Jodie Sweetin Introduces Daughter Beatrix Carlin

11/30/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Marc Royce

On Aug. 31, Jodie Sweetin delivered a healthy 7 lb., 4 oz. … mini-me.

“She definitely looks like me,” says Sweetin of 3-month-old daughter Beatrix Carlin, a.k.a. Bea.

“She came out with blonde, fuzzy hair, and when I look at my own baby pictures it’s like she is me!”

Adds her proud father, Sweetin’s boyfriend Morty Coyle, “She must have my insides because all the outside looks like Jodie.”

Baby Bea was named for her dad’s favorite band, the Beatles, as well as the late comedian George Carlin, and the decision was easy for her mom and dad.

“I wanted something feminine, but really unique,” says Sweetin, 28. “Something kind of funky, a little romantic and old-fashioned.”

But the naming process would have been far more difficult if the couple had a boy.

“I’d been vetoed on my main boy name,” says Coyle with a laugh. Which was? “Cosmo,” says Sweetin with mock disgust. “I refused. I was like, I really hope we’re not getting a boy, because Cosmo is not happening!”

Baby Bea joins older sister Zoie Laurelmae, 2½, (her father is Sweetin’s ex-husband, Cody Herpin) and the two are already getting along well — even if Zoie has more important things on her plate than a little sister.

“The first time Zoie met Bea, she looked at her and went, ‘Beatwix? She was in mommy’s belly?’ We said, ‘Yes,’ and then it was, ‘Look at my Thomas the Train balloon!'” the former Full House star recalls. “She’s been really sweet with her, but it’s also like, ‘Okay, a baby. What’s in this for me?'”

Marc Royce


Though they’re now the picture of a happy family, Sweetin and Coyle, a singer-songwriter who’s in a band, All Day Sucker, and deejays on the side, dealt with some serious post-delivery drama after Bea arrived via planned c-section. Within hours of the birth, Sweetin began bleeding internally and was rushed into emergency surgery.

Her doctor found two liters of blood in her abdomen, and determined that a subtle disorder called disseminated intravascular coagulation — which causes irregular clotting and continued bleeding — may be to blame, so Sweetin will undergo further testing.

“It was terrifying,” says the mom of two. “I was in the ICU for two and a half days.” “We’re very fortunate that it turned out positive,” adds Coyle, 41. “The doctor told me to call her mother right away. She almost died in surgery.”

Luckily, after several transfusions, Sweetin pulled through. Now, she says, she’s even more grateful to have Coyle — whom she met through a mutual friend in March 2009 — in her life.

During her ordeal, “he never left my side” and now with two small children (she shares 50-50 custody with Herpin), “he’s an incredibly hands-on Dad. He puts on the Baby Bjorn and takes Bea to Trader Joe’s. We take turns and he’s just so wonderful and loving.”

That applies to Zoie as well, who calls Coyle ‘Papa.’ “I love her as if she’s my own daughter,” explains Coyle. “But I am very respectful of what she has with her father. I like being Papa to her.”

“Zoie adores him — we have a really nice little family here. I feel settled now,” says Sweetin, who will celebrate two years of sobriety this December. “I think about all that I have to lose — the trust of my family and friends, my relationship, my kids. It’s just not worth it.”

Marc Royce


— Rennie Dyball

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Lori on

Beautiful Family!! Congrats!

Jacqui on

I actually think Cosmo is a great name for a boy!

I used to know Morty casually years ago, I can tell you firsthand he’s a really wonderful guy.

Cheers to them!

The Person at the Computer on

Yay! Congratulations.

Vera on

Congrats to her! I hope this gives her an extra incentive to stay clean and sober.

Does she have custody of the first daughter? She’s not in the family pictures so I was wondering.

kristin on

She is a very beautiful little girl. Wish they had an updated photo of Zoie as well though.

Tessa on

Just gorgeous!!! Love the name too x

Kristin on

Vera, as of July 2009 they were sharing custody of Zoie:,,20290079,00.html

Maybe Cody just asked that she not be photographed?

They are an adorable family and I am happy to see Jodie doing so well despite what sounds like a terrible delivery. Congratulations on two years sober.

Michele on

From the end of the article

“During her ordeal, “he never left my side” and now with two small children (she shares 50-50 custody with Herpin), “he’s an incredibly hands-on Dad. He puts on the Baby Bjorn and takes Bea to Trader Joe’s. We take turns and he’s just so wonderful and loving”

Crystal on

Jodie. I just wanted tell you how happy I am for you not only for your beautiful new daughter but on your sobriety as well. I went through the same ordeal with meth and it is a hard road to come back from but I did it. I also have a very loving and supportive husband and I am celebrating 6 years sobriety. My life couldn’t be better. Congratulations on your sobriety, your family, and especially your beautiful children.

Lauren on

She just does not seem stable to me at all, and it definitely has not been two years that she’s been sober– remember, she has a whole book about drinking and driving with her baby in the car. I hope things work out with this latest iteration of a family, though I have a strong gut feeling that you’re going to be reading about more relapse drama in a few years.

ELO on

What a beautiful family. I’m happy to hear that Jodie is doing well and is staying clean and sober.

Rose on

That last picture is very awkwardly posed – it makes it look like she’s lying on top of the baby. I’ve never been crazy about the photographers People uses – they generally end up being some of the most awkward pictures I’ve ever seen of celebrities.

Jennifer Redgrave on

She is so pretty and young ! She is a brave woman and she has two stunning daughers. Love Jodie (:



jenn on

i’m happy for her and everything, and i think its great that shes happy and sober…

… but….

…. why is People reporting on someone who was famous like, 15 years ago and hasn’t done anything since? if i wanted to read about has-beens, i’d read TMZ’s where are they now column. Back to reporting about Prince Will and the Jolie-pitts, please.

Lorelai on

She’ll have 2 years sober this December? Her daughter is 2 1/2, which means she was using Meth while she was pregnant and her daughter was a newborn. Nice.

Leslie on

They look very happy. Does anyone else think he looks like Scott Wolf, except with a beard & mustache?

B.J. on

So happy to hear she’s doing so well! I absolutely adore Bea’s name – Beatles are my favorite too, and I loved George Carlin.

Tess on

Go to and search for Jodie. There are pics of the older girl on there.

Kristin on

Wow a lot of misinformation here.

Lauren – it HAS been two years. In January 2009 she said she was “100% sober” and the court and her tests backed her up on that:,,20252562,00.html

Her book came out within the last year so of course the past was brought up again while she was promoting her memoir, but none of those things happened in the last two years.

Lorelei – her relapse after Zoie was born was with wine, not meth. She previously had problems with alcohol, meth and coke and had relapsed prior BUT the relapse after Zoie was with wine only.

Obviously she has been a troubled young woman in the past but it seems like she is really making an effort to turn her life around.

elysummers on

He is CUTE! Make it work Jodie.

emilyc on

Very sweet family. Cute name too! Good for Jodie, being two years sober is a huge thing! I wish them all the best!

JMO on

wow she’s right that baby does look like her! Glad she’s got her life back in order for her kids! Hope this relationship works out better then the other one did. Kids need stability and hopefully they’ll have that.

JMO on

Jenn- I agree. Jodie still is a celebrity though and that’s why they report on her. The thing is society for some reason is obsessed with babies so if you want to stay in the spotlight that’s basically all you have to do! I forget which celebrity made a joke about having a baby bc if she did she’d have some magazine covers or something! It’s totally true. People get re-famous just for having kids and I really don’t get why!

Gillian on

Good for her. Family looks great and hopefully they can stay together and be positive.

alice jane on

Kristin – Thanks for clearing up the misinformation. 🙂

I’m always interested in how Jodie’s doing and I’m always rooting for her. Beatrix is beautiful, and I recently saw some pictures of Zoie who is beautiful too. This is a great interview and I wish Jodie and her family nothing but the very best.

simi on

I love the fact that he says that he loves Zoe as if she was his own daughter and is respectful of her father. It’s always nice to see in blended family the respect for the other parent. But what really bothers me is Zoe is 2 1/2 years old, and if she has only been clean for 2 years that means that she was using while pregnant and for the first six months of Zoe’s life, and court gave her rights to have her daughter half of the time.

I am sorry but she chose drugs, wine and other things over the well being of her child once, how her boyfriend and ex-husband trust her with their children is beyond me. I never could but I am not a forgiving person when it comes to children being hurt. Even if you hurt them once to me that is one time to many. I know people change and get better but like I said I am not forgiving to people who neglect and hurt their kids. But that just me.

Wish the new family all the best, and I truly hope she never hurt those beautiful little girls.

SickOfJodie on

I just have to say that I think it is absolutely stupid that Jodie is in People magazine. I bet dollars to doughnuts that she would sell her soul to keep herself famous -ie- trying to get her on Dancing With The Stars with the help of a facebook page. Is it really that important to her to be in the public eye? My word, two marriages, two baby daddys, drug addiction, no career and all for public consumption. Poor babies! I hope that their dads are stable because the jury is still out on their mom. And before anyone blasts me for my opinion, she is the one that put her information out there so I don’t feel the least bit bad for saying what I am saying.

Kristin on

Simi, that’s the pull of addiction and why it is SO important to support someone who manages to stay sober.

Joann on

Jody turned out to be really beautiful.. I hope she makes it with this guy…………..the kids are so cute too

Kelly on

Beautiful pictures!

TC on

absolutely beautiful family. Congrats!!

Tee on

Baby Bea is precious! I didn’t realize that Jodie had such a scary time after she was born. I’m so glad to hear that she is doing well now and is settled at home with her daughters! Two years sober… what a wonderful thing to celebrate!

canadasue on

Beautiful name, beautiful baby! Congratulations to Jodie on two years of sobriety — she looks so healthy and happy! I wish her family much happiness for the future! 🙂

Jeremy on

I would love to be the father of any child she has.

Gorgeous woman she turned into.

Her smile is such a turn on!

alice jane on

I don’t know much about drug/alcohol addictions, but I remember Jodie saying, in an interview or maybe a statement or something, that she had relapsed and had two glasses of wine and then drove home with Zoie in the car.

After that happened, there was a big custody thing with Jodie and Cody, and for awhile Jodie could only be with Zoie if she (Jodie) was with one or both of her parents, being supervised basically.

Prior to that, she had been sober, I don’t know for how long, but it sounds to me like she’s started the clock again. Instead of saying, “I’ve been sober for 3 or 4 years but I had that slip-up one time,” she had a relapse(which was drinking the wine) and from there, started counting the days, weeks, months, years from 0 again.

Obviously for someone who struggles with addiction the way she does, any substance is not good, but people are acting like she did meth and drank steadily throughout her pregnancy until Zoie was roughly 6 months old, which I truly don’t think seems to be the case.

When she found out she was pregnant the first time she tried to put her life together, which proved to be tough. I genuinely believe she wants to be better and I hope she will be.

Minami86 on

“I love her as if she’s my own daughter,” explains Coyle. “But I am very respectful of what she has with her father. I like being Papa to her.”

I wish all families could get along this good. Even though he’s not a step parent officially yet, it’s so sweet that he loves & cares for Zoie.

I’m glad Jodie & Bea are ok. I know some people were a bit like “wha?!” with the name, but I love it! It’s classic, feminine & so cute. If I were to use the name, I would probably use Beatrice (pronounced “be-ah-triss).

Mallory on

Alice Jane – you’re exactly right. I saw a video interview with Jodie, not totally sure where (my mind is fried – thanks college), and she said that when she found out she was pregnant with Zoie, she got clean, but a couple of months after she was born in April 2008, she had a relapse.

The important thing is that she knows she has a problem and is working to deal with it so she can be a good mom to her girls. Better than using drugs and drinking daily like some moms do, isn’t it? Everyone makes mistakes. People are so harsh and judgmental nowadays.

Renee on

Beautiful pictures! I am so happy Jodi is doing well now. Loved her as a little kid. For all the speculation going on here read her book. It’s all explained in there. She seems like a great mom and I really think these two little girls will help her stay on the right path now. So scary that she almost died from the babies birth though! I had no idea. Congrats Jodie you deserve to be happy! 🙂

Erin on

What is a little uncomfortable is the way some people take her at her word that she’d “only” slipped up with some wine after the first baby. Anyone who knows an addict knows that what they’re super good at is lying. If she’s clean and sticks to a serious program – all credit to her.

Morty reminds me of Mark Ruffalo. And if what someone said, that she’s basically begging to be on DWTS? Um, that ship has sailed. Since the first season everyone who’s been on that show has basically thrown themselves in front of any camera available to offer their services!

Unconvinced on

I was surprised to read all of the supportive comments in response to this article. I am unconvinced that we should all be celebrating the ever changing stability in her life in regard to personal behaviors and relationships. Let’s wait ten years to see where she is before we start congratulating her on producing such a “cute” family. These children may be in for a life of constantly changing circumstances that could be harmful to them. Of course, I hope for the best, but I can’t understand how an unplanned pregnancy in such a short amount of time after all that she has gone through is something that we are supposed to be excited about. Good luck Jodie. I hope for your family’s sake that you really are committed to them and to sobriety.

Tee on

Please leave Jodie alone! People make mistakes, and she is trying to correct them. Would any of you appreciate someone holding your past over your head? I didn’t think so. Moving on…Jodie, your daughter is beautiful and I am celebrating your two years of sobriety with you. I wish you much happiness with your family!

CelebBabyLover on

Mallory- Exactly! At least Jodie knows she has a problem and clearly wants to work on it! At least she’s not in denial or refusing to seeking treatment like so many other celebs are/have been (Lindsay Lohan is one who springs to mind. Hopefully this time she’ll find get the help she needs!). Anyway, Bea is adorable!

And I wish Jodie all the best in her journey toward beating addiction (not that you ever fully beat something like that, but you know what I mean!)!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m sorry she had such a scary birth experience with Bea! I’m a little confused, though, as to why they haven’t tested her for that bleeding disorder yet (it says she “will undergo further testing”). If I were a doctor and one of my patients had a potentially life-threatening condition, I’d get them tested immeditely!

Taleen on

What a beautiful mommy and daddy. No wonder their baby turned out the same. I hope they have many more children.

Tami on

Unconvinced wrote: “I was surprised to read all of the supportive comments in response to this article. I am unconvinced that we should all be celebrating the ever changing stability in her life in regard to personal behaviors and relationships.”

That is incredibly cold hearted. Do you mean to say struggling addicts – who genuinely want to become well but suffer setbacks along the way – should be shunned and ignored until we’re satisifed they’ve succeeded? Of course Jodie’s joys and successes should be celebrated! Focusing on everything positive she’s achieved already will help her to continue down this road, but if we all did as you suggested and “wait for ten years before we start congratulating her” the lack of positive support may send her right back over the edge.

In any case, congratulations Jodie and Morty on your beautiful baby girl! I love Beatrix’s name and her nickname is super cute too. Many blessings to you all.

Charity on

Full House was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I’m so happy things are going better for Jodie & appreciate her honesty & openness about her struggles.

Lauren on

Unconvinced, I could not agree more. You don’t get rid of drug dependency overnight, and having two children in such a short period of time is just throwing more fuel on the stress fire. I hope she doesn’t relapse again, if only for the kids’ sake. She does seem to have some problems that she is not fully facing.

Rose on

@Tami: I don’t believe that unconvinced was saying that we shouldn’t be excited about her 2 years of sobriety. I think she was referring to people being excited that she has had another baby with a different man while in the middle of all that.

And I don’t think any of us need to congratulate Jodie in order for her to succeed at sobriety. If Jodie is getting her support from complete strangers comments on random celebrity gossip sites then she’s in trouble. One would hope that she is stable enough at this point to find more substantial sources of support than random comments on gossip sites.

Vin Smith on

What a wonderful family! All the best luck. Jodi, I consider your body of work in Full House to be in the top three sitcom performances of all time. The other two? The late Richard Crenna in Our Miss Brooks, which was well over fifty years back; and Jaleel White’s performances in Family Matters. Your comic timing was beauty to behold.

simi on

Kristin for some one like myself who doesn’t understand addiction it’s hard to put myself in Jodie’s shoes. And I do truly try to understand and not judge people without having been where they are. But I know you are right, going through something like this must be an everyday battle for her. I mean we are such a drug dependent society, everything from cold and flu medications that can get you high, to heavy pain killers that you can get from so many doctors without much trouble. I know cause with my heart condition I had so many doctors offer me heavy pain killer that most of the time were not necessary, and I felt like they were being pushed on me, so I got a new doctor. But what that temptation would be like for her, I just can’t imagine.

I just truly hope that this is it for her. That from here on out she doesn’t have anymore relapses and that she gets the support that you pointed out she really needs. Like I said I really don’t understand addiction but I do understand child abuse and neglect, and am not a forgiving person when it comes to it, even if I do not know the child. Children are a rear gift that not all get to experience, I hope she knows that and keep that in mind next time temptation comes her way for the sake of her beautiful girls.

Thank you Kristin for pointing out that important factor that I had not considered when writing my opinion it has given me a better understanding of addiction. But most of all thank you for doing it in a respectful manner, not many others on this site would have. Wishing you and yours + Jodie and her family all the best things life has to offer.

Kewky on

@ Lorelai and Lauren: She has acknowledged that she made a rather GIANT mistake but if you don’t give her room to grow how can she? She looks very healthy here.

On another note I like the names Beatrix and Zoie (though not exactly what I would choose for my kids) and Bea is soooooooooooooo cute.

Bancie1031 on

Jodie looks great! Cute family and I can definitely see Jodie in baby Bea ….. Congratulations on the addition to your family and to 2 years sober!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Taleen- There is also an article in this week’s PEOPLE magazine that includes some stuff this one doesn’t. One of the those things is Jodie saying that, after the scare she had after Bea’s birth (her bleeding internally and almost dying), she won’t have any more kids. Of course, a scare like that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt….but most countries are not going to allow a recovering drug addict to adopt. So it sounds like this it for children for Jodie.

Tami- Exactly! What Jodie needs now most of all is our support! Also, I want to point out in response to Unconvinced that we don’t know whether Jodie’s pregnancy with Bea was unplanned. It could have been very much planned, for all we know!

Kathleen on

I am so glad to hear all the supportive comments about Jodie’s addiction. The one comment about her “choosing” drugs and alcohol over her kids really irked me. As the daughter of an addict and alcoholic I can tell you that when someone is an addict, choice doesn’t really have anything to do with it, not until they have received some type of treatment. Addicts don’t wake up one day and stop what they are doing cold turkey. Stress (like having a newborn and a crappy marriage) can push you over the edge and cause you to relapse. Bravo to her for finding support and doing the work to stay clean.

A Grateful Alcoholic on

I agree with “Tami on Nov 30th” when she implies that there is no harm in celebrating with her now, not waiting 10 years until she satisfies all of the “Nay-sayers.”

I am an alcoholic, and have been in recovery for 4 years. I came to realize that there are people you are able to make amends with, and people you won’t. Trouble is, sometimes the people you aren’t able to make amends with, will continue to rub salt in every wound they can find with the addict/alcoholic. These people need help as well. It’s called “Al-Anon, or “Al-Ateen.” You will find the answers you need in helping you try to understand not only the addict/alcoholic, but yourself.

What further puzzles me is why total strangers need to feel so offended and want to bash her for doing something positive. It seems like so many people are so much more satisfied if they’re bashing someone. It doesn’t make you look superior, you’re a stranger, so it probably affects her in the least.

Alcoholisim or any type of addiction is a very hard battle to conquer, and to keep in check. It’s a DISEASE brought on by many different factors including, the inablility to cope, depression, anxiety, amung many other factors, and has even been genetically linked to people. Get educated with the disease itself before you fly off the handle damning these types of people.

There is no excuse for drinking/drugging while pregnant, or while caring for a child. That’s why this disease is so damning, because it doesn’t care who it hurts, or who it takes down, or what it makes you do in the process. I am sure she has taken the right steps if she is working her program to make amends, by stopping the behavior, making amends where neccessary, and turning her life around. If you want to see her get better, lets help her by celebrating her efforts, and stop reminding her of her past. She knows what she did, and lives with it everyday I don’t doubt. She doesn’t need the general public who only are familliar with her in magazine articles and an old TV re-run reminding her in unhealthy and hurtful ways.

No one is perfect…not even you. We don’t have the final jugement anyway.

Olivia on

She’s 28 and he’s 41…wow, what an age difference!!

laurie on

cosmo was the Jetsons dog i think

Kewky on

I bet each and every person slamming Jodie, heck everyone, has done something they are ashamed of if not to the same degree. Ya we get it she made a horrible mistake she probably regrets it EVERYDAY. She’s sober now, trying to be a responsible mother. And Bea is adorable. I’ve never seen any pics of Zoie. Does anyone have a link?

There are a gazillion celeb mom and dads who have drunk or done drugs.

P.S. If the Dad had done drugs would everybody be soooooooo upset?

Jennifer on

Beautiful family! I wish them the best =)

molly on

Congratulations to them! They look so happy and I hope that happiness continues on for Jodie and her beautiful family! Stay sober and love those kids and life will be good to you!

ps-I kind of like the name Cosmo, very Greek!

dawn on

I am so happy for her/them. I have been there with the ‘almost dieing’ thing one week after having my son so I have a feeling what she went through. Hope their happiness lasts forever and her demons stay in check.

Skyshadow on

I’m so glad she’s alright… what a terrible ordeal. Congrats on a miraculous outcome and a new Stephanie Tanner!

Simona on

Congratulations for Jodie and her family for the new baby girl!! She’s so sweet!!!

Amanda on

Lorelai – I believe she has been drug & alcohol free for 2 years, meaning her 1st daughter was 6 months old when she cleaned up, not while she was pregnant w/ second baby. People make mistakes and we all have to learn….some the hard way. Wish her all the best!

Beautee on

Awwhh what a pretty baby. Congrats to Jodie and her family and I wish her well on her road to recovery and sobriety.

SickOfJodie on

Kewky- I have done a few things in my past that I wouldn’t do again if given a chance. Never said I didn’t. My complaint about Jodie is that she SEEMS to be a has been celebrity that doesn’t realize that her 15 minutes ended 15 years ago and continues to put her personal business out for public consumption. She SEEMS like an incredibly insecure woman who has such a need to keep herself famous at the cost of her personal life, her family, etc… Why else put pictures of your family in People? They aren’t photo ops. I can’t believe that she has such a huge following of people that are really eager to see what’s up with Jodie’s life. That is why actresses like Holly Hunter are so cool because she has twins that are never photographed or talked about because her private life is just that private.

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: No, what Jodie needs most of all is not our support (and by the way I’m not directly this comment specifically towards you, but all the people in this thread who have made similar comments.) But Jodie needs is a 12-step program and support from loved ones, not complete strangers. It seems as if she already has that, so it’s ridiculous for anyone to imply that someone questioning Jodie or disagreeing with her is going to somehow affect her sobriety. If Jodie’s sobriety is so unstable that it can be thrown off by the negative comments of someone on a celebrity gossip website then she needs serious help. It’s painfully naive of some of you to believe that saying “good job Jodie’ is going to help her and saying “Why are we applauding someone for bringing another baby into this mess” is going to cause her to go reeling back to drugs and alcohol. We don’t owe it to Jodie to applaud everything she does lest she might get upset and start using again – that’s called enabling, where everyone has to tip-toe around the addict so they don’t get upest and go back to using.

MiB on

Sobriety is usually counted from the last drink/drug, in her case since her relapse when Zoie was a baby. It doesn’t mean that she was drinking/doing drugs while pregnant or when Zoie was newborn, for all I know she could have been clean (which I think is something both her and her ex-husband have stated). Also, while the stress of marriage and children might cause a relapse in some people, to others family is something to focus on to help them stay sober.

The sister of one of my friends in school was heavily into dugs (heroin) when she was younger, she went to rehab several times, but what really helped her turning her life around was becoming pregnant. Once she new she was pregnant she checked into rehab again and came out clean and has been so ever since. She hasn’t had an easy life as a single mother of first one, later two children, far away from her family. She checked out of rehab without any education, home or money and started a totally new life, got an education while raising her young son, and now runs a daycare center for children who’s parents are recovering addicts. For her, the pregnancy came at the right time and provided her with a focus.

Mom OF Twins on

Good for her,seems like she in a better relationship and a better place in her life. Congrats.

beth on

I love the coral beaded neckalace she is wearing in the pictures. Does anyone know where it is from?

Skeet on

Sick of Jodie wrote: My complaint about Jodie is that she SEEMS to be a has been celebrity that doesn’t realize that her 15 minutes ended 15 years ago and continues to put her personal business out for public consumption. She SEEMS like an incredibly insecure woman who has such a need to keep herself famous at the cost of her personal life, her family, etc… Why else put pictures of your family in People?

My response: Have you considered that maybe People asked requested her to be in their magazine? Sure, she could turn it down but there is a chance to earn some monies that can be used for the children’s well being, why not? Some folks feel very blessed/proud/excited about sharing their pictures and stories to the public and some folks are more private.

Richard Allen on

George Carlin lives on after death…as the baby daughter of Jodie Sweetin…sweeeeet. or should I say Sweeeeetin.

Doona on

Congrats she so pretty, enjoy her they grow up so very fast. Godbless

robinepowell on

I’m glad to see Jodie’s doing so well. Sounds like she has a great guy in her life.

If Jodie wants help to live a good life, turn to her former co-star Candace Cameron. She’s never once been in the tabloids and because of her more religous upbringing, seems to be doing okay with her own family.

ellen on

babies make the world a better place so cute God Bless

Mia on

Glad everything is Ok-and the baby is healthy + happy as well. -However, as someone else posted, she does not demonstrate stable behavior.

Marriage 1: 2002-2006

Marriage 2: 2007-2009 (official divorce in 2010)

Relationship Now: 2009-present (baby 2)

Recovery is a process-hope this relationship lasts.

Mel on

Congrats to her.. Beautiful baby. May she continue to be sober and happy. Always loved her.

Steph on

Planned C-Sections are stupid and dangerous. It is not a surprise she almost died.

Jacqui on

God forbid you should ever require one, Steph. You would be humbled.

Getitright on

to this sick of Jodie person…did it ever occur to you that Jodie isn’t looking for fame or to keep herself in the public eye? Did you ever stop to think that maybe just maybe the opportunity presents itself to her and she is asked to give a story. Did it ever occur to you that she may get baskets full of fan mail daily from people who enjoyed watching her 15yrs ago? Did it ever occur to you that Dancing With the Stars is a dream of hers not to be in the public eye but because she loves the show and loves to dance. Did it ever occur to you that people should be given the opportunity to get things right as long as they get it right?

Sounds to me that you are one judgemental individual…..Look in the mirror, have you never done anything wrong in your life? If yes then I certainly hope that there is a public who cares enough about you to ask or at least want to see how you are doing!

deedee on

I hope for her children’s sake she can remain sober. I know people make mistakes and can change. Hopefully she will remain on the right path since it’s not just about her anymore.

Annie on

That is one cute a** baby. Precious. God bless.

Kewky on

@ SickofJodie That’s your opinion and I completely respect that. ❤

Beyond Beautiful Babe on

Congratulations to Jody on the birth of her beautiful babe, and also on her ongoing sobriety! Your book was heartbreaking, and we hope your recovery is going well.

Lindsay on

Sick of Jodie you claim that Jodie is basically exploiting her family yet you obviously read the articles and keep up with the gossip. If everyone was as private as Holly Hunter, what would you be reading?

My dad is a recovering addict and every single day is still a struggle. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love us or want the best for us, he just couldn’t see past the demon that lived inside of him when we were growing up. He put us in danger without our knowledge as children, and for a while he was so good at hiding his addiction my mom didn’t even know. And even though for 20 years now he has had this addiction, I still don’t quite understand how he could risk losing his 3 kids, wife, and even his own life. But that’s the thing, as non addicts we will never understand ,but we do have to accept people for who they are and give them a chance to make amends and change the course of their life for the better.

As someone said, at least she can admit that she has a problem publicly which is huge. And it also gives her not only her beautiful family but also the public to be accountable too. We don’t have to walk on egg shells around addicts but why say hurtful things and try to discourage any of the good they try to accomplish?? Life is full of hard things and struggles, I think we should pour our energy into uplifting people instead of tearing them down.

Rachael on

Why cant she have her moment of happiness; with out all of all bringing up her past? Everyone has one get over it. Congratulations on the baby!

Michelle on

Wow congrats 🙂 Didn’t even know she was pregnant..she was in the media so much then nothing.

And for those making comments regarding her stability. She almost died due to C-section complications. Sometimes that is all it takes for the person to have a different outlook on life. She seems happy & I wish them all the luck.

Stacy on

I think the baby is gorgeous and I’m glad she is doing well. It is nice that she is so open about her problems. More people need to be open about these issues and then maybe they can get help also. I wish her well and pray for her and her family. And, I love hearing how she is doing now. Just because some of you don’t does not mean the rest of the world feels the same way. I am sick of hearing about the Jolie-Pitts.

Bob on

I’m sick and tired of the holier than thou. This woman has changed her life for the better, but still thats not enough for you. It must be easy for you to sit back and comment about other people’s short comings

angel on

Congratulations on the baby! I would of loved to of seen a picture of the whole family. As far as people saying rude and ugly things about Jodie and her past, why would you do such a thing? You see so many people on a daily basis (and not just actors and actresses) that have had problems and have received help and it has made them grow as a person. Just because you made a mistake in your past does not mean you will make it again in your future. Not everyone is the same, there are some people that just do not care, they are alone in the world or they have problems so they turn back to drugs and alcohol, but that does not mean everyone does it. It is a disease and in most cases it can be cured, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I pray that Jodie can keep her life on track and not look back on the mistakes she made in the past, but look forward to what a joy those kids are going to bring to her future. That goes to anyone having problems, don’t look back, look forward.

Margaret on

For those who would like to see recent pics of Zoie…

I can definitely see some Jodie in there too… 🙂 Cutie!

Unconvinced on

@Tami – on the contrary, my response is coming from a place of love and experience with addiction. The families of addicts go through extreme suffering due to the choices addicts make. I am skeptical of how benign her relapse was and how good a decision it was to jump into a new relationship and grow her family after having seen the damage in my own family after an ex-brother in law did the same. Safety is my primary concern. Yes, good things and moves are worthy of recognition, but celebration should be done in moderation. Two years is soooooo early on in the recovery process. It is too soon to tell what is to come in her life. I personally think that it was irresponsible and selfish of her to put herself in the circumstance to become a mother again so soon and seemingly unplanned. Those actions are not reflective of a fully responsible adult who is thinking of the safety of her unborn children over whatever impulse it was that allowed a pregnancy to occur.

Nina on

UNCONVINCED,you make some valid points.Unfortunately you are so self-righteous and full of yourself.That you fail to see the bigger picture.We are rooting for Jodi for the sake of her beautiful children.I give as good as I get so feel free to attack me.Perhaps you should go hug your kids and thank god you’ve never had any personal set backs.

Sally on

Seriously, this girl was on a tv show like over a decade ago. No one CARES.

Tami on

Rose said: “If Jodie is getting her support from complete strangers comments on random celebrity gossip sites then she’s in trouble. One would hope that she is stable enough at this point to find more substantial sources of support than random comments on gossip sites.”

My comment wasn’t supposed to imply that it’s these messages in particular that are relevant to Jodie’s recovery. What I hoped to convey was that it’s the general attitude of those around her (mainly friends and family but also people she bumps into through daily life) that will influence (thought not necessarily determine) her likelihood of success. Presumably Jodie isn’t even reading these messages so they’re not relevant in that sense anyway.

If every person she meets takes the skeptical attitude that her “unplanned pregnancy” is a mistake, two years is too short to consider herself on the right path, that she has little to celebrate and will, let’s face it, probably fail, well, she probably will fail. The “let’s wait ten years” attitude from Unconvinced is what rubs me the wrong way.

Yes, people could leave addicts to their own devices until they’re able to “prove” success to our level of satisfaction, but it’s not very helpful. In the meantime, the general attitude toward a mother two-years sober should be shifting, in my opinion, from a place of negativity to encouragement for continuing success.

CelebBabyLover on

Sally- Obviously people care, or there wouldn’t be so many comments on this post! 🙂

Steph- I get where you’re coming from, although I think you were a bit harsher than you needed to be. When I read about Jodie’s post-delivery complications, my first thought was that her doctor should have allowed her to have a VBAC (Zoie was born via emergancy C-section. I remember reading that when her birth was announced). Internal bleeding like she has is one of the very real risks of a planned C-section. If she’d had a VBAC, she likely wouldn’t have experienced that.

Jason on

Jodie was a friend of mine & I know some of what she did while she was pregnant with Zoie. I pray for both of her daughtser’s sake that she does not do do Morty what she did to Cody. You people have no idea!! Good luck to you Jodie & we know who really is responsible for Zoie calling Morty Papa.

ariana on

she really knows how to have babies that look like her!!! congrats!

Jennifer on

@Jenn that is just the problem. Hearing about Prince William, Mel Gibson and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is getting exhausting. Its refreshing to hear about someone different and who is trying to get their life on the straight and narrow. I wish her the best of luck with her daughters and her new relationship.

kaatse on

I’m really happy she finally seems happy. hopefully things stay that way for her. she’s got two beautiful daughters (that look so much like her and little stephany tanner) and what looks like a wonderful boyfriend.

Poffertjes on

Usually I can’t tell who a baby looks like, but she does look just like a mini Jodie! Well done

Ebone on

Look at the hell that yet ANOTHER c-section caused.

Hospital births are getting worse and worse as the c-section rate climbs and climbs.

denise on

i just wanted to say congrats to u both and also on sobriety i as well have just celebrated 2 yrs sobriety as of last month and being a mother is very important ive realized how much i missed being sober now and its just not worth it as u said.

Adrienne on

I find it to be so funny how people are bashing Gisele over on another thread about her “thinking she is Jack’s mother” when she obviously isn’ trying to replace Bridget…she just loves the boy just as much as her own son etc but it is perfectly wonderful that Jodie’s daughter calls another man papa.

Terri on

What a beautiful family! I love that lady bug cover.

D on

I’m happy for Jodi, but I really hope that she doesn’t have a baby with every guy she meets. Hopefully this relationship will last.

CelebBabyLover on

D- Don’t worry. She said in the full interview in PEOPLE magazine that she’s not going to have any more children after the health scare she had after Bea’s birth (I’m also guessing that her doctor has probably warned her against having any further children, since doing so could put her life in danger.). 🙂

Adrienne- I think the reason people aren’t getting up in arms about Zoie calling Morty papa is bacause Morty said this: “I love her as if she’s my own daughter. But I am very respectful of what she has with her father. I like being Papa to her.” So in otherwords, he makes it crystal clear that he’s not in anyway trying to replace Zoie’s father.

That being said, I agree with your comment. I’ve never gotten the uproar over Gisele’s relationship with Jack either….and I think there’s a huge double-standard going on. People are fine with what Morty said about his feelings toward Zoie….but if a female celeb were to say she loves her stepchild as if s/he is her own child and that the child calls her “mama”, there would be a HUGE uproar!

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that, either. A few other examples: Matt Damon talks about Alexia as if she were his own daughter, and even refers to her as “my daughter” instead of “my stepdaughter”, and people don’t say a word.

By contrast, a year or two ago, when Sandra Bullock was still with Jesse, she spoke about her love for her then-stepkids and how basically she loved them as if they were her own kids….and people jumped all over her for it (she was especially criticized for her comments about her relationship with Jesse’s youngest daughter Sunny. If I’m remembering correctly, some people actually said that Sandra was trying to destroy Sunny’s relationship with her mother. Obviously they didn’t say it quite like that, but you get my point!)!

People have always gushed about how Travis Barker treats Shanna’s daughter Atianna like she were his own daughter (people were saying that even before he and Shanna divorced), and marveled at how good of a relationship Ashton Kutcher seems to have with Demi’s daughters (and the fact that they call him “MOD” for my “my other dad”).

But when Katie Holmes and Megan Fox talk about their relationship with their stepkids, people critcize them! The women always get criticzed, the men don’t!

JB on

To all you ignorant people making comments about the “dangers” of planned c-sections, VBACs, etc. Do us all a favor and get some education first. You are just making yourself sound stupid. When you can demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology around DIC and why certain decisions are made for the well being and health of mother and child you are allowed to comment. And yes, I am in the medical field with over 20 years of L&D/OB experience.

Lori on

I just wanted to say congratulations to Jodie and Morty. they have a beautiful baby girl. Wish they had a picture of Zoie. At least she is coming to terms with her addiction. I hope her and her family enjoy each other. They look very happy. And who cares about the age difference. 13 yrs? not much of age difference. Anyways congratulations the family of 4. ❤

Tee on

JB- Like anything else in the medical field, planned c-sections are highly controversial. I’m in the “OB” field too and I think they are one of the biggest mistakes doctors make. And yes, I am quite familiar with DIC and other pregnancy issues. In my opinion, an attempt at a VBAC would have been a better choice, assuming that there wasn’t something else going on with Jodie or Bea’s health that we don’t know about.

Meghan on

Jodie is a bright and beautiful young woman. I pray that she has conquered her addiction and wish her the best.

CRH216 on

I have seen people on here commenting from one extreme to another. I would say that I am a mix of those comments.

I am happy for the sake of her family that she is clean and sober, and I do think she should be given a second chance. That said, I do have some concerns about things in a long term.

Granted she has two years behind here, but throughout those two years, she’s gone through an ugly divorce, regaining custody of her daughter, met someone else, had a baby and taking care of a newborn as well as a toddler.

With all those stresses, that’s a lot for even the strongest will person to handle, let along someone who has struggled with being sober.

So Jodie, while I applaud what you have done so far, please for the sake of you and your family, please have a strong support system to keep yourself in check. If not just for you, but for your two daughters who need you to raise them to be strong individuals themselves.

Unconvinced on

My concern is only for those kids. I’ve personally seen the damage addiction has caused in the childrens’ lives. Yes, a new baby is wonderful news and reason to celebrate, however, the recovery process is much longer than the amount of time that had passed before her daughter arrived. I highly doubt any drug or alcohol recovery program would advise getting into a serious relationship and starting a new family at this early phase. I’m not saying she can’t get past her addiction and shouldn’t be commended on her progress. I’m just cautious and think that if she truly were ready to put her children first she would have been more willing to wait until she was farther along in recovery. It’s a part of the process.

Call me self righteous all you want, that is not what this is about. I’ve lived through the fallout of addiction in my family and know for a fact that people can go in and out of sobriety throughout their entire lives. I am thinking specifically of what my niece and nephew have had to deal with, that’s it. At two years an addict in recovery is still quite vulnerable. Adding new relationships and children to the mix also adds an additional element that could potentially cause stress. I hope for the best,acknowledge her successes but also can’t help but feel concern for her children. I wish I could go hug my own kids right now, but I suffer from infertility and won’t ever have that luxury. I hope that Jodie hugs hers every day, puts their lives ahead of all that lies ahead in her recovery, and lives a full and happy life. I only wish her the best.

Lauren on

@Getitright– you don’t end up in People magazine by mistake– she could choose to stay out of the public eye, but she does not. She needs the attention, for sure. Look at the photos– she’s not even looking at the baby– just at the camera. A metaphor for her life, for sure.

Everyone else who doesn’t like my comments (like Bob), no worries. Time will tell.

Anonymous on

i dont at all condone the use of meth when pregnant or at all for that matter, but isnt all that matters is that Zoie is now a healthy little girl. im sure she is ! its not for any of you to judge, you dont know what may have been going on behind closed doors in her life. maybe people should just stop judging people. it really makes you look insecure.

Congrats Jodie and Morty, Bea is beautiful.

Lila on

It always needs to be mentioned in articles about her that she was a meth addict. I’d like to know how long was she actually a meth “addict”? She must have had major dental work (didn’t she also need work done as a kid?) and skin treatments-or she wasn’t really a full-blown addict. Meth effects are substantial. Already another baby with a new partner and the drama of “almost dying.” Hmmm? Lets hope she’s not fishing for a reality series-there’s enough losers getting paid way too much for their lack of control & excesses.

Chelsea on

Shes so cute! im glad that jodie is ok to. also her getting over her meth addiction my momther was a meth addict and my dad wasnt around so i got emancipated at 16 bc i couldnt take it anymore. im almost 18 now and live with a friend and her family and ive seen my mother struggle with meth my entire live im glad Jodie could over come it. 🙂

Jentjhu on

What a beautiful baby girl!! The dutch qeeun also is named Beatrix!!

Sara on

I don’t care what anybody says. I have always liked Jodie. She’s a beautiful young lady and I wish her the best in the future. I’m glad she’s doing good and hasn’t relasped.

Kaniya on

Hi omg could you like totally respond cause that will be cool and I’ll check hear every day hug harts and kisses love you your mini me daughter and the dad and the whole cast tell Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen I said hi