Brad Paisley Says Sons Are Yin and Yang

11/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Michael Caulfield/AMA2010/Getty Images

Opposites attract in the Williams-Paisley household!

“The first child — his name is Huck — is a lot like me. He shares my disposition and focuses on a lot of things,” Brad Paisley said Sunday at a press conference for the American Music Awards.

But when it comes to his second son Jasper Warren‘s personality, the country crooner notes the father-son duo are as different as night and day.

“Then the second child is the opposite of Huck … which I think happens a lot,” he explains. “In some way he’s becoming my favorite just by the fact that he’s not like me.”

Providing a balance in the family, Paisley believes the brothers, ages 3½ and 19 months, compliment each other perfectly.

“It’s really fun having two that way because they really do fit in the gaps,” he notes of his boys with wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Danielle Nieman

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Sky-Ann on

…and the negative comments start NOW.

I wanted to comment something nice before they started. I think he’s such a great dad and husband 🙂

Alexandra on

I don’t think as a parent you should say that one of your kids is your favourite. It just sounds wrong to me.

Hea on

I love him and his wife. I’m sure they are great parents.

Erika on

They sound like such a sweet family! I hope they have a girl someday!

I don’t really think it’s right to say a child is your favorite, but I don’t think he meant it like that. I’m sure he meant that he gets along better with the one that isn’t like him. I am a lot like my father and we argued a lot, but he still loved me as much as my other siblngs (I would assume hahaha). Opposites attract. But I do think it could have been worded differently.

Kewl on

I agree with Erika! But it’s worse when mother and daughter are similar! Trust me! The names of his boys- Huck and Jasper- are growing on me!

Chelsea on

I think he was just joking around with the “favorite” comment…I wouldn’t put too much thought into it. Anyways, I love him and think his family with Kimberly is beautiful 🙂

jessicad on

I think most people have favorites, they just don’t talk about it! 🙂 Kids are so different, I think it’s natural to gravitate more to one depending on personalities.

This is such a cute family, love the names!

Shannon on

LOL he was joking!

Lau on

Awful choice of words XD
He probably just finds the younger kid more “interesting” to put it somehow, since he’s the opposite to himself. It’s not that he’s literally his favourite.

Tee on

Maybe he should have chosen his words more carefully but Brad Paisley is very well known for his off beat sense of humor. I don’t think he meant anything by his “favorite” comment. His love and adoration for both of his sons is very obvious!

ELO on

I think parents can have “favorites” without loving any child more than another. I know that my father favors my sister over me and my mother favors me over my sister. We have more in common and spend much more time together doing things we enjoy. However, when all is said and done I know we are both loved equally dearly by both of our parents.

CelebBabyLover on

I think it depends on the people as to whether to people who are very alike will get along. My dad and I are a lot alike (we even look very similar!), and we get along great!

JM on

😀 so funny, so this is a celebrity we like, so we make excuses for what he said. can you imagine if angelina jolie said she had a favourite child? would we be so ready to make excuses for her, chuckling “oh well she obviously didn’t mean it”.

i know people are going to complain about my negative comment, but i am just so sick of the double standard here…

Marlee on

My kids and I have a running joke… When one does something helpful or sweet I’ll say, “You are my favorite!” They laugh because it’s all in fun and, of course, they all get to be my “favorite.” I’m sure Brad’s comment was also in good fun.

Shawna on

JM – Why are you bring Angelina Jolie into this post? It has nothing to do with her. Being that obsessed with a celebrity that you don’t even know is really not healthy.

JM on

🙂 lol shawna that’s really funny. i was naming jolie as an example (i considered a few others but she seemed a rather extreme example to make a point). it’s so funny that you are able to make a claim about someone you don’t even know, honestly, i am laughing at your stupidity. i am in no way obsessed with jolie. in fact i could point out things i don’t like about her if you really want, but to be quite honest i don’t really want to indulge your petulant little response.

my ACTUAL point (go ahead and read, it’s not too long), was that i don’t like the double standard on this site. i could just very clearly imagine if this comment had been made by another celebrity then people would be all over him or her. instead everyone is making excuses for him.

personally i don’t see the point in jumping down his throat, he probably didn’t mean his comment to sound ignorant at all, and i am sure he doesn’t actually mean that he has a favourite child. perhaps he’s just not very articulate, fair enough. i just wish there wasn’t such a double standard here…

Erika on

Shawna, I think everyone knows who Angelina Jolie is and bringing her up doesn’t make JM obsessed at all. It was an example. And I do agree with JMs statement. Though I don’t like to criticize people for what they say no matter who they are, there definitely is a double standard.

JM on

thank you erika!
yes i was just naming jolie because she’s a really really famous celeb who gets a lot of stick. I’m glad i’m not the only one who has noticed a double standard.

kmb on

oh no, he used the F word lol

CelebBabyLover on

JM- I’m sick and tired of the double-standard on here, too! And I know exactly how you feel about the backlash you got for bringing up Angelina. I have gotten criticized many times myself for bring Angie up on posts that aren’t about her. Like you, when I bring her up on posts that aren’t about her, I’m simply using her as an example! 🙂

JM on

celebbabylover, thank you too. i can’t understand how people can’t see that she is just one example of what we’re talking about. it just so happens that she is one of the celebrities here who is often criticized for things other aren’t. i considered giving the cruises as an example instead, but i guess that would have received even more of a backlash 🙂