Spotted: Angelina Jolie and Knox’s Snow Day

12/01/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Let it snow!

It’s a winter wonderland for Angelina Jolie and 2-year-old son Knox LΓ©on, who were happily surprised by snowfall while out in Paris Wednesday.

The Jolie-Pitt brood is currently in the French city promoting the actors’ latest projects — Brad Pitt‘s Megamind and Jolie’s The Tourist — as well as celebrating son Pax‘s 7th birthday.

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Tee on

It looks like Vivi is really enjoying the snow! Sweet picture!

Adriel on

I think that’s Knox.

Vida on

Actually, I think the baby looks like Knox!

Mia on

Aw-cute picture! Apparently it’s Knox-he’s wearing a blue hat/hood.

Link is here:

His hair looks blonde which makes me think it’s Viv-the face looks a lot like Shiloh. They all look so much alike! -LOL.

Sky-Ann on

I see such a mix in little Knox but more Brad than Angie. He does look boy-ish, so that’s probably why!

Mia on

PEOPLE says it’s Viv-,,20446099,00.html

The blonde hair makes me think it’s Viv-who looks a lot like Brad. Knox is ALL Angelina-with light brown hair. Who knows-LOL.

kristin on

I personnaly think it looks like Knox. Knox, to me, has always looked more like Shiloh than Viv did. And this baby to me looks like a mini-Shiloh. Viv has always had puffier cheeks in all the pics I have seen. But who knows, maybe she doesn’t anymore. Either way, totally cute picture.

loren on

Looks like Knox, People could be mistaken, it happens
adorable baby anyway πŸ™‚

Beautee on

What a beautiful picture.

Rosy on

That’s definitely Knox. Ange and Brad sure make beautiful babies

Sheri on

What a fantastic photo. I love the expression on Angelina’s face.

Reena on

It is Knox!!! He has long light brown hair in all his recent pics. Viv has very blond hair like Shiloh used to have as a baby. Knox and Shiloh look very alike, Viv looks very different from them. Other pics show Knox’s blankie that he always has. People is wrong. Knox is looking a lot like Brad now.

ELO on

Super sweet photo.

Ryo on

It’s definitely Knox, not Vivienne, but at least People isn’t calling him Shiloh like a lot of other gossip sites, lol. Knox and Vivienne actually looking nothing alike so it’s not that hard to tell them apart.

Brooke on

People Magazine said it was Viv….but I said aloud “That’s Knox” as soon as I saw it….

cris on

I am with the people that think this is Vivian, unless Knox has long, blond hair (check out the full set of pics on Just jared)Yes, he/she is wearing boys clothing, but that doesn’t mean anything in this family!

Kristin on

Well, PEOPLE now has it as Knox. Sounds like CBB doesn’t know for sure so they just aren’t saying! Whoever it is, adorable kid. Who doesn’t love that first snowfall?

Sasha on

That’s Knox. I’m surprised that People doesn’t know which twin is which since it’s their job to know.

Rye on

I feel like I rarely see images of Viv but more with Shiloh and Knox. where has Viv been?!?

steph on

I was gonna say that baby looks just like shiloh. Idk which twin it is but look like a mini me.


Alisa on

What a beautiful, magical photo. πŸ™‚

Tee on

Okay, than Knox looks like he’s enjoying the snow! Sorry for my mistake, I assumed it was Vivi since that’s what People magazine said! I do have trouble telling them apart unless they are side by side!

lily on

That’s knox. And YES he has long hair. If anyone has seen a picture of vivienne they wouldn’t say this is her.

this is a picture from last month, you can see his long hair

An older picture

Bancie1031 on

Awe Knox and Angelina look great ….. oh and btw just for the record that is Knox not Vivienne …..

It’s good to see one of the twins … I’m actually surprised by how little we have seen the twins …… Usually Angelina and Brad take their kids out way before now and it’s like a rare sighting to see either of the twins!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree. It’s Knox. If nothing else, the blanket visable in some of the other pictures gives it away. We’ve seen Knox with that blanket several times. I also agree that Knox and Viv look quite a bit different from one another. Anyway, Knox is a cutie, and looks just like Angie!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that in other pictures with good, natural bright lighting like this, his hair looks like it does in this picture: dark blonde/light brown. In the photos where his hair looks darker brown, there’s not as much light. So I think it’s the lighting (or rather lack of) that makes his hair look so dark sometimes. πŸ™‚

JM on

such a lovely picture! it looks like something out of a film.

momof3 on

it doesn’t matter what age you are, first snowflakes are wonderful.

Mary Anne on

I thought it was funny that photo agencies identified this chiild as Shiloh, Viv and Knox. I know they all have similarities, but my goodness. To me, he resembles Shiloh more than Vivienne. I see Mr. Pitt in this child more than his mom, but in any case he is adorable. Sweet photo.

gdfg on

Tee, is that what they call her, Vivi? I didn’t know that.

aurora mia on

I used to call TMZ, “my snarky celebrity website.” I think CBB is now on top. Everyone is so judgemental and snarky! It’s the Holidays people, cant we play nice? I think Angelina looks stunning and she is very lucky to have assemebled a happy and healthy family. Cheers!

Monica on

Knox is 100% AJ. He has eyes, nose and lips like his mother. Adorable boy

JMO on

yep it’s Knox and his hair is long! Guess Shiloh wants short and Knox likes long πŸ˜‰

Amanda on

That looks like Knox.

h on

i’d like to see them while they are in Paris…
and i’m pretty sure it’s Knox, def not shiloh.
And it’s freezing cold in Paris right now, i’m surprised that child is not wearing gloves…

Jill on

People/CBB, should be sure they know who the child is before identifying…..They are really slacking these days!

I didn’t read any articles saying this child was Shiloh. Personally, not sure how anyone can think this baby is Shiloh. Do they look alike? Yes, but they are not even close to the same age. My goodness!! Every single article I saw said it was Knox, except on this site.

And gloves…I know I have let kids take off their gloves plenty of times to feel the first time snowfall. How horrible of me!

Kristin on

^^^ This site didn’t identify the child at any point. I was checking since they posted it yesterday because I wanted to know which it was.

On the main people site in the photo gallery it said it was Vivienne and then they changed it to Knox. Us Weekly says it’s Vivienne –

CBB probably just doesn’t know for sure who it is so they aren’t naming either twin.

h on

jill, calm down, i live in Paris and it’s very cold right now. You might think it’s snowing like crazy but realy it’s not. Yesterday, when this picture was taken, there was almost nothing. So believe me, that child could have not even touch those snowflakes, because they were so little.
chill out

Jill on

kristin, they originally identified just the picture as vivienne in the photo gallery, which they now changed to knox. someone has the link above.

I think you need to relax. i am not hyper or high strong. i am commenting and it seems you can’t handle people commenting. you don’t know what i think…..the reason why I said that about them trying to feel the snowflakes….is because that is what they were doing. This site may not have posted those pictures, but many other sites did. They showed pictures of Angelina and Knox “trying” to catch the snowfall.

Kristin on

Right, that’s what I said. My point was CBB never said it was Vivienne OR Knox, that’s all.

Georgina on

H, I think you haven’t understood Jill’s 1st comment. I think she was being sarcastic! So she has no need to chill!

Its snowing in London too, SOOOO exciting!! Even if you’re not 2!

Jill on

kristin, i misunderstood your comment, my bad.

georgina, thanks and i am glad you understand sarcasm! it is snowing here and at my age and at any level of snow it is super to see the first snow of the season!

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I agree about Knox trying to “catch” the snow fall in the other pictures in this set. I also want to point out that Angie and Knox probably weren’t outside for more than a couple minutes at most. Their car probably dropped them off right at or near the entrance to the aquarium (which, you can find out by reading the write-up of this outing on other sites) is where they went.

In anycase, Angelina is certainly not new to motherhood. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing! πŸ™‚ As for sites claiming this was Shiloh….Initially, Splash News Online said Shiloh was the one in this set of pictures. They probably changed it fairly quickly, though. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I agree with what you had to say about people thinking this is Shiloh. I can understand people confusing Knox and Viv a bit in situations like this where they’re all bundled up (when they aren’t wearing hats, it’s pretty easy to tell who’s who!)

But Shiloh is a full two years older than the twins. There is a huge difference between a toddler and a four-year-old! Even though Shi and the twins do look similar, the age differences makes it obvious which child is Shiloh and which ones are the twins!

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- That surprised me at first, too. But the more I’ve thought about, it the more I think that us not seeing much of the twins is due to two main things. The first is the number of kids in the Jolie-Pitt family now. When the other kids were little, Angie and Brad didn’t have six kids to deal with when going places.

The second is the fact that Knox and Viv are twins. I imagine it’s a lot harder to take two toddlers out than one. If Angie had given birth to a singleton instead of twins, I think we would have seen a lot more of that baby out and about by now than we have the twins.

Anyway, I have a feeling that we’re going to start seeing Knox and Viv out a lot more next year. They’ll be turning three then, and will be more independant and also able to do more things. πŸ™‚

ChloeRAWR! on

Awwwwww how cute! if is wasn’t so grainy I’m sure even the Jolie-Pitts would have this tucked away in thier family album =)



AND IT LOOKS LIKE PEOPLE CHANGED IT BECAUSE THE PAGE SAYS “It’s a winter wonderland for Angelina Jolie and 2-year-old son Knox, who were happily surprised by snowfall while out in Paris Wednesday”.

Tee on

gdfg- When the twins were born, I remember reading an article that said they refer to her as Viv and Vivi. Now it seems like you read Viv as her nickname more often. I think I automatically type Vivi because my youngest niece is named Vivian and we call her Vivi!