Courteney Cox: Coco Wants a Dog for Christmas

11/27/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
James White/ABC

Courteney Cox‘s holidays just got a little bit tougher. As if her public separation from husband David Arquette wasn’t enough, the Cougar Town actress was recently served with a “chilling” document: her daughter Coco Riley‘s Christmas list.

“She wants a puppy!” Cox, 46, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “Which is unfortunate because we have two dogs.”

But with the 6-year-old landing firmly on Santa’s nice list, the actress seems resigned to her fate of a three-dog home, and negotiations between the two parties have already cleared their first hurdle.

“All I said was, ‘No Chihuahuas!’ explained Cox while attending the OmniPeace by Jordan Klein launch at Kitson on Friday. “[And Coco replied,] ‘No, they’re just crazy!'”

With over a month left to work out the details of her daughter’s gift, the actress is looking to keep the rest of her holidays as low-key as possible.

“I don’t have any big plans,” she admits. “Just hanging with the family.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Shane on

Maybe they can name it Olivia or Sophia 🙂

SMan on

COCO is Conan O’Brien. I didn’t know he needed a new dog. Thanks for trying to hijack his name though!

Beverly on

Pets are NOT GIFTS. You do not give an animal as a present – something to play with for a while till the novelty wears off (like with her other two dogs and probably 3/4 of the toys she owns.).

wrenn on

Um, COCO is the name of Courtney Cox’s daughter. It’s her given birth name. As it is also Courtney Cox’s nickname, probably based on her name being “COurtney COx,” and furthermore, it’s the name of fashion icon Coco Chanel, and may have appealed to the Arquettes on that level as well. Therefore, it’s pretty clear no one hijacked this name…you just didn’t do your research.

Jane on

Chill out Beverly. People say pets are not gifts to avoid having unwanted animals given to an unprepared person. Clearly, since they are discussing it a month out, this isn’t the case.

Sophie on

I totally agree with Beverly! Parents should not GIVE their child a pet for their birthday/Christmas or whatever. You also wouldn’t adopt another child because your kid wants a new sibling for Christmas… I really hope Courteney has really thought this true and is not just jumping into something because she doesn’t want to disappoint her daughter.

weezilgirl on

Beverly & Sophie, you sure know a lot about other people’s business. Of course we know that Courtney Cox would no more ask your advice about her Christmas than she would try to fly by flapping her arms.

I am always amazed when posters know so much and they know nothing.

Marianne on

I see you Beverly and Sophie must be great parents! You should raise Coco. I guess by the time you were six, you guys asked for the perfect gifts for kids your age.

blutopia on

Coco should be her dog’s name not her daughters. Imagine the bullying she will get at school. Where’s the coke Coco. You’re loco Coco etc.

Jac on

IMDB says:
“Her daughter’s name Coco came from a compromise between her and husband David Arquette. Because of her Southern roots she wanted to name her daughter Courteney Cox, as her mom is Courteney Cox and so is she. However, David is half Jewish and it is against Jewish tradition to name a child after a living person. So the name came from the nickname Courteney’s friends had for her mother while Courtney was growing up. They called her Mama Coco.” So it was not Courtney Cox that was called Coco growing it… it was her mother, also named Courtney.

Julie on

I was given a kitten for Christmas when I was little and took very good care of her. She unfortunately passed away from cancer when she was 13 but she was a wonderful kitty. I now have 5 cats and my sister has 7 dogs and my brother has 2 cats. Our parents raised us to love animals. So since they did and we were blessed to have pets as children we have been fortunate enough to provide homes for animals that otherwise may not have had them. It doesn’t matter how someone receives the pet, as a gift or not, as long as they love them and take care of them that is all that matters.

Apparently as stated above they already have 2 dogs so being able to care for another is not out of the question.

Tiff on

I plan on getting a family dog for Christmas next year…we already have 2 cats and the “novelty” has not worn off…My kids love animals and think it’s a perfect time to add a new addition to our family.

Alice on

I agree that pets are not gifts like toys etc. But the point of this is so you don’t surprise someone with an unwanted pet that won’t be properly cared for. In this case, I’m sure the pet isn’t unwanted AND Courtney doesn’t expect her 6-year-old to take full care of the dog! it is her choice, if she’s okay to take on the responsibility of another dog than why not.

I personally disagree with gifting a child a pet unless they are expected to take full responsibility for it, what a 6-year-old can’t do in my opinion. And then it is *their* pet. Otherwise, the family can get a new pet, together not for one specific member of the family. For me there’s a difference. But Courtney can do however she likes.

Thanks for the background on Coco’s name, by the way!

Trish on

Sophie and Beverly are spot on……couldn’t agree with you more. And further, Christmas is the *worst* time you can introduce a new pet into your home given the stress/excitement in most people’s homes. The transition from shelter or breeder is difficult enough A good reputable breeder will NOT sell a pet around this time of year specifically for that reason. Just because a child wants a dog, does not mean you should get it for the child especially an impulsive purchase (there’s nothing worse than hearing “we were in the pet store (pet stores are a whole other topic I won’t get into here) and little Timmy just had to have the puppy…how could I say no?”. She may have the financial means for many pets, but does that necessarily mean the animals get the time, attention and exercice they deserve and require??

Jen on

First off pets can absolutely be a gift- I got a dog for my birthday when I was three and a cat when I was seven and not only did I help care for them (as you should because it is a responsibility and yes at three I fed, brushed and let the dog in and outside) I loved them like family because they were family, having those animals be a gift had nothing to do with how they were treated or how loved they were.

To those who talk down about what others are doing, stop judging because you do not have enough information to judge.

Suz on

No, you should not just give someone a pet without knowing if they want it or if it will be cared for properly. But of course a pet can be a gift in some cases. If it’s been discussed and planned for, why not? Some things aren’t just black and white. On the other hand, blindly criticizing someone for something you know nothing about seems pretty obviously wrong and moronic.

Manal on

oh come on ppl chill! iam all for animal rights but saying that pets should not be given as gifts and this non sense talk its just lame!! it all depends on the family taking in the pet! it doesnt depend on how it came in!. my family and I are animal lovers ! the 1st cat we bought was an impulsive purchase and she stayed with us for more than 6 years and she was loved and taken care very well! that one day we found a lost dog wandering in the street all alone we took him in and kept him with us till we found another home, so even thou we were not ready in keeping the dog but we still loved him and took good care of him!…

Jill on

Sman….So wrong you are……I love when people think they are right and are not! Always gives me a good chuckle.

About pets….people can give their opinions and say they should not be given, but to say that pets can NOT be given as gifts is wrong. That is not a fact.

Pam on

Please ADOPT, Courteney!

TC on

I got my cat for Christmas when I was 11 and 17 yrs later she’s still with me but I’m in the mindset that you never buy a pet, be it a dog or a cat or a fish, for someone for their birthday or Christmas.

But Courtney is allowed to raise her child any way she chooses.

nathalie on

if Coco wants a dog for christmas, maybe mama could let daddy come back home!

J on

Considering that Courtney already has two dogs, I’m pretty sure she knows how to look after a third one. Stop worrying people, the dog will be well-taken care of.

Meghan on

Yeah, obviously just being unprepared for an animal is really bad but I think if people have been planning to get a pet for a while, getting it around christmas can be really nice for the kids.

Corrie on

Good grief, these comments are ridiculous. Seriously. Let’s lighten up a little…please?

My brother got his beloved dog and best friend, a yellow lab named Bubba, as a gift for his tenth birthday. There was never a more-loved dog in our family or maybe anywhere. Like someone else said, Courteney already has two dogs, I have a feeling that she knows what she’s doing.

coco on

I lost brain cells reading all this nonsence.

Mira on

LOL, nathalie!

Shari on

@SMan-she had the name before Conan did, so, hijacking? Really? To everyone else-RELAX! Loads of kids ask for a puppy for Christmas,’s not like you’re the ones who are going to have to care for it so relax! It’s no one else’s business anyway…you people need a life if you’re going on and on about someone’s daughter’s Christmas list…seriously….WOW.

Christina on

If she wants to give her daughter a puppy for Christmas then fine, its not like they don’t know what they are getting themselves into. As for the name Coco thats my aunts nickname and its been that way my whole life I’m 30 years old, and she was never bullied about it.

Cathy on

Seriously, you’re going to base on Courtney Cox for talking about getting her kid a dog and what the kid’s name is? Obviously, she’s setting some ground rules by discussing it with her daughter. She’s also financially able to take care of three dogs, which most of us are not, which means one less pet in a shelter. Also, if it helps the kid while her parents are going through a separation, why the heck not? And in regards to her name, maybe it’s not what you would choose for your kid, but that doesn’t make it right for her. Not every name fits the person; I have a very common name, and I’ve never thought it fit me, so who’s to say whether something is right or wrong?

CelebBabyLover on

Cathy- “Also, if it helps the kid while her parents are going through a separation, why the heck not?” Exactly what I was thinking! Coco is probably going through a difficult time due to her parents’ seperation right now, and a dog may be just the thing to help her through it!

It also sounds, as if other posters have mentioned, that Courtney is thinking this through very clearly, setting ground rules beforehand.

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I hope Coco gets to celebrate the holidays with both of her parents (I don’t mean both of them together, just both in the sense of Coco spending part of the holidays with one parent, and the other part with the other parent)!

Sat on

Ok animal police! Out in full force I see 🙂

sammy on

As an animal shelter employee, I believe it is fine for a family to choose to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue around a special occasion. No, pets should not be given to an unsuspecting person as a gift, but well-planned “gifts” that include the involvement of the family in preparing for and selecting an appropriate pet can be wonderful additions to the family around a holiday. It’s outdated thinking that pets shouldn’t be adopted around the holidays. Yes, it’s a hectic time but the reality is that if people don’t adopt around the holidays that results in more animals being killed at the shelters because no one is adopting them.

Hopefully Courtney does adopt a pet. Jennifer Aniston’s dogs are rescues, and hopefully she’ll convince her friend to do the same. I don’t know if her current dogs are rescues or not.

elainer7 on

So you people dont think they have someone on staff to potty train and clean up after a dog? PUH- LEASE!!

Samantha on

Wow. Obviously CoCo wants a puppy for Christmas, so why is it wrong for her mother to give the puppy as a gift? It isn’t like Courtney just randomly decided to give her daughter a puppy with out her daughter being aware. A lot of you have turned something innocent and sweet into an all out Animal Rights war. I have had dogs since I was a little girl, granted my parents help me take care of them but non-the-less it taught me how to take care of the dog I have now. If the family as a WHOLE is prepared to have an additional dog in their home then more power to them. At least they are saving a dog that could potentially be on the streets or at a shelter.

And for the person who said Coco should be the dogs name, stop being so uptight. Coco is a fun name and I highly doubt that people are going to pick on her because of her name. You can make any name and turn it into something funny. I always got “Sam I am, Green Eggs and Ham.” It comes with the territory and I’m sure Coco will learn how to embrace it! Loosen up!

Victoria on

Trish said, “A good reputable breeder will NOT sell a pet around this time of year specifically for that reason.”

Seriously, there is no such thing as a good reputable breeder……..there are so many animals in animal shelters and breeders are still pumping them out for profit. No one should buy from a breeder. If you are looking for a certain breed, there are often animal rescue places for certain breeds.

Jillian on

Animal and parenting police, as usual. Love reading the celebrity baby blog. All these women with too much time criticizing every little move a celebrity mommy makes.

Karen on

I have four dogs, 2 cats, a bird and a horse. Some were gifts, some planned, some just showed up at the back door. We should all live as wonderful as my furry family. They are loved, pampered, and cherished. What a ridiculous statement to say a pet shouldn’t be a gift. What should it be, a purchase? That insures they’ll be taken care of? Good grief.

Anonymous on

umm, i thought was supposed to be about celebrities, not people people b*tching about who is right and who is wrong…..

heather on

chill out and get off your high horse! I was given a dog for Christmas when I was a child and my family absolutely loved our new addition. He was my best friend for over 12 yrs. so get over yourselves, seriously.

h on

i had my dog when i was just 9, i’m now 19,and i’ve been taken care of him ever since he was 3 month old, and planning on doing it for as long as this happy, healthy 10 year old dog will be with me.

what’s so great about having a dog that’s realy yours when you’re a kid ( and as long as the child is planning on taking care of him for ever) is that both the kid and the dog grow up together.

one thing though:


justme on

If Coco wants a dog for Christmas I don’t see the harm in that, pets are great gifts. I got my dog for Mother’s Day and he is the best gift I have ever received. He is a devoted little friend.

Adriel on

I’m surprised that the Chihuahua lovers haven’t chimed in!

Kim on

Puppies should really not be given to anyone..even if they want them..on Christmas eve or Christmas day. It’s too stressful for the puppy with all the noise and fuss going on. Not to mention all the candy and food visitors are tempted to slip them. It’s a lot better to wait until after the holidays when things quiet down. I do hope Coco learns a lesson about ADOPTING a puppy and not rushing off to some high priced breeder…

Stacey on

I see no problem in giving a pet a gift to a child for Christmas or a Birthday! Pets are companions to children! What a wonderful gift a child could have, and with that, learn personal responsibility in taking care of the pet! And I think CoCo is an adorable name and not half as bad as some of the crazy names we have seen in the past from celebrities!

Demetria on

I’m buying my 9 year old a puppy for Christmas too! Cool! My daughter, Nina wants a beagle. 🙂 I hope Coco gets her puppy!!!

Tee on

The only reason I am reading the comments on this article is because I was really curious as to why an article about a Mom getting her little girl a puppy for Christmas generated so many comments. I’m glad I read them though because several people said things I had not thought of. However, it does not sound to me like Courtney made this decision lightly. It’s clear that she and her daughter have been talking about getting another dog. I don’t see anything wrong with Coco getting a new puppy for Christmas.

I do have a serious problem with the people that are making such ugly comments about the child’s name. While I’m not a fan of Coco, I don’t think it’s fair to be so nasty about anybody’s name.

crw on

Adriel – that made me laugh.
Sman – you need to read up on Hollywood gossip a little more. CoCo is named after her mom, COurtney COx, as well as her grandmother, who is also named Courtney. It was on E THS.
CoCo is a better name than Apple, Pilot Inspector, or Zuma. I love Gwen and Gavin but…Zuma? Just saying.

JMO on

Pets are fine as gifts!

I got a bunny one year for Easter when I was a kid.
I also adopted my cat 5 days before Christmas 3 years ago as a present to myself! However the shelter does frown upon pet adoptions before the holidays bc they feel as though many people will end up returning them. That’s why they have strict conracts and regulations in place now during the holidays (atleast at our shelter)! Pets are a huge responsibility and as long as you teach your child that they are to be loved and cared for and they are not disposable when your just tired and bored with them, then I see no issue!

Amanda on

Oh please people! Her daughter wants a puppy, they have dogs and know how to care for them and have the money to care for them (and hire other people to do the things they don’t want or have time to do). Both our dog and cat were impulse purchases. Our dog was kind of my birthday present, 3 years later she’s very well cared for and loved. We got her from a breeder too *gasp* and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, she’s a wonderful dog. Our cat wasn’t even a purchase, my brother found her as a stray and asked if I wanted her. She’s a great cat and she’s been with us almost a year.

MiB on

While I agree that you should never give an animal to an unsuspecting recipient, I have been on both the receiving and giving end of when it comes to animal gifting. I recieved a kitten for my 7th birthday, partly as a compensation for my other cat being murdered (she was fed rat poison by a crazy neighbour, who knew that there were about 7 or 8 well cared for and tagged cats living there when she moved in, and still killed them claiming they were stray and unsanitary, well if she didn’t like cats, she shouldn’t have moved in to a house full of them, but thats another story).

I have also given my stepmother a puppy, which came as something of a surprise for her, but was nevertheless something that had been thoroughly discussed in the family beforehand (my dad pretending to be hesitant about how we would take care of it, her providing the solutions to the problems he came up with, it was also her third dachs hound, so she knew how to handle them). There is a huge difference between giving an animal to someone who can and will take care of it (and off course wants it) and someone who just “wants a puppy”, but Coco has been around dogs for most (or all) of her life, and she has parents who are willing to and capable of helping her taking care of her dog, so I don’t really see the problem here.

By the way, I love the name Coco and how they came up with it, though I have to say that Coco was Coco Chanel’s nickname, her given name was Gabrielle.

Georgina on

Im glad there are some sensible responses to the horror of a mum getting her daughter what she asked for for xmas. Id also like to add that just because Coco has asked for the puppy as an xmas present doesn’t automatically mean that she will get it on xmas day. My sister and I got a dog for xmas when we were children, he “arrived” on the 15th of December so that he was all settled and familiar with us and our house before the BIG day.Coco knows her mum is getting her the puppy not santa, so he/she could come when ever! Therefore, no need to panic!

Oh and pets make great gifts, as long as everyone is prepared for it. I had wanted a dog for months before my parents got him for us. And exactly how else would a child get a dog? Its not like she could go out an buy one herself is it?

Taylor on

Wow. Looks like the sanctimonious mothers are out again in full force. It just wouldn’t be an article on CBB if they weren’t, though. Hilarious.

Erika on

Well maybe instead of focusing on the dog as a gift, Courteney could focus on giving a puppy a home for the holidays to Coco. I really don’t think that giving a puppy for Christmas is inhumane, as long as you are planning to care for it whether the child loses interest or not. Most kids slack on feeding and walking the dog, but still love the dog very much and play with it.

Amanda on

Obviously Courtney will assist Coco with the dog, hello people. I have 2 dogs, one is my 8 year old daughters, had the dog 3 years now and my daughter has always taken the dog out to the yard to do her businesss, feed her. I of course, pay for the food, vet, dog “stuff” but it’s her dog. Nothing wrong with getting her daughter a dog.

Ellsie on

If trying to find out what dog is best for your family & living arrangement, I found the Dogs 101 videos by Animal Planet (available on YouTube and their website) to be really informative. They are short 4-5 minute clips about different breed telling their temperament, grooming & exercise demands, etc. I am not planning on getting a pet anytime soon, but if I did, it is a great way to find out basics on breed to see if it will fit into your lifestyle. They also have Cats 101.