upcoming year and beautiful memories that will last you life time

Kristin on

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her saying that she “unfortunately” had to have a c-section. It is too bad when you aren’t able to have the kind of delivery you prefer and some women experience a sense of loss for what could have been. Nothing wrong with expressing that and it doesn’t mean she’s any less grateful for a healthy baby or that c-sections aren’t respected. For the majority of women they would not be the first choice, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying so.

M on

I had a c-section yesterday. While I’m grateful for it, I too would say unfortunately. Why? It’s major abdominal surgery. I’ve had lots of surgeries in my life and while I’m grateful for each one, I’d still have preferred to not have had any of them. I don’t think it’s a matter of bashing c-sections because they didn’t live up to the expectation of the perfect birth, but rather acknowledging that surgery isn’t something she would have preferred.

It’s ok to not be in love with how your baby came to you. It doesn’t mean you’re not head over heels in love with your baby.

gdfg on

I think you can choose to look at something positively or negatively. Some people think it’s unfortunate that they had a c-section because it’s not the birth plan they preferred! Some people like to think having a c-section was great because it saved their life! It’s your choice how you want to view the events in your life.

Kewky on

@ M Wow congrats!

Tee on

M- Very well worded! Congratulations on your new baby!

Sarah M. on

gdfg – A woman who’s had a c-section can say they’re grateful for the fact that, by having had one, both they and their baby are healthy and in the next say that they wish they hadn’t had to have one at all. I don’t think that’s bad. As M said, it’s major abdominal surgery. As such, it tends to have a much longer recovery time for the majority of women.

I really like his name!

Shawna on

I think there is a culture of shame around c-sections in our society today and it really makes me sad. I had 3 c-sections and when people hear that they automatically assume I signed up for them and think they are great.

No, I did try to have vaginal births but I almost died from the most severe case of pre-eclampsia my hospital has seen and the c-section saved the lives of myself and my baby. With my second I laboured for 25 hours until my baby went into distress and another c-section it was. I went through horrible depression after that birth because of the attitude out there in mommy-land that you are less-than if you had c-sections. Like you somehow did not really give birth. Thankfully with my 3rd child (another case of pre-eclampsia) I was able to heal emotionally and her c-section birth was absolutely wonderful.

Mothers need to start accepting and loving their births, regardless of how or where or when the baby came out. The important part is the many years of being blessed enough to raise your child, not just the one day they came into the world. And how can anyone look on that day, regardless of which way the baby came out, as anything but a miracle?

Tracy on

I love her attitude! One question: How are the rest of us supposed to compete with woman as gorgeous as her walking around?! Sheesh! πŸ˜‰

simi on

@ M congratulations on the arrival of your new bundle of joy. I wish you a speedy recover and many wonderful years with your baby.

I understand that many think that you can be grateful for having a c-section but it still being an unfortunate event. But to me it shouldn’t be looked at it that way. Lets see if I can explain this better. Too many women die every day all around the world due to lack of health care, and lack of availability of c-section and other life saving surgeries. Also in my mind I think of all the mothers and children that had died before anyone knew how to preform a c-section. How many women suffered through the pain of being cut open without pain killer just to give their child a fighting chance, knowing that they will never see the outcome of that decision as their life slowly fades away with their loss of blood. How often had this had to be done before the surgery was perfected?

I think of all those women that have come before me, every time I have any major surgery, my c-section included, and I just cannot see any sorrow in it. I just do not see where this is a loss or a unfortunate event. Maybe that makes me close minded, self centered person, who fails to understand the other side of this argument. I do not know. All I can do is try to express my feeling on this matter as respectful as I can.

Mimi on

Alana she is also Marisol in CSI: Miami – sister of Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and HoratioΒ΄s wife… But she died (shot of mafia) And congrats to her πŸ™‚

angelbaby33 on

The only reason I would say unfortunately is because of the harder recovery and days in the hospital! We are having baby #5 in January and after those 24 hours to make sure baby and I are doing well, I am ready to get home and get back to normal. An extra 2-3 days in the hospital would be a bummer, not to mention hard on whoever is watching my other kids at home. And the recovery itself is more difficult from what I hear so it would be an added stress each day whiling trying to take cara of my family while recovering from child birth and getting used to the additional newborn in the house!! πŸ™‚

Jill on

Mimi, I never knew she played Marisol! Thanks! Loved the character, which makes sense bc I like her!

Jen on

If someone has a vaginal birth and has, let’s say, a fourth degree tear, are they not allowed to be disappointed in the severity of the tear just because they got a baby out of it. If someone actually said “I had a vaginal birth, but unfortunately, I had a severe tear” would that be them being unnecessarily negative or making a judgement on vaginal birth? Nope.

Rafferty on

In another article Alana clearly states she believes there’s no shame in a c-section and there shouldn’t be. The recovery from major abdominal surgery is what “unfortunately” means – having to wait the extra hospital days, the six weeks to exercise, the soreness, the wound care, etc. These are the things she’s referring to. She is affable and very witty, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for her. Congrats to Alana and all the new moms here.

Lola on

I think women need to stop being so obsessive about losing baby weight. I think it’s great to be healthy, but part of being healthy is allowing your body to rest, indulge, and enjoy!

Jurnee on

Hey everyone, No one is saying she’s putting a judgment on a c-section being negative because it wasn’t the birth she expected. Perhaps she meant a c-section is unfortunate because it is major surgery. Who would choose a major surgery over a vaginal birth unless it was, of course, medically necessary? The recovery time is longer, the risks are higher, it’s painful. Yes, it’s very fortunate that the technology exists to give a woman a c-section and deliver a healthy baby. But it’s most often not the preferred way of giving birth just due to other those other factors accompanying major surgery.