Reese Witherspoon Receives Walk of Fame Star

12/02/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Supported by her two favorite costars, Reese Witherspoon received her coveted star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Wednesday. Ava Elizabeth, 11, and Deacon Reese, 7, her children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, posed with their mom on the red carpet as the Walk the Line Oscar winner, 34, was presented with star No. 2,425.

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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Sasha on

WOW, Ava is Reese’s mini me! Cute kids 🙂

Amanda on

Wow are those kids beautiful! She always looks like she’s so much fun!!

momof3 on

Congratulations. I love Reese!

Sheila on

Wow Ava looks exactly like her momma… and Deacon looks just like Ryan! Congrats to her on her star AND her GORGEOUS children! PS It’s nice to see Hollywood kids who actually dress/look their age for a change!

jmo on

Usually Ava looks like a mini Reese, but here she really looks like her dad!

tink1217 on

beautiful kids and gorgeous mamma!! Congrats to Reese!!!!

Emily on

Oh Reese is just gorgeous! She’s been my favourie actresss for over 7 years now. Those kids are absolutely beautiful too!

Stella Bella on

Usually (these days) I think Ava looks so much like her dad, but in these pictures she looks like Reese’s mini-me the way she did when she was younger.

angie on

Awww! Congrats Reese! I love her! And Ava and Deacon are beautiful!

Beautee on

Beautiful family. I think Ava looks more like Reese with a little of Ryan and Deacon looks just like Ryan.

ariana on

i agree @jmo i’ve always thought that Ava looks like Ryan, and Deacon looks like Reese!

Kristin on

Wow, those kids are the perfect blends of their parents. Just gorgeous.

Barbra on

She is a beautiful person & those children are precious. Ava is a mini-Reese and Deacon looks like a mini-Ryan. 🙂

Jennifer on

I cannot believe Ava is 11! Wow…time flies! I think she really looks like her mom.

Bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS REESE! This honor is well deserved!!!!

Reese, Ava and Deacon are gorgeous! Usually Ava is a spitting image of Reese but here I can actually see some of Ryan in here. It might be there hair I don’t know but I do see some of Ryan. I love seeing Ava and Deacon smile 🙂 Deacon looks more like Ryan but I can definitely see Reese in him as well. Reese most DEFINITELY has some strong genes!

I think I can honestly say this is my favorite celebrity family of all time!

Manal on

What an adorable family!! so cute and elegant !

simi on

I am with Kristin on this one they look like a great mix of both mom and dad, they are just beautiful, just as their parents are. congratulations to the proud mom on her star it’s nice to see her celebrating it with her kids:)

Meagan on

Yay! Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and she definitely deserves this star. Her kids are adorable, and so grown up now! They are complete copies of their parents. She seems down to earth and a good mom.

Stef on

Ava is Reese’s clone. Wow. I don’t think I have ever seen a mother and daughter look so much alike!

Rye on

Wow, I always thought that Ava looked more like Reese but I am seeing more of Ryan come through as she gets older! How cute! Deacon is a little enigma to me. I don’t see either parent in him…but that’s just cause he is a perfect blend! 🙂

Rose on

Deacon looks nothing like he did in the last picture I saw of him – and that was a fairly recent picture. I’ve never seen a kid’s appearance change so much and so quickly.

CelebBabyLover on

I wonder where Ava’s glasses are (the last picture of her on here showed her wearing glasses)? I hope she’s not refusing to wear them! Anyway, she and Deacon are adorable!

Nella on

They’re all adorable! Ava is beautiful and I think she looks a lot like Reese, with a hint of Ryan. Deacon is mixed of both parents. Congrats to Reese on this much deserved honor.

Sheri on

What a beautiful family! Reese seems to be a wonderful mother … and Ava is sure turning into a little lady and looks so much more grown up than the last time we saw her. And Deacon is adorable! Reese surely deserves this honor – she’s been an actress for many, many years now.

Romy on

These kids look like stand-ins! lol, they just look so different in these pics. Ava is usually such a mini Reese. Here she looks like a niece or something, and Deacon looks different also.

Nanny_Emma on

Beautiful Children who look just like their parents! Cute pictures.

Jane on

How sweet! They all look adorable in these pictures. The kids are a perfect blend of mom and dad who both seem to adore them.

Tess on

Rose and Romy – I thought the same.

Jaedyn on

wow… ava is stunning! for me, she is the ‘celeb baby’ who looks most like his mother! and since reese is one of my fave actresses: congrats on the star! 🙂

JMO on

Beautiful Children!!

Rose on

Wow!! Talk about twins.

alice jane on

They are such a beautiful family! I’ve always thought Ava was beautiful but I’m blown away by how gorgeous she is in these photos.

MSMom on

I lived in the same area that Reese grew up and her father was my doctor. Trust me when I tell you that Ava looks JUST like the pix of Reese on Dr. Witherspoon’s desk when she was just a little girl. I don’t know when I’ve seen a girl resemble her mother so much! Deacon is a blend, but I can’t really pick out which features he got from each parent…just not that clear-cut at this age. I love Reese and I love her family…the current one with her beautiful children and her parents in TN!

Allison J on

What great photos!

I am seeing more Ryan in Ava than I ever have before. And I think I see a little bit of Reece in Deacon.

Adorable family!

Jillian on

I know it’s already clear, but I wanna say it too: They are all GORGEOUS! lol 🙂