Gisele Bündchen ‘So Lucky’ Sons Get Along Well

12/02/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Joe Kohen/Getty

Gisele Bündchen is opening up about her family with her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady — and she says there are more children in her future.

Between baby Benjamin, who will celebrate his first birthday Dec. 8, and Jack, Brady’s 3-year-old son with Bridget Moynahan, “I’m feeling very lucky,” the supermodel tells PEOPLE.

Especially because the two boys get along so well.

“For Benjamin, his big brother is his hero,” she says. “Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile. He wants to follow him around. Anything he does, he’s just in awe of him like, ‘Oh my God!'”

And though Jack enjoyed only child status for a few years before getting a younger sibling, “he’s amazing” with the baby, Bündchen, 30, says. “He’s the sweetest kid.”

She does admit there’s been some adjustment on Jack’s part. “Sometimes siblings can get in each other’s space. He was used to having all the attention and then when you have to share, you don’t like it,” she explains. “Overall they really get along and I’m very lucky.”

Jack also helped inspire Bündchen with her latest project, a new animated web series, Gisele and the Green Team, which will present environmental issues to kids.

“He is obsessed with Diego,” she says, “so I thought he’d really like it. I originally wanted the cartoon to be GG and the Green Team because my little peanut, little Jack, calls me GG.”

As one of six girls herself, Bündchen is open about her desire for a large family like the one she grew up in. “I want more kids for sure but I don’t know when,” she says. “Right now I have my hands full!”

— Charlotte Triggs

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Hannah on

Hmmm….It’s hard to know if she’s being genuine. I really hope so, but she’s got an evil stepmother look about her. Can’t you just imagine her in Cinderella?

Anonymous on

i wish people would disable the comments on this posts. she’s such a beautiful woman and has never given reason to make the public think otherwise, yet she still gets so much negativity.

bring on the cattiness and jealousy!!!!!!!!!

Lacey on

I hate it how she always comes off as if she the sole mother to Jack. Jack has a mother, and I would bet money that if Jack was to point to his mother, he would point to Bridget. I understand that she accepts him as her own, and includes him as part of her family, but she really need to know when to quite playing this “supermom”, “isn’t my family perfect”.

Susan on

Hannah – I agree whole heartedly. I wish I didn’t but her comments about Jack always got under my skin before she had her own.

michele on

its sweet and I agree w/ you #2. This is sweet but lets wait and see the 100 ways we can turn a sweet Gisele comment into a negative/. Bring it on. (although its becoming quite a yawn) That is cute he calls her GG. and I know the boys have one wonderful life and childhood. Put aside your hatred for Gisele and move on and READ the kind words. He calls her GG, she knows his favorite cartoons. She is a lovable step-mom.

michele on

Lacey did you ever for a second realize Gisele is a Supermodel and therefore models for wide span publications and gets more interviews???? that is all this is. If Bridget were getting the kind of and frequency interviews, Gisele does it would not seem like that at all. Clearly quit nit picking to find a negative! Its beyond catty, immature and jealous!

TK on

I agree with Lacey. I think it’s great that she’s accept Jack as her family and she really seems to love her stepson just as much as her biological son … BUT she always talks about Jack as if he doesn’t have a mother. She makes it sound like she’s a full time mom to Bridget Monayhan’s son and she isn’t. Couple that with the fact that Bridget doesn’t really parade her son in magazines and interviews, it just seems weird. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and won’t claim that she has ulterior motives, but you can talk about your love of your stepson without ignoring the existence of his real mother.

Rose on

@Anonymous: While I have never understood the extreme amounts of negativity that is expressed towards this woman, I think it’s ridiculous to act as if the comments should be disabled just because not everyone is going to gush about Gisele. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. I also find the attitude that anyone who says something negative is jealous to be simplistic and naive. It’s possible to dislike something about someone or to disagree with something they say and do without being jealous.

Kellie on

Lacey- Where is she trying to play off like her family is perfect or is trying to take Bridget’s place???? The article focused more on Jack and Ben’s relationship. I think people need to understand that jack is a part of her FAMILY. When she is interviewed she will talk about him like a son, like someone that is part of her family.

Matt Damon in a recent interview after his new daughter was born mentioned he has four daughters… no he doesn’t, he has three. But he accepts his wife’s daughter from a previous relationship as his own. So when talking about his FAMILY of course he is going to mention her. But I don’t seem him as an evil stepfather because he does.

I also thought it was sweet that Gisele wanted to name her little web show after the nickname Jack has for her. I love that she is doing something that Jack would be interested in. I mean Hannah if that doesn’t scream EVIL STEPMOTHER, I don’t know what will. *roll eyes*

Mia on

Yeah-I agree. I don’t like how she refers to both boys as her “sons” -Jack already has a mother + a father.

It seems disrespectful to try to overstep the boundary of his mother.

Jill on

1. Jealousy….for real? Find a new word.

2. CBB/People need to pick a new heading…..The heading of this story is wrong on so many levels. She didn’t say they are not HER sons, so don’t make the name of the article say that.

fuzibuni on

I don’t think there is any way Gisele can win with this crowd…

If she didn’t talk about Jack you would criticise her for ignoring him. If she called him her “step-son” you would take offense to that too.

What I hear is a woman who genuinely loves her husband’s son as her own. That sounds like an ideal situation to me. She never says that Jack calls her Mama… he calls her GG. Doesn’t that alone tell you that she is respectful of Bridgette?

I don’t know why everyone spews such hate in her direction… she seems like a happy, lovely person who enjoys her life to the fullest. Maybe that is too much for some of you to take?

mary on

1. Why did she feel a need to issue this article.
2. lunydoe from flogao needs to stop referring to Bridget as “bitter”
3. Gisele praises Bridget when she says Jack is a sweet kid. Bridget raises him. He just visits the Bradys.
4. There are at most 10 flogao girls who post all the negative comments about Bridget.

michele on

Well Rose not when they are constantly saying the same old same old. If they don’t like Gisele why feel the need to express it on every post about her? I got an alert about Gisele because I like her, therefore the reason why I am here. I guess stories of neglect and abuse would suit their fancies much more.

Linda on

Hannah- Get help ASAP…Evil stepmother based upon a picture?

How does she always talk about Jack as if he doesn’t have a mother?

All she did was talk about how Jack and Ben get along.

Must people always look for something negative to say?

It’s like some of you have to go into a celeb’s thread that you don’t like just to say something negative about them which speaks volumes.

You pick apart an interview or part of an interview to justify your negativity of a celeb, and your negativity in general.

Anonymous on

@ rose, i’d agree with you if the negative people simply posted an opinion…but they don’t. they always come up with insults. there’s a way to state your opinion in a respectful way, but nobody does that for some reason. i don’t expect everyone to love her or gush about her. i don’t comment on articles about people i’m not fond of. why? because its a waste of time. if i did, i wouldn’t be insulting. why? because my mother taught me better than that. the world is rapidly becoming more and more negative. it makes me sad.

Rose on

@Anonymous & Michele: As I already said, I don’t understand or agree with the negativity directed towards Gisele. I think a lot of that negativity seems really over-the-top. I just find the “your jealous” comments ridiculous. People dislike others for a variety of reasons – to boil it down to jealousy is ridiculous. I was once accused of being jealous of Nicole Richie because I said I didn’t agree with Joel’s comments that she’s hot and that I think she’s just average looking and I was told that I’m jealous hater. No, I just don’t find her hot – plain and simple.

I don’t know why some of the people on here dislike Gisele – just like I don’t understand why such negativity is spewed towards Katherine Heigl, Nicole Kidman, and several others who are raked over the coals no matter what they say and do. But I don’t go in shouting “you’re jealous.” I just assume those people have a different opinion.

Sassy Brown on

I applaud the fact that both children are a priority for her and not just her own child. She is not being disrespectful of Jack’s mother, nor is she’s not trying to take Bridget’s place. It seem to me that she treats her stepson much the same as she does her own child, and that is a good thing. Blended families can be hard, at least she is making the effort to do what’s in the best interest of both the kids.

mary on

Why did she refer to Jack as “my little peanut, little Jack”. He is not hers. Jack is her husband’s child therefore her step-son not “my little peanut”

Hilary Crook on

If I were Jack — I would consider myself lucky to have two loving and doting moms — even in one is just a stepmom.

Hilary Crook on

My godson is “my little peanut” and in no way am I implying that he’s my child…

Sue on

Oh my god people, give it a rest already. Gisele is talking about Jack’s relationship with his BROTHER. She’s not talking about his relationship with HER. There is nothing wrong with that.

michele on

Yes I have read it ALL before. When she just mentions “her” son Benjamin you hear the “oh she is too good to mention Jack” comments and when she does mention Jack well you see the “oh how dare she call him her son” comments (as right now) It is absurd really. This human being is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. thats all there is to it.

I read the Matt Damon article as well, and don’t you think it would be more weird if he said my 3 daughters and left the other one out? YES I think so. Same thing here. She mentions/doesn’t mention she will be ridiculed.

I personally think this team Bridget/team Gisele thing ended long ago between them, and I think it should end for some of you as well! I dont go ridiculing Bridget why? because I dont even look her up. I can care less about her as a celebrity. I like Gisele. how hard is it for some of you to simply not click on gisele posts if you dont like her? for some it seems a very hard task.

Kate on

Well, she says Jack calls her GG. There is no confusion about who his mother is. Just because she loves him as if her own doesn’t necessarily mean that she is claiming Bridget’s role. Saying that you love your step-child is not disrespectful to the child’s mother either. It just means that the boy is loved in both homes.

Alice on

mary, I hope you’re never a stepmom! You would obviously always make the difference between *your* kids and the others, making them feel left out.

Seriously? She didn’t say my son, that’s the point, she said my little peanut. So only his parents are allowed to give him pet names and call him “theirs”? My whole family + close friends do that with me, doesn’t mean they’re trying to replace my parents. She also says that Jack calls her GG. Pretty clear she’s not trying to replace his mom.

Ah the insecure mothers worried another woman might not only take the husband away but the kids’ hearts too. You can tell, because when it’s the other way around they applaud the step-dad for considering the child as his own, probably thinking that’s how they’d like their kids to be treated by a partner. Sorry ladies, it works both ways.

JM on

let’s just pretend for a second that heidi klum, or seal had said this about their daughter Leni and her siblings. do we think that there would be ANY comments other than “aw that’s so cute”, “i love this family”, “you can just TELL they really love each other”. (just for the record i have nothing against heidi and seal’s family i am just using them as an example).

but hey, there’s the double standard that has become a staple part of this site. you know what, we should just be shown the celebrities’ pictures without the comments, and then predict which ones will get negative ones and which ones won’t. bet i’d be 100% accurate.

come on people, don’t be so primitive.

Taylor on

While I don’t understand the Gisele hate, Seal isn’t a good example to use. He’s legally adopted Leni and has been in her life from the beginning. It’s not as if she sees her biological father every weekend.

That said, Tom, Bridget, and Gisele seem to be able to co-parent just fine. The funniest part of it all is that they can get over the past but random strangers who mean nothing to them continue to be bitter about the situation.

jessi on

Perhaps she speaks like this, knowing she’ll be quoted, because:

(1) She genuinely loves him like a son – that does not mean there’s any confusion over roles or who his real mother is. She just loves him unconditionally and doesn’t filter it…how many stepchildren can say that?

(2) She knows that someday he’ll probably read a lot of the stuff she, his father, and his mother say. She may see it as an opportunity to “make it official” that she loves him with no strings attached and is proud to be his stepmother.

Blended families often have a few bumps along the road, and dynamics can change. If he ever has any doubts or needs reassurance, he needs only look to what she was willing to proclaim to the world about how she felt about him. Lucky boy.

Anonymous on

I thought Tom’s oldest son’s name was John….Did they change it??

Mary on

Is this even a real story? They have her quoted as saying, ” Jack comes in and Benjamin has a big smile.” Ummmm except for the fact that Tom Brady’s first son is named John not JACK.

Demetria on

I love Gisele! I think she is an awesome mommy! Jack and Benjamin are very lucky kids!

felicity on

Do you people have a life???????

soph on

Go back to school, felicity. It’s “do you people have LIVES”

Tess on

Jack is a nickname for John.

And the headline is misleading.

kazumi on

she sends out a really bad signal and i really don’t like her, but for the sake of the kids, i hope she is telling the truth, bec the reality is, it is so hard to love and accept someone that is not your own. but jack is a great kid and he has has real mommy who loves him genuinely and they all look like they have moved on so, positivity everyone =)

Doe on

**** My husband has a daughter from a previous relationship and I have a son. He calls my son his and I call his daugher mine. They both have other parents. I call her “my sweetie” and “my little jacie” because i love her. I’m not going to have sweet nicknames for my kids and then turn to her and say “well, hi there, how’s life…” She has a mother that loves her and understands that I do too. in real life, grown ups that are really grown up get things like this.

bridgette doesn’t have to like giselle and vice versa, but since she’s married to his father, she should absolutely love Jack and it seems that she does. It’s not really any different than the way someone would treat a niece or nephew that they are closed to. (I also call my niece “my sadie-lady bug. Her mother is not offended.) Sometimes in life, you have to put the kids first. You’re SUPPOSED to.

Erika on

Mary and Anonymous- Jack is a nickname for the name John.

Nadira on

Mary: Jack is a nickname for John.

mary on

Gisele has had some bad publicity the last few days. She uses Jack to win brownie points.

123456789 on

You guys are really harsh. If she didn’t mention Jack in this interview I’m sure you all would complain that she’s not making him part of familiy.

kazumi on

a lot of women do not like gisele because she came into the picture when bridget was pregnant with tom brady’s baby. people do not forget that bec it should have been bridget and tom not gisele and tom. that’s why a lot of negativity is surrounding her bec a woman was left unwed with a son and she is the one who took her place, plain and simple. even if they have all moved on, people still remember that and that fact that gisele never acknowledges or even mentions bridget’s name when it comes to jack sends out a really ugly vibe to people, we really do not know what is going on in their lives, maybe she and bridget are in really good terms or they’re not, who knows? right? anyways, it’s their lives and people will always be divided when it comes to this family.

have a great day!

Kristen on

Gisele seems to be a very loving parent. Jack and Ben are lucky to have her and Tom as parents!

Deborah on

Boy-this woman can not do anything right is your minds. What a shame-She is a lovely woman, with a nice husband, a beautiful biological son and stepson-who she considers a son- That is great for the stepson not be singled out- Stop all your mean comments and jealously-I think the Brady family is doing everything right. Good for them

raquel on

Lacey – I agree. Whether she is a good stepmom is really not the question. It’s how she makes it sound, like Jack is her son. He has a mom. What would be nice is if she would acknowledge it, but she never has. Good stepmoms would acknowledge his mom. The part that got me is when she said “my little peanut”. A lot of ownership in her story.

VannaPnk on

I couldn’t agree with ALICE more….

I realy hope the Gisele haters never become step parents. My BF of 3 years has a daughter & no she doesn’t call me mom & I treat her like my own. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Gisele simply loves Jack…she’s been in his life since birth.

Ya’ll are crazy…and evil. =(

erin on

As a stepmom of three and mom of one you have to think of the kids as yours no matter what. The last I checked the kids really don’t have much of a say. Or at least mine didn’t. I do not treat any of the children different whether I gave birth to them or not.

As far as not addressing his real mom, who cares. Why should she have to talk about her in interviews? If she did, people would be talking about how she should leave Bridget out of it. She is pretty much damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

I give her loads of credit trying to keep the family whole.

Rose on

@Raquel: I’m just curious, in what way would you like her to acknowledge Briget. Do you want her to say “Jack, whose mother is Bridget” because I think that would sound ridiculous.

Krissy on

Well I think it’s great that she is trying to create a loving blended family. It’s always a little difficult in the beginning dealing with ex’s and the stigmas associated with being a stepparent. It takes alot of work to bond with a stepchild and I think she seems to be trying.

I have a stepdaughter that has lived with my husband and I since she was 5. I have raised her as my own even though she still has a biological mom that she sees on certain weekends and such. My daughter as I call her, loves both of us and calls us BOTH mom! I have had two more children since then and we all feel and act like one big, happy family. My eldest makes sure to be with us every Christmas Eve so that she can wake up with her siblings. Give Giselle some credit people!

VannaPnk on

Raquel, HELLOO…Gisele doesn’t owe Brigite anything. She does not have to mention her ever!!!! wth for?

We obviously all know his real mother…she doesn’t need to name drop every f-ing interview. Get over it!

Jack is probably better off at the Brady household, he’s sees 2 married individuals…this is the right way to raise childern instead of a broken home with his mother and her boyfriends! Thank about it.

simi on

why can’t everyone just be happy that this little boy has two women who will protect him, love him, and do anything for him. And for the record the second she married his father he did become her, her son, yes I know the word step should have been used before but none the less he is her son. Plus he doesn’t call her mommy he calls her GG so clearly there is not confusion on his end to who his mother is. so leave her be. that is like saying older adoptive children can not be loved again by another parent cause they already had one, or still have one somewhere.

For once thank God that the women are not publicly fighting, that the boys are loved and taken care of, and I am sure when the are older and birthday parties come around that Bridget will accept and brother or sister that her son may have from his father and treat them with respect. I just wish people would stop attacking both of these women and let them be mothers the best they know how to be


People are allowed to have an opinion… so ya’ll just need to grow up. If you don’t like her, you don’t like her… if you do, you do. You don’t need to tell someone their OPINION is wrong… how the hell can a opinion be wrong?

I don’t like the woman. Not just because of this article, but because of previous things she has said. In numerous articles she has acted like Jack is her son. The fact that she was screwing around with Tom Brady while Bridget was pregant… and she knew, makes me a tramp in my eyes. Plus the comments about how women get lazy and thats why they keep the baby weight.. oh im sorry that I didn’t lose my baby weight the minute I had my kid… I also don’t have a ton of money or time to spend with a personal trainer every day… I have a real job and life in the real world where I take care of my kids and not have a nanny do it…

That is all.

mary on

VannaPnk and the flogao girls want Jack to live with the Bradys. They idolize the Bradys and fantasize about the relationship between Jack and Gisele.

Karen on

She’s been pretty consistent in her fondness of Jack. I believe her.

TC on

I think it’s wonderful she treats him like her own and he’s lucky to have her in his life.

I know what it’s like to have an evil step-parent. My mother married a man who told me on several occasions he was going to blow my brains out and also put a shot gun in my face….I wish I had the same relationship GG has with her step-son.

IC on

I don’t have a problem with Gisele as a parent. I agree with everyone else that it’s great that Tom’s son is accepted and there is mutual love between them. She may not be his biological mother, but it’s no different than a parent that has adopted a child…they’re still going to love that child as if they had birthed them if not moreso. My issue with Gisele is her asking Tom why he continues to play football, now THAT is where I draw the line!!! LOL #TeamNewEngland

michele on

I couldn’t agree more with so many comments. You don’t have to like her one bit, I dont care. but she did NOT say ONE thing wrong here! Not ONE! so please quit trying to make something out of nothing. What she said is sweet and if it were any other model it would be a bunch of “awww so cute comments.” If she would have name dropped Bridget, oh no’s we would be hearing how dare she, blah blah blah. damned if she does, damned if she doesnt.

I heard her and the kids on a radio interview Tom recently did. There was laughter, cooing and joy in the kids voices. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. He lives with Gisele and Tom alot, I’m sure they have a great relationship.

Please don’t tell me if you were ever a step mother you would teach your child to be bitter and unfriendly to people you didnt like. I knew many kids like that in my neighborhood growing up and I felt bad for them.,that their parents were involving them grow up not liking certain people. That is selfish and Im glad it seems to not be the case here. I hope some of you never have the privilege to be step parents.

Melania on

Children don’t need to grow up surrounded by drama. It’s not healthy. They need love. Some of you would have these 2 women act like girls in soap operas. They are mature, family-oriented people who obviously put their children first. To think people actually take offense at that!

jj on

So I’m a product of a step family…and let me say….both my step-mom and step-dad refer to me as THEIR daughter. They talk about me like I AM blood. It doesn’t matter that Jack is NOT her blood. She truely loves him like he is. Everyone needs to stop saying that her comments about Jack get under their skin. That’s just ridiculous. Is she always suppose to refer to him as, “my stepson Jack!” That’s awful. I would be heart broken. She has been in his life since he was a baby. He doesn’t call her Mom…he calls her GG…he knows who his mom is and I’m sure she knows her boundaries when it comes to that. Get a life people!

Chloe on

Even though Gisele’s comments sometimes make me roll my eyes, I think these are very sweet. She’s known the kid since he was born and he’s family.

I don’t think it’s an act because frankly she has a habit of talking without thinking, like those comments she made about breastfeeding. She’s just honest even to the point of lacking some self awareness. But I think she really loves her family, and that little boy is lucky to have so many adults who care for him.

Demetria on

🙂 I hope she is blessed with more kids!!!

Louise on

Beautiful, smart, successful and happy women will always bring out the worst in some jealous low-life women. Gisele is an amazing woman and I wish her all the happiness in the world.Her sons are really lucky little guys.

Mina on

I think its great that she loves her step-son and does not treat him any different…but she is deluded if she thinks she loves Jack just as much as her own son…because I can guarentee you that if both kids were hanging off a cliff and she could only save one, she would save her son.

Jax on

I wish she would stop commenting on a child (Jack) that isn’t even hers. She has Tom Brady and a son and more kids are to come. Your ridiculous Gisele!

Taylor on

She is creating a green cartoon for kids? This is the same person who is building a 20,000 square foot house that has a lagoon pool, an elevator and a six car garage and was called out by the Sierra Club for her house but tells all of us we must live by candlelight and take stairs instead of elevators but she of course need an elevator in her new home. Unreal.

Taylor on

I don’t really blame American women for not liking her she accused American mothers of being lazy and bad mothers because the feed their infants formula. I don’t think she realizes American women only get 12 weeks maternity leave and can’t always breastfeed for six months and then went on to call any woman who felt pain during their childbirth unprepared and women who gained weight were human garbage disposals.

@kelly on

Matt Damon may refer to the 4th daughter as his own but he is also raising her in his home, full time. It is not pointed out that Gisele is not doing that with Jack. she does say ‘when he comes in’ but lacks to include that it is part time. Hands full???? 1 kid and a part time 2nd lacks that I’m busy feeling. Plus this chick isn’t too worried about working either. Pop out as many as you want Gisele, Angie does and for some insane reason people actually think she’s a good mom too!

Lisa Salar on

Would all of you just shut up !!! Honestly, do you not have anything better to do with your time than to criticize other people! My parents are divorced and both re-married and growing up I was fortunate enough to have four loving parents. Sure it might be tough for Bridget, but why criticize Gisele for being a great mom/stepmom ? All of you are just jealous people who have to criticize others to make yourselves feel better. Gisele has never done anything to deserve negativity. I bet that you all wouldn’t say that Seal is “stealing” Leni from her biological father!

Erika on

This woman could say anything and there would be controversy. Maybe it is because she is married to Tom Brady who has drawn negative attention? Maybe because she is a supermodel? I don’t know. But she is criticized for everything she says. I have no idea if she is a nice person, I have never met her, nor have I met most of the other celebs on this site. But it is kind of ridiculous how whatever she says she is criticized for. In the past she has said some comments that could have offended people, but this is not one of them. She’s just talking about her sons’ relationship.

As for talking about Jack as if he were her own, what do you expect? Would you prefer her to ignore his presence in her life? She is aware that he has a biological mother and isn’t criticizing her, she is just talking about her love for him. What’s wrong with that? Jack just has one more person to love him. Now this has nothing to do with whether I like this woman or not, I don’t really follow her. But some celebrities are criticized so much more than others and for some reason, she is one of them. She said nothing wrong and is still criticized.

lisa on

What a terrible thought Mina; two children hanging off a cliff. I am sure that if that ridiculous scenario ever happened Gisele would do everything in her power to make sure both children survived, and if need be, she would perish. That is what we do as parents and I’m sure, if asked, she would say the same. Also, I would think that Bridget would do the same for these brothers, maintaining their relationship is of utmost importance. Bridget attended their wedding so she is fine with the family!

Taylor on

Sure it might be tough for Bridget, but why criticize Gisele for being a great mom/stepmom ? All of you are just jealous people who have to criticize others to make yourselves feel better. Gisele has never done anything to deserve negativity. I bet that you all wouldn’t say that Seal is “stealing” Leni from her biological father!
I think people have a problem that Gisele Bundchen is telling you she is a great mother. No one is jealous. Frankly, I think most women on here don’t like being lectured to by a supermodel who can take all the time off she wants to be with her child, breastfeed her child for as long as she wants to and then thinks for the rest of us who have to work that our children are better served as an orphan while we are sitting in jail or they are better served as a ward to the state because after three months most of us have to go back to work and our children have to be given formula. She isn’t very sensitive to what other women might be going through. She is very black and white with her views. It is either you breastfeed or you are in trouble with the law.

kippen on

wait till they are older (teens) and we will see just how well they get along lol

Taylor on

Bridget Moynahan did NOT attend their wedding either time.

LisaS on

Gisele may not be my favorite person in the world but I admire her for loving Jack like he’s her own and doesn’t distinguish between him and her biological son. How anyone can find fault with her for that is just beyond belief to me. She’s a better person than some of the people on here, and I can only hope that any woman who might be a stepmother to my children someday would be like her (and not like those other posters on here) and find it in her heart to love them like I do.

Whether you like her or not, at the end of the day, that little boy is pretty darn lucky. He’s loved by his stepmother. If only all stepchildren could say the same of their stepparents.

ErinTippin on

VannaPnk, I cannot believe you really wrote “Jack is probably better off at the Brady household, he’s sees 2 married individuals…this is the right way to raise childern instead of a broken home with his mother and her boyfriends! Thank about it.” And just whose fault is it that Jack’s mother is single? Could it possibly be the man who walked out on her? The same man you think is some sort of wonderful role model just because he’s now married. Maybe you should think about it.

KatieKate on

The reason why the comments are off putting to people is because of Giselle’s relationship with Bridgette. When she was pregnant with Jack Giselle had pretty nasty things to say about her. And this was after Tom dumped her and then doubted he was the father. (He was not allowed in the delivery room and she gave him her last name). She goes out of her way to comment on Jack knowing how much it upsets Bridgette. She should respect her wishes.

brenda on

I think she is appaling. She is not Jack’s mom. If I was Jack’s mom I would not leave Jack with her. He is there to be with his dad, not her.

etsy on

Jack is a lucky boy to have so many people who love him. I love the names Jack and Benjamin….wonder what they’d name a little girl.

st on

@ Mary you are only stupid

so nice on

Leave her alone, she loves that little boy like her own she should be praise because it is truly rare for stepmoms to love a child as much as their own child. Glad the boys get along well, and she is lucky to have such a beautiful family.I am sure jack knows who his mom is and he loves her dearly .

Mina on

Lisa, sometimes those things happen! It HAS happened. During the tsunami in Indonesia a mom had her 2 year old and 4 year old in her arms and had to hang on to something with the current, so she had to let one kid go. She let go of the older one thinking he would be able to swim better and she was right and he survived, thank gawd! That happened in another scenario in which the mother saved the older child from drowing and the baby had to die cuz she could only save one. Dont give me that crap about she would do everything in her power, cuz those moms did too, but the human body is only so strong! And its better to save 1 child then let them both die (and yourself). Its horrible, I know, but dont TELL me Giselle would save Jack over Ben. She loves her son MORE than Jack and always will. So to SAY you love them both the same is a lie.

kazumi on

i do not know why not liking gisele makes you automatically jealous of her? what is up with that? i am not a big fan but i know i am not jealous of her.

Kewky on

I personally think her saying Jack is her son is sweet. Not that I agree with all her opinions….. But if Bridget doesn’t like it she shouldn’t say it!

@ Lacey I think she means she is his “GG” and Bridget is his Mom therefore yes he would point to her.

Jill on

Jealousy…..that’s why I don’t like her!!! You are right. Thanks for figuring it out!

I have read the article four times and as much as I can’t stand her, I see nothing in the article that comes close to her acting like Jack is her son. I think she loves him like any step parent. I do think that CBB has done a GREaT job of stirring the pot and driving in traffic by bringing in a controversial tittle.

Erin on

VannaPink – Of all the dumb things, the ignorant things and generally unkind things said on this site this year, you managed to swoop in at the eleventh hour and win the “nasty-stranger-judging-celebrities”-of-the-year award. Do you have a speech prepared?

simi on

WOW can we please focus on what she said here in this story not the past. She loves her sons, as so many people from blended families have pointed out he is her son and it would be so hurtful to Jack if she called him her step-son, and she is luck that they get along, which to anyone that has ever tried putting two kids together for the first time knows is great and very lucky indeed.

As for her calling him “my little peanut” there is nothing wrong with that. Are all of you going to tell me that none of you call your friends children that you love endearing nick names? My best friends son is “my little monkey” and has been since the day he came into this world, he is nine now and no one else, and I mean no one is allowed to call him monkey other then me, cause that is something special that we share. Just as I am sure that her and Jack have special things that they bond over, and he has special things to bond over with his mom and dad too, and when his brother is old enough I am sure they will too. I dare you to call my daughter butterfly and see her bite your head off, cause her brother Doug is the only one that can call her butterfly, she has the biggest smile on her face every time he does.

It’s what is know to the rest of the world as LOVE and if anyone of you can find something wrong with a child being loved that you truly are the most selfish people on face of this earth, and should not be parents. Just leave her alone this was a great interview and I for one wish the many more kids to love this way Jack has more love and brothers/sisters to play with and love back. As for her having her hand full with one kid I see nothing wrong with that. Some people take longer to adjust to being mothers then others, it took me two years before I felt confident, and able to take care more then one child at the time and I didn’t work either. Everyone is different.

MINA I hope to God you never have more then one child or a step child. How can you say something like children hanging of a cliff. Good God who thinks of things like that? Seriously, it’s so wrong. You could have said if push came to shove she would choose her child over Jack. But to imagine anyone’s child fighting for their lives is wrong, morally, not to mention is like wishing bad luck and death of one of their boys. Too many kids are lost everyday as it is, to picture more death and to sound like you wish it upon them is beyond me. As for your examples yes all those women were put in an situation where no mother should find herself, and they made a choice at that time and it worked out for the best. But no one knows what they were thinking at the time and why the choose to do what they did, so to judge Gisele and say you know what she would do in an impossible situation is wrong. No one knows until they are there.

As for someone that once almost lost not just my child but two boys who I love as much as her, I can tell you for a fact sometimes you can let your own child go to save another. I did and to this day I would not change my choice, it was the right thing to do. We were trying to beat the winter storm in the mountains of B.C Canada. The storm moved faster and change direction so my husband and I plus three kids one of who has autism were stuck in this storm. There was no way to make camp and wait out the storm our only shot was to make it to our cabin. Now mind you we do this three to four times every year with the kids, just him and I,and we have been doing it since they were two.

All of a sudden the worse happens a huge snow slide right behind me. We walk in a line, I lead followed by my daughter, her autistic brother Doug (my friends son, whom we all think as our son and brother), my other friends son behind him also a brother to Akali my daughter and Doug, my husband brings up the back. The snow slide took out the kids and my husband, in that moment I wasn’t think is my daughter ok, or my husband, my only thought was Doug hates small spaces, he cannot even stand to be under water, he must be so scared right now. The moment I could I took out our GPS system, we all have a chip on our jackets and all carry a device that looks like a phone but bigger that allow us to track the other if lost. Joys of having a engineer husband who worse fear is losing the kids, all three of them.

So the first person I went to save was Doug, I didn’t know if he or the other were alive and it didn’t matter, I had to get him this was going to be the hardest on him and I knew that, so getting him first was the only choice. Likely the snow wasn’t too deep and everyone was alright. Bumps and bruises every, they were all scared as were my husband and I, but we were alright. We made it to the cabin almost six hours later, and still spend our three weeks up there like we always do. So see Mina to say that she would choose her own child over Jack is ridiculous, you never know what someone will do in their greatest time of need.

Mina from all of your other comments you seem like such a negative person, I really am not sure why nor does it truly matter we don’t know each other and never will. My only comment to you is more of a wish, and that is what ever made you this bitter, cruel (thinking of two kids hanging of a cliff is cruel regardless of how you mean it or look at it) negative person changes, then maybe you could see the better side of people, we all have one big or small, and can see the true beauty of love.

Gilda on

Okay I’m confused….how is it a bad thing that a child has several people who love him? So, would people prefer that Gisele treat the two boys differently so Jack (or John….) always knows that he’s not really her son? That’s he is just second best in the family? Are you kidding me??!?!?!

tesshan on

I like Gisele but she is always talking about little jack while his mom bridget is always very private about her son. I prefer bridget’s attitude towards the press. little pics if none.

all the best to gisele and her little son.

Tallie on

It is entirely possible to regard someone as a family & love them with everything inside of you, without trying to take over someone’s place. I don’t think she is trying to ”take over” as the mother of her step-son.

I actually think her step-son is incredible fortunate to have a step-mother who is not going to treat or love him any differently than she is her biological child. Jack is fortunate to have TWO woman who can love him like a mother , as well as not being pushed aside or made an outcast, because he is the ”step-child’. She isn’t necessarily trying to overtake or replace his biological mother – she’s accepting him as her own to love.

At the end of the day , it might be hard to have another woman have influence in your child’s life – but, that person doesn’t have to be a threat. That person could be someone that could actually help better the child o. What REALLY matters at the end of the day, is that the CHILD is being raised with love & guidance by those who put the child’s welfare above their own cares

If I ever married a man who had a child, I would accept that child as my own & love him equally as any biological children I might have. I wouldn’t try to REPLACE his mother, but I’d be there to try to help her
with what she & my spouse felt fit, as well as to try to be someone for the child who the child knows he/she could turn to

Michelle on

I have to admit that I don’t really like Gisele because of her comments in the past about American mothers, but even I have to admit that this is a perfectly nice article about the two boys.

My real problem is with the title, which I’m sure Gisele had no input on. It should read something like “…so lucky BROTHERS get a long well”. Saying “sons” implies that she called both of them her sons, which she did not.

Renee on

I’m also uncomfortable with the way she refers to her stepson. While I respect her seeming ability to love both children equally, a woman of higher character would acknowledge and honor the biological mother – and full-time parent – of the boy. Her references to her stepson are just a bit too pointed to be anything other than a stab at his mother.

Beautee on

*rolls eyes* This is so sad, she said nothing wrong in this interview. How does she make it sound like anything when her words are in print? Perhaps it’s the way you are reading it! The article clearly says, “the two boys get along so well”. People/babies titled this post “Gisele Bündchen ‘So Lucky’ Sons Get Along Well, not her.

I agree with you Katie Kate, MY personal opinion is that a lot of the negativity stems from Tom and Bridget splitting up prior to her knowing she was pregnant. Reality is if Tom wanted to be with Bridget he would be, he didn’t want her then, he doesn’t want her now and their son did not change that and that’s not Giselle’s fault.

Everyone does have their right to their opinions though and the same way some feel Giselle gets under their skin because of her comments about her stepson is the same way I feel about Bridget taking her cheap shots at Tom and Giselle. Even though Bridget seems to be a good mom, there is just something about her and that seemingly fake attitude (TO ME) of being over Tom but taking cheap shots, that gets under my skin. Not that she’d lose any sleep over my feelings of her either. Carry on!


I know she can come off as being abrasive at times, but I think it’s great that she loves Jack as her own. There are so many stepmoms out there that have nothing to do with the kids before they got into the picture and especially after having their own. I think he’s a very lucky boy to have two women in his life that love and think the world of him!

She’s saying how Ben looks up to his big brother and although Jack was the only child for a while he’s had to make some adjustments and loves his little brother. Give the girl a break! She’s not saying anything bad, I think it’s sweet that she has accepted him as her own, she knows he has a mother , she’s not saying she’s his mother. You know it’s not bad that he likes her, it sounds like she’s good with him and for him when he’s around. I think both kids are lucky to have so much love in their lives, after all not every child can say that.

Happy Holidays to those to adorable little boys and they’re parents!!!!!!

Kewky on

@ Mina In fact it IS Gisele’s job to save Ben and Bridget’s to save Jack. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love Jack though. Do the rest of the poster’s agree? Tough Topic!

donthate on

john and jack= same person. jfk was john but was often refered to as jack by his friends. i think it is lovely.

michele on

wow mina is a teenager I see who believes fighting and immature scenarios are the answer. the “what if” questions, yeah I asked my boyfriend those all the time; when I was 16…Are you seriously thinking about Gisele in a scenario of falling down a cliff? WOW.

the amount of attention some people put into her words is astounding.Get over this Bridget/Gisele thing! I think its been over for many years. Bridget dates, Tom and Gisele are married. Please go focus or solve the drama in your own home, instead of worrying about non existent drama between some celebrities you do not even know.

I give her the benefit of the doubt because for me, I don’t think she says or does anything wrong. She isnt some Kate Moss who parties all the time, she isnt a Naomi Campbell who has a bad temper, she isnt like many other new model moms who stumble drunk out of the clubs each weekend…seriously if you perceive it to be “acting perfect” you know what…I know some people like that in my real life, who are the same way. Let them be.

I once felt some envy as well with those type of people, but that was before I got my own life together and had insecurities that made me feel a little jealous because someone’ else seemed so put together and I didn’t. Well you know what? I don’t feel like that now. why? Because I did something about it and worked on my own self and my own life. Now I like and admire others who have their crap together, because I know they worked hard for it. They didn’t just sit and complain about others…

michele on

I feel bad for Gisele. She says things with good intentions (she loves her step son, the benefits of breastfeeding,loving motherhood,eating healthy,her “sons” get along…) and all she does is get ridiculed,ripped to shreds,judged, and you negative people are commenting about her character? Did you ever look in the mirror? Some of your words are 1000x worse than what she has ever said!!!!!!!!!

oh I forgot, you are not doing world famous interviews for Vogue or Harpers Bazaar. Hallelujah no one has to read your immature,catty,bitchy,bitter interviews. I’m sure 90% of women or more, would not agree with anything you had to say. She is famous. you don’t have to agree with anything she says (I personally don’t agree with alot of celebrities/politicians out there) but I’m also not reading or caring what they have to say, lol.

I believe its the Team Bridget’s who won’t let go, and the fact that she is a Supermodel. What we can only respect women who look like Oprah?

Nikki on

All this saving one child over another talk needs to stop. Whether you like Giselle or not talking about which child she would save is heartless. So what is something similiar has happened to people before? It doesn’t mean people should bring it up in reference to which child a celebrity mother/stepmother would save. Shameful!

Sherry on

Wow…some of you people are nuts! Unless you’ve ever had the experience of being a step-parent you keep your mouth shut. I think it’s great how Gisele always incorporates him into her family. As he grows that will make him feel more shows alot of maturity on her part. Alot of women can’t handle children from another woman–Kudos to you Gisele!

Jane on

At least she is calling the step son by the correct name in this interview.

HKL on

Per Tom’s own words, Tom and Gi get to see Jack approximately one week a month. No jealously here, just utter distaste for someone who flaunted her relationship with Tom and then Jack before she had kids of her own. And then her black and white comments about her perfect, easy birth; breast feeding; weight gain; coming off as a ‘perfect’ mother; ‘potty training’ Ben at six months. And not to mention the total hypocrisy of the environment that she spews — its do as I say not as I do. Sigh.

Gi must be very insecure. Most women don’t need prove to the world that they are wonderful mothers, they simply are. She seems to constantly have to prove how wonderful she is.

But to me, she is simply trashy for (1) her relationship with Tom while Bridget was pregnant; (2) she walks around St. Barts with her a** showing, changes in a van with the door open for the paps to see her naked body, does smoking ads, etc…

She is not a woman I would want my child to have as a step mom. While she may love him unconditionally (a good thing), she is a negative role model, and I wouldn’t want my children to experience that.

Taylor on

I never understand the “jealous” comment, either. It reminds me of something a bratty teenage girl would say to her usual clique if they didn’t agree with what she said. Very juvenile.

I have no problem with Gisele but I’ve seen the same excuse get used over and over for other celebrities, too. Personally, I know when I dislike an individual, it has nothing to do with me wanting something they have. It just means I dislike them for some reason.

angel on

Maybe she doesn’t mention Jack’s mother simply because she knows it’s a sore spot (to others). She talks about her experience with him…period. If his Mother wants to talk about him to the press let her. These boys are being raised as brothers and isn’t that more important than who said what?

Nscrfan on

FYI – She never mentions them as “her sons” that is only how the article is titled. She is not quoted as saying “her sons” anywhere in it.

Jen on

Gisele will never win with me because Bridget, realizing that with Tom as Jacks father that Jack should be shielded for security issues and given a semi normal/private life has chosen to do that. It was Gisele, not Tom or Bridget his, wait for it, his BIOLOGICAL PARENTS, that pushed Jack into the spotlight. Bridget gives Jack the normalcy any child should have. I feel sorry for Ben because Gisele will never allow him or any other children to have that. Tom needs to step up and protect his sons.

Dawn on

If she never mentioned Jack’s name you people would be calling her a horrible stepmother. She mentions him a few times in an article & she still considered a bad stepmother. She can’t seem to win with you people. I see nothing wrong with her bonding with her stepson & showing him uncondition love & attention. He deserves the same love & attention as he would if his parents were still together. So what she didn’t give birth to him, but she has been there since he was born. Adoptive parents don’t give birth, but love theire kids unconditionally….Get over it people.

toni on

Wow, When did Gisele become the anti christ. I mean seriously.

mary on

Based on the premise that anyone who bashes Gisele is jealous of her, lunydoe and company must be soooooo jealous of Jack’s mom.

Lilianne on

I don’t want to get into the debate about her and her attitude/comments about her biological vs. step child. I will speak about my own experiences. I am a step-mother. And not an evil one. I think it is a very hard thing to be in a blended family because you are constantly pulled between the bond you have for your child you carried and nurtured from birth and the desire to forge a bond with the child that came into your life already formed.

My husband and I got married when my oldest was 14, his daughter was 13 and my youngest was 9. Fast forward 7 years and we still don’t have it totally figured out! We have both tried to be respectful of our children and their relationships with their “other” parents but it is hard when you want and need to consider your “step” as your own.

I don’t know why Giselle doesn’t mention Jack’s mother more often but knowing how I feel about my husband’s ex can imagine it is because she doesn’t exist on my radar. I don’t think about her if I can avoid it. All of our kids live and have lived with us full-time since we married and not once did his ex call me to say hi, or thanks, or to offer to pay support, or even acknowledge that I was mothering her child.

And I also agree that the negativity is rampant here and elsewhere in the country/world. People would rather call names, belittle, insult and just be nasty than to express their point of view rationally and with even a tiny bit of respect for others. I think civility is dead and manners right along with it.

Cassie on

@123456789 HUGE DITTO!!!! I was just going to say that!

It’s so funny how just based on articles everyone turns into a family therapist of sorts….please, why can’t the world be more positive and less catty and negative…it exerts way to much unnecessary drama!! And what kind of example are you setting!? Step parents are awful and could never ever love their step-children like their own…..give me a break!

JR Jake on

Unlike girls, it has NOTHING to do with luck. We can do it in our sleep…………….just another day at the office being a boy.

S on



S on


Go back to the bherald forums.Quit stalking Gisele,you morons.

S on

Hey HKL with a body like that, I’d run around with a lot less on!

Sara on

WOW People get some lives!

They seem like a wonderful family!
She doesn’t say Jack is her own son, she just treats him like one of the family. God forbid she be a great step-mom. Just have to look for the negativity huh?

She seems perfectly real. A great mother!

maritan on

A lot of you have way too much time on your hands. I have to wonder if any of you know Tom, Gisele, Bridget or the kids, personally. My guess is NO, so worry about your own families and stop analyzing every word Gisele utters.
And someone said that Jack is there to visit his dad and not Gisele. What should she do? Disappear every time Tom has Jack over? These comments are ridiculous.
If these two little boys get to grow together and be siblings, AND if the parents all get along, it is really the best example for the kids.

HKL on

@S, way to argue a point! Calling us names– Is that the best you can do??? The problem is that you cannot call us out for speaking the truth about Gi’s actions, and our opinions regarding them. Gi brought this on herself. And you then call people names for those of us who do not condone it. Very sad.

Sarah on

As a mother of a blended family, I applaud Gisele for obviously making every effort to treat those two young boys the same regardless of their bilogical makeup.

I only think, for some people, the negativity toward her stems from some earlier comments she has made that were somewhat insenstivie. I know that I personally took issue with her statement regarding Jack when she said “I consider him 100% mine”.

You just have to be a little sensitive when you put forth comments such as those. Perhaps she meant it differently than it was taken or perhaps she meant it just as it sounds. Regardless, it’s not an appropriate comment to make because the fact of the matter is, Jack is not 100% hers. No matter her role in his life, he does still have a biological mother who is a real part of his life.

Hope that makes sense.

S on

You are the one who’s sad and lame.You are stalking the Brady’s all around the net.Go on with your life seriously.

Kat on

Ummm…. newsflash lady, Jack is not YOUR son! He is your step-son! I wish these news agencies would quit calling him HER son and miss thing needs to quit referring to him as HER son… bet that just pisses the mom off royally, maybe that is what she is after? I know it would anger me and hurt my feelings!

Catherine in Tulsa on

What’s important is the kids. And if they are happy, then the parents are doing their job. And we should all hope that the boys do get along and love all of their parents. Why wish for stress and trauma in their young lives?

ss on

actually I don’t think she’s as mean as she looks 🙂 I saw an interview with her and she really leaves sooo different impression when you can actually hear her and see how she behaves. she’s cool. only, a bit childish for her age.

S on

Storm in a teacup.

toni on

Why are you all upset at Gisele? You know, that she’s going to live her life as she pleases. We are not part of her life and marriage. Her and Tom will live as they wish. None of you will ever meet her. Why are you so concern about her family. Good Day.

Kiki on

As a child of divorce and having a step mother to now being a step mother to my husband’s daughter, I think its GREAT that she is so loving of Jack. Gisele has always been a positive person and role model. She NEVER acts like she is Jack’s mother and not Bridgette. Too bad there aren’t more real step parents like her. She always talks about him and you can tell loves having him in her life…everyone needs to grow up and stop with all the negativity.

Showbizmom on

This was funny to read on a night my kid was getting up every two hours. Look the reason we see Tom, Gisele and Jack is because the press love them. They are a good looking couple and it pays to take pictures of them. The reason why we don’t see Bridget and Jack is because NO ONE cares about Bridget. I’m sure she’s a great actress, but here in Hollywerid it doesn’t pay to be in the Bridget business it pays to be in the Tom and Gisele business. So no Gisele and Tom aren’t pimping their, yes THEIR kids out. it’s just part of the business, just like we see Angie and Brads kids and Tom and Katies kids, the public and the press knows it pays.

Also,I would like to state that no one actually knows the situation between Tom and Bridget. Yes she was pregnant when they ended, but did she ever actually come out say he cheated and left me for a model? Nope, so stop guessing and assuming he left her, maybe she realized that he wasn’t what she needed or wanted and left him. WOMEN Do leave men……

On another note, I’m a step-child and my step- mom and dad consider me and my sisters their kids, and my biological parent’s don’t mind. Now there would have been problems if my step-parents didn’t mention or treat me like theirs.She sounds like a ideal step-mother.

But please continue the jealous, judgmental debate I have the day off……

Kitty on

No, I don’t like Giselle and no I’m not jealous. Never been a fan of hers but that does not make me jealous. Alot of things she said in the past have turned people off. Respect that fact that everyone deserves to have their opinion heard whether you agree with it or not.

Rose on

@Kat: Please tell me where in this article she referred to Jack as her son? Because I don’t see it. I see a very misleading title that People wrote in order to stir up controversy, but there is no point in article where she refers to him as her son.

Sarah on

@Kiki – I respectfully disagree. I took her statement of “Jack is 100% mine” as acting as though she is Jack’s mother rather than Bridget.

Crystal on

I’m happy to read that the kids get along and love each other, and that Gisele is such an attentive Mom to both of them, while respecting the fact that Jack has a Mom. Bringing a baby into the mix can be tough even when the children are full siblings, but bringing a baby in when the first child isn’t always there to begin with, can be so difficult on the first born. I hope Gisele is a great step-parent (she always seemed to be) and that they all love each other and are happy together!

Jane on

I think you all need lives. Who cares about her enough either way to get as upset as a few of you are getting on here. Lighten up people she isn’t she is your friend or family member nor your kid’s step mom so who REALLY cares what she does. Move on and deal with your own family. It is laughable that people are so concerned with what some model does.

Trish on

I think she is beautiful – in an exotic way, not necessarily pretty. So, I won’t trash her beauty when it is so clear she is. What I will say is that although I do think it is great if she sincerely loves Jack (and I am sure she does because only a twisted person wouldn’t have love for a 3 year old)…I also think she sounds really irritating. And she is, whether she loves Jack or not, inconciderate considering how, when and why Tom and Bridget broke up. Yes…forget the past, but have some class. She has got to know that comments that are so sugary from the stepmom (who unlikely gets along with the mom) would be irritating and seems to me like she tries to egg her on a bit. To be quite honest, I have never liked Tom Brady…thinks too much of and about himself.

Christine on

She could have made some mention to the boy’s biological mother. Maybe she did, and it wasn’t published. The headline says “sons” but she probably didn’t say that. I am sure that it is difficult to be in that position and I admire her; I sure would not want to be in that position. That being said, sometimes Hollywood tends to wipe away the bad with the nouveau-parenting, meditation, therapy, x y z when in reality sometimes there are just going to be some bad feelings and accountability, so in that case if I were her I would not be so vocal about describing what the “sons” are like.

Shannon on

I am a Mom and my kids have a stepmom….plus I have a child with my husband. It does offend me when she calls my kids hers, because they are not, but she does love them so I let it slide off my back. They see them 3x a year and when they are with them, she is the mother figure in the home. I agree that the title is misleading but again I don’t call my kids half-siblings and neither do they. They love their sister no matter if she is whole or half…I am glad that the boys love each other, that is the way it should be.

Jane on

But please continue the jealous, judgmental debate I have the day off……

are you seriously going to waste your day off debating this stupid subject?

Starr Medlock on

Wait a minute, not one of you ever mentioned the fact that Tom Brady left Bridget… Why does one hate GB? This was not a Brad and Angelina type thing or a Leann Rimes thing…. Tom made the decision to not pull out, Bridget got pregnant, and Tom left her.

Steph on

Maybe people don’t like Gisele because people don’t like it when a pregnant woman (Bridget) is left by her man for a supermodel. Seriously, it isn’t rocket science. Gisele gets under my skin too. She should keep the topic of her children or step-children private if she doesn’t want any negative feedback, period.

Sarah on

Okay for all you retarded women out there who are freaking out saying, “THE KID’S NAME IS JOHN NOT JACK!!” Guess what?? JACK IS A NICKNAME FOR THE NAME JOHN! Get some education. Also, leave Gisele alone- she loves both of these kids and she’s not trying to replace Jack’s real mom. You hateful women are truly pathetic.

It Doesn't Matter on

Coming from a family that has parents who are divorced and remarried, I have this to say: I consider my step-dad my dad as well. While he might not be my biological father, he has done so much for me in the 15 years my mom has been married to him. He has never treated me like a “step child” but rather as his own. My step mom has done the same. Gisele is doing the exact same thing; while she isn’t Jack’s biological mother she doesn’t treat him differently than her own biological son. There is nothing more hurtful than being part of a step family and being treated differently by the parent because you’re not their child. So kudos to Gisele for not treating Jack differently then she treats (or speaks about) Ben.

Cathy on

I am not a fan of Giselle, however I do feel she is genuine in her love for Jack. Whoever cannot love a child, even one by your husband’s ex, is just evil. I don’t want to think she could be evil towards a child. I hope she does treat Jack like her own flesh and blood. That is what a person should do.

Nancy on

Kellie-good point about Matt Damon. Jada Pinkett Smith also speaks of Trey as her son and doesn’t always talk about his mother. I married into a family where there is a step daughter and 2 biological children of my BIL. The Step child also feels left out from my BIL’s family. When my husband and I talk about her, we call her our niece. Lets give Mrs. Brady the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is trying to include Jack this way.
I think the anger hear stems from the fact that the public thinks Giselle stole Tom away from Bridget.

Anonymous on

His name is John…not Jack.

Sus on

Jack is a nickname.

Showbizmom on

@ Jane,
Nope I meant for the “not jealous none judgmental, just expressing my opinion” folks to continue. I’ll come back and read tonight when my other kid is sure to get what my sick kids has.It passes time and it’s good to laugh

brannon on

Thank goodness my “step” parents have always refused to call me their “step” daughter…always been just daughter and I have two moms and two dads. My siblings are all siblings – no halves or steps – and nicknames are plenty. I wish all children with blended families has parents like Giselle who refused to differentiate but that is obviously not the case. How awful it would be for Jack to be second rate in his father’s home? Treated as an outsider? Some of you are really shocking.

Get a life! on

Why does she have to mention the mother’s name just to validate the mother’s role? That is stupid. She obviously loves her step-son like he’s her own. Is that is a bad thing? She does not need to mention the mother’s name just to prove to SOME of you people that she is not trying to take the mother’s place. Who are you all anyways? You talk about her like you actually know her personally. Get a life!

Oz on

Gisele on numerous times has called Jack “HER SON” He is NOT your son. It’s very disrespectful to call another person’s child their own & allude that you’re the one raising him and he’s perfect because of you!

These types of insensitive comments have gotten Gisele into trouble before, and she’s had to come out and say that her words were misinterpreted and that Jack’s mother is Bridget.

Also with the way G&T’s relationship started, do you think when little Jack is older, that he’ll still think “G.G” is God’s gift to us all , as she likes to think of herself?

Heather on

As a mother I feel very lucky that my husband sees my son as his own and the same goes for my son’s stepmom as well. There are so many children that have no parents or are neglected by the one’s they have, so the more love and support they have the better.

Sarah on

@OZ … I’m not sure what you mean when you say “the way G&T’s relationship started. Bridget and Tom had broken up before she knew she was pregnant. Tom started dating Gisele after he and Bridget broke up and before he knew she was pregnant.

I’ve never heard any allegations that there was cheating or anything like that going on.

Lighten up folks on

Being a step-mom is not easy, I speak from experience. I don’t think that she is trying to portray herself as Jack’s sole mother or super step mom, she is simply trying to ensure that she includes him in interviews otherwise there will be folks out there, you know who you are, who will then talk poorly about her for not remembering or including Jack. Its amazing how a simple innocent interview about her family turns into something so negative. Stop being so critical of her folks. Yes, she is a successful super model, beautiful, married to an extremely handsome guy, has a beautiful blended family and people are interested in her, get over it!

Jane on

@ Jane,
Nope I meant for the “not jealous none judgmental, just expressing my opinion” folks to continue. I’ll come back and read tonight when my other kid is sure to get what my sick kids has.It passes time and it’s good to laugh

good luck!!! That is a tough one when one is sick and the other isn’t, YET.

lorelei51h on

People get over it already! It’s a good thing she treats both children the same and seems to care about them equally. There is too much hatred being spewed in this posts. Take a moment and think how many step children are being mistreated by their step parents. If she truly cares about Jack as much as she says, nore power to her and he is truly a blessed child.

Jean on

I don’t think the photo they selected to use looks like an evil stepmother…but I do think Gisele looks a lot like Barbra Streisand!

I’m glad the boys get along.

Victoria on

People tell me that I look similar to Gisele and I still don’t like her. She needs to lose her “arrogant” attitude because she comes off as extremely condescending. It just shows that she doesn’t care about anybody else except herself. I am appauled by some of the things she has said within the past 2 years.

Sarah K. on

1. Many of you cannot read apparently. No where in this article does she say “my son, Jack.” There is nothing wrong with a nickname. I would be more concerned if she gave endearing names to Ben, but not Jack. In fact she has said in previous interviews “step-son.” And the quote from three YEARS ago that so many of you are harping on she says that she loves him like he is her own, that she feels like he’s 100% hers AND that she respects Bridget’s role as the baby’s mom. The fact that he calls her GG is an indicator that the lines have been drawn. Reading comprehension is key.

2. Bridget does talk about Jack to the media. When he was born she had him on the cover of a magazine. When she was coming out with Ramona and Beezus she talked about him in an interview. The fact is that Gisele gets more press than Bridget, so she has more opportunities.

3. Where was the outrage when Matt Damon said my 4 daughters? Alexia has a dad who is involved in her life. In fact, part of the reason they lived in Florida for so long is because that’s where Alexia’s dad lives. So, not Matt did not raise her full-time as one poster suggested. But, still she is his and he loves her just as much. All any of you had to say was “Awwww, that is so cute!”

4. Where was the outrage when Paul Bettany said “my son, Kai”? Kai also had a dad who, as far as we know, is still involved. What did you all say? “How great that he sees his step-son as his son!”

The double standard is obvious and ridiculous. The insecure mommy brigade is out in full force. No one is trying to steal Bridget’s child. But, the fact is that Jack is a member of Gisele’s family. He should be treated the exact same way as Ben, down to nicknames, kisses, hugs, gifts, etc.

Nancy on

Jean–Gisele is not the most facially beautiful of the VS models, but she is light years ahead of Streisand. Not a good comparison.

swankmama on

Sure, some of Gisele’s previous comments have been blunt and not carefully thought out (eg: breastfeeding) but as a young step-mother myself to a 10 1/2 year old and a mother to a beautiful 17 month old, I can relate to her comments. When people ask me how many kids I have, I say two even though I get weird looks because we are a very multicultural family. Go figure, right? I mean, what if she was adopted? I do feel like I am one of her main caregivers as my husband has full custody of her and she lives with us. We both make the situation as normal as possible for her. And the fact that she loves her baby brother so much – and vise versa – just melts my heart. Her baby brother is also already very protective of his sister.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t try to replace her mom in any way but, at the same time, I am in a position to assert motherly duties in a loving way. I love it!

I can see how this subject can be touchy in ways to split families. If a situtation ever occurred and my son had a step-mother, I might feel livid at first but would be willing to overlook everything else as long as my son is in a loving environment with his step-mother. That would be all I could ask for. But positively speaking, I would never have to worry about that 😉

Romy on

she knows what people say about her, so in her next interview she should say ‘to clear things up I know Jack has a wonderful mother that he loves, but he is also very dear to me and is a part of my family.’ or something like that! her comments always sound so weird!

michele on

criticizing her character? her looks? her words? I mean come on, quit it. Just quit.

and Gisele has not ONE time mentioned Bridget’s name in her interviews, thats Bridget’s territory (name dropping)…When I read her what was it, good housekeeping article? all she was doing was implying and even mentioning Gisele’s name. I thought it was low and very unclassy. All I have seen from her is a whiney,weak,bitter woman. I’m sorry, boo hoo, people break up everyday in the real world!!!! why did Bridget pose on OK magazine selling her story? Did we see Gisele doing that? no we didn’t Gisele would not be associated with a low celeb gossip magazine such as OK magazine. Don’t hate because Gisele can get better interivews than OK and goodhousekeeping central or w/e magazine Bridget posed for. Gisele has not once talked bad about others! Instead she speaks kindly and she gets this? Gisele has not even mentioned Bridget’s name in an interview. I appreciate it. Bridget has to mention Tom and Gisele to even get an interview. how sad. and you dont hear/see much from her because Im sure the going rate for her is much less than Gisele/Benjamin news. end of story.

Andover on

She never respects that Jack has a mother and it’s not her! “My little peanut” – he’s not hers and “our little peanut” would just be so much more respectful of Bridget’s presence in her own sons’s life!
But she doesn’t care about Bridget – it’s all about her! Another narcisistic celeb…shocker!!!!!

MiB on

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t bothered to read all the comments, but from a step childs perspective I have to say, that she sounds like a great step mother! I would be offended if my stepmother introduced me as her step daughter (though I think it’s quite all right that she sometimes introduces me as her husbands daugther). As a child, I would also have been totally upset if she had treated me differently from my brother just because I am not her flesh and blood.

Giselle seems to totally have embraced him as part of the family, and she loves him like a son! That doesn’t mean she doesn’t acknowledge that he has a biological mother who he lives with most of the time. To embrace your step children as your own isn’t something that can be switched off the moment they walk out the door. Both my step mother and step father have told me they missed me during family celebrations like birthdays, christmas or easter, they don’t say it because they don’t respect my biological parents, but because they see and cherish me as part of the family, and I truly appreciate that. I wouldn’t want it any other way (in fact, I think I would be quite miserable if it was).

I dream of finding, starting a family and grow old with The Right One, but if we were to split up and he found another partner, my greatest wish would be that she (or he) who loved my child as her/his own, because that would be someone I would feel I could entrust my child to when I wasn’t there. Off course, I am of the belief that the more people who love a child, the better!

Kristina on

I am a stepmother also, and have been for 13 of his 14 years and the comments made about her trying to be his mother are ridiculous. She is a part of that child’s life, and not trying to take the child’s mother away. He does not call her mom, hence GG, but if he is going to be there half of the time throughout his life can’t she show him her love for him. If she would not include him,he would probably feel left out. He is an innocent child that has been with her his whole life, she is his stepmom.

DH on

How adorable! I love the idea for the web animated series! I think it must be difficult having a blended family as they do, but it appears that both ladies are very repectful and put the children first. Well done :o)

Bris on

I really hate it that she tries to act like Jack is her son, he has a mother! Would Gisele like it if Tom remarried and his new wife acted like Benjamin was her son?

And @Kristina& @MiB she has said that she feels like Jack is “100% mine”, is that not disrespectful?

Jen DC on

Wow. Just…wow. I’m with Sarah K. and a bunch of other realistic, common sense people on here: It’s absolutely wonderful that she loves Jack as much as she does and tries not to differentiate between those boys. I’m a stepchild and my stepmother was a monster. She treated me very differently than she treated her own children and made sure that I knew that it was a hardship to have me around – and this woman knew me FROM BIRTH. (Really: How do you get involved with a man who has children then blame the child for its existence? Baffles me to this day…)

As far as respecting Bridget, how has Gisele disrespected her? Gisele does the most important thing, which is to love and respect Jack. Giving Jack a nickname like “my little peanut” is not a disservice to Bridget, and proves nothing about how Gisele views her role in Jack’s life. And are all of you claiming that you don’t have special nicknames for unrelated godchildren or friends’ kids? REALLY? You’ve never called someone else’s child “my little” whatever? SERIOUSLY?

As far as calling Jack “100% mine,” think about it. Which would you rather have for your child: A stepmother who couldn’t give a damn, or a stepmother who would announce to the world, “I love this kid so freakin’ much, I love him like he’s my own”? Yes, I’m sure Bridget Moynahan had to work it out in her own head for a minute, but really, given the alternatives, I’ll take a woman who loves my child unconditionally over someone who views him as an obstacle to her relationship with my former husband/boyfriend.

I am formerly a nanny and I called Chachi everything from “my little buddy” to “my lovey” – IN FRONT OF HIS MOTHER. Does that mean I was disrespecting his mom all that time? Did that mean I was in some kind of psychological contest for the baby’s love? No, not at all. And when people approached us to tell me how beautiful they thought “my son” was, most of the time, I would just graciously accept their compliments because really, why bother to tell a complete stranger that this kid, clutching at my shirt and sucking on my neck isn’t actually mine? I loved him, he loved me and we spent all day together. Mysteriously, he always knew who his mom was when she came back from work. Go figure.

You are all very angry for some inexplicable reason. If Bridget Moynihan can go on with her life and expresses no discomfort about the way Gisele loves on her son publicly, then why can’t you?

Bris on

@Kristina & @MiB, Gisele has said that in her mind Jack is “100% mine”, is that not disrespectful to his mother and over stepping her bounderies? Bridgette called her out on it, which is good.

What if Tom remarried and his new wife said that Benjamin was “100%” hers? Alicia Keys does the same thing with Swiss Beatz kids! Telling the youngest son to call her ‘mom’, which is disrespctful to the mother and confusing to the child.

Kellie on

Jen- You are on a celeb baby site, so stop acting like you really respect privacy. The reason you say Bridget gives Jack privacy is because she isn’t as famous. Tom and Gisels are a ‘It Couple” like Brad and Angie so the papz will follow them around. So please don’t blame Gisele for that it’s not like she sold the first baby pics of Jack to a magazine agency.Wait that was Bridget….

People seiously you are offended by the term my little peaut??? I call my nices my little peanuts, sweet peas and princess all the time. Well it clearly means I show strong possession of them and I am clearly trying to replace their mother. The nerve of me.

People who hate can hate her… but lets also be objective. All of you who are complaining about how she is trying to be Jacks mom and blah blah, where is that in the article, please point that out to me…. oh wait you can’t. You are just being bias. There is NOT A WORD she said in this article that is offensive, you guys are just being uptight.

Also Gisele had nothing to do with the break up of there relationship. Tom wasn’t with Bridget when he met Gisele so people need to get over that.It’s Clear that Tom made the decision to be with the woman he loved and married her… let it go

Rose on

@Romy: I’m just curious, did you say the same thing when Matt Damon said he had four kids? Somehow I doubt it. I have no problem with somenoe expressing their disagreement with Gisele, but I find the reasons given for the disagreement rather disingenuous.

Kellie on

Bris- Could a 100% mine be in love and acceptance of that little boy. That she doesn’t take consideration of his dna but that Jack that she is lucky he is part of her family.

Not in terms oh his mother doesn’t exist and he came out of my womb, type of thing.Yeah I can see how Bridget took that the wrong way. But could you also see it from that view point too? I mean Jack calls her GG not mom or mommy

jane on

This woman makes me throw up in my mouth! She constantly disregards Bridget Moynahan and the fact that the child has a mother. I thought I was done with her after her ridiculous and insulting breastfeeding comments. She should stick to photos and there should be a law she makes no further public comments!!

hellfiknow on

No baby belongs solely to it’s biological mother, no matter how hateful some of you apparently are. No child should be “owned” by anyone, as all children require from the adults around them is love.No wonder stepparenting is so difficult as some of you would apparently rather have your children at a distance from their stepmothers maybe because you haven’t worked things out with their fathers. That only hurts YOUR child. Gisele may have “stolen” Tom Brady in your eyes, but he apparently left quite willingly. And whoever said he left Bridget for a supermodel, ummm, Bridget was quite well-known as a model AND and actress before Gisele came on the scene. And what difference does that make, whoever she got left for, she was left.

Those of you who question Gisele’s love for her husband’s son and would want her not to be affectionate and loving toward him the same way she is to her own child, are evil people. You are putting your own issues before your child’s happiness, and that is truly sad.

S on


Exactly,Jack calls her GG not mom.She doesn’t disregard Bridget.

Meghan on

I think it’s quite obvious that we have a few desperate trolls on this blog! Mary, Jax and all the other trolls, keep up the good work and enjoy all the attention that you’re getting ;-).

Kelly on

Wow, I’m amazed people feel the need to be so negative! I think it is wonderful she is so open to her step-son and makes an effort for him to feel loved within the family. I’m sure it will be rough him growing up with two sets of parents but it’s nice he will feel like he is family (he is after all). She is not trying to replace his mother, he calls her GG, nothing like any form of “Mom”. He is only 3 and there really isn’t any other way to interact with them than being a nurturing and caring individual. Quit hating and just take it at face value and stop trying to make her into some monster. I think the world would be a better place if we stopped being so negative about everything and everyone.

Dawn on

I am soooo sick of people judging stepmoms for being stepmoms. i have 4 kids – 3 step, 1 bio. but, when i meet someone, i say, “i have 4 kids.” i don’t separate the two. i’m damned if i do because then i’m the wicked stepmother who doesn’t love her stepkids and i’m damned if i don’t because then i’m trying to take the ‘real’ mom’s place.

how about looking at the fact that jack is truly blessed to have so many people love him?????

i could only hope that my bio kid had a stepmom who loves her as much as her own.

Tanya on

I always thought Tom acted like a douche in dating so quickly with Bridget being pg, but the past is the past. I think it’s wonderful that Gisele has a great relationship with Jack, and obviously it’s better for family as a whole.

Bridget has remained quite private about how she feels so unless she’s got issues or concerns, maybe we should all give this woman a break.

I thought it was a hurtful the way they flaunted their relationship and being so public during Bridgets pg, but I won’t fault the woman for bonding with her step-son and making him feel an equal part of the family unit – whether he is “her” son “his” son or “our” son. I don’t see one statement that she implies he is “hers” or even uses that word. What is wrong with loving the idea your sons – step or otherwise – get along so well?

C’mon..give the woman a break. She can’t win either way on the Brady issue and she’s not the one that did the leaving either!! Root against the PATS! 🙂

Tanya on

I have nothing negative to say about Gisele – she loves her step-son and that’s wonderful.

In regards to the “going rate” for Tom Brady – I don’t know. What’s the going rate for a douche that leaves his girlfriend while she’s pregnant and then steps out in public with his new girlfriend within a month or two? Not much IMHO.

Hea on

Every child that is loved is a lucky child. Gisele has two lucky little boys, one which she birthed herself and one she got as a bonus. I admire her for being able to treat them just and I love the love she seems to feel for them.

mary on


The majority of the USA root against Tom Brady and the Patriots!!!! on

You what is sad is that you people don’t have to opportunity to read/watch Tom interviews Especially the one he did after his car accident when he talked about how he could wait to see his SON and SONS, Son and his wife. Or the picture of his locker in gillette stadium that has only a pic of Ben and no John. Or the dozens of pictures of him holding and kissing Ben and there is NONE of him being remotely affectionate with John. And the worst of all, in a WEEI radio interview, he talked about John and the Beckham boys going to a football game and 5 mins in John crys and wants to go home. He calls his wife to pick him up and he added this line which sits very uncomfortable with me: “He starts crying about wanting to go home and you just want to kill him but you love him so much” who talks about that child like that. I don’t think Tom hates John but i think what and how bridget handled the whole situation makes tom resent john a little and it shows at least to me but i am comforted because Giselle is such a loving person. Lets not forget the tabloid Bridget did “Life Without Daddy” when John was 10 days old. or this bitchy comment she released after Benjamin was born. All in all, tom to me is getting off so easy like all the other men do. as the women would rather attack a women, especially if she is beautiful (see Gisele, angelina)
Acting like a man doesn’t have the mind of his own to be with whoever he wants

Alex on

I happen to be the biological mother of four boys who are often toted around by their step-mother and being introduced as “my four sons”. Most of the women in my community confide to me that it bothers them when she says that because they know I gave birth to them and I believe a small part of them fears a step-mother replacing them someday. My ex’s new wife and I get along famously but I DO understand why Gisele’s comments irk many readers…it IS disrespectful for a step-parent to say a child is “100% mine”. However, intellectually I know she says it because she loves that child and co-parents him.

mary on


Everyone says Gisele did not pick the title for this article. It was pick by the article writer to cause conflict. The same is true about the title “Life Without Daddy”. Bridget did not pick this title the magazine selected it to cause conflict just like this article.

Mia on

I just think it’s a different situation: If the biological parent is not involved in the child’s life at all-then Ok, a step-parent takes on 100% responsibility. Example: Matt Damon, Seal…etc.

But if the biological parent has sole custody-I think (unless it’s been discussed and arranged) the step-parent has to have some kind of boundary with respect to the biological parent: a child already has 2 parents-no need to confuse/create an uncomfortable situation having the child also call their step-parent “mom” or “dad” or vica versa.

Emmy on

Coming from a similar family background, I can remember my stepmother calling me ‘my husband’s daughter’ when I was 5 years old. Frankly, it hurt my feelings. It made me feel like I didn’t belong. When I started to question why she called me that, she stopped, and started saying ‘my daughter’ or ‘our daughter’. It doesn’t matter what the public thinks. The only thing that matters is that Jack feels loved, no matter where he is.

Terri on

I agree with Tanya. I like that we can all dsagree without being nasty. Other threads with this many comments are rarely this civil.

Dixie on

I can’t beleive I have read a few of your postings and am actually commenting. We do not personally know Tom Brady, Giselle or Bridgette. Giselle did not make Tom leave Bridgette. If memory serves me correctly Tom and Bridgette had already broken up, got back together briefly and then she got pregnant. If Tom wanted to marry her he would have. People will not stay with you if they don’t want too and you can’t blame the other man or woman. Ultimately it is your partner that decided to bail. As for her mentioning Jack often it’s nice that she likes him. Think how uncomfortable and unfortuante it would be if she disliked her stepson as many step parents do. We all know Bridgette is Jacks mom. Lay off Giselle.



jas on

Clearly you people haven’t ever been a stepchild. If you had, you would appreciate the fact that she loves both boys as her own and doesn’t separate them. There isn’t a feeling in the world worse than being “the stepchild”. I have a mom and a dad, but my parents have been divorced for 20 years. My stepdad treats me as his own, his family treats me as a stepchild. It makes holidays and birthdays miserable.

It could be worse…she could be like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. You don’t even know that she has other children besides Sunday Rose 🙂

J. on

Poor Bridget. I’d go freaking insane if I had to send my children to spend time with the other woman. Her talking in the press about their time together is really just a slap in the face.

J. on

Poor Bridget. It’s like Leann Rimes and whatshisname’s boys. It would be hard enough to send your child to spend time with a woman who is taking your place for that time. But then to hear about it in the press too? It’s like a slap in the face.

Mi on

Gisele was raised in a big family from Brazil. I understand the way, she talks about her step-son.
In Brazil that’s pretty normal….and lovely, different culture and different thoughts.
I respect her…she’s lovely…like her mother…

Coco on

I too never really know how genuine Giselle is when she speaks about Jack, or anything for that matter. She does have a slight wicked stepmother look to her.

If I was Bridget I would be OVERJOYED that my son’s stepmother called him her little peanut. Bridget loves her son and want other people to love him too. A good mother does not let her need for revenge overshadow what’s healthiest for Jack.

Anonymous on

How is she even a supermodel? I don’t get it.

Cyn on

Some of you people are just so ridiculous and petty. She gets QUOTED from interviews she gives.

Also, Matt Damon always refers to his FOUR DAUGHTERS. No, he has THREE. Maybe I should go post on EVERY Matt picture “Who does he think he is? I hate how he lets people believe he has FOUR, when the eldest isn’t his!”

You don’t know their family dynamics. What the hell is the point in judging what you BELIEVE is her attempt to “out-mom” Bridget Moynahan from a few quotes / misquotes on a gossip blog.

Janey on

To- MY OPINION – She did not “screw around” (as you say) while he was with Bridget, they had completely finished their relationship. I am on team Giselle, she has really taken to being a stepmother and respects Jack. Bridget is the one who says all the snide comments in the press.

michele Davis on

How can she claim to be environmental when I recently read she has a huge electric bill from excessive Xmas lights?

Alex on

I was just bored at work and decided to read this article. You people must have a lot of time on your hands to sit and argue over something so stupid! And some of you are getting really upset!! Meanwhile, your poor children are probably being neglected while you defend what great mothers you are online. If America put half of the passion into important issues as they do Gisele freakin’ Bündchen, maybe we could get something done! Thanks for the entertainment!

HKL on

Bridget has custody. Tom has visitation. And according to Tom, he sees Jack approximately ONE WEEK PER MONTH. Bridget is his primary parent.

Karen on

Personally, I think she does it just to aggravate Bridget. Did we all forget what happened here????? He left Bridget pregnant and alone for her. I hope Karma kicks her in the ass. Everyone knows she is NOT his mother. Glad the kids get along.

Julie on

Giselle is sort of annoying, the whole “make it a law to breastfeed” thing was a bit much. A child can never have too much love, and if she wants to love her step-son like her own, I think that’s great. I hope Mr. Tom Brady is counting his blessings, two beautiful children, and two wonderful mothers to love them.

Anonymous on, I think you should take a second look at the videos of Tom giving interviews by his locker in Gillette Stadium. He has two picture frames, one is a picture of John and the other is of Benjamin, and they are both posing wearing Tom’s helmet & jersey. I have no idea how you missed it considering they are right next to each other.

And two more things:
1. For all the people who are complaining that Tom and Gisele dated while Bridget was pregnant: Do you also have a problem with Bridget since she said she dated during her pregnancy in Harper’s Bazaar?
2. For all the people who are up in arms over step parents respecting boundaries: Why aren’t you in the Jodie Sweetin thread? Her boyfriend says her daughter calls him Papa and no one complains. Gisele says John calls her ‘GG’ and people want to hang her. Definitely a double standard when it comes to step-mothers vs. step-fathers.

Danielle on

I was watching The Talk and Jada Pinkett Smith was on. She was talking about her stepson Trey just turned 18 and many times she said “MY SON”.

JMO on

I am not a Bridget fan more so bc of her comments about the breastfeeding thingy. But I think I’d much rather her see her consider Jack a son then to never talk about him or simply ignore him like he is a “step” child.

And yes Jada Pinkett considers Trey to be her son and will only refer to him as her son but talks highly of his mother and says that they do their best to raise Trey together (and apparently they’re all very close). I think that works out better for the child.

So Jack has a mommy and he has a step mommy and somtimes 2 mommy’s are better then 1 mommy. So good for Jack for having the best of both worlds!

Beth on

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of “first” wives (or former girlfriends) posting on this thread. Some of these posts just smack of the “bitter ex syndrome”.

Tee on

I’ll admit that I really don’t like Gisele because of that breast feeding comment she made and you can rest assured that I’m as pro nursing as it gets! I’m also not a fan of the way he is always photographed with her since his mother has made it clear she doesn’t want him photographed. And don’t get me started on that 100% mine comment. However, I don’t see anything wrong with this article except for it’s title, which I’m assuming she didn’t really have any control over. I think it’s sweet that Ben and Jack are getting along so well! She seems to be a wonderful step mother and little Jack is really blessed to have THREE parents that love him so much when so many children don’t have any loving parents.

Sarah said… “Okay for all you retarded women out there who are freaking out saying, “THE KID’S NAME IS JOHN NOT JACK!!” Guess what?? JACK IS A NICKNAME FOR THE NAME JOHN! Get some education. Also, leave Gisele alone- she loves both of these kids and she’s not trying to replace Jack’s real mom. You hateful women are truly pathetic.”

Sorry, Sarah, but the only thing that’s pathetic and uneducated is calling somebody retarded for ANY reason, especially for not knowing a child’s nickname!

Kathy on

Enough is enough,,this child is well protected by his mom, dad and stepmom. Who do people think they are to voice their opinions? If you haven’t anything nice to say then don’t say it at all! We have enough other problems in the world to worry about then to get involved with this family. How do we know what goes on behind closed doors,, WE DON’T, therefore why not assume that the Bridget, Gisele and Tom all get along for the sake of the child, who’s to say, I don’t know, you don’t know so rather than nit/pick for example, Gisele is a homewrecker,whore,looks like Barbra Streisand or Bridget is a whore, got preg. intentionally and Tom is a jerk for not staying with Bridget,, we all need to mind our own business and leave them alone. Lets wish them all the very best and hope the Patriots make it to superbowl, after all I do live in Foxboro home of the New England Patriots,,Think Positive for the entire Brady Family. It doesn’t hurt to be positive, lets make this a better world and write nice things instead of insulting people we don’t even know. Ask yourself what these people ever did to you for you to tear them up? Nothing!!Don’t always believe what you read…Peace.

Crystal on

Usually I can’t STAND Gisele and her condescending comments but this article is actually really sweet and thoughtful. I thought that maybe she would feel differently about Jack being hers when she had her own biological child but that clearly isn’t the case. She is making the most of what was an awkward situation and has turned it into a loving, peaceful, caring family for BOTH of her children. I think that Jack is blessed to have a step-mom who loves him so much. I’m sure she is not trying to take Bridget’s place because she is his mother and that will never change. Instead she is enhancing his life by being a bonus mother and for that I applaud and admire her. I wish her all the best!

alice jane on

I can’t believe there are 204 (as of right now) posts about this… I’m not really a Giselle fan, but I think it’s wonderful that Jack has two moms who love him and are looking out for him.

Snider on

I don’t care if Gisele loves her step-son, Jack, as her own. Good if she does! I wonder if she still has the same feeling after she and Tom are divorced. You know, it will happen,in 5 years, 10 years, it will happen. I can’t see this relationship last forever. Then, she still call Jack my son?

Things that annoy me about Gisele are her self righteous comments and her hyprocrite. She wants us to act environmentally sounds. Yet, she is building this mega home, 20,000 sq ft. She talked about legalizing breasfeeding to all women. Well it’s easy to say if you don’t have to get back to work full time 2 days after having a baby. She talked about family was a reponsible for anorexia ( and her fashion/media industry had nothing to do with it). That made the medical community to come out against her comment. Her list goes on. I agree with one of the comment here that she is insecure. Somehow, she seems she has to prove to the world that she is smart, happy, beautiful (of course she has a horse-like- face). When Gisele was with Leo, she seemed much normal amd much likable. Since she’s been with Tom, she likes to show off, somehow. Any idea why? Or this is real Gisele.

sat on

melisa, that urge is generally known as…the green-eyed monster 🙂

gdfg on

“I just think it’s a different situation: If the biological parent is not involved in the child’s life at all-then Ok, a step-parent takes on 100% responsibility. Example: Matt Damon, Seal…etc.”

First of all, Matt Damon’s step-daughter’s dad is VERY involved with his daughter.

Secondly, Seal is NOT a step-dad. He is the legal parent to all four of the children he has with his wife.

val k on

Most americam women hate Gisele only because, well she is beautiful, rich by her own doing and she married the all american football star.
If anything they should love her even more for choosing him, she could have had ANY man including yours.She is doing a good job and she acted much better than his former american girlfriend who got pregnant so he would marry her.GO GISELE

Samantha on

I wish she would just stop commenting on Bridget’s son! It’s enough already! We get it! You’re the new sheriff in town!

michele on

Calling him her “little peanut” is much less primitive than acknowledging him as “half sibling” the way Bridget did when Benjamin was born. Now that was appalling! what a SNOB!!!

(check out and search Gisele Bundchen, you will see what I mean. Lainey couldnt even believe the nerve!)

michele on

oh would also like the mention the Rich Eisen podcast where Baby Benjamin’s picture was behind Tom, did you realize there are 2 sides to the photo album??? LOL probably not, you just want something to complain about. Well guess who is on the other side of the photo album??? yes you guessed it! Jack/John!!! He is also in a Patriots #12 uniform so Tom has both his boys up. Seriously quit trying to make something out of nothing.
I really hope Bridget will soon acknowledge Benjamin as more than a half sibling “thing”.

joy on

I dont like the off hand comment she made about bridget. She made a comment after she got with Tom..that she wasn’t the type of women who would get pregnant even if he man had said he wasn’t ready. This comment was on the hills of the media saying she stole tom while bridget was pregnant. so she pretty much said bridget got pregnant on purpose. Secondly..she made a comment about two month before tom and her came out. The reporter asked her what kind of man she like and she said Tom the new england quarteback was a man she would love to date. Then two month later they come out…Tom and bridget weren’t broke up.
I like giesle. and think she done great for herself. I don’t think she said anything wrong in the article..but steal she nows she stole Tom.

Rose on

@ValK: I think all the negative comments on this thread are ridiculous – and I have no idea why people are spewing so much negativity. But I also don’t understand your comment “she could have ANY man including yours.” – You’re certainly not giving men very much credit with that remark. Do you seriously think happily married/engaged/dating men are just going to drop the person they’re with if they had a chance to be with Gisele. I happen to have a higher opinion of men than that – I think if a man is with someone he loves then it wouldn’t matter if Halle Berry was standing in front of him naked, he would still turn her down. But I guess you think all men are at the level of drooling teenagers, totally guided by their libidos and nothing else. That’s very sad.

Melly on

I think if I were the real mother, and I heard the stepmother talking like she’s the real mother, I’d want to set the stepmother straight. But maybe they all have very warm relationships going.

Annalee on

It is wonderful that she loves both boys so much and considers both of them her sons. She isn’t trying to take Bridget Moynahan’s place,no one can do that, she is just being a loving, caring person. I bet Bridget is thankful her son is loved so much by so many people.

Melissa on

You’re an awful person, and you’re not even pretty – your face is average, at best. You just have a nice body that sells a lot of underwear for Victoria’s Secret. I believe they call girls like you a butterface – you know, everything looks good but-her-face. You have no talents, because wearing underwear and stealing the father of someone’s child are not talents. Bridget is an infinitely prettier, better person than you and is much better off without scum like you and Tom around.

tery on

Right on, Lacey. It’s bad enough that Ms. Moynahan was kicked to the curb by Brady, but Bundchen is adding insult to injury by ONCE AGAIN behaving as though Brady’s son with Ms. Moynahan was her own. Shame on Bundchen for repeating the lesson she should have learned the FIRST time she acted like Jack was her child. Shame on her also for showing everyone that brains and beauty can’t mix.

Erin on

I think the real issue here is that there are a lot of women who feel jaded by the men in their lives, and are venting their frustrations on a public board. Yes, it does appear that Tom Brady’s first baby mama was kicked to the curb and replaced by this supermodel, but who are we to pass judgement on was Giselle does or doesn’t do with ker kids? I think if there is any flaw, it is that Mr. Brady had this huge public romance with Giselle while Bridget was pregnant. Being sort of obsessed with Hollywood myself, I feed into these stories, too. But we have to think rationally. Ultimately, it is the best interest of the kids that both “mothers” love him and accept him as their own.

michele on

Melissa, i have yet to see anyone call her names be anywhere near as beautiful or successful from their looks. so really that point of view is irrelevant.

Bridget has plain jane girl syndrome. Looks like Katie Holmes mom or aunt. Please go look her up if you like her so much more.

Gisele’s face and body have made her millions which is alot more than Im sure you or Bridget or any other average female who loves to call out “average” can say. Just about every famous woman out there gets called ugly/average by actual average people. Its quite funny actually. Some people assume Gisele is the bad one, but if you look at the bigger picture; the one who incessantly talks about others in their interviews, the one who does OK magazine photoshoots selling their child,the one who still has no ring on their finger,etc..Its all quite clear who is classy and who is not. Get over it, move on. Done. Team Bridget/Team Gisele should be non-existent at this point.

Besides why can’t Gisele speak of Jack? where is the problem? Last time I checked every interview Gisele does, Benjamin is the biggest topic now days (at least she’s not name dropping other people constantly) so why wouldn’t she mention him? Obviously he is a big part of Benjamin’s life. Did you forget to read the part that Benjamin’s face lights up when he sees his big brother? oh yes of course you forgot to focus on the real subject here: Her “sons” relationship. Instead you gotta re-hash old feeling/opinions you already think about her. That my friends is why the word “jealous” keeps being brought up. This isn’t about what she says/said. Its about their hatred for this woman whom they have never and will never meet.

Kellie on

Snider-What a rude comment to make, does it bring you joy when a marriage ends?

Melissa- I really would like to know who left you, though I can kind of see why??? Also would you say the same thing about Heidi, Tyra, Iman?

Tery- If you used your brain that comment would not have been made.

Also I more offended with Bridget’s “Half Brother” about Ben. Atleast Gisele isn’t putting label’s no the two boys. I think Bridget is the one who would likely treat Ben differet compared to Jack. Which is sad in my eyes.

michele on

wow breastfeeing Gate part 2? LOL seriously when I first read this article, I thought awww very cute. Low and behold did I not expect to see this many comments/reaction, again over nothing…LOL. (should have known, its gisele we’re talking about) This my friends keeps her on the Forbe’s most powerful lists. She is raking in the dough,has impact (as seen here) and internet web hits go through the roof (also seen here) so you haters who don’t like her and wish bad upon her and for her to go away, well you certainly aren’t helping the cause!

Louise on

Bridget’s son’s name is John… where did Jack come from?

marina on

I’m at lost with the logical of some of you.

What is wrong with Bridget’s congratulation message? It’s good for Jack to feel love as much as Ben by Gisele because they would be both in the same roof, having the same rules and all that. Bridget doesn’t have a relation with Ben, and, for now, it’s highly unlikely that she has both boys at her house.

Also why is wrong that Gisele love Jack? She has known him since he was born, feed him, take care of him and married her father.

I’m sure that all three adults get along fine, even if it’s only for Jack’s best interested. Maybe we all should try to do the same?

Sara on

“I agree. Whether she is a good stepmom is really not the question. It’s how she makes it sound, like Jack is her son. He has a mom. What would be nice is if she would acknowledge it, but she never has. Good stepmoms would acknowledge his mom. The part that got me is when she said “my little peanut”. A lot of ownership in her story.” My thoughts exactly! She was she presents herself, always disregarding Bridget’s Son is really annoying. It’s great she seems like a good Mom to her son as well as Jack, but it would be fantastic if she took another approach in her articles and statements.

marina on

“I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby,” the actress, 38, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “I’m sure my son will enjoy having a half-sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family.”

That is the whole Bridget’s statement, it doesn’t really sound bad, actually I found it cute (and Giselle’s comment on Jack are cute as well!)

Tee on

Rose, very well worded comment! I rather hope ValK answers you!

Sarah K. on

Louise, as a lot of other people have said Jack is a nickname for John. Bridget also calls him Jack.

And once again people, she’s not allowed to call her step-son (who she’s known since he was born) “my little peanut”? No really? Do you not refer to your nieces, nephews, godchildren, step-children as “my little” anything? What kind of insecure, possessive mother would actually be offended by that?

She’s never said “he’s my son.” If someone wants to find me a quote where she does say that, I’m all ears. She has always said “my step-son”. The fact is that her son is Jack’s brother, her husband is Jack’s father, Jack is a part of her family. Bridget has obviously accepted that and I suggest you do too.

Since Jack calls Gisele “GG”, it’s obvious he knows who his mom is. She isn’t going to steal him for pete’s sake. It’s been three years and they’ve maintained the same custody arrangement, so obviously things are working for them. Get a grip or at least quit with the glaring double standards.

loren on

@michele”LOL seriously when I first read this article, I thought awww very cute. Low and behold I did not expect to see this many comments/reaction, ” I know and mostly for things she didn’t say or did not say in this article 🙂

AM on

Not to be mean or anything but why are people always making a big deal over Giselle in the first place. I find it hard that she is a model lto begin with. Her face is not that drop dead gorgeous but as my Mom always said “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”.

Sarah on

To those people who think that Gisele “stole” Tom Brady away, even though he was clearly single at the time they got together?

. . .people can’t be stolen. They have to come willingly.

Tab on

WOW!!!! I am amazed, really…she loves her stepson so she is evil?!?!?!

That is a lucky little boy to have a stepmother who treats him like her own. I know plenty of stepmothers and most of them are hateful and show a huge difference between their bio kids and the stepkids.

I am sure his mom appreciates her child being in good hands when he is over there. He is old enough to tell if she is mean. Come on people she is doing a good thing here.
And maybe JACK is a nickname???? hmmm imagine that…let’s see what the next thing is that will be pulled out of this article to critize her for.

Sharon on

Oh Hell. I’d love to hate her because I am one of all the jealous females in America. The problem is, I can’t hate her. She expresses things differently than some of us would, but I think her foreign-ness has a lot to do with that. I think she is trying to be the best mom and step-mom that she can be. If she was being a bitch and not wanting her husband to have anything to do with his first son, then everyone would be on here and on her case about THAT. She believes in families. period. She encourages the boys to build a relationship. I wanna hate her (so, ~~~sigh~~~ Tom Brady would look my way and see what he has been missing) but, I realized I just can’t.

Caroline on

Well for those of you still in some kind of delayed fury over the demise of Tom Brady’s and Bridgit M’s relationship- wow I mean that ended a long time ago. No one including me knows what really transpired since we are not the parties involved. By most accounts- they were in a long term relatinship- it was slowly dying a long distance relationshp death- it apparently wasnt over night- they tried to work it out- and couldn’t- She ends up pregnant from one of their last ditch efforts to reconcile, but not even knowing that she was pregnant, they spilt. So, somehow, the fact that she was pregnant suddenly means they are supposed to forget the fact that they have realized that it wont work for them and get back together? Yeah that makes a lot of sense- get back together for the kid- never mind that the love is gone… As far as him flaunting his new relationship or having a very public romance- ummm he is a top rated QB in the NFL – she is a supermodel. like they had any chance for it to be anything but highly publicized? They don’t have much of a say in it- the press will make up articles and take pictures regardless- it’s hardly like they were taking out full page ads saying” look at us- we are dating”… it takes two to break up in most cases and I think Tom and bridgit made those decisions themselves. There is no law against him dating someone else- he just happened to start dating first- but Bidgit did some of her own as well.

I do think that Gisele means well in most cases, being from a different culture may be part of why she can come across as brash or saying things that we as Americans might think twice about- also she might simply be not using the right words in the proper context- Regardless- she never made any bones about how much she loves and wanted children. I think that when Jack was first born, she might have felt that she needed to make it clear that while she didn’t have children of her own, she was going to love him and take good care of him when he was at their home- maybe she went overboard or said it wrong but there are worse things going on in the world than what she has said or done.

Also, we don’t know if there is some kind of agreement between the adult’s where they agree to not mention each other or if they do- as little as possible- for the very reasons that the press often times causes more problems then there were to begin with by the way they write their articles- they love to try to stir up trouble even if none exists- so maybe it isn’t her disrespecting Bridgit- perhaps she is in actuality, being respectful by talking as little about her as possible.

Some seriously messed up attitudes with some of the posters here- I agree with some who say that people are nasty and rude- the Internet has brough us all to this level. Civility and consideration and kindness is pretty much gone when you have a meduim that allows you to say what ever you want regardless of consequence due to the anonymous factor. Just because you do have the right to an opinion, doesnt mean that you should always indulge it in the most basic unfiltered way which blogs and forums allow people to do. /off the soap box

Redbud on

How is this worthy of a column???? OF COURSE kids that young get along! They don’t know the hate and animosity the parents/step parents have for one another (unfortunately they’ll learn that later on). They are kids and kids just want to play. Why is she surprised at that??!!! Dummy.

I’ve never understood how she is such a famous model. Nevertheless, I hope she is good stepmom to John/Jack. Bridget should be able to know that when HER son is with his father and stepmother he’s being well taken care of.

shapri on

Wow!! After reading these comments ….I guess I did not realize how much negativity there is in this world….I guess no one can say ANYTHING anymore,without being judged.Gisele is just talking to a magazine about her family….so…she knows she is not Jack’s biological mom,but she love’s him just the same….what is so wrong with that? With all that is going on in this world….this is what people argue about?? Go help a family in need, go help feed a starving child,pray for our military,help send our troops supplies,help an elderly person,donate coats for the needy, donate cans of food,just a few ideas besides being negative to someone….

Happy Holiday’s

ugh on

UUUGHHH seriously. who cares people! its an interview. shut up and go do something productive instead of sitting here making stupid opinionated comments about a woman you dont even know. unbelievable. i wish every website would just shut off the comment option.

Anonmymous on

Fact: Bridget was pregnant with Jack while Tom was globe trotting with Gisele.

Fact: Bridget was RAISING Jack while Tom was globe trotting with Gisele.

Tom Brady sucks. He had NOTHING to do with that kid. He’s a glorified uncle, IMHO, and not a father. He’ll be more of a father to Benjamin because he lives with him-but Jack? He’s not in his daily life. Doesn’t live with him-has nothing to do with bringing him to school, won’t be there for daily homework help, may come to a basketball game if he has time. But you ladies are willing to overlook all of that because he’s hot and Gisele’s a model. It’s clear those of you with the “I love this family” comments are:

A) not married
B) not parents

Because when you are pregnant and doing that ALONE while the FATHER is off on yachts doing whatever the hell he wants-that’s awful.

Team Bridget.

Jane on

Most americam women hate Gisele only because, well she is beautiful, rich by her own doing and she married the all american football star.
If anything they should love her even more for choosing him, she could have had ANY man including yours.She is doing a good job and she acted much better than his former american girlfriend who got pregnant so he would marry her.GO GISELE

I think most American women hate her because she thinks we are criminals for having to go back to work after 12 weeks and have no other option than giving our children formula while we are at work and thinks that our children are better served as orphans or a ward to the state than having a formula feeding mother who needs to sit in jail and think about her crime. She also went so far to call American women human garbage disposals and that if we felt pain during natural childbirth we obviously didn’t prepare hard enough like she did.

Pike on

@ Anonmymous on December 6th, 2010

You are so lame.

Pike on

@ Jane on December 6th, 2010

“and thinks that our children are better served as orphans”

Are you nuts????

Hea on

Why do so many of you let her get to you? Are you really that weak?

Rachel on

I’m sure Gisele doesn’t talk about Jack’s mother because she is simply not a part of Gisele’s immediate family. She talks about her children and whether they are stepchildren or her biological children they are still the children in her immediate family tha she helps assume motherly duties for. I don’t see anything wrong with what she has said. She has not been rude or even remotely catty toward the mother of her stepchild.

Jane on

@ Jane on December 6th, 2010

“and thinks that our children are better served as orphans”

Are you nuts????

When someone says there should be a law about something there are usually consequences for breaking it.

Pike on


It’s hyperbola.Get it?

Taylor on

She didn’t say oh there should be a law. She further goes on to state that she wonders why women are going feed their little ones chemicals when they are so young. It wasn’t an off the cuff remark. If it was she wouldn’t have had to issue a statement.

Sue on

Of course, she says she’s crazy about Jack and maybe she really is. But she’d also come off as a real witch if she didn’t. And I’m sure she was jealous of Jack and that’s why she got pregnant so soon after marrying Brady. Speaking of him, what’s up with the hair. Giselle and Tom think they’re “it” and maybe some day they’ll come down to reality.

Terri on

You people need to understand that Gisele has a hispanic heritage. In the spanish culture people are family whether they like it or not. She sees Jack as her son because that is how she was raised. Have you people ever been around latinos? Family is family no matter what. You may want to get to know a person’s culture before you talk.

Kerrey on

I think that it is wonderful she is such a caring person!! I was in the same situation as Bridget and my son’s dad married an incredible woman who loves my son as her own. The more love the child receives the happier and secure adult he will become.

gdrgr on

oh looky: Matt Damon says he loves his girls and forgot to diffrenetiate between blood and step child. How dare he!!!! The Gisele police should get on him and leave over 200 comments analyzing why he is or isnt a good person!!!!

sara on

It is really nice that Gisele treats her step-son like her own. So many mothers are jealous of their step-children and treat them poorly but Gisele seems to have her head on straight and she loves her children (both of them), which is wonderful. Gisele has always wanted children before she turned 30 so for those saying she did this out of jealousy over Jack you obviously didn’t read any of Gisele’s numerous interviews prior to marrying Tom Brady. I think all this jealousy projected towards Gisele is more about peoples self loathing because seriously, this woman hasn’t given anyone reason to hate her other than the fact that she is wealthy, beautiful, successful and clearly has the family she always desired. Who is jealous of that except insecure people!

HKL on

Hmm. I am a nanny to a little boy who is in Jack’s preschool in NYC. So, I don’t think it is anywhere near possible that Jack spends half his time with Tom and Gisele. According to Tom, he sees Jack approximately one week a month. Given that Jack is in school, Tom probably sees him on the weekends only, and then only on the weekends where he has home games.

anoymous on

Some of you really need to get over yourselves…anyway I guess we should account for the fact that in western culture you don’t embrace children from previous relationships but latinos as well as africans tend to love and care for children from previous relationships.

Melissa on

While I applaud Gisele’s effort to make kids aware of environmental issues, I think the best thing Gisele could do for the environment is to consider stopping at 2 kids. Just because her parents contributed to the overpopulation of the planet with 6 kids, doesn’t mean she has to. If she wants kids to be aware of environmental issues, she should start with the most politically incorrect subject and be the voice for true environmental awareness. Overpopulation is root the cause of all other problems we face. Like it or not.

maggi on

You people need to stop being so judgmental the fact that she accepted this child at all into her family makes her a great person. She’s including him, when nothing obligates her too.

Real Man on

You women need a job. You’re so petty and catty. Worry about yourself and what you look like without makeup.

Kristin on

Why do people bother to defend this woman? Yeah, we are so jealous. We are jealous of the blonde German Brazilian who married the white All- American jock in order to live the American dream. We should all be so jealous. WHATEVER!!

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