Family Photo: Michael, Catherine, Dylan and Carys’ Florida Fun

11/29/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

What could be better medicine than sunshine, family fun and a day out with Mickey and Minnie?

Michael Douglas — who’s recovering from treatment for throat cancer — looked joyful as he posed with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and kids Carys, 7½, and Dylan, 10, on a family trip to Epcot Center in Florida Wednesday, followed by a visit to Universal Orlando on Saturday.

Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World

Matt Stroshane/Universal Orlando Resort

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momof3 on

just there a week ago. Glad that the Douglas Family can have some fun during this trying time.

Dana on

Such a cute family, yay for Michael! Beautiful kids too 🙂

Sarah S. on

Yay for Michael!! Looks like a wonderful family vacation–they certainly deserve some happiness!! 🙂

Anonymous on

i think anyone who ever has issues with “older” fathers should look at this family. mr. douglas qualifies as an older father but look at him! he’s clearly enjoying his children as any younger father would. AND his health isn’t perfect. what an inspiration!!

torgster on

Anonymous, let’s “hope” he’s enjoying them, for their sake. Because he sure didn’t when he “was” a younger father. Poor neglected Cameron didn’t have much of a chance.

Jennifer on

I wish this family the best! What a special time for all of them to share together! They look like they are having the best trip! Prayers and thoughts go out to them.

Meghan on

That second picture should be an ad! So cute!

Ann on

I love that those kids actually look and dress like kids.

Anonymous on

torgster, another reason to quit “hating” on older fathers. he clearly had his priorities all screwed up when he was younger. sadly, he took it out on his older son. now he’s older and has his life in perspective. hopefully he truly is enjoying his kids and learning from his mistakes.

Taylor on

Cameron’s choice to engage in illegal activity was his choice alone. While Michael may not have been the ideal father growing up, blaming him for Cameron’s problems is absolutely ridiculous and a cop out. Plenty of children grow up in worse environments and do not make the choices he has.

It’s easier to blame someone else than it is to realize that the problem lies within yourself.

KikiOttawa on

Scarves in Florida?

Lovely family and while Michael is looking like the cancer treatment took its toll, he looks happy and (hopefully) healthy.

sarah J on

They are wearing Hogwarts scarves because they are on the Harry Potter ride 🙂

Bancie1031 on

IT’S soo good to see this family out and about! Best of wishes to Michael and his family, will keep them in my prayers.

Jill on

Love this family!!! I have always been a huge fan of Catherine’s. I am happy he became a father again and got a second chance.

I hope Cameron gets help

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- I have to slightly disagree with you. A person’s upbringing CAN shape who they are!

Taylor on

Of course it can but it doesn’t have to define you. Michael had no bearing on whether or not his son became a drug addict. Should he have been a better father to Cameron when he was younger? Yes. But using that as an excuse takes away from the real problem. He’s a grown man. You pay the consequences for stupid choices you make.

Meghan on

Now this makes me happy!

Jill on

I read that Michael said he had a lot of remorse for not being there for Cameron when he was younger, and he admitted to not being the ideal father. However, even while enduring grueling cancer treatments, Michael went to visit Cameron in prison frequently, and has tried very hard lately to be supportive to Cameron. We all make mistakes; however, the fact that Michael owned up to them, felt truly remorseful, and is trying now to be a better father is admirable. I wish this family all the best!

anonymous on

OMG! Michael Douglas is the spitting image of his father Kirk in the Epcot photo!

pae on

I read the magazine 2 weeks ago,that Michael is sick,I feel sorry for Michael well god bless you and Catherine,Dylan and Carys all the best for the future.

maggie on

great family! hope life works out for all concerned here. i think they are really happy! just curious though, did they Douglases release these pics themselves?