Spotted: Kelly Rutherford and Hermés Light Up the Night

11/26/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Slaven Vlasic/Getty

Say cheese!

Kelly Rutherford and son Hermés Gustaf Daniel, 4, attend the Saks Fifth Avenue light show spectacle “The Snowflake and the Bubble” and Holiday Window Unveiling, held Monday evening at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The Gossip Girl star, 42, and ex-husband Daniel Giersch are also parents to daughter Helena Grace, 17 months.

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Tiffany on

He is a cutie! Don’t know if its a botox thing or natural but to me she always looks surprised!

Cindy on

In all of these articles, why do you feel it necessary to constantly use the child’s middle name as well? Unless it’s something that the parents do, it gets repetitive. The only time most parents use all of those names would be if the child was in trouble.

Hea on

I hope Kelly and her ex are communicating again. Their kids are adorable. I don’t, however, get the name Hermés. Are you supposed to pronounce it like herpes?

Sky-Ann on

It’s Air-mez.

I hope her and her ex are communicating again too, he has custody most of the time so it’s up to her to take that step.

Veronica on

@Hea: They probably pronounce it “HAIR-mayz”, because the dad is German or “AIR-mays”, like the shop.

JM on

hm in my head i have always pronounced the name Hermes as rhyming with herpes (not a positive connotation, i know). correct me if i’m wrong but it’s a greek name isn’t it? maybe someone here knows how it’s pronounced in greek?

sarawara on

I also do not enjoy reading the child’s full name each time. I know Brittany Spears calls her sons Preson and Jaydon, not Sean Preston and Jaydon James. Also the Parker-Broderick clan call their twins Tabitha and Loretta, not their full names, etc. It just gets redundant.

Hea on

JM – That’s what I’ve thought too.

CelebBabyLover on

Sky-Ann- When did Daniel get more custody than Kelly? And I hope he just has more custody of Hermes. Helena is still too little to be without her mommy for long periods of time!

As for how to pronounce Hermes is name…Veronica is right. It’s pronounced “Air-Mays”. 🙂

Elby on

It’s pronunciation depends on which country you come from; Hermes, the messenger of the Greek Gods, rhymes with herpes (not a great connotation I agree) but Hermès, the French designer shop, is air-mez, with a short e like in mezzanine.

JM on

Elby, that’s what i thought to, so considering the spelling of his name this little guy’s name is Hermes (rhyming with herpes).

Hea on

Then let’s hope it’s French. haha

Hea on

Got a bit trigger happy there…

What I also meant to say is that I thought it was Greek since the girl’s name is Helena. (Which, by the way, is my name too.) Helena is a Greek/Roman name.

gdfg on

CelebBabyLover, if you think Helena is too young, at seventeen months, to be without Mom for long periods, then what do you suggest people like Neil Patrick Harris, whose kids don’t have mothers, do?

Being a womnan does not make you any more capable of taking care of a 17-month-old child than a man. Even if the child is still breast feeding there are breast pumps!

Jill on

Gdfg, I thought the same thing! A child doesn’t need mommy over daddy, as not all parent have a mommy…..and I see nothing wrong with that! Also, if the son is viewed as being okay without the mom, then the daughter should be as well.

Sky-Ann on

Her ex-husband has always had full custody (well… more custody) than Kelly. The courts deemed him more fit to care for them. He was Hermes’ primary caregiver for most of his life. Your theory of Helena needed “mommy” didn’t happen with Hermes and hopefully he’s fine. From what I’ve heard, Kelly has not been an active mother in their lives.

Hea on

gdfg – While I agree with what you write, kids don’t need mothers – they need parents, I do however realize that there’s a difference between Kelly and Harris. Kelly’s kids have a mother and a father. Neil Patrick Harris’ kids have two fathers. I could be wrong but isn’t the child’s attachment often stronger towards the primary caregiver? And in most cases that turns out to be the mother since she often nurses and stays at home with the child during the first months.

CelebBabyLover on

Sky-Ann- It’s not true that Kelly’s ex has ALWAYS had more custody than her. I remember reading that, at first, Hermes split his time about 50-50 between his parents, and Helena was in a “step-up” plan, wherein she spent most of her time with her mom, but would spend more time with her dad as she got older.

Also, we have no proof that Kelly’s not an involved parent! Besides which, she breastfeed Hermes and is breastfeeding Helena. That sounds like being involved to me. She has also said she practices attachment parenting. And finally, we see Helena with her far more than we see her with her father!

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Exactly! Neil Patrick Harris’ kids have never known a mother. Helena, on the other hand, does know her mother. I can only imagine what it’s like to be ripped away from mommy at that age!

gdfg on

But Hea, Kelly is NOT the primary caregiver in her kids’ life.

“While I agree with what you write, kids don’t need mothers – they need parents.”

?? That’s what I was saying . . .

Hea on

gdfg – Well, how am I supposed to know that? I don’t know her and I don’t know her husband and I’ve never read about that. I wasn’t the one who said Helena shouldn’t be away from mom.

I realize you probably meant that but I replied to your question just in case: “then what do you suggest people like Neil Patrick Harris, whose kids don’t have mothers, do?”

gdfg on

We see Helena more with her mother than her father because her father isn’t a celebrity!

torgster on

I’m curious as to what the actual legal custody arrangement is. I just remember all the hoopla when they were fighting in court – she was trying to get sole custody saying Daniel was unfit etc. I had no idea he has primary custody – when did it get announced?

CelebBabyLover on

torgester- That’s exactly what I was asking!