Samantha Bee Adjusts to Her Party of Five

12/01/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Working Mother

Transitioning from only child to big sister was tough for Piper Bee-Jones, 4½-year-old daughter of Daily Show correspondents Samantha Bee and Jason Jones.

Fortunately, she has been “much more welcoming” of new baby girl Ripley, 4 months, than she was of little brother Fletcher, 2½.

“Piper commands the attention she needs from us, so she’s not suffering,” Bee, 41, tells Working Mother.

“She likes being big sister. She feels she’s an important leader in the family.”

Ripley’s calm demeanor is something Bee attributes to a well-rested baby and mom. To that end, she says co-sleeping has been key, quipping, “I roll over like a sow and breastfeed in bed.”

“We’ve done this with all our kids,” Bee continues. “It’s worked for us because we’re not sleep deprived and have energy to go about our day.”

With two demanding jobs to contend with, the couple need all the energy they can get! Bee is quick to point out, however, that The Daily Show offers a “family-centric” work environment and that producers have been “super accommodating” of her growing brood.

“Recently Fletcher, our 2-year-old, started a preschool program and was having trouble separating,” she recalls. “Jason was able to spend the whole time with him.”

When work commitments keep both Bee and Jones away, the couple do rely on a babysitter four days a week. “We love and trust her, and our kids love her,” Bee says. “If she left, we’d die. We’re always thinking of ways to make her happier.”

“We also fly our families in from Canada to help out: my mom, my stepmom, Jason’s mom or sister. We definitely ask them for help, and they’re very willing,” she adds.

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Katie on

Wow. I didn’t even know she’d been pregnant!

t on

I love all of her children’s names, and they create a lovely sib-set.

shannon on

Love them and love the daily show!!! But seriously I don’t think I’ve ever heard 3 worse names…

torgster on

I love Samantha – it’s so great to have her back on the show. Her book was hilarious. Those are some lucky kids having her and Jason for parents – there’s going to be lots of laughs growing up in that household.

Catherine on

She is so funny on The Daily Show! But, the name ‘Ripley’ reminds me of Ripley’s Believe It or Not and Sigourney Weaver’s character in the movie “Aliens.” Just is not a pretty girl’s name at all. But, congrats to them!

Kristin on

Thandie Newton has a Ripley too, doesn’t she? Not a name I would use myself, but I agree, a lovely sibling set with Piper and Fletcher. Glad to have the info on the baby – I knew Samantha was pregnant but never heard anything about her having given birth.

Totally agree about nursing in bed, we did that the first 4-5 months with our kids too. Really made things easier. (Be sure to take the proper safety precautions though! We preferred a co-sleeper attached to my side of the bed.)

erolwmadore on

Her book is hilarious! I love her. Congratulations!

Rose on

I just spent fifteen minutes searching the Internet trying to figure out if Ripley was a boy or a girl (pathetic, I know) because I read this article on another site and it didn’t say what the gender was. I could have saved myself so much time if I had just come to this site first!

blessedwithboys on

I’ve never seen her on TV, but I’ve read lots of her quotes which are very supportive of Attachment Parenting. Good for her and great for her kiddos! 🙂

kmb on

I agree with shannon, the names are pretty bad. Personally don’t think Ripley is a pretty name for a girl all.., But to each her own, I suppose.

Sandra on

I actually really like the names 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Awww, that’s too bad poor Fletcher was having trouble adjusting to pre-school. Personally, I don’t think two-year-olds should be in pre-school. But that’s just my opinion. I realize not everyone feels that way, and that’s fine. 🙂

JM on

aw i love her and Jason. they are awesome on the Daily Show! lovely family i’m sure!

Taylor on

Not everyone wants to give their daughter a feminine-sounding name. It’s their choice so who cares?

Olivia on

Ripley’s believe it or not?

gdfg on

Taylor, I don’t think anyone “cares” that they gave their daughter a manly-sounding name, they are just offering their opinion. This is a comments section, after all.

Taylor on

It was more of a rhetorical question but thanks for answering.

Tallie on

I actually like all of the names. Piper is a name that I’ve loved for over a decade & I’d love to use it on a child one day. I also really like Ripley. Ripley sounds like a girl who is confident & strong ; a spunky girl who stands up for what she believes. I like name that make me think of people that have life & go in them

Amanda on

Am I the only one who thinks co-sleeping is a bad idea if the baby’s in the bed right next to you? A friend of a friend accidentally smothered and killed her son by sleeping with him in bed. I’m all about a crib next to the bed. That being said, they sound like a great family!

J on

It IS a commnet section and Taylor gave her opinion, so what’s the problem gdfg?

emilyc on

Co-sleeping is wonderful for both the mom and baby. @ Amanda, actually co-sleeping is perfectly safe as long as you are careful. Of course tragic accidents can happen to babies no matter where they sleep, in fact I *believe* that more die alone in cribs each year.

not impressed on

Fletcher, eh.. sounds like Felcher. YUCK!!