Jenna Elfman’s Most ‘Rewarding’ Breastfeeding Experience

11/24/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Following the birth of son Story Elias, 3, Jenna Elfman says she was surprised when nursing didn’t come naturally.

“I had zero education about breastfeeding,” she admits in a new interview with Best for Babes. “I thought you put the baby on the breast and they sucked and that was it.”

After Story experienced difficulty with his latch Elfman, 39, focused her efforts on the breast pump, expressing her milk “in the backs of cars, on the way to the set, on the freeway…”

More than 10 months later, the actress finally stopped pumping — and started to dig out from a mountain of frozen breast milk she had amassed along the way.

As luck would have it, however, Story wouldn’t be the only one to benefit from Elfman’s hard work. A family member of a friend had given birth to a methamphetamine-addicted baby who was struggling to keep formula down, but Elfman’s breastmilk did the trick.

“Once a week my friend would come over and get a supply. The second the baby started on breastmilk, he could hold it down. All of the rash symptoms on his body started going away,” she explains. “I literally kept him alive for several months.”

Calling the experience “so rewarding,” Elfman — also mom to new baby Easton Quinn Monroe, 8 months — says she holds a special place in her heart for the now 3-year-old little boy.

“In my heart I feel connected to him, like he’s my little angel friend,” she adds.

To read the full interview with Jenna Elfman, visit Best For Babes.

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TD on

This is such an amazing story. I have always loved Jenna but this just makes me love her more. What an amazing gift she gave this little boy.

You’re an awesome momma Jenna!

M on

Only one word: wow!

Jill on

I used to like her…..until I met someone related to her and heard how and why she treated them. I think this is a wonderful story, but I can’t look beyond the way she has treated people. Beliefs before family? Very sad.

Mary on

Good for Jenna!

Jill, just remember you heard it from a family member and not from Jenna, try not to judge someone until they have a chance to defend themselves. I know I have a brother who would bad mouth me at any chance, but others don’t feel the same way.

It takes someone very special to pump (which is not easy) for their baby. So I would hesitate to believe this family member who might have a grudge against her.

Mira on

Wow, I’m impressed too. Good for her!

Btw, beliefs before family sounds like an okay principle to me. Not in all cases, obviously, but it’s not an unreasonable maxim to live by.

Mishelle Hidle on

That is such a beautiful story.

Li on


molly on

Wow, that is wonderful. She must have had quite a supply to stock up like that, lucky lady! I think before I breastfed my son (I did so until he was 15mo.) I would have thought a story like hers was strange, like Salma Hayek’s a year or two ago, but now I understand and find these stories to be so beautiful and heartwarming. While it isn’t for everyone, breastfeeding for me was the most amazing experience to share with my son.

Tee on

Jenna should be so proud of herself. Pumping is hard work and she pumped enough milk to help two babies! What a wonderful story!

Jill on

Mary, I wish she would allow this person in her children’s lives, as this person is a wonderful loving person….But Scientolgy does not welcome this person into their lives, according to Jenna.

Eileen on

What she did was amazing…what bothers me is her lack of humility. She is not telling this story to possibly encourage other women to save their own milk, she is sharing as a “pay attention to me” piece. The statement “I literally kept him alive for several months.” really bothers me. Did she help him? Totally, 100%. Did Jenna and her God complex keep him alive? Um, I think there are many different ways, including other, less self promoting women’s milk, that would have done the exact same thing. Shocking that her series recently came out on DVD.

steph on

I have a question about the use of other womens breastmilk: if its considered to be a bodily fluid then wouldn’t it be like unsafe or weird etc? I just always thought that it was equal to blood etc so it wouldn’t be good for another baby to consume it…obviously that is not the case, but I’m wondering why??

CelebBabyLover on

steph- People donate blood all the time, so why not breastmilk?

Jill- Mary is right. Just because a family memeber says something doesn’t make it true!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I wonder if she’s breastfeeding Easton and if so how it’s going. I hope she’s having better luck this time! I’m a bit surprised she just went right to pumping and didn’t try to correct Story’s latching techinque.

MiB on

@Steph. You should rather compare human milk to cows milk in that aspect. Would you hesitate to drink another cows milk? Milk is not like blood, first of all, it is meant to be consumed (blood is not), secondly, while milk contains different anti bodies depending on which anti bodies the mother has and its composition varies a bit over time there are no different milk types (unlike blood), otherwise a mother wouldn’t be able to nurse her child if it had a different blood type than her, thirdly, while breast milk (like cows milk) might transfer diseases, alcohol and drugs, it does so to a way lesser extent than blood (at the moment the only disease I can think of that can be transferred through breast milk is HIV).

So basically, if you know the mother is healthy, hasn’t just had a drink, isn’t taking any medication that shouldn’t be combined with breastfeeding or doing drugs there is little need to worry. Milk banks usually pasteurize the milk for the same reason dairies do, to prevent spoiling an d to destroy any potential harmful substances in the milk, but if you know you can trust the provider, then it’s ok just to use the milk as it is.

Kristin on

CBL if you read the full interview both of your questions are answered.

Jill on

Cbl… is true. And until you know what I know, don’t tell me otherwise. Mary was just telling me not to judge her. But I believe what I was told…..and that’s all I can say….. I don’t think Jenna or this person want me blasting their story online.

steph on

Oh yeah, I forgot about that CBL!
And thanks for the info MiB 🙂

Lauren on

I will also confirm that she is totally full of herself. She can’t even talk about this obviously nice thing that she did without adding “I literally kept him alive for two months.”.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- All I’m trying to say (and I think Mary was, too) is that you can’t always believe what someone tells you. Sometimes family members DO hold grudges, and sometimes they just dislike their family member for whatever reason so they bad-mouth them a lot. Also, anyone can claim they’re a family member of someone.

Also, even if the story IS true, there could be a very good reason that Jenna is keeping her kids from this person that has nothing to do with her religion. This person may have issues they won’t own up to.

Basically, there are two sides to every story, and until we know both sides, it’s not right to judge.

Jill on

Cbl, This person is her relative and Jenna cut this person out bc of Scientology. This person told me and then provided me with proof from Jenna….but believe what you want. Two sides….exactly. Atfirst I wasn’t so sure that was the only reason, but then when this person showede me what they showed me……it made sense. Scientology dictates certain beliefs. But regardless, you can do what you want and I can do what i want and knowing this person for years (my cousins best friend of MANY years), I can form an opinion if I chose!

Eileen on

@Eileen – I agree 100%, it always makes me sad when someone does something great and then brags about it…it totally takes away from their acomplishment.

In my own opinion, being very well versed in the religions of the world, I firmly believe that Scientology is a cult. I cringe every time a celebrity opens their mouths about that organization.

Dawn on

@jill shut up already!!! You are super annoying!
Jenna is amazing. Her love for her son…to pump for 10 months!?!?? Huge!!! And the fact her gave her milk to save a poor little one from reflux as he DETOXED is incredible. That artcle is encoraging to other women and in my opinion not a look at me piece at all.
@jill…no really please just shut up.

Jill on

Dawn, every person has every right to post here. You don’t know her… decide what you want by an article and that’s fine and your opinion. To pump for 10 months for her son… Wow! Clap, clap…that makes her amazing. Some moms do it longer. I am not taking anything away from her for doing that or the good she has done, but she also has made some pretty rash decisions based on Scientology. Can’t say more without giving away the persons identity and the details behind it.

But she can be a great mom and still have qualities that don’t make her 100% likable. Nothing wrong with that. We all have things about us that people don’t like.

Dawn, just bc you don’t like what someone has said, you don’t have to resort to second grade and say you are annoying shut up! My 7 yr old godson says that to his friends. If you want to hang with the adults on the adult blog….act like one.

Dana on

tons of moms who cannot breastfeed pump for this long or longer, this is not “amazing”. And there are many of us who have bfed and still are pumping half the time. Pumping on the ‘way to the set” is no biggie for those who have been there, done that.

J on

Real mature Dawn…

Jennifer on

WOW!! That is truly amazing. When I saw the picture of Salma a few years ago I thought that was beautiful….this is also a gorgeous example of unselfish behavior. To all the negative comments about Jenna’s “DARK” side…I believe about 50%…so should you. Unless it affected you personally, don’t believe the hype!

Titus77 on

When my ex-wife had difficulty breastfeeding our twins we had milk donated to us by friends. We both will be forever grateful for this blessing. Breast milk, even if it’s not from the mother, is 1000 times better for babies than formula.

Cassie on

@Jill – You said “But I believe what I was told…..and that’s all I can say….. I don’t think Jenna or this person want me blasting their story online.”

So why even bring it up in the first place?? Kind of contradictory, no!?

Genevieve on

Awesome story – and it came at just the right time, as just after I read this my friend sent a message about her sick baby who was in need of breast milk.

I wrote about it here:

Thanks Jenna! Thanks People!