Neil Patrick Harris Says Gideon Is a ‘Great Burper’

11/24/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Barry Talesnick/Globe

Now more than ever, fatherhood has allowed Neil Patrick Harris to appreciate the little things in life.

Gideon [Scott], our son, he’s a great burper,” the proud papa joked on a Monday appearance on The Talk.

“Which, let me tell you those who don’t have babies, they can burp. It’s the greatest thing, I’ve never been happier.”

And while 6-week-old Gideon “sleeps all the time,” it hasn’t been quite as smooth sailing for his “fussier” twin sister Harper Grace.

“She’s had some sort of lower G.I. [issue] … she’s always working through something,” Harris, 37, laments. “It feels awful though, all you want as a parent is to make sure they’re okay and that they’re comfortable.”

Although Harris and his partner David Burtka “switched from one formula to a hypoallergenic formula,” they eventually took their baby girl to an osteopath.

“It was fantastic … I didn’t even know what was going on,” Harris recalls. “She sort of snapped and was a different person. Super calm. Everything is much better.”

Taking fatherhood in stride, the How I Met Your Mother star notes that he and Burtka have had a change of heart when it comes to keeping their newborns snug.

“Swaddling, we thought, was ridiculous. Holding them down and swaddling — they need to be free!” he laughs. “And now, cut to me like (exaggerates swaddling a baby) … time!”



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Hea on

Love him!

Li on

I’m so excited for them! He’s adorable, absolutely love him. I have 4 kids, including b/g twins, I can so relate.

Bree on


B.J. on

This makes me so happy. Love NPH!

ilovebarney on

Sigh……. Don’t you just love him?? Lucky kids.

Brooke on

SO happy for he and David….Awesome!

Carrie on

I LOVE the name Gideon. It’s the name I want to give my son (should I be blessed with one someday). I love their daughter’s name too! Happy Thanksgiving to this beautiful new family!

anonymous on

Great actor and I am sure great father.

tink1217 on

what an excited and loving dad he sounds like!! So cute!

boston on

LOVE him and wish him and his partner the best. BTW, wish I had an osteopath for my colicky girls- oh well!

Shannon on

Haha! Swaddling will save you! The only thing that made my kids sleep when they were newborns!

amanda on

So happy for him and his partner! Sounds like the babies are well loved!

anonymous on

Um, ok, I LOVE HIM!!! Swoon…

Allison on

I love NPH!! I love this family, as well. SO beautiful to hear!

Claire on

I absolutely love NPH and think he’ll be the best dad ever! His parenting is bound to be legen…wait for it…DARY!

Dee on

Sounds to me as though the osteopath had a healing background. What Neil describes in the “treatment” sounds an awful lot like a Reiki session. Osteopaths use complementary alternatives and integrate the body, mind and spirit. Hey, whatever works!! Sounds like he’s enjoying the heck out of his children. Good luck to them all.

Erika on

Aww it sounds like he’s such a proud daddy. I can’t wait to (hopefully) see pictures of the babies!

Meghan on

He makes me swoon. He sounds so happy!

klutzy_girl on

Love him and David! So happy for them that fatherhood seems to be going well!

Karen on

Congratulations to Neil Patrick and his partner on their twins. How wonderful to have gotten a boy and a girl. You two are in for so much fun. So just relax and enjoy them through all their stages. They grow up way too quickly.

Sooo Rich on

I don’t like the swaddling either, poor babies. I agree, they need to be free. I think that’s where I got my claustophobia from…haha. No but seriously, I wonder sometimes. Can’t stand being wrapped in any confining clothes.

Anyway, love him. He’s such a doll. Wish nothing but happiness to him and his family 🙂

mp on

Nobody mentioned swaddling to me when my daughter was born nearly 30 years ago. Wish they had; I’m sure it would have saved me some sleepless nights! NPH sounds thrilled to be a dad and I’m glad for him and David.

Romy on

We always swaddled too, but I just had my 3rd baby and they now say to leave the arms out. They say to wrap baby’s body tightly in blanket but leave the arms out so that they can still have the startling reflex and also bring their hands to their mouths. They feel this will help cut down on crib deaths. That is what the nurses told me last week. Our other two kids were wrapped tightly with arms in because that is what the nurses did then!

Ellie's Nana on

Nobody talked about swaddling when my 3 kids were babies either but now that I have a grandbaby I have been amazed at how awesome those things work! If you’re on the fence about whether to use one or not, take it from this Nana…they work!

maritan on

Swaddling was the best solution for my oldest, born in June. I thought she would hate it because it was very warm, but it turned out that was the only way I could put her down. My younger daughter, born in the winter, absolutely hated it. I was swaddling her from the beginning and she would fight it no matter how I wrapped her. I eventually gave up!

Every baby is different.

CelebBabyLover on

Sounds like he and his partner are great parents! As for swaddling….Most babies actually enjoy the feeling of being swaddled, because it simulates what they felt during those last few months in the womb (being all snug). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and it sounds like Harper may be suffering from reflux. Poor girl!

Mel on

LOVE HIM!! Swaddling helps a lot of the babies that come through my nursery but I will admit every so often you get one (my daughter) that does not like it! So happy for those two! Those are some lucky babies! He has always been a favorite of mine from way back in his Doogie days! Did I mention I love him lol! I really do love him!

shaz on

love NPH! so happy for him and his partner for having such wonderful twins 🙂

Hailee. on

AH. I love him SO much.