Nina Garcia Welcomes Son Alexander David

11/29/2010 at 10:30 AM ET
Jemal Countess/WireImage

Alexander, you are out!

Project Runway judge Nina Garcia‘s second son made his debut in New York City this weekend.

“Delighted to announce that over the [weekend] we welcomed 8 lb., 13 oz Alexander David Conrod into our home!” Garcia, 45, announced via Twitter.

“Baby is doing great & Lucas is thrilled!” she added, referring to her 3½-year-old son with husband David Conrod.

And Lucas had been excited about the impending arrival for some time.

“He’s excited and he gets it,” Garcia told PEOPLE this summer. “We told him, and he’s very happy to be a big brother. He’s waiting for the baby to come more than we are.”

In addition to her role on Lifetime’s Project Runway, Garcia is also fashion director at Marie Claire magazine.

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Liz McNeil

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Dana on

Congrats! I really like the names, very classic.

Kristin on

Congrats!! What a big boy. Guess they really love the name Alexander – isn’t that Lucas’s middle name too?

mdmor on

Bless her and her family. What a joy, and a beautiful name! Congrats to Nina and her family.

Catca on

Congrats to the Conrad clan!

shirabee on

classic name and very nice but i agree, they must love the name alexander b/c thats lucas’ middle name!! maybe a family name? anyways congrats to them!

sky on

you go girl! congrats!

Sarah S. on

How wonderful–congrats to Nina, David and big brother Lucas!! 🙂

Erika on

Congratulations to her and her family! I like that both boys have normal, traditional names and I don’t think anyone will care that Alexander is Lucas’ middle name. Maybe they just liked the name and couldn’t be sure that they would have another son? It’s a nice name either way.

Holiday on

The miracles of modern science is letting people who are the age of most grandparents have a baby. Neat.

Sarah on

LOVE the name and I’m sure Lucas is thrilled to be a big brother

Holiday, I would hardly call 45 a grandparent’s age. Most grandparents I know became grandparents in their late 50’s or early 60’s. 45 is a fine age to bring a child into the world

Erika on

Holiday, how do you know she used science to concieve her baby? My Grandma got pregnant with my Aunt at age 46 naturally and this was 40+ years ago. It wasn’t planned and was without medical intervention. She had her other children in her mid-late 30s. I think a baby is a blessing no matter how old the parents are. I’m sure they are loving and responsible and thats what matters.

D on

I didn’t even know she was married or pregnant!

Annachestnut on

I am an older parent as well. My parents were older parents. Better if you are in your 20’s or early 30’s when you have your children. I can speak from experience. The future is just too uncertain and age is immutable even if you are a celeb.

MiB on

Congratulations to Nina Garcia and her family!

Remember, after WWII the average age for the last baby was 42, that means that there were plenty of women who had their last children at a later age, all natural. And as Tee could tell you, most plain and Mennonite women have their last children when they are in their late 40’s and early 50’s, and they don’t use medical intervention to concieve either. I won’t say that every woman can concieve naturally at 44, but many can and do.

Elena on

Even though every story is different, for me, I think it is better to have children when you’re younger. Not only you have more energy and health your children get to meet their grandparents and in some cases even GREAT grandparents. I was so lucky to meet them all and now MY daughter also can meet her great grandmothers and her grandparents too. My mom became a grandmother at 46 (I was 26 when my daughter was born) and it’s awesome! She looks so great and loves all the compliments she gets LOL And I think it’s great that my parents will get to watch my daughter grow and take part in important events in her life!

The average age of first time grandparents is 47 years old plus in my country (Russia) people have kids in their early 20s so we have some young grandparents 🙂 So yeah again it’s personal choice but I don’t get why people decide to have kids SO late in their mid 40s…but whatever…I’m happy I’m gonna see my kids grow and still gonna look good when my kids are all grown up LOL Hopefully become one hot young (kinda) grandma 😉

rachel on

congrats nina….

you are a phenomenal woman

babyloover on

Aww love the name Alexander 🙂 congrats to the family!

Lola on

Wow, I haven’t heard about Nina Garcia in FOREVER! Glad all is well with she and her family – and her newest addition!

CelebBabyLover on

Elena- People don’t always choose to wait until they’re older to have kids. Some women, for example, may have wanted kids when they were younger but it took until they were in their 40s to find the right man to have them with (not all women want to be single mothers). And some women struggle with infertility for years, and so end up being older when they finally concieve.

kazumi on

wish i could say my son would be happy when his baby brother or sister arrives in March of next year, i dunno if my 3 year old gets it that mommy is pregnant right now =) tips anyone?

Taylor on

Holiday, it’s sad that you think 45 is old. Some people don’t have the desire to pop out children the minute they enter their twenties. Young mothers are no better than older ones and vice versa. Everyone has to do what’s right for them.

It would help your case if you weren’t so ignorant.

sky on

well said celebbabylover and taylor. i agree, if nina is happy with motherhood at her age so be it. incidentally, i think she is young. isn’t 40 the new 30? we cannot dictate motherhood on anyone but ourselves.

Monica on

My ped gave the best suggestion when I was pregnant with my 2nd. Get a gift for your son from the baby and have your son pick out a gift for the baby. Then it’s all fun and gifts and everyone is happy. My oldest also made a great observation (for a 3 yr old) and wondered why we didn’t have a birthday cake for the baby when we were in the hospital since it was her birthday. So that is my suggestion for all parents to be. Why not have a cake and celebrate the baby’s birthday in style? Good luck!

Teah on

There is nothing wrong with having children in your 40’s. And I agree not everyone wants to have a dozen of kids the minute they hit their 20’s, and then get older and have regrets because they never got a chance to pursue any of their goals. I admire Nina for waiting to have kids when she was ready!

Madison on

I agree with Elena, it’s definitely more beneficial to have children during your younger years. When Alexander is 20, Nina is going to be 65 years old. My mother had me in her thirties and I was blessed enough to meet my great grandmother. That child will probably have very few memories about his grandmother. I’m sure Nina is a great parent and is well aware of the responsibility she has taken on, even in middle age. I will say that I think it is kind of ridiculous how all these celebrities are having children in their mid-late 40s. If they are so desperate to have children before time runs out, why not adopt? There are thousands of 10+ year old orphans that need a home to call their own.

medicwonders on

Laughing because she named both her kids the same thing as two of my kids. I hope she doesn’t have any girls, cuz I am afraid she’ll end up naming them Willow & Brooke! lol

For those of you who say she’s too old: Consider this. YOU have your fertility and are taking it for granted. Perhaps getting pregnant wasn’t something that just “happened” for her? Maybe she had to plan it? I am tired of people saying that she’s too old. She’s not 80, FFS, she’s in her 40’s! And you say “why don’t people adopt” Unless YOU YOURSELF adopted a child, SHUT THE EFF UP! If you never adopted a child, you cannot possibly advise someone else to do it. There are just as many kids needing homes whether she adopts or someone else adopts. Why don’t you take a look at yourselves and why YOU didn’t adopt and why those of you with kids decided to have BIO-kids of your own, rather than adopt? Yeah, now what?

medicwonders on

Elena- Love your name, but, not so much your attitude.

How do you KNOW you’ll live that long? Nina could possibly live till she’s 105 yo and you could die tomorrow. My Elena passed away IN UTERO, and she was not even born. She was “young” and had a life ahead of her…however, SHE was chosen to go with God. Meanwhile, Nina is alive and well, having her 2nd child. Go figure. Elena never had a chance, but Nina is living much beyond my child’s years!

Annachestnut-No one’s future is known or secure or certain.

My point? NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW: Young or old.

Nila on

Not every one chooses to be an older parent. Not every one can have the perfect scenario of geeting married at 25 and having their first child at 27. Life isn’t always that perfect for everybody. It is easy to be judgmental when you are young and idealistic but as you get older you begin to quickly realize that life isn’t so clear cut and black and white. Life is unexpected and you have to learn quickly to roll with the punches and accept that what you get is what you get. If I end up having a child at 41 I will accept that as my blessing and destiny. I am sure Nina Garcia feels the same way about her blessings.

Lorelai on

Congrats from Colombia!