Pink’s Preferred Name for a Baby Boy: Jameson

11/29/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Pink, who is a little more than three months pregnant, says she and husband Carey Hart are halfway there when it comes to naming their baby.

If it’s a boy, says the singer, their first child will be called Jameson.

“My dad’s name is James, and my brother’s name is Jason,” Pink, 31, told Access Hollywood.

“[Carey and I] are both Irish, Carey’s middle name is Jason, [and] Jameson — we like whiskey. That’s a no brainer.”

There’s just one problem: Their doctor believes they’re expecting a girl. And, says Pink, finding the perfect name has been a struggle.

“We’re all over the place,” she says of the naming process. “I’m all about meaning, and Carey feels like he had a girl’s hair cut and a girl’s name, and he doesn’t want kids to have a weird name. I have to get him on the boat for originality, so I’m working on him.”

Even though she’s chosen a boy’s name that evokes a brand of whiskey, Pink says she’s not tempted to drink alcohol at all — even if the doctor okays it.

“You know what? I thought I’d be like that – I couldn’t even comprehend someone not wanting wine,” the “Raise Your Glass” singer says. “But honestly, I just don’t. I don’t want anything bad.”

— Sara Hammel

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Mina on

Why dont they name their daughter Jameson?

Barb on

I was just going to say the same thing. Jameson is androgynous. It can be used for both a boy or a girl. Love the name!!! At least it’s “normal” and in the baby name book. Unlike some of the names these weird celebrities are naming their children. Shame that they don’t take that into consideration that when their kids get older they are going to be teased beyond repair.

Leia on

Why would their doctor think it’s a girl when she is only 3 months?

I really like Jameson for them, especially since it has meaning.

Even though Jameson may be acceptable as a girls name, I personally think its too masculine and I can see why they wouldn’t want to use it since Carey feels he grew up with a “girls” name and probably doesn’t want his daughter to have a “boys” name.

They also chose Jameson in honor of two men in their families, I can’t see them using it for a girl.

Mina on

But they can call her Jamie for short. Thats totally girly!

Tanya on

I agree too!!I love that name!I think it would suit a boy or a girl.

JLD on

She’s not far enough along (according to the article she isn’t anyway) to know if it’s a boy or a girl; if the doc did say what they believe the sex is, that’s pretty irresponsible-unless it was just a guess as a lay person. Either way, congrats to both of them!

:) on

i agree i love the name jameson and i want to use that name as well if i have a boy or a girl i think because as well as pink my dad and brother are a james and jason lol .. Whatever they name their bundle of joy i’m sure the baby will be sooo adorable 🙂

Kathe on

Why not just name her Carey after her Dad?? That would be pretty cool, not many girls can say they are named after their Dads!!!

Tessa on

They should name their daughter Ireland. We love that name for our daughter.

Amanda on

The doctor probably guessed the sex based on the nub theory.

foofsiedumpling on

Technically they COULD know the gender if she has had an amnio or a nuchal fold test. These are both tests that are typically not offered unless a person is deemed high risk. We don’t know the circumstances and perhaps she is high risk.

terri on

well first of all i was 3 mos along and they told me i was having a boy he is now 17 im sure any name that they decide on will be brought from their heart. cheers to a healthy baby either way you guys deserve it BE KIND T

Milly on

Good for her about the Alcohol. I know woman who drank a glass of wine here and there; but after you suffer a miscarriage like Pink and have difficulties with pregnancy in general; You go is one glass really worth it?

Not in my opinion and I was repulsed even by the smell of alcohol.

Karen on

To Kathe–
I am named after my dad. His name is Alan, and my middle name is Alan. I love being named after someone in my family. In fact, thats a tradition of ours. Everyone is named after someone else!

Elle on

If she’s only three months, why do they think it’s a girl?? That makes no sense. Sounds like media is getting a hold of this before the facts are there.

jj on

um yea….my friend found out she was for sure having a boy at 10 weeks and my sister found out she was having a girl at 13 weeks…and both of them had what the doctor said. I’m sure the doctor isn’t just filling them with what they think they want to hear!

Kristin on

Elle you can watch Pink explain why the doctor thinks she’s having a girl. Just click the link and watch the video. Not all that complicated.

I like Jameson as well, but only for a boy.

Megan on

@ foofsiedumpling. “Technically they COULD know the gender if she has had an amnio or a nuchal fold test. These are both tests that are typically not offered unless a person is deemed high risk. We don’t know the circumstances and perhaps she is high risk.”

Thank you so much for clearing this up. Some people just spout off at the mouth like they know everything. Obviously they show their ignorance because they have no idea the advances pre-natal medical technology that are available for mothers. I wish Pink and her husband the best of luck for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I would love to see her do a baby blog for People. I think she would be honest and open about her experiences with motherhood.

Jess on

She might not want anything bad now.. but just wait. I smoked ciggs and when I first got pregnant I didnt want to even look at ciggs they made me sick! Then once I got into the end of my 2nd trimester thats when I started to crave them. I stayed away from it but it was hard. But, I do wish her the best of luck and a healthy baby!

tink1217 on

I think Jameson for a girl is adorable!! Can’t wait for this celeb baby!

Hannah on

I hope they dont name a girl Jameson, I don’t see how that’s feminine at all. For a boy it’s a strong name.

alice jane on

If it’s a girl she should name her Sophia because that’s my favorite name. And they can’t use the name Jameson because that’s a made-up name, like Blakesley and Satyana. 🙂 I just love how opinionated people here are about someone else’s baby.

Jody on

@ Leia…I too can understand not wanting to give a girl a boys name and vise versa,but I think it is wonderful to name a girl after and in honor of the two paternal grandparents.My name is Jody,with the boy’s speling (ending in Y) as opposed to the girl’s spelling (ending in I or IE) I got a little ribbing while growing up and came home from school upset about being teased for my “boys” name…and after my mother told me she took the J and D from her dad “Jerrold” And the O and Y from my father”Roy”I felt very proud and never again let it bother me.

Erika on

Jameson could work for either, but I like it more for a boy. Maybe Pink doesn’t want to use it for a girl, because she could potentially have a son in the future. I could see maybe Harley or Lacey for a girl. Just names that popped into my head.

Shannon on

It would soooooo cute if she named her daughter Jameson. 🙂

Rosalee on

that’s so cute for them! They could call him James for short, it’s not a girly name it’s pretty cute

Amanda on

I know of at least 2 celebs with girls named Jameson. Jim Belushi and Chynna Phillips. I think it is cute. I also like Reilly.

fran on

congrats pink and carey on your baby news! whether it’s a boy or girl i know ,that either way that baby is going to have an amazing and beautiful name.with two funky brilliant parents you are sure to have a super cool funky and gorgeous leanbh! (child in irish language)best of luck

Katie on

I like the name Jameson. Harley was the name of our dog, I dont think it a good name for a baby.

Holly on

Pink stated on Ellen that the doctor said she thinks they’re having a girl, and yes, it is possible to tell that early in some pregnancies. May God bless them with a healthy baby!

traxie on

I am surprised that Pink’s 31. Some of her comments seem so naive and youthful. “I couldn’t even comprehend someone not wanting wine” – if you’ve ever heard of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome you’d easily comprehend it.

eks on

Congrats to them they are so cute together. How about “Carrie Alicia” for a girl? When I hear Jameson I think of yucky Jenna.

Kate on

I think Jameson would be a great girl’s name. There are no real rules anymore.

Elle on

Carrigan would be cute for a girl…that would be after daddy and it has an Irish feel to it.

I don’t like Jameson for a girl…it sounds too masculine.

Jess on

My nieces name is Jameson I think its perfect, Going on the irish theme what about Teagan?

Nicole on

My son is named Jameson. We picked it because my father is named James and we just liked the name. Yes, I googled it when I was pregnant and then learned it was a whiskey but that wasn’t going to stop me.

I hate the trend of using masculine names for boys. No, I don’t particularly want my son to share his name with a little girl on the playground. I had no idea when I used it that it would become a unisex name, especially since the meaning of it is “SON of James”.

To each their own, but I wonder how long it will be before there are little girls named “Robert” and “Joseph” out there.

Emily on

I guess I’m alone in thinking Jameson actually sounds more feminine than masculine. I think it’s cute for a girl – especially with the “Jamie” nickname.

Rose on

I don’t understand this new trend with celebrities where they feel the need to turn every moment of their pregnancy into an excuse to issue a press release. It’s kind of sad when a baby isn’t even born yet and his/her parents are already exploiting it to get attention.

JTH on

Love it! That’s my baby boy’s name. Not after the whiskey though…it is somewhat of a family name

Jaxson on

I think the name is a perfect fit for her and Carey it goes well with both their personalities and the reason they chose it is very heart warming

The PeachPost on

I love the name Jameson. It’s my preferred name for a baby boy as well!!!

Maureen on

It sounds like Carey Hart already boarded the boat to originality when he married someone who goes by the name of “Pink.” With a name like that, it seems only natural she would have a girl.

I don’t like Jameson for a girl, but giving your daughter a masculine-sounding name is better than giving your son a feminine name. In general, girls like original names, whereas most boys would be happy being called, Mike, John, Joe, or any of the “standards.” So Mom and Pop can be more flexible when it comes to picking a girl’s name.

Karen on

I like it! For either gender.

Lisa on

Didn’t Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin name their older daughter Jamison? That’s a variation of “Jameson,” but either one could work for a girl.

Jennifer on

A well trained OB can “guess” the gender at 12 weeks. It is about that time when the external privates take on the male or female look. Some OBs are doing a test for Downs Syndrome at 12 weeks where they look at a measurement in the back of the baby’s neck by ultrasound. It was at our 12 week ultrasound to look for signs of Downs Syndrome when we found out our second child was a boy. The 20 week ultrasound confirmed it. So, it is possible she knows she is having a girl when she is only 3 months along. Just sayin’.

India on

i have an original name. bet you never even heard of someone with the same name as me, yeah i got teased but now its great. and the teasing helps you get better with dealing with people, because lets face it people are cruel. I hope she names the baby something far out and amazing and unlike anyone elses.


I LOVE it! But I am partial since that is my son’s name and it FITS him to a T. Good choice Pink!

Jess on

ummmm i knew from the moment i got pregnant with my first child that it was a boy, and when i got pregnant with my daughter i knew it was a girl….it’s not that far fetched for a doctor to say it’s a girl…jamie would be a cute name for a girl and that name jameson at first thought makes me think boy….so i can understand why they wouldn’t want jameson for a girl. whatever they name their kid, they were going to have the coolest parents lol good luck Pink and Carey

april on

She said she thought she would feel like she would want wine. But she does not want it. Quit judgng her and the name is cute. Who cares what others think? If one spends their lives worrying about being teased they are not living life!

G on

With such advanced, modern equipment and a good ultrasound technician, it is possible to determine the sex as early as 11 or 12 weeks. After 20 weeks, there is over a 95 per cent certainty.

brannon on

Hate it for a boy but love it for a girl. A lot of ultrasounds now detect gender at 13 weeks. Not outside the realm of possibility. (Nice change to see a celebrity thinking ‘boy’ though!)

Suzanne on

My boy is a Jameson! Jameson Hunter Shaw!

ecl on

I found out I was having a boy at 14 and a half weeks from the full body scan that is done between 14 and 20 weeks. No trick there. The baby just has to be in the right position.

@ Traxie – I just think she meant that she’s enjoys wine so much she thought she would miss it, but she doesn’t.

EE on

@ foofsiedumpling and @ Megan

A small technical correction to foofsie’s statement. You are correct, it is possible to determine gender at 3 months gestation. However, neither an amniocentesis or nuchal fold test would be used in the gender determination.

An amniocentesis (amnio) is performed at 15 to 20 weeks gestation and looks at the chromosome makeup of the fetus (extra/missing chromosomes and gender).

A nuchal fold test looks at the space in the tissue at the back of the baby’s neck and is a screening test used to determine if the fetus is at risk for having Down syndrome. It has nothing to do with the gender of the baby.

The correct test that gives gender information around the 3 month mark is a CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) that is performed around the 11 to 13 week mark. It will give similar information as the amnio.

Not trying to be nitpicky…. just trying to get the correct information out there 🙂

Robin on

I have a Jamison Patrick, born on St. Patrick’s Day! Love it!! Best to Pink and Carey on whatever they decide!!

Roseanne on

So happy for Pink & Carey. Congrats!!!!! God Bless.

texas on

They should name her jameson and call her jamie for short. dont give her a girlie name thats going to define how she will act.

Mina on

I was told I was having a boy at my 3 and a half month ultrasound. No amnio or fancy 3-D ones…just an old fashionioned sonogram. And it was right. I guess a couple factors played in it. One, he was in the right position and you could CLEARLY see a penis. Maybe he is just well endowed lol. Plus, my ultrasound tech was awarded best in my entire state so she was excellent at her job. She told me by an old fashioned ultrasound that he would be “about 9 lbs” and he came out weighing EXACTLY 9 lbs even!

Mary on

LOVE IT!! Our sons name is Jameson Aiden!!

Anonymous on

She may have had complications very early in her pregnancy or be considered high risk due to medical/family history and needed a CVS or amnio.

RMD on

I love it!!!! My 17 yr old sons name is similar but w/ an “r” in the middle – JAMERSON !!!! I have loved that name since I 1st heard it years back. He was never gonna be named anything else. It is very unique just like him. If I would have had a girl I would have spelled it “Jaymerson” Congrats Pink & Carey you both are great!!!!

Anonymous on

I love Jameson–my daughter’s middle name is Jameson–named after my dad James.

Tammy on

Love Pink! Love the name! Hope she and her gorgeous husband have a healthy baby.

Rachel on

Jameson would be cute for a girl – you could call her Jamie! And, replying to Leia, Sometimes you can tell the sex as early as 12 – 13 wks, although its not quite as accurate as later on (I’m an OB/GYN)

Jen on

It’s an old wives tale but in MANY cases it’s accurate that earlier ultrasounds can predict gender based on the baby’s heart rate.

The faster (160-180 beats) = possibly a girl
The slower = (130-155) possibly a boy

Not always accurate but sometimes it is. A slower heart beat doesn’t mean unhealthy just that girls have faster heartbeats.

Jenny on

She told everyone she is having a girl and it really could be….woman can know very early if they see something in an early ultrasound, my daughter’s teacher found out at 14 weeks that she was having a girl and my sister-in-law found out at 11 weeks she was having a girl…they both had a 4D ultrasound 🙂 Just saying…it can happen!! And I love the name Jameson I totally agree that it can be a boy or girl name. Best of luck to them 🙂

Niamha on

Actually alice jane, Jameson isn’t a made-up name as you say. It’s a real name and in the baby name books. A made up name is Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor and Reignbow. Satyana is an actual name as well. I’m amazed at how stupid some people can be by not knowing a real name that may not be popular & a made up name that people in Hollyweird decide upon because they think they are being unique. When in fact, they are being cruel to their children.

Tiffany on

Jameson is a great name for a boy but why not re-work the letters and call her Jasemon? I would still have meaning.

Kim on

She said on Ellen the doctor did an ultrasound and said he thought it was a girl. Don’t know what he based that opinion on. As for a name..bless Carey for being against “weird names”!! Jameson would be fine for either a boy OR girl..and they could always call her Jamie.

Whitney on

The name works both ways but to ma,e a baby Jameson and then call her Jamie is dumb in my opinion…. Hate the name Jamie….

Anonymous on

I think this is ridiculous. I have good friends who wouldn’t share their potential baby names with anybody, because it’s private and because your perspective changes when you hold your actual child in your arms. I actually only clicked on this story because it seemed so unlikely that Pink, whom I’d always perceived as sensible, would start sharing names with the world at this early stage. It’s gross.

And can we get over this trend of making up lame “unique” names for children? Why do all of the kids have last names for first names? Sometimes with random y’s stuck in? I’m surprised that someone hasn’t yet suggested that Pink name her girl Jamyson or Jamisyn, because *that would be so cute!!!!!*

Yes, I’m an old grump, but I’m right.

SAR on

I don’t see why “Jameson” can’t be a girl’s name too. Well, whatever they have, I hope it’s healthy, and I’m happy for them.

Brook on

Jameson is an awesome name for a boy, not a girl! My husband and I named our (now 3 year old) son Jamison, but spelled with an “i” instead of an “e” because we didn’t want his nickname to be “James”. In fact the only nickname we allow is Jami and only his great-grandmothers are allowed to call him by that name. Jameson, meaning; “son of James” was not the right fit for a son of Gregory haha We get compliments all the time. It’s a strong, unique and not far out there like a lot of names people have been coming up with. If we were to have another boy I think it will be very difficult to find something as great to compare!!! And BTW I’m glad they are going with the “e”, that way my kid is still the coolest! :oP

Tracey on

Jamison would work out well for a girl or name her Jami

Kim on

Gee Whitney, I hate the name WHITNEY. We better make sure Pink and Carey get you to approve any name they pick.

Jill on

Maybe they are throwing out names to see how much hate they get……geez, some people. It is one thing to state an opinion and be nice, but some people state their opinions as facts and some are rude!

Brooke on

Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin have a little girl named Jameson….I think it is cute for a girl.

Sarah S. on

Jameson is a fine name for either a boy (or girl)!! Enjoy the pregnancy, Pink! Laughing is good for the baby 🙂

Jaymeson's mommy on

My sons name is Jaymeson and we were planning on that name whether it was a boy or a girl! When there is special meaning behind a name, it should be automatic!!

J. on

Hmmm…not feeling Jameson for a girl. I didn’t really like it for a boy until they explained it. All I could think was…as in Jenna the p*rn star?? But meaningful names I get. I’m sure they’ll come up with something great…even if it is Jameson…hey, maybe Jenna, and then when they have a boy and they call out for them they’ll call, “Jenna, Jameson!”

soph on

Tiffany: Jasemon? The sad part is that you’re not kidding…

Monica on

Some ultrasound techs can now determine gender as early as 12-13 weeks. Just depends on how experienced the person is who is looking at the scan.

Ellea on

How is Jameson unisex by ANY stretch of the imagination? Firstly its a surname and it literally means son of james. I am all for people giving their kids whatever name they like, but just because you give a girl a boys name, or a boy a classically girl name doesn’t make it androgynous or unisex. I feel like this trend is only acceptable in one direction. If I want to name a girl jack people go “its okay” but if want to name my boy Jane people would have negative comments.

aimee on

I just love Pink- so happy for them!

Sarah K. on

Jameson means James’ Son, so it really is not a unisex name. People can name their kids whatever they want, but Jameson is not meant to be a girl’s name. Neither was Reilly, Ryan (king), Addison (Adam’s son), Carson (son of Carr), Dylan (son of the sea), Sonny (little boy), etc. It might be cute to name girls those, but to say they’re unisex ignores the meaning of the words. Personally, I think it’s a little odd to name a daughter something that means “son”

Traxie, I’m pretty sure that Pink was joking about the wine.

Holiday on

I found out with my son at 16 weeks and my daughter at 14 weeks. I like the name Jameson for both boy or girl. Girl more actually

didiwags on

Did any of you read the whole article…. Carey does not want a neutral name for his daughter cause he felt he had a girls name!!! Jameson is a total BOYS name!!!

Amy on

LOVE, LOVE PINK!!!! Im so happy for her. Im a mother of five and a baby photographer and ohhhh sooo sweet! Stop all the stupid stuff. They will figure it out.

Sky-Ann on

Tiffany, no offense, but the baby isn’t black.

Susan on

@India – yes, I’ve heard of your name. It was the name of the sister of Ashley Wilkes in “Gone With the Wind”.

Sky-Ann on

Jameson is a boys name. Carey doesn’t want a boy’s name for his daughter. Come on people. If you think Jameson sound’s girly you must think Jessica sounds like a boys name.

Ann on

I LOVE Jamison for a girl! That’s what I named my little girl, and think it fits a girl better than a boy – In my opinion.

Rosy on

To those wondering how Pink’s ultrasound technician would have made a guess as to their baby’s gender – he was most likely going by the nub theory. Between 12-13 weeks, the fetus will have a gender ‘nub’ protruding and it all depends on the angle. If it is flat and parallel to the spine, that indicates that the baby may well be a girl, if it is angled up, it would be a boy. Here’s a link for more info:–Predict-your-baby-s-sex-at-12-weeks

Rosy on

This website is also a very good source of info about the nub theory to determine gender early..

E on

@EE- surely you can find out the gender from an amnio because as you said, it involves karyotyping. I realise that this would probably not be used if your sole purpose was to establish the gender, but if, as has been suggested by some people, the pregnancy is high risk, they could kill 2 birds with one stone and find out the gender at the same time as the chromosome mapping?

Rosemary on

Why don’t they name her Jamie, if its a girl. 🙂

Rosy on

PS, to those thinking it may have been due to an amnio or CVS – Pink has said her doctor thought the baby MAY have been a girl, not that the baby IS a girl. With the testing, it would mean they would know 100% what gender their baby was…would leave no reason to mention boys names whatsoever.

Kasie on

I think that this will be a good name for her and Carey’s child. But you have to think, every person in Hollywood that has a baby has have had a unique name to it.

Tracy on

How is Jameson an androgynous name? Are you people moronic? It has the word “son” in it, as in “son of James”! This practice of naming girls things like “Madison” is very recent and very stupid.

geegers on

To sky-ann- your comments are so right on!
I love the name but ONLY for a boy! It is not feminine by any means. I named my son Jamisen after my grandpa and am so happy with this name. They have great taste in names, so they will come up with a great one for a girl.

marlena on

I love it I think it could go for a boy or girl a girl could by jamie for short a boy could go by jimmy maybe jameson alicia (pink’s real first name) for a girl for a boy jameson carey

MJ on

I think Jameson is cute for a boy. I don’t like using boy names for girls. My husband talked me into naming our second son Jayden, and I regret it, there are little girls with that name, and when he goes to a new doctor/school etc.. they ask about “her”. We did have good reason for naming him that, my husbands name is Jason. AND on the whole finding the sex of the baby issue early–we found out that we were having a daughter with our 3rd child at 12 weeks, with a level 2 ultrasound. So it’s possible without Amnio etc, although that’s not why Pinks’ doctor thinks she’s having a girl.

Bancie1031 on

Mina – I knew plenty of guys named Jamie growing up ….. so that’s not plenty girlie at all ……

I agree since Carey has strong feelings about him growing up with a “girls name” I can definitely see why he wouldn’t want to name his daughter Jameson. They we decide on a name and I’m sure that it will be beautiful.

rachel on

love the name for your boy how about yarcey or rayce that is a couple of ways careys name is spelled differently. just a thought im sure youve had plenty.

Butterfly on

Sky-Ann I don’t understand the statement to Tiffany that “the baby isn’t black”!! Do you believe that rearranging letters to create new names is only a “black” thing?

Lola on

Although Jameson can be used for a boy or girl…it is obvious that Pink and Carey do not WANT it for their daughter or else they would not be in need of a possible girl name. Just saying…

jen on

It says she is a little past 3 months. A babies gender can be revealed as early as 15 weeks but typically Drs wait til 20 or so to determine sex. That way they are less likely to make a mistake. I think Jameson is a great name for either sex. It can be shortened for a girl like someone said above to Jamie.

Amy on

I LOVE the name Jameson, in fact, it’s my sons middle name, after my father, who’s name was James as well. And as for her doctor thinking she’s having a girl, I knew that I was having a boy at 11 weeks because I had a procedure called a CVS, so it is quite possible that they do already know the sex of the baby she’s carrying.

Allie on

She isn’t too far along to not know the sex of her baby. My best friend found out at 11 weeks she was having a boy. She enough, she ended up with a boy.

Really? on

Gender can not be told from a vaginal ultrasound machine (since she’s 3 months=about 12 weeks that’s probably what they used). If anything it’s a guess or she has other issues that caused her to fetal screenings done early.

The earliest I’ve seen our providers get a correct guess is 14 weeks off a general ultrasound machine.

CelebBabyLover on

I listened to the interview….and I didn’t hear Pink say anything about why the doctor thinks it’s a girl. 😦 Could somebody fill the rest of us in on what she said about that, please?

As for names….I think Jameson is a great name for a boy!

imn on

For all those saying doctor can’t tell gender at 3 months, it’s totally untrue. We found out sex of our 3rd baby at 14 weeks (3.5 months) with a high resolution 3D ultrasound. But first two kids we didn’t find out till 20 weeks (5 months). It just depends on the technology used. Gender formation is usually complete at 9 weeks gestation and fully identifiable by 12 weeks gestation.

adrianne on

You don’t know the sex at three months.

gdfg on

It could be they just don’t LIKE Jameson for a girl.
I love the name Kelly for a girl, but I really dislike it for a boy, for example.

don on

Erin is a good name for an Irish lass

Anonymous on

Jameson is a surname, like Ryan, and a lot of other names that Americans seem to adopt as first names. Personally i think it is not great as a first name, particularly for a girl. Better than Apple I suppose but what is wrong with traditional names, why does everyone have to be ‘different’

Kim on

I have two boys and during my pregnancy with my first son a friend of mine came up with the name Kilarai for a girl I still have not used it. Maybe one day I will adopt and get to use it then.

D Fisher on

I had Jameson picked out 15 years ago for my baby. Dad, brother, and husband all named James, so it would have worked good. Baby was a girl, but I considered Jameson anyway but husband didn’t like it for a girl. Wish Pink all the best. I think they will be good parents.

jocelyn143 on

tough men wear pink…

Kristin on

Rose she is promoting her greatest hits CD which is why we are hearing so much. I would bet she will go back to being quiet and private as soon as the press tour is done.

CBL, click the link where it says “believes they’re expecting a girl” and watch the video of Pink on Ellen.

I wish them the best.

Jamesene King on

So I’m a girl and my name is Jamesene (pronounced James-zine)….so there’s an option if you are having a girl….I only know of one other girl named Jamesene so you also have the originality piece going for it too.
Good luck!

Laura on

I think that the idea of Jameson for a girl is fine and makes sense when you think of other names that are popular now and considered to be girl’s names, like Allison, Madison, Addison etc. Jameson sort of fits right in. They are all made up, when you think about it. Some just gain acceptance and become common.

Ode on

why not call her Rose, which is french for Pink

C Wolfe on

My daughter’s name is Jaisyn (pronounced Jason)… LOVE IT! I am all about different names…nothing so common. Best of luck to Pink & Carey.

Sybil on

My daughter is named Jamison! How cool!

Marley on

My son is a Jameson! I love the name! Jameson Joseph!

He’s sooo cute!

MiB on

I like the name Jameson, for a BOY! Why would you even want to name your daughter SON OF JAMES???

Shawna on

traxie – Reread her statement! She said that BEFORE she got pregnant she couldn’t comprehend someone not wanting wine but NOW that she is pregnant she doesn’t want to take the risk. What is naive and young about that??

c on

I have a good friend of mine and her name is Candlyn Kay. There is a composer of Christian music named William Candelyn and that is who she is named after although a little different spelling. If she is as pretty as Pink that would fit.

E on

Jameson isn’t even Irish whiskey, it’s French doh!!!

Sky-Ann on

Butterfly, I meant Jasemon sounds like a black name to me (Jaz-eh-monn)? Which is why I said no offense, because sound people are going to disagree about what is a “black name” and what isn’t.

JMO on

I like Jameson for a boy and a girl. And I agree Jamie would be a cute shortened form. I even like James for a girl. Like I said in the Stella McCartney thread that now a days any names can sort of go unisex that or people just do it anyways!

I hope she has a girl though. That baby will be one cool chica!!

Sophie on

My daughter’s name is Jamison, so it can be for a boy or a girl. And I have a daughter named Peyton too.

Jamie on

My Name is Jameson and everyone calls me Jamie… I love it… Congrats to Pink & Carey… !

Anon on

Some of your children have very silly names

Nick on

OMG! a little pink will be walking this earth!!!! Cant wait Jameson is great for a baby boy! As for a girl, like others have said think of the future kids in school! Anyway, why not Ever? It’s pretty!

Danielle on

She may know it’s a girl before the doctors even tell her. I just knew I was having a girl with both my pregnancy’s. I was right both times. It’s just a motherly instinct.

DW on

I like the name Jameson too for both a boy and a girl. I’m so excited for them and glad things seem to be working out for them.

sara on

I like the name Jameson. I can’t really see the femininity in it, but I do like it for a boy’s name…

sara on

MiB, I was totally thinking the same thing… SON OF JAMES is where Jameson is derived. Even though they say it’s because they combined two male names in the family, I think it’s just too male for my taste. But Congrats to them either way 😉 They could have named them Shiloh, after a dog, but didn’t. Thank God.

Jaedyn on

I like Jameson (more for a boy than a girl, though). But Jamie for a girl is really cute. Plus, it has meaning, and I LOVE that. I am named after my father aswell (my mn is Denise, his is Dennis). There are so many names that can be ‘made’ with James + Jason and maybe Alicia + Carey. I bet they’ll come up with a girls name.

soph on

Butterfly: No. It’s also a white trash thing.



Annette on

Wondering why doctor’s think she’s having a girl if she’s only 3 months along … It’s impossible to tell at that stage.

Tielia Sanders on

my name is gaelic- it is TIELIA and means petite and pretty. I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for these 2 very petite very pretty people:) Whatever the name- he/she will be definately loved!

Rose on

@Kristin: that’s precisely my point. She’s using her baby to promote her album.

Stacey on

My daughters name is Jamison. Great name for a Girl.

Sellons on

Jameson is alright not my fave name, but I love the meaning behind their choice!!

I really think that Jameson and Lucy would make for such a cute brother-sister combination.

I also like Jameson & Mercy, and Jameson & Freya.

Deanna on

My son is named Jameson And it is a wonderful name!!!!

Mina on

Making up names has been around for generations and I think its really up to the parent to name then what they want. Native American’s named their kids after the first thing they saw after the birth. If everyone had the same list of names, things would get boring. I’m all for making up names as long as they aren’t offensive. I wouldn’t name my kid dog poop, but I find nothing wrong with Addison or Adalyn or something.

Cadhla on

First the word is supposed to be pronounced ‘Jem-i-son’ not ‘James-son’ so they could call her Jem if it was a little girl! 😉

E- Jameson is definitely Irish whiskey!!

Shea on

I am in agreement that Jameson is more suited for a boy due to the meaning. I never understood how the name Mackenzie became so popular as a girls name either, since it’s meaning is “son of the fair one”, when I was pregnant with my daughter in the 80’s had she been a boy I was planning on naming him Mackenzie Alexander. I had a girl and I’m glad I did because not only is that what i wanted, but I wouldn’t want my 25 yr old son to have to deal with all these teenage and little girls now named Mackenzie.

Allison on

I love Jameson! I wanted to name my son that, but we already have a daughter Jenna.. That’s an obvious no-no. My stepsister is considering the name for her son though, due next year.

Hubby and I also have the worst luck with names! Our first (Jenna) was a delivery surprise and we only had one name picked out, and it was for a boy! We didn’t even end up using it with our son, and won’t for this baby who we have 2 perfect names picked out for.

J on

I love the name Jameson for a girl and really wanted to name my daughter that, however my husband just didn’t like it for a girl. I still think it’s a beautiful name for either way.

CelebBabyLover on

Rose- So you expect Pink not to talk about her baby at all? Also, for the record, she isn’t just bringing up the baby while chatting on various shows about her album. She is being ASKED about her pregnancy by interviewers and answering their questions. Really, she’s da&*ed if she does and da&*ed if she doesn’t. Mariah Carey gets blasted for not confirming if she’s having twins, Pink gets blasted for talking about her pregnancy. Really, celebs can’t win!

Annette- Read through the comments, please. It most certainly IS possible to tell the gender at that stage!

Brittaney on

Why does everyone keep saying its too early to tell. She said the doctor thinks its a girl because they do ultrasounds to measure the baby at around 12 weeks. And the doctor can sometimes tell you what they see. Hello, don’t you think the multi-millionares go to a good doctor? Mine did the same thing. But at 20 weeks they just confirm the information because its much easier to see. I just hope they have a healthy baby and come up with a good name noone is going to make fun of. Congratulations to them both. Jameson doesn’t sound very feminine to me, I don’t think they will use it for a girl.

MiB on

@Cadhla Jameson may be pronounced Jem-i-son, but that doesn’t change the meaning of the name. Of course, I also think that Mackenzie and other names starting with Mac/Mc are unsuitable girls names for the same reason, they mean “son of …”.

@E Jameson is most certainly an Irish whiskey, it may now be owned by Pernod, but it is and has been produced in Irland since 1780(though the company was started by a scottish businessman). I used to date a Jameson representative, know the introduction speech by heart 🙂

Anonymous on

Jameson is an Irish whisky, it certainly is not French

Rose on

@CelebBabyLover: Celebrities have the option of telling those that are interviewing them whether certain subjects are off limits. They don’t have to divulge every detail of their lives.

And Mariah Carey is not getting blasted for not sharing if she’s having twins – she’s getting blasted because she has been playing games with the media for months, not oonfirming whether she is pregnant WHILE dropping constant hints that she is and now not confirming if she’s having twins while dropping hints about it. She’s being unbelievably disingenuous by pretending she wants privacy while dropping hints – that’s what people are getting sick of.

bash on

I vote ‘Zasu’- like the little girl in ‘It’s
a wonderful life’ Christmas classic!

dana on

love jameson for a girl…..
and mckenna

Tallin on

Jamesons is def Irish wiskey, I think you are thinking of Hennessy cognac which was an Irish family who moved to France and set it up. Not sure on Jameson for a girl what if her future husbands name is Jameson, then she be Jameson Jameson. I,m Irish and called Órla and She is a favorite of mine for a girl.

Tallin on

Sorry about that ment to say the name Sadhbh not she.

Sandy on

Jameson is definitely a boy’s name. It literally means “SON of James”. Pretty soon there won’t be any boy’s names left. 😦

For everyone who said you can find out the sex as early as 10 weeks through ultrasound, you are incorrect. The external genitalia look pretty identical in both boys and girls until the end of the 13th week. The only way to know for sure before that is through amnio or CVS.

MiB on

Sandy, can’t that be why she says the doctor is leaning towards a girl? If they did an ultrasound to measure the baby at the end of 12 weeks, and they asked if he knew the sex, he could have answered that he THINKS it’s a girl but can’t be 100 % sure.

sheri on

Jameson is great for a girl too.

CB on

Well, I certainly hope Carey wins this name debate: the “originality” of celebrities is becoming tiring and predictable. I’d love to see more gender-appropriate, meaningful, and mature naming from celebrities. Good luck, Carey!

Mrs. K. on

Jameson means “son of James.” it’s not just a made-up name as suggested by at least one previous poster. My son’s name is Jamison (used the “i” variation) because my husband’s name is James and, although we wanted to recognize that, we also didn’t want to go the way making our son a Jr.

cas on

james is james and jason is jason jameson is whiskey no child should be named after alcohol thats dumb

Jaime on

Jameson is my baby boy’s name! He wasn’t named after whiskey or “Jaime’s son” James is a popular name in my family and we thought this would add some originality to it. I definitely think it is more of a masculine name…go for it Pink! Hope they are having a boy!

Jamieson on

My name is Jamieson pronounced exactly the same and I am girl. I really love the name. And there is a town in Victoria, Australia named Jamieson. I think it could be both male or female. Plus if it was a girl it would be original and traditional suiting both parents

Abigail on

so cool about the no-alcohol comment. i’m even a bigger fan now!
ps. ABIGAIL is a nice name 🙂

jill jamison on

Jamison is a great name for either a boy or a girl and It seems like now in days alot lot of names are either or like Jordan taylor skyler. I was going to name my son jamie but jamie jamison was abit much

Jamie on

My daughter was born 9/30/2010 and I named her Jameson Shea!!! She is a beautiful baby girl with big blue eyes. 100% Irish. I love the name Jameson for a girl!

Lanie on

I love Jameson as a girl and boy name!! 🙂

meranda on

hey pink i lov your songs you are amazing

if you have a girl i think you should name it stephany because i thought that was you real name ..untill i found out that it wasnt

Jamierenee on

Ok for one thing jamie is not a girly name i was named after my dad and is so far from girly. Its a boy and girl name thank you very much. But i think Jameson is a really cool name because it represents family and the other is because it would be different to name a child that i plan to when i get pregnant give my baby if its a girl a boy name as her middle name and more then likely thats what ill call her so to tell you the truth its really nobdys business what they name their baby and they can name it what they like. They should be able to name it what they want with out everybody elses two cents added in!

Molly on

My daughter’s name is Jamison. I loved the name Jameson, but thought the “i” in the middle would make it a little more girly. I’m excited to see there are so many other Jamisons that are girls out there! We also liked the fact that she could always go by Jami if she wanted.

Also, the doctor thought that I was having a boy, and when I went to my 6-week check-up, they had even written down in my file that I delivered a boy.

Tia on

I am pregnant right now, but it is too early to determine the sex, and we have the name Jamison picked out for if it is a boy. (our first sons name is Mason..this will be our second child) Although we are not definite on a girl name yet, we have decided if our baby is a girl we will not be giving her the name Jamison because it is far too masculine, and neither of us find the nickname ‘Jami’ cute or girly.