Marissa Jaret Winokur’s Blog: Moms Never Get a Sick Day

12/03/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Marissa Jaret Winokur co-hosts the new CBS daytime chat show, The Talk, and is mom to 2-year-old Zev Isaac with her husband Judah Miller. Winokur, 37, was diagnosed with cervical cancer 10 years ago, had a hysterectomy and later welcomed her son with the help of a surrogate. Though her road to motherhood had a few twists and turns, she faces the same joys — and challenges — as any working mom.

In her latest blog, Winokur takes her first trip without her son – and learns that as a mother, you never get to call in sick.

Hard at work during the Thanksgiving Day Parade! — Courtesy Marissa Jaret Winokur


OMG, I’m SO SICK you guys. I’m sooooo sick!! But I won’t start there — who wants to read about someone who is sick? I’ll start with Happy Thanksgiving!! I did it! I actually got on a plane and went away from my son Zev for the first time!

I have to admit the plane ride was heaven. Well not the first hour — the first hour I stressed that the plane was going to go down and I was going to leave Zev motherless. But after I got over that, I had a great time.

I forgot how nice and calm it can be traveling without all the baggage –- and I’m not calling Zev baggage. I really mean all the stuff that comes with traveling with kids. I actually got through security in 10 minutes. I saw people with kids and I felt bad for them, but stayed clear of their line.

When I got to my hotel I didn’t have to check for dangerous corners or open wires. I just enjoyed the SILENCE … crazy, eerie silence. There was nothing to worry about — except what was going on at home! So of course, I began texting: What was Zev eating? Did he have a good day? Did he poop? I need to know everything! Finally, I went to bed.

So, what’s more scary than flying and feeling like you might crash and leave your child motherless? It’s having your child fly and fearing something could happen to him! I mean THEM … I said them, RIGHT?! My husband Judah and Zev had to fly to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. I never thought something would happen to Judah, but I totally panicked until Zev (again, I mean they) landed there.

I hosted the Thanksgiving Day Parade for CBS and had the time of my life! I can honestly say that as a New Yorker it was a total dream to be part of the tradition. I was glad Zev didn’t come because I totally focused on my job, and to be 100 percent honest I haven’t done that in a long time. I have gone to work, but I’m always racing around to make sure I am doing everything with and for Zev. But during this job, I just worked. Sure, throughout the entire telecast I was constantly saying, “Oh my God, Zev would love this!” on the air, but still…

After the show, my nieces and my brother and a few friends all ordered room service for Thanksgiving dinner. We didn’t have turkey, but man, having burgers and no dirty dishes was so the way to go!

Behind the scenes at the Thanksgiving Day Parade — Courtesy Marissa Jaret Winokur


On the Zev front, he had a great time with my husband’s family and he got to fly! He loves flying. He loves airplanes. And when I was in the airport I bought him a little pilot’s hat!

Oh my God, I forgot to tell you — this was the first time I spoke to Zev on the phone and understood what he was saying! I told him I bought him a hat and he understood. He also said, “I love you too, Mommy!” and melted my heart!! Nothing will ever sound so sweet. I can tell you when my husband first told me he loved me — I won’t, but I could! — and mark my words I will never forget Zev’s little voice saying, “I love you Mommy” on the phone during Thanksgiving 2010.

When we finally all got back together, I met them at the airport with the pilot hat in hand. I ran up to them with tears in my eyes because I was sooooo excited to reunite with my family. My son saw me and … sat on the ground and started crying because he wanted to go back on the plane!

Seriously, all my stressing and anxiety was for nothing. He didn’t come running to hug me. He just wanted back on the plane. I will so remember that the next time I go away! Actually no I won’t, so please remind me!

Now, back to how sick I am! I am so sick and have been for two days. I woke up the other day and said to my husband, “I am si…” Before I could even say the word “sick,” Judah said, “I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m so sick.” Ugh, he’s sicker than me so he wins! I love him, but come on — I was so close to being the sick one, but my man was sicker! SCREW HIM!! But that’s a whole other blog.

Now we are BOTH sick, but Zev just doesn’t care: He still wants to play while I need to sleep and eat soup. He screams, “Chase me, Momma.” I can’t, I am so tired. He doesn’t understand how sick I feel. I am also scared he’ll get sick. I know I can’t prevent him from catching anything, but what can I do? And how can I make him understand that I can’t play as hard?

Mind you, Zev says to me, “Poor Daddy is sick.” I say, “Momma is, too.” He then looks me straight in the eye and says, “Oh, Momma sick? Daddy really sick, poor Daddy!” What happened to “I love you, Momma!” Mothers can never be sick!

This is the first time I’ve been really sick since Zev has been in my life, so I don’t know quite what to do. I know how to be sick as a woman, but as a mother, I don’t think we can be sick. There are no sick days. You can’t call in. We are now somebody’s MOTHER — now and forever.

The word forever used to scare me and make me feel overwhelmed and helpless. Now the word makes me feel hopeful, strong and powerful. But most of all being Zev’s mom (even when I’m sick) makes me feel content and finally at peace.

Pilot Zev with his new hat — Courtesy Marissa Jaret Winokur


— Marissa Jaret Winokur

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Kate on

Could you please blog on here forever…you are one of the few moms who makes me feel normal! I love reading your words…please People Mag, keep her going!

Hayley on

Thanks for your REAL words on parenting! Love reading your blog!

LG on

I love reading your blog, I don’t even have a child and I really enjoy reading what you write.

heather on

you should have been a professional writer, seriously, your blogs are so engaging and I love them! I totally know what you are talking about with the whole sick thing. Im a stay at home mom of a 2 and a half year old and my hubby works full time. When he is sick he takes off work and he gets to rest and eat soup..(soup I made, mind you) but when mommy is sick I do not get it so easy, lol.

Kids that age just dont understand but its so important to at least TRY and take care of yourself so I do tell him that mommy is sick and I can only play a little bit today. As hard as it is to turn down a game of “chase me!” with your little Zev dont feel too bad…sick mothers all over the world are putting games like chase me, carry me, tickle me, and who can be the loudest on hold for few days.

Try and take care of yourself and rest (as much as a mommy can!) Hope you feel better!

maritan on

So true! It’s a bummer when mom is sick and you still have to do everything because others depend on you. I was sick the entire winter last year and my new baby was also sick and sniffly. I am hoping you use a lot less tissues than we did in my house this year!

I travel a lot and while I miss my kids when I go away, I make the most of my trips and enjoy the things I know I cannot do when I am at home.

Wishing you and your family good health and happiness.

Sarah on

Your worries are just like mine! I hate getting on planes and it’s worse now that I have to take my toddler on them with me. I’m always thinking the worse, mostly because I am worried about what will happen to him, not me. It started all with a horrible plane experience we had while flying home from Spain. I panicked like crazy and my child just ended up falling asleep from all the turbulence, but it totally changed my views of flying. I’m sure we are like every other mom. I just think to myself “Well, Brad and Angelina have to do it with all their kids, I can make one measly flight with my ONE child!”

And yes, being sick sucks as a mom. You are just afraid the kid will get sick the entire time, and you never get to fully rest and get yourself healthy again. Props to you for getting away for a bit though, that is great!

Courtney on

What a relief to here another Mom say it was nice to relax in a hotel by herself! I sometimes feel so guilty when I get those moments to myself and I feel relief. What kind of mother feels RELIEF without her child??? I must be a terrible Mom!

Logically I know it’s necessary, but it doesn’t stop the guilty feelings I get on a girls night, or a day at the spa (I can dream,right?)

How refreshing to hear it from a celebrity Mom.

Pamela on

I have to agree…I wish you could blog on here forever! I would love reading about your mommy day to day until Zev is 18! I have a 2 and a 4 year old, and no, we cannot get sick! Dads can…they have us to take care of them, but when we get sick, we cannot just lay in bed all day. Your blogs make me feel sooooooo normal, and it is nice to hear someone else be so honest about the things we feel as moms. Hope you feel better soon!

JES on

I don’t have kids and love the blog, really enjoyed your moments on the parade, you’re real and we the audience enjoy that. Love the picture of Zev playing pilot that is a great picture. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Amy on

Thanks for another great blog, Marissa! Your blogs make me feel like a normal mom. I have been sick taking care of my 2 year old daughter before and it sucks! They don’t understand and there’s nobody there to take care of you. She just watched more tv than normal during those couple of days. But we got through it.

I’m also glad to hear that your Thanksgiving trip went so well. I saw you on the air and you did a great job! I loved your hat/scarf change, that was cute 🙂

Christy on

I also now feel more normal after reading your blog. My husband is constantly telling me how paranoid I am and to just relax when we have traveled without the kids. I believe that if you don’t worry about these things, you just don’t have that maternal instinct and bond with your children. This was a great read, and I can absolutely relate to every part! Thank you

Joy on

I am not a mom yet, some day soon I hope, but not as of yet. I love reading your blog because it makes me feel like I can be a great mom when the day comes. I love how up front and honest you are about all the issues that moms face and are never talked about. You remind me that the worry and stress are all worth it when you get an “I love you too, Mommy.” I cant wait for my day to hear that. Keep blogging because you are one of the best I have read on here.

Mia on

Your little boy sounds like quite the character! “You’re sick? Get over it. Dad’s sick? Poor Dad!” Haha! You can definitely get a feel for his little personality through your blogs. I don’t even have kids (although I did work in day care for 5 years) and I love reading your blog!! You’re so easy to relate to! Keep the blogs coming!

LL on

Loved loved loved your article! My kids are older now but I remember so well. You are so down to earth and not snooty at all like other actresses appear. How refreshing that is! Would love to hear more about your life and opinions. Feel better from one mom to another!

KH on

Christy, a woman can have plenty of maternal instincts without being totally paranoid when she’s away from her child. I had the chance to travel without my toddler twice last summer and while I missed her tons, I wasn’t particularly worried that I was going to die and I enjoyed having time to relax. I don’t see it as that totally different from when I get in the car every day to drive to and from work.

Ergo on

Moms don’t get sick days? Oh really? And would you like more cheese with that wine? Give me a break! You’re whining because you decided to have a kid and all that goes along with it and now you’re realizing that you “don’t get a sick day”? Well…welcome to reality.

That’s the problems with mommies today. You think that you’ve done the world some HUGE favor by reproducing and now you expect sympathy for your decision to have a kid. Sorry but I don’t buy it. Suck it up. Yea yea being a mommy is the hardest job in the world.


Maria on

I could really do without all the blasphemy in this blog.

t on

I’m sorry but this was so boring to read. Marissa Jaret Winokur is such a pain and so annoying. I am not interested in reading stuff like this on people magazine.

Lilianne on

Keep right on whining, Marissa!! Lol. Even though you weren’t. Stating a fact is more like it! Moms don’t get to be sick. That is the cold, hard truth. You just have to put your head down and get it done.

I can remember being really sick when I was married to my first husband (a selfish person) who was gone a lot with his job and if I didn’t get out of bed to feed my girls they wouldn’t eat. Even when he was around he never helped so I had to do everything. It was like being a single mom WITH a that is why he is my EX!

Keep it up, Marissa…I love reading your stuff. I finally get your humor and the little comments you add! I didn’t at first but I do now….so thanks for making me laugh. I hope you feel better very soon!

Kris on

Sweet Mary, mother of Jesus – I am SO JEALOUS of your quiet time. In a hotel. All by yourself. And the cherry on top of the chocolate cake covered in English Toffee and whipped cream? Room Service!

Before we had our little guy, my husband and I used to fly to Las Vegas for the week of Thanksgiving. I love my son more than life itself . . . but man, I miss those self-indulgent moments sometimes.

Feel better soon, Marissa! Until then, don’t feel guilty for relying on a couple of DVD’s & books to keep Zev entertained. He won’t become a couch potato overnight, and you’ll get some rest. 🙂

VT on

I so rarely comment, but I also wanted to tell you that I loved this. So real and honest and exactly what many moms experience and can relate to! Zev is so lucky to have you as a mom – you are so normal and real and obviously care about him SO much!

annoyed viewer on

Her post is great to read, but apparently, I’m the only person that finds this woman incredibly annoying! Her little stint on the Thanksgiving day parade drove me bananas. Had to change the channel.

Just be a mom and quit your day job.

monica on

i am blessed with a wonderful husband. i came down sick this week with strep throat. my husband new i was sick that first day bit not with what. he took the kids out for the afternoon when they got off the bus so i could rest for several hours. He is a wonderful man i am truely blessed to have. so i did get a partial sick day off.

Benilde on

Give me a break.

I am happy she made the Nobel-prize winning discovery that motherhood is tough. Only a bazillion moms have done it before her.

LEB on

Moms get sick days… if you’re lucky enough to have grandma or auntie nearby to come watch the squirt while you’re temporarily dying in your bedroom.

I honestly don’t think humans were meant to raise children in pairs. We’re definitely not supposed to raise them alone, but pairs isn’t much better. Parents need a LOT of help, especially during times where someone is sick or work has become more demanding than usual. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Jake on

Sure they do. When my wife is sick and needs time to rest I take a sick day from work and take care of the kids. I appreciate all the work my wife and other mothers do, but seriously, do you need to play the perpetual martyr card?

Beautee on

Miserably negative people that always see the negative in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, tend to spew out so much negativity that their children turn out to be just like them. Sad!!!

MomofTwo on

So true!

I felt horrible the other day, and I tried to tell my husband that I was calling in sick. He just looked at me and said “Huh?”. I don’t feel good – duh. He totally had no idea what to do LOL

Wait until all three of you have the stomach flu!

phoenix on

moms under 50 today have it made compare to the ones 50 100 years ago

mom2two on

Love you! Thank you! As I sit up here in bed quarantined with the flu I enjoyed my 1st smile in days. My hubby is not sick and my little girl is compromised in the lungs so she can’t get sick thus I have had 3 whole days where I actually got to control the remote control. It is just sad that I slept through most of it! Although I am starving because I guess out of sight out of mind… Wed night I tell hubby I am so hungry, he replies, “you should not eat yet”. Thursday Morning I ask him for 1/2 dozen of PB&J to carry me over for the next 12 hours until he gets home. He pretends to not get my text. Thursday night he ignores me completely until I accuse him of starving me to which he promptly brings me pop tarts. It is now afternoon Friday and I still have eaten nothing but 1 pack of poptarts for 3 days. At least he is feeding the kids… or so he says… should add in all this time when I stood up I would break out in sweats get lightheaded, dizzy and all but pass out. I swear he enjoyed it. Vindictive much? ♥ still love him or maybe that is just the fever talking:)

NoAdditives on

When my 2 year old daughter was an infant it quickly became clear that daddies are for fun and mommies are for everything else. Since I do 90% of the work with our kids and at least 70% of the housework, there’s no way I could ever get sick. So I don’t. I didn’t even let myself have morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son because I knew I couldn’t spend all day napping on the couch with an upset tummy when I had my daughter to take care of.

It’s tough, and my only time away from my kids is when I spend an hour at the gym 5 days a week. But it’s what I signed up for and I’m just so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Raising my kids without day care means the world to me and I will gladly sacrifice my sleep, my time and all my energy so that I can be with them. And if it means I don’t get new clothes, I get one haircut a year and can’t go to the movies, then so be it.

It would be great to have a little more time off, I’d love to sleep in more than once every two months and the luxury of a sick day would be phenomenal. But, until that happens, I guess I’m stuck not letting myself get sick. (And no, I’m not a germophobe, I just have a super strong immune system and lots of mind of matter will power.)

Erin on

Wow, I was reading through the comments and was so happy to see that so many moms were enjoying Marissa’s blog as much as I have been and then I hit the wall of negativity. To all of you who wrote such mean spirited comments, (1) don’t read her blog if you find her so annoying and (2) take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you ever complain aboout anything ever. Everyone complains and, what you may find annoying or silly, remember you are not perfect either.

Marissa’s blog is real and what a lot of us feel every day and don’t say out loud. It is sad with all that is going on the world that you all took time out of your busy lives to bully someone through their blog. I hope you feel very proud of yourself.

Marissa, I love your blog and look forward to reading it every Friday! I have two little boys, 2 and 1/2 and 7 months, and I cannot take a sick day either. My husband is wonderful and helpful but my son still will call for me to chase him around! Motherhood is the most rewarding as well as the hardest thing we will ever do but I, as I am sure you, wouldn’t change it for the world! Zev is one lucky little boy!

Todd on

Cry me a river! Moms are cooks, maids,nurses blah blah blah. At the end of the day you are taking care of your kids that you decided to have. I am a single father that must rely on my parents alot to help raise my daughter.I wouldnt be able to do it without them. I cant help but get annoyed when I hear some stay at home mother act like being at home with HER kids is comparable to doing time in a turkish prison on something. Get over yourself.

Andrea on

Oh my, I’m crying and laughing at the same time. Too funny regarding the airport reunion. Great blog, keep up the good work!

KatesMom on

I don’t normally comment on websites like this, but I felt the need to respond to those who say Marissa cannot have normal human feelings because of what she went through to be a mother. I am a mom to a beautiful adopted baby girl. Without any help from others, I feel tremendous guilt whenever I feel even the slightest bit overwhelmed or tired or relieved to have a break. Not only did I go through hell to have a child, but a wonderful woman chose ME to raise her daughter. How can I allow myself to feel anything but joy and gratitude?

But I am only human. And sometimes things are hard. It needs to be OK to recognize that sometimes things are hard, without being told to feel guilty because you asked for this. Of course we asked for it. In fact, we often begged. And what we feel 90% of the time is overwhelming gratitude and joy. But constantly talking about that would be just as annoying as constantly whining. We should be able to talk about both.

B.T. on

How refreshing! I feel so NORMAL! LOVED reading this!!!!

Meghan on

Erma Bombeck made a career out of writing funny essays about her children driving her crazy and motherhood. No one ever accused her of complaining. There is a difference between complaining and relating a story. I don’t think Marissa is claiming to make any revelations here, she’s relating a story about her life. There are a lot of logical things that we go through as parents that we don’t think about until we are faced with them. Anybody who is dreaming of starting a family isn’t thinking about the bad or annoying parts. It’s just not human nature.

Toya L. on

WTH? Complaining? Where? There must be a link that I can’t see because surely I’m reading a different blog than some people are. To say moms or dads don’t get sick days is complaining? Wow the comments grow dumber by the posts.

Lilianne on

I agree, Erin! I was wondering why anyone would read her blog if they find her to be “annoying”. Is it just to have something to complain about or find fault with? Some of the comments are snarky, some are mean, and some are just nasty! No one ever said that Moms deserve special credit for doing their jobs anyway…I know Marissa didn’t say that. But we do deserve credit. And we do deserve to complain a little bit if we want to. Doesn’t make us whiners, or losers or martyrs…it makes us HUMAN.

chuck on

No need to make a generalization about fathers because your husband won’t man up and take care of business. As a father who has been a full partner in child rearing from day one, I am always offended by mothers who take wholesale swipes at fathers as if we all are selfish beings who do not share in the responsibility.

I think you owe fathers that are fully invested in raising their children an apology. While you’re at it, tell your husband to suck it up and be a parent. He is making the rest of us look bad.

NoOneYouKnow on

This was the most irritating and boring read! I can hear her obnoxious voice in my head saying every word. Melissa, you’re not cute or funny or entertaining. You used your kids name 17 times in your blog – that is akin to you showing me your wallets of Zev playing in the park, Zev eating, Zev sleeping, Zev playing with the dog, ZEV ZEV ZEV ZEV ZEV.

I’m very happy you are a mom. It is a very hard and rewarding job, but your blog reminds me of a movie you’re hoping will be good, so you watch it with your soda and popcorn waiting for it to get better and it turns out it has a crappy ending and you just wasted all that time and money. Please concentrate on being a mommy instead of blogging the obvious in such an obnoxious way.

Heidi on

Thank you for sharing my newly found fear of dying flying and leaving my 3 children motherless. For a while I have vowed to only leave when I absolutely must and enjoy what is such a short time of one on one bonding before they want to start pulling away like my 12 year old son us starting to do. My life is centered around them, but when the time is right for them, I will have no problem recreating my life and will enjoy the time that I have for myself. Right now all I can see though is my 12 yr old, 3 yr old, 1 1/2 yr old and the baby on the way. I am grateful for every moment that I will someday miss

Anonymous on

The comments are really from one extreme to the other, seems people either love her or strongly dislike her lol.

Anyway, I find some of these comments from women saying their husbands don’t help them really sad. I am a SAHM so yes there are times I’m taking care of the kiddos while sick and it’s hard. But I have an AMAZING husband who will take the time off work, helps when he’s here, lets me get the sleep I need etc. And his retired Grandparents are amazing and help out too. I find that people are often surprised at how supportive he is and how much he helps.

I don’t know why some men (and I say some cuz I don’t categorize all men this way) act like all children and home related responsibilities are the woman’s only? I couldn’t imagine having a husband who didn’t help share the work load. I feel so sad for you ladies 😦 I mean that sincerely too, not like in a oh I’m better than you cuz my husband helps way. Hope you start getting the help you deserve! And kudos to Jake for recognizing that your wife needs help and extra help when sick 🙂

Anonymous on

@Chuck.. I couldn’t agree more with your statement!! That is why in my comment I said I do not categorize all men that way. I understand someone talking about their own specific situation and I feel for that.. but I do agree it’s not okay to generalize men as selfish, lazy and uninvolved. My husband is a HUGE part of raising the kids and it’s one of the things I find most attractive about him. I was really impressed by your comment and kudos to you as well 🙂

Feminist mom on

Marissa, you seem like a very genuine authentic person which then poses the question- why do you receive such an inordinate amount of negative feedback? I believe this may be partly attributed to your story-telling style.

Specifically, when recounting your experiences, you overemphasize your feelings of fear and anxiety. This could be for dramatic effect and not truly represent the magnitude of your true feelings but in all your blogs you describe fear/anxiety as the emanating emotion of motherhood: fear of flying, fear of leaving your child, fear of not balancing work/family, fear of what other mothers might think of you, fear of not finding the right preschool…. Yet, motherhood does not always involve a state of mind marked by panic, anxiety and lack of control.

Even though your blogs do not reflect this, I am confident that there are an extremely nuanced range of emotions that signify motherhood to you. Unfortunately, these other emotions are not readily translating in your blogs. Each blog centers around of theme of anxiety and panic. Anyways, you seem like a wonderful mother and a truly genuine person. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

jessicad on

Sorry you’re sick Marissa! Being a Mama is hard work that never stops, you absolutely can complain! I had pneumonia a few weeks ago and felt like a useless mother for 2 days. I don’t think I even brushed my daughter’s hair and she’s damn lucky she got fed those days! 🙂 Sometimes you have to just plop them in front of the TV with a huge ring of toys around them so you can get rest and get well.

The reason I advanced to pneumonia was because I didn’t take the time to rest with the cold I had for weeks. I kept going and going because that’s what people expect these days and they put so much guilt on us when we complain, screw them! Get rest and I hope you guys feel better soon.

To the bullies saying “she chose to have a baby so she can’t complain”, get a freaking grip. We all make choices and we ALL complain about things at times. I really wish people would follow the rule of not saying things online that they wouldn’t say in front of the person, Marissa is ALWAYS smiling and seems to be a positive person, yet some of you attempt to drag her down with every blog. Plus, you CHOOSE to read her blog so you can’t complain about it. 🙂

anon on

Congrats! I’m a single dad with no family nearby and, no, there are no sick days for primary caregivers.

Shalay on

Marissa wasn’t whining! To anyone who thinks so, you seriously need a better understanding of others. Marissa was blogging. In a blog, you SHARE. You share the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny. Otherwise, please explain to me what the point of a freaking blog is.

Why would anyone want to read, “I’m so grateful for my child. I’m so grateful for my husband. Life can be stressful, but I won’t complain because I’m thankful for what I have.” NO ONE wants to read that because it’s boring and not at all real. The real mother DOES have frustrations and worries and moments of guilt. The beauty of a blog is that you can share those feelings and others who read it can feel a connection, or maybe just laugh. I just read tons of comments from women saying, “Thank you, now I know I’m not alone!” And THAT is the point of a blog.

If you still don’t get it, you probably never will.

amandamay on

@ NoOneYouKnow – you complain that marissa talks non-stop about zev in this blog – but this is a celebrity BABY blog! that’s what she’s supposed to talk about lol her blog is part of a series of guest celebrity PARENTS sharing the trials and tribulations of raising KIDS via blogs. i’m not understanding your complaint.

Alicia on

My fondest memory of being sick…my 3 singing a song to make me feel better…while I’m on the toilet!

Adam on

someone please tell her that black tights are NOT slimming.

Meghan on

@NoOneYouKnow Zev is her only child. Who else do you expect her to talk about in a parenting blog?

Lilianne on

Adam..seriously? A comment like that is just not productive, helpful, or cool. I think there are a lot of negative male comments this time. Kind of sad.

Rose on

@Lilliane: I do think it’s interesting though to see that the sexist comments often made on this site to the effect of “women are always tearing down other women” and “women are so catty” is not true. Both genders do that. And it’s kind of sad how women are always being labeled as catty, when it’s clearly not limited in any way to women.

Tee on

Marissa, you’re totally right, Momma’s don’t get sick days! I’m blessed to live close enough to my sister that I can take care of her five little ones when she is sick. It doesn’t happen often but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help when I can! As a matter of fact, I have the girls here this weekend while Sister and her husband went out of town and I am throughly enjoying listening to 14 month old Vivi snoring in the playpen beside my bed! I’m glad to hear that you were able to relax a bit and enjoy your “vacation!” Sounds like Zev did just fine with Daddy while Momma was gone! As for the negative comments, all I can say is that I’m sorry. I just plain ole’ don’t understand people that feel the need to tear other people down in such a rude manner.

NoOneYouKnow- Out of pure curiousity, what do you want a Mom to talk about on a parenting blog if she doesn’t talk about her kid?

Todd- Marissa isn’t a stay at home mother! I think it’s wonderful that you are a single father and I can’t imagine how hard that must be but that’s no reason to pick on her!

ME on

Guess what, people without kids don’t get sick days either. They still have to take care of themselves and go to work. Even as a mother, I’m so sick of this entitlement issue that so many mothers have as though their lives are so much more important than those of childless women.

Elliott on

Most parents don’t get sick days, and as a single parent I definitely don’t. Not begrudging your motherhood or success in the entertainment industry, but I couldn’t help feeling a big “Whatever” reading this.

Mina on

Just freakin ask someone for help! It is really as simple as that. A family member, friend, neighbor…or you can pay someone to if you have the money. A teen girl will take minimum wage (a couple bucks) to watch your tyke for a couple hours while you relax. Or maybe a church member or pastor can watch your tyke for a couple hours while you nap, puke, shower, etc.

I am soooo sick of these “proud” women who think they can do it all and try to then whine and complain about it. I understand its your child so you feel responsible. But we are HUMAN BEINGS. We only have so much in us and guess what…everyone understands that! IF someone says “its your child so deal with it” then they are mean people who better hope that one day (for whatever reason) THEY dont need help. Just ask for help. Its not like its permanent help. Temporary help isnt going to make anyone think you are a less capable mother!

Allison J on

Hey Marissa,

Love your blogs and can’t wait to read the next one. You say out loud what a lot of moms only think, which is why there can be a lot of negativity in the comments section. Don’t let that stress you out – you are doing an awesome job as a mommy, and keeping it real, too!

I totally relate to not getting a sick day as a mom! I’m a single mom to a 10 year old boy and 7 year old girl. My ex-husband has visitation on a regular basis, but I am the primary custodian. I have my kids Monday thru Friday, so I always pray I will get sick (if I HAVE to get sick) on a Friday. Sometimes it happens on a Monday, though, and I have to limp through the week.

Yes, I have great friends and neighbors (but no family within 400 miles) who will take the kids for the afternoon if I am unwell, or drive them to the bus-stop for school, or pick up meds for me. But, I am still their mom! I still have to get them some kind of dinner, help with homework, and make sure they brush their teeth and take a bath at night.

When Zev is a bit older, like my kids, you can go lie down and turn on the house alarm if you are sick. Zev can watch TV or get his own snacks. That’s what I do when I’m sick – so I’m sure the kids won’t walk out of the house without me knowing – the alarm will go off!

I’m a spaz mom, too. I’m sure people look at me funny when I act so protective of my children, but that’s just me. So, you are very relatable as a mom.

Thanks for sharing your story and the cute pics. Zev is just adorable.

Annie Onnymus on

Why is it that no one who has kids over the age of, say, three, has a blog on here? IT’S. NOT. HARD. TO. TAKE. CARE. OF. BABIES. AND. TODDLERS. Oh, wait, I forgot, that’s the age when they stop being cute for the most part. Where are the blogs from parents of seven-year-olds who want to know why they can’t wear shorts that say DELICIOUS across the butt? The nine-year-olds who scream because you won’t let them get an ear pierced? The eleven-year-olds who freak because you won’t let them get a tattoo? THAT’S where actual parenting comes into play. “Parenting” a two-year-old? Yeah, right. You’re wiping its butt and keeping it out of things. You can do that with a dog.

Tee on

Annie Onnymus- Wow! You have a really good point about there not being bloggers with older children but goodness, get a grip! Babies and toddlers have to be parented too, you know! If you don’t parent them correctly, you wind up with the teenagers that throw fits over inappropriate clothes and non-pierced ears! Sure, all kids are going to have fits but you can knock a lot of that out if you train them properly when they are young!

Jill on

Here is how I look at these blogs…..the readers should voice if they enjoy them or not so CBB knows if they should know if people are interested in the blogger.

I do not find her blogs informative, funny, or interesting. I will say that she adores her son and makes it very clear in her blogs. Some may find her funny…..I do not. I thi k her redundant stories of trying to fit in by dressing like all the other moms was insulting and annoying. I feel I connected with some of the other bloggers but not with her. She talked about the same things over and over and over,…….. I will say that I am glad they rotate these blogs. Now before you all attack me…..I do not comment every week on her blogs. I am only making one general statement and then I am done.

Meghan on

Why do you even read them, @Jill. I’m sure you figured out weeks ago that you were getting nothing from Marissa’s posts. So why keep reading them?

@Annie Onnymus, Pat Monahan from Train has a blog on this site. In addition to his two-year-old daughter, he has two teenagers.

gdfg on

Jill, I have to agree with you about some of her blogs being pretty insulting. Especially about the mothers who take time to groom themselves or dress decently. I know Marissa reads the comments on here and I know she responds sometimes, but she has never addressed anyone’s complaints about her insulting comments regarding how the other moms dress. Maybe she didn’t mean to be insulting; maybe she was just joking–but she’s never taken the time to clarify, so I’m going to assume she really did mean to be insulting.

Jill on

Meghan, I don’t read all of them, but the ones I diD, that is how I feel. I would love to see another writer blogging, which is why I wrote my comment above. I would rather voice my opinion and say I am not a fan than sit back and do nothing but complain to myself. I have every right to say what I like and don’t like and CBB wants to know, so they know what to bring back and keep around.

Gdfg, I have seen her comment. She may not think she is insulting. I sorta think that is worse. You always have to be super aware of what you are saying.

Jessica on

I don’t have kids, but I LOVE reading your blogs! You seem soo sweet & down to earth! Please continue to blog! Or start your own after this so we can continue to follow you!!

Lilianne on

I think its funny that Annie compared taking care of a 2 year old to that of a dog. But not funny in a slap your leg kind of way. Taking care of children of any age is challenging and difficult in its own right. Certainly the issues you face with a 2 year old are not the same ones you face at 12 or even 20. Parenting isn’t always a joy even if the children you parent ARE. Trying to reason with a cranky 2 year old to explain WHY they can’t throw their Cheerios in church is not much better than explaining to your 16 year old why she can’t pierce her belly button or date that loser she is SO in love with. To reduce parenting a toddler to something similar to caring for dogs is to downplay how important it is. Because….if you teach and guide that 2 year old properly then you will surely have less problems when they ARE older.

Amy on

Wow, what is up with all of the new, negative comments on this blog? I understand some critical feedback on the blog, or some good discussion. But some of you are being downright ugly! I’m sorry, but being a mother is difficult. Marissa and her readers aren’t complaining about the choice that we made to become mothers, but we are gaining support from one another. If you do not like this blog, no need to respond with such ugliness! A great conversation or a debate is welcome. Ugly and mean and unhelpful comments are not.

jody on

I love reading her blogs. I am new to it but I get such joy knowing that I am not the only crazy mom that just obsesses about her kid. I only wish that my sister was like that with her child. Moms dont get any days off. I wish other people who are mothers would be like that too

Letitia on

Love your post, and motherhood is a HARD relationship, but the most worthwhile and rewarding. Please tell all the “Ladies” this is the best “Girlfriend” show ever. Love topics and host, Holly, Leah, Sharon, Julie, Sara and Marissa-you all are great. Holly, Sharon and Leah keep keeping it “real.”