Stella McCartney Welcomes Daughter Reiley Dilys Stella

11/29/2010 at 03:15 PM ET

Nick Harvey/WireImage

It’s a girl for Stella McCartney!

The fashion designer and husband Alasdhair Willis welcomed their fourth child, daughter Reiley Dilys Stella, on Tuesday, Nov. 23 in London, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs.

The couple, who wed in 2003, are already parents to son Miller Alasdhair James, 5Β½, daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn, 4 next week, and son Beckett Robert Lee, 2Β½.

McCartney, 39, is a celebrity baby herself — dad is Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

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Erika on

Congratulations to her and the family! Another daughter is so exciting! 2 boys and 2 girls is just perfect and I wish them all the best.

Anonymous on

i love all of her children’s names!!!!! congrats ❀

trulli on

bailey and reiley…okay…

Macy on

Awful names for the girls, Bailey and Reiley (Riley) are boy names.

Treva on

he is really hot. she is not. i bet it was her sparkling personality that won him over. i had NOTHING to do with the fact that her dad is a beatle….

m on

Bailey and Reiley (Riley) are BOTH girl names, Macy!

soph on

Yeah, they aren’t much for feminine names, are they? I like that Linda is Bailey’s middle name, though. πŸ™‚

Danielle on

I’ve heard more girls named Bailey than boys with that name. And Reiley (or Riley) can go either way, IMO.

I love all the kids names. How exciting for them!

Jennifer on

Riley is my daughter’s name (and my maiden name). Wow Macy wish some one had told me they were boy names *rolls eyes*.

Congrats to them.

Ms Cakes on

Can we just congratulate the couple on their new addition to the family. Why do people have to ALWAYS pick apart other people about their looks and the names of the children. Let’s be happy for one another and not so negative…..

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I really like all of their children’s names!

Tricia on

I love all of the names they’ve chosen … I was leaning towards Bailey myself for my daughter by my in-laws named their dog Bailey – and she’s a girl too!!

Sky-Ann on

2 boys and 2 girls, how perfect! Congratulations to them!

Jennifer on

My daughter’s name is Riley, we love it and wouldn’t change it.

Marsha on

At least they are normal names that the children won’t be made fun of for. Hey, happy and healthy babies are the important things not the names. Best wishes to a beautiful family. By the way Treva, Stella is quite beautiful in her own right and she has brains and talent as well.

merry on

I sort of like some negative comments from time to time, it reminds me that there are people with issues deeper than mine and makes me appreciate those nice comments more. Anyways, congrats, I like the Reiley and Bailey names.

Meghan on

Totally love the name! I was curious about what kind of name she would pick but this is absolutely adorable!

Sooo Rich on

Aaaaawe, adorable couple. Wish they had pics of the kids πŸ™‚

soph on

Get over yourself, merry.

Demetria on

Get over yourself, Soph!!
Very well said Merry! I’m sick of this ignorant comments.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I love all her kid’s names! So cute! And Treva, she is very pretty and Reiley is gonna be a beautiful baby!

Demetria on

Reiley is such a cute name!!! I want to name my son, Riley. Too bad my DH only likes Cameron for a litte boy.

Elizabeth on

In the UK, Bailey and Riley are definitely more boys names than girls. I don’t like any of her children’s names, I think it sounds like she’s given birth to a law firm – Miller Bailey Beckett Reiley – it’s hideous.

merry on

Now, why would you need to react to my comment, soph, I didn’t name you πŸ™‚ I was actually aiming at Stella’s look. I think she’s beautiful, talented and devoted mom.

Thanks, Demetria.

Kellie on

Treva she is pretty and God forbid someone is interested in a person not just for their looks. I mean it couldn’t possible for love, what a silly idea.

Elle on

Sorry, I agree about the names sounding like they are more masculine.

I don’t like these names for girls unless you are using them to honor family. I know several little girls named Riley and I that is fine but for me personally I like Bailey and Reiley better on boys.

vicky on

I like all of their children’s names. Wouldn’t be my choices, but obviously suit Stella and her husband. Nice to have a balance between boys and girls and to be able to afford so many children! Congratulations to them!

houston on

Stella’s great for her anti fur stance but she should also think of the environment and limit herself to two kids (as we all should…)

Erika on

Umm Bailey is a girls name to me. Riley can go either way but is more feminine to me and I think the opposite of Macy and others. When I hear Bailey and Riley for boys, I think they sound SO feminine. Same with Taylor, Ashton, Kelly, Morgan, Mackenzie, Jayden and Peyton. Yes, I’ve actually heard of people who have named their sons Kelly, Morgan and Mackenzie. They all sound like girls names to me. It’s all personal opinion though.

alice jane on

It’s amazing what people will nitpick about. Or that people think it’s decent to take a happy post about a new baby girl and post negative comments about names or someone’s looks.

My sister’s name is Bailey, it didn’t raise eyebrows as a “boy’s name” 23 years ago, but I’ll call her up to let her know she needs to change it to Ava or Katherine (FYI I do love both those names) right away to avoid confusion. πŸ˜€

Congratulations to Stella, Alasdhair, their children, and the rest of their family on this new addition! I love the name and I bet she is stunning.

Demetria on

Houston- All my friends have 2 or more siblings. I’m planning on having 5 kids! I just love children!!!

K on

Bailey’s initials spell BLOW. I wonder if they thought about that before they named her.

Bailey and Reiley are awful names for little girls. Bailey less so.

Rose on

@merry: Really? Someone not liking a particular baby name means they have issues. How delightfully open-minded of you. So I am obligated to like every name and everything about someone or I have issues? You sound like the one with issues.

Denise on

Congratulations to the family of six. Best Wishes to all of you. Enjoy your newest little girl!!

Meg on

Sheesh – they can have as many kids as they want to! Who made some of you the child control police? This isn’t China!

I think it’s wretched that some of you are scolding them for having more kids. It’s our misuse of the world’s resources that’s the problem, NOT childbirth.

Congrats to the couple on their latest child! Can’t people just be happy for them, for goodness’ sake?

alice jane on

Rose, it’s more than just not liking a baby name, it’s how people go about expressing their dislike for it. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen comments in these new baby posts that literally consist of, “That’s a stupid name” Or there’s someone here talking about how unattractive they think Stella is. What’s the point of posting those comments? Some might think I’m reading too much into it, but plain and simple, it’s bullying, and yes, it makes me thankful that I don’t feel the need to resort to it.

Shea on

Macy, my daughter is a freshman in high school and she has 4 friends named Baleigh, Bailee,and 2 spelled Bailey and then there is a Rileigh and 2 Reiley’s and all are female. I don’t think I have ever come across a male Bailey with the exception of the character in “Party of Five”. I know one little boy named Riley but the rest of the Riley’s (with various spellings) are all little girls.

Carla on

I seriously can’t stand all you pretentious people who can’t bear any differences in opinion and who want there to only be positive comments all the time in the comments-section.

There will always be people who don’t like something – like a name (and yes, both Bailey and Riley/Reiley are indeed boys names – no matter how many parents have hijacked them for girls thinking they were being trendy)

There will also always be people who don’t find Stella attractive.

And you know what???? THAT’S OK. People with negative opinions are allowed to express them – i assume everyone here lives in a country where there is freedom of thought and speech so why are there so many people here trying to fight that? It doesn’t necessarily mean that these people have “issues”, or don’t have a life or suffer from jealousy or anything like that.

Anyway – back to the topic – i don’t like any of their kids names and i think Bailey and Reiley are way too similar. However, i read somewhere that Reiley was born in an emergency c-section so i’m just glad that apparently both baby and mother seem to be OK.

merry on

@Rose I actually didn’t specify the “negative comments”, so it amazes me that someone else needs to react like I was telling off him or her specifically. Too bad you didn’t read my other comment explaining I went after Stella’s looks.

@alice jane, thanks, that is what I meant. There is a difference between “I personally don’t like the name” and “What an awful name!”

Elizabeth on

Shea, just because your daughter knows a lot of people whose parents have given them badly spelt surnames as first names, it doesn’t mean the name’s any more legitimate. All of Stella’s children’s names are either surnames or professions, they’re not first names.

When they are used as first names in the UK, Bailey and Riley tend to be used exclusively on boys, as do other surnames that seem to be very popular in the US as first names – Emerson, Addison, even Ashley is still used more as a boy’s name than a girl’s.

Gina T. on

I love everything Stella McCartney makes (clothes, perfume, etc.). Congrats!

MathDiva on

Glad to hear mother and baby are doing well, but her kids have really awful names.

christie on

I am very surprised that someone as ‘earth friendly’ as a McCartney would be so totally irresponsible to have 4 children. There are too many people in this world and it is causing heavy duty stress on mother nature. Stop having children Stella. Adopt if you need more – – incredibly selfish of you and again, very irresponsible. Shame on you.

Catca on

Congrats to Stella and her family (including Grandpa Paul!). I’ve been seeing alot of negative comments about Stella being an environmentalist and people attacking her for having more than two children.

For the record, european countries, the U.S. and countries like Japan actually have a population crisis because the population is having too few children to support the aging population. People aren’t actually having enough children in these countries to cause a concern with respect to the environmental resources needed for the new generation.

London is not Bangladesh – I think the world’s environmental resources can handle her family’s size (as I don’t expect England to suddenly admit a huge influx of immigrants from overpopulated countries)

rachel on

Hey, at least she didn’t name this daughter Johnnie (otherwise all her kids have the same names and genders as those of Melissa Etheridge)

lizzielui on


Given that so many people, both male and female, have used the names Bailey and Riley as names for their children shows that your argument that these names are not first names rings hollow. Obviously they are first names, as evidenced by the fact that people are using them as such. People choose names for their children based on their own personal likes and experiences, not on what someone on the outside looking in thinks. Also, names evolve throughout time, crossing both genders. For example, the name Leslie historically began as a surname. However, throughout time it evolved into a first name for a boy and then over the last century, a first name for a girl. There is no law that suggests that names have to be gender specific. I mean seriously, who on Earth determines whether or not a name is legitimate as you suggest? Again, none of us has to like any of these names. But they are still names nonetheless.

Maureen on

It sounds like the couple wanted original names that weren’t too far out there. If so, they did a good job in naming their kids. I wouldn’t pick Bailey myself because it reminds me of Beetle Bailey, but that name has gotten popular over the last few years. When I first heard the name “Ashley” being used in the early 80’s, I thought of Ashley Wilkes from “Gone With the Wind.” But now it is a widely accepted and fairly common girl’s name. And I like Reiley. It seems like quite a few first names started as surnames, and a lot of girls’ names started as masculine names.

But the baby’s name isn’t important. I just hope she’s healthy and that she enjoys growing up with her siblings in a celebrity family just like her mom did.

Garfield on

Elizabeth — You’re too funny! A law firm! lol You’re right, it sure does sound like a law firm.

I personally don’t mind what people write here. Who cares? And if you do care — why? Everyone is allowed to express their opinion. And I hardly think Stella is going to be reading these comments and get her feelings hurt. Why can’t we pick apart the names if we want to? I don’t get why people are put down for what they write here. These comment sites are set up for the general public to comment, rip apart, congratulate, critique or applaud celebrities and their offspring. Nothing more.

soph on

merry: lol. Do you think I thought you were referring to me? Honey, the very fact that you DIDN’T direct your first comment at any one individual tells me all I need to know about you. Rose is correct in her assessment.

Maureen on

I’m sorry Elizabeth, but in the U.S., I only heard of one “Ashley” who is a male, and that is George Hamilton’s son who was married to Shannen Dougherty. Every other time I’ve seen it or heard it, it was used as a girl’s name, and I don’t know of any boys or men named Bailey or Riley/Reiley. I read that once a name crosses the gender line from masculine to feminine, the girls own it. From what I’ve seen, that appears to be true. In the UK, however, that may not be the case.

Lou x on

I love the names! and all have a similar sound/ are from the same era if you know what i mean. havent seen the spelling of Reiley before though, is it scottish? i only ask as i have only ever seen it spelt Riley.

Congratulations to them and their families xx

em on

Congrats Stella! It’s nice to see someone so talented and successful be a super mom too! and the names are wonderful. macy, who are YOU to judge?! Get a life!!

jessicad on

Congrats to Stella and her family, love the name and I’m sure she’s beautiful like her Mama!

Kathy on

screw you Macy…..Reiley is a great girl name…anyway you spell it. My little one is Rylee and everyone loves her name.

merry on

I must always admire how people can make comments personal. I always choose my words carefully when contributing to sites like this because it is never my intention to offend anyone, but then random people pick something up from my comment and make it personal. If you need it.

First of all, I think there is an issue with definition of “negative comments.” I don’t think “I don’t like the name” is negative. It’s a statement, an opinion anyone can express. Gee, of course anyone can express her or his opinion, where did I or anyone else here say they couldn’t? But do you also realize that the “freedom of speech” argument applies on everyone, me included. As much as anyone has a right to say “I don’t like the name” I have a right to say anything else.

Of course internet discussions are open to everyone to state whatever they want and I would be the last one to forbid that, because without different opinions there would be no dialectic development of ideas.

My original point was this: it’s nice to say ‘congrats’ and ‘what a beautiful family’, it is also very useful to have a debate on names, their development, trends, or debate like ‘biological vs. adopted children and the environment’, but I personally don’t see the point of statements like “Those are awful names” or “She is not pretty, but her husband somehow stays with her anyway.”

When a person browses the internet, reads an article and then feels the need to contribute with such a comment, in my eyes and in my eyes only, I’m not saying it is absolutely true, these people have issues. Now, you can tear me up however you want, if it makes you feel better. I don’t name anyone, I don’t insult anyone, I just express opinion like anyone else.

Ms. Right on

All the names suck!

Jules on

Oh, how nice…she gave her daughters dog names!

Demetria on

Again very well said Merry!!!

Joslin on

So exciting! The 23rd is my birthday too πŸ˜‰ People are so ridiculous. They’re her children, so who cares what she names them! All of the names are beautiful anyway!

Mira on

Treva indeed made a very offensive comment, and a stupid one at that. Apart from the fact that smart people usually marry for something much more than looks, Stella and her husband seem entirely equally good-looking to me.

I have to agree with the “law firm” comment, though. Stella’s choice of names isn’t my cup of tea, but that doesn’t prevent me from being very, very happy for her. I love her parents– they did such a great job raising well-grounded and nice people. Given the pressures that they were under, this is a huge accomplishment. And I love Stella totally independently, because she is genuinely talented. Way to go, Stella!

Congrats on your expanded family. I’m sure you’re a great parent, just like Paul and Linda!

SAR on

Oh good, now they have two of each, and Sir Paul has another granddaughter!

toni on

Is that you Heather Mills? Stella and Heather hate each other with a passion. This is to the people that dislike the name. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to write Stella or tell her in person, what you think? It must be a full moon. Last I heard you could name your child, whatever you wanted. Can we all get along?

RobinSabz on

Congrats to Stella. It is a shame that Linda is not here to see all of her beautiful grandchildren 😦
She is an angel looking down and protecting from above.

E on

What on earth has happened to this site? Some of the women commenting on here are an absolute disgrace. CBB, please start monitoring properly again. A site that is supposed to celebrate the younger generation should not become a forum for effing, blinding, and mudslinging.

jessicad on

merry I agree with you completely! There’s a classy way to say something negative and express your opinion without being a bully or just plain mean.

I don’t understand why some of the comments are even let through, especially the one that attacked her looks, that’s just wrong and I’d hate for this site to become like Perez Hilton or a few of the other celebrity sites I don’t read specifically because the comments are so filled with hate that I can’t handle them. Comments like that truly frighten me when I think of my 3 year old daughter living in a world with people who think that way.

Emma on

Wow! Congratulations to Stella, Alasdhair and the family for the new addition!!
Grandpa Paul will be so happy!!

Angela on

Stella always looks like a total sourpuss. I have no idea what kind of person she really is, I’m just talking about her physical demeanor. She’s not ugly, but she’s not really pretty either. Her husband is rather attractive though. She seems private, and I don’t think I’ve actually seen a picture of her children.

As for the new birth, I extend congratulations. The name choices are not bad, I actually kind of like them. I can’t say that I care for the spelling of Reiley, and I do think it sounds more like a boy’s name. I’m a real stickler for the way a name is spelled. Although you can figure out how to pronounce the name “Reiley” just by looking at it, something just doesn’t seem right. I really don’t like any name in which you have to play “guess how it’s pronounced”. For example, the name “Sean”. If you didn’t know that it was pronounced Shawn, then you’d think “does it rhyme with bean?”, or is it “See-ann”, or what is it????

soph on

I don’t think Alasdhair is attractive at all, however, I’ve always thought Stella had a unique look and I don’t think she looks like a sourpuss in the photo above. I like her.

Breanne on

Who cares what the stars name their children. Atleast this time they all have normal names. As for Reiley it can go so both boy or girl. My daughter’s name is Rylee and I love it and wouldn’t change it for anything. Have your own kids and name them what you want and let others name theirs what they want. They are not your kids and you will never have to call them by name.

Annie on

@Treva. Jealous much.

Lisa on

Stella needs to welcome some birth control. Because the “pull out method” is clearly not working.

Tess on

The name is fine, but it looks like the parents can’t spell. It should be Riley. Unless it’s pronounced Rail E.

steph on

Hehe all the Riley’s I know (I’m a teacher in Australia) are boys and NAUGHTY ones at that!! I hope Stella’s Reiley is a sweetheart πŸ˜‰

I’ve also known both girls (Bayley) and boys (Bailey) with the same name.

@Merry I laughed at your first post and am a bit sad that you actually had to write another explaining to others how to disagree and be respectful at the same time. Some people on here won’t learn though…

CelebBabyLover on

merry- I agree with you completely! There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with something. What matters is the way you word it. Saying “I don’t really care for the names Stella chose for her kids” or even “I wouldn’t choose that name for my kid”, is perfectly fine. But saying “What awful names!” or “Those names are hideous!” aren’t expressing an opinion. They’re nasty, plain and simple.

Anyway, I wonder if Reiley has two middle names like her siblings?

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to say that, as far as names go, not only are Bailey and Reily real girl’s names….but Bailey at least has been one for years! When I was growing up, my mom was friends with a woman who’s daughter was named Bailey. That Bailey is in her late 20s now, so obviously Bailey has been a girl’s name for a good long time!

Caroline on

I think a lot of the comments that you see on articles like this are pretty indicative of what is right and wrong with the internet. Yes, free speech is everyone’s right- But in my opinion the internet has become a tool for our society to indulge in nasty, aggressive and just plain hurtful language habits that in earlier times, if you were speaking to someone face to face- most likely you would never indulge yourself with saying mean things.

Anonymous postings where you can say what you want and to whom in what ever manner you desire with out repercussion has turned a lot of people in to bullys and just not civil people.

To some people I see it as their way of letting off steam or anger over hurts and disappointments in their own lives- they can take out what ever hurts or disappointments or anger they have with out having to “pay a piper” as it were.

I think it has allowed us as a society to sink to some pretty deep lows and things like bullying and cyberstalking and many other negative components of free speech over the internet are things we as a society are going to have to start addressing before things get worse. You might say that expressing dislike of a celebrities child’s names or their looks is not something to get your panties in a wad over and hey maybe you’re right, but it is just a small example of the direction we have found ourselves going to and I don’t see it as getting better- It’s just a shame that just because you can express an opinion, that you feel some kind of compulsion that you must- as if writing negative comments that imply someone’s husband married them only because of implied wealth due to who their father is will some how make you feel better inside … * off the lecture box* let the slings and arrow fly…

ZaraB on

I’m sorry but CBB has gone down the toilet in recent times… Why are some of these comments not being moderated?! This site never used to be so nasty. I am glad to see a post about a UK/international celeb for a change, as the focus of CBB lately really seems to be on minor US Z-grade ‘celebrities’ from reality shows, talk shows and the like that no-one outside of the US has a clue about, while genuinely talented and interesting celebrities from outside the US don’t get a look-in anymore…

abby on

They are raising a very nice family, it seems. I don’t like those names at all though. Congrats to all of them!!

Georgina on

Qutie a lot of what we know as first names now-a-days began/came from surnames, so the arguement that she has given her children surnames applies to almost everyone.

And Angela Sean is a Irish name spelt in celtic, its english equlivant is John, so the fact you don’t (didnt!) understand how to say it is because its in a different language!

And finally I do like Reiley as a name, just not the way they have spelt it, Reilly (Irish) and Riley (English) in my opinion are better. Shes going to have a life time of spelling that out me thinks.

Hea on

soph, christie and Rose are acting like two silly little girls. Use your brains more.

Congrats to the couple!

miameows on

guys, this is NOT CBB anymore! People owns the site and it’s called Moms and Babies and from my impression it is not moderated at all. CBB died when Danielle sold it to People.

and I agree completely with @Merry and I’m impressed with her being polite and respectful when people are calling each other bitches and being so nasty. We can all learn from her!

Catherine on

People, get over it with the names! Gwyneth and Chris Martin have a daughter named APPLE, for God’s sake, and you’re complaining about Bailey and Reiley? She has the right to name her kid whatever she wants. If she wanted to name her RINGO, she could’ve (it would have been funny, though). There are so many people who use boys’ names on girls… It’s become normal now.

Anyway, I think it’s so cute that Bailey’s middle name is Linda! Congratulations to the family!

JM on

How wonderful them. another little beatle grandchild in the world, that’s lovely. i bet grandpa paul is really proud. not my kind of names but, hey, who cares. congrats to them.

JMO on

I love all her kids names. And Bailey and Reiley can be unisex names. In fact now a days any name can be unisex (not agreeing they should be but people make up their own rules with names)! Congrats to the couple!

Carli on

Seriously, did a group of Stella-haters band together and decide to attack all at once? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many terrible comments regarding a celebrity’s new baby. And the opinions on her children’s names? I agree with @Catherine. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have an Apple and a Moses, Gwen Stefani has a Zuma, and what about Jamie Oliver’s Poppy Honey Rose, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, and Buddy Bear? Miller, Beckett, Bailey, and Reilly sound like ‘John’ and ‘Emily’ compared to some of the names we find on here.

Congratulations to Stella and the rest of her family!!

A Hinds on

Congratulations on your 4th baby, Stella! Many good wishes and success to you and your family.

brannon on

CBB Challenge: Find ONE name that EVERYONE likes. Good luck.

Marilyn on

I see you added her middle names: Dilys and Stella. I wonder where Dilys comes from. Maybe his side of the family.

vicky on

Stella and her husband are good looking and successful as far as I am concerned. Why do people have to say nasty things about them?! Are you jealous?!

Jaedyn on

Congrats on the baby girl πŸ™‚ I like Bailey and Riley (Reiley) for boys and girls. Although I prefer Bailey for a boy. Miller, Bailey, Beckett and Reiley are all very nice names IMO. 2 of each: what a blessing!

soph on

Hea: Perhaps you are the one who should “use your brains more.” Because you apparently cannot count.

I love seeing everyone get their panties in a wad over short comments from STRANGERS on an Internet website. Seriously, grow senses of humor and IGNORE what you do not care for–you’ll halt a few of those gray hairs growing on your head. And I know from the way you all react on this blog, you’ve got a lot…

Anyway. Now that Reiley’s middle names have been posted, I have to say I love them. I really like the name Dilys–I’m sure many of your Riley and Kyley lovers have never heard of it and will therefore think it strange–and it’s cute that Stella is her second middle name. Overall the name is very nice.

Brookie on

Oh my….. Not only are we going to come on here and tell them how many of you disagree with their name choice, but now some are going to call her selfish for having 4 biological children?!?!?! WOW. Adoption is a CHOICE. So are biological children. Adoption is great but if someone chooses to have kids of their own- it is no one’s place to judge. And they don’t make baby announcements to seek the approval of web browsing strangers. They don’t need your OK on their name choice. Congrats to the entire family! What a blessing to have 2 boys and 2 girls. πŸ™‚

babyloover on

Congrats to Stella + Family 4 kids all so close is going to be manic πŸ™‚ but so worth it i’m sure haha. Love how they have two of each aswell!

Demetria on

Shut up SOPH! You are so annoying!!!

Annoyed on

The names Riley and Bailey are perfectly normal names in todays society, Beckett and Miller are considered more unique names. All are surnames, so what? Im a name nerd, and surnames are names of the times, whether you like it or not, they are legitimate first names now, all it takes is for the masses to use them and they are considered first names as well as surnames. Look at Taylor….the name Taylor has hurt Taylor Swifts career.

If you dont like her names, then keep it to yourself, and worry about yourself, name your kids what you want and keep your mouth shut about what others name their kids. Its not your business. Again, their is NOTHING wrong with her kids names. If everyone was named Elizabeth and Katherine then it would be a pretty boring world we live in. If anything, she is a designer and trend setter, so I assume, she feels these names are a list names.

As far as knocking Stella’s looks, that is just wrong. There is nothing wrong with the way she looks. She has alot going for her, she is very well respected in the fashion industry and her things sell for alot of money.

soph on

Great contribution, Demetria. You have stellar comebacks.

Kellie on

Soph, Rose, Christie- Do the world a favor…. don’t have kids. The world has to much problems to worry about such horrible,ugly, disgusting pieces of human exsitence creating life. I can’t imagine how much you would screw up an innocent child.

Susan on

I like both names for the girls, they seem to girlish to ever be a boys name for me anyway. There are too many haters and jealous people in the world. Who cares how many childen Stella has, at least she CAN afford to have them unlike so many other parents who just keep popping them out and its US who have to pay for their care becuase they are all on welfare.

soph on

Thanks, Kellie, but did you stop to think that what you just said was also “horrible, ugly, disgusting”? Do the world a favor and look up the definition of hypocrite.

soph on

I also just had to say, I think it’s stunning that MERRY was the first person to make her little nasty remark, that other people had “issues,” and when Rose dared to call her on that, it’s Rose who’s now getting rude comments directed at her. Yet it’s Merry who gets a pass. Mmmkay. You women are ridiculous and I’m very glad NOT to know you.

Elby on

Angela, while I agree with you about simple, ‘normal’ spellings for names I have to say that Sean is actually the proper way to spell it. It’s the Irish version of John and spellings like Shaun and Shawn are used by people who don’t know how to spell it properly πŸ˜‰

I wouldn’t personally give my children any of the names they’ve used but that doesn’t mean they’re ‘bad’ or ‘horrible’ names and as someone else pointed out they’re not nearly as out there as some celeb names. I’m sure some people would look at my children’s names and think they were boring or weird or whatever. It takes all sorts to make the world go round and it would get pretty boring if we all had the same names.

I am pleased (on behalf of my Welsh husband and culturally confused Half-Welsh, Half-Scottish, raised in England children) to see them using the Welsh name Dilys as her middle name.

I also love it when parents seem to have run out of names they like and use their own names as middle names; my father is the 6th boy in his family and his parents had run out of names by the time he came along and just gave him his fathers name – first and middle names!

Rose on

Kellie: I pointed out to another poster that disliking a name doesn’t mean a person has issues and for this you call me a horrible, ugly, disgusting piece of human existence? Really? It amazes me that there are actually people in the world like you who can say something that vile to another human being and still feel okay about it. Your comment is a major overreaction to me simply stating an opinion, one that makes you seem kind of unhinged. I hope you get help for whatever problem it is that would make you respond in such a vile way.

Demetria on

Soph sorry but you have ISSUES! πŸ™‚
And you started it all by saying ” Get over youself, Merry.”
you need to get over yourself!!! πŸ™‚

christie on

Overpopulation is a condition where an organism’s numbers exceed the carrying capacity of its habitat. The term often refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment, the Earth.[1] Steve Jones, head of the biology department at University College London, has said, “Humans are 10,000 times more common than we should be, according to the rules of the animal kingdom, and we have agriculture to thank for that. Without farming, the world population would probably have reached half a million by now.”[2] The world’s population has significantly increased in the last 50 years, mainly due to medical advancements and substantial increases in agricultural productivity.

The recent rapid increase in human population over the past two centuries has raised concerns that humans are beginning to overpopulate the Earth, and that the planet may not be able to sustain present or larger numbers of inhabitants. The population has been growing continuously since the end of the Black Death, around the year 1400;[3] at the beginning of the 19th century, it had reached roughly 1,000,000,000 (1 billion). Increases in life expectancy and resource availability during the industrial and green revolutions led to rapid population growth on a worldwide level. By 1960, the world population had reached 3 billion; it doubled to 6 billion over the next four decades. As of 2009, the estimated annual growth rate was 1.10%, down from a peak of 2.2% in 1963, and the world population stood at roughly 6.7 billion. Current projections show a steady decline in the population growth rate, with the population expected to reach between 8 and 10.5 billion between the year 2040[4][5] and 2050.[6]

The scientific consensus is that the current population expansion and accompanying increase in usage of resources is linked to threats to the ecosystem. The InterAcademy Panel Statement on Population Growth, which was ratified by 58 member national academies in 1994, called the growth in human numbers “unprecedented”, and stated that many environmental problems, such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, global warming, and pollution, were aggravated by the population expansion.[7] At the time, the world population stood at 5.5 billion, and optimistic scenarios predicted a peak of 7.8 billion by 2050, a number that current estimates show will be reached around 2030.[8]

Sarah on

I absolutely adore the name as my daughter is named Ryleigh.

soph on

You just don’t get it, Demetria, and you never will. That’s okay πŸ™‚ Run along now.

Demetria on

πŸ™‚ thanks, Soph! Now enter into a mental hospital!!! You have HUGE ISSUES! πŸ™‚
Run along now πŸ™‚

Demetria on

I love the name Reiley!

emilyc on

I like their names. Cute for Boys or Girls.

As for the people criticizing them for having four children, I’m going to have to agree with Meg here. Christie, yes human activity is destroying the earth, but I think the real problem is just that, our activity. As your article said, ” the current population expansion and accompanying increase in usage of resources is linked to threats to the ecosystem ”

Maybe Stella and her family live in such a way that has a lower impact on their environment. It is possible.

Anyhow, I think all children are a blessing. Congratulations to Stella and family on their new addition!

simi on

WOW, everything from telling a person, Stella, that none of know personally to use birth control, to calling each other names, calling her children names, and the whole world population issues, WOW that is all I can say, what has this site come to. Can’t we all be happy say congratulations on a health baby and leave it at that. And if we really want to fix the whole over population thing I heard a great theory from a doctor once, I don’t agree with it one bit but I think it would take care of all the problems people have been complaining about on this site. His theory was simply get ride off everyone over the age of 70 cause they have no value other then history, they can’t work and will become a strain on the system, also any and all that cannot take care of themselves, there goes the special needs group, transplant people (this mind you includes me)and anyone with HIV, cancer and any other nasty thing out there that kills slowly, then come up with a really good virus that will get ride of anyone that is not really strong and doesn’t has a great immune system, then you are left with only the strongest of the strongest and we can go back to the days of Sparta. So everyone up for this? It would fix the over population problem everyone is complaining about and then non of you can complain over a good family, that has the means to support and care for these children having four of them. No one will complain about what a child is named cause after all this we’ll just be happy to be able to have children. Mind you also the economy would fall apart, so would health care and most countries infrastructure but Stella could have four kids with out having to read all the negative comment you people are writing.

fuzibuni on

Anyone criticising stella for having four children really needs to come to downtown los angeles and check out what’s happening over here.Β  You will see babies having babies… living in squalor, with little education, immersed in the gang lifestyle and little to no chance of escaping the situation, yet giving birth to legions of children that they cannot properly care for, all on the taxpayers dime.Β  At least Stella can afford to have four children and will offer them a chance to become involved, capable citizens of the world.

Once you have seen a 15 year old carrying her baby on one hip while watching after her 8 younger siblings, living in a one bedroom apartment while her boyfriend sells meth on the corner and gets shot at, then feel free to come back here and say with a straight face that Stella McCartney is the problem.Β 

Sadly, the overpopulation issue stems from a lack of education and resources… and if you really feel like giving a lecture on contraception, you should take it to the streets and do something to assist those living in poverty so that they feel like they have other options instead of just repeating the cycle.

houston on

There is a finite carrying capacity on this earth. No matter how well we conserve, recycle, reuse, and stretch our resources it is no match for an exponentially growing population. It’s certainly better for humankind to be proactive. People can still have children. Just have 2 of them and cherish them, focus your energies on them, educate and allow them to thrive. It will be a better world for them tomorrow.

vicky on

It’s good to be interested in celebrities,and inspired by them, but really, we are our own celebrities! We SHOULD spend more time worrying on improving our OWN lives in order to make this earth a better home.

erinm on

Yahhh!!! Congratulations, Stella & Alasdhair! Love all the names! And love you down-to-earth celeb couple!

Kellie on

Rose and Soph- I don’t feel sorry about my comment. Becau seriously that’s how you come across and maybe you should change that. I just can’t imagine how you can live with yourself being such a jerks to others?

Carole on

Dylis means perfect, beautiful and reliable. It’s a Welch spelling and I wish they would continue having more children. I am so happy for them.

CIndy on

Is it tradition in England to give children three names? I noticed all of her kids have three names. No judgement, just wondering. I like the names btw. Congrats to the couple.

soph on

That’s good, Kellie. No one’s asking you to feel bad. Once I saw how poorly you worded your little verbal attack — seriously, the errors in your comment, yikes — I just laughed. Hope Santa puts a dictionary in your stocking this year.

soph on

Cindy, I think it’s becoming tradition among celebs in general to give their children three names!

Carole, I agree, if it means they’ll continue to give them lovely Welsh names πŸ˜‰

Ann on

Congrats!! Love the boys names actually!

BTW, if you’re so worried about overpopulation, then do us the favor of not having a single one. You’ll give room to Stella’s. LOL Ridiculous point. The problem is with the people who can’t afford to have a single child and have 10, due to lack of sexual education (or education of any sort, in fact) and poverty. And another comment said it right: Europe needs kids! The population is getting too old because people are not having enough kids to renovate the population proportionally generation after generation, which will be terrible for the economy, the society and even the Earth (not enough under-65s/70s, to support the over-65s/70s). You shouldn’t read every study, sometimes you just need to know the reality. Sorry.

Elby on

@Cindy, it’s pretty common for children to have 2 middle names over here. Traditionally, I believe it was more of a middle and upper class habit but now it’s just some people do and some don’t. I’m trying to do a mental tally of my family and close friends and their middle names (!) and I think it’s probably about 50/50.

Everybody in my family has 2 except for 1 of my uncles who has 3, coupled with a long surname means it takes him ages to write his names on forms!

My husband only has 1 middle name but our children have 2, this was partly to make the naming fair as I’m Scottish and he’s Welsh and we both wanted our nationalities represented so each child has 1 Scottish and 1 Welsh middle name. If I told you the amount of time we spent arguing over names and re-arranging the order of one’s we’d agreed on you wouldn’t believe me! And it was not helped at all by the fact that we live in England so had to choose names that don’t confuse the poor English speakers with our ‘funny’ spellings like 2 of my favourite Scottish name Eilidh (A-lee) and Ruaridh (which is almost impossible to explain phonetically but is similar to Rory but with more of an ooo than roar-ree – if that makes any sense!)

simi on

Elby I love your name and name of your kids. My husband and I only have one child and she has a name we came up with so totally ours Akali but we always swore that if could have another child it would have a Scottish and a Welsh name, mind you we live in Canada and are both Slavic by decent, but have always loved Scottish and Welsh names, I am thinking I just may have to borrow Eilidh from you if we have another baby girl, cause I will tell you I am in love with that name.

Wishing you all the best with name choosing should any more come your way

CelebBabyLover on

Elby- I agree with you. My grandmother’s family was German (both of her parents came to the States from Germany when they were young. Her father was a teenager, and her mother was still a little girl. :)), and she and her siblings all had/have (a few are still alive, most aren’t, which is why I worded it that way) two middle names. πŸ™‚

Emmy on

In Australia, where i am from, Riley is more of a boys name, but i must say i prefer it more for a girl, especially written “Rylee”.

As for the people complaining about her having 4 kids,she is from England, they do not have a problem with over populating there.

houston on

No need to be rude Ann;

Europe has extensive immigration which will provide a limitless pool of young people. So it is unlikely there will ever be a lack of population. I also fail to see how having more children is beneficial to the earth. Please explain this illogical comment…

A responsible mother will think of her children and grandchildren’s futures. It is selfish to say “I like babies, I want to have 5”. Think of those children living through climate induced droughts and starving form lack of crops due to your decision to overpopulate. Unfortunately, people don’t bother to look past their limited desires to act for the good of their children rather than their own interests.

Ann on

Sorry, Houston, not for being rude, because I was not, but I live in Europe, where there is indeed a lack of population. Immigrants are not the solution, they have been helping us out right now, or the problem would be even worse, right now. Europeans have on average 1 kid, and you need each couple to have at least 2 to renovate the population correctly. So I do know what I am talking about. Because, once again, I live in one of those countries.

So, what’s the solution? Order kids from overseas? Give up on Europeans? What?! It’s not selfish to have 5 kids if you can afford it and have the time to love them. The problem is that people who can have 5 kids don’t, and those who can’t do. In poor countries, where the majority of people is poor they have a lot, and in richer countries where people can have more kids, they don’t. So, not having kids when those who won’t have kids just because they don’t want to bother is in itself selfish. Because they will depend on the other people’s kids, which will be in a too small number for the amount of elders. Not having kids in western Europe is a very serious problem, with will generate social and economical problems!

(I wonder if some people here want to adopt China’s once child policy? Perhaps even less, because we’re all going to die from something).

I’m being a little ironic, Houston, but not rude. It’s just that I live in Continental Europe, in a country where not enough kids are being born, two years ago more people died than were born, and the kids of immigrants help the gap but they’re not enough! Europe in 2010 is not like Staten Island in the late-1890s.

The idea the world is bad so let’s not have kids is ridiculous. People screw this up, it’ll have to be people to solve it. People will need new solutions, and for new solutions we need new people.

Good for Stella to have 4, 5, 6 kids. They have the tools to have a great life, a great education and make things better for them and where they live. Too bad for those who can’t even feed themselves and are left with ten children, with no help at all. Poor women and poor kids. Now it’s women wanting to mandate on how many kids other women should have? Don’t think so. Education is always the bottom line.

I don’t want to sound rude, because I am not. It’s just the way I write. But I AGREE with you when you say many people act according to their desires and not with their possibilities. Sometimes not eve desire, but with their conditions. It’s not the Stella’s 4 kids though, who are the problems. They’ll not go through drought believe me. I just hope that these 4 kids (or even more, who knows?) will be educated to help other 4 kids, who live somewhere else in the world, who have to go through all the tragedies you mentioned. πŸ˜€

S Miller on

WOW, when did Stella need permission from anyone on how many children to have or what to name them??? As I see it the woman makes plenty of money on her hard earned talents to provide for them and if she wants to turn her family into another like the Duggers for instance, then it’s HER choice, not anyone else’s. As long as I don’t have to pay for them it is none of my business.

If she wanted to name her kids A, B, C, and D…once again, It’s HER choice and freedom to do that.

She is a perfectly normal and beautiful looking woman to me and her husbands looks are no more extraordinary than hers, they look to be perfectly suited to each other and are obviously in love if they are still together after 4 kids and all the work involved in taking care of them and juggling their careers combined.

Congratulations to the new mom, dad, and siblings on the new addition, may you all be happy and healthy and continue to be wiser than some of the ignorant people that went overboard with their ridiculous comments that were meant to rip your family to shreds.

Anyone wishing to make a smart ass retort to what I have posted here…I am truly flattered that you will spend your time thinking of me as you dig deep in your resources of bull$h!t to do so…Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the others that proved they were intelligent people and simply wished the couple heartfelt grats.

Myrna on

The names are not my style but I wish them well!

maggie on

Let me get this straight. A bunch of people don’t like the names Bailey and Reiley because they’re meant for boys (or dogs as one person stated), right? Come on you guys! It’s the holiday season and instead of being joyous and loving one another, you jerks are complaining about Stella and her husband giving their new daughter the most COMPLETELY normal name I’ve seen! I never thought it was just as bad as PILOT INSPEKTOR, EGYPT, JERMAJESTY, OR ANY OF THE OLIVER KIDS’ NAMES, and I still don’t. It’s fine besides, Coco Arquette’s middle name is Riley. Riley and Bailey are now under the same category as Alex, Taylor, Jordan, Sam, etc.

And if you guys couldn’t be any lower, you guys are picking apart Stella’s looks! Hey lets all go ahead and post pictures of ourselves and see if any of us are as ugly like Stella. Hmmm…how about that? And to make it even more fun, we’ll all comment on how ugly that person is! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? πŸ™‚ I know I’ll get some backlash from some people saying “oh I bet you’re not a looker either,” well I’m not and why do I have to be? Why does beauty matter more than brains, personality, or talent? I could really care less if I’m the most beautiful person in the world, that doesn’t make who you are on the inside.

Also, WHO THE F*** CARES IF SHE HAS 4 KIDS! Heidi and Seal have 4 kids, Matt and Luciana Damon have 4 kids, Brangelina have 6, and the Duggers keep poping another baby out almost every season on their show! So really what makes Stella and Alasdhair so different than just one of many families in Hollywood (and the world by the way) that have more than 2 kids? I really don’t want to live in a world like China where you could only have 1 child, I would want to have 4 kids (and yes 2 will be adopted and 2 will be biological). The world will can’t possibly be extremly overpopulated and I highly doubt that the McCartney-Willis family will be the cause of that problem.

Finally to end my little rant (that I hope you enjoyed), this site has become just more nastier and nastier when I go on. Like I said before it’s the holiday season! So cut back on being mean and overly opinionated, and be NICE!

Anyways, congratulations Stella, Alasdhair, Miller, Bailey, and Beckett about baby Reiley! I bet Paul is happy to be a grandfather again and I think Linda is smiling up above!

Charlotte on

Being honest, I have to say I like their boys names more than their daughter’s, but nonetheless I adore Stella and wish the entire family well πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- I don’t think the Jolie-Pitts are the best example to use. They have six kids, but have only actually added three people to the world’s population. The other three were already on this Earth when they became Jolie-Pitts. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I agree with you!

TLC on

From S. Miller: WOW, when did Stella need permission from anyone on how many children to have or what to name them??? As I see it the woman makes plenty of money on her hard earned talents to provide for them and if she wants to turn her family into another like the Duggers for instance, then it’s HER choice, not anyone else’s. As long as I don’t have to pay for them it is none of my business.

Wow….I’m flabbergasted here. On the Suri Cruise post, you SLAM Katie for HER choices in parenting and what she CHOOSES to do for HER daughter, yet here you are…DEFENDING Stella’s! HYPOCRITE much???

Kelly on

Wow I’d NEVER thought Stella’s birth of her baby girl would get THIS many comments! Geez people enough already! All I’m saying is I’m so happy for her and the whole family at the birth of their 4th child, and another girl/sister/playmate for Bailey and possibly Paul’s 7 year old daughter Bea as well. I’m such a big fan of Paul McCartney and the family. Grandbaby #7 for him is awesome! It seems like the names Stella and Alasdhair picked for their kids was a first name that both liked and 2 middle names from each side of the family. It’s nice doing it that way no one is left out. Hopefully we can see pics of her soon if possible. I’m sure she’s just a cutie like Bailey. Grandma Linda indeed must be smiling down from heaven on her daughters for being such wonderful mothers to their kids. Welcome Reiley to the world! πŸ™‚

ann on

I also think it’s stupid to assume 4 kids is too many. Stella’s the right to have how many kids as she wants, and I agree that she must have as many as the wants. IMO! Because I also want to have a bunch of them, if I can. As for China, I was being ironic – I meant the opposite. I don’t know anymore, people cross arguments and mix things up. In the end, who cares.

The site is nastier because it was bought. Ditto.

I would’ve loved to see Paul’s face when he saw that little girl!

Jen on

In regards to population control…I would say they should have started with Christie’s parents.

Everyone can give their own opinions about the names and population control, but in the end they have no say in it.

I love the names and if Stella and her husband want to have 100 kids its none of MY business.

houston on

The decision to have a large number of children impacts everyone on the earth so it is everyone’s business. The earth only has so many resources. If you choose to have a dozen children then you are taking away those resources (food, space, water etc) and contributing to pollution etc which impact EVERYONE. This is very selfish.

Eryn on

Congrats to Stella and her husband! I am glad to hear that she and the baby are in good health!

I am really astonished by all those people who have been saying “shame” on Stella for having four kids, wow, how can you be that heartless? This is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and as a mother to four wonderful children myself, I applaud her for doing the most selfless thing in the world. I am sure that she will raise her children to be just as Earth-friendly as she is. Besides, having children is a natural gift and she can have as many as she pleases, all the power to her:o)

Demetria on

Well Houston I plan to have 5 kids and I’m definitely not selfish!!!!!!

Sophia on

Congratulations to Stella, Alasdhair, Miller, Bailey and Beckett and welcome to the world little Reiley! I’m not a huge fan of her name, particularly the rhyming Dilys and Willis, but to each their own, and the main thing is that she’s healthy πŸ™‚

Kara on

I would never consider naming a son Bailey or Riley. I feel like they would get beaten up on the playground. Congratulations to Stella and her family πŸ™‚

Anny on

You people are getting alittle out of hand over a name of someone you do not know nor will ever meet.Riley is a great name no matter how you spell it. My daughter’s name is Riley and I couldn’t imagine her as anything else.Don’t forget Pilot Inspektor, Jason Lee’s child when you critize people for naming their children “awful” names.

Anny on

YAY Maggie. Totally agree.

Lily on

Twin girls–Riley and Bailey aged 6 1/2. Clearly we love the names, regardless of whether for girls or boys. They aren’t your children. Name your children what you want, I guarantee that a lot of people, even if they say otherwise, find the names you chose “lacking” also. Congratulations to Stella and Alasdhair. Linda is smiling.

Hi on

Firstly, I want to say that I really like all the kids’ names. Beckett and Olwyn (Bailey’s second middle name) are my favorites.

Houston and Christie- Guys, seriously. Because of people like you who say that the world will end because we’re having too many babies and need to stop, the Japanese race is going extinct. If things continue as they are and Japanese women don’t start having babies now, JAPAN WILL CEASE TO EXIST.
The really sad thing is that I don’t think you two are in this for people. If the Japanese went extinct, you would probably say, “What a relief, now we might not overpopulate. But if EAGLES went extinct, you would probably throw a fit, stage rallies, protests, etc. to blame human nature for killing an amazing bird.
If one really thought through it, they would realize that if we worked the land properly there’s probably enough room in the world for twice as many people as we have now. Yes, there would be sacrifices. We would have to tear down the Hollywood sign and build housing developments where it used to be. Of course, people can’t even harbor the notion of doing such an unholy thing. We’d have to move the highly adaptable, mostly feelingless wild animals. OMG. Yikes, people, we already did it to the Native Americans, WHY CAN’T WE DO IT TO RACOONS?

CelebrityBabyLover- As others have mentioned, Reiley has two middle names, Dilys and Stella.

Isabeau on

Who cares what these childrens’ names are.
My children died.
As long as her children are healthy and happy NOTHING else matters!!!
They will be raised with love which is ALL that means ANYTHING!

Rebecca on

What no Vera, Chuck, or Dave?

Dilys on

I’m having a laugh as I heard a long time ago that Ringo Starr had a large plaster statue of a dinosaur in his back yard. As my name is Dilys I was very happy to hear it. I wonder if Stella used the name because of that? And to the person who spelled it ‘Dylis’ on this post, its always always always ‘Dilys’ (I get the other spelling all the other time and its irritating and I see it spelled that way in baby books but that is wrong – it is a very very old Welsh name) and it does mean perfect, beautiful and reliable. It also means ‘genuine’ or ‘rea’l and I’ve hear it can means dancing. And its actually ‘Welsh’ not Welch but her sentiments were nice. I know a lot of doggies in the park that are Reiley and Bailey but that doesn’t mean that children can’t be called that, boy or girl. I’ve heard of a woman named ‘George’. Who says that can’t be possible. And yes, can’t we all just get along? There is enough strife in this world ie. Egypt, Tunisia.

Madison on

I love traditional, though uncommon, names. The names this celebrity couple have chosen to give to their children gives me hope for the future. Perhaps we can avoid more Apples and Sundays

Janet Cooper on

Stella is NOT homely…have you seen her pic on Wikipedia?? Remember that Linda was very fair & blonde, and had a bit of red in her hair; Stella & James McCartney are both fair like their mother, Heather (Linda’s 1st daughter), was very blonde when she was little…I remember Heather being in “Let It Be,” and how Ringo made her run away & giggle…I remember Mary being tucked inside Paul’s coat and peeking out on the “McCartney” album cover…

The kids also have Paul’s beautiful clear eyes and sculpted eyebrows, and his soft mouth…

You guys need to get some serious life skills…As for the baby’s names — “B.F.D. (Big Freakin’ Deal)” — It’s their kids, not yours…Go name yours Hortense or Ethelburga or something…How about Cadwallader?? Those are seriously names I saw in the back of an old Bible…
P.S.: Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter (Elvis’s granddaughter) is named Riley Keough…She’s in the movie “The Runaways”…

Misty on

What the heck is Dilys?

rutherford1968 on

I don’t agree.

Sincerely, Petronila

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gatraineryogainstructor^I got a Small&#44 and it is too small to wear&#44 but the headline is that the fabric is like old panty hose material…it has no elasticity. It is a little see-through&#44 but since there’s no ‘give’&#44 one can’t work out in it. If I raise my arms up&#44 it pulls all the way up. This top is a little more money&#44 but so much nicer…almost a cotton feel and breathable. I am returning this one.I am amending this. I contacted the company&#44 Clothing Shop Online&#44 and they said that they do not pay return shipping for anything but a defective product. I feel it IS defective if the size is wrong&#44 and you can’t work out in a shirt that advertises for working out. Please&#44 please pay attention to the negative reviews. This shirt does NOT MOVE. It is made of a hard&#44 plastic-y polyester&#44 and the seller does not want to make the sale right.~3|CM^I really like working out in this top at the gym. It is just the right fabric that is cool enough that you don’t sweat like a pig&#44 you stay dry and cool. Is not clingy. I bought three without knowing what they were like and I will certainly buy more.~5|rosie^Lightweight…packs easily…no wrinkling. I wanted a lightweight shirt to use outdoors on hot days…golf…biking…etc. and this shirt is perfect. Not really see through as some have stated. I bought med even though I am generally a small. It didn’t want it to be form fitting. This is loose and a perfect fit for me. It is longer and I like that.~5|jls^Material is great&#44 but size run small. I ordered a xl.~3|JustDorothy^My first experience with this fabric and I love it! Great travel shirt. The lime green color is exactly what I wanted.~5|fairenough^Perfect for hiking and other outdoor sports. Light and breezy so you don’t get too hot. Good strong color and matched my hard to match shorts! Happy customer.~5|Cyndy_B^I normally wear a size Medium (with a s/m chest). I read all the reviews and was worried about the sizing&#44 so I decided to order both a Medium and a Large. The medium is too tight (I would relate it better to a size small&#44 instead of a Medium – as it was too tight everywhere). The large is comfy with a little room (just enough to be breathable and not restricting). So I would recommend you order a size up. Other than that&#44 it’s a decent quality shirt especially for the price ($8.99). The v-neck isn’t too low or high and it’s very comfy. I got the Columbia blue and it’s exactly the color as in the picture.~4|Judi I.^I really liked the shirt&#44 but I needed to return this one&#44 and I hadn’t looked carefully that there was no “free returns” — The $7 shirt cost more that $12 to return!! I will be more cautious about the “no free return policy”I bought a larger sized as for me they fit somewhat tight- I LOVE the shirts! they are easy care and great for travel&#44 for which I purchased them- 4 stars only because of the size issue- but the price is great!!~4|Elizabeth Doucette^I never got a chance to wear this shirt. I loved the way it fit&#44 but I discovered two snags in the front of the shirt that were super obvious and made it unwearable. I had just received the shirt and I never wore it&#44 so I would say the fabric of this shirt is very delicate if merely hanging it up in the closet was too much for it to handle. (there are no tigers living in my closet). I tried to return it&#44 but the returns aren’t free&#44 so I’d be paying the same for shipping as what the shirt cost.Stay away!~3|Peggy^This shirt came with a snag in the front. The shirt is so shiny the snag is very noticeable. I guess I will keep it as a housework-shirt but can’t wear it in public.~3|

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Amazon Customer^Supposed to come on the 13th shown up a week and a half late. Missing hood pull cord.~3|

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HRae^Bought this for my son’s first birthday. Ordered a 18 month. Fits great. Planning for him to wear it for a while.~5|Mel C^It fit my son a pretty good&#44 however he is exactly 12 months. It may be a little small for a child close to 18 months. Very cute shirt&#44 would definitely buy again.~5|Lisa^I have a very tall new 4 year old but this shirt fit him great. I didn’t dry it before his birthday to be sure it wouldn’t shrink up but I have since and it only shrank a little. Super cute shirt and phrase that we received many compliments on.~5|Jbug^This shirt is so cute!!! My little guy wore it for his 1st birthday. It fit perfectly and after several wears/washes it is holding up great!~5|Kelli^It is SO soft. It looks adorable&#44 my son wore it on his birthday and also a few days since. No fading or letter cracking.~5|Labbye^Such a cute shirt! Very happy with this purchase!~5|Stella^I let my son wear this for his first birthday. He looked so cute. It’s pretty true to size so order standard.~5|Natashia^My son wore this at his first birthday. Fit perfectly and arrived quickly. It was a hit. We will have great memories in this shirt. Fits true to size. Thanks!~5|Ashleigh Blandin^Well made&#44 and adorable! I’d avise getting a size up so they can wear it more than once.~5|Russ^I ordered this shirt in a size 2…thinking 2t&#44 well it is about the size for 18 months. Not only that&#44 there is a STICKER OVER the actual size of the shirt. In my pic you can see the comparison between a normal 2t and their size 2 shirt. So disappointed! He can’t even wear it for his birthday tomorrow like I had hoped.~3|