Samantha Harris Recalls Josselyn’s ‘Blissful’ Birth

11/27/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Pregnancy

Delivering daughter Josselyn Sydney, 3, was “blissful” for Samantha Harris and — for obvious reasons — she’s hoping for more of the same when she delivers her second child in January.

“It was like a private symphony in the labor room because it was quiet with low light,” the Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 36, recalls in the December/January issue of Pregnancy.

“It was just my husband, my doctor and my nurse — so private and intimate.”

In just 16 minutes — and with three pushes — Josselyn entered the world.

“I could only be so lucky to have this birth be identical,” Harris muses.

Breastfeeding, by contrast, did not come as easily for mother and daughter.

Calling the first two weeks “very challenging” and “incredibly painful,” Harris reveals that while she eventually “made it over the hump” the nursing relationship was fraught with complications — including four bouts of mastitis. Having weaned Josselyn on doctor’s orders, Harris says she nonetheless intends to give nursing another shot.

“There’s a lot that goes on with breastfeeding that’s not fun, but thankfully there’s also the coziness that you get to feel with the baby snuggled up against your breast,” she explains. “Those moments with Josselyn I will cherish forever and I really do look forward to it with this baby.”

The big day is rapidly approaching and Harris says her second pregnancy has gone by much faster than her first, due in large part to not knowing a baby was on the way until she was already eight weeks along.  While the surprise was a happy one, it also left Harris feeling anxious and she admits being “frustrated” with the timing.

“I’m very attentive to the changes that need to be made when you’re pregnant,” she says. “With Josselyn, I was able to be sure I was on the prenatal vitamins and alter my workout so my heart rate wasn’t going too high, and stop the sushi and other foods you’re supposed to avoid.”

“I was definitely much more nervous throughout this pregnancy,” she adds,” and I continue to be nervous.”

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D on

Is this the ONLY pose she knows how to make?

Nella on

I know a lot of people on this website happen to dislike Samantha, which I don’t even know why anymore. I don’t mind her, she seems like a loving mother.

As far as the pose goes, I don’t think she does it to bother anyone, I just think she loves holding her growing belly and she seems so happy so it doesn’t even bother me. After all she only gets to embrace her pregnancy for a limited time so if her way of doing that is by holding her belly then go for it.

Anyways, I wish her a healthy rest of her pregnancy and hope she has an easy delivery.

Maddi on

There’s that pose again.

etsy on

I wish my two births were blissful! Hopefully her next birth will be blissful as well, but my guess is that it will be even quicker! Good on you for trying breastfeeding again! I was shocked at how difficult and painful it was, too. I had to use bottles occasionally in the beginning so I could heal, I also pumped (did all the things I was told not to do) and it all worked out for 14 months, luckily! There is sometimes too much information and not everyone’s bodies are the same.

Jill on

There is more to a person than being a mother….while she seem like a loving mother,as a person she is very annoying. I am glad she is no longer on DWTS! I got to enjoy this last season, and the pose annoys me…vary it up a bit

Jill on

And touching belly for her…equals mouth open. So weird!

Kristin on

Always the same people complaining every time. Get over it.

Samantha looks great and I appreciate that she’s talking about the difficulties that can come with breastfeeding. I was so lucky to have a sister in law who is a lactation consultation, otherwise I would have never succeeded.

JM on

i really wish people would mention her pose. that never seems to happen on her posts and i don’t know why. i thought it was a moral imperative, that when you see her striking this pose, you have to mention it. i must have been mistaken, because somehow it just never comes up here…. weird.

Kinsey on

I see a lot of pregnant celebs doing this pose, not just her. Plus, the fact she’s on a magazine cover; the photographer probably posed her in different positions. This was one of them and this is the pic they chose for the cover.

Beautee on

All of my labor and deliveries were also very, very quick. Maybe she should try sticking up a middle finger. LOL J/K She looks great and seems like a good mother.

ELO on

She probably doesn’t even pay attention to the fact that she makes this pose every time she gets her picture taken. I’ve found that I naturally stand slightly sideways, bend one knee a little, and lower my chin when I get my picture taken. I don’t even think about it, that pose is what comes naturally to me.

Mira on

Doctors who recommend weaning are idiots.

Jae on

it’s not that others don’t do it. it’s that she seems to be pemanently stuck that way.

Jill on

Mira, how do you say it should be done? Cold turkey? Why idiots?

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- I see where Mira’s coming from. Samantha clearly meant that the doctor ordered her to wean Josselyn after the problems they encountared, not that the doctor gave her specific instructions as to HOW to wean. Why on Earth would a doctor recommend that you wean your baby so early (if I’m remembering correctly, Samantha mentioned earlier that Josselyn was weaned at around three weeks old)?

I know Samantha had mastitis….but from what I’ve read, one of the best cures for that is actually to keep nursing!

ELO- Excellent point!

Nella- Beautifully said! If she IS aware she’s posing that way, it’s most likely because she’s very happy to be pregnant and loves holding her belly!

TM on

I can’t believe how mean people can be! It makes me sad…

She looks so happy and beautiful! I wish her a healthy delivery!

Layla on

i know samantha and she is a great mother and person, all the haters need to leave her alone

Jill on

Cbl….you see where she is coming by calling Drs idiots? Please do tell! Mira didn’t say in this instance…..she said dr’s who suggest weaning….which is many dr’s. Curious as to what she thinks they should suggest. What is your expert opinion CBL, since you see where she is coming with dr’s being idiots! I agree that in THIS instance you don’t need to wean, but that isn’t what she said. But regardless, calling a doctor an idiot is wrong especially when you don’t know the details.

Maybe Samantha weaned herb she couldn’t deal with the pain….is she the idiot then?

Jennifer on

I hope she has another “blissful” birthing experience….but, you never know what babies have in store for you….my daughters birth was really kind of laid back…but, then my son came along and ‘ol boy liked to switch it up for me from the start! He came out fast, but the epidural didn’t have time to kick in and then the doctor was down the hall delivering another baby! I was doing everything I could to keep him from flying out of me! Finally, she came in the room, and he shot out!

Then, he had dairy intolerances and had to be put on Neocate formula….but, that is another story all together. I hope things work out for her and she has a wonderful experience! Although, having 2 kids is alot different than having just one! 🙂

dd on

Again, leave it to doctors to screw up a breastfeeding relationship. Mastitis can be solved. Weaning is not the solution. Taking lecithin helps, as does constantly changing the position of the baby with each feed and within each feed. Massage, hot compresses, herbs, hydration, rest, acupuncture, proper breastfeeding technique. Why is it so hard for doctors to understand how breasts work???

melanie on

I don’t recall Samantha saying that the doctor advised her to wean because of the mastisis? Maybe it was mentioned in another interview but, if not, we shouldn’t rush to judgment. Maybe there’s more to it….and, in all honesty, why, when and how she weaned is 100% Samantha’s business and no one elses. I think she seems like a loving, caring mother and it’s really sad how quickly people jump to judgment, especially based on a “pose” that, as a photographer myself, HER photographer probably posed her in.

Ellea on

This is a mag cover, she had to model for this and the editors of the magazine pick the cover out of many usable shots. The choice of this pose isn’t her fault and its not her fault that CBB uses the side shot either. I have a theory that shes so tiny its probably harder to tell shes pregnant from a frontal view.

Nora on

I am shocked that a Doctor would recommend weaning. Obviously we don’t know the full story but to me it seems irresponsible because there are so many people out there who can help solve breastfeeding problems and give support, at least here in Canada there are. But like Melanie said, it is 100% up to the mother regarding when she weans, I just don’t think a doctor should be influencing her to give it up.

amsjll on

You know one of the best ways to help a new mother? Tell her how AWFUL she is for thinking about giving up breast feeding, make her feel REALLY REALLY guilty. That is very beneficial and a great example of women helping women.

Women are aware that breast milk is best. A great pediatrician sees a distraught and overwhelmed mother and tells her that she is not a terrible parent if she buys a can of formula, as millions (billions??) of babies eat and thrive on, if he/she also gives the number of a lactation consultant in the same visit.

How about saying “She suffered through mastitis and pain, probably bleeding, and still nursed for three brutal weeks! Good for her! Three weeks is better than not trying at all.”. That would be being positive though, and we couldnt possibly due that as fellow mothers could we?

You people make me sick. We talk about bullying in schools and how awful it is. Look in the mirror.

Dana on

Does anyone else think she’s wearing clothes to “hide” her bumb on ET even tho everyone knows she’s pg? She always wears dresses that slim her tummy and they always film her from far away when they do a whole body shot. It was much different when Thea Andrews was pg 3 yrs ago on there.

mary on

I know from first hand experience that most Dr’s are NOT trained in breastfeeding. On that note, she would have better off with a lactation consultant. Perhaps she had depression and the Dr was worried about her mental health and thats why he wanted the baby weaned. But for a Dr to have a baby weaned because of infection is a Dr who is ill advised.

Rachel on

oh here we go. Who called the breastfeeding police?! You must Bf until your boobies fall off, no excuses!!!!

Tee on

As a midwife, I am as pro-nursing as it gets. However, we don’t know why her doctor recommmended that she wean her baby and we don’t know what her specific circumstances were. I’m proud of Samantha for continuing to fight to breastfeed even though she was having so many problems! It would have been incredibly easy for her to just give up and give her daughter a bottle and instead she chose to fight through the pain and nurse. There is no reason to critizize her for that!

As for the way she poses for pictures, I really wish people would stop being so nasty about it! There is nothing wrong with the way she chooses to stand! She cradles her pregnant belly and smiles at the camera… what is the big deal, people? She’s beautiful and obviously proud of her pregnant belly. Big deal!

dd on

Nobody said anything about her being a bad mother for weaning! You know the best way to support women? By getting accurate and beneficial information out there to help mothers, rather than sabotaging their wishes by telling them to give up. She wanted to breastfeed. Nobody helped her. That makes me sick!

Jill on

Tee, where are the nasty comments about her pose? People don’t like it…..that doesn’t equal nasty.

Dd, we have no idea that she wanted to breastfeed and no one helped her. For all I know she gave up.

Jill on

And what I mean by her giving up is maybe she didn’t want to deal with the infections any more and said enough! I don’t blame her.

Tee on

Jill, you know what? You’re right. There really aren’t very nasty comments on this particular post. As a general rule, the comments about the way Samantha stands in pictures are incredibly nasty so I guess they simply ran together in my head! I apologize for that because I get irritated when people accuse me of being nasty when I’m not fawning over a celebrity! (especially since I ALWAYS make a point of being polite) I’ll choose my words more carefully in the future!

poppykai on

I don’t find Samantha Harris appealing as a celebrity (I have no idea why though), but I am sure she is a nice person and great mother from what I have heard from her. I know this is a blog and people from all over the world come on here to leave comments, but this is a site about mothers and babies! If people can’t have some amount of grace on topics covering motherhood, then maybe leave the comments in your own head.

Mothers supporting mothers would be a wonderful thing as we all have great words of wisdom (hopefully not criticism) for one another. I hope this woman gets the “blissful” birth she is hoping for and IF she chooses to BF, I wish her success. If she doesn’t want to BF, it is not my business for one, and secondly, it is not the end of the world for her or her baby! As for her previous weaning, how many M.D.’s are commenting on here?

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- It says right in the post that she weaned under doctors orders, NOT because she gave up! And this makes it pretty clear that she DID want to breastfeed: “There’s a lot that goes on with breastfeeding that’s not fun, but thankfully there’s also the coziness that you get to feel with the baby snuggled up against your breast.”

As for calling doctors idiots….I didn’t say I AGREED with that, just that I see where she’s coming from. As for what I’d suggest….I would suggest that a mother with mastitis continue nursing, since that’s known to be the best cure for mastitis! I would also suggest creams or whatever to help with the mastitis pain.

Jill on

Cbl, I, along with others, read the same thing……she followed her dr’s orders on how to wean but no one knows why she weaned. Maybe she didn’t like all the infections and didn’t want to risk going through another one bc it was too painful or maybe there were other severe complications. No where in the article does it say she was forced to stop breastfeeding. Again, as many others commented, we don’t know why she stopped. I would never agree with a comment calling dr’s idiots…..

Kristin on

I have the magazine and will type up the exact quote because I think this is a crazy thing to argue about.

Kristin on

“Unfortunately the nursing was very challenging and incredibly painful. It took about two weeks to break through. Thankfully I made it over the hump and found the pleasure of nursing. Unfortunately I had four bouts of mastitis, and my doctor finally said, ‘You can’t breastfeed anymore.’ One time I was just in the middle of doing a Dancing with the Stars live show and my husband was in the audience. I walked over to him and said, ‘Is it really cold in here right now?’ And he said, ‘Not at all.’ Turns out I had a 102 degree fever during the whole show. There’s a lot that goes on with breastfeeding that’s not fun, but thankfully there’s also the coziness that you get to feel with the baby snuggled up against your breast. Those moments with Josselyn I will cherish forever and I really do look forward to it with this baby.”

Milosh on

Can she just go away? All she does is report other people’s news, but she acts like she is news. Just stop, and go away.

Tee on

Milosh, can I ask you a question? I know other people say this and it comes across as very rude but I don’t mean it in a rude way at all. I am honestly curious as to why you (or anybody, really) would read an article about a person they don’t care for. If you or somebody else dislikes Samantha Harris (or anybody else) so much, why do you stop and read an article about her? Again, I really don’t mean this in a rude way. I’m truely curious.

Jill on

Kristin, Thanks for posting the whole thing. People still fault the dr’s. Some call them idiots and blame them for not educating her. I say it is a parents responsibility to educate themselves. Either way…….the end decision was hers. Did she want to continue to put her body through more infections after four bouts in two weeks…..her body and her choice. And whatever decision she made and makes in the future is the right one for her and her children.

CelebBabyLover on

Kristin- Thank you! So her doctor DID tell her she had to stop breastfeeding!

Kristin on

Things still seem to be a little unclear. She didn’t have four bouts of mastitis in two weeks. She’s saying it took her two weeks to get over the initial challenge and pain before she got comfortable, but then once she was comfortable, she got mastitis four different times. It’s like having the flu with a painful boob on top of it (believe me, I had it a few times myself). That’s why she mentioned the fever. There’s no way you’d have it four times in two weeks. She was at least BFing a couple of months because I remember she was on The View when Josselyn was about two months old talking about how she had pumped for the trip.

Lola on

It’s a shame she’s been ordered not to breastfeed – studies have shown it’s extremely healthy for babies.