John Travolta, Kelly Preston Welcome Son Benjamin

11/24/2010 at 02:10 AM ET
Michael Doven

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are new parents to son Benjamin, who was born Tuesday evening, Nov. 23 in a Florida hospital.

The baby weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz.

“John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family,” they say in a statement.

“Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully.”

Preston, 48, told PEOPLE recently that the entire family was in major preparation mode for their new addition as her pregnancy neared its end.

“I’ve been cleaning out everything in the house,” Preston said in September. “Ella has been helping too. She’s looking forward to being a big sister.”

Travolta, 56, and Preston’s son Jett suffered a fatal seizure at age 16 in January 2009.

— Elizabeth Leonard and Sara Hammel

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M on

Congratulations to them! Wonder if he has a middle name?

CelebBabyLover on

M- Me, too. Jett didn’t appear to have a middle name either, so I wonder if it’s a tradition in their family to only give middle names to girls (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Anyway, congrats to them!

kmb on

yay congrats! i figured this announcement had to be coming soon!
can’t wait to see this little one- best wishes to them!

Nella on

Congrats to their family. Benjamin is such a nice, classic name. I wish them much happiness. As for a middle name, maybe he doesn’t have one, or they haven’t announced it yet. my parents never gave my sisters and me a middle name.

sgv on

congratulations and welcome baby Benjamin!

I’m happy for them because a baby is always a blessing, but i can’t help but think that when their son will be 10 years old, his mother will be almost 60…I don’t know, is just my opinion but it doesn’t seem right to me.
Before having a baby we have to think in their future, not only in our wish to become a mother.
Just my opinion.

Meghan on


Erin on

Welcome to the world Benjamin! And congratulations to John, Kelly, Ella and all who already love the little one.

KikiOttawa on

Congrats to the Travolta! Welcome to the light little Benjamin!

Sheri on

I’m completely elated for them!! I wonder if Benjamin’s middle name is Jett? And for those saying 48 is too old to have a baby … 48 isn’t what it used to be. Kelly is very youthful, in seemingly good health and takes great care of herself. I’m sure she’s healthier and “younger” than a lot of 25-year-olds out there! May this new baby bring so much joy to help overcome all the tragedy they’ve endured.

Bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS to the Travolta’s!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of him …. he was a good size baby 🙂 I couldn’t be happier for them 🙂

Rachael on

Congrats to them all, hope this goes well for them, I imagine they will have plenty of help. I can’t imagine even getting pregnant at her age, let alone having a newborn, but I’m sure she can do it.

Glad to hear the baby is healthy and finally here.

Denise on

Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella. Enjoy your son and Best Wishes to all of you.

God Bless

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I’ve been waiting for this announcement.

Except, why the announcement at 2:00 in the morning? Most people are asleep, LOL!

Amanda on

I’m sorry Sherri but there is nothing someone can do to be ‘younger’ than someone at 25 when they are 48. Your body is not invisible and it has gone through over 20 years more wear and tear than someone at 25. Almost double what they’ve gone through in their entire lives, and we really don’t know how she lives her life to say she’s so healthy.

I’m sure she’ll likely live to see his graduation but she’s older than MY mom, who has 4 grandchildren, and I know my mom is worn out after a day with 2 of her grandkids and she is in excellent shape and healthy for her age. 46 is still 46 and 48 is still 48

mommyof2 on

congrats!! cant wait to see a picture of him!! both of their other children are beautiful!!! wish them all the happiness!!!

Sage on

YAY! I am so Happy for them!!!

jessicad on

I love the name Benjamin and I’m so excited for them! They make a great couple!

I’m tired of seeing the age debate, let it go. They are good parents who will take care of their son, that’s what matters. What about hundreds of years ago when the average life span was 40 years and women had children at 15? Most of us wouldn’t be here if people worried about this!

Ella on

Jett’s middle name was Jackson just for the record.

Lynda on

Congrats to the Travolta’s on the NEW baby Benjamin!! I’m so Happy for ya on the new baby…..

Jill on

Ella, where do you get your “record” information?

Sheri on

I respectfully disagree with you, Amanda, in your comment to me. When I was 41 and pregnant, my OB/GYN told me that I physically had the body of someone much younger. I’m not saying this to brag – he only meant that I took care of myself and chronologically my body was “younger” than my years. That is all I meant by my earlier post. Kelly is 48 … not that old for goodness sake! I’m sure she will do just fine. We all need to be happy for her and quit judging her about her age.

Beautee on

*Rolls eyes and lets out a deep sigh* Anyway, Congratulations to the Travolta family. I’m glad baby Benjamin and Kelly are doing great, I bet Ella is going to be a great big help/sister. I’m genuinely happy for anyone who makes what they feel is the right PERSONAL choices for THEIR family. *\O/*

Rosalie on

Congrats to them, can’t wait to see pics.

Jill on

Sheri, I agree with you. The same can be said, but flipped to Amanda….46 and 4 grandchildren……pretty young.

Georgina on

Congratulations to them. Im sure it must be a slight bitter-sweet celebration, but Benjamin is probably a welcome distraction from their loss and sadness. Im sure it’s now a little easier to start looking forward because of his arrival.

I too thought 46 was young for a grandmother. But obviously both she and you had children young, Amanda. Theres nothing wrong with that, but similarly thats not the only way/choice to have children, and Kelly and John have decided to do it differently. Not better or worse, just different.

D on

Wow!!! Congratulations!! Such happy news, and just in time for Thanksgiving!! Can’t wait for pictures of the little guy!

erilynne on

aww, nice Thanksgiving gift 🙂
Congratulations to them!

B.J. on

Jill.. I thought the same thing. Everyone’s so critical of older parents. Amanda’s family chose to have children while quite young (apparently). Obviously every family can decide what’s right or wrong for them, and the Travoltas truly wanted this little guy, so let’s be happy for them! I’ll bet Ben will look just like John!

Sheri on

I am 39 and very much looking forward to being a grandma this summer. I can’t, however, imagine being a new mom at 39, much less at 48. It’s all about where you are in life.
They are able to physically, emotionally and financially care for a child and are ecstatic to do so…so let’s be happy for them (I can guarantee they are thrilled at their station in life). Congratulations, Travolta family!

Shannon on

Congrats to the Travolta family! What a wonderful Thanksgiving for them! In regards to the age comments: This family has been through a LOT. Shut up about Kelly’s age! It doesn’t affect you at all so keep the negativity to yourself.

Ella on

Jill, I saw an interview with John shortly after Jett was born..from John’s mouth he said Jett Jackson Travolta was his name. Google it if you don’t believe me.

JMO on

John said once in an interview that they agree that he would get to name any son’s they would have and she would get to name any daughters they’d have. So I wonder why John picked Benjamin or if they decided this time together!

Congrats to them I am sure Benjamin is beautiful. I remember how beautiful Ella was as a baby with her long dark hair and big blue eyes! Can’t wait to see the little guy.

Mandy on

So happy to hear the baby is finally here! Congrats to the family and especially to Ella Bleu on becoming a big sister!

Niko on

Boy, do the Travoltas have something to be thankful for tomorrow or what!? Welcome to the world, Benjamin:-)

Mel Hieatt on

Many Congratulations and hoping that this New Life will help the healing after the loss of the eldest son xx

Melanie on

Age is only a number. I think what is important is the person’s health!. IF Kelly is in good health and wants a child fabulous. She is the one raising the child.

Congrads to the Travolta family.

ProudMom on

My mom became a grandmother 6 years ago at the age of 41. She was 20 when my sister was born and my sister was 21 when she had her daughter. I don’t think it’s uncommon to be a young grandma.

tink1217 on

YAYYYY!!!!!! This makes me smile!!!! So happy for them!!!

Barb on

Congratulations to the Travolta’s on the birth of their son Benjamin. Such an awesome “normal” name! Thank goodness. I honestly don’t believe Kelly was ever pregnant, I believe they hired a surrogate which is fine, but they should be honest about it. Congrats & best wishes to all of them.

Mina on

I think its a good thing they had another because years from now when they are dead, Ella will not be left alone in the world. More than likely all her grandparents will be gone by the time her parents are gone, so at least now she will have a brother, neices, nephews, etc..

Really its about family and being close and loving, not about age. If Kelly dies at 88, Ben will be 40…she may even get to see her grandkids (if he decides to have any). Even if she died at 78 he will be 30. By then he will have his own life anyway and her job in raising him will be done so she can die peacefully and happily.

Dixie on


Mamaj on

I totally agree with you Barb.

Dee Dupotey on

Wow, I can’t of another couple that deserves this blessing better than John Travolta and his wife. I wish the family much blessings, love, and health above all.

Congrats. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prisk on

i think, we shoud all mind ouer own buisness and let go off all that age thing. I know of a woman who told me, that her mom had 50 years ago a baby at age 50.

She was a very confident woman and did not care what others said.

100 years ago woman would become pregant easier naturally and it happend a lot with older woman. It was just not talked about.

Linda on

congrats to them but feel sorry for the baby since he cant be talked to for a week, and how do they know that he is healthy without tests or drs checking on him? just curious thats all!

Macy on

Congrats to them. Was expecting something more unique than Benjamin, not a big fan.

Tee on

Ach, what a wonderful gift to receive the week of Thanksgiving! Congratulations to the Travolta family on the birth of baby Benjamin!

Becky on

So happy for your family and at Thanksgiving time, you are blessed. Can’t wait to see a family photo…From my home to yours only the best to you all.

Jaedyn on

Congrats! I was also wondering if Benjamin has a middle name, and I too think Jett’s middle name was Jackson.

Maya on

Sheri – If you started having kids at the age of 16, you could have been a grandma a long ‎ago… Hell, if you started having kids at the age of 12 – you could have been a great-‎grandma already. Yay! ‎

Amanda – your mother has 4 grand children at the age of 46. That means she started ‎having kids in her early 20s, and I’m guessing did not have a wonderful career outside of ‎the home. That’s her prerogative, but that’s not how I, nor other modern women, would ‎like to live our lives. You don’t know Kelly Preston, so stop making negative comments.‎

Jill on

Didn’t say there was anything wrong with being a young Grandma or mom…..just said the same can be said about that as being a mom at a later age. There is no rule book on what age you should become a parent or grandparent. As long as you can provide love and support your child, who cares your age, is how I look at it.

Ella, no need to get so defensive…..I was asking where your “record” information came from because I did google it and could find nothing, other than references to this post….including an original press release from his birth with no middle name.

kate on

Welcome to the world baby Benjamin!! I am sure he will be the biggest blessing and aid to move towards healing for the Travoltas. I lost my second child in April just before she turned two, and am considering trying for another because I feel it would be the most wonderful source of hope and positivity for our fractured family. Of course there are no guarantees, but Kelly seems pretty healthy, and would probably not have taken any risks. I feel such joy for them at this moment.

Sheri on

@Maya – Interesting how you are so against people being judgmental, and yet here you are judging Amanda’s mom. I was 20 when I had my oldest son. I have been a medical transcriptionist since he was a baby. I have had a very rewarding carreer for 19 years and we live a comfortable lifestyle. And, yes, I am delighted that I am going to be a grandma at 40 (my son will be 21 a month after the baby is due). How snarky of you to suggest I would be thrilled to have been a mom at 16 or 12. I guess for some people a crappy disposition just comes naturally.

Sarah S. on

Happy Thanksgiving to the Travolta’s…may their day be extra special with this new bundle of love. 🙂

jaysta on

For all of you talking about how she is in such great shape and takes care of herself..blah blah..That may be true but..I would be willing to bet a million dollars they used a egg donor. My Obgyn told me that 90% of the Hollywood actresses who have babies over the age of 40 have egg donors. Because you can run a marathon at 42 and that’s not going to help your ovaries make more eggs…when you are done..You are done…Now..I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting a egg donor..I am just saying it gives false hope to women who are thinking..They are 35 and have ALOT of time to have a baby..Because Kelly Preston did it at 48…

Molly on

Those who keep thinking Jett’s middle name was Jackson perhaps watched too much Disney Channel about 10 years ago, as that was the exact title, Jett Jackson, of a show they aired!

erika on

yayyyy! so happy for them! such wonderful news! age is just a number- her having a baby at 48 (even if she used donor eggs) gives me hope that i will be able to be a parent later in life. i wish their family only the best- goodness knows they have had a hard couple of years.

Sheri on

Jaysta ~ No one said she didn’t perhaps use an egg donor. Don’t know what you’re getting so upset and worked up about? Enough about Kelly’s age … good Lord!! I’m happy for her no matter what her age is.

J.J. on

CONGRATULATIONS TO JOHN, KELLY ELLA AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY!!!! WELCOME BABY BENJAMIN!!!! I agree age is just a doesn’t/shouldn’t matter what age you have a baby because people are living longer nowadays. The fact that people say your kids will be young when you die if you have a kid late is kind of ridiculous. First of all parents can die at any age..someone I know had passed at 32 and he had a almost 3 year old son then. Yet there was someone who I used to know whose mom had him at 43…she lived until 97 when he was 54 and enjoyed moment with her…it’s not about the what time period you have kids..whether early in life or later in life…but the QUALITY TIME you have together (Always look at the QUALITY NOT QUANTITY!!!)…every bit of that precious moment counts and is special..regardless of how much time you have with that person, whether it’s 50 years, 2 weeks or even 10 minutes! They are all special moments to consider!!

Jackie on

And for someone to suggest they need to disclose whether they used an egg donor or surrogate, or not is quite rude and insensitive. Where do you get off?? The fact that they chose to publicly announce they were expecting and the happy arrival of their child is one reserved for them, so unless you are happy to be able to share in the news, back off.

Honestly, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. It’s my personal opinion that we should all take the time we’re taking to make any negative comments, and instead place that time to reflect in our own lives and give thanks to our blessings.

Just be Happy. It’s really not that difficult. Just be Happy.

I know I am.

Congrats to this family, and sincerely hope EVERYONE has a beautiful time with loved ones this holiday season.

SAR on

Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella. This is a wonderful blessing after the tragic loss of Jett. A third child is something they’ve been wanting for a while…I recall several years ago John saying that he’d love to have another little boy, and this was long before Jett died. So I don’t think Benjamin is a “replacement” baby. You can’t replace a child, anyway.

Tee on

There’s nothing wrong with the decision to use donor eggs but none of us know if that’s what happened. However, no plain woman would ever use donor eggs and most Amish and Mennonite woman have babies into their early 50’s. The plain community proves that it is possible!

Donna on

It’s possible Kelly is the biological mother.
It’s possible she isn’t.
Either way, she is the mother and the child will be loved as any other child who is wanted as much as this little boy has been wanted.
Enough said.

Meagan on

To Barb: Kelly was pregnant. There were pictures posted of her pregnant. Also, even if they had used a surrogate, it’s really none of our business if they share that or not. Don’t make false assumptions.

I also think everyone is being really rude to Amanda. Saying her mom probably didn’t have a good career, how do you know that? It’s rude. It doesn’t matter what age people have kids as long as it’s right for them.

Anyways, Congrats to the Travoltas! I love the name Benjamin! Maybe his middle name will be Jett. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Molly- As Ella said, Jett’s middle name being Jackson came from John’s own mouth!

Meagan- Exactly! There are pictures of Kelly clearly pregnant. I realize that some people think she was wearing a prosthetic bump because she didn’t appear to gain that much weight any place other than her belly…but somen women gain mostly or only in the belly. Samantha Harris appears to have gained weight only in her belly. Do people think she’s using a surrogate and wearing a prosthetic bump, too?

Jackie- I’ve already explained my thoughts on the surrogate issue, but I want to say that I agree with you completely about whether or not they used donor eggs. It’s nobody else’s business, period! Also, if they DID use donor eggs, perhaps they’d rather that Benjamin hear it from them and not from the media (hence why they aren’t saying anything about donor egg use). 🙂

LisaS on

Wow. I cannot believe some of the comments here are posted by supposedly grown women.

Why is it anyone’s business but theirs how THEIR child was conceived? Just because you’ve seen them in some movies and on TV gives you no right to demand that they be ‘honest’ and make you or the viewing public be privy to every detail of their private lives, especially when it’s something so personal as this! They don’t owe us anything, least of all putting their whole lives on display for the entire world to see.

Can’t we just say congrats and leave it at that? There have been plenty of bashing on the other recent articles about this family, why feel the need to spread it to a birth announcement too? It’s such a wonderful, joyful moment for them after so much pain and heartache, and all some of you can do is find negative things to say about it.

Anyway, congratulations John, Kelly, and Ella on the birth of baby Benjamin! Wishing you all the best and hope everyone remains happy and healthy!

simi on

@ Kate my heart breaks for you and your family. As a mother I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. I am sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts always. If you feel strong enough to have another baby, personally I think you should. You and yours have lost so much already maybe the new year is a new beginning for you and your family. I truly hope it is. Children have a way of healing us, our broken hearts and souls. Nothing and no one can replace the child that you lost, but as long as there is still love in your heart there is hope that some day you heart and soul may heal.

Congratulations to John, Kelly and Ella may this baby bring you all the love and joy in this world.

Nikki on

My parents had chidren young, at age 18-26 and then had a child at 37 (by accident). They have said that there are pros and cons to both.

When you’re young you have all this energy and you don’t mind dancing around the living room or runnning to however many sports games. They wish that they had more time to spend with us but a lot more time had to be spent working to pay bills.

When you’re older you have way more patience, it doesn’t matter if they’re walking/talking early or if they come inside all covered in dirt/paint/unknown substance because everything always cleans up. You have less energy (usually) when you’re older but most older people are usually more set financially and may have more time to give to their kids.

There is no right or wrong, to each their own. Congrats to a couple on the birth of their newborn son.

Anonymous on

Oh come on, of course age matters. If we’re going to have the conversation, lets at least be honest about it. Biologically most women can’t naturally reproduce beyond a certain age. So science intervenes. And then people wonder why there is such an influx of autism and other birth defects.

And sure, death is inevitable for all of us. However the odds of you dying as a younger parent are much, much smaller than the odds of you dying as an older parent. No amount of lame justification is going to console a child (especially a very young child) who loses their parent, so honestly, I think it’s borderline selfish. I would never do it myself, so I don’t condone the behavior in others. The only reasoning in this case that I can understand is that they recently lost a child, and maybe they didn’t want their daughter to be all alone. I could understand that I suppose.

And before a bunch of yahoos decide that they want to have kids at 50 because Kelly Preston did, please remember that the choices that celebrities make are not always the best choices for mainstream society…they have enough money and resources to take care of both of those kids many, many lifetimes over.

tink1217 on

anonymous….so having babies at an older age causes most autism and birth defects??? You are sooo sadly mistaken. My son is autistic..I had him at 21. My nephew is autistic…he was born when my sister in law was 26. I know MANY MANY families who had their children young and they have had birth defects or the child is autistic. Even Downs Syndrome…having a baby with problems doesn’t only happen to older mothers. I think that statement was ridiculous. Autism is not caused from being an older mother. Whether you meant it that way or not…it came across that way.

tink1217 on

and also…I know MANY older mothers whose babies were born JUST FINE!!! Completely perfect!!!!

Jill on

I could come on here and say I heard an interview where John said Jetts middle name was Joseph……doesn’t make it true. You can’t believe everything people say especially when everything online including birth announcements say he has no middle name. Just saying…

simi on

Anonymous I suggest reading more about autism and other birth defects before saying something as ignorant as you did. Like tink1217 said it and she is correct when it comes to autism, birth defects and down syndrome. Age has nothing to do with it, but genetics and care that you have during the pregnancy does, especially when we are talking about birth defects. If a mother does drugs during her pregnancy the baby is going to have problems regardless if the mother is 20 or 50 years old. As for autism the leading theory at the moment is that IQ has everything to do with having an autistic child, and nothing to do with the mothers affection like once believed or her age. Most high functional autistic children have very high IQs as do Asperger syndrome children. So it stands to reason that both parents have above normal IQ to have an autistic child. How ever this is still a theory that is yet to be proven.

Anonymous with people like you in this world no wonder that so many kids with disability go undiagnosed, educate yourself before you speak. Oh and yes you are correct that women stop being able to have children in their elderly years but keep in mind while that age for me was 30 for some like my best friends mother it was 62 which is when she got pregnant with her, cause her parents were silly enough to think “we are too old for babies, there is not way we can get pregnant” And for all we know Kelly is like other women that is able to have kids well into her sixties. So instead of bashing her and other older parents, who love their children and take care of the as any other parent would, and making stupid assumptions about birth defects I suggest some education on the matter for you Anonymous, and some manner would not kill you either.

tink1217 sorry I went on a rant but my favorite baby (my best friends son) is autistic and I hate when people make such stupid remarks when it comes to children with disabilities. I wish you and your son all the best may he bring you the joy and hope that baby Doug does to me.

Guest on

I know women aged 48 and 50 who had natural conceptions and healthy babies. Is it any coincidence they ate organic whole natural foods almost their entire lives?

I am pregnant at 44- no egg donor here.- just healthy food and lifestyle for many many years. It’s nice to speculate but some women are really fertile. Check out the Bedouin women- they did a study on their extended fertility. When women eat organic natural food and take care of themselves- well things are different as far as egg quality and fertility go. Sure women eating McDonald’s and drinking toxic diet sodas aren’t likely to be fertile just like pesticides have impacted men’s sperm.

tink1217 on

simi…thank you! I restrained myself as best I could. I just can’t stand when people make such assumptions. I wish your best friend the best!!! What a great friend you must be to love that baby so much!!

Ramona on

This is one proof of God’s goodness that we oftentimes doubt. A son of them died the other year and just look at them now, happy for a new child.

sky on

that’s self-righteous anonymous speaking like she does on every blog. don’t forget to add your psych 101 comment too.

Ann on

So it’s more correct to be a young grandmother (which in my opinion seems like being a mom after being a sister – hey it’s MY point of view) than being a late mother (in which you really have all the conditions of being a mother)? Huh…something is wrong here. Like you criticize and then get all offended because someone disagrees with you (yeah, just like I am doing right now)?

Sorry but I couldn’t imagine my mother being a 39 year-old grandma, just like I can’t imagine any 39 year-old. Or grandfather. Actually I would say…”humm such a nice guy to father my children”, the same with the 46 year-old. Now, if you are then you are. The same for Kelly and John.

Actually, this whole conversation is ridiculous, because just I wouldn’t even allow anyone to come up with me and say I’m too old or young to be a mother, they certainly don’t either, or better put, they don’t care about any of these comments, not even mine. A therapist once said “there’s nothing new in being a parents again”. Although things like this have always happened, I think it is so cool that nowadays we don’t have (although some folks feel self-forced to) to follow rules or live in guide books. Women can make their choices, have children at the age they want and physically can without the love they feel for their children being more or less. We can marry older guys or younger guys and be happy. We get to name our own kids. We can raise them accompanied or by ourselves. We can provide for our families. And instead of supporting each other, we criticize others because they don’t follow the same rules (rules that for me, Ann, are wrong, because there shouldn’t be no rules when it comes to being happy and loving without hurting anybody!). Sorry, but it’s a shame.

nono on

Sorry but maybe you should check your facts. I did not say that just because you are older means your child will automatically have autism or a birth defect. Nor did I say that those things are not possible in pregnancies of younger women. But any doctor will tell you that your risk increases greatly every year. You can get offended all you want, and I’m sorry that you’re child has autism, but facts are facts. So who is ignorant? The people who take the facts for what they are, or the people who ignore the facts for the sake of trying to be PC or seeming non-judgmental. Your posts reek of judgment by saying I am ignorant, by the way…you have no idea who you are talking to now, do you?

Angela on

Good for you Nono. Stand your ground!

As for the Travoltas, congratulations and best wishes.

CelebBabyLover on

simi- You hit the nail on the head! But before I talk more about your post, I’d like to clear up some of what’s been said on here about whether or not age has an impact on whether or not your child will be born with birth defects or a disability.

In the case of Down Syndrome, older mothers actually ARE more likely to have a child with DS than younger mothers are. That doesn’t mean younger women can’t have a baby with DS, or that if you’re an older mother, you’re destinted to have a baby with DS. It just means that older women have a higher risk of having babies with DS.

As far as Autism goes, it’s true that, at this point, there seems to be no link between a mother’s age and whether or not her child will have Autism. However, there IS a realtively new theory that older MEN might be more likely to father a child with an ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) than are younger men. That’s still a relatively new theory and no definitive link between paternal age and Autism has been established yet. Like so much else about Autism, it’s still relatively unknown if older men are more likely to father children with ASDs.

That being said, I don’t get why people seem to think it’s the end of the world if they have a child with DS, ASD, or some other disability. Yes, people with disablities sometimes struggle more than “normal” people and it can be hard on the people who care for them. And certainly no one would ever wish a disability on an innocent baby. However, children with disabilites are just as beautiful and special as “normal” people.

I’ve known several people with DS, and I’ve found each and every one of them to be a joy to be around. All of them have also been very happy people. People with DS also tend to be very loving, and very accepting of others, no matter what they may look like, what their beliefs may be, etc. Really, a lot of the rest of us could learn a thing or two from people with DS!

I also once knew a girl with severe cerebral palsy. She couldn’t walk or talk, and she needed people to do everything for her (feed her, dress her, bathe her, etc.). But she was still a person, and it angered me when I sensed people forgetting that and treating her like a disabled person rather than simply a person. For example, she enjoyed having people talk to her the way they would to any other person (she may not have been able to talk, but you could tell she enjoyed it by her facial expressions and such), but a lot of people didn’t take the time to do that.

She was a ray of sunshine (sadly, she passed away from complications of her condition a few years ago), and when I looked at her, the first thing I thought of was not a disabled person, but of this wonderful young woman!

And as far as Autism Spectrum disorders go….I actually have a mild one myself. And guess what? If I were given the opportunity to go back and time and by born without my ASD, I would refuse it. My ASD can make things complicated at times, and there are times I’m frustrated that I have it. But overall I’m happy with my life, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world!

Guest- I understand your point, and I honestly don’t think you were trying to be nasty or hurtful with your comment. However, your comment may be seen as just that by people who are struggling with infertility. You can be infertile even if you take great care of yoursself and eat as healthily as possible. Infertility can be caused by several different things, and a lot of those things are things that we don’t have any control over.

I’m not denying that some of the stuff you mentioned might be contributing factors, but to imply that people who are infertile basically brought it on themselves is just cruel, IMO. Obviously some people DO make poor lifestyle choices which can result in infertilty (smoking, for example, which can cause both impotence and lower sperm quality in men….both of which are obviously going to make concieving difficult! I think heavy smoking can affect egg quality in women as well, but I’m not entirely sure about that one.) But for a large number of people struggling with infertilty, the cause is something they had no control over.

Most people with infertilty already feel bad enough. We don’t need to add guilt to the emotions they’re going through!

simi on

@NONO If your doctor tell you that autism has anything to do with the mothers age I strongly suggest you get another doctor. Autism is a highly variable neurodevelopmental disorder and is genetic. So if they were going to have an autistic child they will have an autistic child regardless if they have the child at the age of 20 or 48. AUTISM IS GENETIC. If you don’t believe me do a simple google search and you will find the answers yourself. It’s due to the ignorance of people like you and doctors like yours that so many amazing beautiful autistic children go on suffering, incorrectly diagnosed, and miss understood by children and adults around them. Suggestion read and know the truth before you attack someone for something they have no control over.

Yes there is an increased risk chromosome related birth defects in women over 35. It normally happens around the time of meiosis, when the egg cell eliminates half of its 46 chromosomes to accommodate the male’s genetic material. Tiny filaments called spindles, which appear to become detached from the chromosomes as women age, separate the chromosomes. This detachment can result in an abnormal number of chromosomes in the egg, a condition called aneuploidy. So yes it does include down syndrome and you have my apology for that but other defects such as genetic and other non chromosomal birth defects, such as autism have nothing to do with the age of the parents.

You do not have to believe a word I say and can get angry all you want but the scientific proof is there and I suggest you read it before attacking yet another happy older couple who has just had a baby and are over the moon about it.

tink1217 how could I not love him as my own? I have been there from day one cause the father walked away saying he didn’t want a defect. But you and anyone else out there that has had their life touched by an autistic child, knows that these children are truly gifts given to us, and you can not help but love them with your whole heart. I have a beautiful daughter and I remember her first step, word, smile, eye contact and they were all special but every time he choose to look you in the eyes and make that contact and speak my heart is filled with warmth I cannot explain. And it’s like that every time with him. My girl jokes that we always celebrate every one of his words and sentences, but we celebrate her long period of silence.Which the older they get seems to be the truth, lol, I never remember talking as much as she does with people she has just spend the whole day with:) I am so grateful to my friend for sharing him with us, our babies were born around the same time and they are best friends just as we always wished it to be. The look of pride on my daughters face every time she speaks about him, defends him against ignorance of other, gives me a feeling of hope, pride and joy that I have done a good job as a mother.

Tink1217 I wish you all the best, many smiles and hugs from your amazing child, I truly hope for the future that will include better treatment and understanding of children with autism.

@nono Please educate yourself and have better understanding of these disorders especially autism, and to see these children for what they truly are, a gift, and not mistakes or punishment. Wishing you the best future possible.

Liberty on

Oh stop being so hung up on age for goodness sake! A person can have a baby at 22 and die at 30…John and Kelly had a healthy baby…thank G-d for that! And no 48 is not 25 and 25 is not 20…30 is not 20 whatever. People in America spend too much time talking about age…this comes from either fear of death or lack of faith in G-d…but just counting gray hairs, wrinkles and candles makes me sick (especially when you are counting those of others). Congrats John and Kelly be happy! Be thankful!

Elise on

Exactly…I agree with everything on what Nikki had said…reason is because I was put like that myself. I married my husband young at 22 and had my two sons at 24 and 26. Nearly 16 years later after the birth of my younger son, I became pregnant again (surprise pregnancy) and gave birth to my daughter at 41. So I was able to experience the pros and cons of being a young mother and a older mother since I am pretty much literally both!

When was I younger, I had more energy and thank god I did cuz it was NOT easy taking care of two kids very close in age (my sons are 21 months apart). Also my husband was away in medical school that time and missed alot of my sons’ growing up years and couldn’t spend much time with them (except during holidays and vacation). It did kind of affect him cuz he wanted to be there for them. So it was hard on me, as I raised them single for their early years.

However, when my daughter was born, we were all settled with good paying jobs and careers and were financially stable, pretty much all set. After I had her, I was able to get alot of support because my husband was around much more to help out and so were my sons who were teens then but were very hands on with their little sister (except when it comes for the pampers and baths lol). So it helped alot.

This was nearly 11 years ago. I don’t have as much energy as before, but it’s not bad as it’s only 1 kid I’m looking after…and I also get a enjoy a bit more than I did when I was younger. So yes, there are pros and cons to both, in fact everything. Your age, or any other quality/statistics does not matter. What matters if you get what you dream and are able to maintain it 🙂

simi on

CelebBabyLover it nice to hear about a person with ASD having a good, independent and happy life. ASD has such a large scale and if people and doctors educated themselves better more people with ASD would get the care and help they need. It’s people like nono and their ignorance that bothers me when it comes to ASD. It’s like would it kill you to read about ASD before you say something to a couple that is excited about just having a baby. Also it sound like she is putting down children with special needs and making it the parents fault that their child has a birth defect when the truth is most of the time parents have done everything to protect and prevent their child from such defects. It just makes me angry that people are still that uneducated and would say something like that to anyone that has just had a child. Would a showing little kindness to one another be such a bad thing? Especial to parents of a new born? But that is just me. CelebBabyLover I wish you all the health and happiness in this world.

Tee on

Anonymous, you can rest assured that I’m lying. The majority of plain women have babies into their early forties and fifties. It has a lot to do with their lifestyle, especially their diet. Your statement is just inaccurate but it’s also a very very common misconception.

Ella on

Here’s his death certificate with his full name for the benefit of all the “know it alls” in this post.
Jett JACKSON Travolta like I said.

Ella on

Oh and yes Jill, I came on this blog just to PRETEND that I saw an interview with John in which he said what Jett’s middle name was. SERIOUSLY? Why would I have said anything at all if I really didn’t know?

Christine on

What is it with you people. A couple has a baby after the devastating loss of an older child and all you can focus on is the age of the mother and circumstances of the pregnancy. IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Like those famous words spoken to Thumper by his mother in the movie Bambi….If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all..

I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations to one of Hollywoods lovliest couples on the birth of their newest child Benjamin Travolta. You and your beautiful daughter Ella deserve all the joy and happiness a new baby brings to a family.

All the best and I’m looking forward to you coming to Australia John with Oprah….Soooo exciting.

Christine from Down Under xxx

Debra on

To the Travolta family congratulations on the birth of your son it is a wonderful gift and a great blessing.

amy on

I am the product of an older father- 48 when I was born. I hated it and still do. My father could NEVER relate to me. there was a huge age gap!!! Now he is 89 and barely alive and never really able to enjoy his ONLY grandchild. As a kids I was always asked if he was by grandfather. Yep you need to think of the future of the child. It’s entirely too old to become a parent.

Kelly on

I’d like to know for a fact whether or not Kelly Preston actually carried the baby or if there was a surrogate. Kelly and John are both “Hollywood” and would be able to pull-off the appearance of being pregnant to throw the paparazzi off the track of a surrogate.

Meg on

Congratulations to them.

BUT…celebrities have babies this age, but fail to tell women that they are using donor eggs and in-vitro fertilization methods. Unless someone has left over frozen embryos from prior IVF, then at this age it is going to be donor eggs or donor embryos.

Sherry on

Thank you LisaS. You hit the nail on the head. Congratulations Kelly, John and Ella!! I wish you all the happiness in the world, enjoy your new son/brother and when you feel like it, let us know how he is doing and send us some pics!

Tina Marie on

I am so very happy for The Travolta and Preston family! God really healed and blessed them with another baby boy! I am so happy for them!

Tina Marie on

I am so very happy for the Travolta Family.

sarah on

although i am happy for the travoltas, i can not help but think that in a way perhaps, they are looking for a quick fix for the loss of their son. there is of course no way to fix that pain. while i wish them all the happiness, i can only hope that they had this baby for all the right reasons and none of the wrong. they are at such an advanced age, it will be quite diffuclt to keep up with a little one. and maybe ella will be more then a little confused. just speaking my piece here folks. i do really wish them all the best. again, though just hoping that they did this for all the right reasons. i just can’t help thinking and feeling that maybe they didn’t

Diane Watts on

I got pregnant with my first child at 21 and had my last and fifth child at 39. I enjoyed each child as they came. I have been much over
weight and was told I would have trouble getting pregnant and that never happened. I also never took birth control pills, my first husband had a vastectomy. When I remarried I had the last two sons.
The only thing that was harder, I had to work while raising the boys because their dad died when they were little. Kelly won’t have the problems I had so she will be able to enjoy baby Ben more than I could.
I do not think age has a lot to do with raising children as much as wwanting them and raising them yourself. Kelly and John have been model people, never in the paper for negative problems. I wish them and Ella every happiness. They deserve it. My boys never cared that I was older. I always loved them and always will, just like the Travolta’s.

sandi on

benjamin jett travolta that would be nice to give him his middle name

Anonymous on

I am so please to share a bday with lil ben

anonymous on

Before you criticize older people for having children, have you ever thought that just maybe it took them a little while longer to meet the love of their life and get married? Just because we get married later in life does not mean we don’t deserve to have a family. Why don’t you go pick on the little 16 year old tramps that are popping out kids left and right. No one seems to think anything bad about them and that they can’t even take care of their kids. At least us older parents are taking good care of our kids and they were wanted and not made in the backseat of a car or by some teenager who dumps the girl as soon as he finds out she’s pregnant. There’s nothing wrong with older parents, not everyone has kids in their twenties and it doesn’t matter how old you are to be a good parent, so get over it. Congrats to the Travoltas. Hope they have as many more as they want.

Kelly on

Everyone needs to mind there own business. This is’t about you or your mother it’s a/b sending Congradualtions out to a family that is well deserved of having another child, her age makes no difference or is anyone’s business. They deserve to be happy and that’s all that counts. She had been trying to have a child for years and it’s fortunate that she had one. So everyone butt out and keep your negative thougths to yourselves. And as far as her being pregnant, WHAT’S IT MATTER TO ANY OF YOU it’s there business not yours. WORRY A/B YOUR OWN DRAMA none of us want to hear it. Grow up!!!!!!!

Kelly on

Congradulations to John,Kelly,Ella for a power couple to still be together this long compared to other celebrity couples that split as a result to infidelity or anything else they both deseve praise for still being In love to this day, you can see the love in there eyes just looking at pictures of them together. I’m very happy for them and the baby’s name is a pretty name and I bet that baby is just as gorgeous as his parents and his big sister. And I bet there late son would be just as proud. So they got a second chance not many of us get that opportunity so Good for them…. That baby will be loved unconditionally as he probable was before he was born. That’s the way it suppose to be. Alotta love…

Lainey on

Congrations to the Travolta family on the birth of little Benjamin. This is the best Christmas present ever! For those who can’t be kind, it is really none of your business how old the Travolta’s are and none of your business what decisions they make. Just send well wishes and don’t be critical. After all, why say congratulations and in the next breath say something to hurt their feelings. I know his big sister is probably in love with him. CONGRATULATIONS Travolta family and Merry Christmas.

Lainey on

I forgot, Baby Benjamin shares a birthday with our beloved Grandmother. Nov. 23, what a great day.

AJD on

Congratulations on the birth of little Benjamin! I wish he and his family a happy and fulfilling life together.

And need I remind some of you that how this baby got here and his mother’s age shouldn’t be the main focus of this article? It never ceases to amaze me how some people can take a happy moment and turn it into one of negativity. Get over yourself already! It’s none of our business…period! This is the problem with our world. People get to up in arms about stuff that doesn’t affect them. Oy vey.



Nanci on

I am so HAPPY for them. It saddened me to hear of their son, Jett dying around the same time I lost my husband of Cancer. they are just down the road about 45 minutes from me and I have always wanted to ride by where they live. I am so happy they have another child to love and that it is a BOY even though it does not replace JETT. I lost my first baby girl at 9 days and my next was a girl so I know it does not replace but feels good to have the same sex to start over. Congrats again….

Danielle on

Actually, Jett did have a middle name, I either heard it on John’s bio or Entertainment tonight once, it was “Jett Jackson Travolta” I wonder if Benjamin has a middle name myself, I am so happy for them though! I can;t wait to see the little guy! They deserve 100% of this utter happiness!!

Anonymous on

Let the truth the young Dr. from the show the Doctors. He said what is said about older mothers apply to women who don’t take care of them selves. Women who eat right exercise this doesn’t apply. If we are real with ourselves Most Americans don’t take care of the body. Read the article she mention her HEALTHY Lifestyle of eating this makes a huge difference. Congrats to the Travoltas!!!!!