Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Upstaged by Their Daughter

12/03/2010 at 05:30 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

When your mother is Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and your father is country megastar Keith Urban, it’s a tough act to follow. But that’s not a problem for Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, who steals the show at home, according to her parents.

At Thursday’s New York premiere of Kidman’s latest film, Rabbit Hole, Urban and Kidman tell PEOPLE that their 2-year-old can already sing, dance and do her own makeup. Case in point: Right before that night’s event, the starlet-in-training put on a “pre-premiere show.”

“[Keith] was actually playing the piano just before we left,” Kidman, 43, tells PEOPLE, “and Sunday Rose was dancing around the living room.”

But can she belt out ballads like her famous Daddy? “She sings incessantly,” Kidman says. “She has a repertoire of about 30 songs: ‘The ABC Song,’ ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Traffic Light,’ ‘So Long, Farewell’ ā€“ she was singing that as I left the house.”

“She’s a wonderful singer, I think,” adds Urban, 43. “But Iā€™m your typical proud Dad as well … I’m not biased at all.”

And when she’s not singing or dancing, Sunday Rose likes to get glammed up just like Mom, who notes: “She loves makeup. She’s not allowed to wear it out of the house, obviously, but pops a little blush on and some lip gloss.”

— Jeffrey Slonim

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tink1217 on


Bancie1031 on

Sunday looks just like Keith ….. She’s a cutie.

Maddi on

Thats so cute! What nice people they are!

Trish on

Sunday is adorable, wish we could hear her sing. Keith & Nicole are a great couple!!!

Brooke on

I wonder if they call her by her whole name all the time…like Sunday-Rose instead of just Sunday.

The name has def. grown on me…..

Tee on

I love the fact that little Sunday seems to be a “normal” child! Playing with Momma’s make-up, singing her ABC’s… no high heels, no crazy hair, no photo op at every corner. I’ve always loved Keith and Nicole but dang, the way they talk about their daughter really makes me love them that much more!

Anonymous on

oooooook so these people can say that their 2 year old has a repertoire of 30 songs and everyone gushes but if salma hayek says her daughter can speak 3 languages she gets bashed…..hmmmmmm…….weird.

martina on

Lol, they didn’t say she had a repertoire of 30 Bob Dylan songs – she sings Twinkle Twinkle! Never mind that she is actually 2.5 – big difference. They pick everything up at this age. Especially when daddy is a singer.

Pram Systems on

If she has inherited her parents genes we could be looking at a future superstar lets hope she forfills her potential

JM on

they seem like a lovely family. they obviously dote on her. the name hasn’t really grown on me. i still can’t get away from the fact that it sounds like sunday roast šŸ™‚

maggie on

@Brooke -hey brooke, on Nic and Keiths interview on Oprah, Nic said they call her ‘Sunday Rose’ because she is a fan of double names! She said that sometimes however they call her ‘sunny’! hope that helps! šŸ™‚

Colleen on

Forfill? UGH…its “fulfill”

camilla on

When I heard the story behind the name I actually loved it. Unique, but I find it to such a lovely name. Jm, as far as it sounding like “Sunday Roast,” honestly you can find something funny sounding about lots of names. My son is named Gabe and I had a family member take a joke to far when he was kind of mocking me because he thought it sounded like I was calling my son “Gay” instead of Gabe. I put an end to that really quick.

court on

Sunday is getting to be quite a little cutie! I wish we saw Nicole more with Connor and Isabella.

JM on

camilla, with some names, if you really really try you can make something that sounds sort of funny is what i would say. the majority of average names don’t have those kinds of connotations. obviously nicole and keith can name their daughter whatever they want, i was just saying that every time i hear that name that is what it reminds me of. you know, you can’t help the connotation you have with things.

the thing with your sons name is that it doesn’t actually sound like you’re saying “gay” if you say “gabe”, unless you are a ten year old who would by that virtue also snigger at the word “game”.

sunday rose, to me, however, sounds a lot like sunday roast šŸ™‚ i was just sharing the connection i make when i hear it. it’s just my opinion and i’m sure her parents don’t care šŸ™‚

Rye on

Sunday Rose is ALL Keith! She is a mini-me of him! Oy! How cute!

Amy on

I wish Keith Urban would have a jam session in my living room! How lucky little Sunday is to have such awesome parents whom completely adore her. They are so sweet.

torgster on

Why can’t there just once be a post about this family without somebody always feeling the need to drag up Connor and Isabella? Get over it already.

missy on

Calm down torgster. The poster simply said that they wished we saw isabella and connor with her more. It’s not as if she criticized Nicole or said that they she doesn’t have a good relationship with her older kids.

Cute article.

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- They do indeed call her Sunny at times. There was recently an interview with Keith in PEOPLE magazine…and he referred to Sunday as Sunny. šŸ™‚

gdfg on

Court, I’m glad we DON’T see her more with Connor and Isabella! Nicole and Tom both have made it clear that their oldest two children do NOT like to be photographed, talked about in interviews, or bothered by the papparazzi. I think it’s great that Nicole respects their privacy.

gdfg on

Who cares if it sounds like Sunday roast? That’s not a bad word or anything.

JM on

gdfg, oh jesus, i didn’t say that anyone had to care. in fact i specifically said that her parents don’t and shouldn’t care. she’s their kid they can name her whatever they like.
but this is a blog, sometimes people will, shock, horror post their opinions. personally i wouldn’t want to name my child something that sounded almost exactly like a meal, in the same way i wouldn’t name my child pot roast. that’s just my opinion.

Luna on

While I do agree that Sunday Rose sounds a bit like Sunday Roast, I loved the story behind it. When I was little, my mother called me by my full name all the time. As I got older, I just went by my first name, and eventually just a nickname. What you choose to call your child is your business, not the world’s. Love the nickname Sunny.

Camilla- I’ve found this. People will tease names no matter what it is. Amanda-Man. Bob- Mr. Bob and yes Gabe-Gay. Gabe is a beautiful name (IMO).

gdfg on

Wow, JM, calm down! I realize this is a comments section and people post their opinions here. I was just posting MINE.

CelebBabyLover on

gdfg- I agree! Also, Bella is nearly 18 and Connor is 16, I believe. It would be a little odd to see them hanging around with their parents a lot at their ages! šŸ™‚

Grayy on

such a contrast between Suri and Sunday. im a big fan of Tom and Katie, so im not having digs at either family here, but i see an interview like this where nicole says Sunday isnt allowed to wear her makeup out of the house and then i see interviews with Katie or Tom where they just let Suri run riot and I wonder which child will turn out well-adjusted? Heres hoping the both of them, no matter which lifestyle they’ve lived as a child.